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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now at 5:00, potential game changing legislation sure to raise some questions. should minors be able to get vaccinated without their parents' consent? a head in a live report, one proposal a lawmaker is laying out in a few hours. more damage control at the white house in the wake of the comments about russia's possible invasion of ukraine. a live report from washington as the president tries to walk back what he said and a new response from critics. gusty winds on the way for parts of the bay area. where we may have some trees down and power impacts in the microclimate forecast. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning. it's 5:00 on the dot.
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i am kira klapper. >> i am kris sanchez. marcus and laura both have the day off. if you have to head out, we are broadcasting on tv, roku, apple and amazon fire so we can go where you are going. >> two years ago today, if you can believe it, the term coronavirus finally hit home for a lot of us. that's when the cdc confirmed the first u.s. case, a man in washington state who just arrived from overseas. the day before three u.s. airports, including sfo and l.a.x. started screening for coronavirus following confirmed infections in japan and southeast asia, and now on the move to get more people
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vaccinated, one bay area lawmaker is proposing lawmakers be allowed to be vaccinated without their parents' consent. >> you know this is going to be a talker among families. today in the bay's cierra johnson is looking live at the proposal and the questions this is raising and the new data on the challenges who are still not vaccinated. good morning, cierra. >> reporter: yes, good morning. this proposal is being introduced by state senator scott wiener, and it will allow children to get the vaccine without the parents' consent. this will be a talker among families statewide. senator wiener introduced the legislation yesterday and worries that some teenagers are not getting their shots because of widespread misinformation about the vaccines led their parents to oppose it. this is as communities are
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seeing a surge across the state due to the omicron variant. according to the california department of public health, people who have not received their covid-19 vaccine are four times more likely to get infected, and 18 more times likely to die from the virus than those fully vaccinated. minors 12 to 17 cannot be vaccinated without permission from their parents or guardian unless the vaccine is specifically targeted to prevent a sexually transmitted disease, and there's some precedent for the bill, minors 12 and older can get hepatitis vaccine or hpv vaccine without parents'
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consent. >> thank you, cierra. happening later today, nurses plan to address what they call pandemic staffing and safety concerns. they say the hospital is prioritizing profits and plan to air their grievances in a virtual news conference. we are waiting back from the hospital for their side, and once we receive a comment from the hospital we will also bring that to you. we are here to help with information and questions you need. and then today in the bay's brie jackson has more. republicans are taking this
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opportunity with the president facing plummeting poll numbers. >> good morning, kira. that's right, republicans are pouncing on the president's missteps and the white house is looking to move forward and repair the damage that was done regarding remarks that the president made regarding russia earlier this week, and the polls are showing that the president is struggling to satisfy voters. president biden entering year two of his president see walking back statements made the last day of year one. >> let there be no doubt at all that if putin makes this choice, russia will pay a heavy price. >> sending shock waves through europe. >> it depends on what it does. it's one thing if there's a minor incursion.
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>> the white house playing defense further clarifying the president's words. >> we have made incredible progress this year on building and now shipping out these tests. >> republicans insists democrats have done more harm than the good. >> we have an economy damaged, cities and streets that are dangerous. >> a new nbc news poll gives a glimpse of how the public shows the president's performance, showing an overall approval rating of 43%, and 64% disapprove of the job the president is doing. >> our paychecks are not three and four times higher. >> the president hopes breaking it up into smaller pieces
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relives a bill. >> the president will make his case to the nation 's mayors. harris will visit san bernardino. the vice president will carry a similar message to milwaukee next week, but then after that she's off to honduras for central america's first woman president. a follow-up story to a missing student. last night michael odell's body was uncovered. foul play is not suspected.
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friends and loved ones tonight will remember a fremont native that died in a random attack in new york city. somebody pushed her in front of an oncoming subway train near times square. she moved to new york years ago for her career. the homeless man that pushed her is now in custody and already admitted to doing it. bay area families are now hearing from loved ones finally in tonga who were caught by surprise by an underwater volcanic eruption and tsunami that followed. thousands are without shelter. satellites are starting to pick up with pictures of the devastation. homes were leveled, and piles of rubble cover the streets and volcanic ash is everywhere. more supplies are leaving from
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the port of oakland later today. at 5:08, here's a beautiful look at the san josé skyline. you can see a little bit of cloud cover there, and it is chilly out there. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall, for what it's going to be like on this friday. hey, kari. >> hey, and we are going to start out with patchy fog. here's a live look outside in san francisco where this morning there's no fog, it's nice and clear here. but it has drifted into parts of the north bay. visibility is down to quarter of a mile in novato as well as napa. you want to allow extra time to get to work, but you also want to make sure you are preparing your home for the high winds. we will have a high wind advisory for all the areas shaded in orange, but we are concerned about the areas shaded in red, and that's when we will have a high wind warning going into effect starting at 7:00 this morning, and then continuing into early tomorrow morning.
