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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 25, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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because of the covid safety policy in that district. damian trujillo is at silver creek high school in san jose where disappointment is running high. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: they are the raiders of silver creek. they've been dominating in state and national competitions for years, and they qualified for nationals again this past december, but the school district says they can't go. that's because the competition is in las vegas, and school policy says no school overnight trips out of state are allowed because of the pandemic. >> you're practicing all theis months, working so hard, conditioning extremely hard, and it gets taken away with just a snap of the finger. it just hurts. >> girls initially challenged the policy, pointing out that as of a few days ago, other south bay schools were going to the competition, but today we learned that the omicron variant surge has now forced those other schools to cancel their trip as
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well. >> it seemed like it was impossible. too many hurdles, and i think it was just affecting the girls' mental health. >> reporter: the superintendent said he understands their disappointment but says the surge forced the district to reassess the safety concerns throughout the school and activities creating one more victim of the pandemic. >> i don't blame the district. i just wish that we had a head's up. >> reporter: the team has been offered a trip to a state competition in l.a. there's another state event in sacramento in a few weeks. plus the cps competition but none for a national title. it's a reminder that we're still struggling to find our way back to normal. >> i don't know when it's going to get better. seems like when we open one
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door, four more get closed. >> being inside all of summer. now i do get to go back, and it's right there, something else. >>. >> reporter: in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. here it is. another covid variant showing up in the bay area. two cases of this new omicron sub variant, it's called ba.2 have been confirmed in santa clara county. marianne favro broke the news on twitter this morning and joins us from santa clara county department of public health. what is this new ba.2? >> reporter: well, it's considered a child of the initial omicron variant. the two cases here in santa clara county are believed to be the first cases of ba.2 detected in the bay area. now the cases were confirmed in sequencing of virus samples from patients, but the county is not saying if the two patients were hospitalized. the ba.2 covid sub variant has
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already been detected in 40 countries. and the world health organization has identified it as a virus under investigation. doctors say there's no indication it's more of a threat than original omicron, and it has not increased hospitalizations. ucsf's dr. peter chin hong says vaccines are still a critical weapon against ba.2. >> i'm very confident that the vaccines will still help prevent people with ba.2 from going to the hospital and having severe illness. >> it's the first two cases in the bay area, but is it the first two cases in the state, too? what do we know about that? >> no, it's not. there are other cases in california. i checked with the california department of public health today and they have confirmed 11 cases of ba 2 in the state. >> they call it the stealth variant.
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why do they call it the stealth variant? >> well, scientists dubbed it the stealth variant, because it's extremely difficult to detect. and because of that, it may not show up in pcr tests. >> wow, that's really interesting. what's the difference between a virus under investigation and a virus of concern? what's the delineation there? >> well, this virus is under investigation because it is identified as a new virus. but, if it would reach the level of concern, that would mean that there are more hospitalizations with this particular variant. if there is a big increase in cases overall, and if we are seeing whether the vaccine is not offering any level of protection against that particular variant. >> huh. super interesting, all right, thank you. ba.2. we'll be on the watch for that one. thank you, marianne. the san jose city council is meeting right now, talking about a first of its kind gun law. it's a proposal that would require gun owners to have
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liability insurance and pay an annualfy of about $30. the money will go to programs, some aimed at gun violence, suicide prevention, domestic violence as well. if approved, san jose would be the first city in the united states to have such a rule. gun advocates say groups plan to challenge it if it passes. at the city council meeting, the vote may not happen until late this evening. over in antioch, the city council finalizing a measure requiring gun owners to lock up their guns at home. and a five-year grant that would fund youth prefecture programs. it comes a the city deals with skyrocketing gun violence, including a deadly shooting yesterday in a strip mall parking lot. it may be the first lawsuit of its kind. a san francisco man suing chesa boudin. the man says he's filing the suit because he was the victim of a violent attack, and he says
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he's suing over the way the d.a. handled his case. as sergio quintana explains, he doesn't want money, he wants them to change the way they interact with crime victims. >> reporter: this grocery market in chinatown is where the victim was attacked by two men with a bottle and baseball bat during an afternoon walk during november of 2019. >> you don't threaten to kill me and attack me with a glass bottle. his son also threatened to kill me. >> reporter: he says both attackers were arrested and charged with several felonies, including elder abuse. but over the course of months, he says the d.a.'s office pleaded the case down to a misdemeanor assault without his knowledge. >> because of the way my case has been handled, by the san francisco district attorney's office, justice has not been
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served. >> reporter: the alliance for asian-american justice has taken up the case and they say they failed to follow marcy's law which is supposed to give victims a voice in the release of their attackers. suing the district attorney's office over a plea deal is very unusual. >> we believe we are the first legal team to file a lawsuit against a prosecutor's office. >> reporter: district attorney chesa boudin did not respond directly to the claims in the lawsuit, but a spokesperson issued a statement reading in part, d.a. boudin has been a steadfast advocate for improved victim services and support for the aapi community. mayor london breed declined to comment on the lawsuit. her staff says she hasn't seen it and please chief scott says his focus is on what he can control. >> some of the outcomes are what we would like and some are not. we, the police department, need
