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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 27, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PST

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♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- cynthia nixon. star of "b positive," actress annaleigh ashford. music from del water gap featuring the 8g band with elena bonomo and now seth meyers. [ cheers and applause >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night," and we hope you're all doing well tonight. and now we are going to get to the news supreme court justice stephen breyer is reportedly planning to retire at the end of the current term, which would allow president biden to appoint
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a successor. said mitch mcconnell, "with only three years left in his term i don't think so." [ laughter ] president biden visited an ice cream store yesterday in washington, d.c., and reportedly got a scoop of chocolate with peanut butter flecks and a scoop of black-out chocolate cake. so, yeah, he's seen the approval numbers. [ laughter ] "i'm gonna need a second scoop." [ laughter ] president biden met today with the ceos of ford, general motors, and several other companies to discuss his "build back better" agenda, but of course, it quickly devolved into biden pitching car names "what about the ford shark that's a pretty good name -- the ford shark." [ laughter ] president biden told reporters yesterday that a potential russian invasion of ukraine would likely be the, quote, "largest invasion since world war ii." so i guess he's never been to a target on black friday [ laughter ]
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in a video posted on social media today, former president trump told a golfing partner that he would be the 45th and 47th president of the united states. then again, it wouldn't be the first time he lied to a golf partner. [ laughter ] "put me down for a four. [ laughter ] yeah, it's a four. it's a four. [ cheers and applause after vermont senator bernie sanders suggested that he would support a primary challenger against democratic senator joe manchin, manchin said yesterday, quote, "senator sanders is not a democrat. said sanders, "thank you!" [ laughter ] organizers of next month's winter olympics in beijing announced they will provide free condoms to athletes. and i'm pretty excited to find out what that event is [ laughter ]
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it seems weird it's in the winter amazon endorsed a bill in congress yesterday that would legalize marijuana on a federal level. oh, really does amazon support something that would make it even harder for people to go out to a store? [ laughter ] "alexa, order doritos. yes, make weekly." [ laughter ] and finally, musician kid rock released a song this week that criticizes coronavirus restrictions oh, buddy, that's not why people are staying six feet away from you. [ light laughter ] and that was the monologue, everybody. we got a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause she is an emmy-, grammy-, and tony-winning actress you know from "sex and the city" and now the revival, "and just like that." plus, she stars in the new hbo show "the gilded age." the very busy cynthia nixon will be here in studio. [ cheers and applause
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she is also a tony winner. she's starring in the second season of "b positive" on cbs. annaleigh ashford will be joining us, as well. [ cheers and applause he is a talented singer-songwriter and producer whose self-titled debut album is out now. we'll have music from del water gap. but before we get to all that, republicans and right-wing pundits who support donald trump have spent the last few days pretending to be outraged over a hot-mic moment in which president biden insulted a fox news reporter. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: today, we're going to discuss republican reactions to biden calling a fox news reporter a stupid s.o.b. on a hot mic, because i'm willing to bet anything that's going to be the biggest story in politics for the foreseeable future >> this is a cbs news special report i'm major garrett in washington. there is breaking news from the supreme court. cbs news has learned justice stephen breyer plans to retire at the end of this term, in june
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>> seth: "oh, seth, you stupid son of a bitch!" pulled a biden on myself well, at least it works as a segue. news of justice breyer's retirement broke just a few hours before this taping, so i'll have more to say about it tomorrow but this afternoon senate majority leader chuck schumer said democrats would confirm a successor with all deliberate speed and i can understand why you'd want to have someone in place before republicans win back congress, because its gop reaction to biden's hot-mic moment has once again proved in order to be a trump supporter, you have to lobotomize the part of your brain responsible for shame. that's why rudy giuliani always looks like he just woke up mid-brain surgery. [ laughter ] is this a still from the new "matrix" movie [ laughter ] "i took the red pill and the blue pill, and i got to say, still nothing happening downstairs." [ laughter ] by the way, we've used that picture so many times, it's gotten a little dusty. hold on. [ blows sharply [ laughter ]
