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tv   First Look  NBC  March 12, 2022 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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gabrielle: ...and not thought a second thought about it. didn't even realize that someing so important to our ancestry was right there. gwen: right there. gabrielle: and now, we have that forever. [music] [music playing] there's a passion in philadelphia like no place else. the fans really care. nowhere else i've ever been that there's people as genuine. there's not that sense of restriction. philly gives you an opportunity to just be an artist. it is the most underrated city. you hear about new york. you hear about in chicago. you don't hear that much about philly, but just you wait. [music playing] (singing) oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. going to give up and be mine, be mine.
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[music playing] narrator: philadelphia lays claim to the birthplace of our great nation. from independence hall to the liberty bell, it's a city known for its history, its famous sandwich, and its love of sports. [music playing] philly stands proud as one of the great sports cities in america. in philadelphia, sports is important. there's a passion like no place else. narrator: and dominating the scene are their beloved birds, the philadelphia eagles. mr. jaworski, ron, what should i call you? - jaws. - jaws. jaws. that's plain and simple. [music playing] narrator: so to be on their home turf with one of their legendary quarterbacks is a pinch-me moment for sure. johnny devenanzio: you ever see one of these before? oh, yeah. threw about 5,000 of those in my career. hey, so, ron, so where do the cheerleaders hang out around here?
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if you were going to play in this town, you better be tough because these fans will recognize a phony in one play. i remember a game against the colts, and i hit my first 11 pass. i mean, i'm hot, man. hit 11 in a row. i missed number 12. boo! [laughs] i said, these are tough fans. he needs help finding the end zone! there's a vested interest in the outcome of the game when you play in philadelphia. narrator: but whereas football gets its fair share of love, the skateboarding community is keen to put its own stamp on the sports scene. you never carry your board like this. you carry that thing like you ready to go. narrator: and leading the way is 25-year-old philly local jahmir brown. jahmir, tell me a little bit about your background. well, i grew up in southwest philly, found skateboarding through video games. something about it just sparked the interest, and right away, i was like, mom, they have these at kmart. can we please go and get one? [music playing]
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i'm from right across the street from bartram village projects, and you see a lot growing up. by the time i was five years old, i've already seen people lose their life through gun violence. and seeing things like that as such a small child, you grow up fast. johnny devenanzio: so the neighborhood you grew up in, skating wasn't necessarily the hobby of choice. no. i was considered a white boy and rocker, and people don't understand it. so, to me, i was doing something original, and it gave me a different outlook than just the trouble around my neighborhood. narrator: and providing a sense of community for skaters like jahmir is nocturnal skate shop. this is home base for sure. this is where everybody comes to either get their first board and feel welcomed, meet up before they go skate. come chill on a rainy day. rob adams: exactly. if you're pulling up and you're into skateboarding, this is where you got to come. skating style, what you wear, how is it different in, say, philly than in another big city? jahmir brown: we got that flavor. you always going to know when you're from philly. as soon as i step in london, are you from philly? go to la, same thing.
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go to milan, same thing. like no matter where, they recognize philly just by the way we dress and carry ourselves. so pair of cargo pants, or some baggy tracksuit, and some denims, just like pushing the comfort. the ogs, huh? guys, i didn't get the windbreaker pants memo today. [laughs] narrator: and pushing the boundaries is a generation of skaters that have been there since the beginning. you're like the trailblazers in the philadelphia skateboarding scene. how has it changed from when you were coming up to now? to see how much the sport or art of skateboarding has taken off is amazing. johnny devenanzio: you called it an art and a sport, but back in the day, it wasn't viewed like that, right? it was an underdog sport. it was on some rebellion type of vibe. counterculture almost, yeah. organized sports, they have everything, the football field, the basketball field, the baseball field. skateboarding was very unaccepted. you're this black sheep. narrator: but as skateboarding has become more mainstream, even making its olympic debut last year, skateboarders like jahmir have managed to carve out a career
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from their passion through sponsorships and modeling deals with multi-million-dollar companies. woo. what makes philly such a desirable location for skateboarders to practice their art form? do you see all these big gaps in the ground? johnny devenanzio: yeah. jahmir brown: you hit that at the wrong angle, you're going to really hurt yourself. skating on the east coast is a lot harder because of the weather. so a lot of people come out here to get tested, and it creates a certain level of respect that if you can do it here, then you can do it anywhere. when the la skaters come here, it's funny to see us sit back and watch them really have a hard time picking up something. and they leaving like-- i can't do it. johnny devenanzio: you've skated everywhere, but what do you love about skateboarding here in philadelphia? the main thing that keeps me coming back is y'all. it's the people. nowhere else i've ever been that there's people as genuine, as nurturing, but also as rough.
