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tv   Today  NBC  July 7, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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just fine. that is what's happening today in the bay and we will be back at 7:25. >> have a great thursday. what led up to the decision that's sending ripple effects here in the united states and around the world and what happens next. we're live in the uk. confession. police say the suspect in the fourth of july parade shooting admitted to the attack and made another stunning revelation. >> he seriously contemplated
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using the firearm he had in his vehicle to commit another shooting. the growing scrutiny on the suspect's parents and questions about how he was able to buy multiple guns. as the family of a 2-year-old boy whose own parents died protecting him speaks out. the outpouring of love and support that little boy is receiving from total strangers. we're live in illinois with the latest. rally for brittney. wnba star brittney griner supporters call for action as she heads back to court this morning, facing up to 10 years in a russian prison. what the white house is now saying about her case and what's being done to bring her home. going green. the weather phenomenon that turned the sky this creepy color and had some thinking of an alien invasion. what caused the strange shade. return to sender. a surprise for shoppers sending back unwanted items.
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why some stores are giving them their money back and telling them, just keep it. all that plus feeling hangry? turns out there may be a link between our meals and our mood. we are digesting this brand new research, "today" thursday, july 7th, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome to "today" we're so happy you're joining us on a thursday morning. savannah is off, craig is here with me. boy there was big news overnight, early the morning that's where we start overseas. uk prime minister boris johnson is expected to resign. this right here is a live shot of 10 downing street in london, the official residence of the prime minister where boris johnson is set to speak in just a bit. >> johnson, of course, no stranger to u.s. politics either
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having formed that bond with former president trump and also working quite closely with president biden since taking over as prime minister in 2019. >> the resignation coming after a series of high profile cabinet resignations and multiple calls to step down, including some members of his own conservative party on live television yesterday where members of parliament took turns telling johnson to, face it. it was time to resign. >> the public can't afford to put up with this farce of a government a minute longer. >> and at some point we have to conclude that enough is enough. i believe that point is now. >> once again the prime minister puts political survival before public duty. >> does the prime minister think there are any circumstances in which he should resign? >> for the very latest we go to international correspondent kier simmons in london with the
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latest on this story. good morning. >> hay, hoda, good morning to you. any moment now we expect british prime minister boris johnson to walk out of that famous door, 10 downing street, and announce he is stepping down. in the white house they will be watching and worrying that we are now seeing political instability here in the uk at such an unstable time for europe. but in the end after scandal after scandal, boris johnson's own party decided he does not have the integrity to be prime minister. this morning, boris johnson, a key ally for president biden over ukraine forced from office, despite his defiance even yesterday. >> the job of a prime minister in difficult circumstances when he's handed a mandate is to keep going. and that's what i'm going to do. >> reporter: the tipping point a tsunami of resignations from his
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government and a speech about political integrity. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: after a cascade of scandals, parties in downing street at lockdown, first denied. then the final straw misleading his own party again over a member of his government accused of sexual misconduct while drunk in a public club. he apologized. >> in hindsight it was the wrong thing to do. >> reporter: it was too late. boris johnson's whose colorful career made him world famous, falling from power, telling savannah in an exclusive interview last year. >> people feel very strongly about not having the state mandate something in my country where great levels of liberty and we had to do it by sweet reason, persuasion. >> what do you do when sweet reason and persuasion don't work? >> keep going.
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>> reporter: that sweet reason deserting him now. he was able to stay close to president trump, and then get close to president biden. just last week, president zelenskyy praising boris johnson as a friend. >> when we have the biggest war in europe for 80 years, that's exactly the moment you expect a government to continue with its work. >> boris johnson is set to return to downing street -- >> reporter: boris johnson swept to power on a wave of support for brexit and his own unique personality. a chaotic appearance and ability to laugh at himself. in the end it wasn't enough to save his position.
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>> we are in a period of uncertainty, not sure who may become the uk's next leader. so i guess the question is how will that impact relations between the united states and britain? >> reporter: you know, hoda, this is democracy, right. and democracy can be messy but by this morning, boris johnson was being compared to president trump. never concede, never apologize. so for president biden what he faces is trying to build this strong alliance and continue that alliance against president putin with a fundamental pillar of that alliance, the uk and boris johnson, now in very, very difficult waters. just to give you an example. the british foreign secretary is now having to fly back from the g-20 where the secretary of state is trying to send a strong message to china and russia. now the u.s. faces a britain that is unstable. who knows how long? there is even a debate here whether boris johnson can continue until the fall. when there is a replacement, of course, the opposition will say that they don't have a mandate, they do not have authority. more politically difficult times
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here in europe. craig? >> back here we turn now to several new developments in the investigation of the fourth of july parade shooting in illinois. police say the suspect not only admitted to the attack but also made another chilling confession. nbc's maggie vespa is live in highland park this morning with the latest. good morning to you, maggie. >> reporter: craig, good morning. in the hours after inflicting pure terror along this parade route. investigators say the suspect telling them he drove to wisconsin where he considered carrying out another mass shooting at a fourth of july celebration. and the suspect's father talking about his conversations the night before the shooting. overnight the father of the gunman speaking out, saying the night before he and his son discussed the recent mass shooting in denmark. adding his son called the shooter an idiot. police say the suspect, robert
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crimo iii, legally purchased the firearm in the shooting and four others after passing four background checks in 2020 and 2021. earlier in 2020 his father sponsored his firearms owner identification card. telling "the new york post" he did so because he thought his son was going to the shooting range. adding he bought everything on his own and they're registered to him. authorities say the gunman considered a second attack on the fourth of july. after fleeing the scene, police say he drove two hours to madison, wisconsin where he ditched his cell phone at this auto shop and saw a potential target. >> he saw a celebration in madison, and he seriously contemplated using the firearm in his vehicle to commit another shooting. >> reporter: authorities say the suspect did not go through with that attack because it was not planned or strategized. the revelation made as part of his voluntary and detailed
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confession to police in which he admitted to dressing up as a woman, climbing onto a roof, and aiming a rifle like this one on innocent parade goers, including children. >> he should not have been able to buy firearms. >> reporter: during a virtual appearance on wednesday he was ordered held without bond. as the community mourns we now know the names of the seven lives lost including eduardo uvaldo, he would have turned 70 on saturday. >> his daughters would have planned something. >> reporter: lindsey and dani brought their 4-year-old daughter scarlet to the parade too. >> 15 minutes that will now be with us for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: as more than 80 rounds rained down on them from above they used their own bodies to shield scarlet from the hail of bullets.