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and that's it. not even february. it's our entire special-effects budget for the year. [ laughter ] for example, here's trump's son eric on fox news last night, claiming trump worked harder than the current administration. >> these people aren't present they're not fighting for this country. you know, the difference between them and my father, my father sat there 24 hours a day and fought for the united states' best interest. >> seth: the "sat there" part of your sentence was the only part that was true. trump definitely sat there he was the king of sitting he always had that posture like a retired major-league catcher whose body just froze like that. [ laughter ] he did that upside-down diamond thing with his hands like bizarro world jay-z. [ laughter ] trump's political superpower was his lack of shame. there was no crime he wouldn't commit, no lie he wouldn't tell, no matter how obvious or brazen it was trump would have walked out of the white house with the bust of abraham lincoln sticking out of his coat pocket if he thought could get away with it, which he might have been able to do, since his coat looked like it was specifically made to hide marble busts
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[ laughter ] what was that conversation like with his tailor? "look at the beautiful lines we could put a lincoln right here, a washington right here. no one will know." "you've done it again, giuseppe. [ laughter ] you've done it again." and in order to support him, trump's backers had to find ways to convince us that they didn't know he was the con man he obviously was. lawmakers would always have conveniently not read his tweets, or the way they kept insisting he'd learned his lessons. they said this man learned his lesson he didn't even learn not to hit the tweet button if there was a red dotted line under a word he would just say, "i'm pretty sure 'tap does have two ps and on this, twitter, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree." [ laughter ] i mean, forget donald trump. in the history of this nation, ever learned his lesson. learn is salsa dancing, and that's only if their third wife insists on it. [ laughter ]
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so in order to say something as naive as, "trump learned his lesson," you have to have numbed the part of your brain that cares if people think you look stupid that's clearly what's going on in the latest fake controversy surrounding biden's outburst at fox news correspondent peter doocy, which i'm sure you've all seen by now but here it is anyway, just for us all to enjoy one more time. >> do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms >> it's a great asset. more inflation what a stupid son of a bitch [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. [ cheers and applause biden was muttering to himself like he just got cut off on the interstate in his stingray [ laughter ] "oh, look at this stupid son of a bitch. no, go ahead and merge definitely don't signal or check your mirrors you're the only person in the whole damn world 'baby on board'? good luck growing up, normal, kid. [ laughter ] now, biden is 79, okay have you guys ever seen two old guys greet each other?
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"hey, look at this old son of a bitch. "hey, burt, you ass[ bleep ] i see you're still ugly as sin." [ laughter ] it's honestly pretty sweet, but word of warning, you can't jump in on that if you're under 60. they don't like that "hey, grandpa, you old bastard!" "what the hell did you just say to me, you little turd?! [ laughter ] and, look, ideally, the president would not lob insults at anyone, including reporters, but if we're being honest, you know - it was kind of a stupid question i mean, really, does biden think inflation is a political liability? what's he supposed to say? "no, no, i think it's good that gas and ground beef are more expensive. i'm gonna cruise to re-election on the strength of subway's $6 foot-long." [ laughter ] anyway, all in all, i do have to say, both doocy and biden have handled this incident well doocy laughed it off, said he wasn't owed an apology and biden called him to tell him, quote, "it's nothing personal, pal," which does strike me as kind of a non-apology apology. you called him a stupid son of a bitch. [ light laughter ] if it wasn't personal, then what was it, business [ laughter ]
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"that's how we seal the deal in scranton you agree to the terms, shake hands, look each other in the eye and say, 'you stupid son of a bitch.'" [ laughter ] equivalency out of the way no, this isn't even remotely like trump, who repeatedly whipped his crazed fans into a frenzy by hurling insults at reporters and calling them the enemy of the people. calling one person an s.o.b. and then apologizing for it is not the same as unrepentantly hurling a constant stream of verbal abuse at reporters and threatening to punish or imprison them or change the laws to target them i could give countless examples of this, but here's just one random one i happen to like, when trump called a reporter a criminal in 2020 for not reporting on his deranged conspiracy theories about the biden family during the election >> campaign strategy seems to be to call biden a criminal why is that? >> he is a criminal, he's a criminal he got caught. read his laptop. and you know who's a criminal? you're a criminal for not reporting it you are a criminal for not reporting it
