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tv   Today  NBC  July 18, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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sharks in the wild. we will explain why we have seen so many off the coastline at 7:00. >> stick around for that. that's what's happening "today in the bay", a live local news update coming up, join us for nbc bay good morning. systemic failure -- a scathing new report overnight blasting the response in uvalde from top to bottom revealing nearly 400 officers were on the scene but failed to act as children and teachers were massacred. just ahead, what never-before-seen body cam video reveals. >> we've got to get in there. we have to get in there. there's kids in there. >> get the kids out of here. >> and the fury of the families. >> what they're saying, we already knew it. they were cowards. >> inside the report. and overnight another u.s.
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city rocked by gun violence, a mass shooting at a busy mall near indianapolis. complete coverage straight ahead. global warming. excessive heat stretching from coast to coast and set to spread, while parts of europe bake under historic temperatures. great britain declaring its first-ever national heat emergency. we're live in london and al is tracking it all. facing the fallout. president biden returns from his controversial trip to the middle east. how he's defending that infamous fist bump. and elsewhere in washington, the january 6th hearings go prime time this week. the latest just ahead.
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in the spotlight -- prince harry set to deliver a high-profile speech today and new details from a bombshell book out this week. all that plus shark watch. >> what are you saying? >> a nine-footer right there. right here. >> kerry sanders goes in search of great white, the firsthand look at what's drawing the predators so close to u.s. beaches, some where they've never been before. and mrs. affleck. jennifer lopez shares the first photos from her surprise weekend wedding to ben. the match 20 years in the making. "today," monday, july 18, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a monday morning. so how was the wedding in vegas? did you go? did j.lo. invite you. >> i did not go. i cannot believe they did it. don't you love they stole away in the night? just family, kids, mom. >> remember when she was here and it just broke they got back together and she told us off camera this is the real thing. this is forever. >> i love how she said love is
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patient. waited 20 years for that one. unfortunately, we start with this scathing new report released late yesterday on the uvalde school shooting, and the report says there was a systemic breakdown. >> it happens to be the most comprehensive yet, highlighting how many safeguards meant to protect students just simply failed. >> the call from the texas tribune finds up the findings. in total 376 law enforcement officers, larger than the garrison that defended the alamo, descended upon the school in a chaotic uncoordinated scene. the group was devoid of clear leadership, basic communications, and sufficient urgency to take down the gunman. and as we now know, 19 students were killed, 2 teachers as well.
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we have the latest on that and also, unfortunately, another mass shooting. this one inside an indiana mall. nbc's sam brock leads us off on a monday morning. he is in uvalde for us. sam, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, hoda, good morning. every time you think this couldn't get any worse, it does. that report talks about systemic failures, three unlocked doors, nearly 400 law enforcement officers who were here that day, and wi-fi connectivity that was so poor some of the alerts to teachers were delayed. now we're getting a look at body cam footage, horror inside of those hallways. we have to warn you the images are disturbing. for the first time the public is getting a chilling picture of early moments inside robb elementary from police body camera footage. >> am i bleeding? am i bleeding? >> reporter: early chaos and glimpse of calls to action. >> we have to get in there. we have to get in there. he keeps shooting. >> reporter: the plea coming minutes after the massacre began. but that first interaction the only time the officers are seen in the video physically confronting the gunman for well over an hour. at one point uvalde police chief pete arredondo seen trying to reason with the shooter. >> let me know if there's any kids in there. this could be peaceful. >> reporter: arredondo, who is on administrative leave, maintains he was not the incident commander that day. this new footage released as the
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most comprehensive report to date conducted by the texas house finds law enforcement, which ultimately reached 376 officers, didn't honor their most basic responsibility. the authors writing they failed over their own safety. >> several officers in the hallway or in that building knew or should have known there was dying in that classroom, and them should have done more, acted with urgency. >> reporter: family members said they were hoping for more than a verbal dressing down. >> what they're saying, we already knew it. they were cowards. >> reporter: ultimately some action was taken right away. the city's mayor announcing right before this meeting the acting chief of uvalde's police department, mariano pargas, now on administrative leave. the report signing no evidence any officer who did learn about 911 phone calls coming from
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inside rooms 111 and 112 including pargas acted on it to advocate shifting to an active shooter style response. there are also windows into heroisms. >> get the kids out of here. >> reporter: students apparently being pulled out of the building. and this heartbreaking hallway exchange with officer ruben ruiz right after the initial gunfire. >> my wife's classroom. >> reporter: learning his wife, a teacher, was shot and dying before his weapon was taken and he was removed for trying to engage the shooter according to texas dps. the only teacher who did survive in those two rooms are reyes, shot twice, believes morales could have been saved. if law enforcement would have allowed him to continue pursuing the gunman -- >> yes, she probably would have lived. and i think she's one of the ones they had said also bled to death. >> reporter: all 11 of the students in his class didn't survive.
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>> sam, it's stunning, it's shocking, and there's also disturbing information revealed about the gunman's past, his history online, what he was known as in that community, red flags galore. >> reporter: this report details in great specificity the amount of bullying and social isolation the shooter felt in early stages of his life as early as fourth grade. he shifted to social media platforms and gaming to find a refuge from that and just got darker and darker over the years from instagram and tiktok to hugo and a running joke according to this report that he was the school shooter from hugo. how could someone not intervene knowing that information? we also found out that he told a peer that he was planning something for a big day and then asked multiple people to buy him rifles. that did not work out. but ultimately, did he purchase the weapons right after his 18 ng birthday. we know how that turned out.
