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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 13, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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[ cheers and applause >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- leslie mann. star of "a black lady sketch show," actress and comedian robin thede. an all-new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with johnny rabb. ♪ and now, seth meyers [ cheers and applause >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. " we hope you're doing well tonight. now we're going to get to the news the 64th annual grammy awards were held last night, and featured a pre-recorded video from ukrainian president
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volodomyr zelenskyy. i got to say as a 48-year-old man, i was just happy to see someone at the grammys whose name i knew. [ laughter ] ah new york mayor eric adams on saturday visited the white house, and that is the closest any new york mayor has gotten to the white house. [ laughter ] president biden is set to host former president obama tomorrow at the white house and you know joe is excited. i'll bet he is turning the house upside down right now looking for the other controller [ laughter ] the house on friday passed a bill to legalize marijuana, largely along party lines. then don jr. got excited because he thought they had legalized party lines. [ laughter ] the white house press secretary jen psaki is reportedly planning to leave the biden administration in the next several weeks to host a show on nbc's streaming platform, peacock. oh, god. can i please be there when you teach joe how to download peacock? [ laughter ]
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"i need a roku isn't that one of those japanese poems? [ laughter ] the media company buzzfeed over the weekend shut down its news app. there were many reasons for the move, and number seven will shock you! the navy announced on friday it will name a ship after the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. and this is cool, senor frog's is naming their 64-ounce margarita "the kavanaugh." [ laughter ] president biden said last week he believes russian president vladimir putin has placed some of his top advisers under house arrest said putin's oligarch advisers, "oh, no, not house arrest. [ laughter ] and finally, apple is reportedly set to announce a new policy to deter thieves from trying to sell stolen iphones. they're going to slap an android sticker on it. [ laughter ] and that was a monologue, everybody! we got a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause she is a very funny actress you
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know from films like "this is 40" and "blockers." she stars in "the bubble," which is now on netflix. leslie mann will be here [ cheers and applause so happy to have leslie back with us. she is an emmy-nominated actress, comedian, writer, and producer created "a black lady sketch show," which returns for season three this weekend on hbo and hbo max. our friend robin thede will also be joining me. [ cheers and applause and not to toot my own horn, my book, my children's book, is in its second week on the new york times bestsellers list. [ cheers and applause started -- week one, it was number three, and now it's up to number four. [ laughter ] it was very exciting [ laughter ] one day, number ten. anyway, it's called, "i'm not scared, you're scared." it has a rabbit and a bear first children's book ever to have both. perfect for the easter basket, or just to, you know, just to leave out for bears.
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i don't know i'm not in charge of marketing it's available wherever you buy your books, but please remember to support local and independent bookstores speaking of support, i would love your support as i attempt to segue from a children's book to tonight's "closer look. here i go. donald trump took the next step in his slow-moving coup over the weekend when he went to michigan for a rally in part to support fringe state-level candidates who support the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen, and would wield power over future elections in the state for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: the quasi-religious mythology trump's followers have built around him have now gotten so detached from reality, they're erasing the things he has done, while giving him credit for things he hasn't done for example, former vice president mike pence -- you know, the guy trump supporters threatened to hang while trump stood by silently, said this over the weekend on fox news >> president biden has done more damage to america than any president in modern history.
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>> seth: wow how strict is your definition of "modern history? "modern history is everything since the slap." [ laughter ] then from 900 ad to the slap, that's the middle ages seriously, man, what's your deal you're still trying to win over trump voters they stormed the capitol and they chanted, "hang mike pence." that's you you're like a guy who gets a fake number from a woman at a bar and keeps calling it, hoping to get a date. "hello is alice there well, this is the number she wrote on the bar napkin. [ laughter ] well, you don't have to be rude. and i can i just add, i don't think kids are old enough to have their own cars. but maybe pence thinks biden is worse than trump because he was asleep during the entirety of the trump presidency, which is possible, given that in every meeting, he had his eyes closed like he was desperately hoping no one would notice him. he's got his eyes closed like he's trying not to throw up on a state fair tilt-a-whirl.