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[music playing] what do you always say in the italian market? - yo! - one, two, three. yo! yo! narrator: the south 9th street italian market is america's oldest and continuously operating outdoor market. johnny devenanzio: do these actually have bourbon in them? it's infused into the caramel. it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? been here for over 100 years. 100 years? this is the street that rocky ran up and down every movie. ok, so we're going to have to reenact that. hey, bananas. [cheering]
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narrator: but while this philadelphia landmark has a strong italian heritage-- johnny devenanzio: wow. here you go, pal. enjoy it. thank you. narrator: --an exciting surge of international flavors has given this area new life. [music playing] meet cristina martinez, owner of the much-buzzed-about mexican restaurant south philly barbacoa. all right. narrator: named as one of the top 10 new restaurants in america, south philly barbacoa is renowned for its authentic lamb barbacoa, a preparation of meat that is steamed cooked in an underground pit until tender, giving it a delicious smoky flavor-- ok, here we go. narrator: --a tradition cristina has brought to philadelphia from her hometown of capulhuac
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in central mexico. wow. you make that look so easy. narrator: by keeping her culture alive through her food, cristina has created a business that most chefs could only dream of, a dream that at one point seemed impossible for cristina is an undocumented immigrant. tell me a little bit about your background. how did you end up here in south philadelphia? narrator: after suffering years of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, cristina decided to flee in the hope of providing a better life for herself and her daughter.
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johnny devenanzio: what are we cooking? de rajas. johnny devenanzio: oh, de rajas. narrator: and the difficulties didn't stop there. her journey to the states proved to be her biggest challenge yet. wow. narrator: in 2009, cristina arrived in philadelphia, where she began selling her own unique tacos, first from out of her home, then from a taco cart, and, finally, establishing her own restaurant in the heart of the italian market. you ready for tortillas? is it difficult to, i guess, replicate the ingredients and the flavor here?
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ok, so now i do one. one more. how long does it take to make barbacoa? johnny devenanzio: five days to prep the barbacoa to sell for two days. si. here's the tricky part. woo. now we got it. narrator: cristina now uses her influence to shine a light on the immigrant story in the culinary world.
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mm. those jalapenos are caliente. mucho delicioso. you know why? because these are made with mucho amor. wow. those are good.
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before calling the new mcplant a mcdonald's burger, we had to make sure of a few things. first, we needed to be sure it looked like one. then we had to make sure it would make you take a hard right... change your go-to order... inspire creativity... inspire a new jingle... ♪ ♪ and be good enough to steal. but most importantly, we had to make sure it tasted like a mcdonald's burger. the first mcdonald's burger with a plant-based patty. ♪ ba da ba ba bah ♪ . . .