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that's the latest in uvalde. back to you. >> within days of his 18th birthday, sam. thank you very much. we have breaking news on another mass shooting in america overnight. a gunman opening fire inside a mall near indianapolis, killing three people, injuring several others. hey, maggie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning. authorities say this all happened around the time the greenwood mall was scheduled to close. the gunman just walked in and opened fire. authorities also say this morning it was a bystander, a random good samaritan, who step stepped in to end this tragedy and ultimately kill the shooter. investigators are searching for a motive behind a deadly shooting at a shopping mall just outside indianapolis >> several calls with an active shooter. >> reporter: authorities say a man opened fire at the greenwood park mall killing at least three people and injuring two others including a 12-year-old girl according to police an armed bystander shot and killed the gunman >> it appears that a good
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samaritan that was armed observed the shooting in progress and shot the shooter. >> reporter: the rampage happened just around 6:00 p.m. sunday when authorities received multiple calls reporting shots fired. police say a man entered the food court with a long gun and began his attack >> it appears that he had a rifle with several magazines of ammunition, entered the food court, and began shooting. >> reporter: the sound of gunshots erupting inside the mall >> all of a sudden, we just hear pop-pop-pop, four times. >> reporter: stunning shoppers like olivia harding who said she was inside an old navy close by. >> i would say 30 to 40 people back there with us, and they locked the doors >> reporter: there have been more than 349 mass shootings in the united states this year according to data from the gun
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violence archive among the cities scarred, buffalo, uvalde and highland park president biden earlier this summer signed new gun reform legislation aimed at curbing the violence meanwhile, indiana police aren't releasing the so-called good samaritan's name but say the 22-year-old man was key in stopping sunday's attack and we are expecting more details in the coming days including the name potentially of the shooter as well as the victims. at the same time overnight the mayor of greenwood, indiana, extending his thanks to that also unnamed good samaritan adding in a statement this person saved lives hoda >> maggie vespa for us there in indianapolis, maggie, thanks moving now to the dangerous heat wave across a lot of the country and it's only intensifying as the workweek begins tens of millions of us from california to the south are under alerts this morning. by the way, it's not just here in the u.s. where folks are sweltering parts of europe experiencing historic heat as well. we have coverage including al's full forecast. let's start with gadi schwartz in houston good morning
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>> reporter: hey, good morning, savannah more than 80% of the country will be seeing temperatures of over 90 degrees this week. that is bad news for a summer that's already been filled with record breaking scorchers. from the southwest to the great plains this morning more than 20 million people are waking up to dangerous and unrelenting heat >> it feels like it's not 96, like it's 100-something. >> reporter: sweltering highs already shattering records from salt lake city to albuquerque. >> he was on a bike ride, and he started overheating. >> reporter: in texas first responders bracing for more desperate calls as temperatures hit 100 degrees. the state's utility operator asking citizens to turn up their thermostats twice this week to avoid overwhelming the same power grid that failed in february 2021 while residents are once again on the edge >> i really worry about the elder folks. i'm fearful this year we'll have more people who are afraid to run their air conditioning because of the cost. >> reporter: but with the heat and humidity not letting up,
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parts of texas, oklahoma and kansas are expected to feel close to 110 degrees this week intensifying the drought that's crippled farmers across the region >> they're out of grass. >> reporter: baking cities from little rock to scottsdale. a ring camera captured this delivery driver momentarily collapsing in triple digit temperatures for those hoping to cool down with a backyard splash, pool operators are now warning water is evaporating faster than ever before leading to dangerous levels of chemicals if left unchecked. >> we're losing water and chemicals as well. we're struggling with mother nature right now >> reporter: and with little relief in sight, forecasters fear the most brutal boil is yet to come. and here in houston city officials are encouraging people to visit cooling centers or pools like this one at the ymca. not only is it refreshing, it gives you a chance to turn down the thermostat at home and give the power grid a little bit of a
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break. the temperatures here in houston are expected to be as high as 100 degrees for the next six days straight. guys >> all right, humid, too, there. thank you. as we mentioned parts of western europe are dealing with extreme heat as well, breaking records and fueling dangerous wildfires. now british officials have issued the first-ever red warning. that's labeling the historic temperatures as a national emergency. nbc's kelly cobiella joins us live now >> reporter: people are trying to do everything they can back london itself is one of the hottest places in the world, hotter even than the western sahara with forecast temperatures set to top 100 degrees. this morning people are warned to take cover as deadly heat sweeps across britain. >> a red extreme heat warning. >> reporter: the national weather service issuing the first-ever extreme heat warning with forecast highs of 105 today and tomorrow
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hotter than the sahara desert and delhi. people are advised to stay home and check on their neighbors less than 1% of homes in britain have air conditioning. some schools are closing early or not opening at all. the scorching heat is bearing down on all of western europe, already blamed for 1,000 deaths in spain and portugal where they set a new july record of 117 the ferocious temperatures fueling out-of-control wildfires. at least 13 fires in portugal. flames and smoke racing toward holiday resorts in spain and france more than 14,000 were evacuated from gironde in southwest france, several thousand more told to leave another hot spot in spain >> we grabbed a few essentials and just ran really. >> reporter: italy is seeing its worst drought in 70 years. the government declaring a state of emergency the po river now little more
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than a trickle and back here in the uk with temperatures rising so incredibly high setting records, people are being told to only travel if they absolutely have to in fact, some of the trains are being slowed down, some even canceled, because they're worried about the tracks buckling in the heat hoda >> feeling it all across the globe. kelly cobiella, thanks let's bring in al and go worldwide. it's just hot. what's interesting, guys this is all part of the same system, jet stream up to the north. big heat dome here in this country. unrelenting heat right on into next weekend and then you travel across the atlantic this intense heat wave again, the jet stream way up to the north there. they have their own heat dome. triple digits for paris monday and tuesday. 102 in london. 101 in lyon. 106 in madrid and britain's all-time high 102 in july of 2019 they may break that. for here, 35 million people under heat advisories, heat
7:16 am
watches, heat warnings for today we've got 145 million of us above 90 degrees and 51 million people with highs above 100 degrees for today. so far the first half of the meteorological summer either the warmest or top five across the country for today triple digit heat indexes for little rock, dallas, houston, new orleans and on into atlanta. tomorrow the heat continues. heat index in st. louis 101. 110 in little rock 100 in norfolk 102 in charleston. and look at this, the heat continues right into the weekend. friday 92 in new york city 90s in d.c mid to upper 90s in nashville all the way right into friday. guys >> all right, al, thank you. we'll get the rest of your forecast in a moment craig, good morning to you >> happy monday, savannah, hoda. good morning president biden is back in washington this morning after his first trip in office to the middle east where the president says he challenged the saudi
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crown prince nbc's senior white house correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us with more table. >> reporter: kelly, let's start with that overseas trip. in the end, what was accomplished and what's still left on the table? >> reporter: good to see you and good morning president biden says he believes diplomacy from his visit to saudi arabia can help consumers save money here. the president said he expects the oil producers will decide to increase output in the next few weeks, that could bring down gas prices but, important to note there was no specific commitment made and officials say more steps are still needed and on the controversy of the meeting, the fist bumping and dealing with the saudi crown prince, who u.s. officials contend ordered the 2018 murder of a "washington post" journalist, the president says he raised that killing directly, and that he does not believe the denial he got from mohammed bin salman, the crown prince sunday bernie sanders was asked about the incident and said he does not this president and the
7:18 am
united states should be, quote, maintaining a warm relationship with a dictator, referring to the saudi leadership the president says he stood up for human rights and u.s. interests despite the criticism from this trip craig? >> so, kelly, back here that other major story in d.c., the january 6th committee preparing for another hearing in prime time what can we expect from this one? >> reporter: this will get a lot of attention, too, craig the committee says it will focus on what happened during the 187 minutes from the start of the capitol assault to the video message that was released by then president trump urging rioters to go home now that includes access to secret service text messages from the 5th of january and the 6th that the committee expects to receive by tomorrow and that comes after questions about the agency deleting some of those messages that it says were a participate of a technical upgrade. they say that the messages the committee wants will be turned over craig? >> our senior washington correspondent, kelly o'donnell, for us thank you. before we get to al's forecast, one more thing this morning.
