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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 13, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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teenage son. a major deadline for a bay area hospital, the latest in the fight to keep the doors open at laguna honda hospital. plus -- >> it is hard but it's a bit like this together, so when the music starts we feel great. >> jazz in the bay area, the big event bringing in some smooth sounds to thousands of people in the south day. the news at six starts right now, thanks for joining us, the heat is on. a live look outside, we have some cobwebs we have to deal with on that lens. >> i am not used to looking out at that i guess. >> a live look at dublin. >> temperatures are warming up this weekend and that he could stretch well into the week, meteorologist rob mayeda tracking all of this and how long it will last, rob? >> to remind you it is the dry season. right now, you can see walnut creek at 90 degrees, earlier seeing low 90s, san jose with
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the jazz festival at 77. looks pretty nice, you can see san francisco into the sunshine, 66 degrees. for now, the summer microclimate would be what you expect. but from here, temperatures are about to spike and look at the extensive heat lot. the to have to be mountains to the north and entire central valley. sacramento valley, and solano county, starting tuesday, with excessive heat watch, this means potential for 100 degree temperatures. and around the bay area, you will notice the temperatures climbing up tomorrow. so we are watching those inland 90s. peak temperatures arriving for the middle part of the weekend on top of that, we could see a return of monsoon moisture, which could bring more thunderstorms to the sierra. so as the heat built around the region, we are watching fire danger for those rising temperatures, and any thunderstorm lightning strikes. at some of the nearby mountains. the hour by hour with this warm- up on the way. our forecast coming up in about 12 minutes. back to you. be sure to follow rob on twitter, he's posting key updates on the drought,
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wildfires and weather alerts like this week's heat advisory, you can find them on twitter. mental health workers at kaiser permanente say it's likely they will strike in a matter of days. about 2000 psychologists, therapists and social workers put kaiser on notice august 2nd , that they would strike in two weeks if demands were not met. the open ended strike is set to start monday, and hospitals throughout the bay area as well as sacramento and fresno. the mental health workers say they want to see improvements to meet record demand for mental health care. the group is claiming that kaiser is canceling some appointments for patients as a potential strike looms. now in a statement, kaiser says in part, the union is well aware that its decision to strike will inevitably hurt kaiser permanente's ability to meet the needs of our patients. that is the point of the strike. the reality of that strike will only reduce access to our care at a time of unprecedented demand. and rally years are not giving up their fight to save a long-term care facility.
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supporters of laguna honda hospital gathered in san francisco ahead of a looming deadline. nbc bay area's thom jensen shows us how they will be impacted by the closure. -- >> we want everybody to recognize that this is a pause. >> reporter: based and standby side with other protesters on the front steps of laguna honda hospital, trying to get a permanent stop on the transfer of patients from the federally funded long-term care facility. >> i want you to look at the numbers. if the numbers are correct, between five and nine people have died. >> reporter: they say skilled nursing patients like the 86- year-old mom betty that has dementia faced transfer trauma when they are suddenly moved and they worry that it is fatal for betty and others, the centers for medicare and medicaid says that it was closing laguna honda hospital because the hospital failed to meet standards for sanitation, patient monitoring and record- keeping among other things. the san francisco department of health is trying to get the nursing home recertified ahead of septembers closure deadline,
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but still requiring a transfer or discharge to patients. protesters say that those things can be fixed and they have laguna honda has a valuable asset that needs to be saved for current patients and others who will need long-term care in the future. >> is an institution, financially supported by hours by taxes and medicaid and medicare care money. and we in separate cisco, as evidence by people here are intent in doing everything we can in our power to protect it. >> reporter: the city has filed a lawsuit to stop the closure after federal authorities but the hospital failed to meet the standards. they also reached out to the hospital and he centers for medicare and medicaid but neither has responded. organizers say they want a small victory, but they got a positive transfers from laguna honda, but they plan to keep the pressure on. so the transfers don't start up again. in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news turning to the monkeypox
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health emergency, san francisco continues its vaccination efforts, this weekend, the city's health department tweeted that there was no line at the monkeypox vaccination clinic at separate cisco general, that's an improvement over recent weeks, the clinic was open until 3:30, and will open again tomorrow to my demand for the vaccine is still very high in san francisco, and supply is low, so far the city has received about 23,000 vaccine doses. much better arriving this week. this comes as san francisco reported 550 cases out of about 1900 statewide. new at 6:00, a grieving mother is renewing efforts to help solve her son's cold case. this afternoon, investigators tamed up with a family of adriana casa, to hold out flyers asking for help in solving the 2016 case, he was 17 when he got a text message alerting them to come outside, and police say when he did, he was killed in a hail of bullets from an automatic weapon. his family says he was not involved in a den, and he was dedicated to school and basketball, his mother helps someone has information that
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could lead to justice for her son. >> i'm his mother, and as i set out there earlier, i will fight for him in death as well as i did while he was alive. and if i continue to bring awareness to the unsolved homicides, maybe other cases may get solved. it's not just about my son. also, it's about other mothers and fathers. i want them to see that they can stand and never give up. >> the flyers were distributed near the corner of grove and baker street, that is where the shooting happened and anyone with information is asked to call the san francisco police department. united farmworkers are protesting all month long, marching across california. making sure that their voices are heard in madera. an intention to help california farmworkers vote in union elections, this is in an effort to pressure governor newsom into signing the agricultural labor relations voting choice act, and you can see a group of kids right there, passing by the march and support.
