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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 25, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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liability insurance, and will this end up the supreme court? plus up in flames. we're learning about the raging fire in the south bay. and it happened in a matter of seconds. intense look at a video of a smash and grab robbery at a peninsula jewelry store. >> i really want to express my feeling i feel totally unsafe. >> feeling for his safety what the owner did to scare the thieves away. also a candid conversation with a doctor, are we on the other side of the surge and what happens next? you'll want to hear what she has to say. we begin with breaking news. own a gun in san jose and you will need insurance. in the past 30 minutes the city passed a first of its kind nation gun law. gun owners will have to pay annual fee and keep liability insurance. >> gun rights advocates are
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saying, whoa, not so fast they're already planning for lawsuits. ian cull live in san jose to explain what happened at tonight's meeting and what happens next. >> reporter: the city is trying to curb gun violence, but tonight was the key vote. and after hours of discussion it was approved just 30 minutes ago. tonight san jose passing a controversial gun law. 50 people on both sides speaking at tonight's city council meeting on the so-called gun harm reduction ordinance. >> you cannot tax a constitutional right. this does nothing to stop crime. >> reporter: the ordinance requires gun owners to pay annual fee of $25, and they must have liability insurance in the event their gun is used in some crimes or by accident. it affects an estimated 50,000
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households in san jose that have a gun. >> it's easy to say this isn't going to stop an intent from killing somebody. well, i suddenly anybody to craft that ordinance at will. it doesn't exist, put we can reduce gun harm when we see the expanse of gun harm. >> reporter: it's been met with strong opposition from gun rights advocates. it says in a statement if san jose adopts mayor liccardo's outrageous and unconstitutional gun control proposals we will not hesitate to challenge the city's policies in federal litigation. moving forward would the law hold up in court? i spoke with a constitutional law professor at santa clara university. >> it's a restriction, but it's not an overly burdensome one or a ban. and the supreme court has held that there can be some regulations. >> reporter: but she says since it's a first of its kind law, a
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lawsuit could go to the sureme court. >> it's certainly possible. >> reporter: this law will go into effect in august. there are certainly some details to iron out. council members said late tonight, i should say. the mayor said the money collected from this will go to evidence based initiatives and community groups that work to reduce gun violence. live in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> san jose mayor liccardo spoke to us in-depth while he's been pushing for this groundbreaking legislation. watch from our nbc streaming app. new at 11:00 we're following a fire in santa clara. the fire started inside an abandoned car dealership right near alpine avenue. the fire is big. one westbound lane of the highway closed. firefighters say it'll stay
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closed for several hours. unclear how it started. now, we did reach out to the fire department for more info. when we find out we'll let you know. >> how about some good news? a happy ending in the search for a stolen dog in castro valley. alameda county sheriff's deputies reunited tuto with his tearful owner tonight. the french bull dog was stolen at gunpoint two weeks ago. you see the two women walking tuto. seconds later thieves jump out of a stolen suv. they are armed and demand the women hand over the dog. the robbers also stole one of the woman's purses, went to her home and then stole her car. it's unclear if any of the suspects have been arrested. bold and bad. two jewelry storers in the same mall in the peninsula targeted by smash and grab thieves in days. look at that video. one storeowner actually pulled a gun to stop the thieves in their tracks. tonight he says he doesn't feel
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safe. nbc's jean ely has more. >> reporter: security video shows the owner talking with a friend outside his store friday afternoon. he says the recent rash of smash and grab robberies in the bay area has him on the lookout. >> i know pretty much all the jewelry stores jewelry owners everybody's waiting when is their turn. this is not right. >> reporter: it was his turn at the mall friday. in a matter of seconds a suspect he says looked like a teenager smashed a jewelry case with a crowbar while his friend moved in closer. he pulled his permitted concealed weapon. >> he tried to swing towards me and i'm an owner so i pull my firearm. >> reporter: buddy says one of the five suspects pointed a gun at him. no one fired and the suspects took off. san bruno police are sharing images of them on social media. he believes the same group came
