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tv   Today  NBC  January 31, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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bay area. and we'll be back at 7:25 with a live look at local news and an update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. our midday show is coming up then. the "today" show is coming up next. have a great day. good morning. the big dig. the northeast still recovering from that historic winter storm over the weekend. braving bitter cold to shovel record amounts of snow. and al says he's already tracking the next potential threat. his full forecast straight ahead. >> high stakes, the u.s., russia and ukraine set to face off at the u.n. today over russia's troop buildup at the border. is there a path to peace or is
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in invasion inevitable? we're live from the front lines. understand answered questions. former miss usa and tv personality cheslie kryst jumping to her death from her own high-rise in manhattan. this morning fans and fram wondering why. as tributes pour in. royals demanding action, joe rogan weighs in on the controversy swirls around his pod cast. >> the changes the platform are >> i do get things wrong? absolutely. i try to correct them. >> the changes the platform are making to address covid vaccination and why chittics say it is not enough. >> all that plus, three days and counting. the stars of team usa arriving at the winter olympics. a look at the final preparations made more difficult by the pandemic. and then there were two. the underdog bengals complete an 18-point comeback to stun the chiefs in overtime.
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>> and cincinnati is heading to the super bowl. >> the l.a. rams use a late rally against the 49ers to punch their ticket. >> intercepted by the rams. >> the match-up no one saw coming after one of the most exciting nfl playoffs of all time. "today," monday january 31, 2022. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning everybody. welcome to "today," it is monday morning. glad you are starting it was. there was a lot of excitement in the nfl. >> i'm bleary eyed. i can't believe what was happening. >> i am too. >> kwling i had a dolg in the hunt in any of these teams and all of a sudden i found myself
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screaming for the bengals. >> tiger and a ram. now there are two. but of course it is going to be a big super bowl. look forward to it right here on nbc. also details on another showdown. this one in washington. president biden putting together his list of potential nominees to replace supreme court justice stephen breyer. ahead why a prominent republican is praising one possible candidate. >> we start with that monster storm here on the east coast. and the major clean up still happening this morning. record setting snowfall ahead of a deep freeze across much of the nation with another possible storm on the move. >> got it all covered, including al's forecast but first nbc's kathy park in hard hit boston for us. hi kathy, good morning. >> reporter: hey savannah. good morning to you. and the snow is falling at a rate of 2-3 inches per hour, it piles up pretty quick. across boston we're looking at these large, massive snow piles. this one more than six feet tall. and this morning it really is a race to clean up, as the workweek begins. this morning, millions in the northeast waking up to a deep freeze, and for those still without power, the situation
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could be dangerous. this weekend's record setting nor'easter with heavy snow and powerful winds creating blizzard conditions in parts of ten states. >> last 36, 48 hours have been freezing, windy and just treacherous. >> took an hour just for the first car. >>. >> reporter: in massachusetts some spots reported more than 30 inches of snoesmt and boston the highest snowfall total for one day with nearly two fete. power outages affecting nearly 100,000 across the state. utility drews lined up for gas on cape cod as they rushed to get customers back online. homes along the shore took a beating from high surf and freezing winds. temperatures turned saturday's floodwaters into ice the next day.
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while the sea spray on these homes also froze over. in rhode island, bus drivers digging out for hours to get ready for the school week ahead. >> we want the kids to be able to get to school and on school on time. >> reporter: the winter weather taking a tragic turn too. at least four dead on new york's long island. three of them died while shoveling snow. hours of treacherous conditions paralyzing travel from maryland to maine. and forcing airlines to cancel more than 5,000 flights over the weekend. >> to dallas. so hopefully cross our fingers we'll make i >> reporter: the historic snow day may have disrupted most weekend plans, but incredibly, not this outdoor wedding in rhode island. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: one couple deciding a blizzard wouldn't get between their vows. and now that the storm has passed and the digging has begun, as you can imagine, parking is a hot commodity in
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post. so residents are doing just about anything and everything to mark their spots. even a beach chair. i think i deserve a hot chocolate this morning. >> and so does that bride. amazing are, super bride. al in a couple minutes. he's got word of another potential storm. in the meantime, the threat of a russian invasion of ukraine is taking center stage at the u.n. today. the security council meeting at the request of the united states to discuss russia's military build up at the border. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel on the ground in ukraine. hey richard. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the diplomacy is still continuing.
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there is that u.n. security council meeting. and russia just said that its foreign minister will speak to the u.s. secretary of state tomorrow. but so far no signs russia is backing down. russia is keeping its troops on the moves and the world guessing. this time it's anti-submarine drill in the norwegian sea. norway is a nato member. russia has roughly 130,000 troops and tanks, warships and missiles at the ready near ukraine's borders. in ukraine's capital, kyiv, veterans are training in combat. but ukraine's president zelinsky doesn't think russia will invade. russia insists it won't. close to the russian border u people are getting nervous. in a church service the bishop urges people to have faith and pray for the ukrainian military. as the congregation leaves, maria plays a bandura to keep spirits high. maria volunteers in the churches a soup kitchen, in part to keep her mind off the situation. he's having trouble sleeping. i am really, really worried, she says.
