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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 21, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, bypassing parents for a booster. teenagers would be able to do that under a new proposal raise something eyebrows. local lawmakers' push for more young people to avoid permission to get that third dose. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. two years ago today, the term coronavirus finally hit home for most of us in the u.s., which is when the cdc confirmed the first u.s. case. a man in washington state who had just arrived from travel overseas. the day before, three u.s. airports, including sfo and l.a.x. all started screening for coronavirus following concerned
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infections in japan and southeast asia. and two years later words like covid and covid vaccine and covid booster all have tremendous meaning. now in a move to get more people vaccinated, one bay area lawmaker is proposing allowing minors to be vaccinated without their parents' consent. cierra johnson joins us in san francisco where a news conference just wrapped up. th questions, raising a lot of eyebrows. >> good morning. yes, that's exactly right. senator scott wiener was joined by local health leaders and students who fall within the age of being able to receive that vaccination without parental consent. that's the crux of his legislation that he introduced this week. now it was introduced on thursday and senator wieners is he worries some teenagers aren't getting their shots because of widespread misinformation about the vaccine that has come from their parents and their parents
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may oppose it. this bill comes as many communities across the state currently seeing a surge in cases due to the omicron variant. according to the california department of public health, people who have not received their covid-19 vaccination are four times more likely to be infected, six times more likely to be hospitalized and nearly 18 times more likely to die from the virus than people who are fully vaccinated. the importance of youth having the right to choose was something that senator winer said was critical at this point in the welcome welcome. >> teens do get sick. there are teens in the hospital. teens on ventilators and tragically, teens could die. teens overwhelmingly who are unvaccinated are the ones that are getting sick. they put other people at risk when they're unvaccinated, and it makes our schools less safe. >> reporter: as it stands now, minors 12 to 17 cannot be vaccinated without permission
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from their parents or guardian with the exception of the hpv vaccine and the hepatitis b vaccine and the state senator said if his legislation was approved, it would go into effect the beginning of january. this is definitely going to be a talker across the state. we'll continue to follow where this goes. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you, cierra. a live look at the santa clara county government center where county leaders are delivering an update on the availability of at-home covid antigen tests. we know health officials have said they recommend the tool as one of the best ways to detect if you are infected with coronavirus during the omicron surge. we'll have more on today's announcement coming up in our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts and, of course, you can watch it right now for yourself at and our nbc bay area app. if you have questions, we're here to help. go to to find helpful links in the trending bar. we have resources to get you
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free covid tests, find a location for testing near you and we also have a list of those ongoing covid-19 questions. in the east bay, a teacher's strike is looming. oakland unified and oakland teachers union are trying to find a solution but there's still no deal and that means teachers could go on strike soon if the district doesn't agree to an updated covid safety plan. more than 100 staff members tested positive for covid just last week. the president of the teachers union says the remaining teachers showing up for work are now stretched even more thin. they are calling on the district to hire more support staff. the union president says he has authorized to call a strike and now parents are on edge. >> whether they are sick outs or strikes or anything like that, it's incredibly effective for parents who don't have a luxury to work from home and who rely on school as child care. >> the meetings are scheduled to continue but the clock is
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ticking. just in moments ago, san jose police chief wrap upped a news conference updating what he said led to a deadly officer-involved shooting in which one man was killed. nbc bay area's sharon katsuda joins us live. we've been waiting to hear what the chief has to say. >> yes, as you can see, this is one of the pictures they released in this news conference. this is the shooting that rocked the rose garden neighborhood. the carjacking shootout ended at park avenue and heading street. police say the suspect has been identified as robert seth carter in his 30s. was driving a stolen vehicle out of san jose. then attempted a carjacking in santa clara county. you can see some of the aerial photos they released at the news conference moments ago. and later he crashed into another car injuring two people. fortunately those people are okay but the stolen car went up in a ball of flames. the suspect fled that scene. police say he was armed. and four officers were involved in this shooting. there was a shootout.