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these trump toadies are all such obsequious little worms, but pence's faux gravitas makes him that much more insufferable. the head shaking, the solemn tone, the put-on folksy demeanor he looks and moves like a chuck e. cheese robot who tells the band to keep it down "fellas, it's loud enough in here with all the dang kids screaming. but trump's sycophants aren't just trying to erase his many failures they're also trying to give him credit for things he had nothing to do with for example, on saturday, sitting member of congress, representative lisa mcclain said at a trump rally in michigan that it was trump who had found osama bin laden. >> while president trump was in office, we didn't have a war, and i think he made three peace treaties caught osama bin laden and soleimani, al-baghdadi and this president is weak and i'll tell you, weakness breeds aggression. we need strength >> seth: yeah, we need strength. the kind of strength it takes to find and kill an elusive
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terrorist while simultaneously hosting a game show with your wet, asymmetrical sons was finding bin laden one of the tasks on "the apprentice"? "jose canseco, you need to create a 60-second commercial for the new onstar mirror. and lisa rinna, you're off to abbottabad, pakistan to look for clues. you can do it, lisa. seriously, these people should have to take the same kind of test to stay in congress that you give a boxer to make sure they can stay in the fight "how many fingers am i holding up?" "16. "what year is it?" "3069. "who killed osama bin laden? "donald trump. "okay, we're calling it. do you seriously not remember that famous photo where barack obama, hillary clinton, and joe biden were in the situation room, watching the raid as it happened? is there some photoshop version floating around on the qanon forums where trump is sitting in the middle of the picture in that stance he always has, like he's trying to crowd out the people next to him on the subway "excuse me can you move i need at least an entire row to myself i can't close my legs. i have to have my backpack on the ground." it's also especially galling to give trump credit for catching
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bin laden, given that trump himself dismissed it as a non accomplishment when the admiral in charge of the raid, william mcraven, publicly criticized trump during his presidency >> bill mcraven, retired admiral, navy seal, 37 years, former head of us special operations >> hillary clinton fan >> special operations -- >> excuse me, hillary clinton fan. >> who led the operations, commanded the operations that took down saddam hussein and that killed osama bin laden says that your sentiment is the greatest threat to democracy in his lifetime >> okay. he's a hillary clinton backer and an obama backer, and frankly -- >> he was a navy seal for 37 years >> wouldn't it have been nice if we got osama bin laden a lot sooner than that wouldn't it have been nice you know, living -- think of this, living in pakistan, beautifully in pakistan, in what i guess they considered a nice mansion, i don't know. i've seen nicer. [ laughter ] >> seth: all right, couple of things first of all, stop shouting "hillary clinton fan" like a guy on "wheel of fortune," who insists his answer is right. "pat, i'd like to solve the puzzle "hillary clinton fan!"
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[ buzzer ] "hillary clinton fan." [ buzzer ] "okay, let's turn around the letters and we see that the answer is -- "hillary clinton fan." [ buzzer ] also, let's go back to this for a second, because this is a perfect trump sentence >> living in pakistan, beautifully in pakistan, in what i guess they considered a nice mansion. i don't know i've seen nicer. >> seth: he wants to shame mcraven for not catching bin laden sooner by saying he was living in a beautiful mansion, but he also can't stop himself from [bleep] on the mansion. and look, like everyone, i was upset when i heard bin laden was living in a mansion, and then i saw it and thought, "oh, okay, that makes me feel a little bit better." on a smaller scale, it's how i feel when i see a picture of trump at the omelet bar at his golf club. sure, he's a free man, but those look like [ bleep ] eggs, and that makes me smile a little bit. also, it's pretty rich for trump to insinuate the admiral who caught the world's most wanted terrorist should have done it sooner, considering we're still
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waiting on the tax returns trump promised us in 2016. maybe obama had to wait for the raid for the same reason we're still waiting for that "we know where he is, mr. president, but our intel tells us he's being audited by the irs. "well, then we, uhh, have to wait." anyway, mcclain made that comment in michigan over the weekend at yet another one of trump's unhinged rallies, and at first, it may have seemed like a typical trump rally not worth paying much attention to, given that most of it was his usual shtick for example, trump did that thing he always does where he says something, then predicts that the media will criticize him for saying it. >> i knew putin very well. you know, they say, "oh, he knows putin, he knows putin. oh." that's a good thing, not a bad thing. i know kim jong un i know president xi of china >> seth: why are you just listing off people you know? [ laughter ] you sound like a 5-year-old rattling off which dinosaur stickers he has. "i got triceratops, i got brontosaurus i've got doubles of pterodactyl.