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(singing) oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. narrator: philadelphia's old city draws visitors from far and wide, but beyond the city's much-loved tourist hubs, you'll find pockets of neighborhoods that have become centers for diversity and creativity. now the age-old question. do i pull it out of the bag, or do i eat it in the bag like this? narrator: east passyunk avenue has grown with the influence
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and contributions of generations of immigrant communities and now stands proud as home to over 160 independently-owned businesses, 45% of which are women-owned and encapsulating the spirit of this neighborhood is bok. johnny: why am i getting a very eerie feeling walking down these hallways? jackie rush: we are in a school, so i don't know about your history johnny but how was high school for you? johnny: traumatic. the most familiar part for me in the school was the principal's office. narrator: originally a vocational school, bok has now been transformed into affordable workspaces for over 250 tenants practicing a variety of trades. i'm preparing for my first solo exhibition, and i'm specifically painting men. bam. this is your next masterpiece right here, elizabeth. so there are tons of creatives in south philly so it's a really densely packed residential neighborhood people are outgrowing their living rooms they're outgrowing their home studios, and they really wanted to expand into a place like bok that was nearby it's just a puppet, so right now i'm sculpting the face for it.
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she'll eventually become something along the lines of this. johnny devenanzio: do you want to see what a real masterpiece looks like? caroline kunka: it's, i mean, uncomparable. johnny devenanzio: i know. wow. how do you feel about cashew cheese? johnny devenanzio: cashew cheese? so there's no dairy in this? steve babki: no dairy. johnny devenanzio: you, my friend, are a magician. that is some tasty cashew. my studio is called wc pottery because water closet. this was the toilet room. when i was brought in, there were two 40-year-old toilets here. i was able to put my kiln in here. johnny devenanzio: oh, these are nice, man. narrator: and bok isn't the only unassuming building in east passyunk. johnny devenanzio: what is this-- this looks amazing. johnny devenanzio: --tower of deliciousness? narrator: welcome to hardena, a james beard nominated indonesian restaurant. and joining me is kate scott, the play-by-play announcer for the philadelphia 76ers, only the second woman in history to call games for the nba. how long have you been in philly, and what do you think so far? about six months. ok.
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relatively new. and it's been fantastic. born and raised in california, so everybody was pretty scared for me. philly, how are you going to do? you know they really care about their sports. i'm like, hell yeah. why do you think i want to go? [music playing] i've been into sports since i was a little girl my mom and dad would wake up. they'd come find me watching half hour repeats of sportscenter. i remember memorizing batting averages and shooting percentages, and then i played everything, played four varsity sports in high school, wrote for the school newspaper. johnny devenanzio: you're now the play-by-play announcer for the sixers, so how did you go from oakland to philadelphia? yeah. so, again, just working your way up. i started calling high school sports, then called college sports. i was lucky enough to get an opportunity to call men's and women's hoops at the tokyo olympics, which was incredible. got to call a warriors game. so had enough stuff that nbc was interested once the sixers job came open. asked me to audition and interview, and here we are.
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- that's amazing. - yeah. johnny devenanzio: so what kind of preparation goes into being a play-by-play announcer. i'd imagine it's a lot. yeah, it's a lot. yesterday over the practice facility because you can always pick stuff up, right? come back to my apartment, get my boards ready so i have 8 by 11 sheets from each team, everybody-- wow. --names, numbers, what they did the last couple of games. and then, obviously, i'm watching film kind of like a coach or an athlete. so there's a lot that goes into it, but i'm calling sixers basketball for a living. johnny devenanzio: how does it feel to be such a trailblazer in this field? obviously, i'm so excited to be the new voice of the sixers. but if this industry isn't 20 times better by the time that i leave in 20 years and it's not just one or two female play-by-play announcers in the nba-- but it's just so important to me, again, to open as many doors for as many different people who want to do this as possible. i'm so glad you met me here because i've been-- - i am too. - --wanting to try this spot. so thank you. well, you're going to be really upset when you find out who's picking up the bill. yeah, i'm going to-- on that note, look at the time. i got to run. see you guys later.
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in new york city, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at [music playing] narrator: philadelphia's museum mile draws art lovers from across the globe from the philadelphia museum of art to the rodin museum, the champs- lysées of philadelphia is peppered with cultural gems, including the most visited museum in pennsylvania, the franklin institute. as my father always told me, early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy and wise. i don't know where he got that quote from, but-- ben franklin.