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and the farmworkers plan to start in 24 cities and cover 355 miles, you can see on this map writer, the group started marching in delano. now they will and it later this month at the state capitol in sacramento. farmworkers say that one of the most important factors in the bill is getting rid of intimidation tactics. >> governor newsom should sign a critical piece of legislation, that would allow farmworkers to join unions, free of intimidation. free of all sorts of coercion, and intimidation tactics on behalf of their bosses. >> the farmworkers plan to make their next stop in mercer county tomorrow. the fire burning south of yosemite is growing and has burned more than 150 acres. in this time-lapse, you can see flames tearing through this hillside. that fire originally sparked last week from eight night lightning strike. and it has spread during a heat wave, with temperatures reaching triple digits, and the word of containment. meanwhile, firefighters
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making progress on the mckinney fire, tonight the fire is 90% contained, the crews say this is a mop up and monitoring operation now. there are still some fire restrictions in the area, and some roads closed. the mckinney fire has killed four people and burned more than 60,000 acres since starting 14 days ago. not good news for fire dangerous, rising temperatures as we head back to the new week. 90 degrees in walnut creek, we could be seeing temperatures closer to 100 degrees next week. our forecast is coming up. and the perfect day for music in the south bay. i had, we will show you the sights and sounds of the san jose summer jazz festival happening up next. plus, helping feed the hungry, the push for one group to send thousands of meals to those in need, or around the world. how you can help.
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♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”, it will “blow your mind.” but does it work? this happens over and over again. 100,000 tesla drivers are already using full self-driving on public roads. i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. we should have left it up for longer. >> i was moving. >> dancing out here. that was the sweet sound of jazz blowing through the streets of downtown san jose. the summer jazz festival returning last night, going on
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today, and tomorrow happening all weekend, at cesar chavez park. organizers say it draws people from all over the country. and benefits san jose as a whole. >> people from all over the country from 30 states, and foreign countries come here and have a great time, staying at the hotels, fantastic weather, very reasonable to stay in san jose when we negotiate rates for hotels. plus the music is the best. we have music, not just jazz, but 20% straight ahead jazz, but all kinds of music. >> the show continues through midnight tonight. picks up again tomorrow, if you want to check it out. tickets start at $30.00. downtown san francisco was full of the flavors of the festival. the festival kicked off from the civic center down to market street. nbc bay area had a float in the parade, we had more than a float, our own audrey asistio, and ginger conejero saab they emceed the festival. they emceed it , they were the queens. the free two day festival lead
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to be the largest celebration of filipino art, culture, dance and food and music in the united states. this is the 29th annual celebration. folks we spoke with today said they were happy to be back in person after two years of being on pause because of the pandemic. >> it is really great. you know, i think the community just missed being together. seeing all of the smiling faces. although we wear the mask, it is seeing all of the smiling faces is wonderful. >> it translates into festival or feast in the area, it is home to more than 400,000 filipino americans. let's go to another festival. the garlic festival, back this weekend but it is probably not where you are expecting it to be. thousands of garlic lovers made their way to their first ever california garlic festival in stockton.