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the couple said they were 20 feet from kevin and irina mccarthy who reportedly died protecting their 2-year-old son, aidan. >> horrible to think about but had you suffered the same fate -- >> i don't want to die but it was way more important to me that she live. >> in your story, you mentioned the suspect's father sponsoring his gun permit. that's raising questions over potential liability. a lot of folks are asking about this. what have police said about that part of it. >> reporter: a lot of questions about the father's role in that shooting. police saying as part of their larger ongoing investigation they're looking into whether anyone else besides the suspect played a role not shooting and could face charges. if nothing else, the father could face civil lawsuits due to his role and what we learned in the wake of the shooting. we should mention and stress the
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father talking to the new york post overnight saying he had zero involvement in his shooting also this morning we're learning new information about another heartbreaking tragedy in another american community. the school shooting in uvalde, texas, a new report shows the gunman could have been stopped before he entered the school. sam brock joins us from austin with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this report by texas state university identified three circumstances that if any one of them played out differently could have meant fewer or no deaths. most notably, a police officer that had the shooter within his sights less than 150 yards away but was waiting for permission to take that shot. the report finding, it was his discretion. this morning uvalde's highly criticized police response, magnified by a state commission
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report which spotlights three circumstances before the suspect entered the building that could have saved some or all of the 21 people massacred. starting with an officer observing the suspect driving into the property, and sighted in. in to shoot the attacker from approximately 148 yards away. but according to the report, he waited for permission. when he didn't hear a response, he turned to get confirmation from his supervisor. when he turned back, the suspect had already entered the school. the findings also stating a reasonable officer would conclude in this case based on the totality of the circumstances the use of deadly force was warranted. though state standards don't require officers to fire their weapon from more than 100 yards away. grieving parents trying to process this latest gut punch. does this report do anything to
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alleviate that anger or does it inflame it? >> it inflames it more knowing for sure it is true that, you know, it did happen. he did have a shot. >> reporter: also part of the same report, two other critical safe forwards that failed. a teacher closed a door that was propped open but she did not check to see if it was locked. because it was not locked, the attacker was able to access the building. senator gutierrez is suing the state. >> whether it's our lawsuit we'll get the full picture of what's going on. >> reporter: the authorities do lay blame beyond the police chief, pete arredondo. >> i'm angry, i want justice from the bottom to the top. >> reporter: uvalde police so far have not responded to our request for comment about this report.
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it's worth mentioning there's nothing inside of the report that says whether or not a police officer should or should not requesting permission before firing a shot in that kind of situation. it would prove to be precious seconds leading up to the tragedy. back to you, hoda. >> sam, thank you. we turn to new developments in a story we've been following closely here. the case against wnba superstar, brittney griner. griner has been held in a russian jail since february on drug charges. this morning those closest to griner are putting more pressure on the white house to take action. andrea mitchell has the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. wnba brittney griner on trial near moscow again today, facing a 10 year sentence if convicted. as are 99% of people tried in russian courts. overnight, back home in phoenix,
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an outpouring of support for brittney griner. jailed in russia for more than four months on drug charges. as her family and teammates vow to fight for her release. >> i can't rest until she's home. i'm frustrated that 140 days have passed since my wife has been able to speak to me. >> reporter: posting to instagram, i know b.g. will be able to find comfort in knowing she has not been forgotten. after a handwritten plea from brittney griner to president biden, the president and vice president harris called griner's wife wednesday promising all possible assistance to bring brittney home. her head coach hearing the news from us. >> do you have any reaction from the president calling -- >> do know they've read the
7:17 am
letter and they're going to react and respond, this is great, great news. we hope to have more progress continue. >> reporter: the two-time olympic gold medalist had written president biden two days ago with an appeal i'm terrified i may be here forever. griner's friend say her experience in prison has been grueling. >> we know that this is tough. we also know b.g. we know b.g. is a fierce competitor, she's a fighter. but this situation now, this is weighing on her heavily. >> reporter: complicating any negotiation for president biden, tensions between the u.s. and russia are at their highest point since the cold war. he's up against vladimir putin and we're at war on behalf of ukraine against vladimir putin. so what hope do you have to get brittney home? >> well, this is the commander in chief. so all of our faith right now is in this president to get it done. and we know that he can get this done. >> reporter: the family of paul
7:18 am
wheelan wrongfully detained since 2018 in russia, tells nbc news they've been asking to meet with the president without success. and they believe the outreach should be the same for all detainees. >> andrea, thank you. we have one more thing this first half hour, we have some pretty incredible pictures to show you. check out this the green sky over sioux falls, south dakota looks like something out of a movie it happened on tuesday night experts say the green sky happens when blue light from the rain clouds is combined with the red and yellow light from the sunset it's not a magic trick and someone who knows all about this stuff is this guy, bill karins. >> it's a long distance thunderstorm it has to travel like 450 miles that's something related to this but it also has to do with hail in the storm too a rule is if you're out in storm chasing or tornado chasing or
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out in the plains and you see a sky with green, that means do not drive in it, it has hail in it and your car could be ruined. some people said it was the most incredible thing they've seen. yesterday in ohio we had a tornado hit and the first responders needed responding to, this was their building with a partial collapse there numerous homes were destroyed. there were about three injuries, no fatality, still about 50,000 people without power from that storm. for today concerned with areas of severe whether from nashville to charlotte to raleigh, that's the area of greatest concern we have about 29 million people at risk of the storms, even the atlantic sees the storms today wind damages and power outages are possible once again today. that's a look at your national forecast we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds s on rotating categories...
