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tv   Today  NBC  May 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. good morning, deadly delays. police admits they waited too long to take out the uvalde school shooter. tactical units held back by school police more than a half hour. frantic children inside calling 911, pleading for help. >> there is no excuse for them. >> this is powerful new images emerge of children running for their lives. survivors asking why this happened at all. >> why would it kill all my friends. my heart is broken 1 million
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pieces. >> we live on the scene. no backing down just 300 miles away from uvalde. the national rifle association with the annual convention. protesters take to the streets outside. former president trump the headliner, defiant. >> the existence of evil in the world is not a reason to disarm law-abiding citizens. >> blockbuster ending, drum in the courtroom and closing arguments in the johnny depp and amber heard defamation trial. >> it is not misheard. >> let me be very clear. if amber heard was abused by johnny depp even one time than she wins. >> it's up to a jury to decide the multi-million dollar case. all that plus maverick takes off. the new top gun sequel sores on the big screen and already it
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is skyhigh at the box office. movie theaters in the danger zone in the pandemic hit found that loving feeling. today, saturday may 28th, 2022. welcome to today. thank you for joining us on the saturday morning. talk to me, i will have these lines in my head as we look forward to the top gun maverick. >> i think we will be reciting lines from top gun all morning long. i'm not usually excited about sequels but i'm excited about this on this holiday weekend and we hope you are getting to enjoy the long memorial day weekend on this unofficial start to summer. 40 million americans are expected to head out of town most by car despite record high gas prices. >> road trips off to a rough start. severe storm swept of these
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seaboard. leaving thousands of the parent irrelevant. authorities admitting. who are begging for help in with more on what we are learning. good morning to you. >> good morning. the gunmen discharged more than 100 bullets in the early minutes of the rampage and fired sporadically thereafter. the commander here assumed incorrectly, he was not an actor shooter at that point. we also are learning more
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details jarring new images of children jumping out of classroom windows to save their lives. an hour after the commander believed the active shooter situation transitioned to a barricaded subject. >> wrong, period. no excuse for that. >> reporter: to the factual errors. >> the brave school district resource officer that approached him and engaged him. >> where was the resource officer? >> he was not on campus. >> reporter: parents we spoke with dismayed by the mistakes. >> i trust when i send my
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children to school each day they will be safe. the school resource officer will be there. >> reporter: here is the timeline that changed every day this week. 11:31, the suspect began shooting just outside the school. at 11:33, the shooter entered the school through a side door that was propped open minutes before. >> he shot more than 100 rounds based on the awed owe evidence at that time. at least 100. >> reporter: two minutes after that. three officers filed through the is same entrance that the group was brushed back by gunfire and retreating. then a split screen at 12:03. 19 officers in the hallway as a 911 call from the classroom. the caller whispering they were in room 112. they may have been moving between two clooms. at 12:10, the emergency dispatch said multiple people dead.
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at 12:15, agents arrived. the senior law enforcement said they were held back by school district police. then a spade of 911 calls. 12:16, a caller reports 8 to 9students still alive. at 12:43and 12:47, pleas for help to send police now. finally at 12:50, border agents ignore orders and access a key from the janitor and opened the locked door. facing fire. tactical units take him out. what is at the end of the deadly ordeal is a city that will never been the same. >> my first thing that came to my mind is that why would he kill all my friends? my heart right now is broken into million pieces. >> reporter: and only two months ago the school police force held an active shooter drill here to prepare for any situation. the officials have not provided
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an explanation as to how the 911 calls were not probably communicated to the officers on the ground as the situation was ongoing. peter and kristen. >> so many painful questions. sam brock in uvalde, thank you so much. >> jim kavanaugh is a former special agent and joining us. jim, good morning. nice to see you. we heard the detail of devastating failures by the police in what took place in uvalde. what strikes me here is the children in that school did everything right. they called 911. they pleaded for help. it is the police and law enforcement that is responsible for the failures and not doing their job and not protecting them. what should this response have looked like? >> good morning, kristen and peter. yes, let me tell you how it should have went. it is a heartbreaking case.
