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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 13, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center. >> right now, sky 7 h.d. is above oakland, where police are working to break up a protest. about 1,000 people were moving
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through downtown. now, it's a few dozen people, with police lines outlining every street where they are. the protests, mostly peaceful tonight. however, someone did bust out windows at whole foods at harrison street and bates place. protesters jumped on cars. and they shut down the posey tube. it looks like, now, police have detained several people. in san francisco, thousands of people marched through downtown. they shut down market street and staged a die-in, after hearing fiery speeches at city hall. a few dozen people were marching down to the mission district. the protest remained peaceful, and have disbanded with a few stragglers on the street right now. the bay area protests are among many across the nation today. 29,000 people marched down fifth avenue in new york city, holding
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a banner that reads, black lives matter. there were several small clashes with police. but no arrests. in washington, d.c., eric garner's brother and michael brown's parents were in a massive but peaceful crowd. both families are urgie ining lawmakers to allow federal prosecutors to take over in cases like theirs. a shocking demonstration rattled students at cal today. effigies were hanging on campus. >> reporter: they were discovered in the morning. cardboard cutouts hanging from a noose on the u.c. berkeley campus. each included the words, i can't breathe. a reference to eric garner's last words. this student's reaction are that the images are in support of the protests related to garner.
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>> to call attention to the eric garner case. the show anger about the lack of excitement. >> it's very traumatizing for black citizens to see that. >> reporter: the chair of the black student union had a demonstration at the plaza. it's unclear if it was to support of antagonize. one says it's offensive, nonetheless. >> no one will attribute themselves to these effigies. reenforces that black people are living under racial terror. >> reporter: while it's certainly not clear what the intention was, it's not reflective of our values at u.c. berkeley. these are disturbing images and we'll be doing everything we can to identify the suspects and prosecute that person. >> it's just wrong to use that image. >> reporter: this berkeley resident grew up in the south. she saw the images online and
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came to campus, in case the students needed comfort. >> i think a lot of people don't understand what a destructive image and what a horrible history lynching was. >> reporter: as for the students, they're using the effigies as another reason to bring attention to their cause. from berkeley, abc 7 news. it's a dry weekend. but things will change next week. taking a live look from our explo exploreatorium camera. hi, francis. >> good evening, everyone. take advantage of the break. it's not going to last long. doppler showing increasing clouds tonight. a foggy start tomorrow morning. here is the latest forecast model that shows rain coming in late tomorrow night, into the north bay. it looks like monday morning, the commute could be a little tricky in some spots. but the heaviest rain will be
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coming in monday afternoon, into the evening. and then, the system clears out. but we have more rain in the seven-day forecast on tuesday and wednesday. i'll let you know how much you can expect in your neighborhood and when our next break will be, as well. happening now, the russian river is receding. the river is now six feet below flood stage. yesterday, it crested one foot above flood stage. the river overflowed its banks, causing a lot of flooding around homes and putting at least half a dozen roads under water. crews have removed a tree that came crashing down in san mateo. the rain-soaked soil cause the oak's roots to buckle. crews spent the day chopping it and halling it away. the homeowners had just purchased the house the day
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before. >> it was disheartening to pull up and see a massive tree had fallen on it. we're making it safe to re-enter the home. >> they plan to cover the gaping hole in the roof with tarps before the next storm arrives. you can see what's showing up anytime, with the weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play. and we have more information at in san francisco, two people are hurt after a truck loses control going down a hill. witnesses say the truck was coming down 21st street. it hit one car on the road and three parked car before crashing into a building. the truck driver and the driver of the sedan were hurt. new video of a car on fire in oakland. we see the flames. this happened on southbound 880 this afternoon. the driver tried to use a blanket to put out the fire
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before firefighters got there. no one was hurt. but police had to block off three lanes, causing a big backup, while firefighters put out the fire. still ahead, the u.s. government nearly had another partial shutdown tonight. the last-minute deal made across the aisle and the reason it could become an issue again in february. plus, the mysterious fireball seen in the sky above southern
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democrats and republicans on capitol hill have approved a $1 trillion spending plan. the senate voted 56-40, in favor of the plan in a rare saturday session. it comes after they approved a temporary agreement that would keep the government running through wednesday and avoid a partial shutdown at midnight.