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show, too. >> oh. >> it's i probably should have told them earlier we have a weather quiz coming up later in the show, too. >> oh. >> it's a pop quiz, i guess. we'll be ready, bill. >> no, we won't. she'll be ready, i'll fake it. straight ahead, we are hearing from the family of that little boy whose life was changed forever by that parade shooting in illinois what they're saying about the loss and outpouring of kindness and generosity. kerry sanders on a surprising shopping trend. >> reporter: guys, you think you know the rules, you buy something, don't want it, ask for a refund so you get your money back and prepare to return the item but then the company says never mind, keep it unofficially, on a case by case basis, the rules appear to be changing we'll have that story coming up. >> all right but first, this is "today" on m
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what's in your wallet? [ music: "good time" by anthony ramos ] f ♪ i'm here to havet?” a good time ♪x. ♪ i'm here to have a good ♪ ♪ good time ♪ good morning. here is today's top stories including the moment a bullet through a car narrow is singing a couple inside. specs hp is investigating another free get freeway shooting in the bay area. you can see the stray bullet. eastbound 580 near grant avenue, this was three weeks ago. the couple said they saw two cars driving erratically before that shot was fired. a continued alert on the
7:27 am
peninsula. only one lane, there seems to be a spill that has to be cleared out. candlestick park northbound 101. tunnel avenue to go around. use caution. we are starting out with some clouds as we take a live look at outside in san jose and we see temperatures in the upper 50s and we are headed for 75 degrees for today. we will see a high of 79, nice and comfortable weather but will be warming up for inland valleys as we can with highs in the upper 80s and in some mid- 90s for sunday and early next week. san francisco will continue to see highs reaching into the upper 60s. more clouds and fog and that forecast. will have another update in 30 minutes.
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thursday morning, july 7th happy crowd, enthusiastic crowd we have outside. we'll see them in just a bit savannah is enjoying some much deserved time off. sheinelle joins us now from the desk good morning >> happy thursday. >> you say thursday -- >> friday eve. >> let's get a check of our 7:30 headlines, guys. new developments this morning in the january 6th committee's investigation. pat cipollone the former white house council under president
7:31 am
trump has agreed to testify behind closed doors tomorrow the panel subpoenaed him last week after a former white house aide said he opposed mr. trump's plan to travel to the capitol on january 6th. a new version of omicron is now dominant in the united states, the subvariant known as ba.5 accounts for 54% of the country's covid cases now, that's according to a recent cdc report a similar subvariant, ba.4 makes up another 17% an fda advisory committee last week recommended modifying booster shots from moderna and pfizer to target the subvariants directly. a georgia monument was destroyed yesterday in a pre-dawn bombing a surveillance camera captured the explosion. look at this and moments later a car can be
7:32 am
seen leaving the scene police are still searching for the person responsible for the blast. it sits near the town of al berton, about two hours from atlanta. to the overwhelming display of love and generosity in the wake of monday's parade shooting in illinois. the story of a 2-year-old boy who lost both of his parents it's touched so many people and moved them to help this morning for the first time we are hearing from that little boy's family emilie is here with more on that emilie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you all. so many people eager to help we're told the gofundme page hit more than $30,000 within a few minutes of being launched now it's around $3 million an important reminder of the good in this world for such a dark tragedy he's emerged as an emblem of highland park's tremendous loss
7:33 am
on july 4th. a 2-year-old boy effective l orphaned by monday's massacre. his parents, kevin and irina among the seven people killed alon the parade route witnesses say kevin was killed trying to protect his son. >> like the wind got knocked out of you. >> irina and tony are part of the family, and started a gofundme page to support him and the caregivers tasked with raising, caring for and supporting aidan they sat down with tom llamas. >> it occurred to us right away. what can we do what is going to help this family prayers, yeah, great food. yeah what is ultimately going to help them it's gofundme, 100%. >> reporter: the page has raised more than $2.8 million in a stunning outpouring of help from a world touched by a community's sorrow and a father's final heroic act >> his dad did everything he could to protect his son and he was successful with that. >> reporter: nbc spoke with tom
7:34 am
brooks who spotted the 2-year-old beneath his father. he said he had that kid in his arms and the final act was bravery. he fell with his son underneath him, and it was intentional. this gentleman is a hero this morning tributes pouring in for the couple, both with degrees in finance irina was an only child. her father who emigrated from russia telling the outlet, she was the love of my life. a friend calling her an amazing person adding that kevin was such a kind person that loved to make people laugh. he kept telling me he wanted a big family and how much it meant to him monday's violence shattering that dream but a community determined to pick up the pieces in its wake. >> there's so many layers to the story but there's the man, tom brooks, who saw aidan's dad on top of them and had a chance to share a couple of moments before
7:35 am
he passed. >> tom brooks said he told the bleeding father that his son was safe the father wasn't responsive but brooks is convinced he heard him, perhaps a moment of relief in kevin mccarthy's final moments. >> had to have been. >> thank you so much coming up, tom costello on a new warning about what's being called the biggest threat to our government, china. >> reporter: an unprecedented joint news conference with the fbi and britain's mi-5 warning that chinese spies are trying to penetrate, hack and steal business information, government secrets, and your personal information. we'll have that story. up next, today's consumer confidential a lot of stores have too much stuff. now shoppers are getting a surprise when they try to make returns. kerry sanders breaks down the policies we should know before he buy after this.
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the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. consumer confidential series where every day at this time we try to help manage your money. and this morning a look at a surprising side effect of inflation. >> some stores simply have too much stuff and shoppers who try to make returns are being told just to keep it. kerry sanders explains why this is interesting. good morning, kerry. >> reporter: good morning, i'm at anglers bait and tackle say you go out and buy something
7:41 am
like this, a rod and reel for $1,000, and then you decide i want a refund. you know the standard rules, you have to return it within 30 days, need a receipt and it needs to be in good condition. now big box companies appear to be changing their standard policy and at first glance, it's a real head scratcher. high inflation has customers rethinking purchases, which in turn has resulted in inventory ordered months ago by big retail chains backing up in storage. >> put on the wall against the back >> what back you can't see the wall. >> reporter: the situation played for laughs on tiktok. >> keep those items and i'll give you the money back for them. >> i don't need them, i just need to return them. >> reporter: but for some companies with overstocks and no rooms for returns it's now a serious financial calculation, give customers a refund but also let them keep what they purchased. when that happens, shoppers are in disbelief.