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also, no one is mad that you know dictators they're mad because you admire and seek to emulate them you've constantly lavished praise on vladimir putin as he criminally interfered in american democracy and waged a brutal war on an innocent neighboring country. and in general, you're clearly desperate to mimic autocrats like during a previous rally when trump said president xi of china was smart because he rules his country like a ruthless tyrant >> you know, every time i say somebody is smart, they always go, "oh, trump said that president xi of china is smart." well, you know, he runs 1.5 billion people with an iron fist yeah, i think he's pretty smart. and they have a chain over there. you know, if you're a dummy, you get left here. it's like this it's like a pyramid. the smartest one get to the top. >> seth: i think you're confusing a dictatorship with a cheerleading squad [ laughter ] "they put the smartest cheerleader at the top, because then if the pyramid collapses, maybe you lose a few idiots, but
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becky still goes to princeton. although i'm guessing there are some similarities. "janice, if you don't get your [ bleep ] together and nail this basket toss, we're not going to make state!" by the way, you might think because i'm a 48-year-old man and a father of three, i haven't seen the movie "bring it on. but guess what you're wrong, because it came out 22 years ago when i was childless and happy. in fact, i would even -- look, i love my kids i just haven't seen that movie in like a month. in fact, i would even go so far to say that trump wants to turn our democracy into a cheer-ocracy and that's today's unnecessary "bring it on" reference. [ cheers and applause also, i love trump's theory that the dummies get left at the bottom in a dictatorship let's hope rudy giuliani never has to find his way to the top in a trump dictatorship. >> from the top to the bottom, from the middle to the side. >> seth: "good news. they told me i'm going to be all
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the way up here at the top because i'm smart. that's such a revealing window into trump's worldview if you're a tyrant who rules with an iron fist, that makes you smart, while democracy is for suckers. in fact, at his michigan rally, trump even joked about what it would have sounded like if he'd conceded, mocking it like it was some dumb idea >> be a lot easier for me to say, "oh. it'd be a lot easier for me to do like many people have done, get up and just say "congratulations," whoever it is i'm running against. i mean, if you're running, i'd say, "congratulations, joe." >> seth: why is his trump impression so bad? [ laughter ] so everyone has a donald trump except donald trump? he sounds like vincent d'onofrio from "men in black." [ garbled sounds ] [ laughter ] "i think my trump's getting pretty good. [ laughter ]
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no, like that. what you're doing right now. "what, like i'm doing right now? no, this isn't." [ garbled sounds ] [ laughter ] "that's how i sound. [ garbled sounds ] to trump, the idea of conceding when you lose is laughable it's a joke, only something suckers do, and that's why he was really there for his ongoing attempt to end american democracy and install himself, or whoever the next republican nominee is as an unelected autocrat because by his own admission, trump was there in part to campaign for state-level gop candidates who have embraced the big lie and would wield power over michigan's elections in 2024 if they win and even by trump's own admission, it was unusual that he was there for that reason >> remember, this is not just about 2022 this is about making sure michigan is not rigged and stolen again in 2024 i have to be honest, i don't do this often i don't do this often for state people this is so important what happened in michigan is a disgrace
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>> seth: once again, the guy just admits it all in public he's like a guy robbing a bank saying, "i don't do this often usually i just take money out of the atm, but the atm only lets you take your own money. i mean, what's the deal with that?" [ laughter ] and it's not just michigan republicans are doing this across the country in preparation for the next coup. >> this morning, "the associated press" published an expansive and very well-reported story on the attack on our democracy. this is the headline, "slow motion insurrection, how the republican party seizes election power. as the ap describes it, "in battleground states and beyond, republicans are taking hold of the once-overlooked machinery of elections. experts are sounding alarms, warning the united states is witnessing a slow-motion insurrection with a better chance of success than trump's failed power grab last year. >> seth: first of all, of course it's a slow-motion insurrection. everything trump does is in slow motion remember when he used to just wander around the white house lawn like a dad in the backyard looking for some weeds to spray? so, it may be slow motion, but it's definitely happening. it's something most people don't
