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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 1, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> a bay area teacher accused of molesting a student. tonight we hear from parents and students stunned by the teacher's sudden arrest. i'm kristen sze. >> em ama daetz. dan ashley has the night off. >> alan wang has more. >> he taught honors chemistry and an integrated science. >> andrea martinez says he was her chemistry teacher at fairfield high school. >> he got along well with the students. he talked to us a lot too. >> this was his first year at fair field high, but it didn't last long. he was arrested on new year's eve day and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior with a
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14-year-old student. it happened on campus in early december. >> how does something like that happen on campus? that shouldn't be happening. >> hankins was placed on administrative leave. >> i received an e-mail from another chemistry teacher saying he would no longer be our teacher and he would be taking over for us. >> but to know that someone was taking advantage of their privilege and their rights as a teacher is disgusting. >> police searched hankin's home for evidence of an on going relationship with the student. >> the school district was unavailable for comment. meanwhile investigators are still asking the public for more information about this incident. in fair field, alan wang, abc7 news. >> new at 11:00, a man and woman are facing felony charges after a skinny dipping adventure at an upscale wine country hotel turned into a fight with police. just past midnight this new year's day security at the westin napa hotel called police when they saw two
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people jumping the fence into their pool area. witnesses say the two were drunk and vandalized the property. police say when they tried to stop the pair the man struggled with an officer and they used a stun gun to subdue him ?ie. a pedestrian was hit by a car. the chp says the 65-year-old man was walking on the transition ramp from southbound 280 to southbound 101 when he was struck by at least one car. it is still unclear why the man was on the freeway. earlier this morning another pedestrian was killed on interstate 880 in fairfield. a man was hit and killed by a big rig just east of sasoon valley road. they reported seeing the man dancing on the freeway before he was hit. we are not done with the first day of the new year and we are preparing for our first spare the air day. most of us will be banned from burning wood either in fireplaces or fire pits. that's because of lighter than normal winds combined with cold temperatures. it is a chilly night.
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you can probably guess how clear it is. we will dip down to freezing territory in some area. drew is here with live doppler 7hd. >> hi, kristen. this cold weather is causing stagnant air. the spare the air day goes into affect at midnight especially in the santa clara valley. we are expecting poor air quality. the cold weather once again causing a freeze warning and lasting until tomorrow morning at 8:00 in the morning. this is for the north bay. overnight lows in the mid20s to the lower 30s. after we get rid of the cold first thing tomorrow, we are tracking a series of storms the first moving in on sunday. it will be a one. we will go much closer to this storm, and this is one of several in the next seven days. all of the details coming up in a few minutes. >> drew, thanks. conditions look terrific at heavenly mountain resort and all of lake tahoe. the snow-covered slopes were filled with skiers and snowboarderses and all lifts were operating with 95 out of 97 runs open. if you plan to head up this
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weekend, no chains are snow tires are required right now on interstate 80. president obama made a new year's resolution today to act on gun control. his weekly address he called unfinished business of the presidency. president obama than a dozen condolence speeches at mass shootings across the country. on monday he says he will meet with the attorney general, loretta lynch, to discuss his options including by is paing congress with an executive order. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence, but what if we tried to stop even one. what if congress did something, anything to protect our kids from gun violence. >> his announcement comes the same day texas became the 45th state to allow gun owners to open carry. california is one of five states that bans the practice of the and starting today our state has a new ban on all concealed weapons because of the shooting in oregon last year. count them. there are 807 new laws that took affect today in
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california. they include an increase in the minimum wage from $9 to $10 an hour. vaccinations are mandatory for all k-12 students with no more personal belief exemptions, and it is illegal to wear ear buds and earplugs in both of your ears while driving or cycling. abc7 news reporter sergio has an earful about this new rule. sergio? >> it has actually been illegal in california to wear over the ear headphones for quite awhile now, but legislators have basically tweaked this law to now include the very popular ear buds. now these are also illegal to be riding your bike or driving your car. >> we spotted one bicyclist who was wearing both ear buds and she fessed up to the mistake. >> this is wrong, kids. don't do that. don't put two headphones in. >> victoria was delivering meals to a nearby shelter. she has been a bike messenger for years. >> do you agree with the new
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law? >> it is crazy. you have a lot going on. you have pedestrians. >> i talked with two tourists who have enjoyed buys bicycling around san francisco. >> i wear it low volume because i can hear some music while riding, but not that loud so i can hear people talking. >> wearing just one ear bud is legal. police and traffic safety experts say having one ear free allows riders to be tuned in just enough to be safe, but not every bicyclist agrees. >> it is an unbalanced feeling to do that. it is like listening to two different conversations. >> the new law affects the motor vehicle drivers with a few exceptions like garbage trucks and loud construction equipment. california is one of 13 states that has some kind of restriction on earplugs, earphones or ear buds. four states have complete bans. as of today drivers and bicyclists can be cited for
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wearing two buds and earphones and could face a fine and court costs. abc7 news. football fans across the bay area kicked off the new year by watching the rose bowl between stanford and university of iowa. abc7 news was in palo alto for a big watch party at the patio sports bar. cardinal fans roared with excitement as the team beat the hawk eyes 46-16. one of the main topics was running backcountries common mccaffrey. >> amazing game. i think stanford will end up number three in the country. christian mccaffrey, everyone will realize how good he is after seeing him in this game. he should have won the heisman. this is a complete domination. i think iowa -- i'm surprised they even came out for the second half. i thought they were getting on their bus to go home. >> we will have all of the game's highlights in sports. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, speaking of the rose bowl, why football fans and political am lists called out
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carly fiorina after her tweet about today's game. and could cheese be as addictive as drugs? why you could get a craving for a cheesy fix and -- >> what do you want to let go in the new year? >> about 15 pounds. >> abc7 news anchor hits the streets to find out what people want to change in the new year. >> first a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" on abc news at 11:00. >> we made a new show. if you don't believe me, look at this. you didn't know what the millenium falcon was? >> no. and i called a friend of mine and said what the hell is the millenium falcon?
