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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, anger, shock and sadness. in new york community is mourning the 10 victims of what investigators are calling a racist murder rampage at a grocery store. also, more heart rake in orange county after a mass shooting at a church. incredible stories now emerging of people who put themselves in harms way to stop the gunmen. how supporting the victims of the war in ukraine. one local woman is stepping up and helping those affected by the ongoing, one shoe at a time.
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this is --. this is monday morning. oh, to start the week with the whole team here. everyone, good morning. thanks for joining us. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. so good to see a. i have had to watch on roku, amazon fire. >> now were watching you. >> it's good to be back in the holding. >> and have you back in the building. let's talk to gary hall. kerry, overnight we have some pretty exciting news. >> that was cool to see the luthat were kind of fighting the fog and bu interview in fremont this morning, a light breeze kicking up this morning with the westerly win at about 16 miles per hour there. 56 degrees. going to have a cool start our day with a lot of clouds, but
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take a look at this afternoon. racing into the upper 60s in fremont. dublin up to 60 degrees. livermore, 73. 77 in napa this afternoon. you are also going to see some warmer air in the forecast as we head through the week took a we will be talking more about that coming up. are you interested in the morning commute? we have a smooth drive right here. an issue here eastbound 580. there was some slower sensors. the crash has been there for about half an hour. everything has been cleared to her from the area as you come to this portion of contra costa county as well as the north bay. there is a note for the bridges. we do have the babe ridge with a smooth drive. there is a window advisor on some of your high rise bridges and over here on the sf ridge. no slowing but then maybe construction to the north of there. cruise to vallejo, they have cleared a lot of construction projects at -- bridge on the other bridge at redwood street,
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that one is now closed starting today. there is a shift in the focus but still the same concept over there crossing i 80. back over to you. thank you very much. developing now, the southern california community of laguna woods reeling after a church became the site of the country's latest mass shooting. an asian man in his 60s open fire. this is a reception luncheon right after sunday morning service. one person died, five others were hurt in that shooting. for them critically wounded. this happened just before 1:30 in the afternoon at geneva presbyterian church. 30-40 member -- members of the church were attending a luncheon honoring a former pastor. sheriff's office says that the gunmen, not from the area. >> investigators are working to determine his city of residence and whether he has any connection to this church or to the congregation. >> at this time, we don't know what the suspect's motives may be or whether he had an intended target, or whether this was even i hate related
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incident. >> last night, the church released a statement saying it is deeply saddened by the shooting and is praying for those traumatized by sunday's events. this morning we are also learning a lot about the heroic actions taken by some of the people inside the church. >> dr. phillips nbc station in l.a. is in laguan woods with more. >> members of the congregation out thing heroically. we are learning that many of them tackled the shooter who was armed with two weapons, and then hogtied him, using an extension cord. so, when deputies arrived here on scene, that's shooter was already detained and deputies were able to render aids to the victims were shot. law enforcement saying the people who tackle the shooter definitely saved lives. we are also learning that many members of this congregation are in the 60s and 70s. just an amazing act of bravery from those people. that is the latest from laguana woods. i am marsha phillips. amazing to hear about that bravery in southern california. you can lesson a day after a shooter killed 10 people in buffalo, new york president biden is traveling to florida visit with victims families
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tomorrow. 11 of the 13 people shot were black. the mass killing is now being investigated as a hate crime. the accused gunman is an 18- year-old who drove 200 miles to carry out the attack. investigators say payton gendron was detained last year after making a violent that at his high school. but he was released after a mental health evaluation. for those who lost loved ones and other mass shootings, the violence is triggering reminders of the darkest days. we talked to one mother whose son was killed in -- festival shooting. today in the bays, -- reports that the mother actually lives not far from the buffalo. >> reporter: when terry williams saw these images of the buffalo supermarket shooting that left at least 10 dead, she says she cried. she says once again, she was forced to relive the pain of losing her son. trevor irby was shot and killed during a mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival in 2019.
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>> it breaks my heart. it is just awful. i feel bad. feels like the same day i got the call, when i lost my son. it is just heartbreaking. you feel for these people that aren't going to see their loved ones ever again. >> reporter: trevor was just 25 when he was killed trevor says she feels like there was an infinite loop of mass shootings. and they won't stop until more attention is focused on mental health. san francisco's president of the naacp reacted to the racially motivated violence in buffalo. >> enough is enough. we need to stop this inhumane, barbaric activity of violence in this nation. >> reporter: tammy william says her son was known for his kindness and respect for everyone. but says that mind-set is critical to stopping mass shootings. >> it is a cycle that needs to
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be broken. it is a talk that every household should have, that there is no race. it should g be just one race. the human race. >> reporter: marianne fog row, today in the bay. so true. we are closely following the investigations in both buffalo and orange county. when we are not on air, you could hand head on over to to get the latest update. >> announcer 2: the latest in ukraine. new american weapons are now apparently being used on ukraine's front lines against russian forces. ukraine's armed forces released this video. they say these troops are firing american howitzers at the frontline in eastern ukraine. hasn't been independently verified. but the u.s. embassy in kyiv says the u.s. has delivered nearly 90 long-range military weapons to help fend off russia's invasion. it's part of the recent $800 million aid package for ukraine. back here in the bay area, a los gatos woman is doing her part to support victims of the
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war in ukraine. alayna -- set up a standard boston hill park on sunday where people could come and donate their shoes. the shoes will be sold on the funds will go to support -- ukraine. it's nonprofit -- to deliver -- in on the ground in ukraine. for her, it's a personal mission. she says she couldn't do it without support from her community. she collected 600 pairs of shoes. if you have shoes you would like to donate, she will be back at blossom hill are taking donations on june 4th. the 12th, and on the 25th, you know, next on today in the bay. the reason elon musk is still on the fence about his $44 billion deal to buy out twitter. he is now accusing the company of hiding. new reports -- the streaming giant may soon expand to live streaming content. stick around. much more ahead to you on this monday morning at today in the bay.
