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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 3, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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england attacked again. this time in london. six people were killed of at least 30 more hospitalized in a pair of incidents being treated as potential acts of terrorism. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thank you for joining us. the hit and run and stabbings happened on and near the london bridge. three suspected attackers were slot and killed. they were wearing fake explosive devices. they killed six people. police want to know if there were more on the loose. >> police and medical workers
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swarming the scene after a white van veered into a crowd on the london bridge, running down pedestrians, out for a saturday night. >> there were people on the grounds. >> one person tweeting a photo. people trying to help the injured on the bridge. witnesses describe a chaotic disaster scene. once they crashed that van, three men got out with long knives. >> people were ordered to vae evacuate. police telling people to run and hide. soon after came word from the nearby market of a man with a knife stabbing at least two people. >> i don't know how many times. ten times. >> police reported shots fired. >> two police, get back! three shots. ? this photo shows police over two
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men on the ground. one man appears to be canisters strapped to his body. president trump tweeting, whatever the united states can do to help out in london and the u.k., we will be there. we are with you. god bless. the u. kshs threat level severe. the second highest after the suicide bombing left 100 dead and 116 wounded. there will be a memorial. abc news, london. san francisco police say there are no threats here. the department tweeted, our heart and prayers for london. sfpd are collaborating with partners. the news shocked a lot of people traveling from the u.k. a few said they visited and wanted to make sure loved ones were okay. >> it could happen to anybody. yesterday, i was there in the
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same place. >> i literally just came off the plane and i got messages from my partner, from my friends. and there has been some attacks in vauxhall and london bridge and the borough market, i think. it's horrible. >> she works in a very populated area of london. she said her coil encourages the staff to travel early morning hours or late hours. there was a push alert. downloaded to receive updates on your mobile device. police have arrested one person in the killing of an australian tourist in san francisco. 33-year-old matthew died early friday morning after an altercation in a bar. someone punched him in the head outside the hotel. police detained two people. one of whom was arrested today. a child had to be air lifted out of an east bay park after
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fall and hitting his head. firefighters tweeted pictures from lake chabad early this morning. the 11-year-old was playing in the back of a pick-up truck when he fell out and was knocked unconscious. a spokesperson said he had mild to moderate head injuries. across the country we heard calls about president trump and the election. hundreds took to the streets. abc sufficie7 news reporter has details. it is called resistance summer. >> the person wants to take away health care for 24 million americans. are we resisting that? the east bay congresswoman urging volunteers to help take back congress from republicans in 2018. >> we need this wall of resistance in the house of representatives to stop these horrific budget cuts and these
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tax breaks. >> getting the voters involved is the challenge. >> i talked to my friends and they're like, yeah. let's set up a phone bank. >> sam cohen is leading the charge. >> it does not end in 2018 or 2020. our goal is to bring long term civic engagement. >> we can no longer afford to have ourselves be divided. ? >> san jose, a march for truth. >> hundreds of people on the march near city hall calling for an independent investigation into alleged connections between president trump's campaign and russia. >> i think our democracy is in peril and not knowing whether or not another foreign power is meddling in our elections is important. >> i was invited by these citizens who are asking that we get a full analysis of the russian-trump ties.
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>> similar events across the country. abc7 news. amidst the back lash against president trump's decision to pull out of paris climate agreement, some of his supporters gathered for a march in orange county before the 100 people attended the make america great again march and found themselves along counter protesters. marchers praised trump for sticking to his campaign promise to pull out of the deal. one california congresswoman applauds him as well. american families are feeling the intense regulations it created. >> what i object to, is when consumers are forced to buy their overpriced products or when struggling families whose skyrocketing electricity bills ad taxes are forced to fork over billions in subsidies to politically well connected green industry executives. that has to stop and that's what donald trump decided in this decision. >> you may remember he faced heated opposition from his california constituents over health care.