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let me tell you something. joe biden is a criminal, and he's been a criminal for a long time and you're a criminal in the media for not reporting it good luck, everybody have a good time [ laughter ] >> seth: now, you can't tell them to have a good time after you call them criminals. the only way that works is you're at the legion of doom christmas party. "this is the largest gathering of criminals, lowlifes, and evil villains the world has ever known! now, have a good time. [ laughter ] don't forget to put your secret santa gifts on the table by the alligator pit! [ laughter ] that was always trump's way of just erasing everything he said right before it. "have a good time. like, he'd be in the middle of a terrifying rant where he threatens nuclear annihilation with north korea and then he'd wrap it up by saying, "so, if we have to burn the sky and turn the world to ash, i will summon god's vengeance and rain blood down upon my enemies. but for now, you know, have a good time. [ laughter ] you know, because he'd be in the
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middle of a wedding toast at mar-a-lago "you may now kiss the bride before she's a pile of ash." [ laughter ] so, trump's record on this is obvious to anyone who's been awake for the last few years and yet there are still some all born within the last 12 months and have no memory of what trump was like as president. for example, indiana congressman jim banks tweeted in total sincerity, not as a joke, "have we ever seen a president attack and malign the free press like joe biden has? [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] only one of two things can be happening here either he's trolling us, because trump's record of antagonism toward the press is so obvious that he knows a comment like that will drive the res of us insane, or he's got some sort of benjamin button disease where he looks like a middle-aged man, but was actually born like a few months ago and legitimately doesn't know who donald trump is [ laughter ] and if that's the case, good on him! i mean, if congressman banks really is a baby who looks like a full-grown man, who am i to [ bleep ] all over him for being dumb as a bag of rocks [ laughter ] i have a baby at home. she doesn't do anything. but this baby is out here not
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letting benjamin button disease slow him down, serving his constituents, going to work every day with people who all have faces that are terrifying to babies. [ laughter ] he's got to talk to these people and not burst into tears probably has a full diaper half the day. so, again, if congressman banks is a benjamin button situation, and that's why he doesn't remember how donald trump treated the press, i apologize but, you know, if he is just a regular 42-year-old man, you know, shut the [ bleep ] up. [ laughter ] [ applause ] but that was somehow not - that was somehow not the most disingenuous reaction from a republican member of congress. there was also ronny jackson, trump's former doctor, who claimed in 2018, that trump aced a cognitive test jackson said on fox news yesterday that biden's hot-mic moment was a sign of cognitive decline. >> so it's completely unprofessional it's embarrassing, and i've seen this multiple times with people of the president's age that are starting to have cognitive issues they get short-tempered, they get irritable, they strike out it's a defense mechanism, to some extent, when they don't know exactly how to answer questions or what's going on around them. he's got cognitive issues. he's not fit to be our head of state or our commander in chief.
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>> seth: now, yes, he's a doctor, but remember, he's a doctor whose name is ronny [ laughter ] "now that you have your medical degree, you sure you don't want to change it to ronald?" "nah, nah, i want people to know what they're getting' when they walk in the door [ laughter ] dr. ronny. [ laughter ] but let me see if i follow a short temper, irritable, striking out as a defense mechanism when they don't know how to answer questions, doesn't know what's going on around them i just wish there was an example of someone prominent with those symptoms who we could compare him to it's just stumping me. [ laughter ] i mean, for the life of me, i can't think of anyone who's ever exhibited these specific personality traits before. i mean, certainly not someone in the public eye [ laughter ] someone we all remember, you know, a businessman or an elected official [ laughter ] perhaps someone who served in a high-profile position within, i don't know, let's say, the last 13 months. if only that person existed. well, i guess we'll never know [ laughter ]
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this is one of those seemingly trivial moments that actually reveals something fundamental at politics in order to be a successful have to have no shame, which is why it's understandable the quickly as possible to confirm a successor for justice breyer before republicans have a chance to win back the senate in november because if mitch mcconnell and the gop get their way, they'll hold the seat hostage until a republican president can appoint someone they like, someone who's a -- >> short tempered, irritable - >> stupid son of a bitch [ cheers and applause >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with cynthia nixon, everybody ♪ [ cheers and applause