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he is one of the greatest americans, and you're in one of the few national memorials that are in private hands, really an entryway to one of the great science centers in the world. narrator: but whereas this interactive museum may be best known for its giant walk-through heart and brain, now this almost 200-year-old institute has been magically transformed to host the world premiere of harry potter, the exhibition, the most comprehensive touring spectacle ever presented about the wizarding world. this is, without a doubt, the most fantastic exhibition on "harry potter" that has ever happened. you'll be able to go to hogwarts, experience the great hall. you'll take a visit to hagrid's hut. you'll see props and costumes, but you'll also be engaged in an immersive experience like no other. and i'll tell you, the response from visitors has just been phenomenal. man, you're going to see more people scalping tickets for the harry potter exhibit than eagles game pretty soon. - well, we could. philly's a great sports town, but i have to tell you,
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its art and culture scene is second to none as well. [music playing] narrator: and no one knows that better than philly-based fashion designer and "project runway" contestant prajje oscar. everybody, bow down. it's heavy as [bleep]. these models are going to die. narrator: while his haitian background is woven into his work-- this dress here is actually hand-painted on, so i painted all this color onto the flowers. narrator: --prajje uses philadelphia as his muse. prajje, this is where all the magic happens, huh? this is where all the magic happens, yes. johnny devenanzio: what made you choose philadelphia as your home of residence? i've always been very attracted to the art, very attracted to the architecture. i love the vintage and the antiques, but there's a part of me that also love modern. my perfect place to be is when the two merge, and, for me, in philly, it's like, yeah, the two is merging. haitian art can be very intense, can be very specific.
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being in philadelphia, i can take that very specific and make it more modern, make it more global. philly gives you an opportunity to just be an artist. there's not that sense of restriction. in new york, you probably get a huge fine writing on a wall. you can pee on all the walls, but if you put paint on it, you're going to jail. - you are done. and then to come to philly where it's like you can put a grant in into the city and they'll give you money to print on a wall, why not? narrator: and that's exactly what mural arts philadelphia does. employing 250 artists annually, the city has over 4,000 outdoor murals, earning its reputation as the mural capital of the world. everywhere you go, each one of these murals will tell a different story. what's interesting about this, when i looked at it, i was like, oh, wow, this is philly. it was such an eclectic mixture of the different communities that are here, and i thought that was
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a great representation. and also the way it's painted, it's almost like it's coming out at you, almost 3d. yeah, it is very life-like. you have your fashion people there. you can see there's different things from jeans, to t-shirts, to shirts, to the cinched waist, and you get more details. you get tailoring. there's a lot you can pull from here. narrator: and further inspiration comes in the form of tiny glistening tiles that comprise philadelphia's magic gardens. this is cool. this is like a stained glass window here, huh? isaiah zagar, who is 82 years old, who constantly adding pieces to what we will call a 30-year-old masterpiece and an avant-garde piece. you can continue adding. it's never too much. it's where he drinks and leaves all of his empty bottles. - all of his empty bottles. you know, that's actually a good question. i wonder now. in haitian culture, we have entire painting done out of little beads, and crystals, and stuff like that.
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in my next collection, a big piece of that, i am going to do into a lot of garments. and i was like, oh my god, this is such a modern way to translate this haitian culture piece by looking at how they were done into the wall. the art scene in philly really have that heartbeat. the artist community have their pulse on telling their stories their way with their medium. whether it's in the murals, or architecture, or the magical garden of fashion, it says something about the city itself.
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right now at 5:00, support still strong as a concert raises thousands for the people of ukraine. we'll take you there and give you the latest on the russian invasion. it's finally over. the mask mandate for schools officially expires today. some kids will still need to bring their masks to class on monday. first, disturbing developments in the case of a missing child from the east bay. what we're learning about an arrest this week and who police are after tonight. the news at 5:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. >> we are tracking breaking developments in the heartbreaking case out of the east bay. >> the search is on for


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