7:42 am
>> they let me keep the old and gave me the new. it was convenient because i didn't have to ship anything back. >> reporter: last year customers returned $760 billion worth of products according to the national retail federation the trend is even more pronounced with online sales more than 20% of merchandise was returned in 2021 >> my advice to consumers would be shop as mindfully as you always have and try not to overreturn but you find might retailers are more generous now than in the past. >> should you expect it? >> i don't think so. i think this is at this point at the discretion of the retailer. >> all that shipping out and back also has a big impact on the environment. 16 million tons of carbon dioxide. and an astounding 5.8 billion tons of return packaging winds up in land fills amazon said it's not changing its return policies but that some no return refunds do happen
7:43 am
policy depends on a variety of factors that will lead to the best possible customer experience adding in some cases they may not have to bring or ship the item back. >> i bought chairs from way fair, one of them had a ding on it i let them know and they said just keep it and sent a replacement so now i have an extra chair. >> reporter: skeptics say for obvious reasons companies won't ever advertise get a refund yet keep the product. >> i think people are going to take advantage of the system and buy things they say they want to return even though they want to keep them and probably make prices go up for the rest of us. >> fair thought. how does this impact folks who have different sizes of clothes and shoes online, they order a
7:44 am
couple and send the one back that doesn't fit. >> reporter: that's become sort of routine, people ordering online, multiple sizes especially since the covid weight gain that took place. the best advise, say you get three shirts and you have one that fits and they say keep the other two, perhaps donate the other two to charity >> there you go. >> that's a good idea. >> good response there kerry, thank you. from a company standpoint it kind of makes sense, paying for the shipping. >> and what are they going to do with it if it's damaged. >> bill you said it happened to you. >> i had an extra dining room table in my garage it was great, after the kids ruined the old one, i pulled out the new table. are you ready for multiple choice it's been a hot summer nashville, you've had 17 days in a row of 90 degree plus. i was like i wonder what the record is for the most 90 degree plus days in a row
7:45 am
so is it 34 in nashville, 41 or 55 nashville, tennessee. >> the answer is 41. >> 34. >> 55. >> at least one of you is guaranteed to get it right >> i'll take 55. >> the answer for this one is. >> saturday is supposed to be 89 and then it's hot after that if saturday can sneak in at 90 we have a chance for the record. let's go to dallas, texas. known for being extremely hot. we've had 13 days of 100 plus. what is the record in dallas for the most number of 100 degree days in one single year? >> i'm going 42. >> i want to say 42. >> you do? >> i do. >> then you might be right. >> i'll take 71. i've been in dallas in the summer. >> someone put 71 on there, it's a misprint that's a lot, right? 71 is the answer, craig with the win. the heat wave continues today and into the weekend, too. dallas about 105 over the next
7:46 am
i'm going to have to talk to al we need like prizes. >> i agree. >> i'm here for that. >> al can provide the prize. >> he'd make a great game show host bob barker who when we come back, today's can't miss vindication for anyone who experienced being hangry you may not want to skip that breakfast. right after this
7:47 am
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7:51 am
what do you model, gloves. what are you doing, that girl is into me. >> eat a snickers. >> why >> because you get a little angry when you're hungry that was actor joe pesci getting a little hangry. if you've gotten snappy, haven't eaten. there's a study that confirms what most of us knew. >> it's real. >> the research followed a group of 64 people over three weeks and found emotions strongly linked to hunger bottom line, the hungrier people got, the angrier and more irritable they've became that happen to you >> absolutely. if you think about children, that's why you have snack time >> children are the barometer if they don't have something they can tear the house down. >> here it is, hunger accounted for 56% change in irritability, a 48% change in anger. we know that
7:52 am
that's why you're always eating something on the side. >> i always have a snack. >> both of you guys. do you do oranges? >> i do bananas now. >> do you? >> i don't i should. >> we're about to hit a commercial break we have our phone call for the 9:00 and on that call i have our snack. so i come back, i'm a more pleasant person. >> what's your choice of snack >> a granola bar or fruit. >> you used to have yogurt. >> i did, but i'm lactose intolerant. >> let's move on. >> you asked. why the summer movie season is about to take off, after your local news it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, stepping down good for yourself has never been this delicious.
7:53 am
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and learn how abbvie could help you save. good morning. it is 7:56. i am marcus washington. here's what's happening now. >> a protest is scheduled for 9:30 this morning at city hall pick the protest and the resolution filed by the supervisors are calling for the governor on the certificate. if approved. they released a statement saying apart it welcomed feedback from the community while reiterating its commitment to public safety. good morning, everyone. inflation at the cosco foodcourt. business insider says cosco is raising prices on chicken and soda.
7:57 am
soda goes up a dime and the big chicken up a dollar. cosco is not touching the hotdog and soda, which is been $1.50 since 1985 and considered almost sacred. time to get a look at that forecast. >> we have some nice weather headed back to the bay area today for the inland areas. notice how the temperatures warm up going into the weekend. take some extra time to get in some of the milder temperatures we will see this afternoon. there will not be much of a change in san francisco. it is misting and drizzling right now. we will see a little bit more sunshine for the weekend but our temperature stated same with highs reaching into the upper 60s thanks to the strong ocean breeze that will continue even into next week. it doesn't really make it into the inland valley. that is why we will see some of the value temperatures heating up, especially by the end of the weekend. we will have another local
7:58 am
news up date coming up for you in 30 minutes.
7:59 am
we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, stepping down prime minister boris johnson announces his resignation after three years in office. what led up to that decision and how it's affecting relations with the u.s. and the rest of the world. we are live in london with the latest then spy games, a stark warning from the fbi director about the chinese government's threat to economic and national security so is china deploying spies to influence governments, businesses and even local communities. >> the chinese government is set
8:01 am
on stealing your technology. >> the pushback from beijing and the warning about certain smart phone apps. plus major break through the new treatment giving hope to patients with depression how researchers are using magnetic pulses to ease the pain. >> do you think the treatment saved your life? >> absolutely. >> what doctors and patients are saying this morning. and summer show time, a preview of the films now hitting the big spring, from superhero smash hits to family-friendly flicks we're rounding out all the movies coming to a theatre near you, thursday, july 27, 2022 six hours with my beautiful mom -- >> to be on the "today" show. >> wishing my grandpa happy birthday. >> in columbia, south carolina. >> hey, kentucky. >> three generations. >> on a girls' trip.