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mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of some alameda county cows this morning. seven dead and four injured cows were found by chp in a maintenance ditch near the border of san joaquin county. these are pure bred black angus cows. they've been missing for ten days. the owner believes they may have been looking for shade when they got stuck in a drainage tunnel. cal water says south san francisco residents can now drink their tap water again. yesterday 3,000 people were told to only drink bottled water. a lock was cut and the they were worried the water may have been contaminated but final test shown it is safe to drink. well, comedian bill mahr said he is sorry for the firing. it has angered some of his fans as well as critics. cities and states have said they're going 100% how drones can be a big part of
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that. and have telemarketers found a legal way to reach you on your cell phone? we'll tell you what the fcc is considering right now. and i'm meteorologist, clear skies out there tonight will lead the way to a warming trend before we track the chance of some rain drops. we're tracking a chance of showers.
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there were calls for bill maher to be fired last night. he told his guest he should visit nebraska more. the senator made a joke about having him work in the fields with us to which maher made a joke saying he was a house n word. hbo called the comments inexcusable and tasteless and they've removed that segment
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from any repeat args of the show. after returning hole, the senator tweeted, here's what i wish i had been quick enough to say in the moment. hold up. why would you think it's okay to use that word? the president of the naacp tweeted this from mahr and kathy griffin. they said great comedians make us laugh. when our humanity is the punch line, it hurts too much to think and laugh. he apologizeded saying last night was a particularly long night as i regret the word i used in the banter of the live moment. the word is offensive and i regret saying it and i'm very sorry. drone deliveries could play a role in fighting climate change. the university of washington researchers found drones greatly reduced. not only can they fly in straight lines above traffic but they use a lot less fuel than ups or postal trucks. they said trucks would be better with bigger pay loads and making
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nool russ deliver toys a building or straight. however, delivering packages, drones provide a better option. new rules would allow telemarketers send messages straight to your voicemail. ringless voicemail is petitioning the fcc to make it legal. they say by not interrupting consumers' lives, they aren't violating the consumer protection act of 1991. critics say this would flood voicemails, causing the same problems as direct calls. the fcc has not set a date on a decision. pride month kicks off today in the castro. it is not just about music. the special honor given today to lgbt leaders. and it will be bright and breezy this week as you look at coit tower from pier 15 but we could end with a little bit of rain. hello. the game set for sunday.
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we have a preview set for both camps. the penguins up 2-0 on the preds but the venue swi
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with the calendar turning to june, san francisco and the lgbt community turned to the celebration of pride month. the san francisco gay men's chorus commemorated the celebration singing brave. the sf supervisor oversaw it. >> the diversity of our honorees, they come from all over the world and the leadership they've shown in moving our community forward is something we can never forget.
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pride related events will continue through month culminating on sunday june 25th. and starting the weekend off, bright conditions but also windy out there. the winds will be with us the next 24 hours and that will give us some warmer temperatures. we'll show you what we've got going on. notice the lack of not only cloud cover but any sort of moisture on the screen. however, in the week ahead, there is the chance that we could see a few drops. but the next 24 hours, all about the warriors. if you're heading to oracle tomorrow, great weather. take a look. the doves on 7. all through that i can pictures and seoul, temperaturewise, it will be really nice out there. 60s as you exit with another wind under our belt. the temperatures in the you upper 60s. all of our coverage starts at
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4:00 tomorrow. as i get a live look from our camera showing you some bright colors on the horizon, hues of pinks and yellows and oranges, notice the cloud cover. fog not an issue. out there tomorrow morning. the conditions away from the coast. zmoer concorde. 61 in san jose. 58 in oakland and san francisco right now under clear skies. the current temperature of about 55 degrees. overnight, plenty of stars in the majority of region. right along half moon bay, some patchy fog. it will not be dense or overcast skies. the fog will be there along the immediate coastline and you can see most locations holding in the 50s. the day planner, hour by hour, we'll start you off at 7:00 in the morning. there it is, nothing but sunshine as we head into the afternoon. notice that breeze still going to be with us. gusting 10 to 20-miles-per-hour.