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>> this was a traumatic incident for everyone involved. for the surviving family of mr. carter, for the involved officers who have families to get home to and for our community who witnessed the gunfire and who were shot at. >> reporter: and the suspect died at the hospital after being shot by the officers. the police chief says that he did have many prior felony convictions. back to you. >> thank you, sharon. comedian and game show host louie anderson died. his big break came when he had a chance to perform on "the tonight show" in 1984. he was best known for his role as hosting the game show "family feud." also in the animated series based on his childhood "life with louie" and his emmy-winning perform nance "basket." the comic was battling cancer. he was just 68 years old.
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a live look at sfo and the faa is paving the way for low visibility landings at airports where 5g is now in place. new approval for additional altitude meters will allow 78% of commercial planes to touch down during these conditions. this all comes after airlines complained that low visibility near san francisco forced the cancellation or diversion of several flights. at&t and verizon agreed this week to delay switching the new telecom towers on near certain airports as they powered up their new 5g service. here's a live look at walnut creek right now. just a little bit gray, but that fog should be on its way out. though the wind is now coming in. kari, i was listening to your forecast earlier. i was hearing you say it's going to be nice enough to sit outside on your patio furniture, but only if you remember to put the umbrellas down when you're done. >> yeah, and that's because those winds will be picking up and you want to make sure the
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lawn furniture is all secure and ready for some high winds around the house. also those trash cans, those lids may be flapping as the winds pick up. as of right now we've seen breezy winds starting to pick up and 15 to 20 miles per hour but have already seen a 50-mile-per-hour gust on mount diablo. around that area in the east bay, already hearing those winds. and also high wind gusts at times in parts of the north bay. really focused on the north bay because that's where there's a high wind warning. a warning is a step up above an advisory. so this is where those winds will be reaching up to 70 miles per hour. i'm expecting those winds to peak later tonight. i'll talk more about that. we'll go through the timeline and a look ahead to the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. kris? >> sounds good. thank you, kari. friends and loved ones will remember a fremont native described as an instant friend. she died last week in a random and violent attack in new york city. michelle go died when she was pushed in front of a subway
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train near times square. she was living in new york for her career. investigators say there's a homeless man in custody right now and he allegedly admitted to pushing her. a candlelight vigil takes place at 7:00 tonight at fremont's downtown event center plaza. santa clair-based intel plans to invest at least $20 billion in two new chip manufacturing plants. not here, though. it's going to be in ohio. factories are going to be built nearly 2500 miles away near columbus. they will create roughly 3,000 new jobs. but again, there, not here. despite soaring demand for digital products, the pandemic led to a global semiconductor shortage and intel hopes this will help solve that problem. this midday, there's an all new way to get access to covid tests from the federal government. next on nbc bay area, the tools that's up and running and you don't need wifi for it. as the pandemic lingers on,
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it's having an impact on our relationships. ahead, a sit down with a marriage and family therapist who is revealing the covid theory that turned out to be a big bust. and thanks in part to nbc's streaming service peacock, "the office" is more popular than ever. actors ed holmes and randall park are revealing what they thing new fans of the hit sitcom are getting out of it. he's also opening up about the choral group he's founding. you can watch kelly clarkson right here on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon. we'll be right back.
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a new warning this morning from a top consumer watchdog about apple's new airtag devices. we're talking about those small little discs you can link to your apple device and find the things you lose all the time like your keys or wallet.