12:53 am
realize, but trump has figured out, because our elections aree install loyalists in those local positions across the country, like secretary of state. remember how trump tried to shake down the georgia secretary of state to help him steal votes? well, now trump is backing a challenger who supports the big lie, just like he's doing in michigan and several other states across the country. republicans are still very much engaged in their slow moving coup, and this is their playbook they've figured out that if you want to install yourself at the top, you need loyal foot soldiers at -- >> the bottom. [ laughter ] >> seth: he passed the bar [ laughter ] this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with leslie mann, everybody ♪ [ cheers and applause >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. ♪ ♪good vibes by moa l.m. munoz & ryan t. short♪
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: give it up for the fantastic 8g band, right over there. [ cheers and applause sitting in on drums this week, he's an indianapolis-based musician, educator, and award-winning author, who is currently playing with rock band collective soul. for tour dates and more, be sure to check out his instagram, as well as his website over at johnny rabb is here, everybody thanks so much for being here,
12:58 am
johnny [ cheers and applause our first guest tonight is a very funny actress you know from movies such as "the other woman," "this is 40," and "blockers. she's currently starring in "the bubble," which is streaming now on netflix please welcome back to the show our friend leslie mann, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: hi! >> hi! >> seth: so lovely to see you! >> yeah, it's been a long time >> seth: it has been a long time. it is lovely having you here in person and i think, since the last time i've seen you, you are now officially, the term is, you are an empty-nester. >> i know. >> seth: yeah. >> i am. >> seth: both girls are out of the house. >> yes, they are i have iris, who's 19, and she's now in college and then maude, who is 24. is she 25? no, she's -- [ laughter ] she's 24
12:59 am
>> seth: we'll correct it in post. >> i think [ laughter ] and, um, yeah, i'm - you know, i got pregnant - so, yeah, she's 25 [ laughter ] so, i got pregnant 25 years ago, and i basically have only thought about them - >> seth: yeah. >> and their interests and their health and wellbeing, and that's it. and haven't thought about myself in 25 years. and now that they want nothing to do with me, i'm like -- [ laughter ] i don't know what -- who i am. >> seth: yeah, you maybe are a little - you're, like, addicted to them, and now you have to wean yourself off, there, every day >> i think so, yeah. i mean, i'm, like, lost. and people say, like, "do you have hobbies or what are your interests?" and i don't have any [ laughter ] i know what iris is interested in and what maude is interested in, but i don't know
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>> seth: yeah. >> and, okay, so, i've been talking to a lot of people about this >> seth: trying to get advice. >> yeah, yeah, like, "what do i do about this problem? and a lot of people are telling me to try ayahuasca, which is like, apparently, you take ayahuasca, which is like an amino acid >> seth: okay. >> and you meet god. >> seth: yeah. >> and god tells you what your path should be >> seth: yes, it's like a supplement, like a vitamin supplement you get it at, like, gnc [ laughter ] no, but i've heard, first of all, i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you're getting a lot of advice from parents who live in los angeles. [ laughter ] >> i think i have. >> seth: i think this is very much empty-nester advice from hollywood. >> i know, i know. >> seth: 'cause it seems like what i've heard about ayahuasca, not having done it - >> you haven't done it >> seth: no, i haven't done it no interest. >> okay. >> seth: no interest >> really? >> seth: absolutely not. >> okay. >> seth: 100 -- first of all, it sounds very intense, right it's like sweat-lodgey and - >> yeah, and vomiting.
