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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 16, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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next, 5:30. >> two mass shootings on opposite sides of the country and two separate he crime investigations. the details that we are learning about the shooting in buffalo, new york, and orange county. >> the evidence we have gathered, so far, the motivation , at this stage, appears to be hatred. plus, unintended consequences of invading the ukraine. political fallout, for russian president vladimir putin, with more allies coming to ukraine's defense. the car they used to drive is driving them not. the manufacturer wants to charge them for something that they already returned. i'm investigator chris camara. nbc bay area responds, next. thank you for joining us.
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sadly, it is a familiar sequence. a mass shooting, friends and family members gather to remember the victims. tonight it is happening in buffalo new york. after that gunman killed 10 people at a grocery store. investigators say the shooter was motivated by racial hatred and drove 200 miles to target black people. chris malone has the latest from upstate new york. >> reporter: a memorial to the 10 people killed in saturday's massacre is growing outside the store where it happened. steps away, local and federal agents continue to search for evidence. prosecutors are building a murder case against the accused gunman who they say drove 200 miles to buffalo specifically to kill black people. >> the evidence that we gathered so far, the motivation , at this stage, appears to be pure hatred. >> reporter: a grieving community is starting to remember 10 people whose lives were cut short . >> an 86-year-old mother and
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grandmother, a man in the supermarkets, buying cupcakes. >> reporter: the distraught mother of ruth whitfield called for people who radicalize white supremacist to be held accountable. >> my mother, and my best friend. how dare you. how dare you. this needs to be fixed. >> reporter: investigators say the accused gunman specifically targeted this neighborhood because it's predominately black and believed he planned to leave the market to find more victims before he was confronted and captured on saturday. >> it is chilling to know that that hatred, that kind of racism is still prevalent in our country. >> reporter: the white house is president joe biden and first lady jill biden will be here to meet with the families of the 10 victims tomorrow. chris malone, nbc news, buffalo.
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a mass shooting in orange county. we are learning more about the shooting at the church, and details about the man that police are calling a hero. the shooter is 68-year-old david show. the sheriffs say he is from las vegas and has no known ties to the church in laguna woods where he opened fire and that he acted alone. investigators say the suspect was angry about political tensions between china and taiwan, but they are not saying how that played into a motive. the suspect shot six people, wounding five, and killing this man, dr. john chiang. he leaves behind a wife and two children. dr. chang save lives. >> dr. chang charged the individual, the suspects, attempted to disarm him, allowed other parishioners to intercede, taking the suspect into custody. without his actions, there is no doubt that there would be numerous additional victims.
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>> investigators say the shooter secured the church doors with chains and tried to disable the locks with super glue to keep everyone trapped inside. they say he placed four molotov cocktail devices inside the church. >> this has brought gun violence back to the front of political discourse. let's bring our political analyst, larry gersten. these mass shootings seem more like the norm, now. is that the case? what do the numbers show? >> good evening. from orange county to buffalo and everyplace in between, it is a weekend of incredible violence. the gun archives folks have kept track of these numbers and they are absolutely astounding. 302 incidents, 304 injuries, and hundred and 32 deaths, 132 deaths over a three-day period. friday, saturday, and yesterday. those numbers are as founding
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and they show that once again this issue is not going away. it comes up again and again. it is prevalent to a lot of people. the mac troubling and chilling. saturday's alleged killer in buffalo focused on something called replacement theory, a claim that people of color are intentionally removing white people from american society. i am just hearing of this, is this something circulating on social media? >> if not only circulating on social media, it is circulating in real life. the research folks went ahead and did a survey on this kind of issue last september. they asked, is it good or bad that whites are becoming a smaller proportion of the population? good, 50%, 22%, more than one out of five, and 61% said it doesn't really matter. if you drill down the data more, you find out that among white
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people alone, 26%, more than one out of four said it was bad the population of whites was changing, getting smaller. if you look at political parties, 34% of the republicans said it was bad, versus 13% of democrats. no matter how you look at it, there is a sizable proportion of the country that is very unhappy with what is going on with respect to our demography and suggests a lot of that is coming out with the kind of stuff we saw this weekend in buffalo. >> revealing numbers. i want to ask about gun violence in california. we have some of the stricter gun laws in some areas of california. san jose just tried to ban ghost guns. shootings still happen. it seems like it's a lot. >> we have our share of gun violence. one thing is for sure. this state has done a lot of work to do whatever they could to prevent gun violence. the organization in arizona
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finds that california is one of two state, two states to have a perfect letter a rating. the problem is, go next-door, go to someplace like arizona, and there is a f, a failed rating. why is that important? you can go from one state to another, as the governor of york is suggesting, or, for that matter, look at what happened, a couple of years ago, where this young man came, bought a gun and an assault weapon in nevada, which you could not buy in california, brought here, killed three people, and injured 17 others. why is this important? unless everybody does the same kind of thing, if everybody passes laws like california, fine. if not, you will have tremendous variation with people moving from one state to another to do whatever they could. >> a tremendously difficult
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thing, to get every stay on the same page. thank you so much for your time tonight. nbc nightly news from buffalo, tonight. looking at warning signs from the shootings us act, and how this tightknit community has been turned upside down. coming up, at 6:30. new developments in the russia and ukraine war. sweden is joining its neighbor, finland, to try to join nato. sweden's prime minister announced the country would drop its long-held nonaligned that is experts say they will deal a serious diplomatic blow to vladimir putin as the war reshapes europe's security and friends the west. a senior defense official said that russia likely fired missiles of ukrainian military training center close to the border of poland. no deaths reported. kamala harris visited the united arab emirates, uae. she led a united states delegation to offer condolences
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on the death of uas president, who died last week. this marked the highest level visit by the biden administration to the uae as the u.s. tries to repair troubled relations with that country. the vice president met with the new president, who has helped to modernize the country's policies. a legal victory for ted cruz . senator cruise had a challenge with a federal law applied to candidate below large amount of money to their own political campaigns. under the law, which passed 2002, canada could contribute up to $202,000 of their own campaign and pay themselves back with the contributions of others. the supreme court struck down that law saying that it violated a candidate first amendment rights. the court says that putting a cap on the amount of money a candidate can be reimbursed is restricting their political speech. because, the more money, the more affect. a reversal of a law.