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♪ >> seth: give it up for the 8g band right over there [ cheers and applause also back again with us tonight, she's a new york-based drummer whose latest single "together" is available on all streaming platforms. she's currently the drummer for broadway's new hit musical "six," now playing at the brooks atkinson theater. elena bonomo is here thank you so much for being with us, elena. >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: our first guest tonight is an emmy-, grammy-, and tony-winning actress you know from shows such as "sex and the city", "ratched," and the new hbo series "the gilded age." she executive produces and stars
12:57 am
in "and just like that," with new episodes premiering thursdays on hbo max let's take a look. >> i have a favor to ask and it involves manual labor, and you two coming to brooklyn >> well, how can we say no >> oh! >> oh, no, no. i'm asking -- how can we say no? >> you can't we need a huge turnout on saturday to finish painting the women's shelter i've been working on with nya. and it would be so great if you guys would come help >> i'm there and i'll bring the kids. i'm a really good painter. >> carrie? >> oh, well, when i was on stage crew in high school, they asked me, "please stop painting. so i will happily write a check. >> you can't be the white lady who just writes a check. if i can paint, you can paint. >> seth: please welcome back to the show cynthia nixon, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
12:58 am
>> seth: i am so happy to have you back here. >> i am so happy to be here. >> seth: in a studio full of people, no less. >> so lovely >> seth: it's not bad, right >> and a band, even. >> seth: and a band! we did see each other right before -- we were talking backstage -- right before the pandemic late february. >> yes >> seth: of 2020 >> yes >> seth: we were at the pen awards in new york city, and it was a lovely evening and a few people were starting to do fist bumps >> right >> seth: and i was, like, "come on, guys." [ laughter ] and yet here we are a few years later. >> yeah, some people are ahead of the curve not me, but, yeah, yeah. christine baranski and i were there together presenting an award to tom stoppard. >> seth: and you and christine baranski are now playing sisters in "the gilded age. >> yes >> seth: which is on hbo, which is very exciting and -- but when you were first on broadway together, she was your mother. >> yes, in 1983, which i can't
12:59 am
believe is almost 40 years ago, she was playing my mother. and i didn't realize she was really too young to be my mother but now we're sisters, and that's good. that's good. >> seth: you know, right after i feel like maybe the last time we talked, i saw another very young cynthia nixon. i was -- i had never seen the movie "amadeus." >> oh, yeah. >> seth: and you're in "amadeus." >> yes >> seth: you just show up as a maid in "amadeus." >> yes, yes. >> seth: that must have been one of your first film roles >> oh, i had been acting about five years at that point, actually >> seth: well, i'm sorry that i missed the earlier work. [ light laughter ] >> "little darlings. you haven't seen "little darlings"? >> seth: i'll put it on the list >> well, but, it was such a big deal for me, because, you know, me and my friends -- milos forman, who directed that, was our absolute favorite director, from "ragtime" and from "hair." and i was in 11th grade. and i had already been around the block a little bit i kind of knew it was five months in czechoslovakia i had never been to europe but i said, after like 6,000 auditions and they cast me, i said, "i really want to do this part, but i'm in high school and could you, respectfully, if
1:00 am
you don't use me for two days in a row, could you fly me back to new york?" and they did >> seth: so you went back and forth the whole time >> yes, because i knew - i'd been around a little bit >> seth: yeah. >> since, you know, i was 11, 12, and i knew they were just going to put me in a hotel for months on end, and it was going to be challenging in 11th grade. >> seth: yeah. >> so they tested me at first. they flew me out for a 45-minute rehearsal. >> seth: really? >> to see if i balked. and i just, you know, just smiled and smiled. and they flew me back and forth like five or six times >> seth: you must have gotten so many miles [ laughter ] >> i did >> seth: also i'm glad you said this please don't take this the wrong way. when you said you were going to be there for five months, you're not in a lot of the movie. >> no. >> seth: yeah. >> that's what i mean. >> seth: yeah. >> right but i know, i was very, very low on the pecking order, and they were just going to throw me in a hotel room and forget about me, and a few months later be like, "let's get that girl out here for that one thing she got that one line, yeah. >> seth: now, the other thing about the last time you were on
1:01 am
