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tv   Today  NBC  July 6, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning unthinkable loss new stories of sacrifice from the fourth of july parade shooting in illinois the parents who died protecting their young son. and the survivors who are forever changed. >> has it hit you what like how close you guys were? >> i don't want to think about that >> while investigators share new details on the suspect, his disguise, and how they say he
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slipped away. >> he blended right in with everybody else. >> the past run-ins with police. we are live on the ground in illinois plus, the investigation widens, new subpoenas for some of president trump's inner circle, including rudy giuliani and senator lindsey graham the grand jury investigates whether the former president tried to interfere with the election results in georgia. as the january 6 commission announces when it will resume its own investigation into the storming of the capitol. we're live in d.c. hiding in plain sight. a first look at how police say a yoga teacher accused of murdering a romantic rival tried to change their appearance. >> and the new evidence say they links her to the crime scene carlos santana collapses in the middle of a concert overnight. the start later seen waving to the crowd as he's taken off. what happened? and how he is doing. all that plus, space invaders?
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the head of nasa expressing concern that china's military could try to take control of the moon launching new tensions between the countries. is the next space rays officially on? and a heroes welcome moving moments at the white house where a group of vietnam veterans received the nation's highers honor. inside their amazing stories and the touching tribute today, wednesday, july 6, 2022. ♪ from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning we're so happy you are with us on this wednesday morning. savannah is off. craig melvin joins me here at
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the desk it. s been nearly 48 hours after the horrific july 4th attack in highland park, illinois. just a short time ago the white house lowered the flag to half staff to honor the victims of that tragedy and now the 21 year old shooting suspect has been charged with seven counts of first-degree murder. >> those in attendance applauding the charges as they were announced last night. and the state's attorney making it clear more charges will be coming. >> reporter: in the meantime we're learning a lot more this morning about the now seven lives lost last night nbc's lester holt spoke with kathy goldstein t daughter of katie goldstein, who was shot and killed while watching the parade. here is how she described what happened and how she remembers her mom. >> i told her it was a shooter and that she had to run. ao i started running with her. and we were next to each other and he shot her in the chest and she fell down. and i knew she was dead. she was just a good mom. i got to have 22 years with the best mom in the world. >> we've got it all covered this morning.
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we're going start with tom llamas at the scene in highland park >> reporter: we're learning about alarming incidents and disturbing behavior by the alleged shooter in recent years leading to the question why was this young man who had made violent threats in the past able to legally purchase so many weapons. this morning the loan gunman who police say unleashed a rooftop ambush on the july 4th parade is facing seven counts of first-degree murder. police visited his home twice in the past but he was still able to legally purchase weapons afterwards sponsored by his father. overnight i spoke with the attorney representing the alleged shooters parents people are upset they are telling me how did they not know this was going to happen >> it is toews say now well the
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parents should have known. but fact is nobody knew, nobody saw anything because there was nothing to see. >> reporter: now in custody the 21 year old suspect robert crimo is talking to investigators, though they have yet to determine a motive authorities say he arrived at the independence day celebration dressed as a woman to help hide his facial and neck tattoos and aid in his escape. >> he blended right in with everybody else. >> reporter: seven now dead and at least 38 injured. investigators say his attack was several weeks in the making. in the hours after the shooting, the atf says they successfully traced the high-powered rifle used crime and left at the scene back to the suspect who had legally purchased the weapon
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once on the run, the alleged shooter borrowed his mother's car, initially driving to wisconsin. nbc news learning e left his cell phone in the state before driving back to illinois a tipser recognized alerting police who pulled him over and took him into custody. this woman who grew up with the alleged gunman describes him as a loaner >> i think that he was always an outsider and maybe he wanted to let the world know that -- that he didn't belong. >> reporter: witnesses to monday's massacre still have trouble grasping what they survived. >> i could see the shooter on the rooftop. >> reporter: david was at the parade with his wife and 8 year old son when the shots rang out. he grabbed his loved once and shoved them behind a metal park
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bench. steps away a small child and an elderly man hit. >> has it hit you if you were on the other side of the bench, like how close you guys were >> i don't want to think about that i don't want -- i don't want to think about that >> reporter: and that father telling me his son has not spoken to him about the shooting since, but did tell him he didn't want to go to anymore parades. i also want to mention overnight vice president kamala harris visited the site behind me and met with first responders and told residents that she's praying for highland park. >> i think there are at lo questions about his past criminals past with police and run-ins with law enforcement what more to we know about that. >> reporter: highland park police say they actually spoke to him, the alleged shooter, twice in 2019. once after reported suicide attempt and again months later when a family remember reported he had threatened to, quote, kill everyone. and at that time police confiscated 16 knives, a dagger and a sword. no charges for filed and after
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that incident he was still able to legally purchase five different firearms, including the one used on monday tom, llamas. thank you. pete williams joins us with more from what we just heard from tom there as tom just said here is a guy who is able to buy those guns after being on law enforcement's radar over threat, over confiscated weapons lots of knives how is that even possible? >> well to buy a gun or ammunition in illinois, you first need to get what is called a firearms id card from the state police and it can be denied for a variety of reasons including if the applicant, quote, poses a clear and present danger to the community. the state police were notified in september 2019 when the local police went to the house in response to the threat they removed the knives and all that but they say no arrests were made and no one in the family
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was willing to make a complaint that would have started any kind of legal process, so the state police say that ended the matter for them at the time they say crimo applied for a firearms card three months later. and because he was only 19, he needed a parents approval. the state police say his father sponsored the application so that there was no reason to think that crimo was a danger at that time. so that is how he got the id card that he needed to start buying guns and he passed background checks when he did buy guns in 2020 and 2021. >> pete you did talk about how the father signed off on the gun. is there any way that the father could face any charges >> charges, criminal charges is a matter of illinois state law and i'm not an expert on that. i suppose he could face civil lawsuits.
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>> let's talk about the violent videos online. a lot of people have seen them since. were police officers aware of those videos >> well the lake county sheriffs office says no, that the police didn't know about those videos t ones which crimo appears to show an obsession with violence and mass shootings and even though he posted those videos online and hundreds if not thousands of people saw them, the police say nobody ever reported it to them. and there is no mechanism for the police or fbi o check somebody's social media in the background checks that are conducted when somebody goes to a gun store to buy a firearm investigators say he bought two rifles and some pistols over the past two years all legally, including the rifle they say was used in monday's shooting, hoda. >> pete williams in washington, d.c. thank you so much. we turn now to the victims and how they are being remembered by their grieving community. kathy park is outside highland park hospital where many of the
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injured were treated hey kathy. good morning >> hoda, good morning to you as you know, july 4th is a day of celebration and fun and now seven families are making funeral arrangements. this morning we're learning nine people remain hospitalized and majority of them are recovering from gunshot wounds. ♪ god saved a wretch like -- >> reporter: overtime, a moment of reflection and remembrance in highland park as members of the close it in community mourned the victims of monday's mass shooting. >> the highland park community, like so many before us, is devastated. >> reporter: officials identified six of the seven lives.