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it's a wedding memory that one happy couple and their guests will never, ever forget. take a look. on the big island of hawaii. the ceremony was over. the guests were just enjoying the reception. >> beautiful >> when the big waves start rolling in ooh -- >> ooh -- ooh -- >> >> oh. oh >> here is the good news, nobody hurt food was destroyed wedding cake survived. >> okay. >> bad news, dance floor wiped out. the newlyweds said no one seemed to mind. by the end of the night they were, quote, all dancing in the mud and it was amazing >> the party kept going. >> you have to have the right people at your party >> exactly oh, my gosh. the people make the party. mr. roker, what have you got? >> i hope the deejay played "wipeout." ♪ anyway, we have severe storms in the northern plains. monsoonal moisture in the southwest, those record highs continued down through texas and more heavy rain moving into the northeast. we'll look at that coming up in the next half hour but we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30
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i thought they were going to play that -- >> me, too ♪ >> there it is >> that's a great way to start >> i love it when a plan comes together ♪ >> go, al, go. okay, coming up, guys, harry and meghan in new york, their first public outing since the queen's platinum jubilee we'll have the latest on harry's high-profile speech at the u.n. and new details on the highly anticipated new book putting royal rifts back into the spotlight. and vicky nguyen is here to help us with the soaring costs of owning a car. >> reporter: we are talking high car prices, low inventory. how do you still score the ride that you need? i'll have the tips one hint, you have to expand that search. see yoin a minute. u
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coming up, say hello to jennifer affleck we're going to take you inside the surprise wedding between j.lo. and ben. it happened over the week and, yeah, you know what, she took his name >> the first images from that special night in las vegas and what the new mrs. affleck is revealing about the event, 20 years in the making, after your local news they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. [ music: "good time" by anthony ramos ] bodies that look like this. also move like this. and this. and this. ♪ ♪
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the neighborhood. i am bob rendell. a new website lets you check the level of pollution on the block on the street where you live. this is being put out by aclima., using data collected from and wind vehicles equipped with air sensors. in conjunction to the district, aclima found air pollution is varied by 5 to 8 winds one block to the next and alameda county, where i'm at, there are levels of nitrogen dioxide. that number is 74. let's look at the forecast. >> the sky is clearing as we get a live luck outside in san jose. kind of a hazy start with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. we have 80s in the afternoon. two outdoor activities early in the day.
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they will reach as high as 90 degrees. there is not much of a cooldown into the weekend, mostly mid to 80s. san francisco keeps the cool weather there with highs in the upper 60s wanna help kids get their homework done?
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we're back. it's 7:30 on a monday morning with our shark guy, kerry sanders. he's at it again. a lot of people try to avoid great whites. not kerry. coming up, his certificate for the so-called king of the deep, and the new discovery what's attracting young sharks closer to our shores. >> a major opportunity to play "baby shark." >> no, no! >> baby sharks. >> let's resist the urge. guys, good morning. happy to have you with us. it's monday morning. headlines here, jury selection
7:31 am
is scheduled to begin in the trial of steve bannon, the former adviser to former president donald trump, facing criminal contempt of congress charges after refusing for months to cooperate with the january 6 committee. he faces up to a year in jail for each of the two counts against him. trump has waived his executive privilege claim that prevented, or he thought it prevented, his testimony, an issue that's in dispute. four people were killed yesterday after two small planes collided at a las vegas airport. officials say a single engine aircraft was preparing to land when it crashed into another small plane. sadly, there were no survivors. an investigation into the cause of the crash is under way. turning now to the open championship and what a finish it was at st. andrews in scotland yesterday. check it out. australia's cameron smith putting together one of the all-time greatest rounds in the 150-year history of that tournament. smith with five straight birdies on the back nine rallying from four shots back to win his
7:32 am
first-ever major championship. >> the winner of the gold medal and the champion golfer of the year is cameron smith. >> smith edging out cameron young by one shot. his name will forever be engraved on that famed claret jug. smith saying afterward, quote, it's pretty cool to be on there. it really hasn't sunk in yet. i don't think it will for a few week. and that haircut, folks talking about the cameron smith cut. >> i was going to say it is a victory for mullets. >> business in the front and party in the back. >> it will be trending again. prince harry and meghan markle are here in new york city for a big event at the united nations today. >> it is the couple's first public appearance since the queen's platinum jubilee last month. nbc news anchor joe fryer is here with more. >> reporter: prince harry will be a keynote speaker at the event celebrating nelson mandela international day. here he is to speak how mandela overcame obstacles in his live and how that can help the world
7:33 am
tackle food insecurity and climate change. and harry's appearance comes as anticipation builds over a memoir and a bombshell book focusing on the royal rift. to honor nelson mandela's birthday during a celebration at the united nations today prince harry will address the u.n. general assembly. his speech is expected to focus on the life and legacy of south africa's first black leader. during their official tour of south africa in 2019 harry and meghan spent time with mandela's widow, graca machel. prince harry mirrors the respect shown by his mother, princess diana. the two met in cape town in 1997 to discuss the aids epidemic. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: harry told hoda recently he feels his mother around him constantly. >> i feel her presence in almost everything that i do now.
7:34 am
but definitely more so in the last two years than ever before, without question. she is watching over us. >> i'm sure she's proud of you. >> i'm sure she is. >> reporter: today will be the first public outing for harry and meghan since the queen's platinum jubilee last month. the pair kept a low profile missing the iconic balcony appearance with the rest of the royal family at buckingham palace but attending a church service. their children, lilibet and archie, were said to have spent time with the queen, comes as speculation mounts about prince harry's upcoming memoir and what he'll reveal about the family. >> there will be some concern amongst the royal family that harry's memoir might have more of those bombshell accusations that we saw come from the couple when they did their sitdown with oprah winfrey. >> reporter: and there's another explosive new book detailing the sussexes fallout with the other royals according to insider interviews. in an exclusive excerpt published in "the sunday times"
7:35 am
the author tom bower details harry and meghan festering with fury over the queen's jubilee and the palace, quote, refused all of their demands for a prominent role. bower even rights the presence at prince philip's funeral remained a problem adding harry and william were separated and the queen was allegedly revealed meghan was not in attendance and as you might predict the palace is declining to comment on all of this we reached out to the sussexes as well. >> they didn't call you back oh, no >> reporter: they know how to reach me >> you should text them next time >> twitter or something. up next on a monday morning, everything you need to know if you are in the market for a new car, folks the short supply right now leading to very high prices and limited options as well. vicky nguyen is standing by with some ways to walk us through how to find and finance that next set of wheels. and then imagine doing a routine wall repair and then finding art that has been hidden for 500 years. oh, it happened.
