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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  January 21, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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. i'm raj mathai. next an nbc bay area news news tonight, looking underground to track the covid surge, our waste water, our sewage. we get an exclusively tour, how it works, and how health leaders knew it would work. plus, 60,000 of those at-home covid tests are now up for grabs in the south bay. what you need to know to get your hands on them. >> i can't comprehend words at times. >> it's called brain fog and some people who got covid are still suffering from it. bay area scientists may have found out the key as to why. good evening, i'm raj
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mathai. it is a busy friday night. we want to start with breaking news. former governor arnold schwarzenegger in a serious car crash that happened around 5:00 in pacific palisades near his home in brentwood. his suv rolled over, partly onto the a prius. we're told the former governor is okay. the woman driving the other car was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. it's not clear what caused this crash, but as you can see our nbc chopper is overahead in pacific palisades. tmz reports law enforcement officers at the scene say it was the governor's fault for turning left on a turn arrow that was still red. federal agents arrested another person for the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. he's a bay area local. 52-year-old kenneth arm strong is accused of trespassing,
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disorderly conduct, and picketing. court documents show the fbi got an anonymous tip days after the capitol riots. the feds were able to confirm arm strong's identity through social media posts. court documents say he admitted to attending the demonstration. armstrong was arrested yesterday. today a judge released him on $10,000 bond. he's the fifth bay area person to be charged in the january 6th riots. frustrated teachers and concerned parents will vote to go on strike this weekend. there is a chance they could reach a deal. the teachers union in oakland says it's ready to meet with district representatives for another long night of bargaining talks. the demands for the teachers include weekly pcr testing, high-quality masks for all students and teachers, and more staff like substitutes. the district says it's already handed out kn95 masks for
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students and is waiting on outdoor furniture so students can eat outside. parents and students say they're worried about the alarming staffing shortage made worse by the omicron surge. >> who is teaching our children right now? after if there's teachers available, not enough subs available. >> i personal want these demands because i want parents to be able to send their kids to school and not have to worry that they might come back with covid. >> you can get it here. the frustration and anxiety and concern for the teachers, parents, and the students as well. the alameda county office of education is also weighing in. the superintendent says she's dispatched 55 employees from her office to various districts struggling with teacher sickouts and absences. yep, we can hear it. have you noticed it is windy out there? the strong winds dropped this redwood tree onto the two trucks
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this morning in san jose on 17th street near roosevelt park. not just the bay area. a lot of people heading to ski in tahoe this weekend and snowboard. the sierra seeing a lot of wind. that is live cam at mt. rose. a lot of ski resorts had to close some of their lifts today. the newly named palisades tahoe reported gusts at high as 100 miles per hour. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. that's a lot happening over there and over here. is there a wind warning tonight? >> yes. we've got that up. there's really two different colors here. the dark orange is where the wind in the bay area is going to really be the strongest. so overall as we get a look at this, mountain wind gusts 30 to 70 miles per hour. down in the valleys, 15 to 35. the biggest threat tonight is right here across the north bay where the wind gusts could be 50 to 70. and then across the the sierra we just saw that video there also under the wind warnings until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow for
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winds that could also reach up to about 70. >> almost like a hopscotch, a lot of different communities impacted here. >> certainly. the time line on this, we're in the worst of that wind, especially in those mountains. but what i really want you to makes to is the colors on this map. you see the key here when you start to get into the red, magenta, that's 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds softly -- so this is tonight. that starts to contract and really calm down for most of bay except for the north bay. tomorrow morning -- >> pretty high. >> still dealing with strong winds in the mountains. as we head through the afternoon, we'll start to see that wind calming down. for most of the weekend we'll be find when it comes to the wind. >> sunshine and wind. what about the rain? >> big question. all the indicators we look at are showing that february would show increasing chances of rain. take a look at this. you can see storm systems out in
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the pacific lining up. but watch what happens. as they get close to the west coast right there, everything is just kind of ridging off to the north. we think that pattern is going to break and allow these storms to come in. 70% chance we get a moderate storm system here. >> better than what we had in december. thanks, jeff. a quick note about our draught at a reservoir in marin county. this was how empty it was in october before the rain. now check it out today. we are making progress, but we need that rain. jeff was talking about it. deserve rain in february to help us out. it is dinnertime, so we want to be careful talking about this next story, but it's real fascinating. health leaders are monitoring our waste water, the stuff we flush down the toilet. it not only tells us how much the virus is spreading, but whether or not it can be blamed on the omicron variant.
