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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 26, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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a search by the fbi but still operating local test sites. we investigate an embattled testing company and why you may see sites in the bay area still open. desperate dog owners are putting up big rewards to get their stolen dogs back. but could those thousands of dollars be incentivizing thieves to keep stealing more dogs? also stepping down from the bench, and not many people know supreme court justice and bay area native stephen breyier like this man. the justice's brother reacts to the retirement and tells us who he thinks will be his replacement. the news at 6:00 starts right
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now. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. tonight new twist in our ongoing look at those pop-up covid testing sites. we're learning new details about the federal investigation into one test company and why you might soon see local sites reopen but under different names. a local government took action to crackdown on other popups. let's bring in our investigator, chris kamura, about test hygiene and missing results and a lot of other issues. >> here's what we've been asking. who's watching what goes on at those here today, gone tomorrow sites. some of which are just tents on the sidewalk. today san francisco stepped up to fill what it calls a regulatory gap. >> what we're trying to make sure is that our residents are safe. >> what's been happening under these covid-19 testing tents has been almost entirely regulated. the state says it doesn't control what's called specimen
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collections, when workers swab your nose and send it to a private lab. starting immediately, san francisco is making all covid-19 testing sites follow a list of basic requirements, including rules that were not previously required, like wearing gloves. >> we're talking about health procedures that were such no-brainers. >> reporter: will other cities and counties match? we asked today. the answers were a mixed bag. marin county said it will mirror san francisco's order starting tomorrow. solano county says it doesn't have the same problem. others say they're monitoring or said no. we've learned a lot more go the center for covid control. at least three of the roughly 300 test sites nationally popped up in san ramon and mountain
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view. some complained they lined up, got tested and neff got results. the fbi searched the office in illinois. the top watchdog joined the fbi search. hhs has paid the company more than $140 million to do covid testing, and a medicare inspector found multiple failures. the main office will remain closed indefinitely during the federal investigation but the local test sites might open under different names. local offices are independently operated. they just released the local sites from their contracts. so they are free to reopen under new names and use a different lab. the ccc signage is already down at the mountain view location. we asked a man if he intends to
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reopen them under a new name. he did not respond. how can you find a test site can you trust? today we asked dr. jennifer tong. she said start with your own doctor or local public health office. >> next most reputable place to look is a testing site operated by the county or the state. in santa clara county, this includes multiple locations throughout the county with up to 8,000 appointments per day. >> and every county will have a list for you. can you also try calling 311. if you see a test site that raises questions, please give us a call. 888-996-tips. bay area health departments are on alert after two cases of the sub variant of omicron known as ba.2 were confirmed in the
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south bay. they are ate only confirmed bay area cases among the 14 identified by the state so far. so how much should you worry about this new variant? infectious disease specialists say this ba.2 may be a little more transmissible than the original omicron but does not appear to be any more of a threat. >> you've been infected with omicron already, you're not going to be infected which ba.2. there are no signs that it is more virulent. >> stanford is one of the labs looking for more. the stanford lab sequences more than 3,000 lab samples a day and
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uses a database. if you own a frenchy, you may feel like you have a target on your back. an east bay family was able to get their dog back, but it cost them. as nbc bay area's melissa colorado explains there's concern that reward money could lead to more stolen dogs. lady gaga loves her frenchys, so do rappers like megan thee stallion and two chains who created instagram profiles. their popularity online is adding to the demand for this breed, known for their tendency to snore than bark. they are selling for $5,000 each. gregory ahern is a dog lover himself. say hello to cocoa and rosy. >> our dogs own our house.
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we have two very large rottweilers. they are our children. >> which explains yes the sheriff was delighted to see this video of his deputies reuniting this frenchy with his owners. he was stolen at gun point while he was out for a walk in castro valley on january 15th. the thieves stole the owner's purse, too, which led the thieves to find the owner's home and steal the family's car as well. soon after, his owners announced a $5,000 reward for his safe return. >> if one of the members of our community was interested in trying to recover some of the reward money, and we were able from working with that individual to come up with the location. >> reporter: sheriff ahern says his investigators tracked down three suspects believed to be linked to other carjackings in the area. the three have not been charged
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yet. but could cash rewards incentivize criminals to kidnap more dogs? >> you have to work with the people recovering the reward money and whether it leads back to the suspects. >> it is a problem. that was melissa colorado reporting. a bizarre twist in a triple stabbing investigation in the south bay. the suspect was hit and killed by a car. this all started around 2:00 a.m. at a home near raging waters. a man stabbed three people. a few hours later, a sheriff's deputy found the suspect's car abandoned near highway 85. soon after, that man was hit and killed by a car on the highway. >> there was no active foot chase, car chase. i don't think anything like that. obviously, very dangerous individual. he stabbed three people. we knew who he was and what vehicle he was in. we were doing everything we could to locate and apprehend him.
