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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 24, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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ed. >> >> good evening. we begin in the south bay where family and friends spent today searching for kyle miric. he was last seen friday where he worked at the motorcycle shop. police believe a co-worker is responsible. the latest search happened this afternoon at the lexington reservoir. >> i drew a grid on a map and we
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started sending people out to areas on the grid. people that don't know kyle are "today in l.a."ing up. it's been really a good turnout. >> we wish the suspect would just tell us where he is. he's not. anyone who could come help us, it would be wonderful. >> police arrested this man. they have not released a motive. it's day two of street closures and detours in san francisco so football fans can enjoy the festivities leading up to super bowl 50. the real test will be tomorrow when the monday morning commute runs heads-on into courthouse years. >> reporter: getting around san francisco will be challenging the next few weeks as super bowl city takes center stage. the ultimate experience for a million plus fans. >> right now, i can't figure out where to get the bush.
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>> marshia is trying to get around the city. >> luckily, i'm not in too much of a rush. if you are going to be late for work or something, it could become a critical problem. >> super bowl city will be free to the public with four security check points to enter beginning january 30th. >> a little bit of inconvenience. >> drivers beware. rolling detours on southbound and embark dario. gentlemen we returned hours later, battery street looked like a parking lot. >> how did you get through the city today? >> through b.a.r.t. the streets are packed. >> starting tuesday, howard street will be closed between 3rd and 4th for the nfl experience. >> i think it's going to be crazy.
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hopefully employers will allow their employees to work remotely. going to be tough for a while. >> pedestrians looking for the best route to the ferry building should take petition street. >> we have a full list of closures and detours around the city. go to we now know who faced off in super bowl 50 only in sf, city visitor website tweeted, hi, panthers and broncos. welcome to your home the next two weeks. going to the southern bowl game won't be cheap. the current average resale price of a ticket is over $5,300. we checked stub hub tonight, the cheapest ticket is ç$3,800 in e upper end zone. it only goes up from there mike schuman will have highlights. steph curry tweeted this after
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the panthers' win, we're going to the freaking ship, baby. that's championship. the santa cruz wharf has been temporarily closed because of a burst main water main. this video, it's empty. extreme surf conditions and the severe break is preventing an immediate repair. the wharf will remain closed until further notice. >> tomorrow the city council will learn how to deal with the damage from our el nino app hansed storms. people can no longer live in homes along the cliffs. some of the problems began years ago. others emerged since a string of storms arrived last month. the city manager declared a local state of emergency friday. this is the new way to map the effects of el nino. the nature conservancy is asking
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for citizen scientists to show the surface. they will map out the damage and will study what the future holds for climate change. a brief break in what has been a wet january. where the numbers stand in those el nino enhanced storms. >> we were expecting a wet january with be a el nino-enhanced winter. the past 24 days featured storms across the region. we are doing well with seasonal rainfall today. san francisco above normal. san jose 120%. oakland sitting at about 83% of normal rainfall. we need several seasons like this. we are doing well in terms of snowfall across the sierra.
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113% doing much better an year ago. just 30%, 365 days ago. take a loog look at a storm in the bay area. thanks a lot. talking about storms, how about that east coast storm? residents are digging out of the historic blizzard that killed at least 25 people. the storm dumped 26.8 inches of know on new york city falling short of tying its greatest snowfall ever. baltimore had its largest snowfall on record and newark, new jersey, second largest. airports in new york city, philadelphia and baltimore resumed to limited service today. federal offices in the washington, d.c. area will remain closed tomorrow. the storm could be costly. experts say the economic impact could reach up to $850 million with restaurants, theaters and retailers taking the brunt of the hit. many businesses made extra money from people stocking up on food, shovels and other items. still ahead, twitter's big
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changes in the top ranks. plus three dangerous men on the run. new images show how they broke out of a california maximum security jail. plus controversial complaint what actress andy mcdowell said on twitter that ignited a firestorm. later -- singing for solar. the cause that
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the fbi and u.s. marshal are combining a reward for the arrest of inmates who escaped through a jail in california. they made it to the building's roof where they were able to repel to the ground.