8:02 am
>> from seattle. >> just got engaged. >> in new york. >> visiting from fairfax, virginia, hi, dad. >> celebrating five years with my best friend. >> our first time in new york. >> mine too. >> from virginia. >> from new mexico celebrating on "today. >> all right >> you can't beat that we are so happy that everyone came >> yes >> by the way, it's one of the best parts of summer, walking up and seeing our great crowd savannah is taking the day off we'll go outside and visit the british government is in turmoil this morning prime minister boris johnson announces that he is resigning johnson faced a rebellion by members of his own party correspondent keir simmons is in london with the breaking new
8:03 am
happening just moments ago k keir, good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. we just witnessed that dramatic moment in this most historic of streets. boris johnson walking out of that world famous door 10 downing street to announce his resignation. they listen watching in the white house and worrying this ushers in a period of instability here in the uk it's such an unstable time in europe in his speech boris johnson saying effectively his party has forced him out take a listen. >> it is clearly now the will of the parliamentary conservative party that there should be a new leader of that party and, therefore, a new prime minister. >> reporter: the herd instinct is powerful he said and when it moves it moves there was no contrition, no tears, no explanation beyond suggesting he fought to say because he had been given such a strong mandate by the british people a message to ukraine, he said we will continue to back your fight
8:04 am
for freedom for as long as it takes. but for president biden who is trying to sustain a strong coalition supporting ukraine and against president putin, this has to be a setback. hoda >> keir simmons with tha breaking news at 10 downing street keir, thank you. back here the accused gunman in the f shooting in illinois was ordered held without bond after a hearing yesterday. officials also giving more about his alleged confession maggie vespa is on the ground for us in illinois good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the investigators saying the suspect confessed to the shooting. and also saying in the hours after the attack he fled to madison, wisconsin where he considered carrying out a second attack at another july 4th celebration. at the same time, overnight, the alleged gunman's father speaking to the new york post telling them he and his son the night before the attack spoke about a recent mass shooting in denmark and his son called the shooter there an idiot
8:05 am
police saying he used a firearm he legally purchased along with four others in 2020 and 2021 also saying the suspect's father sponsored his son's application for a firearms identification card that allowed him to purchase the weapons later on. the father saying he did that because he thought his son wanted to go to a shooting range. now to a warning from the fbi director and the head of british intelligence they are sounding an alarm over chinese spying, technology theft and violence tom costello is in washington with a closer look tom, good morning. >> reporter: this is a detailed warning directed at politicians, any government leader who may want to attract a chinese investment businesses trying to open manufacturing centers there, and universities
8:06 am
the fbi and mi-5 saying chinese espionage is engaged in an all out attempt to hack, penetrate and steal. standing side by side in london, chris wray and mi-5 director with an unprecedented joint warning. the threat from china is immediate and immense. >> we see that it's the chinese government that poses the biggest long term threat to our economic and national security. >> reporter: the u.s. and uk accuse china of deploying a global network of spies to hack and penetrate, governments, businesses, universities, even local communities, to steal secrets and influence public opinion. >> chinese is interested in our democratic and legal systems, not to emulate them, sadly but to use it for its gain. >> reporter: saying a global
8:07 am
cyber threat against aerospace interest was interrupted in may. director wray saying the bureau opens a new china related investigation every 12 hours the united front coming as u.s. national counterintelligence has issued a warning that u.s. leaders at the state and local level risk being manipulated to support hidden chinese agendas the warning cited chinese companies offering incentives to u.s. businesses or governments while opening the door for chinese espionage. >> chinese business works hand in hand with the government. there are no free lunches. if you see an offer from a chinese business entity that seems too good to be true, it probably is. >> reporter: the u.s. government's recent efforts to combat influence even extends to the apps on your phone last month the fcc commissioner urged apple and google to take down tiktok because of reports
8:08 am
that user data was being used by beijing. they said those comments were misleading and said there is no concern. now the chinese foreign ministry is pushing back against the most recent warnings. saying on wednesday in order to mislead the public the u.s. has worked hand in glove with nato to hype up competition but the fbi insists the threat is very real. >> the chinese government is set on stealing your technology. whatever it is that makes your industry tick and using it to under cut your business and dominate your market and they're set on using every tool at their disposal to do it. >> reporter: the fbi says china is also harassing and trying to undermine chinese dissidents, including those in america who don't support the regime in march, they learned agents were working against a chinese
8:09 am
american politician who was in school during the tiananmen square protests in 1989. the chinese agents were even ordered to use violence gagains him. >> feels like a good time for a boost. >> professional bicycle racers are fiercely competitive but sometimes even they resort to child's play. two teammates congratulated each other. they left the pack behind. there was a mile to go the question is who should cross the finish line first. the rider in green holds up his fist calls for a game of rock, paper, sisters paper scissors his teammate in red goes for paper, bests rock, and guess who rolls over first by a hair. >> there you go, rock, paper, scissors that's love right there. >> that's cool. >> my kids go rock, paper, scissors, shoot. >> mine too. coming up, a promising treatment giving hope to people with depression. we're going to get a first-hand
8:10 am
look at how it works and how it's already changing lives. >> then coming up in "popstart," all hail the king. a first look at viola davis in a powerful role based on real events coming up right after these messages sed on real events coming up right after these messages it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. [ music: "good time" by anthony ramos ] back pain, and fatigue. bodies that look like this. also move like this. and this. and this. ♪ ♪ dad, when is the future?
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8:15 am
back now with your health. and this morning there is new hope for treating debilitating depression. >> this is exciting because there's a promising treatment that studies show could help some severe cases of depression. vicky nguyen joins us with more on this one. good morning >> reporter: hey, good morning, craig and hoda good morning to everyone at home as well. you know, depression is a disease that effects millions of americans, one study found depression rates tripled during the pandemic now doctors are putting a new twist on a treatment that's been around for 15 years. they say it's safe, it's noninvasive and the results are nearly instantaneous we spoke with two people who say it saved their lives for 18-year-old chase, the headlines hit hard >> the sudden death of a college student.
8:16 am
>> reporter: multiple young people dying by suicide. >> if it can happen to tyler, it can happen to anybody. >> reporter: including soccer player katie meyer. >> we're struggling to know what happened and why it happened you know, we're just like heart broken. >> i looked up to her when i was younger because i played soccer and i was a goalie and she was the best goalie. >> reporter: the high school senior never experienced depression until the pandemic hit. >> when did you decide i need help >> after a couple months of just realizing i wasn't feeling like myself. >> reporter: after trying medications and therapy, chase said she kept getting worse and even had thoughts of taking her own life. >> i was a little bit scared for myself. >> reporter: desperate her mother found a new study by dr. nolan williams he was using a super charged version of magnetic stimulation, tms, that uses magnets to
8:17 am
stimulate parts of the brain. >> the brain learning to turn on and stay on. >> reporter: williams is a psychiatrist and neurologist studying the new treatment called s.a.i.n.t. in traditional tms patients get one treatment a day, five days a week for six to eight weeks. some treatments get six treatments a day for five days we were invited to watch it in action with 30-year-old sergio gonzalez. >> we turn the power up and down until we get the minimal power necessary. >> reporter: they target a part of the brain that controls his thumb. >> you are not doing that? >> the magnet is inducing a current in his brain. >> reporter: then mapping software pinpoints where the doctor should place the magnet. >> this is the part responsible for feelings of control? >> yes. >> this is the part that
8:18 am
receives the treatment >> yes this is the part that specifically interacts with another region that's involved in sadness so in each person we find that best spot within this area and then we turn it up >> when do the effects start to hit you? >> typically the next day is when i notice them. >> reporter: dr. williams said during his study of the treatment it was so effective and immediate they had to cut it short to report the results that suicidal patients no longer had thoughts of killing themselves with traditional tms about 30% of patients reported feeling better, with s.a.i.n.t. it was 80%. >> what did you think when you saw the results? >> it was humbling if we can shutdown suicidal thinking in the ways we've seen so far we can imagine one in every emergency room, psychiatric hospital, every student mental health center in the country. >> reporter: sergio said he was at rock bottom when he turned to s.a.i.n.t.