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back san fran monday night and hit snl gem company. workers were cleaning up broken glass tonight. this time the thieves smashed several glass cases and stole jewelry. a witness who doesn't want to be identified says the men used sledgehammers to slash the glass while terrified employees and customers screamed. >> i feel totally unsafe. >> reporter: he says his and his employee are scared at work. he says something must change to restore a sense of safety. >> the lawmakers do something, i mean we really need protection. i mean, this is not the way we run our business. we're already struggling. >> reporter: struggling to make ends meet and to protect his small business. jean ely, nbc bay area news. covid cases trending downward as the new omicron variant emerges. the gray states show where cases are falling, orange where the
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surge continues. take a look at california. it is not seeing a surge according to the latest number. there's also encouraging news when it comes to our positivity rate. couple weeks ago january 11th we were at 22.7%. that was the highest it got, and now it's starting to fall. just to put that in some kind of context, this time last year we were around the 9% mark. pharmacies are beginning to pass out those free n95 masks. she doesn't make herself available often, but when she speaks we listen. santa clara public health director sarah cody a special guest of representative ro khanna's town hall tonight, she had some good news and uncertainty. nbc's sheryl herd listened in and came away with some important take-aways. >> reporter: health director
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sarah cody in a virtual town hall on social media telling congressman ro khanna that santa clara county is on the other side of the omicron surge. >> it look like it probably happened somewhere between the 7th and 10th of january. and we're just beginning to see early signs that our hospitals may be seeing a little bit of a reprieve. >> reporter: tonight 30-minute q&a starting out with good news even though a new variant is making news. two cases of the new omicron subvariant known as ba2 have now been detected in the county. they're believed to be the first such cases in the bay area. people are wondering if it's dangerous. dr. cody says it's too early to say. >> my guess is it's probably going to behave like the dominant omicron variant. it's just like a subvariant so we'll see. >> reporter: this is what we know about ba2, it's been detected in 40 different countries and there's no
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evidence that spreads more quickly than others. ucsf covid expert dr. peter chen hong has been keeping track of it. >> we don't think it's causing more severe disease. the dannish government released some data so far they're not seeing increased hospitalizations due to this variant versus the regular omicron. >> reporter: it also looks liar our vaccines will be effective against it. dr. cody says she recognizes that people are tire of living with this pandemic, but now is not the time to let up your guard. >> unfortunately, the reality is we have to continue to live with quite a bit of uncertainty because we just -- we just don't know. >> reporter: the pandemic, she says, is not over yet. sheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> it's not over yet but what is going to happen next? as you heard omicron cases are
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on the decline, so the question is could we soon see bay area counties roll back some restrictions. i asked that question to san francisco mayor london breed on what she sees for the city as we start to come out of the surge. >> i'm so ready to open the city and open the gates and have a good time. and as we see the surge begin to decline i'm hopeful that people will start going out again. they'll go see a show, go to the movies, go to a restaurant. and we hope that the department of public health, but of course we're following state guidelines around mask wearing right now. we hope those mask wearing restrictions will begin to be rolled back similarly to how we did when we saw the last surge go down. >> okay, so check out the current situation in san francisco. you can see cases peaked about two weeks ago. since then the seven-day average has dropped about 35%. it may be the first lawsuit of its kind. a san francisco man is suing the district attorney over the way
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the d.a. handled his case. >> because of the way my case has been handled by the san francisco district attorney's office justice has not been served. >> ahn le was attacked in november 2019. his attackers, a father and son, were both arrested and charged with several felonies. but le says the da's office pleaded the case down to a misdemeanor assault without his knowledge. a team of civil rights alliance says the district attorney's office violated ahn le 's rights bay failing to follow progressions of marcy's law. that law supposed to give victims of crimes a voice. a statement rightsed in part da boudin has been -- amid the surge of hate crimes against asians san francisco has formed an elder abuse committee.