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the sheriff's department released these images including the cut steel, the rope made with linens used to repel and the roof where they repelled from. the men are considered armed and dangerous. a big shake-up at twitter tonight. top executives are leaving as part of a restructuring plan. a major investor confirms the heads of engineering, media and vine left the san francisco company. they are also reports of new board members being announced soon. according to "the new york times," one board member will be a high-profile media personality. >> twitter lit up after andy mcdowell used it to examine about being bumped from first class on an american airlines flight. i paid for first cass but they put me in tourist because of my dog which i paid for. others said she should get what she paid for. mcdowell said i'm happy flying in coach, i'm i happy on a bus
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or subway, but if i pay for first class, that's where i want to be. lessons learned. never examine on twitter and don't pay for first class on american airlines. can we move up now? three music legended played and marched down the street. quiet night across the san francisco skyline. we had a brief break in the weather today. how long does that break last? >> i will be a leader. not a fortunately. >> words of wisdom from an nba hall of famer. why shaq joined in on a pick-up game. >> broncos held off the patriots to advance to super bowl 50. seven cardinal turnovers in their most complete game of the season. fans were falling out of their seats.
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sandy hagar along with bob weir of the grateful dead and michael faranti singing "here comes the sun." abc news was from san francisco as they marched to the california public utilities commission. the trio gave this moving concert to support the save roof top solar. they are working to expand solar energy use and make it more affordable. >> i think it's possible to see 100% renewable energy for 100% of the population of the united states. >> thursday, the cpuc will vote on whether to generate more solar energy in california. as we said earlier, this was the day for it. >> it was.
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it was incredible. sunny skies. going to be a quiet week. at least the next four to five days. live doppler showing we are tracking partly cloudy skies around the coast. there are a few light returns around in hour. there is a weak frontal boundary dipping south of eureka and does have shower activity pushing onshore. kind of an overachieving piece of energy. showers trying to make their way into the north bay overnight tonight. it's not out of the question specifically marin county, napa, sonoma first thing tomorrow morning. there could be a couple of pockets of drizzle. at pier 15, partly cloudy skies. we are going to call for that isolated sprinkle monday morning. the best chance of that is going to be in the north bay. the theme of the week ahead, more in the way of sunshine and mild temperatures. tracking yet our next storm. not returning until next
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weekend. out there right now, 49 in napa. currently 51 in oakland. 53 in san francisco. as we go hour by hour, early tomorrow morning, 4:00 in the morning, we will have morning fog developing. it is picking up on light drizzle mainly in the north bay. it may reach as far south as the golden gate bridge. it quickly falls apart any chance we have of that drizzle early in the morning. clouds will pull back to the coast by the lunchtime hour. looking at a nice monday on the way. upper 50s to lower 60s. your morning commute is on the damp side. the evening commute, we are looking good. a mixture of sunshine and clouds on on the dry side. storm chances, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we are mainly on the dry side. our chance of showers pops up friday in the north bay. everyone saturday and sunday with our next storm. there is no snow in the forecast in the sierra. we have good snow pack right
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now. easy travel, mixture of sunshine and clouds tuesday and wednesday. thursday, sunny skies and warming temperatures around 52 for the high. overnight tonight, we have a mixture of stars and clouds. fog developing after the midnight hour. there is a chance of a spot drinkle in the north bay dropping to the 40s. highs for monday, you see the early morning fog. clouds will pull back for a mixture of sunshine and clouds. it's a nice day. upper 50s to lower 60s. morning fog tomorrow. sun and clouds tuesday. wednesday, sunny and nice. rather mild on thursday. there is that chance in the north bay friday. saturday and sunday just a slight chance of showers, a one on the storm impact scale. to someone who can blot out the sun. a police officer had a surprise for a group of neighborhood hides. he brought shaquille o'neal into a pick-up game. officer bobby white responded to a noise complai and found a
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group of kids playing hoops. he joined them and promised he would come back for a rematch. he did with one large backup who had this advice. >> you know how much money i made? $700 million. you know how i made that respecting my peers, listening to my mommy and daddy. >> and making that movie "steel." remember that? he expressed interest in the rematch. i don't think you saw "steel." i don't think anybody saw it. >> i listened to my mom and dad, i didn't make $700 million. >> close. >> carolyn panther quarterback cam newton front-runner for mvp in the nfl. responsible for four touchdowns tonight against the cardinals. it seems to be the year of the panthers. panthers looking to advance to their second super bowl. they got help from former 49er.