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my father is in the military. we are afraid to lose him. afraid to lose our ukraine and afraid for our lives." but eastern ukraine is divided. a former milk truck driver now on a $90 a month pension. his home is directly across a river from an area held by pro russian separatists. he's nostalgic about the old soviet union, when everyone had a job and he felt proud to be part of an empire. "i think the authorities here have to change and laws should work, but they don't. so people think it is worse here than in russia." out here in the far east of ukraine, it is unclear how many people are pro russian and how many people are pro ukrainian. for vladimir putin, there is no ambiguity. he believes that all of ukraine must be returned to the russian
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fold. the only question is, will he try and take it by force? >> richard engel for us in ukraine. richard, thank you. also this morning, president biden's search for a supreme court nominee is coming into focus with more than a dozen candidates now under consideration to replace retiring justice stephen breyer. the president has vowed to select a black woman to fill the seat. and at least one candidate is drawing place from a key republican senator. nbc's senator capitol hill correspondent garrett haake joins us with more. >> reporter: president biden promised to make his selection soon. but lammers are already --. and what that pick will say about the country. as the president's supreme court nominee search heats up. democrats are planning an
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ambitious time line. >> it is going to be fair. it is going to be deliberate and we're going to be timely about it too. >> the president is considering more than a dozen candidates. including judge j. michelle childs. on sunday, republican senator lindsey graham signalled she may get bipartisan support. >> highly qualified. she's a good character and we'll she how she does if he's nominated but i cannot say anything bad about michelle childs. she's an awesome person. >> others including leondra kruger and judge ketanji brown jackson confirmed last year to the d.c. circuit with bipartisan support. >> the committee knows quite a bit about that person and that can be taken into consideration. >> meanwhile mississippi senator roger whitaker is underfire for comparing the president's promise to nominate a black woman to affirmative action. >> the irony is the supreme
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court is at the same time hearing cases about this sort of affirmative racial discrimination. and while adding someone who is the beneficiary of this sort of quota. >> the white house pushing back. recalling similar pledges by ronald reagan and donald trump to nominate women writing in part quota, president biden's promise is in line with the best traditions of both parties and our nation. but a new poll finds 76% of americans say bind should consider all nominees not just black women. >> i believe that diversity benefits the supreme court. but the way that the president has handled this nomination has been clumsy at best. >> reporter: and no matter who president biden selects, she will make history if confirmed. a 50/50 senate like this one has never confirmed a supreme court justice before. the white house knows they will
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need every democratic vote and they are keeping a close eye on republicans like collins and graham hoping their nominee can get bipartisan crossover support. >> thank you very much. now an outpouring of grief and support in the wake of the sudden death of cheslie kryst. former miss usa winner and tv host. jumping to her death from a high-rise apartment building in midtown manhattan. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: police say this all happened just before 7:15 sunday morning when cheslie kryst jumped from the common area on the 29. floor of that manhattan high-rise. and she was a lawyer who really highlighted and fought for issues of social justice and really change. she was also a beloved entertainment correspondent for
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"extra". and crowned miss usa in 2019, and why her death leaving so many questions about why such a vibrant life cut short. this morning authorities are investigating the tragic death of a pageant star, police say 30 year old cheslie kryst, the 2019 winner of the miss usa pageant and correspondent for "extra" jumped from the 29th floor of a manhattan apartment building sunday morning. police telling nbc news the cause of death is believed to be suicide. her family saying in a statement, he great light was one that inspired others around the world with her beauty and strength. kryst becoming a second generation pageant winner after her mother was mrs. north carolina 2002. kryst was working as an attorney in north carolina before entering the pageant scene. >> just a really beautiful soul. and she embodied what miss usa rents. >> kryst's win meant that for the first time. three black women were reigning
7:14 am
teen usa, miss usa and miss america. >> she was the first miss usa that made me feel as if i could be miss usa. >> reporter: shortly after her pageant win, kryst becoming a news correspondent at "extra." earning her two daytime emmy nomination. in the past, kryst speaking openly about merchant. sharing that she spoke with a counselor to maintain her own mental health. as friends, family and fans struggled to understand the loss, kryst writing in her final instagram post. may this day bring you rest and peace. >> messages of support are pouring in for kryst this morning. and if you or someone you know is struggling or just need help
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please feel free to contact the national suicide prevention you can even simply text this is close to home. we both had a chance to be interviewed by her. what a lovely human being. >> she was. like sunshine out there on the plaza greeting us with the big smile. she feels so accomplished. just heartbreaking. we wanted to send our love to her family. >> you never know what people are going through. you have no idea. >> send our prayers of comfort and healing for them. more to get to this morning. federal prosecutors reached plea agreements with two of the three men facing hate crime charges for the murder of ahmaud arbery. a third man convicted in the killing, rim roddy brian was not mentioned in yesterday's court filings, but attorneys for arbery's family released a statement saying they're vehemently against the plea deals. details of those agreements have not been made public. 7:15. it is time to switch gears and talk football.
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what a weekend. >> what a weekend. >> that was crazy. >> now hoda, savannah, good morning. the match-up is set folks after those thrilling conference championships. both games ending in dramatic comebacks as the l.a. rams and the cincinnati bengals earned their spots to the bic game. and meanwhile talk off the field about the future of star quarterback tom brady. is he retired, is he not retired. nbc's morgan chesky has it covered for us. hey morgan. what's the word? >> everyone is wondering. the tom brady retirement rumors exploding over the weekend. but as of right now the future hall of famer has yet to personally confirm anything. in the meantime let's get excite forward a bengals/rams super bowl. the bengals went 2-14 just a couple seasons ago. and now behind number 1 draft pick joe burrow they are bound for the big game. after a round of games that went down to the wire. this morning after a thrilling championship sunday.
7:17 am
>> we're going to the super bowl! >> the stage is set for super bowl lvi. the l.a. rams punching their ticket to the big game, defeating the san francisco 49ers in a low-scoring slug fest. >> i'm blessed to be a part of this team with this group of guys, this coaching staff. can't write this story any better. >> reporter: matthew stafford, quarterback, instrumental in leading a fourth quarter comeback. but the rams sealed wit a late interception when they picked off the 49ers's jimmy garoppolo. >> and they may ride to the super bowl on that. >> earlier, kansas city and cincinnati duelling in an classic title game. chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes building a big lead in front of an almost deafening crowd. but joe burrow and the bengals record back. after both teams kicked fourth quarter field goals to force over time. >> they called heads.
7:18 am
>> reporter: the chiefs just like they did versus the bills last week won the coin toss. but a shocking interception by mahomes gave the ball back to cincy who called on rookie kicker evan mcpherson to send them to the super bowl. espn's jeff darlington and adam schefter reporting that seven time super bowl champ tom brady was end higgins legendary career. but brady's agent responding. tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. the 44 year old superstar hasn't committed to playing next season. >> there is no really rush for me to figure out what's next. i'll know when i know. >> reporter: meanwhile's brady's dad is speaking out yesterday according on the a nfl network reporter who says tom brady sr. texts him.
7:19 am
tom's not made a final decision one way or the other and anybody who says that he has is absolutely wrong. >> lots of storylines to keep our eyes on. and matthew stafford, joe burrow headed to their first super bowl ever. stafford after 13 seasons. if joe burrow wins he'd the first win the heisman, a national championship and a super bowl. and he's doing all of this theoretically in three years. just three years. >> and he's doing it with a ton of swag too. morgan chesky there in texas. thank you. and oh by the way, reminder you can catch super bowl lvi sunday, february 13th right here on nbc and also streaming on peacock. what did you think of these games? zblin credible. >> i was sad for del. he loves the chiefs so much.