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so we will talk more about those high winds. mike, you have been watching less fog on some of the cameras. >> yeah, less fog and less traffic. omicron is like our station, we're having folks distance a bit more right now, and smooth flow for the green sensors. we are zooming up towards contra costa where we see an early commute out of highway 4. the fog is registering in the north bay. we are looking at minimum times for those routes and a clear view coming down from the golden gate bridge. >> thank you, mike. the pandemic, we don't have to tell you it has taking an emotional toll on people everywhere. as a result some relationships
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are not quite thriving. we took to twitter to ask how your relationships are doing. here are the results this morning. most people say we are a little challenged. about half and half. we got the opportunity to talk to a relationship counselor about what he's seeing during this time of uncertainty. >> the data shows there was a surge and spike in divorces and breakups. do you think all the extra time was a factor in that it turned out not to be a gift for people? >> what it did is probably permitted people to see the cracks that were in the relationship, because they were running around and trying to deal with the aspect of living and surviving and the cracks in the relationship were not as obvious, and now having time to sit still and be around this particular family member for a long time, and the cracks that
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had been ignored became more present and especially if there were not tools around to address what the circumstances were, yeah, breaking up became the way to resolve the cracks. >> a lot of the people in the pandemic thought we would see a baby boom because people were spending so much time at home together but turned out to be a bust. why do you think that is? >> well, that has to do again, is what this pandemic has brought up for people, a lot of intersection. it is worthy for me to have a child? is it worthy for me to bring another life into these situations, and couple that with the unresolved cracks and tensions that were in peoples' lives that they had not
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realized. >> working from home and learning from home blurred our boundaries, so how do we make sure people get a break without feeling like shutting somebody down? >> that's about creating routine. you would give a child a routine of when they should walk the dog or take out the garbage, we should have routines like that as well. after so many hours you are supposed to take a break at work, and the same thing applies in your home. you need to take a break and get up and walk around the house, you need to take a moment to take fluffy for a walk. all of those things is creating a routine in our homes and lives just like we have outside. >> we will put the interview up on the website if you want to see it. next on "today in the bay,"
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why your favorite influencers could start charging you. what the top executive at peloton is saying about the rumors and potential job cuts. >> warnings from a top watchdog group for people that use popular air tags and the why they argue you may be leaving your valuables at risk, and how could you tracked without even knowing it.
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if you will be outside, a heads up especially in the north bay, that it's going to start out nice and cool with fog but turn windy, and if you are going to be out, say, hiking or enjoying time out at the park, it's going to be really gusty as our temperatures warm up. we will watch that and talk about where we are concerned about the highest winds coming up in a few minutes. maybe wear a parka or windbreaker. yesterday we had fog that came down as far as this part of the peninsula, and this morning a clear view, a clear drive. we expect a light friday flow, but we have our friend out there also, bertha.
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good morning. good morning mike, and good morning to all of you. we have wall street setting up for a fourth straight day of losses. the dow shedding more than 300 points. it had been up more than 450 at the highs of the day. the s&p 500 seeing a similar reversal. the nasdaq ending with a 1.3% loss after being up more than 1.2%. the nasdaq is off 11% as we start the day from its high back in november as bond yields are pressuring the high growth stocks. peloton dropped 24% yesterday, falling below the ibo price.
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that came with the news that peloton was halting production due to the drop in demand, and they said they are reviewing the size of the workforce and resetting production levels. meantime tiktok is testing a paid subscription model allowing people to view their content. instagram announced a similar service earlier this week on a limited basis. facebook launched subscriptions back in 2020. it's not enough that your influencers get revenues from advertisers, now they want to charge up front, too. >> we will see how that goes.