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among them 88 year old stephen straus his niece posting on facebook no one should die this way. jacki sundheim is being remembered for her kindness and warmth kevin and irina mccarthy leave behind a 2 year old son. kevin died protecting his son. saying he had aiden under his body when he was shot. he also told the newspaper that the little boy was walking in the street after the shooting. his grandfather later picking him up at the police station the community rallying around the young boy who will now grow up without his parents his grandfather saying to the sun times, aiden's parents were crazy about their child. they were planning two we spoke with an er physician who treated several victims rushed to the hospital some even drove themselves. >> they pulled up here to the front of the emergency department and myself and nurses and staff ran out to help pull the patients out of at car. >> reporter: what can you tell me about the severity of the injuries >> wounds. you know, you could tell the intent was to cause as much harm in the shortest amount of time possible. >> reporter: trained on chicago's south side, she says the carnage she witnessed is all too familiar. >> you look down at yourself and you see you are still wearing the evidence of the trauma and i think i speak for many er
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providers when i say we're really tired we're really tired of having to deal with this on a daily basis. >> reporter: and to mark the lives stolen on july 4th, president biden has ordered that flags be flown at half staff in public spaces. meanwhile the heartbreaking story of the mccarthys and their now orphaned two year old son has touched so many lives that an online fundraiser for the family is now nearing $2 million. hoda >> i look at that gofundme page last night was a million and this morning two million. touched so many people thank you. in georgia, investigation looking into whether or not president trump tried to interfere with the 2020 election results there. some of the president's closest allies now subpoenaed to testify. nbc's chief white house
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correspondent peter alexander is following the story. walk us through the latest and what this means for the criminal investigation in georgia. >> reporter: craig, investigators in georgia are zeroing in on former president trump's inner circle now, issuing subpoenas to senator lindsey graham and key members of mr. trump's legal team, including rudy giuliani and john eastman there on the right he's the conservative lawyer who devised the having to try to overturn the 2020 election results. the grand jury will deliver a recommendation to the if fulton county da about potential charges and that da believes there is possible state crimes with election interference mr. trump's call to georgia secretary of state raffensperger to find votes. >> meanwhile, in a separate but related investigation, the january 6 committee announcing a
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new hearing for next week. what can we expect from that do we know >> that next hearing set to take place next tuesday the january 6 committee is going to dig into connections between the former president's efforts to overturn the election and those domestic violent extremist groups, like the proud boys, the oath keepers, that helped orchestrate the capitol attack the first hearing since last week's explosive testimony from kathy hutchison the former trump aid who detailed how trump now his supporters were armed but still urged them to march to the capitol and later became irate when his service detail refused to drive him there. >> peter, thank you. new details about the yoga teacher who sparked an international man hunt and the steps authorities say she took to evade them. caitlyn armstrong is accused of killing a rising star in the cycling world over what authorities described as the
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love triangle. now she's in a texas jail facing murder charges with a radically different appearance. >> reporter: after 43 days on the run caitlyn armstrong was captured in costa rica, transferred to houston and now sits behind a jail cell this austin facing murder charges. after transforming her appearan she literally looks like a different person. this series of photos of caitlyn armstrong, newly captured murder suspect, shows a stark shift in appearance before and after her arrest by authorities. on the left armstrong had long curly blond hair and a smile. but a month and a half later. two booking photos revealed dyed darker locks trimmed to shoulder length and perhaps new physical attributes after police say she was apprehended with noticeable bruising. >> she had some type of bandage
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on her nose area where she informed officials she received injured from a recent surf board. >> reporter: the yoga instructor targeted since may 17th when a homicide warrant was issued. a day later armstrong popped up on surveillance boarding a plain from newark, new jersey to costa rica. anna mariah wilson shot. police say armstrong and -- collin strickland. told police -- armstrong's 2012 jeep was caught on camera right next to the home where the murder took place according to a police affidavit. the suspect's attorneys are declining comment at this time asking for privacy. >> armstrong's attorneys are wisely giving a no comment. because this is a really tough set of facts for a defense attorney to confront. there appears to be digital and even photographic evidence that doesn't look good for the client. >> reporter: though armstrong was initially questioned by
7:18 am
police a day after the murder she was released because of a paperwork error, paving the way for a 40-plus day long saga now settling at this jail. and we still don't have a time or date for the first hearing. legal experts say she'll have to go before a judge some time in the coming days and right now looking at the three and a half million dollar bond. >> sam brock in austin thank you. one more thing this first half hour. this video in a storm in the tampa bay area. watch that truck in the middle of your screen there. yeah. gets hit by a lightning bolt suddenly. the truck did suffer significant damage as you might imagine. but thankfully, and perhaps surprisingly, everyone in that truck absolutely fine. crazy. >> how about just randomly videoing as you are sitting there and a lightning bolt coming down.
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scary. >> right. i don't believe in accidents. speaking of lightning. let's check the weather. nbc meteorologist bill karins in this morning. >> numerous tornado warnings yesterday. this is bowie, maryland. there was a confirmed tornado with that. thankfully no injuries or fatalities. anything like that. and a bad weather scene in south dakota yesterday. softballs falling out of the sky. four inch sized hail reported. that is pretty rare and 99 miles per hour wind gusts. today a little severe weather, montana into the plaps. but we'll be focusing from indianapolis, southward, lexington and louisville and eventually charlotte and raleigh. driving in the mid atlantic, significant wind damage possible. maybe some small hail. and tomorrow we're stuck in this summer weather pattern. if it is hot it is going to stay hot.
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if it is stormy it is going stay stormy. that's a look at your national forecast. your local forecast comes up in the next third second. this is the only rotating i care about. ... or activate anything to earn. your cash back automatically adjusts for you. can i get a cucumber water? earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle with the citi custom cash℠ card. i love it... [voice vibrating] good wednesday morning. you can see the drizzle coming down in san francisco. we are starting out with another cloudy morning. san mateo, 73 today. 73 across the bay into hayward.