this show, you were running for governor of this state >> i was >> seth: and you didn't win. >> no. >> seth: but the guy who did win, things didn't go great for. [ laughter ] >> and just like that, andrew cuomo was out of a job. >> seth: and just like that, what a lovely tie-in what a lovely tie-in [ applause ] >> you know, the difference between him and me is neither of us are governor -- >> seth: yeah. >> but i still got to keep my emmys. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's true, he didn't even get to keep his one emmy. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: so congratulations on that, as well. >> thank you >> seth: so, with "and just like that," i imagine all of you must have been somewhat hesitant to return to this beloved franchise. >> i think we were hesitant and also very excited. >> seth: right >> it was kind of equal measure, because of course we love the show, we love each other, we love our characters, all that. but, again, to revisit this show that everybody loved so much, so iconic, and also -- i guess, my
1:02 am
main concern that i kept stating over and over again was, if we go back, it can't be a reboot. it can't just be this same show 25 years -- almost 25 years later. we're very different people. the world is different it was always an unbelievably >> seth: yeah. >> so it was also a chance to hopefully, you know -- we got a lot right in that first show, but we got some things wrong, and we got a chance to go back and change them. >> seth: you did something that i feel like a lot of people have done in recent years, which is you went back and binged the show yourself. >> yes, yes. >> seth: so were you watching it as it went through would you watch each week when you were making the show >> oh, definitely. >> seth: but had you never watched it, like, all at once like that? >> no, no. i mean, it was delightful. >> seth: i mean, i did it. we've talked about it, but i did it with my wife. i had never seen it. we binged it together. and i fell in love with you ladies i'm gonna just be honest yeah
1:03 am
>> aww [ laughter ] [ applause ] well, i think that, you know, we were one of those things that people turned to during the quarantine and really -- and binged, you know >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: well, i think that any -- it was funny how -- the shows people found, because it was obviously a deeply lonely time >> mm-hmm. >> seth: and this show has always been about friendship and connection and so it makes total sense to me that it would be a show that people would sort of find comfort in, in a difficult time. >> yeah. and, you know, and as we were all locked in our houses, too, it's like, you know, a bunch of people strutting around the city, going to fabulous restaurants and wearing beautiful clothes and, right, doing all the things >> seth: and it is such a snapshot of, like, that era of new york >> wild, wild, yes when -- you know, matthew broderick always has this thing when he's walking down the street with sarah jessica and he sees a girl in a particular kind of an outfit and heels, and he always says, "you did that. [ laughter ] that's your fault. [ laughter ]
1:04 am
>> seth: that is very true to this day, that is very true one thing that is -- that you've also changed about this second iteration of the show -- the subway we did not see much of the subway in the first "sex and the city," maybe never even once >> yeah, i think there was - carrie for about 30 seconds briefly flirted with taking a bus. >> seth: right >> and then someone said to her, "you're on the bus why do you have to take the bus if your photo is on the bus? and she was like, "yeah. [ laughter ] yeah, i mean, i certainly -- you know, in non-covid times, i'm on the subway every day. in covid times, i'm on the subway maybe once a week >> seth: yeah. >> and, yeah, i mean, i always felt like miranda -- you know, miranda works in manhattan she lives in brooklyn. >> seth: she was probably on the subway >> i think she was on the subway, but we never showed it >> seth: we just never showed it, yeah it's a different era now people want to see -- people deeply want to see the subway. >> they want to see the subway [ laughter ] >> seth: because let me just say, something about new york city, if you have never been here, the subway is better than it's ever been. [ laughter ] and now, you know, you have two shows on at the same time and they both take place in
1:05 am
new york, with a 140-year time gap. >> yeah. >> seth: so, "the gilded age" is late 1800s new york city do you enjoy that costume drama-y type of show >> i do. i mean, it's -- you know, the corsets are not really your friend >> seth: right >> they're your adversary. >> seth: sure. >> but certainly the clothes are amazingly beautiful. and the wigs, and all of the - i mean, all of the sets. and then we shot in a lot of real historic mansions in troy, new york, and in newport, rhode island and, i mean, it's gorgeous to look at, and it's a period not unlike our own, where you have these -- now they're -- you know, then they were millionaires who appeared out of nowhere because of the industrial revolution and the railroads and business was booming, and you know, they built these palatial mansions. now we have these billionaires who appear out of nowhere because of the tech boom and they're, you know, visiting outer space and stuff. >> seth: yeah. >> so, similar kind of, like, people with so much money, they really just don't know what to do with it
1:06 am