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vaw knee shaw, san ramon,
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san mateo and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they are going to people and showing video of donald trump insulting islam and muslims. >> that's what hillary clinton had to say about her rival at the presidential debate. trump called her a liar, but check this out. an al-qaeda uh affiliate is using a clip of donald trump in a recruitment video. he is talking about his proposed ban of muslims coming into the u.s. the hour long propaganda video says the west will eventually turn on its muslim citizens and urmings african-american -- urges african-americans to turn to islam. carly fiorina is accused of throwing herral ma matter under the bus for her own political gain. the stanford alum sent out the tweet before the rose bowl against iowa. love my alma-mater, but rooting for my hawk eyes.
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in february the iowa caucus could help decide who gets the nomination. reaction was quick and harsh for the ceo. matthew doud tweeted, so carly abandons stanford for iowa. now the hawk eyes know how employees feel. and the managing editor tweeted, good start for carly fiorina's team and bad start for carly fiorina's team. # the carly curse is now trending. there could be a reason people love cheese so much. cheese can be as uh duct tiff as drugs. they say certain foods can be addictive because of the way they are processed. foods that are highly pros setsed and fatty are more associated with addictive eating behaviors. cheese is addictive because of ofkasine a product found in milk products.
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getting in shape is a perennial favorite for the new year, but there are a few new ones. >> ball drops and fireworks pop. resolutions run rampant. or in this case run up the lion street fair in pacific heights. >> what are we doing here? >> just trying to burn off a little 6 -- a little of 2015 jie. what do you want to let go in the new year? >> about 15 minutes. >> there is no surprise the usual diet and exercise show up on a survey of 2016 resolutions. what is unusual is the study by go banking rates finds living life to the fullest tops them all with financeses trailing the list. as for what we don't want in 2016 -- >> campaign debates. we need to stopwatching those. >> things from 2015 that should be left in the past. >> single relationship status. >> what hasn't worked? tinder, grinder, ok cupid. >> how will you find a man in
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2016? >> social interaction? >> really? that's so 2010. >> over a cup of 2016 coffee in the marine you that -- marina a final word about word jie. what phrase do you want to leave behind in 2015 -- >> yaaaa s. is that how you say it? >> i am advocating no more bye felicia. >> bye felicia. >> salutation, felicia. it is the drunk version of bye felicia. >> i am tired of some of the stuff my husband says like that's cray. >> cray is gone in 2z1-- 2016. >> shear to 2016, less cray and more muscle. >> happy new year. >> you too. >> abc7 news. i have to show my kids that. no more cray, cray. >> it is time to check the weather on the first day of
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the new year. >> the cold is not over, drew. >> no, it is not. we are tracking some cloud cover. live doppler 7hd is showing you much of the bay area is under overcast skies. we have rather clear skies in the north bay and that is bringing chilly temperatures. santa rosa is sub freezing at 31 degrees. 39 in napa and 37 in novato. where we have the cloud cover around the bay area, we are holding it in the 40s. 43 hayward and 44 san jose and 46 san francisco and 43 in oakland. a beautiful look from our emeryville camera across the bay and showing you overcast skies and it does call for freezing cold. the freeze warning is in affect. want to track some late evening showers and this will be after sunset and a wet pattern sets up on sunday. overnight we had the freeze warning until 8:00 tomorrow ,orning. santa rosa dropping to 29. 30 throughy san rafael. elsewhere we drop to 35. 40 in san francisco. we will drop to a cool 30
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overnight in concord. for your saturday we'll call it a blend of sunshine and cloud cover out there. the clouds will help to bump up temperatures thanks to a southeasterly wind. the same in san jose. 52 in san francisco. 51 in richmond. 49 the high in concord. tomorrow we will likely see a spotty shower late in the night on saturday. but much of the activity will hold off until sunday. our first storm on the storm impact scale will be a 1. it will be a light storm moving in. future weather will pick it up tomorrow afternoon. the clouds will be with us. future weather saturday at 11:00 at night. if you have late night plans we are track the chance of a scattered sprinkle. the best chance is along the immediate coast. overnight and into sunday that's when the system brings widespread moisture to the region. likely tracking showers on sunday evening before this thing kicks out of here on monday morning. it will bring a good soaking rain and it brings a good bed of rain. where the rain lingers the
