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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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four storms in four days. and we're watching what the weather is doing right now from traffic to taking down trees. plus... >> circumstantial, but he was in the zoo the night that this koala disappeared. >> what killed a popular koala? and had. >> i'm two years into a 2 to 3 life expectancy with a 9-year-old at home. >> what is helping this cancer-fighting mom keep fighting. we're looking live at a storm that has most of the area
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under a flash flood watch. wide spread rain across northern california and the storms are going to be stronger, good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm kristin zee. the weather is impacting the entire bay area, four schools are closed tomorrow due to rain and flooding. now, an ace strain stopped in fremont and it pushed debris into the tracks and nine people were hurt. bart is running trains slower because of the storm causing about 10-minute delays system wide. our coverage is focused on places where you face the highest risk of flooding. >> spencer christian tells us how much rain to expect. well, a lot.
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you can see here the evening commute is just a mess now. we've got pockets of rain across the bay area, and the most impact is being felt here over the east bay, we have pockets of rain above antioch and east. in the north bay, we have a flash flood warning in effect until 8:00 this evening from penn grove down to petaluma, including a stretch of highway 101. now, a flood advisory is in effect for most of the bay area, so 8:00 into the evening, the down pours continue and a long stream of moisture continuing to push through and the next storm, coming in later tonight and tomorrow is now catching up to the current storm, which means tomorrow morning's commute is likely to be a mess. the next storm ranks three on our storm impact scale. a storm expected to produce another 1 to 3 inches of
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rainfall. and what will develop overnight and into early hours, the morning commute will start off with lots of wet spots just be careful. ama? spencer, thank you. firefighters had to rescue two people when their car stalled on a flooded road off highway 1. crews closed the road and authorities warn you should never drive through more than six inches of water. u.s. 6, heavy winds and trees knocked down these trees in sausalito. in sausalitusalito, crews helper the trees just a short time ago. santa rosa college tweeted this picture, the caption says no reports of damage or injuries. share your pictures and we may just show it on air or the north bay is getting soaked and people are getting nervous.
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abc7 news is live with details for us. cornell? >> reporter: for now, there is a break in the rain after a steady down pour. here a lot of folks are watching san anselmo creek. now, many folks are not taking any chances. rain pounded the north bay all day long, there is no escaping it. >> this is el nino, coming back. >> reporter: chelsea works at body time skin care. the merchandise is off the floor. >> just sit, hope, and wait for the best. grateful for the rain, but does. >> reporter: many are watching nearly san anselmo creek. so far, no flooding here but this is a reminder of a big flood back in 2005. >> the rain is a blessing.
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we need it. but maybe not so much at once. >> reporter: flood stage is six feet. business owners are meeting potential flooding, building a wall to keep the water out. nancy hopes she won't need to leave the area, she is manager of boarding for pets. >> we're going to have three storms over the weekend. the first is hitting now. we've got a heightened level of awareness. >> reporter: they're alerting to be prepared just in case. >> we'll issue a reverse 911 notification if we believe we're getting close to flood warning. >> reporter: so far, so good, but more rain is on the way.
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flood barriers have gone up and in a san francisco neighborhood that is prone to rising water. this is what happened in december, 2014. heavy rain hit a low-lying area in the mission. water overflowed into homes and businesses. to avoid a repeat, crews set up plastic barriers along folsom and 17th street last weekend to keep water out. they provide a water-tight seal and can be moved to let cars in and out. >> they're filled with nonpotable water and are going to protect flood waters from entering into the properties. the barriers cost less than the millions san francisco paid last year to repair flood damage in the neighborhood. wayne freedman is live in glennville.