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today nbc's damian trujillo got an exclusive look inside a facility near alviso. they start by collecting samples in one-liter jugs and then an onsite lab sends a smaller sample to stanford for analysis. >> we got the primary process, the primary process where it settles the slush and the bottom slush is what we collect. that's where we're likely to find the covid virus more. >> so they are really just digging through our stuff. damian trujillo joins us now. sorry to be crude here, damian, but if you can, explain the flow, the process. we flush, it goes into a big tank, and then they take the samples, is that correct? >> reporter: it's very fascinating, raj. this is a process that's been going on for a long time. it goes into these waste water treatment plants. it's there for a couple hours
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and then it's shipped out to the bay when it's considered clean. but they want to get the sludge, the bottom of the pools that look like swimming pools. but it's full of sewage. they think they can get the most accurate testing results from there. so they open that valve that we showed you in the video. that one right there. they open that valve and dip a cup in there. and then they transfer that over to their own lab on site by alviso and ship it to stanford on a daily basis. that's how they know ten days in advance if there's going to be a spike, a decline, or it will remain steady. >> that is fascinating. that sludge is from all of our stuff. what are the samples showing this week? >> the latest update is that in santa clara county, gilroy, and palo alto, they're showing a decline in these covid cases. san jose has remained steady.
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sunnyvale has seen an uptick. but the scientists say that that's not abnormal, that we need to give it time to see what the over data shows. no reason to get alarmed in sunnyvale, but all in all in santa clara county the scientists are cautiously optimistic that we are turning the corner. >> damian, seems to be very hyper-local. you understanding specific cities, but alameda county or marin county might be different than santa clara county, correct? >> reporter: it depends on what goes into those waste water treatment plants, but absolutely right. you would hope it's the same trend because we have the same types of restrictions, if you will, when it comes to the health policy from the public service agencies -- public health agencies in these counties. but santa clara county, san jose was one of the first agencies, the environmental services agency in the city of san jose
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to start testing the sewage water for covid. again, they did it back in the '60s during the polio era, so it's not new. but this is at a much larger level, as you can imagine, because of what we've seen with covid. >> final question, stinky down there? anything of note? >> reporter: raj, i'm so glad there's a mask mandate because we really needed masks to be there that day. >> reporter: nice work today. damian trujillo reporting on the waste water that's actually very important tracking our covid surge. free covid tests are coming to the bay area and we'll tell you how you can get one. starting tomorrow, santa clara county will begin scheduling appointments for you to pick up free tests. you got to work in the county or live in the county for this to happen. santa clara county has 60,000 of those at-home tests to distribute. you can pick up as many as four at-home tests. you have to make an appointment first. step one, sign up at
7:11 pm you can get them in four locations including foothill college in los altos hills. if you don't have access to the internet, santa clara county is working on a plan to distribute the tests in certain neighborhoods. if you still need help finding a test site, we got you covered. our website has a list of them in the bay area. you can get information on how to order a test kit for your home. just go to there's a link right there on our trending bar. up next, it's known as brain fog. you heard of this yet? it's a lingering symptom for people who already had covid. researchers are looking at what's causing it. plus -- [ cheers and applause ] there is good in our community. a group of thoughtful high school students giving their teacher a life-changing gift. the story behind this touching
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moment. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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news tonight. maybe you heard of this. people experiencing brain fog long after recovering from covid. researchers at ucsf may have found something a physical change in brain fluid. the researchers studied 32 adults suffering from long covid brain fog. they found patients' brain fluid had elevated levels of protein,
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suggesting swelling in the cranium. their conclusion, covid may be triggering an immune system response. our sergio quintana spoke with one of the researchers. >> the brain fluid is different in these individuals with covid-related cognitive changes. it suggests broadly that there might be more than one kind of misdirected immune response that might be happening. but we really need to do further studies to know that this is causative. this might just be a side effect of another process going on. >> here's why this is important. if lingering brain fog is physical, like the finding suggests, and not psychological, doctors may be able to develop medicines to treat it. let's move on. for ten years now we've been sharing stories of kindness and generosity in our communities called our bay area proud series. it illustrates not all the news on tv is bad. let's bring this garvin thomas who joins us now. i always love your stories, but your latest one really caught
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your attention. >> raj, we talk about teachers changing students' lives for the better. turns out once in a while it works in with the reverse as well. >> now you're on it. >> exactly. so this story started when i heard about a gofundme organized by drama students at scotts valley high school. they wanted to surprise their teacher with money to buy a new wheelchair. i called one of the students and asked if they had video of the moment they told kendra, and they did. >> we love you very much and we have been trying to think of something to help you because you helped us all very much throughout -- especially me coming back into theater. and the only thing i could think of was helping you get a new wheelchair. and so -- [ cheers ] >> now we're crying. it was $6,000. but it went up to $12,000.