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now organizers indefinitely canceled the festival in gilroy, back in april, a different group of organizers put this together. in the central valley. you can see people having a good old time, enjoy some delicious food. organizers say that the only thing the festivalgoers should worry about this weekend is stuffing their faces. i don't know. >> we understand that this will be the first time that people may have their interaction with a garlic festival, so we want to bring them the best experience possible. we are just knowing that we are going to expect a large crown. we are working with local law enforcement to make sure that this is a safe event. private security, all we want people to worry about is how much garlic they will eat. >> that is not a concern you are saying. >> no it's not, eat as much as you want, it's a garlic festival. it runs through tomorrow, organizers expecting around 10,000 garlic lovers to show up over the course of the weekend. now, carr week also kicked off in monterey county. you can see vintage race cars right there, barely down the laguna speedway. in a few days, there will be a
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classic car show featuring nearly 300 cars. there will also be go kart racing. carr week will run all the way through next sunday, on august 21st, we have got some time. have you ever had garlic ice cream? >> i have not but i can imagine that it's kind of delicious. >> it's pretty weird, you think it's weekend and there's garlic. and it clashes but it's tasty. >> you will like it when it's 100 degrees though. a little bit hotter, we will see those temperatures climb, not just for the central valley, but even on the east valleys as we move forward into the week. a few areas going to be running close to 100 degrees. we will take a look at that. right now it is 90 in walnut creek. blue skies with a westerly wind. walnut creek expecting some mid- 90s tomorrow, 60s in san francisco. expecting more mid-70s in the forecast through the week. and 77 degrees in san jose, and there is the jazz festival looking pretty good.
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the wind at 40 miles per hour, rising temperatures will be one component and also air-quality for now, we will see moderate reappearing for the almond and east bay santa clara valley. by tuesday and wednesday, depending on what the wind is doing. some of those inland valleys make it closer to sensitive groups we will be watching the air quality. as temperatures climb and the sea breeze backs off for the middle part of the week. for now we have an onshore wind that will pull in some clouds around the interbay very early in the morning. and like today, sunny skies that felt like a hot date inland with the fog missing and again, not much wind or the morning and afternoon, similar tomorrow but trending a little bit warmer, so the day begins, just like we had today, patchy low clouds and as soon as lunchtime, we are in the mid- 80s towards fairfield. 80s across the midday. and by 4:00 now. from san francisco to oakland, 80s around san jose. finding some 90s around morgan hill. walnut creek over to fairfield, 90s into the north bay.
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now we will move forward to monday and tuesday. notice that fairfield, solano county up to close to 100 degrees. concord over towards livermore. seeing those numbers staying in the upper 90s. 100 to and fairfield expected on tuesday. but look at the bayside temperatures. staying in the 70s and 80s, while it will trend warmer, the real heat will be confined to those inland valleys, especially the inland and east bay. still in wednesday, with increasing clouds. we will have to watch that will be another surge of monsoon moisture, for us right now it looks mainly like high clouds. for the sierra, up towards the cascades, we may have to watch out for a slight chance of thundershowers as crews continue to try and combat those fires. the six rivers lightning complex fires up here may have some weather interaction with a chance of thunderstorms at times. we will watch that closely. our temperatures across the seven-day forecast. cooling very slightly later in the week. i don't know that you will
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notice that going around the interbay, you can see san francisco going from those mid- 70s to those upper 60s next weekend. and valley temperatures likely around the tri-valley staying in the mid-90s, probably for about wednesday and thursday. a little bit cooler by next weekend. so, starting to live up to the summerlike expectations. especially for areas in the inland east bay. >> river talking about last weekend, we have been kind of lucky. >> it's coming back. new at 6:00, a south bay church:the community to help write fight world hunger. welcoming volunteers to help package more than 280 thousand meals. for people affected by food insecurity. worldwide, all part of a partnership with a nonprofit, rise against hunger. the packaging event that has five locations across the bay area, mountain view, san jose, saratoga, and san mateo. @, u.s. government officials sheltering in place
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non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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learning more tonight about the classified documents seized from former president trump's florida home. the new york times reporting at least one lawyer for trump signed a written statement in june asserting that all classified material stored at mar-a-lago had been returned to the government. that declaration could help explain why the department of justice cited extension of duck cyst a total of 27 boxes seized from the property and included 11 sets of government documents. including some top-secret and
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classified documents. americans being urged not to travel to baja and tijuana, mexico. coming as the area is seeing a wave of violence, u.s. government employees in that area being told to shelter in place. the worst of the crime was in tijuana, where a masked man wreaked havoc across the city, at least 50 vehicles including a bus were burned. businesses were vandalized and a new generation of drug to tell demanded. police picked up presence in baja's northernmost cities, residence on edge, and bracing for more trouble. olympic hopefuls sailing on the bay today, here they are, the finale of the west marine u.s. open series, and you can see windsurfers, a lot of it. the kite servers, shredding the water as well, and raising here in san francisco. this competition is the pathway to the olympics, the winners and those that do well, likely will be chosen for the olympic games in 2024.