7:20 am
but go bengals. >> the price of love you know? it is. you love your team. live and die with them sometimes. all right. al is on the road. he's in santa monica california. that does not look like santa monica. >> we don't believe you. >> hi al. morning. >> hey guys. good morning. yes. the as once in a lifetime event. the super bowl and the olympics on nbc. we're in santa monica place at santa monica. we're going talk about that a little more. but i left new york city and a snow storm to come to this, another snow storm here. we'll explain how we created this. first let's look at what's happening today. another winter storm to talk about. the pacific northwest through the plains and into th'rlooking
7:21 am
winter weather advisories. cross country storms. comes out of northwest. slows down as it gets to the rockies. then this continues to the east. and what it is going to do is bring ahead of it along the i-95 corridor mostly rain. but inland we're looking at snow and ice stretching from new england all the way back into the appalachians. take a look at what we expect. really 6-12 inches of snow from oklahoma into detroit. midweek. and by the end of the week we're into the northeast of new england and widespread icing from new england all the way down into texas by the end of the week. so this is going to be a big impact storm before it is all over. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next thirty seconds. ♪ living in the past, it's a new generation. ♪ and a girl can do what she wants to do ♪ ♪ and that's what i'm gonna do ♪
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not me! good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're taking a look at our foggy view in san jose. we've seen the fog drifting around and really getting dense as you head to south san jose and into south county. visibility down to a quarter of a mile and we've seen low visibility in much of the north bay in our typical spots heading through novato, as well as santa rosa. once fog clears out, we're concerned about high winds and a wind advisory starts at midnight and will continue for most of the workweek. coming up the next half hour we're going to be talking about some really chilly weather down in florida that is causing more a different kind of prescription to be falling. we've explain in a bit. >> what's the temperature there
7:23 am
for real right now al? >> it's about 48 degrees. so i'm going to tell you. it is a little on the chilly side. >> just checking. all right al. >> you are not -- this was not the beach trip you were promised, al. >> no. thank you, al. >> no, no, it was not. >> still ahead. spotify and popular pod caster joe rogan responding overnight from the center of a grueling controversy. their message to subscribers and stars raising concerns and pulling content over the spread of covid vaccine misinformation. >> plus as al just mentioned the winter olympics, can't believe it just three days away we're live at the inside look of a final prep as stars in team usa
7:24 am
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i'm putting a bow on it! wow... ...even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. shhh! i've earned this, okay? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. today's top stories include covid concerns for another east bay school district. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in walnut creek. the memorandum of understanding regarding safety measures between the mount diablo unified school district and teachers expires today. not clear what, if any, ramifications that will have. both sides did meet last january 20th to try to decide the fate of this, but no decisions were made. the agreement has outlined things like vaccination and testing policies for teachers, masking measures, and
7:27 am
ventilation in classrooms. good morning, i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. if you do ride muni buses or trains, you may want to listen up. there will be delays both today and tomorrow with sf mta explaining it's mainly due to sick calls from their staff members, in addition to sick calls they're also facing staffing shortages, not only in their mechanics and car cleaners, but also the transit workers. they're notifying people to keep a close eye on your phone to see how your route will be impacted today and tomorrow. a lot of us in the bay area waking up to some cold temperatures as well as some patchy, dense fog. we are going to see peeks of sunshine with our valley temperatures headed for the low 60s. then we'll see winds picking up later tonight. high winds will continue for tuesday into wednesday, and then start to calm down on thursday. during that time we may, unfortunately, have to deal with a high fire danger and power
7:28 am
outages. then going into the weekend our temperatures in the 60s over the next several days. >> thanks, kari. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. have a good morning. we'll see you then.
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>> it is time for this down to get down dr. johnny fever, and i am burning up in here >> we're back with howard hessman at the iconic dr. john fever on wkrp in cincinnati. earned two emmy nominations for his role and he passed at ate the age of 81 over the weekend. a groundbreaking talent whose kindness and generosity was equaled by his influence and admiration by generations of actors i remember watching him. >> absolutely. >> let's get to our headlines here
7:31 am
former president donald trump says he would consider pardons for those participating in the january 6th capitol riots. if elected he administration would treat these people fairly even if it includes pardons. trump falsely claims that recent efforts to reform the electoral count act proves his claim that pence had the power to throw out election results. >> an american woman charged with providing material support to isis is scheduled to appear in a virginia courtroom today. 42 year old allison fluke ek ron is accused of organizing and leading an all female military battalion in syria on behalf of the terrorist organization authorities say she allegedly expressed interest on six separate indications of carrying out attacks on the u.s she was arrested in syria and
7:32 am
transferred by the fbi in custody over the weekend. the . a single ticket was the lucky winner of friday's $416 million mega millions. that was sold in a gas station in the woodland hills neighborhood of los angeles. the winner yet to come forward they have a choice of the lumpoy sum payment of roughly $293 million before taxes or the entire jackpot amount in payments over 29 years >> also this morning tntroversyp pod caster is ramping up. >> and more artists joining kneel young accusing the
7:33 am
platform of spreading covid misinformation and pulling their music and this morning spotify and joe rogan are responding >> following the feud. hey emily. >> spotify ceo says it is important they are not a content censor but acknowledges they need to do more to provide balance with misinformation. joe rogan agreeing to help with the goal whether that will slow the number of artists leaving the music streamer only time will tell. >> this morning joe rogan speaking out. >> i don't always get it right. >> reporter: responding to backlash >> i'm interested in having interesting conversations with people that have differing opinions >> reporter: rogan offering to make some changes as powerful celebrities put pressure on the streaming service. >> whenever i get something wrong i try to correct it. if there is anything that i've done that i could do better is have more experts with differing opinions right after i have the
7:34 am
controversial ones. >> reporter: now spotify says it is going add a content advisory to any pod cast episode discussing covid-19. which rogan says he supports prince harry and meghan markle chiming in suppressing concerns with spotify to ensure changes are made to help address this public health crisis. continuing its inclusive partnership with spotify in contrast to the original wave of musicians stripping music from the platform. neil young says his record company is losing 60% of my worldwide income in the name of truth. the expanding revolt includes joni mitchell and bruce springsteen's guitarist nils lofgren. and rennae brown tweeting she will not be releasing any pod casts until further notice though not saying why. professor pop culture robert thompson says for spotify,
7:35 am
navigating this controversy is a business decision. >> when they are looking for ways to maximize income, the pod cast is clearly a direction they are going and joe rogue season the top of the heap example of that direction >> and spotify's rivals are pouncing on the controversy. apple music, for example, calling itself the home of neil young and we should mention rogan hasn't directly responded to our request for comment but as previously said people shouldn't look to him for medical advice guys >> thank you up next the countdown to the winter olympics enters the home stretch. three days to go. >> and inside look at the final preps and what's being done to keep athletes safe right after this i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this.
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7:39 we are back with our countdown for the winter olympics. >> we're down to it. athletes have already started arriving, happened over the weekend. the competition set to begin thursday opening ceremony on friday there are strict new rules in place to keep covid at bay. >> indeed. nbc's janice mackie framer is there for us janice, good morning >> good morning hoda with the olympics just a few days away from opening, athlete, journalists and officials have been arriving to this world of restrictions that china has put in place to keep tight controls over both covid and criticism. >> reporter: team usa arriving to china and entering beijing's olympic closed loop. a surreal world of white suits, daily covid tests and rigid restrictions bent on total separation of olympics participants from the actual host city. >> because they are working so well, i believe we can be confident that the games will go
7:41 am
ahead safely. >> reporter: but inside the bubble, cases are already on the rise among athletes, who face isolation, then need two negative tests so they can compete. it is in why u.s. bobsledder josh williamson didn't board his flight on instagram saying he tested positive sunday, saying this iss not an easy pill to swallow, adding he still hoped to get a later flight to the games. with preparations days away, beijing is also in full emergency mode neighborhoods locked down after a spike in covid cases here, the highest in 18 months and travel bans impacting chinese knew year when millions are usually on the move. at the edges of the closed loop there are buffer zones like this, but anything beyond the barrier is inside the bubble i'm within waving distance, but there is no crossing over.