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officers were brave. they took rifle fire and they were stopped by the locked doors of the classroom. they reached a breach point. they are stopped. they cannot go through the door or wall without breaching tools. this is the failure of american law enforcement across the board in patrol area. we have not learned the lessons of virginia tech and the amish school in lancaster, pennsylvania. this is common in american law enforcement patrol. it needs to be fixed. no breaching tools. you want to go for the key. the suspect barricaded. it was a hostage barricade wrapped inside the active shooter. they should have taken a step and stopped for a few minutes. there was not active killing going on in the classroom at the moment. there was no shooting inside the classroom. that's the testimony we heard. some shots through the door at the officers, but there was not active killing. they had a few minutes and they
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needed a few minutes to organize what we call an emergency assault. the reason you have to do that is the wea can kill 30 people in about 30 to 40 seconds. so you can't just try to pry the door open and bang on the door. some cheap talk about i'll just go through the wall. you can't do that. you don't have breaching tools. you have to get the key. the amazing failure when the official did not have the key. the plan should have been quickly formulated. it takes a few minutes. get the two stacks of entry agents in the hall ready to go and keys in both doors. two long riflemen around the back to take a shot through the window. a sniper-initiated emergency assault on the commander's order. the shots fired.
6:10 am
doors open. you can get the assailant. >> jim, quickly. there is a lot we will never know what happened inside that school. we know the 18-year-old had an ar-15 that is a military-style weapon. how did that weapon impact the response and level of carnage? >> clearly it is designed for war. it is designed to be light. it is designed to fire rapidly. the cartridge is designed to have devastaing velocity. the bullets are the size of the .22. if shot at a police officer, it is going through the vest and through the doors and brick walls. these weapons are devastating. he had a holographic sight on it, kristen. he could kill 30 people in 30 to
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40 seconds. you have to get in there and time is against you. they should have launched the emergency assault within 10 minutes of the tactical team arriving which would have been 12:25. they may have saved lives. the failure is the delay and not launching the emergency assault to breach quickly. >> jim, thanks for your expertise. we appreciate your answers. thanks. four days after the horrific massacre in uvalde and some 300 miles away, the nra is kicking off day two of the annual convention today. on friday, former president trump was the headliner. he was not backing down amid calls for stricter gun control. nbc's garrett haake is there. >> reporter: good morning, kristen. former president trump was the top draw in the convention in houston. outside, demonstrators loudly
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protested against the gun lobby. this morning, downtown houston, ground zero of the national debate on guns as the nra's annual meeting was inside. former president donald trump rejecting gun laws in the wake of the shooting in uvalde. >> the existence of evil in the world is not the reason to take guns from law abiding citizens. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott remaining in uvalde where he was confronted over the response to the shooting. >> i don't think we have to do something. >> reporter: nearly at same moment, opposing any response that toughens gun laws. >> there are thousands of laws on the books across the country that limit the owning or using a firearm. laws that have not stopped
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madmen from carrying out evil acts on innocent people. >> reporter: the democratic opponent among those outside. >> promise me you will get in their faces before another child is shot. >> reporter: among the 14 acres of guns, gear and ammo inside, officials looking to prevent more tragedies. >> no one can own the weapon unless you are 25. >> 25? >> that's my thinking. >> we need to do everything we can to beef up the schools and mental health. >> reporter: not present? drop outs. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick and country star lee greenwood. scheduled to perform today. >> for me to perform is an endorsement. obviously, that weapon killed kids. i just couldn't go.