1:01 am
>> seth: yeah, like a 12-to-24-hour trip also, by the way, i love his work i don't want to meet god [ laughter ] you know what i mean like, i don't want to -- also, i don't want to talk to anybody who thinks they met him. >> right, i know >> seth: know what i mean? >> yes >> seth: yeah! >> and what if he tells you, like, do something that you really don't want to do? like, "your path is this thing." >> seth: have you met people who, like, lives are now taking, like, a sharp right turn because that they did ayahuasca? now they're like, "yeah," so now --" >> no. >> seth: "now i'm wearing these shirts." >> no, those people don't seem well >> seth: yeah, i think there's a lot of people who are like, "i went, and god said, 'you're doing great.'" yeah [ laughter ] i think it's a lot of people who are, like, already feeling pretty good about how they're doing, yeah. so don't do that >> don't do ayahuasca, okay? >> seth: but also, like, i imagine, as a mom, you are, you know, a loving mom you keep an eye on your kids did you have to, like, at some point, let go of that and let them - are you letting them live their own lives?
1:02 am
are you, like, not keeping tabs on them in the way you did when they were in the house >> um, i -- i kind of -- well, they - okay [ laughter ] since they moved out, they stopped letting me follow them on find my friends, which is a tracking app >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> but what they don't know is that, um - and we're not gonna tell them. >> seth: no, of course not [ laughter ] >> is that their uber accounts are connected to my credit card, so every time they go somewhere -- >> seth: wow >> it alerts me. and which sounds really, you know - it's, i know >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> but, um, okay, so, i, you know, them being out of the house, i get nervous and i want to make sure that they're home safe at night. and when i get the alert that they're, like, off to the bar or something, i, um, you know, can't sleep. and so, i sometimes will text
1:03 am
them, "go home." and they're like - [ laughter ] like, "how does she know i'm not at home? and they think i'm psychic >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] at least that -- at least they're getting something from you in this, sort of, because at least you're paying for their ubers, right? >> right, yeah >> seth: you are being, like, sort of a big-brother character in their lives, but at least, you know, there's a little - there's a little quid pro quo. they're getting free rides >> free rides, yeah. >> seth: and now, maude, who was here recently, and it was so lovely talking to her, she is in "euphoria," which is a show that a lot of parents - [ cheers and applause yes. this is a show that panics parents, because i think a lot of parents watch that. and, you know, my kids are younger than yours, and when i see "euphoria," i'm like, "oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no i don't think you're ever gonna go to school now." >> i know. >> seth: but you've had the benefit, obviously, not only do you know maude, but you've gotten to meet some of the other people on the show >> yes >> seth: and that is, like, calming, right >> well, it seems like -
1:04 am
i mean, the kids are doing such crazy things on the show, and then they'll come over to the house, and they're like the nicest, most polite kids you've ever met and so, like, almost boring. like, just up to nothing i think i saw one of them drink a white claw once or something like, just so sweet. and so, they're just really good actors >> seth: yeah. >> you know? >> seth: have you ever had a couple glasses of wine and just been honest and said, "i thought you were all gonna be a lot more fun?" [ laughter ] >> i'm the crazy one >> seth: you're like, "aah 'euphoria' night [ laughter ] >> let's go! [ laughter ] >> seth: you got to work - we're gonna show a clip when we come back, but you got to work with iris on this film, "the bubble," and your husband, judd apatow, directed it so, you have three of you there on set is it -- i mean, that seems like the best way for a family to spend time together, but do you have boundaries when you're on set together >> well, she has boundaries. >> seth: okay. >> my daughter has boundaries with me, obviously [ laughter ]
1:05 am
>> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and there's no, like, hugging or chitchat. >> seth: this is what she asks of you >> yeah. she's like, "keep your distance," and you know, keeps it really professional with me, which is fine. [ laughter ] >> seth: i mean, she's - i mean, i appreciate what she's doing. i can't imagine it's like, easy, but you have to, like, go, "well, professionally, she's probably right." >> yeah, she wants me to back off, 'cause she wants to do her work >> seth: you know, i'm lucky enough, judd will be here tomorrow night, and i can obviously ask him this does he feel comfortable directing her? i mean - >> i think that he is a little bit, um, you know -- he's very -- that's his one area to be, like, bossy and controlling with us, because they rule him at home. >> seth: oh, right >> so, he's -- at work he gets a little, you know - he gets to, like, you know, speak up >> seth: oh, that's nice so it's cathartic for him, i imagine, growing up in a house full of women. for him to finally be able to,
1:06 am
like, say "cut" when you're talking must be so nice. [ laughter ] >> exactly >> seth: i have more questions about "the bubble. we'll be right back with more from leslie mann [ cheers and applause ♪ ay yo! check this axe with 48-hour protection! ♪♪ ♪press the button right there♪ ♪to let the doors in♪ ♪go hard all year,♪ ♪i don't care,♪ ♪i'm goin' all in♪ ♪this house, vibes everywhere,♪ ♪she callin' more friends♪ ♪my word or nothin'♪ smell fresh as fresh, no matter what. ♪ ♪ finished? of course not. you're no crispy, juicy, tender rookie.