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80s for the tri-valley and hayward. our temperatures will be amazing. and it was the wife following her husband. >> that's why she was videoing. >> she was ahead and it looks like the lining hits right in front of the truck and almost drives through it. >> i've never seen that. >> i've heard crazy stories but that's -- >> wow all right. thank you, bill. >> coming up tom costello live with the new showdown in space. the nasa administrator says china wants to control the moon and keep the u.s. out. we're going to go in depth on that coming up. >> okay. plus back here on earth, egg, bread, meat all costing more these days as you know but you can still save money at the grocery store. in fact we're going to dig into some simple ways to spend less but first this is "t
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still ahead, a dad saved from drowning by his young sons and their friends. >> wild story. they're going to join us live and tell us how they worked together and the classic movies that played a role in their rescue i could've waited to tell my doctor my heart was racing just making spaghetti... but i didn't wait. i could've delayed telling my doctor i was short of breath just reading a book... but i didn't wait. they told their doctors.
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and a little best foods. oh! you're doing it wrong, man. ng with action figures? nothing. capital one shopping instantly searches for available coupon codes and automatically applies them. whoa! i look good in miniature. capital one shopping. (in s.l.j. voice) what's in your wallet? good morning. it is 7:26. here is today's top story. another win for the oakland ace . the oakland city council has voted down a proposed ballot measure for november that would've asked voters that the city should invest nearly $1 billion to build a new ballpark at the howard terminal. the measure was suggested to
7:27 am
gauge public opinion and perhaps put an end to it. it will delay the project and jeopardize the team staying in the city. we are still a ways out from back to school, the california is not pigging back it's mask mandate for schools. that is as the variant makes its dominance spread. there has been concern over ba5's high trans ability. despite this, schools are turning to other tools like up- to-date vaccines and optimizing indoor air quality. it is time to get a look at the weather. >> we have been keeping an eye on this camera because there was a vegetation fire. the traffic is slowing down on the 101. we start out with mostly cloudy skies and we will see the sunshine returning by the
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afternoon. temperatures reaching 77 and 75 in fremont. low 80s inland as we keep this comfortable weather for the afternoon. we will
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welcome back 7:30 wednesday morning july the 6th, 2022 look at your little corner of the world here at rockefeller plaza. savannah is off. craig and i are here and sheinelle, good morning. >> good morning. >> spring in the sunshine. >> it's summer >> got to show it. all right we're going to get right to the 7:30 headlines. british prime minister boris johnson is clinging to power this morning following the resignation of two senior ministers. britain's treasury chief and health secretaries stepped down
7:31 am
both losing confidence in johnson's leadership and now a growing number of lawmakers also calling for him to be removed. the on going dispute over those juule segregates the administrate -- allows the agency more time to review juul appeal saying the company submitted insufficient safety data. artist carlos santana is recovering after passing out on stage during a concert last night. he was performing at an outdoor theater in michigan. the singer was overcome by heat exhaustion and dehydration he's said to be doing well this morning. tonight's concert in pennsylvania has been postponed to a later date.
7:32 am
tensions between the united states and china after the head of nasa says he feared china could try to take over the moon. his comments come as u.s. military commanders are very concerned about china's activity in space tom this is not the space race of the '60s and definitely not the '70s. >> reporter: no it is not. and nasa says the chinese military program is run by its military make no mistake the u.s. and china are very much in a 21st century race to the moon now in the final preps for a test flight around the moon, nasa's new artemis rocket will one day carry volunteers back to the lunar surface more the first time since the space race with the soviets more than 50 years ago. but today there is a new space race china has already put astronauts on its own orbiting space station and landed robotic
7:33 am
rovers on the far side of the moon beijing's goal to put its own astronauts on the moon by 2030 and this morning the tension is growing after nasa chief bill nelson told a german newspaper we must be very concerned that china is landing on the moon and saying it is ours now and you stay out the chinese foreign minister quickly accused nelson of lying through his teeth, blasting the u.s. for militarizing space. but top u.s. military commanders accuse china of deploying a satellite with an arm and a claw that can reach out and grab u.s. satellites and firing a missile that
7:34 am
destroyed one of its own satellites, creating a massive debris field the challenge the u.s. can't see potential chinese operations on the far side of the moon david thompson at the pentagon. >> is it important that the united states has eyes on what the chinese are doing on the far side of the moon >> we need to understand both in the lunar space and the space between the earth and moon, what are they doing does it pose a throat our interests? >> reportedly stopped communicating with earth >> one small step for man.
7:35 am
one giant leap for mankind. >> fifty years after apollo 11 landed on the moon an international treaty is still in effect prohibiting military bases on the moon the fear, if both sides aren't careful. >> the soviet might be trying to introduce a new weapon. >> reporter: -- a military standoff could still develop on the moon former astronaut and nasa chief, charlie bolden >> we can't have open warfare. we've got to discipline ourselves so that we don't make this potential war fighting domain a real domain. >> reporter: nasa is hoping its first crude mission to orbit the moon will happen next year with humans landing on the moon in 2025, including a woman and person of color and eventually building a moon base this, hoda. >> you mention we can't see what china is up to on the far side of the moon. why is that? >> the u.s. does not have satellites that keep an eye on activity there or in the space between the moon and earth so launching those satellites is now a priority for the military. >> reporter: all right and we should point out tom recently work on a new special with a closer look at the newest branchs of the military. the u.s. space force it is called "battlefield space". >> also the documentary tom worked on and the space force is on the actual space force. not steve jobs' space force. so there is no confusion. still ahead. a guy saved from drowning by his
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consumer confidential series, around this time every morning we're going bring you the latest way we can all help manage our money. >> yes >> on this morning we're going look at ways to save at the grocery store. >> skyrocketing inflation, driving food prices way up consequently, lot of folks are even changing what they eat and what they buy. nbc's erin mclaughlin joins us this morning. >> reporter: this year, food inflation hit its highest level in 40 years. still we spoke to experts who say it is possible to save at the supermarket despite the price hikes. across the country shoppers are being confronted by sticker shock at the supermarket price jumps for staples, including bacon, eggs and chicken.
7:42 am
>> literally going to more than one store to find. >> reporter: global conditions creating a nationwide food fight now draining pocketbooks reporting in the first quarter of this year consumers were spending more but buying less. with many meat eaters seeking smaller portions with 32% saying they have stopped buying chicken and more than a third saying they have totally cut beef from their shopping carts. >> -- trader joe's and like -- it really jumped >> reporter: according to fmi, 86% of shoppers worried about rising prices are actively trying to save money, including looking for deals, making substitutions or product changes, changes where or how they buy groceries or buying more store ore generic brands. personal finance experts insist
7:43 am
even in this inflation fueled climate it is possible to save. >> i create menus that my family loves and i save money every single month. >> reporter: posting tips and tricks to her nearly 2 million tiktok followers >> really look at what you are buying every single week and find ways to optimize the things that you are buying. >> whereas an example of that. >> i will buy three or four pounds of onions come home, chop them all up at once in the food processer and freeze them. then i have onions for a month. >> experts recommend -- to help find your items at the best prices shop online for the most efficient price comparison and click the instore pick up option saving gas and time. >> long workday. need to pick up dinner i didn't plan ahead. i walk into a grocery store. what should i do to save money >> one of the greatest proteins you can get are canned beans you can get rotisserie chicken and then just look for frozen veggies.