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to focus our energy on doing the best job that we can. >> reporter: in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. today we learn the name of a man police killed after pointing a replica gun at officer. the medical office identified him. he pointed two air soft guns at them before they opened fire. the attorney general's office is investigating the case. a san jose teen is now accused of killing a 12 year old girl by selling her fentanyl. prosecutors say the boy, who is a teenager himself sold fentanyl to the girl. she passed out and was pronounced dead later. the d.a.'s office says he's charged with murder because they contend he knew the danger of
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the pills and sold them anyway. his name isn't released because of his age. wind turbines are a critical piece of a cleaner future but are turning tout be anything but good for critical wildlife. scientists are warning the spinning blades are killing a shocking number of bats, bats that are needed to help farmers kill off crop-eating insects. >> reporter: here along the rolling green hills, wind farms are a clean source of energy, but scientists say those large blades are killing an alarming number of bats, specifically, a species that helps farmers remove pests from their crops. they're called hory bats, known for salt and pepper fur. whether you think they're cute or not is debatable. dr. frick says one thing is for certain, hory bats are helpful. they love to eat nocturnal
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insects. they're mother nature's pesticide. >> they provide real value to farmers. they provide in the billions of services to america's farmers, in terms of eating all sorts of crop pests. >> reporter: but dr. frick says wind farms are filling swaths of these bats who can fly as high as 8,000 feet during migrations in the fall. >> about a third of the bats that we know that show up underneath turbines as carcasses are hory bats. >> reporter: we told you how wind farms along the altamont pass were killing clusters of eagles. there's still time to save the hory bat population. >> we know that most of the bat fatality curse during low wind speed conditions during the fall
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migratory season. we can dramatically reduce the number of bats killed and still produce quite a bit of energy. >> reporter: we reached out to the american clean power association, which represents renewable energy companies for comment but did not hear back. in livermore, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. up next, more shark attacks in 2021. the reason researchers say we saw more bites from great whites. i'm sharon katsuda. fry n95 masks given out bit government. where can you get them? i'll have that story coming up. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll continue our climate coverage and extreme weather, m about seven minutes. about seven minutes. i about seven minutes. n about seven minutes.
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in the east bay tonight, a tentative agreement between teachers and the oakland unified school district. the agreement reached last night is heading off threats of a teachers strike. that issue, covid safety measures, weekly testing access for students and staff. large assemblies will be conducted outside when possible. the district will also make high
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quality masks available to students and employees. >> if you have been looking for one of those n95 or kn95 masks, you may be able to get one for free. by the end of the week. >> if i'm getting an n95 mask, i'm planning to wear that. >> you'll only have to wait a little longer for n95 masks to show up at this store. some stores in the midwest are already receiving and distributing masks from the fed. and not a minute too soon. >> a lot of people have been coming in, looking for the n95 masks. >> reporter: walgreen's and cvs should be getting them out to the public sometime at the end of this week. adults will be allowed three free n95 masks each. the goal is to reduce the number
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of cloth masks being used. n95 and kn95 are simply better at protecting you against omicron. he says he will do his part. >> it's better that we stay home, stay safe and always put on masks. >> reporter: the challenge now, how will pharmacies distribute the masks? many already struggling with overwhelming demand and understaffing, but those we spoke with today say they'll figure it out. sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. two men suspected of setting two separate fires in contra costa fire have been arrested. this is the picture of the damage outside a restaurant and bike shop in clayton. both suspects arrested over the weekend. no one hurt in those fires. shark attacks increased around the world in 2021 after three consecutive years of decline. researchers with the
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international shark attack files recorded 73 unprovoked incidents last year, compared to 52 in 2021. beach closures during the pandemic likely affected the 2020 numbers. in 2021 it more closely tracks with the five-year average of 72. nine people died last year from an unprovoked shark attack. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri, being outside, so sunny but so cold in the morning. >> good for those mittens you've got, jessica. >> i'm keeping those everywhere. >> got to wear layers. we're going to get you full details, but i want to continue our climate coverage tonight and take a look at extreme weather. since 1910 we've seen extreme weather on the rise. this really has meant for us
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more intense heat waves, drought conditions, rain events bringing increased flooding and in the tropics, hurricanes with rapid intensive cation before landfall. we've seen a lot of that over the past 20 year. can you get more on our climate coverage. head to and click on the climate tab. this area of high pressure is bringing us everything we shouldn't have. we should be getting a lot of rainfall in january. one of our busiest months. our last rainfall, january 7, only brought .1500 of an inch. we do have better hopes coming by the second, third, fourth week of february. we are really pushing things out. we may end this season on a deficit if we don't start to catch up soon from that rainfall.