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a new warning this morning from a top consumer watchdog for people using the apple air tag. this is a warning even if you don't use apple air tags. those are the small disks where you can find them anytime. how criminals are using them to mark cars they want to steal, and sometimes dropping them in peoples' bags or pockets in order to stock them. >> the criminals, some of the scammers found out that, you know, we can use these too these and be able to track and stock you, and maybe we will take an air tag and drop it somewhere in your car or under a wheel well or whatever, and we can track your car, and that gives us the ability to find your car maybe when you are not there where you live and so on and be able to steal the car.
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>> the group says it has not yet received complaints from consumers about the abuse of air tags here in silicon valley nor down in l.a., and it's probably because most victims are going to law enforcement instead. if you see a notification that an unknown device has been detected, turn off your location services and contact apple and if you are thinking you are in trouble, contact the authorities as well. >> so many ways to be creepy. >> weird. >> unsafe. we'll get to mike in just a moment from your friday morning, but first let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall, to see how it's looking out there. >> good morning. we are starting out with fog especially in the north bay, but not as widespread as the fog we saw yesterday. take a look at the novato. down to zero visibility. be careful driving through that stretch once again, and as you are heading out the door in novato this morning.
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we go from foggy conditions to a high wind warning for parts of the north bay. wind advisories for all of the areas shaded in orange. red indicates where we have a higher concern this morning. as we see the winds picking up, we see the gusts reaching up to 70 miles per hour, and this is for the upper elevations as you go up in the hills and mountains, and that's where the wind gusts to be higher and bring down trees and bring us impacts to the power tonight, especially as the winds increase. we expect winds to become gusty at 3:00 to 4:00. later tonight we could reach the peak as we go towards 6:00 to 8:00 tonight, increasing around midnight, but then starting to calm down, the rest of the day tomorrow is looking better. we are still looking at cooler temperatures after hitting
5:23 am
mid-60s. dry conditions continue in the forecast. still no rain headed our way. gusty winds pick up as a cold front sweeps across the area, but it's dry. mike, what are you watching for the morning commute? >> we are watching friday be friday. that's good. look at the bay. we are looking at the speed sensors where it's green. over the last few minutes, kari, this is highway 84 with slowing and then it started to clear. i think there was a crew there and then the altamont pass is showing a light slowing over grant line road. it's further north like novato and watch highway 37 as well. back over to you. >> thank you, mike. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> happy friday, we have happy viewers to tell you about.
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i am chris chmura, and "nbc bay area responds" is next.
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how is your new year's resolution coming along? let's not get started on that. >> they are saving you money in 2022, and chris chmura joins us with a freshly baked batch of
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keep it until that company delivers. if you have a problem, call us, 888-996-tips.
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i also have a lot of confidence that this district leadership will meet every reasonable demand. >> right now at 5:30, teachers threatening new action in a crisis over covid. next in a live report the strike that could be days away for a district already experiencing
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tremendous upheaval. a big relief for bay area restaurants. how the declining covid surge could change their plan and yours in the days and weeks ahead. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting to your tv, also you can watch us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. we are glad to have you with us this friday morning. i am kris sanchez. >> i am kira klapper. both laura and marcus have the day off. we will get to mike in a moment, but first let's look at the friday forecast with meteorologist, kari hall. hey, kari. >> yes, we're starting out clear this morning in oakland. this was so foggy yesterday, so we have a clear drive to work to start out on friday. the north bay, visibility is down to zero in novato. i have seen quarter mile visibility around napa, and half a mile of visibility for santa
5:32 am
rosa. the winds will pick up, especially for the north bay, and then we see the peak wind gusts later tonight reaching 70 miles per hour for some of the north bay hills. prepare your home. we will talk more about that, when those winds will pick up and what is ahead for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, thanks. it's 5:32 right now. after a late night meeting there's still no deal between the teachers and oakland schools over new oakland protocols. that means teachers could be closer to a strike. oakland schools are struggling during the omicron surge. >> reporter: they really are, kira. this comes as a time when schools statewide are dealing with teacher shortages.