7:42 am
>> reporter: a winter olympics during a pandemic was always going to be a challenge for china's leaders who face criticism for human rights and state surveillance with all the caveats of competing in a zero covid country. >> so excited to finally be here. >> just being in beijing feels like a win for u.s. curler chris plys. >> every outfit that's compete hearing has obviously put a lot of effort into staying safe as they can. >> reporter: with the world's attention turning to china and a winter olympics like no other. there are no foreign speculate tarpts a the games and most chinese fans won't be allowed either audience, invitation for the opening ceremony on friday at the bird's nest t as
7:43 am
limited audience, invitation only, four covid tests required for anyone attending but organizers say they want to take every precaution they can. >> janice mackie, thank you again. olympic action kicks off this thursday. complete coverage across all platforms of nbc you are doing opening ceremony it is going fun. >> great going to be good >> the energy. feel it. >> this friday morning you can watch the opening ceremony live in this time zone. and then in prime time again if you want to watch again with the kids or whatever let's go to al he's gearing up for the games and the super bowl once in a lifetime in santa monica, california hi al. >> absolutely. we're in santa monica place mall and this is a once in a lifetime event. the super bowl and the olympics, same time. so we've got our little olympic rings. we've got super bowl lvi and we've got of course the host city for the super bowl right here los angeles. and the rams are in it so that is pretty amazing. and we've got snow going on
7:44 am
right here snow blowers and 40 tons of shaved ice unbelievable it is awfully cold down in florida right now. morning lows in the 20s and 30s. kerry sanders is going tell you what the problem is now, why that is causing big problems but look at temperatures highs, miami and key west, 50. jacksonville temperature in the mid-30s. other side of the gulf a slow-moving low pressure system bringing rain across the state chance of gusty winds, hail. we're talking upwards of four inches of rain and also could be look at flooding as well and take a look at these temperatures a big warmup from texas to the plains. temperatures anywhere from 10-20 degrees above average. wichita, st. louis, dallas, jacksonville tomorrow that moves to the east. cleveland, nashville, abilene, little rock all above average but then temperatures warm 41 friday. new orleans low-70s. wednesday and thursday, by
7:45 am
friday down to 50. that's wha . good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are going to see a lot of clouds lingering for today and the fog slowly clearing out. our temperatures head for the low 60s. winds start to pick up tomorrow, and especially early in the morning it's going to be breezy. but then it will become windy heading toward wednesday. then the winds start to calm down on thursday. our temperatures gradually warming up, headed by the mid-60s by the end of the week. with dry conditions continuing, gusty winds will raise more concerns. >> hey guys. speaking of the olympic, the beijing 7 day forecast upper 30s to low-40s and plenty of sunshine. looking good for you craig, you are going to have some great weather out there. >> that a plus i'll take it. >> thank you al and as promised by al up next we're going inside this bizarre side effect of the brutal cold down south in florida. yep.
7:46 am
iguanas frozen and falling from trees. >> but it is -- kerry sanders explains that unusual phenomenal, that if you are a floridian you probably now about it coming up right after this
7:47 am
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to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. and $200 cash back after qualifying purchases. apply now. visit okay >> we're back with a few friends okay >> we're back with a few friends just saying hello. 12 years old happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> hey carson. >> good morning, everybody as the east coast recovers from the brutal winter storm and copious with a cold. a phenomenon tied to the weather is happening in florida. all the rage and it is raining lizards. >> it is raining lizards kerry sanders to explain good morning >> good morning. it is in the 40s and i keep looking up because the iguanas that live in the trees, when the temperatures drop, they also drop literally. as the northeast recovers from
7:51 am
that winter wallop, this morning floridians are also dealing with a deep freeze. and something else falling from above frozen iguanas. >> completely frozen he ain't moving. >> as temps dip into the 40s these cold-blooded reptiles go into shock unable to grip their perch and trees. >> iguanas fall out of trees when it is cold outside? yes they do. >> reporter: the national weather service even issuing a falling i iguana forecast for south florida. >> temperatures that low, what happens is their body literally shuts down they get into almost a coma type situation. >> oh my god, he's frozen. >> reporter: residents encountering the cold stunned creatures ever where. >> the iguana thunder we call it fall out of the trees on to the roof and you hear it. >> reporter: iguanas are originally from around the equator but were brought into
7:52 am
florida as pets years ago. when some were set loose, they multiplied, quick becoming a public nuisance. >> they will feed on every flower in the garden they burro on to roads, seawalls. >> some trappers using this opportunity to catch them. >> if they are nice and slow that is prime opportunity. >> reporter: while sympathetic animal lovers may try to warm them up. expert say hands off iguanas can bite when starlded and it is also illegal to warm them up and then release them. i want to know, in fact we all want to know if the temperatures are coming to an end and if fees popsicle arson raining iguana wills come to an end and i think so >> thank you kerry. >> leave'em alone. all right guys coming up. thanks kerry we're going kick off a week of super bowl commercial sneak peaks. kevin hart joining us live first a quick check of your
7:53 am
local news and weather iend just caught the bouquet, so he's checking in on that ring fund. oh, that photographer? he's looking for something a little more zen, so he's thinking, “i'll open a yoga studio.” and as for the father of the bride? he's checking to see if he's on track to do this all over again...and again. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop banking. what would you like the power to do? ♪♪ you pour your heart into everything you do, which is a lot. so take care of that heart with lipton. because sippin' on unsweetened lipton
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won't wear pants, will eat eggo waffles. get your wins where you can when you l'eggo with eggo. good morning. it's 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here's a look at what's happening now. >> good morning, i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. if you do ride muni, buses or trains, you may want to listen up. there will be some delays both today and tomorrow with sf mta explaining it's mainly due to some of those sick calls from their staff members, in addition to sick calls they're also facing staffing shortages not only in their mechanics and car cleaners, but also the transit workers. they're notifying people to keep a close eye on your phone to see how your route will be impacted both today and tomorrow. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. spotify has published a set of rules its content creators must
7:57 am
follow, this after the controversy over joe rogan has cost the company billions in overall value. rogan accused of spreading misinformation about covid. spotify's rules come years after other platforms like youtube published theirs. coming up on our midday news at 11:00, if you wanted to leave spotify, we'll show you how it may be easier and cheaper than you might think. >> time to get a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall standing by. >> yeah, we are starting out with fog. take a look at this live view in san jose right now as the fog is rolling by the south bay. visibility in some spots down to zero. be careful. later this evening we'll see winds increasing and a wind advisory starting at midnight that continues through thursday. during this time we could see gusts up to 60 miles per hour, especially in our north bay mountains and hills. our dry weather continues as we continue to monitor for gusty winds. >> thank you. we'll have another local
7:58 am
news update in 30 minutes. i'll meet you back here then.