7:44 am
and you will find they are much less expensive. >> what do the experts say about coupons? >> well while they may help in some cases, some experts suggest focusing instead on making a meal plan that includes ingredients that you already have including what you may have forgotten about in the back of your pantry. and build your shopping list from there that way you end up with things you actually like and need. >> really good point, erin sometimes you get the coupon and -- >> -- true erin, good advice. >> we call that by the way my house we call that trash can pasta. when you take everything out of the fridge and put it in there >> and put it in there >> yeah. >> i like it all right. we got 7:44. bill's smiling >> sounds like a cooking segment coming up. >> can we tweak the name >> just a little bit >> columbus, ohio, our friends had quite a night last night almost five inches of rain total
7:45 am
in the last 24 hours interstate 71 at one point closed with cars stranded. the water levels starting to slowly recede now. careful driving through that area flash flood watches in northern indiana and columbus and even washington, d.c. a flash flood watch for later today up to baltimore. yesterday's storms combined with today's we could have localized flooding d.c. looks like mid afternoon early to evening straight good morning. it is cloudy and humid but humidity will be dropping as we go throughout today and it will shape up to be a nice afternoon. our temperatures will be warming up over the next few days. upper 80s by the end of the
7:46 am
weekend and low 90s next week. for san francisco, no but craig's canister pasta >> how about kitchen sink pasta? >> that's better >> yeah. >> with the recipe online. straight ahead, in today's "can't miss," honoring true american heroes right after this d rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the tightness, stinging... the pain. emerge tremfyant®.
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♪ they stood in the way of danger risked everything. literally everything to defend our nation and our values. however not every service member has received the full recognition they deserve today we're setting the record straight is we're upgrading the awards of four soldiers who performed acts of incredible heroism in the vietnam conflict. >> reporter: >> president biden, it was such a moving ceremony. he placed the mltd of honor offene of them he recognized their bravery and sacrifice. they went far beyond the call of duty and just to mention a couple of their naples. >> reading some of their stories. >> dwight birdwell
7:52 am
helped drive back about a thousand enemy troops after being wounded himself and put on medevac helicopter he slips out after that to continue fighting and then after the vietnam conflict serves 12 years on the cherokee nation supreme court. >> and fujii, he's chopper was down in the middle of a fiert and he waved off other rescue helicopters and stayed to tend to other soldiers for two days. >> and john duffy risked his life becoming the last person to evacuate and saved one last soldier he became a pulitzer nominated author biden called him the definition of a warrior and poet. >> none of them consider themselves heros none of them all of them say the same thing awe i wasn't a hero. -- >> -- their service absolutely still ahead on "popstart," cue the music. first look at the brand new neil diamond musical.
7:53 am
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i love it... [voice vibrating] good morning to you. california is not bringing back it's mask mandate for schools. the ba5 variant makes its dominance felt. there has been concern about the higher risk for reinfection but schools are turning to other tools like up-to-date vaccines and optimizing indoor air quality. good morning, everyone. amazon has purchased a minor portion of grub hub. there will
7:57 am
be one years free access of free delivery. amazon once dabbled with its own food delivery app called amazon restaurants. it is time to get a look at your forecast. >> it is missing in san francisco. you can see that the clouds are lingering. cooler temperatures with highs in the upper 60s and low 70s for the inner bay and up to the high 70s for the east bay through santa rosa and down to the south county, low 80s today. just a little bit warmer in the valley. the rail warming comes later on this weekend. we will reach into the low 90s from sunday until early next week. not much of a change expected in san francisco except we will see
7:58 am
more sunshine. we will continue to see those highs reaching through the 60s next week. more
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's it is 8:00 on "today." coming up. honoring the victims a community and a nation mourns the lives lost from the highland park fourth of july parade tragedy. including the parent who is died protecting their two year old son. the suspect now charged, as new details emerged about how he was able to evade police. >> he blended right in with everybody else. >> we're live with the full report historic heros the last surviving member of the world war ii band of brothers
8:01 am
passes away. >> this was an ordinary man who was placed in an extraordinary situation and did some extraordinary things in his lifetime. >> reporter: a look back at their remarkable story and the cultural impact their bravery left behind. plus, lifesavers meet the young heroes who rescued their father from drowning, using cpr they learned from the movie >> come on, come on. >> how they sprang into action to avoid a tragedy and what you need to know about cpr, including a live demonstration. and dream on stream on "stranger things" 4 hits a major milestone one billion views. is it the new master of the platform today, wednesday july 6, 2022. ♪ from new orleans.
8:02 am
>> on our last vacation. >> before welcoming our first baby. >> my mom who watches every day in north carolina. >> love you. >> kentucky. >> sweet 16. >> california. >> and ottawa, kansas. ♪ >> trip to "today." >> on a mother/daughter trip from ohio. >> colorado springs. >> celebrating natalie's graduation. >> and watching the "today show" since fourth grade. >> and now it is -- birthday. >> we finally made it. >> love it. >> we've been waiting for you. we've been waiting many years for you to come on the plaza we're going say high to carol and everybody. happy you are with us this wednesday morning. savannah is off.