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at an all-time high. and those rising interest rates are only driving up the cost of those monthly payments >> senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen is here she will explain what's going on and how to navigate those bumpy roads. the biggest, the lack of inventory. those computer chip shortages we've been talking about for the past 18 months, well, that's all still affecting carmakers. and now higher interest rates mean new buyers, they're paying more on their car loans. more than 12% of all new car loans now costing folks more than $1,000 a month. for would-be car buyers there's not much to choose from. at dealerships and even online, inventory is down and prices are way up >> buying a car right now is miserable. if it's running, keep it running. if it needs some repairs, it's cheaper to repair it >> the reasons a now familiar combination of computer chip shortages and
7:42 am
production showdowns from the pandemic along with geopolitical factors including the invasion of ukraine with vehicles in short supply, dealers are able to charge big markups. >> i'm trying to buy a lexus luxury suv in the connecticut area, and the dealers are saying, number one, you're probably not going to see one until 2023 number two, they're asking anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 over msrp. >> buyers remorse now becoming a common theme on tiktok if you absolutely need a car now, experts say be flexible if your first choice vehicle isn't available, try a competitor's version of the same model. be ready to travel, look for dealers outside your immediate area act fast if you see something you like put down a deposit, then take it for a test drive just be sure that deposit is refundable if the car doesn't feel right not only are car prices going up, higher interest rates are making loans more expensive. to make sure you're getting the best rate, plan ahead and check your credit score. shop around. if you're having trouble making
7:43 am
payments reach out to your lender immediately another option to lower monthly payments is to extend the duration of the loan, but financial advisers say that's not ideal. >> cars typically depreciate in value not increase in value, so at some point you may have an older car you're not happy with and you're still paying that additional payment and interest. >> most of all cars should be thought of as an expense not an investment or status symbol. >> we all like our nice cars, but at the end of the day, just think about what else could you do with that money >> one potential silver lining, your used car has never been more valuable. >> now is a great time to sell your car you're going to get more for the old one that you have, but you're going to pay a lot more for the one that you're going to buy. >> it's a little bit of a catch 22 even though gas prices are starting to come down, they are still incredibly high, and that is driving demand for electric vehicles a "consumer report" survey found 71% of americans expressed some
7:44 am
interest in evs. 14% saying they would definitely buy or lease one now if they could, and could is the key word. >> because they're hard to find. >> they're hard to find as well. >> when might these issues be resolved and prices go back down like the old days? >> they're saying late 2023, possibly even 2024 >> gee >> that's industry analysts. no relief in sight very soon >> thank you, vicky. let's get a check of the weather. what's up, al? we're looking at severe weather making its way into the northeast and also the plains today. we're looking at showers here in new york stretching across upstate new york and down through the mississippi river valley, nashville, memphis, little rock is seeing storms we do have a risk of some severe weather. wind gusts a possible 60 miles per hour with this system. a warm front lifts up along this low pressure during the day today.
7:45 am
heavy rain into the northeast and new england along the i-95 corridor as well tomorrow that frontal system will start to break down we're going to be looking at spotty showers and thunderstorms lingering across the southeast rainfall amounts 1 to 2 inches down through the lower mississippi river valley heaviest rain will be here in the northeast in new england, upstate new york with rainfall rates up to an inch. that is what is going on around the country. here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. i am meteorologist cary hall. today, temperatures will be warming up. low 90s for the inland. we do this all over tomorrow with 80s. there is not much of a cooldown, even as we go into the weekend a few degrees. for san francisco, we are keeping the cold weather here. this morning has clouds and fog and sunshine the and that is your latest weather. guys >> guess what, al? >> what? >> they did it they did it. the details being spilled overnight by the new jennifer affleck. she took his name. it was a surprise weekend over
7:46 am
the weekend in vegas why she says it proved love is beautiful, kind, but mostly patient coming up after this we've waited 49 minutes to we've waited 49 minutes to get into it. but i never just found my way, i made it. j.lo. and ben. i could to protect myself from recurrence. verzenio is the first treatment in over 15 years to reduce the risk of recurrence for adults with hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning, as determined by your doctor when added to hormone therapy. hormone therapy works outside the cell while verzenio works inside to help stop the growth of cancer cells. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor, start an antidiarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. life-threatening lung inflammation can occur. tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing,
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7:50 am
sheinelle is here with the details. they made it official this weekend in las vegas with a small but very special ceremony. it's official, jennifer lopez and ben affleck have tied the knot we did it, j.lo. writing, love is beautiful, love is kind it turns out love is patient 20 years patient the superstar describing in her newsletter how they flew to vegas, stood in line for a license with four other couples. >> somebody's getting married! >> lopez wore a dress from an old movie while affleck donned a jacket from his closet >> my wedding changing area. >> the pair exchanged vows in front of their children in what lopez calls the best moment of her life and signing her name as mrs. jennifer lynn affleck the hollywood power couple often
7:51 am
known as bennifer has been lighting up social media and stealing headlines since rekindling their romance last year j.lo. opening up to hoda and savannah earlier this year >> i think what we learned from the last time is that love, when you are lucky enough to find it, is so sacred and special and you have to hold a little bit of that privately i'm engaged! >> the superstars announced their engagement in april. the relationship has unfolded much like a hollywood movie script after first meeting on the set of "g league" in 2002. they began a very public romance. >> do we know each other >> not yet ♪ >> affleck famously appearing in "jenny from the block. for two years they ruled the red carpet but called off their first engagement in 2004 both went on to marry and divorce. eventually the two found their way back to one another and now, like a true hollywood ending,
7:52 am
their union is official. lopez writing, love is a great thing, maybe the best of things, and worth waiting for. so there you have it it's official. >> you know what i love, she's had lots of heartbreak in her life but she never gets hard she really does love love. i'm just happy >> she loves love. we'll take it. what else, guys? kerry sanders will take us on a little journey to find great white sharks and to answer the question why are younger ones showing up in places they have never been before >> tiktok. >> kerry sanders in shorts coming up. >> that's a live shot. >> wow >> drone, baby >> after your local news and weather. oh, boy. ♪♪ making a connection... a train connection.
7:53 am
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good monday morning to you. i am laura garcia. it is 7:56. here are the top stories including a single causing problems in one neighborhood. a rough monday for folks in the east percent of the foothills where a water main break happened overnight and opened up a single. crews are here trying to repair the small sinkhole that opened on martin avenue and columbine drive. the water company has turned off the water. they say everybody has water service in the neighboring. i am barbara dowell. checking the levels of pollution on the block, the street where you live. this is being put out by
7:57 am
aclima, a san francisco firm that created this firm., this is with images equipped with air sensors. in conjunction to the bay area water management system, this can vary from 5 to 8 times one block to the next and alameda county, where i'm at, there are high levels of nitrogen dioxide. for black people in alameda county, that number is 70%. let's look at the forecast today, another warm one. >> especially for the inland valleys. there are parts of the interbay reaching to th
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