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good evening, people along the russian river know that when the rif -- river rises it can almost reach the highway. there is a lot of dirty work tonight. >> this is nothing yet. you never know what it can turn into. >> reporter: the russian river pushing upward maybe by tomorrow. at the mirabelle park, they know this is always one of the first places to go under. >> this is smart money talking there. it's a matter of getting ready or out of the way. when erin simpson moved in, they
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warned her about this, with you today, guerneville worried less about the river than about the creek. >> i went through a flood years ago and spent $1800 to fix my car so i don't do that anymore. >> reporter: they are not optimistic. imagine being in a van, nice clean house, next to the creek. >> it's a very height it will go under the house and into garages and washers and driers a mess. >> it's paradise, not lost, but wet. from guerneville, abc7 news. here is a look at reservoir levels now. the largest reservoir, lake
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shasta, at 69% of capacity. folsom lake at 71% and largest reservoir in santa clara lake is 50% full. more than a third of california remains under the worst drought that is exceptional drought. those parts in dark red just released by the u.s. drought monitor. here is a look. okay. now, let's compare to california's drought from six months ago. this shows conditions from september. here is a side by side comparison showing the improvement we can see. the september map is on the left. defeating the drought means having enough snow to last through the summer. the storm isn't helping.
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this shows the resources to help you plan for these storms at a verdict is in, in the federal trial of four san francisco police officers who shot and killed a man who had a taser. a jury ruled they did not use excessive force against alex nietto. there is strong reaction to the decision. >> reporter: the jury said they were ready and had a verdict, this case was heard as a civil case because police officers were never charged. the four san francisco police officers were in court today when a jury found they'd not used excessive force when they shot at alex nietto 59 times. >> the question never is how
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much bullets. the question is why? >> reporter: it turned out to be a taser, which according to the investigation, nietto pointed at police. >> he continued to point at the officers and they can tell that that was happening because they can see the red scanning sight which is a scary situation to face. particularly police officers who knows what that means. >> that is contrary. >> only proves, again, if you're a white police officer, you have the right to walk free and be happy. if you kill an innocent brown and black person in this country. >> reporter: the four officers were never charged with shooting nearly two years ago at vernal heights park. the district attorney found they acted within the law. police had gone to the park after people reported to see a
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28-year-old nietto with a weapon, acting erratically. >> this is nothing mr. nietto deserved, much less what san francisco deserves. california could become the second state to set the minimum age for tobacco purchases at 21. that is one of several changes lawmakers approved. and we're live in simi valley. the country prepares to say a final farewell to nancy reagan. then, words no child should here. >> i got a call yesterday that my cancer came back in my bone marrow. >> the positive attitude this high school student is keeping after a life threatening diagnosis. a family fitness center
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here is a live look through san rafael. traffic is heavy because of the rain and the commute. most of the area is under a flash flood watch lasting until the end of the weekend. live doppler 7 is tracking the storm and spencer christian will join us with an update in just five minutes. california can soon become the second state in the nation to get the minimum age to
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purchase cigarettes at age 21 instead of the current, 18 that is a part of a series of bills. >> reporter: one key measure raises the smoking age from 18 to 21. health department numbers show 16% of the high school seniors smoke tobacco. the sponsor says that is wrong, and costly. >> they're going to see it in the billions of dollars. >> i know this business wise, we live from this store. we don't want to lose business. >> this 19-year-old smoker says it might not change his behavior. >> are you going to smoke any
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sfwha. >> i think i will. >> reporter: another measure, sponsored by mark leno of san francisco puts the same restrictions on e-cigarettes. >> this is about protecting our youth and cost of public health. >> reporter: the smoke shop owner agrees. >> it should be for everyone, it's tobacco. >> one customer says he's not going to stop smoking before becoming legal, again. thousands could walk off the job in san francisco while trying to broker a new contract. 92% of the instructors voted to allow a strike. sticking points are largely on pay. >> the proposals on the table