8:03 am
craig and sheinelle are here >> it is so nice that so many people come and celebrate their milestones with us >> best part of the day. let's get right to the news at 8:00 a lot going on the accused gunman in the fourth of july parade shooting charged with seven counts of murder after another victim died from his injuries police now he say planned the attack for weeks tom llamas is in highland park, illinois with the latest on the investigation. good morning >> reporter: last night police came out here to the scene of
8:04 am
this horrific shooting and announced the charges for alleged gunman seven counts of first-degree murder there was a crowd that erupted in cheers. and we're also expecting more charges in the days ahead. this as we're learning highland park police actually spoke to the alleged shooter twice in 2019 once after a reported suicide attempt and again months later when a family member reported he had threatened to, quote, kill everyone and at that point police confiscated 16 knives, a dagger and a sword. no charges were filed and after the incident, he was still able to legally purchase five different firearms, including the one used on monday authorities also announced the sad news that a total of seven team have now died and we're learning about that heart wrenching story that kevin and irina mccarthy, a married couple, with your mock those killed and they leave behind a two year old boy aiden who was found unharmed and alone amidst all the chaos on the parade route. i had a chance to speak to a father also out here monday with his family and saw the shooter on the rooftop and was forced to grab his son and wife and hide them behind a steel bench. steps from them a child and elderly man shot has it hit you what if you were on the other side of that bench with him, like how close you guys were? >> i don't want to think about that
8:05 am
i don't want -- i don't want to think about that >> reporter: still a lot of pain here and there will be for a while. we're expecting the alleged gunman to be in court today. prosecutors will ask a judge that he be denied bail hoda >> tom llamas, thank you. the white house says president biden has read that handwritten letter from imprisoned wnba star brittney griner pleading for his help to get her out of russia. griner is on trial in moscow where she was accused of having cannabis vaping cartilages in her luggage when she arrived there in february. she's been detained sense them griner wrote she's terrified she might be in a russian prison forever. president biden doing everything possible to bring griner home. fourth of july celebrations in minneapolis took a dangerous turn monday night. 9-1-1 operators got more than a thousand calls police officers were also targeted the chaos as you see here lasted
8:06 am
more than four hours as people ran through streets and drove around firing rockets and roman candles. there were no reports of any serious injuries one person was charged with assaulting a police officer. >> we turn now to remember bradford freeman, a purple heart recipient and last surviving member of the historic band of brothers and sisters the incredible journey by him and his fellow soldiers during world war ii inspiring an acclaimed book and later award winning tv series. he died monday at the age of 97. nbc stephanie gosk looks back at his legacy. >> 506th regiment, 101st airborne. >> this is not dawn company. this is easy company the first and finest company in the regimen. >> they were the band of brothers over the fourth of july weekend
8:07 am
the last surviving member of world war ii's storied rifle company passed away. bradford freeman was 97 years old from cal donia mississippi. >> he said he and his brother had seen a article in a newspaper about the paratroopers and they said if we're going to go fight, this is what we want to do. >> reporter: freeman enlisted in 1942 two years later on d-day, easy company parachuted into normandy. >> we knew what we were going to do they didn't drop us where they were supposed to but it was a good thing so we just dropped from there.
8:08 am
>> o over 11 months felt the brunt of europe's battlefields freeman was injured, earning him a purple heart his company's experience captured the importants of steven ambrose and the eyes of hollywood greats tom hanks and stephen spielberg who turned the book into an acclaimed tv series in 2001, winning six emmy's. but it all started with a humble beginning. >> there was an ordinary man who was placed in an extraordinary situation and did some extraordinary things in his lifetime. >> reporter: what he and his fellow soldiers accomplished would mark history just like shakespeare's henry the v tells -- we few, we happy few we band of brothers. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news >> i'm so thankful that years ago someone had the foresight to get those oral histories, on tape so we can hear from all of those men in their own words forever. >> yeah. >> amazing >> forever and ever. >> that could have been a boost you got another one.
8:09 am
>> this is extra and this one, it is so moving and beautiful. so a grandfather was too sick to attend his granddaughter's wedding and then he got a surprise she brought a little bit of the celebration to him the bride said her grandfather has always been one of the most important people if her life so they dressed up again, the newlyweds. they got redressed and went to share their happiness with their grandfather. that thoughtful gesture, well it left the grandfather speechless. after some hugs from the bride and groom. they all posed for a second set of wedding pictures. coming up we're going help you learn a life-saving skill this morning cpr. you will see why it is so important when we meet three young heroes wait until you hear where they learned how to do it >> what a beautiful family we are back with a "today" exclusive. for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie can help you save on qulipta™. exclusive. and our favorite of the day. the remarkable story of three young boys whose bravery and courage saved this man's life right here brad was swimming in his backyard pool. he was doing breathing exercises under water. he lost consciousness. the three young boys noticed something was wrong. they jumped in to bring brad to the steps. christian ran to get help. chased down a car and called 9-1 because they couldn't unlock their dad's phone. briden started cpr at just 10 years old. he wasn't trained but he did remember scenes from "the sandlot" and "hook." and just like a movie, brad regained consciousness on the
8:15 am
pool deck. help arrived they are all here. welcome. can i just ask just how your feeling this morning >> i'm feeling better. each day feeling better. obviously kind of overwhelming it is humbling being here and getting to share the story >> this is incredible story. you were under water you do breathing techniques under water. >> yeah. >> and then what happened? >> i don't know. >> you just blacked out. >> i just blacked out. it seems normal. >> okay. >> and then just nothing >> okay. so guys, you were all by the side of the pool who was the first one who noticed? >> i noticed that he wasn't okay because he was laying on his side and he started to turn blue i -- my brothers. >> did you dive in and help christian? did you get your goggles >> yeah. was a me and sam dove into the water and grabbed one arm and pulled him next to the steps.
8:16 am
>> yes yes it was but with the water, it makes it lighter. and luckily we're strong swimmers. >> thank good. >> so you pull your dad up o the side of the pool who took a cpr class is that raise your hand? nobody so you didn't know how to do cpr. >> no. >> okay. but you did know because of what was one of your favorite movies. "the sandlot" and hook and you remember when the -- do you remember that scene? come on. so you remembered that what did you do? >> i just -- do cpr. first a little of the chest but i knew that was not going to get through so i did a little down and then he's like do mouth to mouth so. >> and you were listening for the heart beat. >> and you were doing mouth to mouth. >> yes. >> and you had a job
8:17 am
a very important job your dad's phone was locked. you had to get help. so where did you go? >> i ran to a neighbors house but they weren't home at the time and a car started driving by, i stopped them and told them my dad can't breathe help him. >> how fast were you running >> i was running as fast as i could. >> my gosh so all this was going on were you -- tell me what you were thinking in that moment >> i was like, i had some moments with him which i think sad and some mad moments and i'm like i don't want this to be like the last moment >> oh my gosh. so you just kept going. >> yeah. >> you just kept pumping. >> yeah. >> and sam did you hear a heart beat. >> yes i heard one heart beat and i checked his pulse on the neck. >> what did you -- what happened tell me. >> he started spitting up foam and like salt water and he
8:18 am
started makings noises and sam is like mr. brad, can you hear me are you okay. >> and did you know what was happening in that moment when you started coughing >> no. i went just from complete peace, saying the lord's prayer and then everything was just white and as i just kind of moved. it was like i was move over to my side. and i went from peace to being slammed on the deck of the pool and then just chaos. everyone was everywhere. there were first responders. i heard daddy, daddy come back daddy you have to be okay. it was crazy. >> oh my gosh. you remember saying the lord's prayer under water that was part of the meditation. >> that is the last thing i remember >> so the medic came guys and what happened when you saw that your dad was okay? >> i was crying. like, i -- because i -- i wanted them to take to the hospital like really bad.