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da boudin says the committee will address the gaps in services. it is official house speaker nancy pelosi is hoping for another term in congress. she made the announcement today in a video posted to twitter. >> this election is crucial. nothing less is at stake than our democracy. but as we say we don't agonize, we organize. and that is why i am running for re-election to congress and respectfully seek your support. >> pelosi touted the work the democrats have done so far but also said more needs to be done. pelosi did not say if she would run for speaker of the house, again. pelosi, by the way, has been in congress since 1987 and became the first woman elected speaker of the house in 2007. we are back in 60 seconds. still ahead, snubbed by the hall of fame. home run king barry bonds did not make the cut again. but he's still got another way
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of getting to cooperstown. we'll explain that. also had a lot of people scratching their heads, that raging wildfire in the middle of winter. tonight we know how that fire started near big sir. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a beautiful night tonight. i'll show you how cold tomorrow morning and what's ahead. back with that in about 6 minutes. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist,
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and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. new details tonight on the fire in big sur that shutdown a stretch of highway 1. the colorado fire has been burning in friday in a canyon south of car mel. tonight says a pile burning was happening that day. someone was burning a pile of debris. strong winds blew the hot embers into the brush. 700 acres burned. the fire now halfway contained, no injuries reported. there's still no estimate on when highway 1 is going to reopen. tonight a san jose teenager is accused of murder of selling drugs to a 12-year-old girl. today police arrested a
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16-year-old boy who allegedly sold pills laced with fentanyl to that girl back in november. the da's office says the boy new how dangerous the fentanyl was but sold the pills anyway. his identity hasn't been released because he is a minor. she's accused of harassing and stalking the ceo of apple, tim cook. today a judge put a temporary restraining order against her. court documents reveal a woman who lived in virginia has been talking cook for a here. she's accused of trespassing on his property twice, threatening to burn down his home, even sending him threatening e-mails. one of those included a photo of a gun. the restraining order bars the woman from approaching cook in person or contacting him in any way. a hearing for that woman is set in march. despite an un-parallel career barry bonds is still not a hall of famer for the tenth year in a row. he did not get enough votes to make it into the hallowed hall. he needed 75% of the vote from
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the group of baseball writers. he got 66%. some writers don't vote for him because they believed bonds used performance enhancing drugs, otherwise very little doubt he'd be a first ballot hall of famer. david ortiz was the only person elected into the hall of messag instagram that papi on your induction into the hall of fame. a statement about bonds. his incredible talent and immediate impact when he signed with the giants in 1993 sparked not only a baseball renaissance in san francisco but also paved a way to building oracle park. we remain hopeful that he will gain election in the hall of fame in the next process. fans definitely have an opinion whether bonds should be in the hall or not. we spoke with one of bonds former teammates who did not hold back.
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>> i knew although they weren't -- they were alleged users but i think we all knew as peers they had cheated the game, that i felt the flood gates should open. and i felt barry bonds should be a first ballot hall of famer in these situations right now. like i said it's become a popularity contest. it's kind of a joke, to be honest with you. >> again, this is bonds tenth final time on the hall of fame ballot. he could still get in, though if the 16 person committee made up of former players, executives and media that considers candidates who contributed to the game. the committee meeks four times per decade to cast ballots. they could meet as early as december. bonds would need to get 12 of the 16 votes to get elected. china is taking no chances when it comes to covid. people living in beijing are facing lockdowns on short notice as the government tries to avoid a major outbreak.
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at least six beijing neighborhoods have been targeted for lockdowns. officials are also planning another round of testing and some planes and flights to beijing have been suspended. those strict measures are part of china's zero-tolerance measures to keep infections low before the games begin officially on february 4th. as you know the bay area is a powerhouse when it comes to olympic figure skaters. this year we're sending not one, not two, but three skaters to the olympics. and a lot of these skaters have ties to one place, the shark's ice in san jose. >> you do recognize it when the kids start skating and they start to achieve their goals. and all of these skaters started to achieve their goals at a very young age. so we got to watch them all grow up and do all these great things, so it's really been fun. and now we've had three
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olympians from all three of our facilities in the bay area, which we're super proud of that. >> and they should be. you can watch our profiles on our olympic athletes. head to a man who medals in meteorology every night. >> i thought you were going to say ice skating. >> she's promised he'll go ice skating with me. >> we'll do it. >> i want to see it. all right. let's go and get you ready for that midweek forecast, and we are looking at some areas of fog here developing across the north bay, down to a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa, three quarters of a mile in napa. so we'll see some fog in the north bay. down to san francisco tomorrow morning. otherwise plenty of sunshine to start, and it is going to be chilly. look at these temperatures. 37 in the tri-valley, south bay 38 and we're coming in with more of those upper 30s and low 40s