coming up systemic failures, the new report highlighting exactly what went wrong in the uvalde school shooting. never-before-seen body camera footage showing a clear picture of what was unfolding inside the school as an outraged community demands answers. >> what they're saying, we already knew it. they were cowards. >> we're live with the latest. then, intense heat, brutal temperatures from coast to coast, scorching heat expected for more than 80% of the country. >> it feels like it's not 96, like it's 100 something. >> and europe is hit hard by a
8:01 am
heat wave of its own al is live with the full forecast plus, on the move, an up close look at what's behind the great white shark migration. >> reporter: so close to shore, this one about nine feet in length >> why scientists are saying the young predators are now flocking to these shores, and what it means for the futures of beaches across the u.s and boss baby. bruce springsteen welcomes his first grandchild his wife patti sharing the first photo of the baby girl as the boss gets a promotion to grandfather. "today," monday, july 18, 2022 >> from detroit for our 19th anniversary. hi, kids >> on my bucket trip list to "today" from the bay area. >> from south lake, texas. we love you, granddaddy. >> a cousins trip from indianapolis >> from orange county,
8:02 am
california, celebrating my 50th. >> three sisters from three states on "today" for stacy's 40th birthday. >> super >> i love it when people make sharks >> me, too >> with the logo >> i just came back from universal and everyone is wearing matching shirts. it's happening here. >> there's a big foodie, too, it's a party. >> we'll be out in a minute. it's monday morning. glad you're with us the beginning of a new week. the most in-depth report so far on the uvalde, texas, school shooting details the systemic failures that led to confusion and delay among hundreds of law enforcement officers who arrived at that scene. the chaos underscored as well by newly released body cam footage. nbc's sam brock is in uvalde with the very latest sam, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the number of ways this went awry are almost too many to count including the school with a history of noncompliance for
8:03 am
following its own locked door policy to nearly 400 law enforcement officers here the morning of the shooting. that body camera footage is jarring, and we have to warn you, the images are disturbing for the first time the public is getting a chilling picture of early moments inside robb elementary from police body camera footage >> am i bleeding am i bleeding? >> reporter: early chaos and glimpse of calls to action >> we have to get in there we got to get in there he just keeps shooting >> reporter: that plea coming minutes after the massacre began. but the first interaction, the only time the officers are seen in the video physically confronting the gunman for well over an hour this new footage released at the most comprehensive report to date conducted by the texas house finds law enforcement, which ultimately reached 376 officers, didn't honor their most basic responsibility, the authors writing they failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety there are windows into heroism
8:04 am
students apparently being pulled out of the building and this heartbreaking hallway exchange with officer ruben ruiz right after the initial gunfire. >> my wife's classroom >> reporter: learning his wife, a teacher, was shot and dying before his weapon was taken and he was removed for trying to engage the shooter according to texas dps the only teacher who did survive in those two rooms arnie reyes, shot twice, believes morales could have been saved. >> she would have probably lived. and i think she's one of the ones they had said also bled to death. >> reporter: all 11 of the students in his class didn't survive. reyes told me he didn't hear any attempts from officers while he was suffering from two gunshot wounds to either open the door or get inside the classroom until this was resolved. the acting police chief is on administrative leave after the report found officers learned about the 911 calls and did not adjust their approach to an active shooter situationreport
8:05 am
about the savannah >> the 911 calls coming from children inside the room among others, sam. thank you very much. meantime, police say an armed bystander stepped up to end a deadly mall shooting near indianapolis last night. officials say a gunman opened fire in the mall's food court, killed at least three people two others were hurt he had several extra magazines of ammunition. but while shoppers hid inside stores police say a 22-year-old man carrying a gun lawfully shot and killed the suspect no word yet on a possible motive there is going to be no letup in the brutal heat that's already set triple digit records from salt lake city to albuquerque, and the misery is spreading, folks more than 80% of the country will see highs above 90. first responders are being overwhelmed with calls farmers are worried about their crops. and for the second time this week people down in texas have been told to ease up on the air conditioning to keep the power
8:06 am
grid from failing once again mr. roker is standing by because it looks like we're going to be in this for a while. >> that's right, not only us but our friends across the pond in europe, a heat wave, all-time record highs, paris, frankfurt, lyon, venice, bordeaux, london will probably see its hottest temperature ever 102 was the all-time record july 25, 2019 jet stream also up to the north here heat dome on top of us it's going to extend from the southwest into the plains for today. we are looking at triple digit heat indexes for little rock, dallas, houston, and we're also looking for air temperatures, actual air temperatures, triple digits in it denver, phoenix, el paso, rapid city, salt lake city had its all-time record high yesterday. really crazy temperatures. and for tomorrow heat indexes of triple digits for omaha, near that in chicago, st. louis triple digits for charleston, also in norfolk and, guys, this heat goes right on toward the weekend.
8:07 am
mid-90s, new york city, washington, d.c., atlanta, and on into st. louis. savannah >> al, thank you covid cases are rising once again fueled by a new omicron subvariant and it's leading to new warnings from federal health officials. let's turn to nbc's stephanie gosk who is on it this morning >> good morning. in so many places it looks like the pandemic is over experts are warning people not to let your guard down the numbers are up cases by more than 12% and hospitalizations and deaths are up by more than 20%. the omicron variant ba.5 is the predominant strain the cdc says is the most contagious we have seen so far and can invade both vaccines and immunity people may have from earlier infections so what does it all mean the numbers aren't nearly as high as they had been in the past, but high enough that more than half of the population now lives in areas where they are strongly urged to wear masks indoors. in l.a. county that could mean a mask mandate soon. it kicks in automatically after two weeks with high infection
8:08 am
rates, and that would be july 29th for them. as for the vaccines, the fda has asked the drug makers to work on specific shots for the new variant, but those won't be available until october, they say. the advice from experts is to get the boosters that are out there including the second one if you qualify it doesn't mean you can't get a more targeted shot in the fall so people who are 50 and older you should get it and those of us newly in the category >> the new 50. how does that feel >> middle age is the best. >> it is >> rocking it. >> it gets better, steph, i promise. it's time for a little morning boost. florida farm worker taylor blake loves to make videos that teach people about animals whenever she starts rolling, the farm's mischievous emu tries to hog the camera
8:09 am
>> emanuel, don't do it. >> hilarious >> don't do it i'm trying to educate people right now, okay. emanuel, every time, emanuel don't do it. emanuel, don't do it emanuel, don't choose violence today. every day we go through this it's never ending. >> taylor gets really angry she calls the emu by his full name emanuel todd lopez >> i love her. i would have a whole channel dedicated to that emu. >> don't choose violence today, emanuel. still ahead, bruce willis returned to the scene of one of his most memorable movies. carson will have that coming up. kerry sanders is ready to kick off shark watch on "today." >> reporter: hey, guys, i am off the coast of florida, and if you just take a look down here we have about a dozen sharks that are around our boat right now. coming up, we're going to tell
8:10 am
you a little bit about the great white and how juveniles are on the move >> all right we're back, kerry, with your full report right after this dons on rotating categories... this is the only rotating i care about. ... or activate anything to earn. your cash back automatically adjusts for you. can i get a cucumber water? earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle with the citi custom cash℠ card. i love it... [voice vibrating] get out your apps. with the citi custom cash℠ card. we're going to camp mcdonald's. we've got exclusive deals like two new menu hacks. merch drops every week. a performance by me, with three more amazing shows leading up!