7:59 am
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because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, digging out millions in the northeast still recovering after a weekend of brutal winter weather. >> the last 36, 48 hours have been freezing, windy and just treacherous. >> record breaking snow falls and high winds knocking out power. thousands still in the dark this morning. and another possible storm on the way. our live report just ahead then game, set and unmatched. spain's rafael nadal wins the australian open in a stunning five and a half hour comeback
8:01 am
match. we talk to him about his record breaking 21st grand slam title and future in tennis and less than two weeks to the big game, we're taking a look at the ads everyone will be talking about. just ahead kevin hart joins us live with his big reveal >> and thank you for being a friend. >> no way i can say thank you enough guys. >> coming together to celebrate betty white's eight decade long career. >> she goes back to th very -- literally the very begins of television. >> what some of television's biggest names are saying about america's golden girl. including the performance from cher that's gone viral today, monday, january 31, 2022. >> good morning and happ monday from fordham university go rams.
8:02 am
>> hi, i'm celebrating my 24th birthday today woo! ♪ >> good morning "today show. this is our today is his birthday. we love you guys >> what a dog. good friend right there. welcome back to "today." it is monday morning we're glad you are with us last day of january. >> like that >> let's go. >> -- guys i told you i was going start dry january. january 31st at 8:00 this morning millions along the east coast are struggling to recover from that deadly weekend storm. along with heavy snowfall. it caused massive power outages. it shut down travel. in boston a deep freeze has settled in as well kathy, good morning. >> hey savannah. good morning to you. yeah this historic winter storm unleashed heavy snow and
8:03 am
powerful winds massachusetts got the brunt of it some spots reporting 30 inches of snow. here in boston we got nearly two feet but some of the coastal communities got hit hard as well some areas flooded over, including nantucket and with frigid conditions a lot of water froze over travel was at a standstill as well thousands of flight cancellations. but here in boston the roads are year and passable but as you can see a lot of digging ahead. >> i can feel the sore backs already. kathy, thank you we're going to get to al's forecast in a moment >> its been five months from since u.s. forces pulled out of afghanistan ending america's longest war. u.s. aid to the country was also cutoff when the taliban took control. nbc's kelly cobiella traveled to afghanistan for a look at the growing crisis hey kelly. good morning >> reporter: good morning to you
8:04 am
hoda even seasoned aid workers are shocked by what they're seeing here we spent a day with unicef to see how children were coping we drove two hours in the car in front our taliban security traveling to remote parts of afghanistan where few cameras have been and where unicef is trying to save those most at risk this winter children these boys and girls keeping warm in a unicef funded school the worry, what happens when they go home >> when we say did you have breaking news today and they shout, yes, their breakfast. >> they probably mean black tea and bread. and lunch, if they are lucky to have lunch. >> reporter: the u.n. says more than half of afghans can no longer afford enough food. and it is having a disastrous effect at the local hospitals neonatal wing all six tiny babies are here because they are underweight, born to malnourished mothers >> about 300 or 350 women come here
8:05 am
per month. >> reporter: and are many of them now malnourished or undernourished >> most of them. >> reporter: most of them? >> most of them are malnourished. >> reporter: in a hospital's malnutrition ward, all of the beds are full. two year old here weighs almost 17 pounds, half of healthy boys his age. his mother is worried about the other children and still at home and hungry, his mother what can we do she tells me? this is our life i pray that the government will help us. today, kids are playing in the snow, sledding on plasti jugs used for cooking oil. the flow of foreign aid is gone
8:06 am
and the u.s. has frozen more than 9 billion in afghan assets. >> 23 million people in this country need urgent humanitarian aid. and all chapters of the u.n. here in afghanistan are trying to come together to shore up a country. >> reporter: you said this was unprecedented. >> it is unprecedented it is. it is overwhelming the needs are extraordinary and it needs an extraordinary response >> reporter: unicef says the taliban is giving aid workers, including women, access to every corner of the country, even helping to hand out supplies like in this warehouse in kabul where 400 families took home rice, wheat and winter clothes nine year old hamad told me he came here to collect food for his brothers and sisters this classroom, one of more than 7,000 community schools funded by unicef across the country a refuge for 10s of thousands of
8:07 am
girls and boys do you like school but the need is endless. >> it's difficult to see children in the snow with no socks, no winter boots it is a hard place to be a child. but unicef is here trying to make it a little bit better. >> reporter: the u.s. has given more than $700 million in humanitarian aid to afghanistan. but unicef alone is asking for more than two billion. hoda, that's its biggest humanitarian appeal ever >> reporter: and i'm sure if people want to give, we can provide a way on our website kelly cobiella, thank you. just a few months ago he was on crutches with a serious foot injury but this morning, rafael nadal is celebrating his 21st grand slam title after a remarkable come-from-behind victory at the australian open. and over night he talked to nbc's gabe gutierrez about that record breaking performance.
8:08 am
>> reporter: in an epic must-see final match. >> and nadal stands a alone. major title 21 >> reporter: rafael nadal made tennis history, winning his record 21st grand slam title >> i really can't explain the feelings that i have right now >> reporter: facing off against medvedev, nadal made a stunning comeback nadal speaking with "today" over night. 21 grand slam titles what does that mean to you >> so to achieve that number is -- is, yeah, is just amazing. i never lost the passion and the love for the game. and in the dark moments. >> reporter: the 35 year old spaniard now has more grand slam titles than his long time rivals roger federer and novak djokovic both athletes congratulating nadal on social media after his win.
8:09 am
djokovic the 1 men's ranked player in the world did not compete this year's australian open he was deported from the country over a weeks long drop out over his vaccination status nadal's win even more impressive as he was recently on crutches after foot surgery just two months ago this time he dropped to his knees in tears. >> you plan to be back next year >> i hope. with all going on in life, things can change. but i don't know i love what i do. >> reporter: an incredible victory. adding to an already iconic career for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> pretty epic match got to say let's get to the boost. >> let's do it you see it all the time on tv but one little boy wanted to see one for real life. and his aunt surprised him with a special ride home from school. check it out
8:10 am
>> what's up happy birthday happy birthday go get your ride, boy. >> okay. the aunt explained she left work early to arraign a special birthday surprise and he went, climbed inside there was pizza, balloons. it was the birthday boy's beautiful day. so happy birthday young man. that is awesome. >> great aunt there. coming up next a star filled celebration of betty white's extraordinary life and career. we're going share a preview of tonight's special playing tribute to american's golden girl. >> and look who it is. kevin hart will be with us to reveal his super bowl commercial but first these messages but first these messages like the splash they create the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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♪ i don't give a med 'bout my reputation. ♪ ♪ living in the past, it's a new generation. ♪ and a girl can do what she wants to do ♪ ♪ and that's what i'm gonna do ♪ not me! welcome back it's been exactly one month since we lost the great betty white. >> the celebration continues tonight with an hour long special. >> joe joins us with a preview joe fryer joins us with a preview. good morning >> good morning. the producers probably had no problem lining up a long list of celebrities to take part they are sharing favorite memories and untold stories of the beloved star, paying tribute with their words, and even a
8:18 am
song ♪ thank you for being a friend mstz. >> with that fresh take on the iconic theme song, cher really is helping us turn back time she's one of many celebrities celebrating betty white, america's golden girl. >> she was the most brilliant, kind, funny. amazing person >> with tributes from president biden and white's many co-stars over the years, one hour special honors a decades long career. >> most people don't even live eight years. she had a eighty year career. >> she goes back to literally the very begins of television. >> just cue me in and -- >> reporter: for mary tyler moor. >> i've been one surprise party in my -- >> reporter: to "golden girls" to cleveland. >> what are you a pop?