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this law is on to shouldered the bill was signed into law in 2018 and retired companies headquartered in california to have at least one woman on the board of directors by 2019 and as many as three women by 2022. a conservative legal group, call judicial watch, sued over the law, saying it is illegal to use taxpayer money to enforce a law that mandates a gender-based quota. the state countered saying it didn't create a corner because boards could add these to accommodate women. nbc bay area response to a family in the south they and their car trouble. >> even though they don't have a car anymore, chris camara was asked to jumpstart their case. >> reporter: this family returned one of these, a chevy volt, volt, and all electric car. he handed over the car and the charger cable.
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he said he got a receipt, which states that the portable charging cable was, yes, returned. lo and behold, mark says gm later sent him a $514 bill, for the cable. he said he was trying to fix it himself at the dealer but asked us to take a look. we contacted gm corporate and they said they could not comment on civics the gm quickly took charge, within two days and mark the gm waived the $514 charge. he sent them out and said, no doubt, your call to take action. in addition to the money, we asked gm about removing any red flag put on his credit report. it did. he said gm gave him this letter, right here, to prove the family does not owe anything. mark said gm deleted a delinquency on his credit report. i mentioned this the other day but i will mention it again because it's important. everyone can get a free copy of your credit report weekly during the pandemic, even though the web address here
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says annual. we made a how-to video walking you through how you can see it and all of our other how-to videos on our web date, streaming channels, and youtube page. look for the how-to playlist. >> thank you. he always has good information. up next, ransomware attacks are on the rise we have expert advice for small business owners. plus, a trailblazer and longtime activist. we talked to claudine chang as a celebrate a api heritage month. cooler weather, today, and we will talk about the date he on the way as he had to the next several days and what could be aggravating your allergies. i'll have that report in about x minutes. six minutes.
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as we continue to highlight the contributions and achievements of the bay areas a api community, we honor a leader and community activist. colleen chen is making it her mission to share a message of inclusivity. cierra johnson shows us how she is working to help others. >> reporter: the communities have been dealing with a lot. i think that this is a celebration that give us a chance to regroup, and reconnect. it's a tall task. claudine chen knows the stakes are higher than ever. >> so many communities have
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faced, really, bad chapters in history in this country. >> reporter: she says so many of those chapters were unveiled in the past few years as covid took hold and changed life as we know it. many asians were mocked and targeted. this was followed by strings of vicious attacks and violence. born in hong kong, she says she considered the worst case scenario time and time again. >> as an asian immigrant, asian- american, obviously, it disturbs me. it disturbs me, and i am constantly thinking, if i am the one walking down the street, and somebody shouts something to me or does something to me, how would i react to it? >> reporter: instead of dwelling on what if, despite her free quality representation says it was crucial to find strength and positivity in a time of darkness >> as a silver lining, we see communities coming together, within a api community and
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citywide. >> reporter: the month of may approaches and her organization doubled down on their mission. >> hopefully we can create the kind of programming that can bring people together. >> with a theme that resonates of what is happening now. >> community voices is a call to action, to create opportunities, welcome everyone, and take advantage of this time. >> reporter: folks across the bay can learn more about asian and pacific islanders, will films, food, and culture. the range of activities and programming, connecting the dots of those who may not identify as members of the community, as well as those who do. in san francisco. >> i feel like there is more to do. so much more, for us to come together. >> dear johnson, for nbc bay area news .