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heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq, as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. disrupt the itch and rash of eczema. talk to your doctor about rinvoq. learn how abbvie can help you save. ♪ baby there's a shark in the water ♪ ♪ baby there's a shark in the water ♪ back at 8:15 with our special series and one of our favorites, shark watch on "today." >> i like it our focus this morning the great white. they've been called the king of the deep and now they're surprising scientists in a whole new way. >> yes our resident shark expert is on the case, nbc's senior national correspondent kerry sanders on the open waters in search of sharks hi, kerry. >> reporter: well, good morning. and we have found sharks we're more than six miles off
8:16 am
the coast here this is in federal waters, so we're allowed to chum the waters here if you take a look over my shoulder, you can see the sharks that have gathered these are silkies and sandbars if we take a look from above you can see at some point there had been more than a dozen of the sharks is your rounding our boat, but most impressive is to go under water here and take a look at what we've seen here this morning with these sharks circling here. now as i noted the great white occasionally is in this area and also in the pacific. and what we discover with some scientists from the monterey bay aquarium is those juvenile great white sharks are on the move we're with monterey bay aquarium's director of collections john o'sullivan on their research vessel, a two-hour trip north to a spot off briton state beach when a spotter points what do you see? >> a nine footer right there, right here >> reporter: this is exciting
8:17 am
coming across juvenile great whites in the wild so close to shore. this one about nine feet in length on this day we come across four. >> so here is another juvenile white shark up at the surface moving through this area he's transiting pretty fast, probably twice the speed we would normally be walking at he's just below the surface. >> reporter: together we monitored a live image from a drone. >> this was something similar we would see for years in southern california, but now this is happening off monterey bay >> reporter: unheard of a decade ago because the water was too cold in 2014 things changed >> we had a heat wave, what they called a blob, and it was a very large, warm water mass that came along the coast that raised the temperature from around 55 degrees up to almost 68. >> reporter: using did at that for more than 20 years of
8:18 am
tagging sharks in southern california, researchers discovered a newly created warm water corridor that was inviting sharks to travel more than 200 miles away what is it about the warm water that is a draw >> juvenile white sharks can't regulate temperature like adults adults are big, they have a large girth and mass to their volume ratio, so they can retain heat, which allows them to move into cold water. juveniles don't have that yet. >> reporter: great whites are considered one of the most aggressive species of sharks and have since engaged with humans in monterey bay. two years ago surfer ben kelly was killed by a great white, and just four weeks ago a suspected great white attacked 61-year-old steve bruemmer as he was swimming what are we to make of this? >> it was a very unfortunate event for the victim and our hearts go out to him and his family this illustrates the challenges with humans going into the
8:19 am
water. the ocean can at times be dangerous. >> reporter: playing a key role in the research these amazing videos that were taken by off-duty firefighter eric mailander, a shark enthusiast mailander once filmed 30 in a quarter mile square zone when you started to see juvenile great whites, what did you think? >> i thought it was cool my favorite shark is my own backyard or one of the few places in the world, i should say. white sharks in their natural environment so you're not baiting them in, not attracting them they're just there >> reporter: he kept notes, a stunning eight years worth, a treasure-trove that he shared with researchers >> it didn't take long to be convinced with the quality of video these are juvenile white sharks >> reporter: the aquarium and partners released their research over 80 million data points from tagged sharks like location, depth, and water temperature so other scientists can learn more about the sharks' movements. as ocean temperatures continue to climb scientists wonder where
8:20 am
might juvenile great whites show up next? so as we look at the sharks here and, again, these are silkies and sandbar sharks, the experts at monterey bay aquarium say that the great whites moving into that area now fur north do have impacts because they're juveniles they're still learning to feed themselves, and they've been hitting on the sea otters, which are not on their diet, but they don't yet know that. so they're finding more injured and dead sea otters there. you see how one impacts the next and impacts the next in that circle of life, guys >> indeed. we just hope you're tethered to the side of the boat, kerry. it's scary watching you there. before we let you go we want to hear about your story for tomorrow off the coast of carolina where you dove in with researchers. you studied that famous
8:21 am
shipwreck. tell us about it >> reporter: it's a fascinating look at the sand tiger shark now we're going to go down tomorrow to about 90, close to 100 feet on the world war ii vessel that was sunk there the reason we're going there is for the longest time scientists believe that sand tigers gave birth close to shore, but, and you will find out tomorrow, there may be a brink until that long-held theory, guys >> oh. there's a tease. >> thank you, kerry. be safe, kerry you've been with sharks. you've swam with sharks. >> done a few shark dives, once in a cage, once free range. >> free? >> it's intense but it's kind of cool >> what kind of sharks >> sand sharks, nurse sharks a couple of times. >> those juvenile sharks are like middle schoolers. they're trying to figure out how to eat on their own. >> hormones. >> how to do laundry they have to get carded.
8:22 am
>> it's crazy. anyway, let's show you what we have as far as your weather is concerned starting off today we are looking at heavy rain down through the mid-atlantic states into the northeast, parts of new england record highs wow, that's a nice shot. >> hello >> there you go. >> hi. >> okay. would you like me to finish the weather? >> i like seeing carson. he's back. that's what's happening in carson's neck of the woods monsoonal moisture, severe storms in the northern plains, record highs working their way from the plains into texas that's what's going on around i throughout the planes. that's what's going on around the country. here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i am meteorologist cary hall. mild in san francisco. highs reaching into the mid- 60s. san mateo expecting a high of
8:23 am
71 degrees. as you make your way into the tri-valley high temperatures expected to reach 93 degrees. tomorrow that's your latest weather all right. let's start the week off with the best time of the morning all right, let's start the week off with the best time of the morning. first up we teased it earlier bruce springsteen, you've heard of boss baby, how about boss grandpa it's a new era of glory days for the rock 'n' roll icon thanks to the addition of his very first grand child. a little lily harper springsteen. his wife, patti, shared a few snaps of the beautiful baby girls and the parents on social media. this morning we are sending a huge congratulations out to the springsteens that is awesome. from one bruce to another, bruce willis, in honor of "die hard's" anniversary this week, the action star is remembering this famous scene >> awesome >> don't ever even think about going up in a tall building again. oh, god, please don't let me die. ♪ >> oh, such a great movie. it turns out bruce did, in fact, go back up that tall building again to celebrate 34 years as john mcclane jumped from the
8:24 am
roof >> oh, such a great movie. it turns out bruce did, in fact, go back up that tall building he returned to the scene of the crime in a video posted by his wife, emma the actor seen standing on what is now the fox building roof in century city, california the videos cut together with black and white throwback clips from the movie so now it seems like a good time to reignite that debate is "die hard" a christmas movie or not >> you know where he stands. and what's your reasoning? it takes place at christmas. >> christmas party >> it's christmas. >> did you know that was a debate >> yes, i did. every year we talk about it. >> i see you're thrilled talking about it next up, andrew garfield, the actor may be flying high into his next big role the award winning actor in line
8:25 am
to play richard branson in a new series about the entrepreneur called "hot air. it comes from "dead pool 2" director david leach the six episode miniseries set to tell the story and for andrew garfield things are looking good in the world of tv as well because just last week the "spider-man" actor was nominated for his first emmy thanks to his part in fx's "under the banner of heaven. no word when the production for the branson project is scheduled to kick off. ryan reynolds, always funny. there's nothing we love to see more than ryan and his trolling each other on the internet the "dead pool" star is doing exactly that maybe not. maybe not. >> that's the troll. we don't have it >> naturally blake was quick to respond.