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1:11 am
>> and you are an amazing mother [ sighs >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with leslie mann. [ cheers and applause that was a clip from "the bubble. >> yes >> seth: so, very covid-inspired film about making a film an action film with special effects during covid so, you have a cast full of actors, you have a director, all staying in a luxury hotel together >> mm-hmm. >> seth: it also seems like it would be fun to make because that was basically what you were doing, as well, in real life, too. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, it was. >> seth: and david duchovny plays your costar in the film, who is also your ex-husband, to give some context to the clip. and david duchovny is a lot of fun to be around >> david duchovny is a lot of fun to be around, yes. [ laughter ] he is. i mean, he's - i've actually known him -- well, i met him like 27 years
1:12 am
ago, on my first job, called "birdland. and he was working on "the x-files." and, um, we met, and i think he was, like, into me >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and we -- you know, he invited me to his set, and then i invited him to my hotel room for a halloween party. [ laughter ] and then my best friend and i and david, with the three of us, were going to a bar after the party. and we got into a cab, started to leave, and david stopped the cab, and he got out of the cab and left the cab >> seth: okay. >> ran away from the cab and then didn't speak to me again for 27 years >> seth: really? >> yes >> seth: wow >> i know. >> seth: did you find out what you had done >> so, we talked about it a lot over the course of 27 years. like, "what happened what is this?"
1:13 am
and then when we, you know, met again, or were about to have this reunion on "the bubble," i. like, worked up the courage to go and ask him, "what the hell happened?" like, "why did you get out of the cab? and he said, um, "oh, yeah, i kind of remember that. i think i just left my weed in my room. [ laughter ] and that was it. >> seth: yeah. >> seth: 27 years, you're beating yourself up -- >> tortured. >> seth: just because david duchovny can't remember his weed before a party. >> exactly, i know >> seth: it's very kind that you forgave him for that >> right don't do drugs [ laughter ] >> seth: unless you can meet god [ laughter ] so, you -- there's some roller skating. you're on roller skates in this film. >> i am. >> seth: you seem like you know what you're doing. is this something you learned from the film? >> yeah. i mean, we all roller skate when we're kids, right? and we give it up. like, we give up roller skating and skateboarding 'cause it's just weird to do that as an
1:14 am
adult, right >> seth: yeah, and there's just too high a risk. >> it's high-risk, right >> seth: the reward is not good enough for the risk. >> right, right, right so, i picked it up again, like, a couple of years ago. a year and a half ago, during lockdown and it was just, like, a good exercise and, like, a good outlet, you know, for all of my pent-up energy [ laughs ] >> seth: were you rollerskating, like, in the neighborhood? >> no, i had, like, a little space this big, and i would just sit in front of a mirror and like - [ laughter ] and just go. >> seth: you're doing fine as an empty-nester [ laughter ] don't let anybody tell you you're not thriving. what with your little at-home roller skate rink. [ laughter ] >> it's so bad it's really bad. >> seth: well, at least you're not talking to cats. oh, wait >> oh, wait. [ laughter ] >> seth: maude gave you her cats >> maude - okay, so, we have two cats, honey and pumpkin. and then maude got two more cats. chris, named after christopher
1:15 am
from "the sopranos," and dolly and then she dropped them off at our house and never picked them up. so now we have four cats, and i spend a lot of time with the cats [ laughter ] and so, yeah, you know, the kids notice that i'm having, like, very long conversations now with the cats [ laughter ] and it's gotten a little weird, but they're great cats they're not, like, your average cat. they're, like, smart and fun >> seth: they're, like, good listeners. >> they're good listeners. >> they are. they're great. i don't know >> seth: so, you have a video of your cat who made the video for you >> what? well, honey, made the video. >> seth: oh, your cat made the video? this would be proof that this is not your normal cat. let's take a look at honey real quick >> of course, leslie and i talk, seth we're both fascinating people with a lot to say. what do you expect don't listen to the haters, babe i'm sick of dog people giving us a hard time. [ laughter ] >> seth: are you sure you didn't do ayahuasca