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criminals are also using them to mark cars they want to steal. some of them are dropping them into bags and pockets in order to track people. the better business bureau is telling everyone to remain alert. >> the criminals, some of the scammers have found out that, you know, we can use these tools as well. we'll put these inside a purse and be able to track and stalk you. maybe we'll take an air tag and drop it somewhere in your car or under a wheel well or whatever and track your car. and that gives us the ability to find your car, maybe when you're not there, where you live and so on. and be able to steal the car. >> the better business bureau says it hasn't gotten any complaints from consumers about the abuse of airtags here in silicon valley but they say that may be because victims are going to law enforcement instead of the bbb. if you see a notification that an unknown device has been detected, you should turn off your location services, contact apple and, if you feel unsafe,
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contact the authorities. the u.s. and russia are providing little hope averting a new conflict in europe. secretary of state antony blinken and russia's foreign minister met in geneva today with 100,000 russian troops gathered near the ukrainian border. many fear moscow is preparing to invade, although russia denies that. the u.s. and allies are scrambling to present a united front to hopefully prevent an invasion or coordinate a response if they cannot. new at 11:00, the biden administration is launching a phone line today for americans to order covid-19 test kits. a senior white house policy adviser tells nbc news that the new service expands availability to americans who maybe don't have internet access. the new method for requesting those four at-home kits comes days after the federal government unveiled its website for placing orders. americans can now call 1-800-232-0233. you can get help in english and
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spanish and an additional 150 other languages. the number there on your screen and the line will be open seven days a week from 5:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night, pacific. in two hours, the vice president will head home to california. kamala harris is set to visit san bernardino county with the agriculture secretary tom vilsack. it will highlight the benefits of the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law in november. the pript will carry a similar message to milwaukee next week and then after that, she's headed to honduras. she'll be there for the inauguration of central america's first woman president. the pandemic has taken a big toll on people everywhere. our emotions and that's true for couples, too, facing heightened everyday pressures from living and working at home to having the kids' schooling at home. some relationships are failing to thrive. i took to twitter to ask you how your relationships are doing.
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folks seem to be split down the middle saying we're good and we're challenged. i guess it just depends on the day, too. i got a chance to ask a relationship counselor perry clark about what he thinks is happening during times of uncertainty. the data does show, unfortunately, that there was a surge and a spike in divorces and breakups. so you think that all of the extra time was a factor and that it turned out not to be a gift for people? >> what it actually probably did was permitted people to actually see these cracks that were in their relationship. because they were running around trying to deal with the aspect of just living and surviving, it meant the cracks in the relationship weren't as obvious. now having that time to sit still, being home, being around this particular family member for that amount of time, the cracks that have been ignord became much more present. especially if there weren't the tools around how to address what
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those cracks were, what the emotions, what the circumstances were. yeah, breaking up became the most effective way to resolve those cracks. >> a lot of people at the beginning of this pandemic expected that we would see a baby boom because people were spending so much time at home together. turned out to be a bust, though. why do you think that is? >> that probably has to do with what this pandemic has brought up for people. it's brought a lot of introspection which is, what does it take to be able to provide for the future? because so much of what we're dealing with with inflation is affecting the idea, is it worthy for me to have a child? is it worthy for me to be able to take the responsibility of bringing in another life into these situations? couple that with the unresolved cracks and tensions in people's lives that they hadn't realized. >> working from home, learning from home really blurred our
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boundaries. how do we make sure that everybody gets a break when they need one without feeling like you're shutting somebody down? >> that's about creating routine. just as you'd give any child a routine about when they're supposed to take out the garbage or walk the dog and so forth, we need to create those routines within our homes as well. just as much as you have a routine at your job. after so many hours you're supposed to take a break. that's mandated by our labor laws. same thing applies inside your home. take a break to get up and walk around the house. you need to take a moment to take fluffy for a walk. all of those things are creating a routine in our homes and lives just like we have outside in normal days. >> bay area families are now hearing from loved ones in tonga who were caught by surprise by that underwater volcanic eruption and tsunami. at least three people now are confirmed dead and thousands more are without shelter.
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just wiped out. satellite imagery just starting to pick up the pictures of the devastation, too. homes were leveled. piles of rubble covered the streets. volcanic ash is everywhere. supplies from new zealand and australia are just starting to arrive but there's more supplies leaving from the port of oakland later today. we want to go back to meteorologist kari hall who has a beautiful weather picture behind her, but we have some breezy conditions we'll see later today. >> yeah, kris. i've been keeping an eye on this flag on top of the building in san francisco that is really waving quickly in all of these high winds that we've seen. and so as those winds continue to pick up, we're also feeling that not only in the upper levels of the atmosphere but it's really coming down to the surface. and so now we have these wind advisories in effect for pretty much anywhere across the bay area except for santa clara county where we have those mountains, those hills on either side of us and that's sheltering us from those higher wind gusts.