>> seth: they don't know what to do with it >> yeah. >> seth: at least 140 years ago, they built houses that are still here >> yes >> seth: i don't know, like, what this space thing is going to give us [ laughter ] i have one thing -- i got to say, we've talked about steve in the past >> yeah. >> seth: steve's not having a great time in the new show >> he is not >> seth: yeah. you know i love steve. >> i love steve, too >> seth: i feel like, i don't know why you guys did him like that >> ohh [ light laughter ] >> seth: and part of it is, you know, that i have a very good steve impression [ laughter ] >> would you like to share it with me? >> seth: i would like to >> would you like to share it with all of us >> seth: well i'd just like to share it with you, but if they want to watch. >> okay, okay. [ cheers and applause >> seth: aw, miranda [ laughter ] >> that's very good! [ applause ] it's very good >> seth: you're very good -- >> very good >> seth: you're a very good actor. >> if i was blindfolded, i would never know it was not david. >> seth: you guys, that is cynthia nixon. [ cheers and applause "and just like that" and "the
1:07 am
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1:12 am
>> i could check, but i sent it from my work computer, and we're not at work. >> starting to feel like it. >> seth: please welcome back to the show our friend annaleigh ashford. how are you, annaleigh >> hello [ cheers and applause oh, it's so good to see you. >> seth: it's so good to see you, as well i do wish you were here. and i -- yeah, there we go there we go. oh, thank you. >> oh, god, what a warm hug. >> seth: you -- so doing this sitcom, i imagine one of the draws, being a stage actor like you are, is getting to do a show in front of a live studio audience but because of covid, a lot of the episodes you taped were just in front of the crew how was that >> um, i give the crew baked goods and alcohol. [ laughter ] i wish you know, thank god, they're a wonderful audience and hey, if the crew laughs -- you know, if the crew laughs, then you know it went well >> seth: yes >> but sometimes i feel like i'm doing, like, an eternal wednesday matinee. >> seth: yeah. >> like the wednesday matinee that won't end but that's -- hey, i'm so happy to be making somebody laugh
1:13 am
somewhere. and you just hope that it goes to the ether in the land of television, and i imagine the laughs but i do remember onstage having one particular wednesday matinee where it was so quiet that it felt like nobody was out there and when we looked in the front row, there was one woman who was taking a full-out nap. [ laughter ] it was a three-act play. so it was a long play, and she took a long nap. and then, you know, you start to wonder if she was alive. [ laughter ] she woke up at the end the applause at the end of the show woke her up but, you know, it sort of feels like that sometimes. >> seth: that's very - that's very rude, for everybody to clap and wake up that poor woman. >> i mean, hello she was having a lovely respite. >> seth: so a three-act play, those intermissions must be so weird with you and the other actors when you realize how quiet it is. do you talk about it backstage
1:14 am
is there like a real, like, "eh --"? >> immediately like the first thing you do when you get offstage when you're doing a show is you go, "what's happening with this audience?" whether they're good or bad. you know, they're like -- i only wish the audience knew how much we talked about them [ laughter ] and there's, like, you know, a thousand of them, but they are one in our mind. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. you know how sometimes there is a q&a after a show where the audience can ask the cast? you should do a q&a where you, the cast, get to ask the audience some questions. like, what did you think you were buying a ticket for [ laughter ] >> why did you take melatonin before coming? [ laughter ] could you have waited? yes. >> seth: so, your character in the show owns and runs a nursing home as a young performer, you actually found your way to performing at nursing homes. how did that happen? and did you enjoy that experience >> you know, it's such a strange story that i, like, forgot happened until a couple weeks into working on the show i was like, "oh, you know what, i feel like i've been here before, because i have." when i was a kid, i danced at this amazing dance studio, and
1:15 am
to practice numbers before dance competitions, we would play nursing homes. we would do like 30 dance numbers at these nursing homes, and sometimes they were, like, very risque. like, i remember the older girls did a janet jackson number and they wore, like, bustiers and like ripped-up jeans and like door frames and it was a big hit at the nursing home [ laughter ] and i would sing and i remember at the end of one of our gigs, the director of the nursing home came up and asked me if i wanted to do my own set. so i came back with my karaoke machine, and i had, you know, a little mic attached to a boom box. and i had about 15 songs and little karaoke tapes in order. and i wrote my own jokes and i wore a tuxedo. [ laughter ] why? why did that happen? it was very uncomfortable, i think, for everybody else. >> seth: they must have loved you, right >> they loved me, but they were like, "why is this small woman doing this show for us?" [ laughter ]
1:16 am