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longest is around the immediate coast and much of the north bay. we could see close to an inch of rain by sunday night and into monday morning. and then we are tracking stronger storms. back to back to back storms. it is just three storms in a row. tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. and each one will be a two on the storm impact scale meaning a moderate storm and each one will bring a good amount of rain and gusty winds. we will fast-forward this into thursday. we haven't seen numbers like this in a very long time. if these storms linger for a longtime each day, look at this. over three inches likely along the coast. a lot of locations around the bay will likely see two inches of rain. it is something we will keep tracking for you. but know next week looks wet for the bay area. here is your seven-day forecast. spare the air is in affect for tomorrow. a chance of a late night shower and much of the activity is lasting into sunday and by tuesday, wednesday and into thursday that is the back to back to back storm. it is wet and windy and we are
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likely to see showers lasting into friday as well. >> thank you, drew. next on abc7 news at 11:00, it is a head scratcher for a california family. twins born in different
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only around the new ye at ao hospital are officially born in different years. baby girl jaylin was born one minute before midnight on new year's eve and her twin brother lewis was born two minutes after midnight on new year's day. they scheduled a c section for next week, but arrived earlier than expected. what to do when they start playing in sports leagues that have the december 31st cutoff date? they have to make an exception, i mean, come on. >> make friends with the athletic director. >> one athletic director is
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very happy today. >> no question who was better on the field today at the rose bowl. in the 102nd rose bowl stanford overwhelms iowa with a record breaking performance. christian mccaffrey leads the way and he shows why he should have been named the heisman trophy winner. >> on the go and on your schedule on one screen. all the weather, traffic and news that lives where
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>> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> if not for the slip up against northwestern stanford may be playing for the national title. today it looked unstoppable against iowa in the rose bowl. coach david shaw had his players fired up for their
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third appearance in pasadena in four years. on the first play from scrimmage hogan hits mccaffrey to the middle and he takes it to the house. mccaffrey gets started. the defense had seven sacks and intercepted this path. quinten meeks takes it 66 yard for the touchdown. they scored 21 points in the firs quarter. mccalf free returned this punt for a touchdown. he went on to set the rose bowl record and was the first player to receive and rush for 100 yards. christian's dad, ed, is one proud papa. stanford even pulled off this fake fumble to make it 35-0 at the half. you will see hogan and mccaffrey pretending it is a fumble. by the way, the name of the play is hawk eye. ouch. stanford wins easily 45-16 and winds up 12-2. >> the explosion you felt at the beginning of the game was these guys coming and wanting
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to play so well. trying not to talk about this being the last game, but guys wanted to go out with a bang. >> great players play with a chip on their shoulder no matter if they have a reason to or not. i am someone who believes in having motivation at all times. >> it is very special. we have gone through a lot this year and to finish as rose bowl champions is amazing. >> at the citrus bowl jim harbaugh capped off a fine first season and the gators were supposed to have one of the best defenses in the country. he is wide open for a score. the wolverines roll 41-7 and it was jake throwing three touchdowns and he was the game mvp. last year's national champ ohio state took on notre dame in the fiesta bowl. the buckeyes started on this play but was ejected for targeting. he could be the overl number one pick in the draft. ohio state was just too much for the irish. elliott tied a fiesta bowl record. buckeyes win it and they finish 12-1.
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in men's basketball stanford and cal open conference play tonight. the cardinals were at home against 21 utah. the cardinals go up by 12 and with 15 seconds left he makes it 63-63. the uts leadwith free throw shooting. the cardinals would take advantage winning in over time. alan with the slam there. he had 17 points. stanford upsets utah 70-68. cal had an easier time with colorado. jordan matthews with the alley-oop. that put the bears up by 15. matthews was in the zone tonight. at one point hitting five straight three pointer. he finishes with a game high 22 as cal wins it 79-65. they are a perfect 10-0 at home this season. and this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity.
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kristen, you are a cal grad and we got one in for you. >> didn't you bury the leash? >> it was a stanford heavy sportscast. >> they deserve it. abc7 news does continue on-line and twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our a


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