8:26 am
we don't have the video. the actress joked, darling, if you charged more, you could afford me. and followed that up with, my love, feel free to revolutionize the couch when you sleep on it tonight.big reveal from extraor artwork that was hidden for 500 years. good morning. 8:26 am. a deadly overnight and run in the east bay. under investigation this morning. it happened after 10:00 last night in oakland. between 62nd and 63rd avenues. officers say a man was hit and killed and police are still searching for the driver. so far no suspect vehicle information was released. let's get a check of your monday morning forecast. >> reporter: temperatures
8:27 am
warming up. the weather we had over the weekend. it just continues today. some of the valleys had for 90 degrees. a lot of sunshine and we will see it again tomorrow. slightly cooler as we head toward the end of the week and into the weekend. we are looking at mid 80s valley in san francisco will see the fog clearing out fairly quickly each day. morning temperature start on the mid-50s. we are stuck in this weather pattern and not seeing much in the way of change. even as we go into the beginning of next week. staying pretty quiet here. in the weather department scott. >> sounds good. we will have another look coming in a half an ho. you can ur
8:28 am
8:29 am
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it is 8:30, a monday morning, july 18 we're back on our plaza. we're reuniting with our crowd we missed you all weekend. >> happy 14. >> happy 13th. >> a lot of great birthdays. >> look at the shirts we liked >> we have three sisters >> how cute are you. >> hold on
8:31 am
look at this >> hoda and kathie lee >> this is a collector's item. >> it really is. >> i'll tell kathie you were here we have a busy half hour ahead >> a busy half hour. we'll start with an exclusive look at frescoes discovered inside the prince's palace of monaco and prince albert is going to share his role in the restoration project to bring them into the spotlight. >> that's pretty right and the way to upgrade that basic umbrella and ways to enhance the summer fun we are excited about this. our buddy isaac fitzgerald is here, who i was just telling him when he talks about a book it makes me almost want to read that book. forget about the recommendations. the book he's telling us about is his own memoir called
8:32 am
"dirtbag, massachusetts. wild stories from his own life it's getting great reviews you can read a little bit of it, put it down, read more i might buy the book >> and coming up ahead on the third hour another story of how she made it. jill martin talks with the founder of frankie's bikinis, a popular swimsuit brand that's making suits to fit every body and tomorrow on "today" we'll have two big stars in studio, ethan hawke will be here to tell us about his latest hbo series "the last movie stars" pulling back the curtain on paul newman george clooney playing newman. and an important health message. let's get a check of the weather. it's a little sticky out here. let's show what you we've got for the week ahead starting off with today a lot of wet weather. excessive heat in texas, up into the plains, and warm as you get into the southwest with a fire
8:33 am
risk there the great lakes, record highs continue the lower mississippi river valley and texas, monsoonal moisture in the southwest and warm in the pacific northwest. then to the end of the week plenty of sunshine around the great lakes, northeast, new england, ohio river valley but no relief through texas and hot and dry out westof sunshine. no relief down through texas. cut and dry out west. that's what's going on around the country. >> good morning morning. i am meteorologist cary hall. you can see the fog rolling across the city. looking from our tower camera. that will help keep and that is your latest
8:34 am
weather. >> all right, al thank you so much. coming up, imagine this, you're doing a routine wall repair and you find art that's been hidden in the walls for 500 years. rare access inside the palace of monaco for an incredible piece of history just being revealed first this is "today" on nbc
8:35 am
8:36 am
exclusive on some works of art being seen for the very first time in hundreds of years. >> yeah, you know, this is a really fascinating story nbc's kelly cobiella is back with us from london to bring it to us. hey, kelly >> reporter: hey, good morning to you guys. imagine this, imagine finding a museum's worth of renaissance art that hasn't been seen in hundreds of years. that's essentially what happened at the palace in monaco, and it happened because of some routine repair work and an eagle eye spotting a crack about the size of a quarter
8:37 am
hidden under layers of old paint a 500-year-old treasure, renaissance-era frescoes carefully scraped back to life >> welcome to the conservation site >> reporter: unbelievable. the murals are thought to be painted by italian masters in the 1500s. what are we looking at here? >> we have a layer and underneath we found this decoration and underneath this decoration we eventually found the frescoes >> reporter: the team so far has found more than 6,000 square feet of the precious paintings the first discovered by chance in 2015 when a worker spotted a tiny crack in a ceiling of the main hall. a telltale sign of the technique famously used by michelangelo to paint the sistine chapel when you first discovered there
8:38 am
was a fresco above us, what did you think? >> i think i'm crazy it's not possible. >> reporter: hundreds of allegorical figures half human, half beast, goddesses and cherubs in mythological scene like this in the 12 laborers of hercules, all covered over the centuries to give the palace an update an international team of 40 is now peeling back those layers each day revealing another surprise >> you're digging, excavating slowly, slowly, and start to see these images come to light you're seeing something no one has seen for years and years and years. >> reporter: when we look up all of this was painted over >> so all of this was painted over by different restorations >> reporter: prince albert himself showed me one of the most elaborate rooms >> so all of this was painted over by different restorations but incredible mythological scene. it's remarkable work by remarkable artists >> reporter: so when you look up and you look around at all of
8:39 am
this, i mean, are you as in awe? >> it's just incredible that this has been here for years, centuries. >> reporter: it took eight years to expose this large-scale ulysses using old tools and new like lasers and ultrasound by taking the green route you're on the cutting edge of restoration technology >> there are very few restoration works that have gone this far in terms of sustainability there were many firsts in this restoration work >> reporter: even the paint is green, developed in this lab using natural materials found in monaco's landscape just as artists would have done 500 years ago. but who were the masters behind these long lost treasures? deep in the palace archives a clue, a receipt dated december of 1547. >> it's very precious. >> reporter: for a large pot of gold to an artist who decorated
8:40 am
the palaces of genoa art experts and historians are beginning to study this amazing discovery and for the palace conservation team the more they look the more they find. so this is not the end this is not the end. >> oh, my gosh it's like a perfectly intact fresco and it's stunning! >> reporter: just incredible to see that fresco that looked like it was painted yesterday essentially hidden behind another ceiling that was added on later in the 16th century, possibly the 17th. and art historians, as i said, are still studying this, a lot of the conservation work is still going on and will continue at least for the next couple of years but, guys, in the meantime
8:41 am
you can actually see some of these restored frescoes for yourself the palace is now open to the public through october for the first time in two years. guys >> wow >> that's so crazy >> kelly, how do they -- it's so painstaking, that one fresco took eight years to uncover, and how do you do it without damaging the paint underneath? >> reporter: well, they're trying several different techniques, but the main technique they're using right now is literally just taking little exacto knife and chip away at the layers without damaging the layer underneath so trying to scratch away the actual surface paint without getting to the fresco which is really paint it's embedded in plaster. so it is anything but easy and is extremely tedious >> no room for error >> i cannot stop thinking about who painted over those frescoes. those are pretty but how about a freshen up, a glow up. >> thank you, kelly. >> my father, that's who
8:42 am
>> tired of the frescoes >> do you do primer first? just ahead, water balloon fight, anybody we'll share great ideas and products for your can't miss summer where to find them hello. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
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your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip converged network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities. and, like i and, like i was telling you, we'll never show that video again. when water balloons come back >> i'm so embarrassed. >> that looked fun summer is in full swing. makho ndlovu is here you can start shopping hi, makho. giving your all to this segment. >> i am so excited about summer hacks. the first one -- >> this is clever. >> so clever this is a hook it has four hooks and you can put your towels, put your bags on there and it will fit on any
8:45 am
size pole you may have super convenient for taking with you on the beach >> and then it's up and not all in the sand. >> not all in the sand speaking of the sand you have this tray holder so you can do four cup holders, your cell phone and snacks it even has a little hole for your sunglasses as well. >> okay and just works with any -- >> any pole up to 1.8 inches in diameter and you can maneuver it >> what about keeping your valuables safe at the pool >> we have our cars, our keys, our wallet this is a fantastic safe for keeping your items safe. check this out even has this combination code that you can set how clever is that keep up items in there >> and it's waterproof >> the brand says it is waterproof, water resistant and has an access point to charge your ear buds or your phone on the go it even has this little cable cord so if you're going to the park you can hang it around there or put it on your strap, too. clever, right? >> and i like the pink