8:19 am
and if they didn't, i don't -- he might not -- he still -- like water in his lungs. >> but he's okay what do you all think? you all saved his life do you feel like a hero. >> -- crying, we huddled up in the new spiderman like when they grabbe together, i said it will be okay, the medics are here. >> and everyone was okay wow. you. what do you think now of your sons do they get anything they want as much ice cream. it's tough to say no they got phones as a reward but also peace of mind that if there is an emergency that they are able to call them. >> so they did it, but i have a feeling you believe in divine intervention >> absolutely. absolutely there is no way physically they should have been able to carry, to pull a 185 pound man out of the water like that.
8:20 am
and to know and do what all of them did, perfectly, as quickly, no lack of action, to run as fast as they did god's hand was all over it >> we are so happy you are here. and we're so happy that y'all watched "sandlot." i mean that is so great. you guys, thank you so much for being with us. you raised some great kids and you have a great pal in sam, y'all. thank you so much. happy you are here craig over to you. >> oh, oh man, hoda thank you. as we just heard there cpr is a life-saving technique and if cpr is performed within the first few minutes of someone's heart stopping, it can double even triple the chances of survival. we brought in nbc's senior medical correspondent dr. john torres to tell us all that happened here. >> from pulling him out of pool. 9-1. starting rescue breaths and -- amazing the amount of things they did right
8:21 am
>> good forbid we notice someone at a pool or even somewhere else and notice they are not breathing anymore, dr. john. what is the first thing we should do. >> the very first thing you should do is make sure there is not something going on they are not just relaxing or meditating or yoga stance. basically go and shake them. the fist thing you want to do have you okay? and shake the person if they don't wake up, then say okay at that point something is going on they are not breathing their heart is not working i need to get it started for them the first thing, send someone to call 9-1-1 and then start cpr. the one thing we found out about cpr is people are hesitant to do it because of the breaths and getting it wrong and not wanting to make a mistake but it is life
8:22 am
saving and something you want to start right away hands only. essentiall they started hands only. essentially you put one hand in the middle of the chest. >> right there. >> come on the side here because they are going to have legs. one hand in the middle of the chest and rap your fingers around the other hand. interlocking and lock your elbows and push down hard. and you want to do it at 100 beats a minute "staying alive." and for parent outs there there is another song. "baby shark. that is 100 beats a minute >> okay. >> and just keep doing that until help arrives you can see it is not that difficult to do. >> hypothetically, let's say that is not working. when should you then switch to rescue breaths. >> this is good for the first few minutes. that means ambulances are coming and you want to get them help as soon as they can after a couple of minutes you are going to need to do the breath part itself if this isn't working, you want
8:23 am
to think about going to breathing and the heart compressions themselves. >> okay. the other thing if you have someone like this case who is in the pool they are not going to have oxygen in the blood so the first few rescue breaths are important and then starting cpr and going back and forth for children they are still recommending the full cpr. you need training for that if you can get training, fantastic. but what this is showing is saving a life is easy. just jump in there and the it. >> with so many folks jumping into the pool this time of year, going to the beach this time of year, probably a great opportunity to remind folks about water safety 101 >> one, don't swim alone you never know when something like this is going to happen know how to swim take swim lessons of some kind know your limitations. you nover know when something like this is going to happen know how to swim know your limitations. but you also want to assign somebody to be a lifeguard think about what lifeguards do they do nothing but focus on the swimmer. and that means put your cell phone down don't talk to your friends don't have a drink in your hand. just focus and then switch out every 15 minutes with a different family member so people can concentrate on the
8:24 am
swimmers these things can happen in seconds. so make sure you are ready for them. >> great tips as always. thank you. to learn more about how to administer cpr, thanks again. >> you bet. >> mr. karins in for al. hey, bill. >> that story is incredible. i used to train lifeguards the fact the boys got him to side of the pool and on the deck is insane. if you have every tried that it is impossible for just the average human. incredible story that he did that as far as we need to know about the weather today. severe storms mid-atlantic watch out for flooding ohio straight good wednesday morning. let's take a life look outside
8:25 am
in san jose where we are waking up to some clouds. it is starting to clear out as air temperatures head for 80 degrees. mostly 70s for much of the east bay and north bay. san francisco, cloudy skies and upper 60s. >> blown away. >> that was tough. >> how about that. the young boys are incredible. also i should point out the dad said they all -- he wanted to get back in the pool to show the kids that it was safe and all of them did together so that it doesn't become that scary thing. so anyway, they are back in. and he also said his wife is just really, really happy that everything worked out. >> for all of us watching sometimes we hear about cpr and go oh okay but it was so wonderful we were able to show that. remind all of us we have to teach our kids >> still to come, coming up we're going open up your medicine cabinet we're going to tell you which over-the-counter medicines are the best for everything from
8:26 am
allergies and sun burn and more. but first your local news and weather. good morning. happening today, a meeting to debate opening a south bay parking lot for people living in their cars and rvs. it is located at the santa teresa light rail station. and a councilmember is proposing that it be used as part of the safe parking program. this is a photo of when it was being used as a covid-19 vaccination clinic. we'd like to get a look at
8:27 am
our forecast. it is still muggy. >> still humid out there but the humidity will be dropping today. mostly sunny skies by this afternoon as air temperatures reach 80 degrees. we are headed for some warmer weather with highs reaching into the low 90s for sunday and into the middle of next week. for san francisco, we will not feel much of the difference. upper 60s for the highs and for the weekend a little bit more sunshine which will calls those inland valleys to warm up a little bit more. along the coastline, we will not see is a difficult warm-up and mild
8:28 am
8:29 am
wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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♪ we are back. it is 8:30 on a wednesday morning. another great crowd to be plaza. how we doing how we feeling look at this
8:31 am
showed up with shirts. a hoda shirt >> a craig shirt >> a dylan shirt a savannah shirt. hey what's your name. >> suezen. >> we love you thank you for coming hold on. remember we said there was someone who waited fifty years to come to the plaza we just want to give a formal hello. is it what it you thought? >> it is so good carolyn. >> she waits 50 years to come to the plaza. watched us when she was four long time coming we're excite forward you coming up dr. natalie azar is here to help to you make sense of the options in the drugstore aisle. walking you through what pharmacists think are the top picks for over the counter medicines from cold or flu or allergy. >> looking forward to that and after that, drum roll please good housekeeping are here this morning with their annual healthy snack awards we're going to take ten of the
8:32 am
top snacks everything from crunchy, fruity, and a lot of -- >> we need that after the fourth too. >> yeah. >> also ahead on the third hour, helping you save on hughesing from negotiations to hidden fees and negotiate one of the toughest markets in years. >> and sneak peak on block buster movies hitting theater this month ing through the latest thor movie from marvel. and that's all tomorrow. >> tomorrow on "today." >> yeah. before we do anything else this morning, a really special congratulations for our senior capitol hill correspondent garrett haake. he and his wife, allison, welcome ad beautiful baby girl there she is that is sweet lainy. arrived a few weeks early, three weeks early to be precise but she and her family are doing great. and garrett garrett come up
8:33 am
we're so happy for him and his wife. >> great job mr. karins, the weather awaits >> -- beautiful. texas friends and kentucky friends and everyone in the house here today and that is the story today in the middle of the country. you don't need me to tell you. but for everyone else, its been a hot summer and it is going to stay that way. 64 million people. roughly one in five americans under a heat advisory or warning. how hot? unfortunately again over a 100 from dallas, little rock, memphis to st. louis yesterday in st. louis, they had 12 straight hours where it felt over 100 degrees gross. and it is humid too. not like the june heat wave. this is middle of the summer t dangerous stuff. get plenty of water. take yours rest break. and look at dallas dallas is like the new desert southwest. 104, 105 as the texas drought continues to become a much, much b good wednesday morning.