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but still really comfortable. we're going into the mid 80s, mid 70s along the bay and mid 60s along the coast. starting in the south bay, san jose, enjoy really comfortable. sunniy and breezy. 76 in santa clara. 75 for cupertino. along the peninsula, a lot of sunshine. 61 for pacifica. 73 though for mountain view. downtown san francisco, sunny skies. even daly city, sunshine at 60. it will be breezy. 78, sonoma, 80, the number in santa rosa. 72, free mont, and then inlanlt, upper 70s to mid 80s. 81, livermore and 79, the number in walnut creek. theack weight forecast, we'll show you. that theme will continue into wednesday. by thursday, we have increasing clouds and there's that chance early friday morning of a
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shower. it is a quick moving system. in its wake it leaves cooler weather on saturday. >> cooler weather. >> thank you. sharks fans, how the city of nashville is feeling. they have a chance to get back with the first ever stanley cup final game. throwing catfish on the ice. second period, trailing 1-0. roam an josi. tying the game at 1-1. 42 seconds later, frederick backed the puck out of mid air. high glove side. the second goal of the playoffs. predators would get one more before the end of the period. james neal scores it. nashville win 5-1 but they still trail the series 2-1. warriors in game two at oracle.
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since 2011, four of the six teams that won in the nba finals went on to win the series. that's why we have seven games. practice for both teams at the warriors facility. a practice at oracle. game one is ancient history to both teams. it means nothing to the doves. the cavs have to tighten up their defense and both teams want to get more players involved. cleveland is not in a panic mode just yet. >> we turn the ball oh 20 times and they had nine dunks and they shot 42% from the field. one of the best shooting team in the history of the nba. how far off are we? not very far. but that shows you, it only takes you to be a little off in order for things to get very, very ugly. >> they were able to pick them off. those are like pick sixes. for the most part, it will be a touchdown going the other way. there's a fine line.
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we have some of those turnovers, trying to make the play. you're just swinging it carelessly and they're picking it off. >> pick six. like the reference. game two at oracle on abc 7. stay tuned for after the game. we break down game 2. all right. to the diamond hosting washington, joe ross pitching for nats. trying to hand the athletics their third straight loss. the a's handed dusty baker his major league victory. a rough start for ross in front of the home crowd. jed lowrie and ryan. three innings and gives up seven runs. he only had two doubles and two home runs. bottom seven, yonder alonzo and healy go back to back. 10-4 a's. first ever two holder game. to giving up five home runs
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yesterday, the a's hit four today. they'll win it 10-4, the final. the giants hosted by the phillies. 1-0 in the sixth. to they joseph. just inside the foul pole of johnny cueto. that will tie the game at 1-1. the rookie made his major league debut and they could not solve him. four hits and one run. he grounds in one of the two double plays. bottom seven, the bases full for herrera. he stays in the park. still a 3-run double. the phillies went 5-3. he falls short and they fall to last place in the national league west. all right. stanford eliminated byu today and need a win against cal state fullerton. scott hurst puts the hurt on that pitch. sped it una little here. duke steals second. the throw gets passed so he
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tries for third. it gets away. two errors and he puts it on the board. stanford is down 4-2. mark is retiring after the season. trying to keep it going one more game. we'll have the final high louis for you over on abc 7. no hitter and a 600th home run today. i'll have them both for you over on abc 7. i don't know about you but i can't wait for game two. >> i can't either. >> we'll all be watching. another successful
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document on abc7 news at 11:00, we'll have much more of that breaking news from london.
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travelers arriver at sfo shocked about what happened back . and we're learning new details about the death of an australian tourist in san francisco. it happened early friday morning. space x made history today and a san jose middle school was involved. space x became the first private company to launch the same kal capsule into orbit more than once. aboard a science experiment with seventh and eighth grade students. it will let they will learn about a micro climate like space. nasa will transmit it back to earth. >> maybe we should send drew up in that rocket. >> weightless. you'll love it! >> that's it for us. we'll see you on channel 7.
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- that was good. - yes, it was. and now i was thinking that perhaps we can go into the bedroom, where i will give you... the gift. - that's what you're calling it now? - you're the one that complained that "hammer time" was dated. [knock on door] - are you home, neighbors? - hey, liz. i thought you had a blind date tonight. - well, i was waiting for him at the table. then this cute guy comes in the restaurant and starts checking me out. he leaves. the next second, my phone rings, and my date cancels. if i'd have known that was gonna happen, i would have made a move on the first guy.


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