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>> as fort for the victims they are believed to be okay. stepping down. supreme court justice stephen breyer is stepping down. it gives president biden his first opportunity to shape the future of the court. here's nbc bay area's steven quintana with more. >> it's the right thing to do. it's a time in his life when, for a number of circumstances that he should step down. >> he says the timing was important. his brother's hope is that the business of the supreme court will not be interrupted by a delayed vacancy on the bench. >> he wanted to make sure that the senate and the president had enough time to confirm someone who could take that seat,
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effective at the end of the term, in june. >> his retirement avoids the scenario democrats faced when justice ruth bader ginsburg passed away, when a republican nominee swung the balance in favor of conservative. democratic senate leaders are already calling for a prompt confirmation once president biden announces his pick. during his run for the white house, the president made his thoughts on the nominee very clear. >> i've committed if i'm elect ed, i will appoint the first black woman to the court. it's require thad they have representation now. it's long overtu. >> belong the early names mentioned, federal d.c. appeals court judge ketanji jackson and leondra kruger. clerk whose served with him were often given vice from former
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senator ted kennedy. >> when we were working on an opinion and there was an issue we trying to hash out, he would say work it out. work it out. >> breyer is a graduate and native of california and his older brother hopes to see him more. >> i hope he spends more time in california. that's hardly a sentence. up next, nearly $40 billion. governor newsom lays out a plan to battle climate change. the reason he made the announcement right in silicon valley. san jose passed its new gun ordinance and it didn't take long for opponents to lay out how they plan to fight it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a beautiful night across the bay. i'll show you what's up for tomorrow morning and the latest on our pollen and air quality. i'll have that for you in about seven minutes.
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is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium. and the novarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. four men have now been arrested in connection with the deadly shooting that happened more than a year ago in san jose. these suspects here, the ages range from 20-44. two men were killed and four others injured in october of 2020 at a restaurant along capital avenue. sjpd made the arrest after a raid along with the dea. this is video sent to us from a viewer.
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meth, cocaine, heroin and other drugs were confiscated as part of this investigation. it didn't take long. less than a day after san jose approved that landmark gun ordinance that would require gun owners to get insurance and pay a yearly fee. here's robert handa. >> reporter: the advocates say they warned last year they would sue if the city went ahead. well, the ordinance is now reality, and so is the lawsuit. >> is there anybody sane in california anymore? >> reporter: the national organization for gun rights leader flew in it lead the battle. the law set to start in the summer requires gun owners to have liability insurance and pay an annual city fee of $25 to be used by designated non-profit
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groups to promote community safety and education. >> we did it immediately, because we wanted to make it very clear that there were ramifications to passing america's most insane gun control. >> reporter: the nagr's attorney called it the violation of right to bear arms and free speech. >> i believe the country was founded on gun ownership and guns can be a tool for good as well as for evil. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo and the city's outside counsel said the focus on criminals is short-sighted since most gun-related deaths are the result of suicides or accident. >> we are involved in an approach that involves the many parts of death and injury with a firearm. >> reporter: the ordinance won't take effect for six months, time
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for the city to work out key details, such as how people get insurance, and for opponents to fine tune their ongoing legal fight. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. now to our climate in crisis. governor newsom spent the morning in palo alto to fight climate change. a new budget proposal includes $10 million for zero-emission vehicles which includes cars, trucks and buses and charging stations. >> kid also grow up healthier, and our economy will be much, much more resilient. >> critics say it's only a half solution that only helps the wealthiest californians, but the governor disagrees, saying it will provide significant rebates
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for low-income californians. >> there was a new report this year that said by cutting emissions that's the number one way we have to hopefully mitigate and slow the effects of climate change. cutting those emissions is the number one way we can take control of that. >> as we look at our forecast, we've really been under the extreme weather. we had all that record-setting rain in october and december, and here we are in january, which should be one of our busiest months, and we've got dry conditions out here tonight. it looks beautiful, and as we get you in to tomorrow's forecast i think we'll be able to handle this just fine. temperatures dropping into the 40s by midnight. as we set you up for tomorrow morning, 38 for the tri valley, 39 in the south bay the we'll see some patchy areas of fog that you'll need to watch out for in your morning commute as well, and 39 in the north bay, san francisco 33 and the east