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as we move through tomorrow morning, there is that chill, dropping it down into the 30s. for the south bay, 38, jessica. for you in the east bay, mittens weather, down to 39. san francisco 33. daytime highs looking pretty good after the cold temperatures to start, nice rebound, light winds, mid-60s in the south bay. 65 in san jose. 62 in antioch and 61 in martinez. let's move it to the peninsula and 60 in san mateo. golden gate bridge, chilly, double fives. wayne country, all right there in the mid to low 60s. on my seven-day forecast, we do have a slight adjustment here, a possibility of maybe a few showers. sunday night and monday, not a big storm that we need, 30% chance on sunday, 20% on monday. i'll know more as we get closer
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to that. temperatures very steady, low 60s. and the chill coming in, the next couple mornings, jessica. you are going to be ready. >> i'm good, i have the mittens. terry's really interested in my mittens. >> you don't have them here though. >> they're not here, they're in the car. he is threatening to stop rocking in the spotify world. the reason why neil young is having a beef.
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silicon valley developer john oriaga has died. he famously made a donation of $150 million seven years ago. he also helped build most of stanford's facilities, including the pavilion. he attended on a basketball scholarship. he and his partner produced many of the leading campuses. legendary rocker neil young
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is putting spotify between a rock and hard place. he has told his management team to get his music pulled from spotify, because it provides a platform for joe rogan's podcast. it's been known to spread covid misinformation. in a post since deleted, he said spotify can have rogen or young but not both. young has a home near lahanda. a bill passed unanimously yesterday by the california state senate that would provide funds to homeless shelters to provide services for pets. most shelters do not permit pets and their owners because of the lack of resources. more than 10% of homeless people own animals. for the past two years, a local public relations firm has asked whether people abbreviate san francisco to san fran.
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no. that's not good. the survey reflects fewer than 30% of those people realize how much san franciscans loathe that nickname. you can blame airlines in part which continue to use the lazy abbreviation, and please, let's not even get started. >> don't say the w0rd. >> f-r-i-s-c-o. you say it on your own, people. >> well done, jess. up next, a legendary restaurant in the bay area is expanding. tell you about their new plans. and here's a live look inside rockefeller center, lester holt preparing for nitely news. major changes coming to the sfrmts a.t.
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well, perhaps the most legendary name in california cuisine is expanding. >> chez panisse aiming to expand in the next few months, but the move comes with controversy. they must evict another famed eatery. the new restaurants are more than just neighbors, caesar was founded by panisse alums.
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now some are trying to get chez panisse to reconsider. i talked to london breed on several things. we'll get insight into why the bay area sends so many figure skaters to the olympics. i'll have those conversations and more at 7:00. next on nightly news, could the shortages get worse? china's locking down cities that have smaller covid outbreaks, we will likely pay higher prices through the entire rest of 2022. lester holt joins us from new york right now with those stories and more. tonight, the promising news from pfizer in the fight against omicron. the company announcing clinical trials have begun for a vaccine specifically targeting the omicron variant. when it could be available also, news on president biden's vaccine mandate for
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large businesses after the supreme court blocked it and on the front lines of ems workers. the burnout they're facing heading into year three of the pandemic also tonight, with u.s. troops on heightened alert, president biden warning russia will face enormous consequences if it invades ukraine. and what he said about sanctioning vladimir putin personally new images, u.s. weapons arriving in ukraine as russia makes a major show of force. days after that shooting ambush in new york, a second nypd officer dying after his rookie partner was killed. the new supply chain warning. the shortage on one critical item that could drive prices up even further the last shot at baseball immortality for several superstars as the hall of fame class of 2022 is announced just ten days until the winter olympics kick off the extreme measures beijing is taking to crack down on covid for the games. and the big changes coming to the s.a.t


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