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good monday morning right now 4:41 as you are heading out. in fairfield we have temperatures in the low 80s. it is a clear start and a breezy wind that is going to continue to stay up-to-date. as temperatures had for the low 70s at 11:00, it will be a really nice afternoon. take a look at all the microclimates in the week ahead. coming up. a live look at the golden gate ridge. a little fog here. it was more on time this morning and i'm sure they will be more zipping through. wind is noticed for some of your highlights. how that commute is shaping up,
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coming up. good morning. -- wall street is set to start the week in the red. stocks rallied on friday with the dow up more than 450 points. and the nasdaq jumping nearly 4%, having its strongest day since november 2020. but, the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 were still lower for the week a concern of inflation, rising interest rates and a slowing economy. focus this week. reports on retail sales, housing starts, industrial production and jobless claims. retails report earnings including walmart and target which could give some insight into how they are managing rising costs and prices. elon musk continues to sound off about the actual number of bots and fake accounts on twitter. and says the company's legal team is accusing him of breaking a nondisclosure agreement. on friday, friday morning, muscat tweeted his $44 billion deal kent by twitter, was
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temporarily on hold while he investigates whether bots and spam and fake accounts make up less than 5% of twitter's users as the company claims work out that sent the stock tumbling 10%. must again questioning twitters numbers this weekend. netflix may be expanding into live streaming. the company is working on an option for standup comedy specials and other live content. support for live streaming could open up the possibility for netflix to air live reunion shows, like the one recently held by the reality shows him a sunset. or for life competition chose. -- experimenting with live streams and the oscars and the new home of dancing with the stars. guys, back to you. >> that could be interesting. >> we could put our show on live. you know what? -- i would just watch it later.
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we are celebrating aapi here on today in the bay. had we are going to sit down with activist and trailblazer, --. the healing she says her community needs and her push to prevent more hate crimes.
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4:46 on your monday morning. as we take a live look outside.
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nice in downtown san jose. clouds hovering a little bit did you guys get a chance to see the lunar move last night? >> i did. i saw --. >> i posted something on facebook. i just went outside and snapped a picture. >> right picture. much better than mine. my a tiny little one. >> very cool. but not a lot to see out there this morning, gary. >> i know. now the fog has rolled in and we are seeing in some spots, some really low visibility as the fog it's a little bit lower. but at least in san francisco, you have a clear drive to work this morning and our temperatures in the low 50s as you are heading up for work temperatures are a little milder thanks for that blanket of fog that we have covering us. our temperatures, starting out with some 50s. it will slowly warm up today but really a nice day forgetting outside. maybe plan to go hiking later this morning into the afternoon. as our temperatures go from 68 degrees at 11:00 to 73 degrees at 1:00, and 75 degrees.
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i think that's perfect. especially with a nice breeze picking up. we are going to see that fog clearing out by late morning into the afternoon. with concorde reaching 77 degrees. 68 in dublin. we will see a high of about 73 in los gatos. 73 in the mid-60s today. you can see at the bottom of the screen, temperatures will be warming up as we head to the week. that warming trend starts tomorrow. as you can see, the highs heading up another couple of degrees for san jose. concord, 82. and then on wednesday, we are looking at some upper 80s and low 90s. once again, this is like what we saw on saturday. returning for the middle of the week again, the storm track staying well to the north of us. high pressure welding and pretty quiet weather here in terms of any chances of rain. we are still looking at more sunshine in the forecast and our temperatures peaking for midweek that we will have another peak going into the weekend. look at friday into saturday with highs in the mid-80s. it will be a warm weekend for the valleys before san francisco, we are keeping it cool here.