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the $1.1 trillion spending bill provides funds for nearly the entire government through september 30th. the end of the current budget year. one exception is the department of homeland security. it's funded only through late february. after republicans take control of congress, they hope to use it as leverage against the president's recent immigration action. thousands of boxes of food and toys put together today will go to families in need this season. 400 volunteers worked in shifts this afternoon, at sacred heart community service in san jose. they boxed up canned food and tried pasta and bagged fresh produce. >> it's the groceries they need just to get through the month. the cost of living is so high and rent continues to go up. >> all the food boxes will be handed out to families next week. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, an unprecedented
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collaboration around the world, puts together the first family tree. how the extensive list is shedding light on evolution and biology research. and rain is headed back to the bay area. we come back next with the forecast. two first in the presentation of the heisman trophy. the biggest prize went to a school that's ne
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right now, we want to take you back to oakland. police are corralling people now, that are left over from today's protests. the peaceful demonstration did turn violent when vandals
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started fires in the street. several people have been detained at this point. we'll have a live update on abc 7 news at 11:00. you can follow our twitter feed, abc 7 news bay area. hundreds of scientists have all over the world, have mapped an evolutionary tree so complete, one scientist called it mind-blowing. they tapped into the genes of 45 different species. and had nine different supercomputers analyze the data. one example of what they found, falcons are more closely related to parrots than eagles or hawks. and also, that penguins have developed a gene to stay warm that's similar to a gene in humans that creates tough skin on hands and feet. the findings are expensive and should lead to new research for years. you can learn more in the journal "science." right now, classified defense satellite is headed to space. onboard, is one of the most powerful rockets launched in california. the atlas five launched last nights, after weather delayed it by one day.
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the 20-story rocket has more than 2 million pounds of liftoff thrust, the most ever in vandenberg's 55 years. it's carries a satellite believed to help with intelligence gathering. many people in california took to social media, wondering about a fireball in the sky. if you didn't know what that was, that might give you cause. >> in the least. >> we had a break today. and that's going to continue into tomorrow. live doppler, showing some clouds right now. partly-cloudy conditions. cloudier in the north bay. but even clearer spots in the south bay. we have done very well for the start of the rainy season. above normal everywhere. check out moffett field where 267% of normal at 8.91 inches. but the drought's not over because snowpack is only at about 40% statewide.
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it's better compared to last year's 31% at this time. but we've got a ways to go. rainfall totals since wednesday afternoon, staggering. six inches in some locations. and a lot of other places got three to four inches around the bay area. here's a live look out towards san francisco in the bay water. very calm. temperatures starting to drop in the 40s in some locations like oakland. oakland is at 50. but redwood city, morganville and half moon bay in the upper 40s. and looking out towards san francisco. the rain moves in tomorrow night. the heaviest rain looks like it will come in monday afternoon. and it will start to taper off into the evening hours. and more rain in the forecast, tuesday and wednesday. we got a wet week ahead. high pressure has kept us dry. that will continue into tomorrow afternoon. then, this system moves in sunday night. so, sunday night, late, is when the rain starts in the north
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bay. i showed you the forecast animation earlier. totals will range anywhere from fourth of an inch in some areas to maybe even slightly over two inches from sunday night into monday night. and then, of course, we'll add the rainfall, tuesday and wednesday, as well. so, we could have several inches in some locations. look for overnight lows to be in the 40s. low 40s in the north bay. and look for fog to develop once again, especially in the early-morning hours. highs tomorrow could be a touch two degrees warmer than today. but basically near normal. upper 50s to near 60. now, i want to show you the forecast model for the week. we've got wet weather, into monday night, with the latest run. tuesday, dry throughout the day. but another system moves in tuesday night. and continues into wednesday. we could have leftover shower
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activity. wednesday afternoon into thursday, a nice break for us. until friday, another system drops in. coming in from the north bay again and spreading south and continues possibly into friday. so, have that umbrella handy and the rain boots. we're going to use it a lot this week, starting with tomorrow night, into monday. and then, tuesday and wednesday. you saw the timing of that. decent break on thursday before more rain for the weekend. so, it's a good time to get all of the things done outdoors and clean out the rain gutters and all the things you want to do. >> and bag a few sandbags at this point. over to sports now. and a major award. >> the 80th heisman trophy was handed out today in new york, for the best football player in the nation. they can never take this away from you. left-to-right, wisconsin running back mel quinn gordon. amari cooper. and marcus mariota who led the
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ducks to the pac-12 title. all deserving. and the winner is -- >> the winner of the 2014 heisman memorial trophy, is marcus mariota. >> how nervous did these guys look? marcus mariota, the first hawaii native and first from the university of oregon. threw for 38 touchdowns, only 2 interceptions. ran for 669 and 14 t.d.s, leading oregon to the pac-12 title. marcus, like all winners was stunned and overcome with emotion. >> words can't express how much this means to me. i'm truly grateful to have you guys in my life. mom and dad, thank you for your love and sharing that with me and matt. we're truly grateful.