and i was 10 >> seth: but now you have -- is it true that you have always befriended people that were maybe a generation or two above your age group >> yes you know, i've always thought it's sort of obnoxious when people are like, "i'm an old soul." oy but you know, i sort of -- i've always connected with people who are of an older generation than i am, and i -- you know, i'm working with a bunch of legends with a capital "l" right now any time linda lavin will tell me any story, i sit down at her feet but yeah, we used to live next door, actually, to my great-grandma when i was growing up, so my cousin tyler and i would walk home from school, and we'd go next door and hang out with grandma ashford for a couple hours and she -- we were in charge of giving her her medicine. and she somehow would make a game out of throwing it across the room 'cause she just really didn't want to take it and so we were sort of in charge of, like, finding her pills. [ laughter ] over the years, we found them in
1:17 am
the couch, we found them under glasses, they were in the plants part of me was like, "why are we making her take this?" you know, it was probably like extra magnesium. like, what's the point [ laughter ] >> seth: you have a -- we've talked before about your son jack i think the last time you were here, he was maybe only 1 or 2 years old. he's 5 1/2 now >> oh, god >> seth: how is he doing >> i no longer give him milk from my breasts. [ laughter ] that was what was happening the last time. >> seth: we've crossed the milk threshold. congratulations! >> yes, yes. we're done doing that. thank god. but, yeah, he's doing great. he's so big now, which is crazy. he's really, really, really into superheroes. he's super into spider-man right now, specifically. >> seth: does he know you are in show business? does he know his mom is an actor? >> it's just started happening, which is so bananas. i mean, you know, it's such a funny thing being in the business and then, growing up not in the business, you know, i can't imagine what it feels like to have a kid who just, like, has parents who are friends with
1:18 am
actors that they see in things you know, he'll be like, "mom, do you --" now he's started being like, "mom, do you know them?" in every movie that we watch. you know, and i don't. but now when i fight with my husband, or a couple days ago i got really upset about something, and i was like, "i don't understand what's happening! and he was, like, "mom, are you crying or are you working on a scene? [ laughter ] that's literally what he said. he'll go, "are you running lines?" when we fight. and we just go, "yes we got a big scene coming up." [ laughter ] >> seth: "your mother and i are rehearsing." [ laughter ] >> "we're doing 'who's afraid of virginia woolf' again! [ laughter ] >> seth: i was lucky enough to see you onstage doing the great stephen sondheim musical "sunday in the park with george. i can only imagine, like all of us, that you were deeply affected by his passing. what was your -- do you have a fond memory with stephen you'd be willing to share? >> absolutely. i mean, i have so many
1:19 am
but one thing that keeps coming back to me is how, as an artist, he was never done. you know, one of the most famous lines in "sunday in the park with george" is, "anything you do, let it come from you then it will be new. give us more to see. and, you know, for all of us who want to make art, that should sort of be a mantra, and it was for him. and the art was never done you know, he was always giving us notes, always giving himself notes. and i always think it's sort of magical. he loved puzzles he loved word games. and on opening night, he gave us all a puzzle and so i just feel like he left us all of these beautiful puzzles to keep figuring out you know, that's sort of his legacy these shows are like exquisite works of art that we can keep working out, you know? >> seth: it is an incredible gift that he left us with all that work that we can continue to enjoy and it is always so wonderful to talk to you. thanks so much for making the time, annaleigh.
1:20 am
>> oh, my pleasure good to see you. [ cheers and applause bye. >> seth: annaleigh ashford, everybody! two new back-to-back episodes of "b positive" air this thursday starting at 9:00 p.m. on cbs and paramount plus we'll be right back with music from del water gap [ cheers and applause from del water gap [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! thirty-four miles per hour! new personal record, limu! [limu emu squawks] he'll be back. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ within this hallowed bowl is the grain of all time. heart-healthy. no artificial flavors. and ready in minutes. it's epic apples and cinnamon by the spoonful.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: my next guest is on
1:31 am
tour promoting his new album, "del water gap." tonight he's making his late night debut with us before playing a sold-out show at new york's webster hall. performing "ode to a conversation stuck in your throat," please welcome to the show, del water gap. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ i do not want t fight this anymore i just want to lay back ♪ ♪ and watch you pin m to the bed i used to call you my best friend ♪ ♪ way back before you were my everything now i'm sucking your neck ♪ ♪ and you wrote my favorite song now i'm messed u and carrying on ♪ ♪ i do not know the words to it ye
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