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check out the reverse. cut backs over the middle. completes the 22-yard touchdown run. panthers go up 10-0. last week carolina had 14 points in the first quarter. 86 yard strike to corey brown. over 100 yards. newton threw for 335, 17-0, carolina. carson palmer threw four interceptions after a near pick six. gave the cardinals great field position. cards committed seven turnovers. cam newton ran for two touchdowns. superman. he is okay. you can see him at levi stadium in two weeks at super bowl 50. panthers crushed the cardinals improving to 17-1. >> we are not done. we have a lot more ink left. put ourselves in this situation
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that we created. it's great to see them. >> afc game, a game for the ages. two legendary quarterbacks. 17th heating between manning and brady. manning leaves the afc matchup 2-1. he sets it down first quarter. 7-0, broncos. brady has two first-half picks all season. von miller, six points. 12 yards downed sidelines. peyton 176 yards. 17-9 broncos at the half. rob gronkowski. pats down 8-4. brady to gronk. 17 seconds left. fourth and goal from the 4. everyone knows where it's going. gronk gets open. still need a two-point
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conversion to force overtime. could not get two more. pass deflected by talib. broncos win it 21-18. tied for most all time. peyton manning fourth super bowl with four different coaches. >> this is a sweet day, a sweet victory. to me, this victory sort of is a great example of what this season has been like. there is no question about it. this game today was unique football game. everybody did their part. >> tough day. tough day. hard-fought football game. they have a very good defense. they've got good coverage. >> should be a great super bowl. >> one of the great california rivalries takes to the ice tonight. former sharks goalie with the ceremonial puck drop. nine straight. starts it off.
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sharks lead carter alone in front of the net. >> right now in the third, it's a 1-1 game. those complete highlights at 11:00. stanford taking on ucla. stanford could have used her. fields, two of her 11.ç ucla snapped a 21-game against stanford. 59-36. cal and southern cal. lays it in. cal down one after three. for the fourth quarter. cal outscored 19 sadie edwards the steal, finish and one. 1-conference play. they lost five straight. 61-47. we'll take a look back 34 years. hope to see you then. >> thanks a lot.
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how one man is trying to
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coming up at 11:00, we knew super bowl 50 hotel prices were going to be high. can you guess what this hotel is charging? investigators think this man was murdered. they haven't found his body. hear from the family on abc 7 news at 11:00. finally, one man's challenge to an actual giant panda. remember this adorable video? millions couldn't get enough of the national zoo's giant panda playing in the snow yesterday. looks like so much fun, a man in maryland tried to one up. jeffrey perez dressed in his panda suit and challenged the giant panda to a snow angel battle. perez is on the right.
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he imitates the panda's moves. he may not be quite as cute. i'll give him a b-plus for trying real hard. >> and a nike deal. >> right. >> his feet are odder shaped than that. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. our next newscast is 11:00 on abc 7.
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♪ it's the michelle meow show, your a to z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. ♪♪ here's michelle meow. welcome. thank you so much for joining us. i'm michelle meow, your host. welcome to your a-z, covering the lgbtlmnop and everyone in between show. speaking of everyone, tonight is a special lgbtqapi show, meaning we'll feature three great interviews from the asian-pacific islander community. so, we have an interview with melissa king, who was a finalist on bravo's hit show, "top chef", season 12, and we also have an interview with khmera rouge, who is the current empress of the imperial court of san francisco. before we get started with our incredible interviews, we'll check in with the world, we'll check in with the media, and see what people are saying about the lgbtq community.


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