8:19 am
>> it works. the symptoms are gone. >> do you think this treatment saved your life? >> absolutely. >> reporter: chase also underwent a similar version of the treatment at a nearby clinic. >> it was the week after that i felt the change it was astounding. >> what about the thoughts of self-harm and suicide, did those go away? >> yeah. >> reporter: her twin sister crystal said her sister returned. >> i missed you so much. you came back and i was so excited for you, you deserved to feel like yourself. >> reporter: a promising new treatment already changing lives. dr. williams and his team are still researching the treatment and they are hoping for fda approval sometime this year, that would be really helpful because it would make this treatment much more widely available and ensure that insurance covers it.
8:20 am
in the meantime dr. williams said there are study sites across the u.s. still recruiting participants we put more information all about of that on back to you. >> i know it's in the early stages but that sounds -- >> fascinating. >> to imagine you're contemplating suicide to feeling good, amazing. thank you, vicky it is 8:19 let's take a check of the weather from bill. >> good morning, once again. the worst weather in the country if you're headed out is in northern missouri and iowa we have heavy rain, flash flooding later this afternoon severe storms are possible from raleigh to atlanta, charlotte, isolated storms in kentucky, too. very hot conditions are in place an good morning, i am meteorologist kari hall one it will be another really nice day for the inland areas the warmest amateurs reaching into low 80s.
8:21 am
it will get slightly warmer tomorrow as the trend continues for the end of the weekend temperatures peaking for the start of next week on monday. starting to come down by the middle of next week. for san francisco, not much of a change. we will see more to start thinking about it, your weekend forecast is coming up. >> thank you >> thanks, bill. it is time for pop start sheinelle in for carson. >> or as al says best time of the morning. >> amsterdam, the name of a new thriller and this movie has a cast you have to be-to-see to believe we have margot robby, chrissian bail, john david, they lead the lineup it's set in the 1930s, based on real events. they play a group of friends who find themselves at the center of a murder investigation
8:22 am
here's a peek. >> we need someone to help us. >> to find the truth >> my friend was killed. because of something monstrous that he had seen. >> this is turning out to be larger than any of us -- >> you have to take my lead getting out of this. >> i had to stab guy, hit a lady with a brick one time. >> what? >> it's a long story but with you two it'll be a cake walk. >> i'm about to do something that could cost me my life. >> the coo-coo is in the nes and it's about to be trapped. >> there are more stars making an appearance. >> chris rock. >> look at that, chris rock, mike meyers, taylor swift, so many more. everybody signed up for this project. >> you have to watch that. you have to see it based on the cast. >> it's called "amsterdam" it hits theatres in november. next up, viola davis, the oskar winner is going full action
8:23 am
movie hero in the first trailer for "the woman king" she stars on screen as the general of an all female army. the woman king is set to tell the story of how her unique military fought back against invaders who tried to enslave their kingdom. >> my king, the europeans wish to concur us they will not stop until the whole of africa is theirs. we must fight back you are called to join the king's guard no kingdom in all of africa shares this privilege. train hard, fight harder fear no one. >> i have chills there are so many stories to tell in world history. and this is a true one and now we're going to know it the woman king.
8:24 am
>> king viola. she had every title, about time to have that one too. next up, paris fashion week some of the biggest names in entertainment are in europe right now with a front seat at the shows. some celebrities are walking the run way and yesterday kim kardashian strutted down the cat walk, wearing a full-length gown nicole kidman sparkled in a gorgeous dress and black gloves. behind the scenes it was country music meets high fashion with keith urban showing up with support. and dua lipa stunned in a flowing one shoulder gown. she thanked the designer on social media calling the opportunity to walk an honor and a dream. >> they always have the look you got to have the look. >> finally it's wedding bells, wolfgang van halen is engaged.
8:25 am
they showed off their ring and mom valerie shared their love for the two writing how do i heart this a million times. so happy we are so happy for you too. congrats >> that's beautiful. >> good pop start. >> good one. all right. when we come back, we'll bring the flavor in "today" food with two takeout worthy recipes you can make for your family tonight. >> from superheroes to super pets grab your popcorn we are breaking down the blockbusters coming to theatres this summer but first a check of your local news and weather but first a check of your local news and
8:26 am
good morning, i am kris sanchez. a close call on dash cam video. in a hot one couple for ever. you see a bullet coming through the windshield. the couple was driving on the east bay freeway. glass hits her face and she was okay physically. they saw two cars driving erratically before a shot was fired. so far, chp is not commenting, other than to say it is investigating what happened.
8:27 am
meteorologist kari hall is watching the forecast. >> we start out cloudy and are looking at mild weather today especially for inland areas that have enjoyed a nice cool down since the weekend. that continues today. it will reach a high of 75 degrees. 79, napa oakland, 71. san francisco will be mid 60s. it will be warmer there along the coastline, as we get more sunshine. the valleys will also warmed up quite a bit as well. livermore reaches 85 degrees. 88, san martin. aim for a breeze on saturday. mark local dues coming up in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪♪ ♪ it is 8:30, 8:30 on a thursday morning it is july 7th it is 2022 this is it this is a happening crowd. if you think this is something,, wait until tomorrow. we are so stoked becau star charlie puth coming to the plaza stage tomorrow, live concert. we have more fun news this morning to share with you.