8:19 am
>> i tell everybody that will listen -- >> reporter: tonight's special features a clip from behind the scenes of that show. >> -- no way i can say thank you enough, guys it is such a privilege to come to work every day. >> amen. >> we love you >> reporter: and a rarely seen blooper. >> once you go blackberry -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: proof she didn't just make the audience laugh. >> my favorite thing to actually watch these days are the bloopers they just make me laugh so hard. >> reporter: "saturday night live" legends also recalled their week with white. >> i said hey betty. how you hanging in there she said i'm fine. went back to the hotel, had a hot dog and a vodka.
8:20 am
slept great. >> reporter: that diet apparently worked. she won an emmy for her snl hosting gig. >> when i first heard about the campaign to host "saturday night live," i didn't know what facebook was and now they do know what it is, i have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time. >> reporter: our love for betty was matched only by her love for animals. betty's friends have no doubt her tireless advocacy is now being rewarded >> i imagine her walking across that rainbow bridge and every animal she's ever loved is there waiting for her. and allen is standing right in the middle of all of them welcoming her. >> ah, that would be her heaven. >> yeah. >> reporter: betty white died just 17 days shy of her 100th birthday her friends tell me this is what she'd want a party, no tears. tonight's special airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern and will stream on peacock tomorrow back to all of you
8:21 am
>> that looks like a good one. >> all right >> and back to santa monica, california, mr. roker has a check of the forecast. hey al. >> hey carson. your beloved southern california is a winter wonderland only took 40 tons of ice shaved and blowing through guns we've got snow making machines up here celebrating the once in a lifetime of the nbc olympics and the super bowl all coming up on february 3rd. let's show you what's going on across the country another storm system from the pacific northwest making its way across country heavy rain in florida today. you can always see it showing up on the radar temperature-wise, teens and 20s stretching from the plains across the great lakes into new england. 70s in southern texas and southern california. heavy rain as we mentioned down heavy rain as we mentioned in parts of texas. they could see 4 inches of rain. snow showers in the northwest. and we're looking at plenty of sunshine along the east coast but awfully chilly. that's what's going on around
8:22 am
the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside from looking at the bay bridge, we can see the fog rolling across the bay, so low visibility in some spots. watch out for that. as we also turn our attention to the fog, we'll watch the high winds that pick up later this evening. we have a wind advisory that starts at midnight. that may be upgraded to a high wind warnings sh especially for the north bay. those gusty winds continue through midweek, then possibly calm down for the weekend. and that is your latest weather. guys "today" celebrates is sponsored by folgers that's right it's folgers. >> we wanted to keep the party going with biggest fans.
8:23 am
>> so excited to have folks wake up from all over the country and spend their mornings with us and now they are doing it virtually so we get to meet some of them. >> tracey and marty of georgia wave guys. in the corner, upper left. last time they were here on the plaza it was freezing. it was raining but the weather didn't keep you guys away. so happy to see you dry. what made you stay out there >> look at you all >> ponchos >> exciting for me it was a bucket list item. >> ah. >> well it was -- >> did you get to meet anybody >> we got shake al's hand. saw you all out on the plaza but got to shake al's hands. >> he's been king of the plaza. >> we're so happy you all stuck it out in the crummy weather happy so to see you in person right now let's take a look at one more couple. where are fletcher and mari law of alabama raise your -- oh, we see you okay
8:24 am
let's take it back old school 1994 fletcher arrived hours before the show began to be on the plaza. he was the only one there. you got a special souvenir when y'all came who did you meet >> bryant gumbel was who i met out to me and i signed it and made some comments to my kids telling them to do well in school and all so it was a great day. >> and do you still have the scripts? >> yes. >> wait, what? >> wow look at that. >> oh that is an old run down. wow. >> we're still using those lines. >> yeah. >> and what's the picture you were showing us? >> a picture of al going inside the studio >> ah, well what a privilege for us to meet you guys again. so happy you were here in 2022
8:25 am
back at it. >> we want to thank all of you for celebrating. >> -- again. >> we have to see sally. sally's got -- >> top corner. unbelievable. >> so great too see all of you guys thank you so much. >> big thanks for our sponsor as well foal jers. each of these early birds received a bag full of items to make their mornings little east sider. go to for more >> we love you guys. nower really on tv >> and people came to play signs. smoky side effect in the middle square we're into it. >> we love seeing you guys thank you so much. just ahead we're going to count it down to the olympics. harry smith is going to go to the birthplace of the olympic games here in u.s., lake placid, where he found olympians just about every corner. >> and kevin hart after a quick check of your local news
8:26 am
bye everybody, thank you f with the great kevin hart. who's with us live after a quick check of your local news bye everybody, thank you you look great good morning. i'm marcus washington. for the first time in more than 20 years, some underground rerzs and stations will reopen this week. riders can use the facility at the powell station. three weeks later, the one at the 19th station reopens. there are ten underground restrooms following the september 11th terror attacks. they plan to open more this year. time for a look at the forecast. kari hall is standing by.
8:27 am
>> yeah, marmarcus. we've seen the fog drifting around parts of the bay area, but it is fairly clear in walnut creek. as far as temperatures, just chilly, starting out on this monday morning, low 40s right now. we'll go from the low 40s to the low 60s today with a mix of sun and clouds. then later tonight our winds will be picking up and we'll really feel it in parts of the north bay. those gusty winds continue through tomorrow as well as into wednesday, and then by thursday, the winds will come down a few miles per hour, but we'll see those temperatures going up, especially as we head into the weekend. marcus? >> all right. thanks, kari. stick around. another local news judgment date in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
and now most admired alum!