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>> reporter: the nra has run into financial and legal trouble in recent years. still holds significant sway in the republican party and spending millions on their behalf. in 2020, spending $20 million from the super pac to support candidates. >> garrett haake, thank you. and president biden wants stricter gun laws in the country. is there a compromise with republicans? we have kelly o'donnell with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, peter. after pain and grief, there is a question of gun safety action. a group of bipartisan senators have talked about the conversation, but it is unclear if legislation can move forward after other attempts have gone nowhere for a long time. some lawmakers say work could be done on background checks and age limits for gun purchases and
6:15 am
red-flag restrictions to identify individuals with mental or behavior issues to block them from purchasing weapons. the house will bring a vote in early june a red-flag measure to keep guns out the hands of individuals who are a danger to themselves or others. what can become law is a question. peter? >> kelly, thank you. to the other story we are following. millions of americans are getting away for the long holiday weekend. travel was a mess with severe weather on the east coast on friday. reported tornado in virginia causing damage to dozens of buildings. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> somara theodore is here with the forecast. what does it look like? >> we are tracking storms. major improvements along the
6:16 am
east coast. this is impacting the new england region. more showers and storms. as a result, we could see travel delays. we had a lot of cancellations on the east coast. today, a little bit more moderate. if you look bac minneapolis, that's where we could see major travel delays and severe storms. that's the region impacted as we head throughout much of the weekend. this afternoon from rapid city into answorth, winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour on saturday afternoon and evening. look what happens for sunday. the risk elevated into the more enhanced risk in marshall and sioux falls and grand isle and duluth. we could a live look right now in downtown san jose. a beautiful sunrise ahead. some cloud coverage as you head
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out this morning expect zoom out temperatures. 59 degrees right now in san jose. 57 in hayward. 54 san francisco. take a look at your temperature trends this afternoon. we have a little bit of drizzle on the camera thanks to the marine layer. we stay cloudy until 11:00. we get peeks of sunshine by 12:00 this and temperatures in the 60s for san jose. and that's the weather in your neighborhood. kristen and peter. >> somara, thank you. still to come, the johnny depp and amber heard defamation trial is in attorneys said ove their client being abused. and "top gun: maverick" soars over
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good morning, aviators. this is your captain speaking. >> we are back on a saturday morning, may 28th, 2022. tom cruise back in the cockpit for the iconic role of maverick. the long awaited sequel to "top gun." making me feel like i'm back in college. >> that's right, iceman, i am dangerous. we are cocowboys. we will be quoting all morning long. more on "top gun" and record
6:31 am
breaking box office records in moments. let's check the headlines. the breaking news from uvalde, texas. police now admitting they made serious mistakes responding to the mass shooting that killed 19 students and 2 teachers at the elementary school. new information reveals tactical units held back from school units for a half hour waiting too long to breach the classroom as children called 911 for help. vice president is attending the service for the buffalo shooting victims. three were laid to rest after a week of good-byes. the 3 were among 10 killed when a gunman opened fire on may 14th
6:32 am
at the tops supermarket. and now a scary round for the practice round on the indy 500 as colton herta crashed in the turn. his car slid a few hundred feet down the track. safety crews were able to save him. herta walked away from the crash. you can watch coverage of the indianapolis 500 tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern on nbc. >> hard to believe. the trial is over and now it is time for seven jury members who to believe in the johnny depp defamation case against amber heard. on friday, lawyers presented closing arguments. we have steve patterson who was there. >> reporter: this morning, after 100 hours of testimony over six weeks, the celebrity trial of the year is now in the hands of the jury. >> there's a victim of domestic
6:33 am
abuse in the courtroom. it is not miss heard. >> reporter: she wanted to destroy depp's reputation. >> a deeply troubled person. >> reporter: heard's team responding to depp's drug abuse and made him prone to blind rage and leading to sexual and physical abuse. >> let me be clear. if amber was abused by mr. depp one time, then she wins. >> reporter: depp brought the suit against heard after the washington post op-ed where she described herself as a public figure and victim of abuse. the actor said it derailed his career. >> i never struck a woman in my life. >> reporter: heard is counter suing for $100 million. >> he just hit me over and over
6:34 am
and over again. i thought this is how i die. he's going to kill me now. >> reporter: the virginia jury has the power to award or withhold any amount on both sides. >> they can make a statement and say you know, we think both of you are defamed and we will not award damages. >> reporter: the crowds outside mostly supporting depp. turning the court into a spectacle. >> i love johnny. he deserves way better. >> reporter: the case captivating millions and now in the hands of seven jurors. the closing arguments went well into the afternoon yesterday. then the jury got the case and deliberated for two and a half hours before resting for the weekend and through the holiday. they will be back with the case on tuesday. our legal experts tell us there is a lot to sift through and they have to decide two separate verdicts. it may not be until the end of next week before we get a verdict. back to you. >> a cliff hanger.