8:31 am
two weeks after charlie puth, we have romeo santos here as well so to get tickets it's register for your fan pass now, do it now so you can catch those must see converts. the second one is friday, july 22nd. we have a busy half hour ahead. saving money every from where the grocery store to the gas pump and how to come through our budgets and also she has terrific apps that will put money back in your pocket. >> that sounds like a good thing. who's going to the movies this summer? dave carter has the upcoming releases to get your whole family excited plus skip on the takeout in "today" food we have flavorful indian dishes you can make tonight if anyone wants to make me
8:32 am
some -- >> something for you >> yes >> okay. coming up on the "3rd hour of today", fact or fiction does counting the seconds between thunder and lightning really work. can drinking beer attract mosquitos? if that's the case i'd have 20 bites but we'll find out in a consumer confidential. we have some special visitors here today. they're a group of dancers from the volume performance center in indianapolis, y'all. we just found them in our plaza. they are between the ages of 9 and 12 and you guys are going to show us a few moves in a moment we're excited. can we let bill do the weather first and then will you show us your moves >> yeah. >> all right over to you. i want to see what they have to say. the weekend forecast the summer weekends fly by after the july 4th let's get to your friday, one spot in the country taking vacation or going to the beach,
8:33 am
the southeast is going to be a little bit dicey as we go through the next couple days not just strong storms friday but even into saturday we could see waves of rain, rough surf, rip current. headed to the beaches keep that in mind. dry in the middle of the country, nice weekend for the great lakes to the northeast ideal weather conditions continue but again sunday, the heavy rain threat from charleston, savannah jacksonville morning, i am meteorologist kari hall. today we are headed for 70s in oakland upper 70s for san jose. livermore will see a high of 83 degrees. a little warmer as we go through the weekend. our highs are reaching 94 degrees on sunday. we will also have warm weather to start up next week it starts to feel more mild heading toward next wednesday. san francisco will see more
8:34 am
friends, and also congratulations, 21 years of marriage i like my yankee fans here, too. before we get started, before these dancers -- do you see this group of proud moms >> oh, yeah. >> you have to see the moms behind the girls i know y'all are nervous they're going to be amazing. all right. the volume performance center in indianapolis girls ages 9 through 12, plucked from the crowd ladies, take it away girls. ♪ five four three two one ♪ >> okay. ♪ ♪ give me a beat ♪ ♪♪
8:35 am
>> get it girls. ♪ five four three two one ♪ >> okay ♪ give me a beat ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> hold on. >> look at you smiling >> let's go. >> if you thought the girls were excited. the moms, what did y'all think [ cheers and applause >> your girls did great. congratulations. >> that was fantastic. that was fantastic >> thank you >> guys, thank you again congratulations. keep it up, ladies we love you. when we come back -- wow yes. up next, money moves stephanie rhule is here, sharing tips to get control over your budget she's dancing, too and she's sharing apps to put money back in your pocket as
8:36 am
well but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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8:38 am
back now "today's" summer savings summer can be expensive and this summer more so than ever with skyrocketing inflation so stephanie rhule has joined us with ways to maximize money. if we ever needed this advice we need it now. >> let's start with a general check in with your finances. what's the first thing you should do? >> i know you'll say i don't feel like starting my summer with this. but let's check our budget you know what's unsexy, out of control spending and collections agencies calling you every day let's not get there. go over your bills, your credit card statements and analyze, what are the things i need to buy, where do i need to spend, and where are things i don't need to. at times of stress we start to
8:39 am
convenience spend. if you can get rid of that, that's going to help you once we do that, make a budget there's great apps, minted, you need a budget, pocket guide. all help you create the online budget but before you can create the online budget, i want you to know where your money goes >> one thing i love about mint, it connects and communicate with your bank or banks. >> yes. >> so it makes it easier i assume all of them probably do. >> yes, they do. >> if you're struggling with these everyday items you can't avoid buying a lot of stuff, but where should you start. >> this should be easy to stay, get cash back. let's tri to do it think about your biggest fix cost, rent, utility, credit card, pick up the card, try to negotiate, they might be willing
8:40 am
to cut you a deal. if you can't get lower deals you can get slower payments because the more you can have money in your pocket right now while prices are going up, that's good for you. plan ahead do not go to the grocery store without a list do not go to the grocery store hungry that's when you're walking through the aisles not looking at the price of things -- >> impulse buying. >> yes think ahead. go to apps where you're going to get cash back. >> i'm a coupon queen. find them before you're shopping i know you talked about it, use the gas apps, don't drive around look for the cheapest gas, use the apps, they're your friend. a lot of folks turning to credit cards right now to manage the cash flow. what are things people should keep in mind if they turned to plastic to help. >> first things first. if you're using one particular card a lot down load your -- go to the website and see. there might be an opt in with
8:41 am
some big retailer if you opt in, you might get 10, 15% off if you're using that retailer however for people who want to play that game it's all about loyalty points i get cash back, rewards. unless you can pay those bills on time in full every month don't think i'm going to get these points, that will help me, that's a bad move. however if you have credit card debt and you're figuring out how i'm going to pay it down zero balance transfers make sense, citi, bank of america, discovery, you can get the zero balance, but you're not going to get zero interest forever it's usually a set period of time you don't want to go past that and you're paying up. >> and coupons. >> coupons, coupons. i insist you think about coupons. they make such a difference. you have to plan ahead and use them. >> for people who have disposable income right now, when it comes to saving, investing, what should they be doing.
8:42 am
>> you're saying everything costs more, how am i going to save >> pay yourself first. before you pay rent, credit card how is craig going to save money? you should always try to have 3 to 6 months of emergency savings so the way to do it, set it aside. say it's $100 a paycheck immediately do an account transfer to a separate bank account. you're going to be building up that money every month rather than waiting to see what's left in the wallet because chances are there won't be much. >> comes out of your check. >> absolutely. you want to avoid paying interest, pay on time if you can. and read the fine print on the credit card statements if you're saying i have so much. before you go into saying -- before you start paying debt i have to figure out how i'm going to pay this down before you go into saying -- before you start paying it down, start to figure out what are the easiest, fastest ways i can do it go to your credit card you know you can cover first because over time, these things are going to build up and they get crazy. >> stephanie rhule you have
8:43 am
great tips for us. thank you so much. >> cash diet that's what i want you to do. >> what's that >> go out using cash, not the credit cards you take a credit card to a bar, you'll spend a lot more than you will if you have cash. >> cash diet you heard it for more money tips from stephanie rhule >> what you got, hoda? >> i have dave out here breaking down the summer blockbuster from superheroes to thrillers to books turned into films. he's the one this is the one to watch but first this is "today" on nbc wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers.