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a brisk wind at times and sunshine reaching into the upper 60s and low 70s as we head into the weekend. you have been watching the morning commute. any issues popping up? over on the right side there is a sign we typically see. that warning i typically get there is a stronger breeze over the high-rise here. same thing for the antioch bridge. no major issues. just those notes. green as part of those speed -- go for the majority of these freeways. all the way out to the altima pass. that's the only slowing we see. coming down -- that's the commute out of discovery bay. brentwood heading down toward 580. under 20 minutes. be careful of course. -- 17 minutes for that drive. 580, once you pass that bit of slowing -- 680, no problem at the dublin interchange. highway 4, nice easy drive through contra costa county. let's hope it stays smooth for colette bordelon right now as we continue to highlight the contributions and achievements in the bay areas aapi
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community this morning. leader and community activist. >> claudine chang is making it her mission to share a message of inclusivity and the organization that she leads. today in the bay -- johnson shows that she how she is working to help others. >> the communities have really been doing this a lot, dealing with a lot. i think that this is us, the celebration gave us a really -- to reconnect. >> reporter: it's a tall task for community -- claudine chang knows the stakes are higher than ever. >> historically, so many communities have faced really, that chapters in history in this country. >> reporter: chain, chang says my so many of those chapters were revealed in the last two years as covid took hold and change life as we know. asians were mocked and targeted. this was followed by streams of asia's attacks of violence. chang, born in hong kong, said she considered the worst-case
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scenario. time and time again. >> as an asian immigrant, asian- american, it obviously disturbs me. disturbs me. and i constantly thinking if i am the one walking down the street and somebody shout out some words, they are for me or do something to me, how would i react to it? >> reporter: instead of dwelling on the what if, this fighter quality and representation says it was crucial to find strength and positivity in the period of darkness. >> the silver lining is that we see a lot more community organizations coming together. both within the aapi community as well as citywide. >> reporter: as the month of may approached, the organization she leads doubled down on their all too important mission. >> hopefully we can create a kind of programming that can bring people together. >> reporter: the theme -- that resonates with what is happening now. >> forging community bonds -- call to action to best create
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opportunities. welcome everyone. and take it one step at a time. >> reporter: all month various partnerships and collaborations across the bay, folks can learn more about asian and pacific islanders through films, foods and culture. the wide range of activities and programming, connecting the dots of those who may not identify as members of the community, as well as those who do. in san francisco, i feel like there is so much more to do. so much more for, for us to come together. >> sierra johnson for today in the bay. we are celebrating aapi heritage month on air and online. to see more stories like sierra's, go to aapi heritage. is a question for you. what would you do if you had to land the plane in an emergency situation. coming up next on today in the bay. >> at that point, i knew if i didn't react, that i would die.
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>> the exclusive interview with the passenger with zero flying experience who was able to take over and safely land a plane after the pilot suffered a medical emergency. what he is saying about the tense moments in the air, this morning. happening that for you. mcdonald's is the latest company to signal an exit from russia. since the war in route ukraine. fast food chain says it's vision is not consistent with value. mcdonald's is pursuing to sell its 950 russian restaurants to a local buyer. it says that it is seeking to keep its 62,000 workers employed as part of the terms. mcdonald's restaurants in ukraine remain closed for now. we will be right back.
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welcome back everyone. it is for: 55. only on nbc, the airplane passenger who recently made a miracle landing with absolutely zero flying experience, talks exclusively to the today show. garrett harrison last tuesday was forced to take over the controls when the pilot suffered a medical emergency in the skies over palm beach, florida. it started when the plane went into a nosedive took a harrison had never touched controls of an airplane in his life. >> everyone has been amazed at how calm you were. do you feel calm? >> i did. somebody asked me what my heart rate was, or what i thought my heart rate was when all that was going on. i said it was probably in the '90s. and they said what about after it was all over? i said it was probably about 160. about the time i stopped the plane, that is when it hit me. i was pretty cool and collected the whole time. i knew it was a life or death situation. either you do what you have to
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do to control the situation, or you are going to die. >> that's amazing. harrison sat down exclusively with savannah guthrie this morning. it will be on the today show following today in the bay at 7:00 a.m. can't wait to hear it. >> and wait to see that as well, laura. : 56 right now. a triumphant return to the day to rakers results in san francisco this weekend. and, they are off. take a look at that. for the first time in three years, thousands came out for this wacky run. organizers say the turnout was about what they expected. 18,000 people registered at about 14,000 showed up. bay to breakers draws and some serious runners. but for the most part, it is really just a joyful, silly check from embarcadero to ocean beach. the common theme this year was really just people happy to participate. >> it was really fun to see everyone in a group together and having fun and not worrying. >> it is always good to be back. glad to see all running kinds in the community got here. >> i love that.
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organizers -- event will continue to go and eventually just pre-pandemic numbers. before the pandemic, more than 100,000 walkers and runners participated each year. >> that looks like so much fun. we will have to do it sometime. 4:57. on the express lane opening today just as many more employees across the bay area are returning to the office.
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right now at 5:00, mass shootings rocking communities from coast-to-coast. the unfolding investigation is underway in new york and orange county. in both communities now search for answers. also, renewed calls for gun reform. >> promising data from biker. the hospitalization said the -- vaccine is working to help event. and the billions it helped save in healthcare cost. plus. o, yeah. the stars were out at billboard music award. we will break it down. the prestigious moments and key winners. this is today in the bay. i love that retro throwback that is cool. we could do it with her outfits, too. >> next year. good monday morning to you. hope you had a great weekend.


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