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and tonight, peyton manning, plus anita talks and performs. new fallon. ♪♪ we're back. we're back it's 8:30 on monday morning. feel good. come on. this half hour we are celebrating. >> we're celebrating several big i vents. >> and big celebs too. one and only kevin hart is going help us kick off our week long preview, what everybody likes in the big game t super bowl
8:31 am
commercials. >> and the winter olympics days a way. harry smith takes us to lake placid where the olympic spirit and lot of olympians are on display all year lock. >> got some gear. >> and don't forget about valentines day folks two weeks. there is your public service announcement and today we've got "today" best sellers that gifts to spoil your significant other and whole family can enjoy. >> and something fun streaming on the channel do you know about this. >> all day 10:00 a.m. eastern, tune in. a a once in a lifetime special shining a light on the power of football on and off the field. you can catch it on or you can catch it over an peacock as well. before that, join us on the third hour because we're going to spend time talking to e emmy winning actress patricia clarkson about her new series. >> and mentioned once in a lifetime al is living it for us in california this morning. at the santa monica place mall
8:32 am
which is covered in snow. >> well, we had, instead of dropping the mic we had to grab it because something went wrong. let's show you what's going on as far as the week ahead temperature on the chilly side heavy rain in texas. snow and rain out west midweek, we've got a major winter storm firing up with snow and ice from the rockies into the mid west bitterly cold in the plains. warmth in florida. by the end of the week we're dealing with this in the east. the ohio r by the end of the week, we're dooling with this in the east, the ohio river valley into new england, drying out in the midsection of the country and plenty of sunshine out west. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of clouds around the bay area today, and temperatures in the low 60s for our inland valleys. by tomorrow the winds will be picking up and we could at times see gusts reaching 60 miles per hour. that could bring down some tree
8:33 am
limbs and have impacts our power around the bay area, especially in the north bay, where the winds will be highest. that continues through wednesday, and then gradually it calms down on thursday. temperatures come up a few degrees in time for the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. so, how did we turn the santa monica place mall, which is a sunny, warm situation, into a winder wonderland? check out it >> sunny santa monica california, known for warm weather and beautiful beaches. but snow not so much. so at the santa monica place mall, after the shoppers cleared out, we decided to take the challenge of creating a snowy wonderland to celebrate the upcoming winter olympics and the super bowl both airing here on nbc. so of course that meant we needed to break out the big guns shooting snow made from huge
8:34 am
blocks of ice from the ground. along with 12 machines blasting artificial snow from the roof. and with fresh powder growing by the hour, i decided to have some fun. talk about your weather app? hoo hoo, let it snow, baby >> and after hours of snow making, finally got the place looking like a chilly winters mortgage morning >> very very cool. and i figured since i'm in l.a. and i'm doing the weather here, i should bring in our resident meteorologist here at knbc channel 4. belin, de leon. >> hello you brought the know from new york. >> how excited is everybody, especially here this l.a., rams in the super bowl and hosting. >> excited, excited, excited haven't had any coffee look at me for so many reasons because we're in the super bowl. it is our home team and going to be on our station in nbc l.a >> and besides being a cracker jack meteorologist, she also sings the -- you favor us with a little diddy. >> absolutely.
8:35 am
i'm taking requests. ♪ >> guy, we'll be back in the third hour with more of our winter wonderland. >> you got four chairs turned here >> belin, we're all in. >> and al you never sing to us the weather. come on. get some skills there. >> well please, do you want me to sing the weather to you. >> yes. >> really. >> yes. >> i don't think so. i don't think so >> he's at my mall that's santa monica.
8:36 am
every day at high school, santa monica place, that's where we went right there. hot dog on a stick and all the cute girls were at hot topics getting their ears pierced. and that's where hanging coming up "popstart. the new "top gun 2" coming out and super bowl commercial sneak peak kevin hart joins us the for that that
8:37 am
8:38 am
welcome to your happiest place on earth! that has all the happy you never knew could exist. so you're a new kind of happiest, every time you visit. only at the disneyland resort. now visit the disneyland resort with a multi-day ticket. visit for important details. >> as al says best time in the morning. >> we'll see first up we got tom cruise in pop start today. more than two years since the first trailer of the sequel "top gun: maverick. and yesterday cruz shared a new sneak peak and a special proposal leading into the bengals/chiefs game here take a look. >> never settle for second place. america doesn't root for the
8:39 am
timid or the scared or those who back away from the challenge we root for the bold, the brave t risk taker who push to the very limits to succeed after all, life is more fun when it comes with a little action. so let's kick the tires and light the fires, because the time is now. well t time is now >> it was supposed to come out originally this 2021 "top gun 2" currently slated to hit theaters memorial day weekend, fingers crossed, later this year. next up. peyton manning the hall of fame quarterback stopped by to share his exciting view of the upcoming playoffs but the interview took a turn when manning admitted he missed the games after bingeing the series
8:40 am
manning admitted he "emily many paris" "emily in paris. >> just for fun, i put on "emily in paris." i watched the entire seaso straight through oh my god, collin. let me brake it down this is a classic showdown between emily's career and her love life. early on, the os were gettin completely dominated by the xs and there were a lot of xs, if you know what i mean and do you know what's not on the side lines the fashion. she may not be driving a car but she sure knows how to drive an episode with these looks >> a luke? it's like your look it's a loook. >> we'll keep it moving. to the super bowl commercial kickoff we've been hyping all morning. all this week we're going to give a sneak peak of some of the biggest ads for the big game
8:41 am
and this morning kevin hart is sharing that is commercial the very first super bowl ad from sams club take a look. >> sams club crated the zahn to go app for jury me so i can scan scan and go just for me people do you know what was made for you? the line look at this a little vip lounge for me >> he's doing it again. >> that's vip air. breathe it wait no don't do that. you're not vip breathe it back out. breathe it back out. >> that was fun. >> they are going run that at the 2:00 minute warning in the fourth quarter too. >> how do you know >> inside information? >> are you like an ad tracker. >> -- >> -- kevin. >> oh we were going to talk to you. it is early out in l.a so i think he's having a little snooze.
8:42 am
>> up watching the game. >> bunch of kids. >> is commercial looks great, kev. >> it's cute. >> coming up next this morning, harry smith will take us to a winter wonderland, where your neighbor may just be an olympian we're talking about lake placid. so why is it so important in history and th good luck! you too! and the united states has done it! a very generous congratulations. bitter rivals but absolute respect.
8:43 am
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we're back 8:44 with more countdown to the winter olympics now. guys just three days a away of course right here on nbc we're excited. >> harry packed his bags for a trip to a place here in america. going back to 1932 in history. 100 years. >> american venues for the winter olympic games >> atlanta, los angeles. >> -- winter >> oh i thought you -- >> -- lake tahoe
8:45 am
squaw valley. >> they call it lake tahoe now >> and twice in lake placid. 1932 and 1980. the place is amazing all the venues still exist they are still open. many of them anybody can use and oh by the way this place is calling with olympians >> winter, olympics, lake placid perhaps nowhere else in the world have those words come to define a place, the people who live there and those who come to visit. >> sunny, bluebird skies and it is awesome. >> it is like a theme park but where everything is real >> how is it turning out for you? >> amazing >> what do you say >> awesome >> reporter: up the road on white face mountain, you could ski where olympians raced.