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but a lot of those winds picking up for the santa cruz mountains. parts of the east bay and especially the north bay where we haven't even reached the peak of this wind event and we're starting to see the winds at 30 to 40 miles an hour in parts of the north bay. notice the areas in red. that's the coastal range for marin county and sonoma county over around mount st. helena. higher wintd gusts in the hills. we can see winds possibly gusting up to 70 miles per hour. and those winds are already starting to pick up, especially in the north bay. notice these areas where we have some red and purple. that's where we will have those higher winds going into this afternoon and into the evening. but it looks like our winds will peak around 9:00, 10:00 11:00 tonight and gradually start to calm down into early tomorrow morning. we should wake up to some quieter conditions but it may be a rough night for people who live in and near the hills where you have those winds just roaring through as we go into
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tonight. so this is what we're expecting. the winds continue to increase today. some of those peak wind gusts on tonight and then what -- once again those highest wind gusts reach 70 miles per hour. with the wind event like this and usually in the late summer, early fall, we have concerns about the fire danger. but this is not one of those cases because the vegetation has had a lot of moisture and hopefully we don't see any issues like that. but you want to make sure that everything around your home is prepared for these high winds as our temperatures head for the upper 60s today. this is going to be a very mild day and then as we go into the next several days, we see temperatures like this. this is what's been making headlines. extremely cold air for much of the rest of the country that we don't have to deal with. so i'll take these winds. and it does stay dry as we go into the weekend. we're also doing pretty good on the sierra snow pack at 111% of normal and we'll still see these
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dry conditions. unfortunately that snow pack will be going down but we have more sunshine in the forecast through next week. highs in the lower 60s. kris? >> thank you, kari. off to green bay. the niners are headed to the frozen tundra to take on the packers. still ahead on nbc bay area, we'll show you the friendly rivalry you can't help but notice when you walk into one bay area night spot. and happening now, starting tomorrow, the u.s. will require all non-u.s. travelers coming into the country to show proof of full vaccination against covid-19. this will apply to all ports of entry and ferry terminals at the u.s. border. the new requirement does not apply to u.s. citizens, lawful permanent residents nor u.s. nationals. these requirements were sent out in october are meant to help stop the spread kof vid. we'll be back with you after the break.
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hopefully the 449ers. if you want to know why kari was out and how her daughter is doing, follow her on instagram, twitter and facebook. all right. another photo now. this is actually video, a little
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bit of game faces. super tough right now. the niners are headed to groan bay. they left on thursday. they'll take on the top seeded packers in the nfc divisional playoff tomorrow for the two best friends who own a particular bar in east bay, this will be very personal. they've owned the good time tavern in livermore for 17 years. one is a niners fan. the other a packers fan and like most siblings, they are splitting things down the middle. there's even a rivalry as they're talking about the past niners/packers postseason games. >> we are 3-0 against them in the playoffs. >> yeah, yeah yeah. i don't want to mention too much. last time we didn't even to throw to beat you. >> that's okay. you can't win them all. >> they say their friendship will survive sunday's game no matter who wins. maybe the loser has to work a double. i don't know. when it comes to tomorrow's game, nbc sports bay area has you covered. saturday, a one-hour pregame at 4:00 in the afternoon and
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immediately following the game, switch back over for our 49ers postgame show. whoever wins that game goes on to play the winner of the bucs/rams playoff game on sunday. that's a game that airs right here on nbc bay area. kickoff is at noon. and let the games continue. netflix is officially confirming the popular "squid game" series will be back for a second season. the show chronicles a group of people competing in a series of deadly challenges for a high cash prize. it is the number one most viewed netflix series of all time. subscribers streamed more than 1.5 billion hours in the first 28 days of its release. that explains why maybe your friends aren't answering your texts or phone calls maybe, kari? >> i haven't seen it, and i don't really plan to. but, you know what, you'll be probably watching football this
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weekend. and the weather is going to be so much nicer here compared to green bay. it's going to be nice. >> we'll keep our squid in our shapino. thanks for joining us. our next newscast coming up at 5:00 and get all the latest information any time of day at have a great weekend. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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♪♪ right now on "california live," secrets of a rap icon revealed. >> we're taking you inside for an intimate and fascinating look at the life of tupac sho cur. >> and then where to find everything you need to get beach body fit. >> this is a one-stop shop. plus, eminem, snoop, kendrick lamar, mary j and dr. dre. how they're making their way to the super bowl in l.a. it's our fired up friday right here on "california live."


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