1:16 am
[ laughter ] >> oh, my god! [ laughter ] see? they're not like regular little cats, seth [ laughter ] >> seth: i'm so happy you're here by the way, judd's gonna be here tomorrow he wrote a new book. have you read it >> yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [ laughter ] >> seth: that's very - >> it's good, yeah this is a good book. it's about - he's really into, like, cartoons since he was a kid, and -- yeah, it's, um - >> seth: it's you're looking at it like you're hoping to get information from the cover [ laughter ] that's great >> yeah, okay. >> seth: thank you what a great - what a great sales pitch >> leslie mann, everybody! [ cheers and applause "the bubble" is streaming now on netflix. we're right back with robin thede. [ cheers and applause ♪
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1:23 am
guess what i like my men like i like my coffee instant. [ laughs ] hurry up, sir! >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our friend robin thede, everyone. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back. how are you? >> hello there hi, everybody. >> seth: it is very exciting to have a third season of your show >> listen, you ain't never lied. having a third season of anything darling >> seth: i know. in this day and age. >> in this day and age >> seth: season three? don't mind if you do >> don't mind if i do. >> seth: so keisha the stand-up comedian there, this seems like a well- observed take on a kind of stand-up that maybe nobody is ever happy to see. >> yeah. no i love it. you know, i started out, you know this, but i started out writing for comedians.
1:24 am
right, so in my early days, i was writing for kevin hart, anthony anderson, all these amazing comedians. so i was in the clubs all the time, and i would see her in various iterations, male, female, whatever and she would just - you know, actually, you know, if you don't -- i'll just do a little now [ as keisha ] hey, how y'all doing tonight? hey! [ applause ] no, don't clap don't clap she's terrible she's terrible [ as keisha how y'all doing? what's your sweater? sad? because it's blue. [ laughs ] what else? >> seth: the speed - >> this is a person -- this is the person that when she, i don't know why i'm using this. what the person would yell, like, the key to their comedy was just yelling the explanation of the joke. >> seth: yep >> so it's like, "your sweater is blue 'cause it's sad. it's blue! 'cause it's sad. [ laughs ] get it?" that person, the more you yell the explanation of the joke, it doesn't help >> seth: it seems like a lot of the characters on this show must be people that you have observed in real life >> yeah. yeah
1:25 am
>> seth: is that something you're always -- do you feel like you have a good radar for who might be a character inspiration? >> well, i definitely steal it from any and everyone i can, that's for sure. i am watching people constantly, like a creeper, and listening to them all creeping >> oh, yeah. >> seth: really? wow. >> okay, i was at the car wash and a guy walks past me. i have my head down, i'm on my phone, and i hear him go, "you are so beautiful." i look up and i go, "thank you." and he goes -- [whispering] "i'm on the phone. i'm on the phone." [ laughter ] so, you know, that wasn't even me observing characters. >> seth: that was just eavesdropping. >> absorbing compliments that's weren't mine >> seth: you have so many great guest stars, which you had in the first couple seasons, but more than ever a nice mix of comedy guest stars that i'm assuming show up and you know exactly what you're going to get and then a lot of dramatic actors as well do you get a little nervous not knowing how funny they're going to be until they show up on set? >> you know what's crazy this season we have over 40 celebrity guest stars
1:26 am