6:35 am
so many talking about the case. steve, thanks. let's get a check of the weather with somara. somara, first we were talking about storms and now heat? >> yes, i am. who is ready for the heat? we had a pretty good warm up last weekend. get it? today it will impact the northern plains. dodge city at 102. this shifts through the coast. memorial day with nashville and baton rouge and d.c. with three days in the 90s. that's what makes a heat wave. it will be hot at the top of the week. we are tracking the threat for severe storms in the plains. feeling like summer on the east coast. dry for memorial day monday. the fire weather danger in the southwest. of course, with the storms in the plains, we are looking at the threat for cancellations or delays with the flights from salt lake city to denver. down in florida, orlando or
6:36 am
miami, scattered showers and thunderstorms. roads are dicey in the rockies in the northwest. you could drive through a live look right now at san francisco. that is supposed to be the live camera but you can't make out behind it because of the cloud coverage and drizzle we are seeing in san francisco. 57 degrees, bumping up into the 60s with a mix of sun and clouds. a little more sunshine i 1:00. meanwhile in the interior, also waking up to cloud coverage with temperatures popping up to 68 or 69 degrees by 1:00, topping up in the 70s. and that's the weather in your neighborhood. peter and kristen. >> somara, thank you for .and that's the weather in your neighborhood. light to the top of the box office after two days in theaters. >> is tom cruise just what movie
6:37 am
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6:40 am
they say this is as good as it gets. already doing so well that they think it could kickoff the first normal summer movie season since the pandemic began. have maggie vespa from angeles with more. >> the need more normalcy, peter. the 2022 twist on the original. actually this could do it. "top gun: maverick" is soaring above expectations. on track to rake in potentially a record high $140 million over the memorial day weekend. it is a rocket fuel boost for an industry aiming for a post-pandemic rebound. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: this morning, americans are racing back o theaters to root for the biggest star. >> it took this movie to get you in theaters? >> definitely. >> top notch sound and big
6:41 am
screen. >> reporter: "top gun: maverick" soars to big screens with the tom cruise reboot kicking off summer for the first time in years. >> this is a huge deal. we have not had a summer movie season since 2019. >> reporter: in the wake of covid lockdowns, theaters are banking on the box office comeback. after raking in $11.4 billion in 2019, 2020 ticket sales at $2.3 billion. rebounding in 2021 to $4.5 billion. analysts hope that takeoff continues. the summer box office season rakes in 40% of annual ticket sales. >> the pent-up demand for theaters and lineup this year, we will see great opening weekends from all movies. >> reporter: movies including "jurassic world" and to lure
6:42 am
people off the couch, they are revving up the experience with chains offering larger screens and regal 4dx in 50 cinemas. >> there is nothing to compare with the experience. >> reporter: the movie theater comeback happening as netflix season drops in sub viking subscribers. >> would you be open to a deal like that? >> is it going to happen? i don't know. i would be happy to have some of netflix content. >> reporter: what is on theater screens has fans buying in. ♪ you lost that loving feeling ♪ >> reporter: and that loving feeling is sending summer projections soaring. such good singers. we lovethose guys.
6:43 am
on stage at the cannes film festival, tom cruise asked coin on streaming. he said that was never going to happen. he said i make movies for the big screen. maverick, iceman, goose? i'll send it back to you. >> i appreciate it. we'll call you vespa viper. >> i love that. >> peter does a pretty good maverick, actually. we have proof of it. this was peter and jenna bush hager on the halloween show. >> the outtakes of jbh and me doing "you lost that loving feeling" are available somewhere online. it was not pretty. >> you are really feeling it. amazing. >> reporter: you would have fit right in at the early screening.