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>> okay, so they are very good. >> that is our stab at sports, do you have any more? another winner in san francisco, a special day in oracle park, how the giants celebrated their 10 year anniversary of the 2012 world anniversary of the 2012 world series tle. ti
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i am anthony flores. a strike out for the history books, tossed by sergio romo, 10 years ago, doesn't seem that long ago. the giants swept detroit to win their second world series title. today, the team was honored in san francisco. >> your 2012 world series champion san francisco giants. >> terry is getting goosebumps listening to that. the championship reunion at oracle park. was great to see
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so many familiar faces. the former manager, matt king, along with barry zito, and several other stars from that championship team was on hand for the ceremony. brandon crawford and brandon belt both played a role in that championship team. in case you forgot, the team survived six playoff elimination games. on their way to winning the world series title. the giants are just underway against the pirates, the a's are facing houston, the highlights of both games tonight at 11:00. tray lance made his preseason debut, and the 49ers win over the green bay packers, so what did you think of number 5, lance making his first start since being named the 49ers quarterback. it is only preseason, that means that defenses are basically playing, have to say he looked pretty good. he showed off his legs and his arm. he bedazzled the crowd with a 76 yard touchdown pass to danny
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gray. he only played the first two series and then watched from the sidelines as the niners went on to win 28-21. lance is not expected to play in the second preseason game, next saturday against the vikings. they will likely come into joint practices with minnesota. >> a lot more into the wednesday and thursday practice than the game on saturday. quarterbacks are never too tired from practice. but depending on how much we play the rest of the offense, on wednesday and thursday, you know the starting line plays a time. i'm not going to put them in there on saturday nit gh with xfinity internet, you get advanced security that helps protect you at home and on the go. you feel so safe, it's as if... i don't know... evander holyfield has your back. i wouldn't click on that. hey, thanks! we got a muffin for ed! all right! you don't need those calories.
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welcome back. today marks a big anniversary in american history. they are celebrating right here in the bay area. >> 100 years ago, the u.s. navy began using aircraft carriers. that changed everything, organizes put together a special event over there on the alameda. with that flyover right there, the hornet is an old aircraft carrier that has been turned into one heck of a museum. the first u.s. aircraft carrier was made right here in the bay area, the uss langley. a premier island shipyard in vallejo. military history all over the san francisco bay area, sausalito, east bay, san francisco of course, hunters
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point, so thanks for all that you do. >> a good museum there, too. it might be a good place to be. maybe get away from the sun, things will be warming up, the bayside not too bad, alameda and oakland in the upper 70s, 80s in san jose, as we take a look at the forecast for monday, it is starting to heat up, san jose in the upper 80s. yeah, that is three digits in fairfield come up to 100 degrees, solano county, excessive heat want starting today, which eats up tuesday and wednesday, it will be the warmest temperatures we see this week, with high clouds coming in a little bit cooler heading towards next week. >> ron, thank you very much. >> will be back again at coming up on this "bay area proud" special. (speaker #1) it could be as small as holding a door for somebody, or it can be as big as giving flan to every firefighter, right? (host) you heard that, right? "flan for every firefighter"?
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it's part of a mission of kindness a bay area man has started. also, students giving back to their teacher; the unique ways they're helping her do the things she always wanted to do; then-- (speaker #2) you're never too young or too small to make a difference. (host) they're doing more than just making art. how some south bay students are using these paper cranes to help ukrainian refugees. (host) hello, everyone, and thank you so much for joining us; i'm garvin thomas. in exchange for a little bit of your time this evening, i hope i can provide you with a little more faith in your fellow humans. we start out with the story of a young man who is just starting out as well on a yearlong quest for kindness. we got 17 condensed milks, i mean, we got three packets of sugar. (garvin thomas) while working from home these past two years, bryan tsiliacos has experimented with a lot of different dishes in his kitchen. here's our fridge. (garvin) but right now, well, brian's all about making a lot of the same dish. we have here seven cartons of eggs,


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