8:34 am
we are starting out muggy and cloudy, but the humidity will be dropping. we will see inland temperatures heading for 80 degrees. it is about to heat up by the end of the weekend with some inland areas headed for 90 degrees. we will see that continue through next tuesday. for san francisco it is in the mid 60s with mostly cloudy >> all rightcloudy wisconsin, camo shirts that's really cool all right. >> i need one of these wisconsin camo shirts. really cool. >> cool. >> i like that badgers in the big apple, baby. >> look at these beautiful signs. we're excited -- all right. >> when we come back, on wednesday morning, up next is "popstart. the "stranger things" phenomenon rolls on the streaming sensation just shattered a record held by only one other hit show we're going tell you what it is but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> the pop start postcard. >> 10 pounds >> a lot to talk about >> first up, it's time to turn up that metallica because we are taklking about dangerous things just scored another new record season four has officially s surpassed the sheinelle jones at the "popstart" post. carson is out. >> what does he say? ten pounds of something. >> in a five pound bag. >> a lot to talk about turn up the metallica. talking "stranger things." just scored another record season 4 officially surpassed the one billion hour streaming mark making it the second series on netflix to ever rack up that many viewing hours the total hours also includes the first half of season 4, which came out on may 27th and any guesses to what other show was able to hit the one billion hour mark? >> don't look at the prompter. >> netflix
8:38 am
>> one more. >> ozarks? >> squid games >> of course. >> another dark creepy -- >> most watched ever on netflix? >> yeah. all right next up the royals camila duchess of cornwall graces the cover of the country life celebrating her 75th birthday july 17th. looking at these photos by a that the -- this is her home garden. >> kate took the picture >> yes >> this is a basket filled with blooms we've come to know kate's work behind the camera over the years. shown these birthday portraits of her own children. she's very talented. next up. beautiful noise. a first look about the stage show about neil diamond's life and career a sneak peak at the actor will swinson's transformation into the chart topping singer with some seriously luscious locks. previously standard in broadway, to london's west end
8:39 am
beautiful noise is running a six week series of performances in boston before it comes here in november and this show has an amazing soundtrack with sweet caroline and america and crackling rosy so come to new york city tickets are available now. >> sweet caroline, bump baba. >> -- welcomed a baby boy yesterday. the first time mom shares this snap of her little ones's tiny toes and revealed his name a special tribute to someone in their family she wrote he decided to make an early entrance but we are so glad sweet james eugene is in the world. baby james gets his middle name from grandpa eugene. >> of course >> brother dan and dad won over audiences hearts in all six seasons of the emmy winning series big love to the family and big congratulations and we hope james eugene, iconic eyebrows.
8:40 am
finally jeff bridges and will arnett might seem like an unlikely duo but in a new episode of the smart list podcast, they revealed they go way back guess what that moment happened here at the "today show. yes. they were backstage. >> prom pose so good. >> at some point off the show that to the guys. >> i got to get that where is that photo? so good and jeff sitting on my knee and we were both doing press for something and we were no new york >> that's what i'm talking about. it happened right here at today.
8:41 am
this is what they were talking about. this is back in 2014 we were both visiting to promote different movies when the funny actors decided to go full prom pose for the teases. and they formed a friendship so right here in studio 1a if you are looking for a copy of the prom photo give us a call. >> don't give i us a call. we're going send that to you the "today show" bringing people together when we come back, straight from the pharmacist's mouth the pharmacist's mouth the best over th big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. as a pro, floor and decor is my go-to to get it all.
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tile, wood, stone, installation materials, tools — they've got it all. and, they've got my back. at floor and decor, with pro benefits and services, we've got you covered. discover floor and decor today!
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back now 8:43 with today wellness we've all been there you are at the drugstore, a million options in the aisle what should you get for your cold your cough, all that stuff well the pharmacist times along with u.s. news and world report surveyed pharmacists all across the country for their 20 over the counter recommendations.