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seem to keep members at a salary at 2007 salaries. city college believes the statement saying it's quote, finding a way to restore salaries and offer raises while maintaining a long term sustainability of the college. an oakland high school student is facing a health battle no child should face. darrell aikens needs a bone marrow transplant. the cancer is spreading and he is remaining resilient. >> i don't feel like it's something about me. >> reporter: the football player, darrell aikens was on a roll. >> i got a call yesterday that cancer came back in my back. >> diagnosed with leukemia following a football game. >> i couldn't breathe. my could tell i couldn't breathe. it was taking a long time to catch my breath. >> doctors treated him and he
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continued to play sports. >> i'm not stopping, i'm just having as much fun as i can, and hope for the best. >> reporter: his former coach doesn't want to see the 17-year-old side lined again. >> it was just sad to get the phone call. he's a real great kid. >> reporter: darrell needs a bone marrow transplant to treat the cancer that moved to his back. >> i hope i can find a match. >> it's going to be a stronger chemo than the first time. >> reporter: darrell's desire to win on, and off the field, keeps everyone motivated. >> keeps me going. if he is positive and i'm positive, we can beat this. >> reporter: friends are working to coordinate a bone marrow drive because he has big plans after he beats cancer. >> i want to play college
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football. >> reporter: finding a match would get him back on the field for his senior year. >> we're going to post details including how to find out if you're a match. and katie wasn't able to bring us the story, because she had to be at the hospital. she's pregnant and this is a photo after her water broke. we wish her and her all the best. >> what a story to tell her kids. right? are you sure it wasn't the rain? >> waters are breaking all over the bay area today. >> right? >> yes. >> we've got rain continuing to fall in what it seems across the bay area. and we have reports of debris
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flow and portions of 101 and heavy moisture moving northeast ward. and that is one of the greatest rainfall totals that have been measured. almost two and a half inches in santa rosa. and in san francisco, 1.86 in napa. here is a view from our camera, at pier 17 and we'll see heavy rain tonight and tomorrow, another rough commute expected in the morning and a little bit of a break before two weekend storms come our way.
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the next storm will be a strong one, ranking three out of five on our storm impact scale. and this is expected to bring 1 to 3 inches of rainfall. so a wet, windy commute starting in the morning. and notice how heavy rain became more wide spread. it's going to be a mess and it won't taper off until at least early afternoon hours. and we're left with locally heavy showers. by 10:00 we project what rainfall totals. an inch and a half in santa rosa and an inch and a quarter in napa. and san jose will get it's share up to a third of an inch.
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stage, about half a o crest foot above tomorrow afternoon. and in guerneville, there are flood warns that expand beyond those concerns and north bay as well. tomorrow, rainy, windy conditions, looking for highs in the mid to upper 50s and we have four storms coming our way and a storm ranking three tomorrow, one only one on saturday. and heavier sunday, spring forward with clocks and mid week, sunny skies, warmer weather. >> thank you, spencer. >> okay. >> mountain lion possibly in the los angeles zoo with a koala.
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the clues indicating one of california's most famous cats california's most famous cats could be responsible for
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♪ the imfamous hot felon is out of jail and preparing for a modelling career. he served time in stockton, and was released this week. meeks posted this picture to his
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instagram page. tonight in southern california, los angeles zoo officials say mountain lion p-22 may be a koala killer. zoo official s say the koala has potential to just walk around. last week, something mauled the little animal p the middle of the night. a still photo of p-22 was inside that night. >> he was in the zoo the night of koala disappeared and would be capable of doing it. there is strong circumstantial evidence. some officials say it may be time to trap the lion and move it out of griffith park. it's not clear how the lion is getting into the zoo. it is possible it was a bob cat or another carnivore. tomorrow, former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to
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rest. next, people when admire her show up for a chance to say goodbye. >> imagine wearing a strip of glass on your eyes that allows you to look at holograms. >> new at 6:00, augmented reality. what happens when the real world and virtual world combine. >> our live doppler 7 hd now, the accu-weather forecast is
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mixed emotions but happy to come. the public had a chance to say goodbye to nancy reagan. tomorrow, the former first lady will be laid to rest. the funeral will take place at the ronald reagan presidential library. >> reporter: there are last minute preparations going on. we have seen trucks and people coming and going and there will be hts of security. governor jerry brown will be here with one former president