8:46 am
when we were there, one skier looked us to like he may have been born on the slope or darn close. two-time olympic medallist andrew weibrecht grew up in lake placid. >> what is it like to grow up in a town so famous for the olympics >> -- luckiest kids in the world. and had the opportunity to try so many different things. >> reporter: i think i'm jealous. so seriously jealous so as a kid did you dream of participating in the olympics. >> for us as kids maybe because we were surrounded by so many olympians, i always felt like it was a possibility. >> reporter: first winter olympics in lake placid, 1932, figure skater sonja henie won the gold and became a movie starr. the second olympics? 1980 t miracle on ice. and with american speed skater, eric heiden winning five gold medals on this out door oval newly refurbished, it's open to the public you are also welcome to try the bobsled.
8:47 am
>> this is my first day. >> reporter: our driver and guide a national guardsman who served in afghanistan. former olympian, john napier. >> we foster olympics. and grow olympians, i was a product of that. and now i'm on the other side helping athletes do that. >> reporter: what's it like? a roller coaster on ice. e ticket ride. and an acquired taste. a taste we have yet to acquire nearby we met olympic hope flag football chloe levins training for biathlon where cross-country skiing meets marksmanship. >> skiing as fast as you can ski. legs in immense pain and out of breath and all of a sudden you show up to the range and you are expected to hit a target that is smaller than two inches in diameter 50 meters away. >> which chloe did again and again. 2002 olympic winter games. andrea helps team usa to the silver medal in utah another local. andrea moved away to boston but came back and is now principal at st. bernard school in nearby saranac lake do they know you are an olympic champion or olympic hockey player
8:48 am
does that give you more street cred. >> some do and some don't. and sometimes they learn that and they are like why didn't you i'm like well, you should have been listening to me anyways. >> at the very arena where the 1980 miracle hockey team played. >> wow. >> paul wiley shows his stuff. he's an olympic medallist too and now director of sport for the olympic development authority. and while he didn't grow up here he's all in. >> harry, harry.
8:49 am
>> reporter: is there a sense of giving back? >> i think there's, yeah we have a program here called "jags," which is jump in, glide, slide. and the first time you do this you are going to practice with an olympian. i kind of instill in the kid this is important. this is important part of my life and i want to pass it back to you >> reporter: and if you go to lake placid, you can skate on the miracle of ice all these places are basically open to the public to take advantage of >> cool. >> and everything's been redone. the buildings have been redone the ski jump redone. getting ready for next year's university games 2,500 athletes from 50 countries and 600 colleges all converging on lake placid >> i need a little more of a bobsled. was it scary what was that? >> i've done that, i think this is the third time eve done it. i still don't love it. >> fun is it scary? >> it's scary as all get out
8:50 am
g force, g force, g force. >> 1932 and 1980 do you think they will ever host again? almost coming up on 50 years. >> it is this big. right? the olympics have gotten so much bigger and i think some of the concerns about security and all that stuff. it is just. >> seems like a perfect place. >> it is a perfect place so, maybe -- olympics aren't there, but you and your family can. >> and seems to be an olympian around every corner. >> love that. >> you can keep the good times rolling. you have another really good story tomorrow want to tell us about it >> well, tomorrow we're going to celebrate television history because it was 40 years ago that david letterman first came on the stage here. >> wow. >> in 30 rockefeller plaza for that show that went on after "the tonight show. and folks like me and al roker, oh my gosh beyond a cult following. it really changed television in
8:51 am
a million different ways and we're going to dive into that and look at some awesome clips tomorrow >> good. >> lot of fun. >> wow. >> fun. >> you can do it all luge, david letterman. amazing. >> coming up next, we're going to get you ready for another big event, valentines day. specializes gifts for the special folks in your life but first this is "today" on nbc. big event,
8:52 am
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. best sellers and valentines day just two weeks away. we want to help with your gifts. >> here with great picks for everybody on the list. shop along by scanning that qr code on the bottom of your screen. adriana, we don't have to a ton of time. let's jump right in. what exactly is a love box. >> let's jump right in guys. this love box you can see here is rotating, telling me i have a message. it is such a cute sentimental gift.
8:54 am
you can send a photo, a drawing, a virtual sticker to someone. it is a little nicer than a text and lot faster than snail mail. just a super cute sentimental gift. >> what is it? i don't get it. >> you hook it up to your app and send the recipient a message and they get it. >> comes up on the screen. >> there is a little screen inside. >> yes. exactly. it is really great for kids and grandparents and long distance couples or families. >> cute. >> mine -- yeah -- >> ah and they can keep it that's sweet. what's next in the sentimental department. >> this is really affordable and --. and it gives you really fun and meaningful prompt and a lot of mad libs too. so you can fill it out and give something a little more thoughtful than a card. >> if you were a soup, you would
8:55 am
be in. >> chicken. >> why broth? so rude. i was going say chicken pot pie. something yum. broth is not -- >> i was thinking slender and tasty and -- >> okay. all right. what about that he has pants? >> these are from tommy john. a little bit of a splurge but really great one for the person who needs an upgrade from the 2020 pjs. made with a luxurious soft fabric that is going to keep you cozy all year long. they are also made to last even though they are super light and -- >> look really good. let's jump down to the hot sauce. >> you would be like a clam chowder. hearty and delicious. what's next? >> hot sauce. a pack of seven hot sauces. really great for the foodie, or if you are my husband and like
8:56 am
to dallas your salad in hot sauce instead of dressing. >> and adriana, do the wine thing in like 20 seconds. >> really cool. a purifier for your wine. pour your wine through it which weather in a glass or carafe and the it helps bring out the natural aromas and flavors. and helps get rid of sulfites and preservatives. >> we have five seconds for this cake pop thing. >> so cute. you can make cake pops in under five minutes. >> love it. good morning. i'm kris sanchez. most uc and cal state schools move to virtual learning last
8:57 am
month with the covid surge, we know that san francisco and san jose state will continue to hold off their return for another couple weeks. another east bay school district in limbo after ongoing covid concerns. mount diablo's agreement expires today with the teachers. it's not clear if it will impact classes going forward. however, it comes as contra costa schools reach a new agreement to keep classrooms open. bob redell will have the latest in the midday news. san francisco muni will be short staffed today and tomorrow. the agency is advising riders to allow more time because of delays. the l, 15, and others are delayed. the rams may have lost in a heartbreak eshg but super bowl 56 airs here on nbc bay area. find the latest on our home page. ♪ in the last thirteen years after having kids,
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third hour of "today." snow day, part of the northeast buried by up to 30 inches, the dig out continues, as temperatures plunge into a deep freeze. we'll bring you the very latest on that. and then al's making it snow in l.a. where there is a flurry of excitement. once in a lifetime meeting of two epic events. the super bowl is set with storylines, worthy of a hollywood movie. and the winter olympics, now just three days away. all that and emmy


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