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bay at 38. we'll rebound through the afternoon and sunshine is with us and a very stable pattern on our temperatures, not too many fluctuations day to day. 67 in morgan hill. let's bring it over to the east bay, and you will see temperatures are looking pretty much the same. a little cooler back toward vallejo, martinez. you head to danville, we're at . san francisco, lots of 50s through the marina, then downtown and the mission, low 60s. let's move it off to the north bay 66 in ukiah. overall, nice weather to be outside, but we need rainfall. the reason we're not getting the rainfall is this area of high pressure. this could actually hang out over the next ten days. there's no evidence right now the way the forecast models are playing out, that we would have a major storm system moving in through the next seven to ten
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days. we may get a few on and offer off shower chances. we're under dry conditions. this is acting like a big lid, a dome over the bay area, and it's really preventing our air from getting stirred up too much. we're beginning to see problems with the air quality. i do think it's going to be worse tomorrow over the east bay and south bay, may cause you some issues especially if you have any respiratory problems, and on top of that, you may have noticed it, the pollen is starting to spike, especially tree pollen. cedar, ash, elder and elm in the high category. think about that tomorrow, especially if you have allergies. on my forecast here in san francisco, 60s next couple days. by sunday, 58. i think overall this weekend, it's looking pretty good. we're all ready for the weekend right? >> it's not even thursday yet. >> it's adjacent to friday.
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it's double adjacents. >> i like that. double adjacents. >> thank you. up next, at 6:00, not just oakland, the teachers in contra costa county now threatening to strike. we'll tell you why.
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well, first it was oakland. now it's contra costa county. hundreds of teachers are threatening to go on strike unless the west contra costa county school district addresses their covid safety concerns by this friday. in a letter, the united teachers of richmond are demanding masks and weekly testing for all teachers. if a class has more than three covid cases, they want the tests to be bumped up to twice a week. we've reached out to west contra costa unified but have not heard back. more unsettling schoolness. more than a dozen east bay schools are on the chocking
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block. they're considering closing up to 13 schools. the district has a budget deficit of $40 million. the final list of schools that could be closed will be released at the end of the week. on monday, the board will then get a proposal with details on those possible closures. they are set to vote on that plan february 8th. up next, reopening campus. the bay area universities prepping to welcome back students for in-person class. and here's a look inside 30 rock. you see lester holt preparing for nightly news. the national guard being called in to provide for the teacher shortage.
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okay, back to school, back to in-person learning. on monday, a few days from now, several bay area universities will go back into the classroom. >> you remember this happened, they reverted back to distance learning in the face of the omicron surge. but cal will be back in person. san francisco state, san jose state aren't scheduled to go back to in-person until february 14th, that's valentine's day. is it really going to happen? or is this political posturing.
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we'll talk about the new landmark gun law and the legal challenge it's already facing. but on nightly news, nbc news breaks down what the interest rate move could mean for people trying to buy those already hard-to-find cars and homes that keep going up in price, and overall, as inflation soars, what happens next to the rest of us? lester holt joins us next from new york. tonight, the major shake-up with the supreme court. nbc news the first to report liberal justice stephen breyer, the court's oldest member, is stepping down, giving president biden his first nomination to the bench.
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who is on his short list, and will he keep a campaign promise to nominate the first black woman to the court? the confirmation battle ahead also tonight, the u.s. formally rejecting russia's top security demands amid fears of an invasion in ukraine russia threatening retaliation as it steps up its war games. richard engel inside ukraine. the new subvariant of omicron to watch in the u.s. why they're calling it a stealth omicron. it comes as cases and hospitalizations fall but deaths rise to the highest level in nearly a year. and the new study, up to two in three cases may now be reinfections what you need to know. the deep freeze in the midwest as a powerful nor'easter takes aim at parts of the east al roker tracking it all. the federal reserve signaling an interest rate hike is coming soon to tame inflation. the moves to make with your money now music legend neil young versus spotify why the popular streamer is removing his music. and more than 80 ye


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