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kendra have been using a wheelchair since she was 17 after getting a tumor. she said being involved in theater at the time got her through that time. she was on stage two months after the operation. now she's a drama teacher. she says the kinds of teacher students adore, someone who is caring. when the students learned insurance wouldn't cover the chair, they set out to help the woman. >> just a really high-end wheelchair is what they did? >> the wheelchair she has, the one that insurance covered, is adequate. it's okay. it's the base model. kendra, or ms. k, it's ill fitted. now she's able to get one that fits her better, that's lighter, more maneuverable, and she says she's a very outgoing, active, mobile person. it's going to fit her lifestyle
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and make everything she does in school and in the rest of her life just a little bit easier. >> i don't like to call teachers their first names, just old school. what did ms. k say when she learned the gift? >> grateful beyond words was really speechless and she talked about how this is going to change her life, but really she put it back on the students. she was blown away by just how kind they were. >> these are 14, 15, 16, 17-year-olds. >> students got tearful also. a lot of layers to this story. what did the students get in return other than just a lot of love? >> the student you heard from, a freshman named twix, they said ms. k was the most positive influence they ever had in their life. this whole drama experience had brought them from a place of isolation to now into a community. that's what ms. k is talking about with theater. it's all about the community.
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it's about the directors, the cast, the community, and this is just a wonderful, wonderful expression of that. >> scotts valley high school. >> do you remember a teacher from those days? >> gosh. i remember ms. rice, freshman year english. she wasn't the easiest or the nicest, but that's what stuck with me. she's the one who made you do the work and i appreciate that so much. >> i remember mr. rosenburg from los altos high school. we have those teachers that stay with us. >> i don't think i ever did anything nice for her. >> we need to step up our game. if you know someone doing something extraordinary in our community, we want to hear about it like the story we just saw. you can go to bay area proud@nbc bay area you can tag us on facebook, instagram, and twitter. let's take you outside on this gorgeous, windy friday night. beautiful shot of san francisco
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with the bay bridge in the foreground. jeff will return with our weekend forecast. stay with us.
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what's your deal tomorrow night? where is your viewing party going to be? we're less than 24 hours away from the big game, the 49ers and packers. look at this, jeff, lambeau field in green bay, already some snow there. the legendary home of the packers. right now it's 15 degrees there on this friday night for green. tomorrow close to feeling like 5
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or 10? >> minus 1, minus 2 wind chills. >> we'll just be here far from this. >> 49ers red. >> yeah. beautiful weather. we have been dealing with the wind today. the wind i really think as we head through weekend is going to calm down. we'll get you ready to go for that weekend forecast. let's get to it. through tonight we are looking at wind gusts in the mountains 30 to 70 miles per hour with the highest risk of some of those strong gusts at marin, napa, sonoma counties. as we roll through tomorrow, the winds will start to calm down. temperatures here in the 40s, a little bit of cloud cover in the forecast. as we roll through the day, we got 60s coming our way, up to 68 here in santa rosa. 66 in napa. san jose, 65. going to san francisco, right there at 64 degrees. the seven-day forecast, dry weather as we move through the next seven days. a lot of sunshine saturday,
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sunday, also monday with temperatures right there in the mid-60s. and then some low 60s as we roll through next week. so certainly feels almost hot, yes, hot when you compare it to the game tomorrow. here it is. pregame, 22. some blowing snow. 14 for kickoff. windchill at 2. halftime, minus 1 windchill. better in the bay area. >> always better. >> good luck to the 49ers. we're rooting for them. >> coming up we'll continue to follow our breaking news we told you about. former governor arnold schwarzenegger, photos from the crash scene, a multicar crash in pacific palisades. the governor is okay, but there were minor injuries. we'll update the story. we have crews on the scene down in the l.a. area. coming up in prime time at 8:00, "that's my jam" with jimmy fallon followed by a 2004-hour "dateline" at 9:00, and then our 11:00 newscast. that's going to do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, including our director,
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thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00.
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i just want to thank you all for your love. >> one final message straight from betty white. and now two more stunning losses in one day. >> that's where the big bucks start rolling in. ♪ now don't be sad ♪ >> 100 million albums sold. now "access" shares so much you did not know about meatloaf. plus our countless priceless moments with louie anderson. >> "access hollywood." who'd have thought? come on in. >> she canceled her show. >> i'm so upset and i'm embarrassed. >> why? >> the fallout from adele's last-minute


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