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god bless and go, ducks. >> congratulations. 114th version of the army/navy game. navy dominated of late. army scored first. on a blocked punt. hoping to end the 12-game loading streak with a 7-0 lead. just before half, navy answers. keenan reynolds, rolls right. finds tillman. that's the tying touchdown. reynolds dives in for the touchdown. navy will win 17-10, to make 13-straight over the cadets. the warriors are becoming the best team in basketball. they hit the road for a three-game swing starting in dallas. with the win, now 15-straight and nine-straight on the road. steph curry and the warriors rocking the slate jerseys. warriors out to a 15-point first quarter lead. livingston, out to steph. he led all scorers with 29. dubs up 26 in the second. richard jefferson misses. jams home 2 of his 25. then, dirk nowitzki.
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he had 23. another former warrior. monta ellis, knocks down the contested three. this time, ellis shows off something we didn't see a whole lot, with the warriors. he passes to tyson chandler. alley-oop dunk. warriors up 13 in the third. loses his shoe. steph tosses it out of the way. next time down the floor, steph tosses it back. into the first row. draymond green had a 20, including this layup and one. mavs mount a comeback. but the warriors win. one hand all the way. now, 12th team in the nba to start 20-2. >> we kept our come poe chur po. and really held strong in the second half. and a big win for us. denver jumped out to a half. love, the three. taking a 25-17 lead at the
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break. stanford fights back. nossek, in the point. 17 off the bench. coast-to-coast. and one. cardinal hang on to win, 49-43, improving to 5-2. cal's been mopping the floor with opponents, undefeated at home. hosting princeton. tigers jump out early. steven cook, behind the screen, the three. princeton up nine at the half. the embassy pull back. blocked the shot in transition. cal down five. cal forces the turnover. tyrone wallace with the emphatic dunk. wallace has 23. cal wins by ten. bears improve to 9-1. st. mary's, meanwhile, early season nonconference road test against creighton. aaron bright off the glass. had 22. tied at 61-61. we go to overtime. in the paint, 71-67, in omaha.
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got the sharks, 49ers and raiders highlights tonight at 11:00 p.m.
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coming up tonight, we're keeping an eye on protests under way right now in oakland. police have ordered crowds to disperse and arrests have been made tonight. we'll have a live report at 11:00. plus, more shocking fallout from the hack at sony pictures. the secrets revealed tonight at 11:00. a break between storms may allow for primetime star gazing tonight. the annual flurry of spacewalks is one of the best of the year. raining down as many as 120 meteors per hour at its peak.
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grab some hot cocoa. the best time for viewing is between midnight and dawn. and it takes about 20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark skies. we'll be getting off work about then. >> a lot of star gazing. >> oh, how nice. thanks for watching. we'll see you at 11:00.
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>> warning: please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could cause serious injury. touchdown! "what went down." today on "what went down," horses fighting motorcycles, suitcases fighting trees, people fighting gravity, and later, it's win time. we'll see how this guy gets from here to there without a net. time to


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