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we have more stories about a api heritage on our streaming app, on your roko, amazon, fire tv, or apple tv. download the app and find inspirational tales under our must-see playlist. >> experts say more businesses are falling victim to cyber and ransomware attacks. this software company says that i organizations have to fend off 800 attacks every week. an expert warns that hackers are casting a wider net to play on companies and your data could be in jeopardy. >> the situation for businesses is a complex situation. businesses are using anything from 12 to 50 different solutions to cover these aspects. in the future, we need to see more consolidation so that people can actually be safe. we are facing the fifth
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generation of hybrid attacks. we need to step up. >> small companies should establish two separate security programs to make themselves close vulnerable, to protect networks and protect users. let's check our forecast. on saturday, it was hot and it turned chilly. quite windy, today, as well. >> are you okay with this? are we doing? >> we are getting a little bit of a break, which is really nice. we have more heat coming our way. let's take it to the forecast, we have you out here in the tri- valley. we have high clouds in the distance and 63 degrees. it's a huge difference from the upper 80s that we had on saturday. down to 50s in 8:00. it is breezy, with wind out of the west, northwest, and i wanted to get a report in here and show you those grasses in the moderate category, it could be aggravating your allergies
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and expect the pollen to continue to float this week with on and off wind through the afternoon with our typical sea breeze rolling in. do what you have to do with the allergy start popping, otherwise, let's get you into tomorrow morning's forecast. see areas of fog near the coast and the peninsula, patchy fog in the east bay. we will clear out the sunshine through the afternoon. as we start off for tomorrow morning, i don't see any issues on the morning commute. we will begin at 40 in the tri- valley, south bay down to 50, san francisco east bay and northbay, starting off low 50s. there tomorrow, temperatures go up a couple more degrees. south bay is back up to 77, and 80 in morgan hill. we have low 80s, back to concord and antioch. closer to the bay, those numbers drop with 73 in hayward. the peninsula, anything from 56.5, to 73 in palo alto. san francisco no more 70s. isolated on saturday, 67 in the
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mission, and a chilly 56 in the marina. for northbay, 83 in napa, 65 point range. tomorrow, it's manageable, but i wanted to make sure that you see this. when we roll into wednesday, high pressure returns and that will warm us up with 90s, back in the mix. not quite that hot in san francisco, but ac is going up to 72 on wednesday, was on and off gus, 15 to 30 miles per hour, dropping into the 60s, thursday, friday, and saturday, up to 70s as we hit next sunday and monday. hold on, let's look at the inland valley forecast, numbers all over the place, 82 tomorrow, 91 wednesday, dropping off with fog on thursday, and into the 80s, thursday, friday, and saturday. we have 90s sunday and monday. we have been able to hold off on the 100 so far. i think we can get through this
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pretty well. >> thank you. up next, what was it like? we talk passenger turn pilot in that miracle landing.
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the business in russia is no longer can stand with mcdonald's values. more than 60,000 people work for the fast food chain in russia. an incredible story that captured the world's attention last week. the florida man, landing a plane with absolutely no flying experience what ever, after the pilot that only became unconscious. savannah guthrie had an exclusive interview with the man on the today show. darren harrison was traveling home from a fishing trip in the bahamas, on board is angle engine, two others on board, the pilot and the pilot's friend. suddenly, the pilot took ill, and went unconscious in the plane went into a nosedive over the open ocean. harrison, with no flying experience, got in contact with air traffic controller, a part- time flight in structure, instructor, and waited the plane. >> i knew it was a life or death situation. either you do what you have to do to control the situation or you will die. that is what i did.
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>> the pilot suffered an aortic aneurysm and was hospitalized but is expected to be okay. are you ready for the dallas mavericks? they're coming to san francisco, tomorrow. the warriors challenge. chase center. we will hear from steph curry, next. what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa.
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the warriors are on a roll. it back in the western conference finals. next step, dallas, wednesday. >> it's happening, after the series against the grizzlies, here comes the mavericks, led by one of the nba's top players. they took care of business against the grizzlies in six
5:59 pm
games and now they have home- court advantage against the maps in the conference finals if they win, they move on to the nba finals. they are led by that guy, 23- year-old luca don check, young and dynamic. steph curry's is the best way to go against a team like this is stay grounded. >> think about what you're doing at that age, trying to come into this scene in playoff basketball. outside of that -- you know, we are hungry enough, knowing we have been on the radar the last two years in terms of being realistic championship contenders. >> a game one of this best-of- seven series, wednesday night at chase center. wednesday and friday at chase center. it's worth noting, for fun, the warriors have not lost a series in the conference playoffs in eight years. we like their chances. lack home-court advantage helps. jessica joined us what is coming up next at six.
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>> i may be sick on friday, and wednesday. trying to help people make it in the bay. move the oakland is considering as rents get ready to jump again, at the same time that inflation keeps going up. >> we are going backwards, right? the wealth gap between the rich and poor is growing. covid-19 infections across the bay area are continuing to rise. public health officials are recommending, coming up and again, bail has been denied. new developments in the case of the mma star accused of shooting a man who allegedly molested a close family member in the south bay. news at 6:00 starts now. thank you for being with us on monday. we know that buying a house in the bay area is hard enough. renting is getting harder, too. this time, and oakland, la


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