8:44 am
and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
8:45 am
back now with "today's" can't miss summer. there are highly anticipated movies coming out in the weeks ahead. >> here with blockbusters for everybody in the family is our pal, the turner classic movie host david carver. we love when you're here
8:46 am
let's start with the biggy, "thor love and thunder". >> opens today i expect 150 million at the box office, the fourth thor movie. this time natalie portman gets to wield the hammer. it's go to be a huge smash. >> a lot of folks talking about the next one, based on a wildly popular book. >> where the the craw dads sing. >> yes >> credit reese witherspoon, one of the producers of the movie. it's about a girl who raises herself in the marshes of north carolina people are talking about it because it also features a new song by tyler swift. next friday busy day because you have "paws of furry". >> that's a family friendly one. >> it's a dog that wants to be a samurai, it's toilet humor and sam jackson. >> toilet humor.
8:47 am
>> yeah. lots of jokes about exploding -- >> for people who like a period film if the mrs. harris goes to paris". >> yes, a woman who is a housekeeper and dreams of owning a dior gown. one of the costars is lucas bravo. he was on last week. he's just super charming and it's a lovely film. >> i'm headed to l.a. next week spending time with jordan peel they're being tight lipped about the next one >> yep. >> what can you tell us about it >> it's two horse trainers in hollywood, jordan and daniel are now oscar winners in real life there's a ufo in the trailer
8:48 am
what we don't know is what the social commentary is going to be because all his films feature that that's what i'm curious to see along with the genre horror stuff. i cannot wait. i love that he puts the movies out and nobody knows what they're about. >> some things are ripped from the rescue like the cave rescue. "13 lives". >> i just saw the film and can't recommend it highly enough whether you know everything about the story or nothing about the story of the soccer players saved you will be riveted by the film. >> another enemy movie that is going to make a lot of money this one involving pets as well. >> and thing about this d.c. one, super pets, it's combinin the popular superheroes with animals. this is the star studded film. it's john krasinski as super man. >> that's cute price of admission right there
8:49 am
>> everybody loves brad pitt, sandra bullock they're together in this movie. it is true he asked her? >> lady gaga was supposed to be in it but it conflicted, and he needed someone else. i guess he reached out we have not seen brad pitt in a lead role, it's been three years and this is based on a japanese book it's like a crime thriller with comedy taking place on a fast moving train. >> do you think tom cruise and top gun changed trajectories. are people now going because of that >> 100%. he was so smart to say this movie should not come out until it can play in theatres. now people want to go back to the theaters again >> no one better than dave carver. >> great to see you. cheers. coming up next, two indian food recipes your family will think you ordered takeout. we'r
8:50 am
8:51 am
back now with "today" food
8:52 am
we have chef and author romy gill here for the very first time i love when we get a first timer. she's known for her brightly colored and elegant indian dishes she just released her second cookbook that shares recipes and stories from her time in india she's making two classic recipes from the cookbook. hi, romy first of all welcome we love this is your first time with us. how are you feeling. >> i'm so excited. nervous and excited. i'm excited to be here. >> what are you going to cook today? >> i'm doing two different recipes one is the roasted chicken. they don't really eat chicken but i wanted to take the flavors, ingredients from there and make a whole roasted chicken from the western world. >> over yellow rice, you can't beat that. >> i have fried shallots >> so you fry the shallots crispy
8:53 am
>> yes and then kie, it's like butter all you have to do is mix that with -- >> zoom zoom, boom boom. >> into a pulse and then once you do that, once the pulse is made, this is how it's going to be the reason they do that is creamier, texture is nicer. >> did you add cloves and cinnamon too >> yes here i have some cheese, amazing flavor, some fennell, some ginger powder, salt, add the cloves if you don't find the whole ones, you can add the ground ones. >> that's a cinnamon stick grind it up, and that becomes this. >> grind that and that becomes that and that's the key and that's the saffron >> yes >> so that's what this is. >> am i painting it on here? >> yes, please. >> i would love to do the painting
8:54 am
>> that's the one, yes i love that word, painting it on >> yes >> if you want to dig in with your fingers at home. >> gets mushy. >> you just put this on and stick it in the oven. >> yes in the oven about 400 degrees. think about the american side, in england we say differently. for an hour and 20 minutes depending on the size of the chicken. and then make sure that the temperature, the inside is about 165 degrees. >> is it yummy >> and then for finishing you grill it or broil it. >> broil it. >> five minutes to make it crispy. >> is this a jam on the side. >> this is apricot and cutny. >> the chips are great. >> this is the lotus root. >> we were all wrong. >> what is that? >> this is the lotus root, you peel it. the lotus root you find a longer one.
8:55 am
so what you do is this size. look how pretty that is. really lovely pretty or you can also do it lengthwise so it's tricky but you can do it like this. >> i like it like this. >> this is what i wanted to say. people want it that way but this is so pretty i love that. >> the lotus root, is it easy to find in a store? >> it's very easy to find in america, especially asian stores as well. online as well but if you can't -- >> a sweet potato. >> sweet potato savior i have ginger, salt, all goes into here. >> this is just flour, regular flour. >> no. this is rice flour the rice flour gives it -- it's gluten free as well. >> this is so interesting. >> then add a little bit of water. >> just a little. >> don't add all the water together that's where people make a mistake and then it becomes runny as well.
8:56 am
>> then you bathe it in there. >> yes please do. my help is great, right. >> a real future there. >> this is regular old oil. >> regular vegetable oil. >> that's easy. >> that's it >> yes >> incredible. >> we can bag them and sell them. >> buy them deep fried 350 degrees, it should be. >> it's yummy. we got to run. for these recipes head to so great coming up on the fourth good morning.
8:57 am
i am kris sanchez. opponents of pg&e are making a new push for change in san francisco. supervisors are asking gavin newsom to allow the utility to use funds to pay for its role in recent wildfires. the supervisors are proposing a resolution asking the governor to revoke that certificate. they are calling for a publicly owned nonprofit called golden state energy to replace pg&e. pg&e says a welcome feedback from the community adding that pg&e has a valid safety certificate issued by the office of energy infrastructure safety and our mitigation plan outlines the bold comprehensive set of actions we are taking to provide safe and reliable ergy amid a changing encl
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this morning on the "3rd hour of today," return and reward. stores reconsidering their policies letting you keep the item and get a refund. what's behind the surprise for shoppers? then baseball that's gone ast t like this. we're headed out to the ball game in the upside. and later, fun in the sun, the must have items to look great this summer and throw the perfect back yard bash. that's all


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