you guys are going to love it. >> seth: that is amazing >> it' crazy in six episodes. it's crazy >> seth: what's your bar, though, for famous >> wanda sykes hello? >> seth: that's very famous. >> david alan grier. tommy davidson >> seth: very impressive >> all these amazing people. then we have the drama actors, also, like vanessa williams, lance reddick, michaela jae rodriguez from "pose. we have -- i mean, so many michael ealy so many amazing, amazing dramatic actors. and you would think that when they'd get on set they would be like, "what is my motivation?" but they're not. they're the goofiest ones. lance reddick. >> seth: they must be so happy >> oh, my god. he was just like, "please, just give me more jokes." they love it >> seth: yeah, it must be so liberating compared to, you know, especially when somebody like lance reddick who's oftentimes doing really dark material it must be so fun. >> yeah, this isn't "the wire. you're good. you can let loose a little bit the funny thing is, you know, so we'll do the script as written right, our emmy-nominated writers. >> seth: of course you have to do it as written >> you have to do it as written, because they're very sensitive
1:27 am
and by they, i mean me so we do it as scripted, but then we're like, okay, rip up the script now do whatever you want and they just kind of look at you like a deer in headlights. like, "what do you mean, whatever i want? i'm like, "just say any words. it's fine. you know the story." and they're the best at it, actually >> seth: oh, that's wonderful. i imagine because you have been so successful getting people to do your show, that now people pitch to you all the time other people who you should go out and ask. >> they do they do, which sometimes works, if the person is someone that i feel like we can get my mom is constantly pitching, "why don't you have beyonce on the show?" >> seth: that's a good idea. >> one of my other friends is like, "janet jackson just get janet jackson." >> why don't you listen to these good ideas >> listen, janet jackson, beyonce, blue ivy, sir, rumi, any of you, please, come on the show >> seth: i have terrible news. they don't watch this show >> they don't. they definitely don't. [ laughter ] some of them are way too young to be watching >> seth: i didn't know about this i read this, that you were named after robin williams >> i was
1:28 am
>> seth: so that says to me that comedy must have been an important part of your upbringing your parents obviously valued it, if they named you after robin williams that must have been a really cool thing >> or i look very different now than i did as a baby, if i resembled him. i'm not sure >> seth: you were born in suspenders [ laughter ] >> i was i was. oh, my god i think they were just watching "mork & mindy" when i was born i don't know it was like a real bonding time for my dad and i we would watch "snl" right up until weekend update that was, you know, i was like, 5. and so it was like, "all right, you've got to go to bed at that time." but, yeah, he loved robin williams he was such a massive fan, but who isn't? >> seth: of course >> but he loved him with such unbridled passion. >> seth: as a kid, then, did that give you -- ' were you sort of, i don't know, encouraged to do sketch comedy did they like watching you goof around >> they definitely did not encourage it you know, i would be watching the local news and the news anchor would say, "tonight, our top story," and i would go, "tonight, our top story. they'd be like, "what is she doing? and then they would laugh, and
1:29 am
i'm like, "oh, wait, i'm getting laughs." and so, yeah i would start mimicking everything i saw on tv >> seth: well, it paid off they have a lot to be proud of congratulations, again >> thank you >> seth: three seasons >> yes [ cheers and applause >> seth: this is the best one yet! you guys, that's robin thede the third season of "a black lady sketch show" premiers april 8th on hbo and hbo max. we'll be right back with more "late night. " ♪ bubbles bubbles so many bubbles! as an expedia member you earn points on your travels, and that's on top of your airline miles. so you can go and see... or taste or do absolutely nothing with all those bubbles. without ever wondering if you're getting the most out of your trip. because you are.
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27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> the audience is back at "late night. come join us live in studio 8g for tickets, head over to and for more "late night," follow us on instagram, twitter, and tiktok, @latenightseth be sure to check us out on youtube, facebook, and over subscribe to the "late night" podcast, featuring "a closer look" and more, available on apple, spotify, google, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, leslie mann and robin thede. i want to thank johnny rabb and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ a huge break in a case,


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