6:44 am
i could have missed you. >> thanks, maggie. >> he would have been at the front. we want to say high to joe fryer for a look at "popstart." let's keep the music going. you don't want to miss the collaboration with harry styles and john corden. and john corden. they p can i get ten large fries please? i'm gonna need like ten egg mcmuffin sandwich things? night or the next morning. you've been loyal. every order earns points redeemable for free mcdonald's when you order with the mcdonald's app. here's candice... who works from home, and then works from home. but she can handle pickup, even when her bladder makes a little drop-off. because candice has poise, poise under pressure and poise in her pants. it takes poise. meow mix tasty layers
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earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. oh! sorry. no worries! oops... ...ies. you go. no! you go. oh! go for the handful! we are back now with the "popstart." we turn to joe fryer in the new york city. joe, good morning. >> peter and kristen, thank you. "stranger things." the fourth season premiered on friday. the title card before the recap reads, we film the season a year ago, but given the recent tragic
6:47 am
shooting of the school in texas, you may see the first scene distressing. "stranger things" will be released in two parts. episodes 6 through 9 are available on july 1st. up next, ed sheeran wants you to know it's a girl. he developed a new album and dropped it on friday and includes a song about his latest bundle of joy. "welcome to the world." take a listen. ♪ welcome to the world ♪ ♪ i heard your heart beat ♪ ♪ and lost every word ♪♪ >> he announced a week ago that he and his wife welcomed their second child and another baby girl posting a sweet picture of the baby booties on a blanket. it is a re-release with nine
6:48 am
additional songs and four unreleased tracks. fans who want to listen to the end of the song when you can hear them talking about hearing the baby kick. that sounds just perfect. and finally, could you make a music video for less than $1,000? how about under $500? this week, harry styles teamed up with late, late show host james corden to shoot the video in brooklyn with only $300. they did it in three hours. >> would you be open to us coming into your house to see if we would be able to shoot a music video in your house? is that something you would be open to? >> no, thank you. >> thank you for your time. bless you. thank you, virginia. i thought this would be easier, harry. i thought your face would open a lot of doors. >> it's not just me of the. >> i was hiding. >> we are shooting a video for
6:49 am
mr. harry styles. >> i want this to be sexy. >> despite a few bumps, the final product is not bad for a budget production first-time music director james corden. that is the "popstart." peter and kristen. >> thank you, joe. as americans celebrate beaches and barbecues, we celebrate t
6:50 am
6:51 am
this is a live picture of arlington national cemetery. >> ahead of memorial day, we pay tribute on to those who sacrificed for the country.
6:52 am
>> they still hold five funerals an hour. up to 30 each day. one of the most revered traditions. placing flags at each gravesite. this holiday? a new tradition is born. >> as dawn breaks over the hallowed ground, an army assembles to honor those lost. the members of the old guard as they're called, complete a meaningful mission. this mission known as flags in. over just four hours, they place a flag a boot's length away of 250,000 grave sites. the flag that unites us all. >> every single headstone at arlington tells a story. if they could speak, the words would echo from hillside to hillside. there is a common threat of shared sacrifice and service
6:53 am
which makes our nation great. >> for soldiers like gabrriel, it say solemn duty. >> you see the name and dates and the things they accomplished and sacrifices. >> for him, family and service are synonymous. a generation soldier. >> my grandfather was iterned here in 1993. two weeks later, my grandmother. >> his flag was planted for the first time last year. >> the first time he had seen that headstone since i was 8 years old. to be there for the moment was important to me. >> and sergeant pratt. >> when these grounds go from
6:54 am
the way they look every day to the red, white and blue. what does that represent? >> remembering all of the fallen heroes of america. >> we don't leave anybody behind? >> no, we don't. america takes care. >> memorial day dates back to 1868 and then known as decoration day. a way to remember those who died in the civil war. each grave decorated with flowers. today, the cemetery is embracing a new tradition. flowers of remembrance day allows all americans to honor those who served and sacrificed. invited on this one day of the year to lay flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> the flowers represent us? >> they do. they bind us together the same way the cloth of the flag and paper of the constitution do. >> what strikes you at arlington, every day is memorial day at arlington national cemetery. on this day, each of us can
6:55 am
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>> good morning. it is saturday, may 28 and 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look up. clouds covering the top half of the city skyline as we look up


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