8:46 am
back to water balloons we will not show it one more time no, we won't >> i'm going to throw them back at dave. you can fill up to 35 water balloons in a matter of seconds. >> i'm very familiar you fill it up and once it gets full it pops right off see. >> there is the b roll then you don't have to tie it up kids want to get out there and one pack you get 350 balloons which is great so you can tie them up in a matter of seconds, no mess, all fun >> personal experience, they burst into 350,000 tiny little pieces get the kids to agree before hand to help clean up. >> this is a watermelon cutter do you >> it's a watermelon cutter and a fork i'll do this one you cut it, press it across. let me hold it so you can see it you can use this size, full size and just scoop it across >> that is clever. >> isn't that clever >> and the fork is just a fork to eat it with
8:47 am
>> grab it and eat it. >> will it work for cantaloupe >> you can use it on different fruit as well. you can take it on the go with you. speaking of two in one tools, another clever one you know how your snacks get stale if you buy in bulk, this is a cutter. it comes out and you pop it out, a little blade here but is a sealer as well this saves you money in the long run. this means you can keep your snacks fresh let me show you how you do it. we just had breakfast, we're going to cut our snack -- we're done eating it, now we want to put our tool in here, bend it down and press it down and look at that. and we've sealed it right back up you see that indentation >> it's not like a chip clip. >> it's battery automated. it has heat so all you have to do to seal it is press it gently down you can do all sorts of cuts >> why what's happening >> let's take a trip here. >> i'll take the middle seat it's fine. >> you're going on a trip and
8:48 am
you want to make sure the brand says this will help to lower back pain and any leg swelling it's this part right here. you put your feet in here and it's like your feet are sitting on a cloud while you travel. so imagine getting to your destination nice and refresh, just putting your feet up and relaxing >> it's supposed to relieve lower back pain. >> your lower back pain and any leg swelling if you're doing long trips or even short trips this is fantastic. all you have to do is hang it on the tray table in front of you this is what it looks like you can have it open like this >> it feels good i feel like i'm with my sister you're taking the arm rest remember did you get in a little fight on the plane? makho, these are all so clever you can use the qr code or head to we should mention the seat segment products are available on amazon which does have an
8:49 am
affiliate relationship with "today." scootch over >> okay, all right all right, guys, i'm so excited about this next segment. i can't contain myself our friend isaac fitzgerald. we love his book recommendations. today is his day his own memoir it is the talk of the town i can't wait to hear some of the riveting stories you are sharing in "dirtbag, massachusetts." it's an incredible read. getting reviews across the board. a must-r
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ we're back it's 8:51 with "read more today" and something incredibly special. for years our viewers have watched isaac fitzgerald he recommends books and, as carson says, makes nonreaders want to read well, he not only recommends books, he writes them. and this project has people talking.
8:52 am
it is raw. it is a revealing memoir called "dirtbag, massachusetts. all about the many lives he's lived to become the man we all know and love. hi, isaac. >> hi, hoda. thank you so much for having me on it's so good to see you. >> i am so -- i always look at you a certain way when you came here as this enthusiastic, bubbly, effervescent guy i actually didn't know how it all began. >> yeah. >> and to read from the very beginning that you viewed yourself as a little boy coming into this world, and i guess you would have said the words, i am a mistake. >> yep, absolutely right >> tell me about that. >> listen, when you're a child growing up in the situation that i grew up in, and the situation was my parents were married when they had me just to different people and from a very early age i viewed myself as a bomb that exploded their lives and that was something that i carried with me for a very, very long time, which meant that i really was undervaluing myself i really saw myself as basically a troublemaker, somebody that took these two families, their separate families, and then blew
8:53 am
them up. and that was an incredibly hard thing to work through. but that's what this book is about. it's about my very tough childhood, but then also about how i reacted to that childhood. and for years and years there was wildness there were a lot of things, like you said, you would not have known because i would not have shared them publicly, and then it's about the therapy, coming back together as a family. so that's the arc of this book and the journey i've been on >> we talk about what happened in your childhood. it was difficult there was violence there was poverty. you went through hell and back and i keep thinking, like, but you did say the one thing your parents gave you was books you always had books and this is an interesting question, but without books in your life, if they had not introduced those to you, who would i be talking to today? >> let me tell you, this is something i like to say, i grew up in inner city boston but made our way to central massachusetts. i think i would still have my
8:54 am
bubbly energetic self. >> you do? >> i think i would have. i would have never had dreams or ambitions. what books gave me was a map out of the life that i was living and towards something larger and more spectacular and because of that, that gift that my parents gave me, they were struggling in so many different ways on their own, but the one thing they gave me was this love of books and through that, through reading, i was able to find a different light and that just -- you know, it's something i still treasure about them we have a complicated relationship, but i know they gave me that gift and in a way this book is for them. >> to think that you went through all the things you went through as a young boy, and i was just imagining your mom reading the book again, there are things about abuse, she talked about how she was contemplating an abortion. she told you that when you were 8. she slapped you on the stomach and said if you weren't so fat, maybe i wouldn't have to keep buying you clothes things like that you hand her this book, she reads it what was the first thing she said >> she wrote me a letter that i've probably been waiting for my entire life without even knowing and the first thing sheep said was, i'm sorry. and that was incredible. to just receive that was so incredible didn't want it to be a tidy ending, and i'm not going to
8:55 am
give away too much here, but it's an ongoing conversation and so to hand it to her, have her take the time to read it, which she didn't have to do and i told her that, she took the time to write me a letter saying i'm sorry and the next line was even more freeing in a way what she said was, i had no idea you were carrying this i had no idea you were carrying this and that's when you realize as a child those years were most of my life. it felt so difficult and so hard because it was everything. those years for her were a hard section of her already long life >> that was your whole life. >> that was my whole life. so i think for her she then did see me become this bubbly effervescent person. okay, he's gotten through it
8:56 am
and for her to say i had no idea you were carrying this, i'm so sorry, just meant the world to me >> this book, isaac, has everything you seem to be searching for your way home. and in the last few seconds we have, did you find up way? >> 100%. that is what this book is about. is it about a family that explodes apart but then in a very different shape but still beautiful shape comes back together >> can i tell you if you pick up this book and up should, "dirtbag, massachusetts," you will not put it down isaac, i thought i knew you. it comes back together. >> if you pick up this book, and you should, dirt bag massachusetts. you will not put it down. i thought i knew you isaac. now i really know you. thank you so much. i really appreciate it. we are back after this.
8:57 am
good morning. a deadly overnight hit and run in the east bay. it is under investigation. it happened after 10:00 last night. in oakland along bancroft avenue between 62nd and 63rd. a man was hit and killed. they are still searching for the driver involved. no suspect vehicle information has been released. happening now despite rising covid cases are is dropping its mask mandate starting today. the agency made the decision back in the spring fill picks
8:58 am
back the call was shared a lot overnight across social media and sums up the findings. it says 376 law enforcement officers, larger than the garrison that defended the alamo, descended upon the
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on the third hour of "today" summer scorcher. millions facing relentless temperatures from coast to coast. and the sweltering highs shattering records in the u.s. and the uk. how to beat the heat and how long will it last. plus, harry and meghan in the big apple. the couple visiting new york city with a trip to the u.n. we're live with the prince's big speech and a bombshell new book about the royal rift. and she made it. jill martin sharing the story of one swimwear brand taking social


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