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and several current, and former, first ladies. they came to pay their respects to former first lady, nancy reagan. saying goodbye to a woman that many saw as a driving force behind ronald reagan. >> i admire the way she protected the president. >> she was a sister, she was poised, respectful. lady. >> tomorrow, about 1,000 dignitaries will gather for a private service. they include michelle obama, hillary clinton, george w, and laura bush and rossalynn carter. and expected to speak are journalist tom brokaw. >> it's everything she wanted and will be great way to show
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respect to her. >> reporter: it's a service nancy reagan planned down to the last detail. very much like she lived her 94 years of life. in simi valley, abc7 news. and abc7 news will carry the funeral live tomorrow, coverage is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. a tense sandoff in san jose is over. a man took his 3-year-old hostage. it started as a domestic dispute and turned into a s.w.a.t. standoff. authorities negotiated for the child's safe release. the father didn't surrender until after 4:00. >> police officers will have to work mandatory overtime today,
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extra shifts on sunday. san jose has 839 officers to patrol the city. short of what the mayor and staff want. >> staffing is set at 1109 numbers. at these numbers, we'd be the least staffed in the nation. >> police channeders and union leaders claim other agencies offer better pay and benefits. a series of storms is moving into northern california. this is a look at live doppler 7 hd. the weather triggered a flash flood watch across the bay area. this week debris on the track derailed the train. the city plans to tear down a red tagged apartment building on saturday. the complex, located at 320
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esplanade has been empty since 2010, now, it's at risk of falling into the ocean because the cliff eroded. >> the place where real world and virtual world meet is being developed here in the bay area, tonight, taking us inside of the high-tech glasses making augmented reality a reality. >> this is the most immersive augmented reality on the planet. >> the team didn't just build the glasses, but a contraption inside them to prove i'm not hallucinating. >> it is clear? >> yes. >> augmented reality is different. >> you can see the real world in the background there. is no block edge. you can interact with the holograms with people around you. the microsoft hole -- hollow
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lens still isn't for sale. >> you can see where they've invested. >> the goal is to make a pair so small and light consumers won't notice they're there. >> go ahead and put it on the table. >> go ahead and stick your head inside of the shoe, sorry about the smell, there. there you go. you've just reassembled the human body and sishg la -- circulation system. >> this allows you to look at holograms. >> they're putting their money where their mouth is, saying their office will be different. >> there is another bold claim, saying five years from now, you will just look up and point. >> people will look at the era of phones and say that was
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insane. >> in redwood city, abc7 news. you buy something for life, what are we talking about? >> well, michael finney gets involved when one family's gym for life shuts down. >> breast cancer is not breast cancer. there are subtypes of breast cancer. cancer. >> the locally designed
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cancer. >> the locally designed it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. a look at the back up heading onto the bay bridge. that is the toll plaza, folks are waiting to get into san francisco. you can see headlights and no
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doubt, that is slowing things down. tracking a lot of rain over northern california now. and abc7 news returns with a forecast for us in 10 minutes. what happens if you buy a lifetime membership to a fitness center and it shuts down? >> you might wonder whose lifetime we are talking about? >> yes, they came to michael finney for help. >> the family bought lifetime memberships two decades ago. for mom, dad, the kids. when the fitness chain disappeared they thought the investment went with it. then, a surprise. tony roka has been going to the gym since he was just a kid in 6th grade. >> i was doing judo a lot. so i was active in the training. >> his mother,e sure of that. 20 years ago, she bought the family lifetime memberships to fitness usa. >> i want my children to be fit. not to have problems with
7:41 pm
weight, and later try to get rid of them. >> the memberships cost $4,000 up front, then, only $29 per year, for life. or was it? >> i went to the gym one day and it was gone. >> fitness usa suddenly shut down. >> there goes my lifetime membership. >> during a workout, he noticed some familiar faces. members from former fitness usa. it turns out the old gym changed hands, first bally's, then bally's went bankrupt and 24 hour fitness took over and was still honoring those old memberships. however, the rocas were lost in the shuffle. there was no record of the membership. >> i said okay, tony, call 7 on your side. i say, i know they help people. i have seen it. i watch the program.