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for the east bay into san francisco and right through the north bay. now, if you want rainfall, unfortunately i've got bad news for you. this area of high pressure is not going anywhere. it's going to keep all that storm activity way off to the north. so as we move through tomorrow that does mean we've got some fantastic january weather coming in. we've got sunshine, light winds, humidity at 42%, mid-60s in san jose, almost a taste here of some early spring in the air. over in the east bay 62 in antioch, 65 in danville. 61 in redwood city, up to daly city, 58. san francisco 51 in the mission and 55 in the marina. and to the north bay santa rosa, napa, low 50s here. the only issue with the forecast tomorrow is your allergies. pollen is definitely spiking especially tree pollen. cedar, ash, alder and elm all in
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the high categories. watch out for that otherwise i promise you we've got a good day coming our way. let's bring it to into that seven-day forecast. no big storms for the next seven days but did make some adjustments for some slight chances of showers we're watching out for sunday and monday. there's a system moving off to the south. there's only a 25% chance on sunday, beyond this we might get some better rain chances by the second week of february. temperatures here through the inland valleys not too much difference. we've got lots of 60s here as we move through the next seven days. morning temperatures in the 30s as well. good for some ice skating weather, jessica. so when are we going to do this? tomorrow morning? >> too early. >> some time next week. >> yeah, we'll put that in. maybe after the olympics. let's see how they do it. >> all right. >> i'll bring a camera. happening now changes are coming to the sat college
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entrance exams. today the college board announced an update to the sat. they'll make the test shorter, simpler to take and completely digital. you'll get to do it on your computer. and also aim to get students test scores within days instead of weeks. those changes will happen by 2024. we're back in a moment.
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moving you forward, pfizer is testing a new vaccine to take on omicron. pfizer launching a study to look at over 1,400 healthy adults. the goal is to test if the new vaccine as either a booster shot or be used as primary vaccination. pfizer's original vaccine they say is effective against
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omicron. but there's data the protection may fade-in a shorter time than past variants. the company says it still needs to be ready for whatever comes our way. wind farms a critical piece of a cleaner future, but they turn out to be anything but good for some critical wildlife. take a look at a hori bat. scientists say the sharp blades on those wind turbines are killing an alarming number of the bats. there's still time to save the population, though. >> we know that most of the bats fatality occurs during low wind speed conditions during the fall migratory seasons. by changing the wind speed we can dramatically reduce the number of bats killed and still produce quite a bit of energy. >> we reached out to the american clean power association which represents renewable energy companies for comment but did not hear back. it turns out that vallejo is
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now bay area's most affordable city for rentals. you can get a one bedroom unit for less than $2,000 a month in just five of those. alameda squeaks in with just $10 to spare. san leandro, $30 below the $2,000 threshold. in concord you can find a place in the $1,800 range. and just over $1,500 a month for a one bedroom. vallejo's median rent is the cheapest in the region. for the past two years a local public relations firm has run a survey asking whether people abbreviate san francisco to san fran. the good news is while 56% admitted to using that nickname it's fewer than last year which also reflects fewer than 30% of those people realize how much
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san franciscoans loathe that nickname. you can blame the airlines for continuing to use that lazy abbreviation. just don't get us started on using another name. >> don't say it. >> we don't use it, we don't say it. >> we don't say it either. >> the warriors back against a good dallas team. we're going to show you how they did.
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well, it seems the warriors have been enjoying a little home cooking lately. >> they're in the middle of a seven game home stand. so far they've won three of the first four. looking to keep it going at chase center against the mavericks. warriors had it going early. and curry's splash brother klay thompson back in the line-up. he was hot early and finished with 15 points, but the warriors leading scorer 19-year-old jonathan cominga. warriors roll tonight over the mavericks. defenseman eric carlson had surgery yesterday to fix a small muscle tear in his left forearm. he can be reevaluated but not until mid-march. the injury comes at a time the sharks are fighting to stay in the playoff race.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. okay, get ready. after a two-year pandemic pause burning man is returning to
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nevada's black rock desert this year. the burners as they call themselves will gather again in the week leading up to the labor day holiday. it sounds a little complicated. cheaper tickets go on sale in march for about 575 and can sellout in 30 minutes so you have to be fast. if you don't want to miss out you can register for guaranteed tickets and those start tomorrow. then comes with the assess razz, the right outfit, some feathers, a lot of other stuff, some of those things. you have to have a really good look. i don't think you should go. >> well, the 1500 for guaranteed seats i think that's the way i would go. >> bye. >> take care. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring


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