8:44 am
hear the top picks whenever i don't feel well and i look at the choices i don't know you just want to grab. but someone has done the work for u.s. >> absolutely. i always want to acknowledge our pharmacists. it takes a village to take care of patients and they are absolutely part of the clinical care team. allergies is big especially this time of year adults and children the pharmacists close claritin a newer generation anti-histamine, also with xyrte and allegra. they are not as sedating as benadryl good for hay fever and hives if you are a pregnant woman talk to your doctor and also children two and a above can take these both products. they come as liquid, capsules and so for kids it is especially great. >> cough and cold. very important
8:45 am
>> absolutely. for adults the pharmacist chose dayquil and nyquil and here is what i'm going say about all the products, especially cough and cold. many of them, as do these, contain tylenol, which is acetaminophen. and it is important. because what if you were taking some dayquil and on the side you were takes extra tylenol you have got to be careful they both have acetaminophen, nasal decongestant, cough suppressant. >> all in one. >> exactly and the nyquil adds a little sedating for children, children's tylenol, cough and cold. and look at the ages and make sure you are dosing properly and always keep out of the reach of children. >> children's tylenol. all right. a sore throat. >> cepacol is the choice for choice throat and for adults and kids the hall's. because it contains menthol so
8:46 am
it is that soothing. for children, i believe ages 6 and up so cepacol also contains benzocaine which is a topical anesthetic you know lidocaine at the dentists office. it also contains that so it is good sore throats, if it is going on for days to a week, especially for children if accompanied by fever and swollen nodes, please go to your pediatrician. >> i like halls because of the flavors. >> exactly >> let's hit sunscreen >> sunscreen they love neutrogena consistently the top choice. rule of thumb is spf 30 or greater. reply every two hours. especially with your kids when they come out of the water or sweating reapply more often and especially after you apply wait about 15 or 20 minute before going into the body of water. >> this is for grown-ups >> same for children too say you didn't follow my
8:47 am
recommendations and you did end up with a sunburn. this is what they recommend. our producer, solarcaine. >> from the seventies. >> right solar cane stops sunburn pain when someone you love is hurting. this also contains lidocaine it is a topical anesthetic with aloe >> so i'm clear, you can use grown-up sunscreen on kids. >> absolutely. >> vitamin department. >> vitamins, vitamins. first of all so for a multi vitamin for adults they have chosen centrum we're all familiar with that brand. and for children they have chosen flintstones a couple of points though. you might be saying do you need to take a multi vitamin. >> i don't take one. do you >> i don't you know, even just as recently as two weeks ago, the united states preventative services task force said again that there is insufficient evidence to make a recommendation for folks to
8:48 am
take a multi vitamin. >> whether they should or not -- >> -- otherwise healthy. right. >> if you choose to take a vitamin. >> centrum and certainly if you are deficient in a nutrient, yes take your multi vitamin. and we want to make a point about this the american academy of pediatrics does endorse a multi vitamin for children, certain children chewable versus gummy. the recommendation is chewable as opposed to the gummy. >> why >> because the gummies have a lot of sugar and it is not as consistent the amount of vitamin in there and minerals as you get with the chewable or certainly with a tablet. >> so they chose flintstones chewables. >> exactly i did those as a kid too. >> throwback. >> stand the test of time. go figure. >> thank you so much craig what's next? from top medicines to top snacks stephanie is here from "good housekeeping," and they have just rated the top 10 healthy snacks for adult, kids salty, sweet, crunchy and we're
8:49 am
going try all of them. but
8:50 am
8:51 am
food," healthy snacks that you can feel good about eating the next time a craving hits this year's "good housekeeping" healthy snack awards were chosen by registered dietitians, culinary pros and 2,000 taste testers as well. deputy director of nutrition at "good housekeeping" here with ten of their picks, calling them the top 10 in snacks >> thank you verying if me. >> rigorously tested >> we tested over 5,000 snack samples and 2,000 testers and analyzed 50 points not only nutritious but also delicious and so good for you. >> and we're going to get to some great snacks for kids in a moment but let's start with the pistachios i'm familiar with the brand. not the flavors. >> pistachios the highest
8:52 am
protein snack nut. a great profile too. and the best thing is a innovative flavors barbecue and chili roasted they were amazing, the top tested flavors and they have no shells. so you can snack out of bag. i like to put them in the food processer and put them on fish or chicken as a better for your bread crumb. and they are packed with flavor. fantastic. >> my kids do enjoy the pistachios as well i just tasted these in the bag i was pleasantly surprised these aren't traditional tortilla chips >> they have a secret ingredient chick peas and a punch of real lime i love they are a great source of fiber and protein and they are a great stand alone. you can of course dip them as well but something so versatile vegan, gluten free, organic. a great choice for the whole family. >> really good i can see those with salsa, hummus. >> very versatile.
8:53 am
>> another brand i'm familiar with back to nature >> dipper crisps we love them because the shape is sturdy. they are perfect for dipping they make the perfect charcuterie board essential and they are made from peas and chick peas so super nutritious. >> good too. >> gluten free they come in white cheddar and rosemary garlic. >> i feel like chick peas are enjoys a moment now. >> they are nutritious powerhouses. they are great >> from salty to sweet some cookies. >> we have cookies on the menu personal favorite. from the better from you mexican american food brand siete. almond flour, pecans you can have five cookies, only five grams of sugar totally. one gram of sugar per cookie >> these are dried fruits that are upcycled >> they take overripe and
8:54 am
rescued fruit. and the great thing about these. rescued fruit. fruit still beautiful and shouldn't be discriminated but otherwise shouldn't have gone waste. they have the skin on them retaining the nutrient rich peel a lot of anti-oxidants and fiber are in the peel itself blend of strawberries, pears, apples little nutrition powerhouses >> my son the last three months has become a huge fan of the kiwi >> these are sun gold kiwis. hair less, and edible skin and the inside is beautiful golden color try it you are going to see it is not super bitter it is a very balanced taste. >> that is nice. actually like a pear in terms of consistency. >> totally
8:55 am
it has that flavor profile and ton of vitamin c as well over 100% of daily value in one fruit. great for immunity. >> can i get these in regular grocery stores >> most grocery stores have them you have to add those to the list. >> these look like fruit leathers and you don't have to worry about cavities with these. no added sugar and pack a serving of produce into each one. bunch of flavors my ten month old daughter actually uses these as a teether. believe it or not. but adult testers loved these and the kids too. >> none of that nonsense ingredients like you can't pronounce. >> all wholesome organic ingredients. and that was big this year for us >> you tell me i can actually keep these in the pantry, not in the refrigerator even though they are yogurt. >> shelf stable. blend of non fat yogurt and fruit. four unique flavors. no high fructose corn syrup. no additives fantastic for kids and the whole
8:56 am
family i definitely enjoyed these on the way to mommy and me as well. great for any age. and also non-gmo. >> and now that we're in the kids section. >> this is our first year doing kids products and these are actually a dairy free yogurt from cashew milk kid testers were obsessed with these. love the flavor on these and the fact they are dairy free and creamy. >> last but not least? >> brainiac bars forfortified with omega 3s. fa good morning to you. covid may one day be covered by an all-in-one vaccine through a new technology being developed at caltech and oxford. researchers are developing what
8:57 am
they call a mosaic vaccine that uses nano variances. it would eventually protect people from all variants along with other potential strains of coronavirus transmitted from animals. phase i clinical trials may begin within the next year. happening now, local experts are being asked about the likelihood this could soon provide better protection. we are also looking deeper into new efforts to keep the south area at bay in classrooms. the latest in a live report. another win off the field for the oakland a's and the plan for a new stadium. this would upload to opponents who wanted residents to weigh in. in our midday news at 11 he tells on last night's hearing, which you might y extended it sa
8:58 am
8:59 am
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this morning on the third hour of "today," sticker shock at the supermarket. from shopping apps to meal prep, we're going help you save on groceries, as prices soar. and then "she made it." jill martin introduces us to one fashion designer using art to create styles and sizes for all women. and then what to watch? from "minions" to marvel to best-selling book turned film. the must-see movies this month. and later, a powerful performance with a


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