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>> reporter: tony did contact us and found out bally's had the rocha family records and they agreed to honor the membership. >> now, i can pay for myself. for 7 on your side. >> yeah! >> 24 hour fitness telling us the happy ending says it all, and i agre. now to, see my reports online go to and click on the sections tab. >> one smart mama. >> yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> a ucsf professor helps breast cancer patients with the cancer patients with the treatment
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♪ new at 6:00 a pair of drugs can dramaticry shrink tumors in some breast cancer patients. one of the drugs, and when taken together, 11% of the patients saw their tumors disappear. a diagnosis of breast cancer
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can be a terrifying experience and sometimes, access to treatment is only available through a clinical trial. >> now, there is a powerful tool to help women find those trials. as a young mother, laurie had been in the fight of her life, facing a diagnosis of stage four breast cancer. >> so i'm two years into my 2 to 3 year life expectancy with a 9-year-old at home. >> rory is fighting back with an experimental chemotherapy treatment under trial at sanford, the specialized drug is targeted to genetic causes of her cancer. >> it has a dna blocker in it that seeks out my damaged genes. >> the fact many of the newest therapies are focusing on the patient's own physiology or the makeup of the cancer itself and finding the right trial can be critical. >> breast cancer is not breast cancer is not breast cancer,
7:47 pm
there are many subtypes. >> ellie cohen leads a trial to help women find the best treatment for them. >> because clinical trials are looking at specific therapies and they look at it for specific patient types. >> the form includes the subtype of their cancer and whether it's spread to other areas in the body. that is coupled with personal data, such as family history. and where they live. >> and it's really important that a patient live in close proximity to that research site. >> she and her team are partnering to place the trial finder app on other cancer information web sites. and if patients choose to
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register, they can choose a trial. and laurie believes it can give new hope, even in difficult cases like hers. >> and it seems to be working. it's been slow and steady. my story is slow and steady wins the race. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> and you'll find information on drugs to find breast cancer. >> very rainy out there. >> it is. let's get wet together because i don't think we have a choice. you can see a huge plume of moisture, here is a large area of active down pours about to approach the peninsula. and into parts of the north bay, down pours as well.
7:49 pm
and that area is entrenched by more storms, second storm moves in late tonight and tomorrow owe, going to rank three, strong storm, on our storm impact scale. only going up to five. we expect another 1 to 3 inches of additional rain on top of what we have from the current storm. sheer the accu-weather forecast. and look at the next four days. a storm each of the next four days, one ranking three, tomorrow, weaker storm saturday, ranking one and stronger on sunday, ranking two, and weaker monday, ranking one, then, drying out next week. >> finally. >> thank you, spencer. >> okay. >> and larry is here with sports. a storm year time, too. >> you may have to stop your kaepernicking. >> that is broncos need a
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quarterback, niners have one. will this
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good evening, collin kaepernick wants to be traded now, the only question is where he ends up. the team on the 49ers home turf, the denver broncos. denver reportedly offered a third rounder and needs a
7:54 pm
quarterback because peyton manning retired and jets and browns say they have an interest in kaep. and mine -- niners have been criticized for how they handled the draft pick. we'll see what happens tomorrow. the raiders are not plying around in free agency, they've identified needs and filling them one on one. and reportedly, $40 million for four years, $20 million guaranteed and he's 63 out of pasadena with two interceptions. like oweswe'ller, pj sanderson may leave kansas well, reportedly a four year offer for $18 million.
7:55 pm
and this doesn'tness ily mean he's leaving denver yet. he's a restricted free agent so broncos have a week to match miami's offer. and a's pitcher jared parker hasn't thrown a pitch since 2013 and had two tommy john surnlryes and there is the 27-year-old left the mound yelling in pain. the initial diagnosis indicates a lateral elbow inpingment. not a good sign out there for the first time. the cal basketball team won eight of nine and opened a pac
7:56 pm
12 tournament tonight and they haven't made the title game since 2010. special player, pac 12 freshman of the year, cal wants to add as many banners as possible. as for playing in las vegas, coach says that is not a big deal. >> they've played in different venues but the thing that helps more is that they're playing against the opponents we're playing against. and this weak, steph curry made 300, 3 pointers and if he keeps that up, he'll fin rish with 401 and he's shooting up to 60% from
7:57 pm
beyond 30 feet. and the difference is a fraction of an inching. >> this is an 8th of an inch. >> it's hard. what he is doing is hard. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. >> serial stowaway marilyn hartman is in trouble again, a judge has thrown her for jail. >> and republicans on the debate stage right now.
7:58 pm
the reason tonight's g.o.p. debate has a different tone. and a reminder, michael finney will anchor our live coverage of the san francisco st. patrick's day parade this saturday at noon and on our news app. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and from all of us here, good night.
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