5:33 am
more than 100 staff members in the oakland unified district tested positive for covid last week, and the teachers showing up are stretched thin and are calling on the district to hire more support staff. >> whether there are sickouts or strikes, they are stretched thin. >> the meetings are scheduled to continue. meantime, statewide school districts are dealing with closures because of lack of staffing due to covid, and there could be a need for an extended school year to make up the loss in those school districts. schools outpace health care facilities for covid-19 outbreaks in the fall. palo alto school district
5:34 am
recruited parents to fill in as teacher aides when there are shortages, and most teachers prefer in-person learning to distance learning. >> thank you, sharon. the rapid spread of omicron in the bay area is starting to slow down just a bit but it's not time to let our guards down skwrut yet. restaurants are welcoming back the news. >> they are saying it's coming down. okay, so let's just for sure stay closed to the end of this month and re-evaluate where we
5:35 am
are. >> restaurant owners say while they are happy to reopen, the challenge will be getting the word out they are ready to welcome customers back. a tsa employee spotted a suspicious man near the bart station. responding officers found the man inside the airport and during negotiations he pointed what looked like two guns at them before they open fire. a source tells our investigative unit the two guns were airsoft style replica guns and not real firearms, and the man was not identified yet but it's not considered an act of terror. this was after a crash
5:36 am
involved a carjacking suspect in the rose garden neighborhood in san francisco. that car caught fire. officers arrived there and the man started shooting at them. he has not been identified. new this morning, intel plants to invest $20 billion in two new chip manufacturing plants in ohio, a headquarter in santa clara, and the factories will be built nearly 20,000 miles away in columbus. despite soaring demand for products, the demand has led to semiconductor shortages. they are hoping this will help that problem. you can see a little fog hovering, but that flag is really whipping in the wind. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall, to see
5:37 am
how that wind is impacting our morning. hey, kari. >> hey, we're starting out with gusty winds and a little fog, and we are getting ready for the weekend. i want to prepare you for hitting the road. if you plan to head to tahoe this weekend, we will see those temperatures reaching 30 degrees there, and it's going to be chilly but also good snow making weather because it has been a while since we had any at palisades as well as other resorts in the sierra. we have had about 21 lift scheduled for today, so it's going to be a good one. we will see temperatures in l.a. reaching into the low 70s throughout the weekend with a continued sunshine. also nice and comfortable for maybe wine tasting in paso robles. if you want to just take a drive and enjoy the sunshine and views
5:38 am
of the coastline, looking at big sur in our forecast this weekend, we will reach up to about 71 degrees today. mid-60s for the rest of the weekend. it will get a touch cooler once this system passes by today. if you are going for a hike today, it's going to be very windy, especially along the coastline. expect the temperatures to reach 63. it may feel cooler because of the high winds that we will see starting to taper off by tomorrow morning. i will show this once again because i will be watching the game from the comfort of my couch tomorrow. this is what the fans will have to deal with if you are going to be going to wisconsin tomorrow for the green bay packers and 49ers. we will start to see the temperatures at the beginning of the game, about 16 degrees. the windchills will drop below zero as that game goes along. that will be a big headline as we watch the 49ers win tomorrow afternoon into the evening.
5:39 am
mike, what are you watching for the morning commute? >> watching the temperatures. we definitely have the win in that category. i was waiting for this shot so we could show you the zipper truck, and then now they are headed toward the north side of the golden gate bridge. i did get a report of a crash on i-80, but i believe the fast lane is blocked. 101 down in towards palo alto, a clearer view today not just on the sensors but on our live views. further south, no slowing yet in san martin. we are looking for fog as well. back to you.
5:40 am
>> thanks, mike. it's 5:39. we are remembering a rock legend. coming up on "today in the bay," the tributes pouring in for meet -- meat loaf. we'll show you the friendly rivalry happening over one bay area night spot. first, be sure and catch our latest episode of "synced in." we'll be right back.
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right now at 5:42, as you are heading out in the east bay, not as foggy as yesterday morning. fremont has a clear view. temperatures in the 40s, so you need a warmer jacket to start out the day but not so much later this morning and into the afternoon. some will have to deal with the high winds along with the high temperatures. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up. changes happening right now. 101, maybe a slowdown there. we'll see how the flow of traffic is coming in as well. a 74-year-old entertainer with the name known as marvin
5:44 am
aday died overnight, and you probably know him better as meat loaf. did you know he was in dozens of movies including "wayne's world" and "the rocky horror picture show." his classic album "bat out of hell" is one of the top ten best selling albums of all-time. he died with his family at his side and the cause of dead has not been released. now that song is in our head for the rest of the day. >> the question is, what is that that he won't do? >> we will never know, it's safe to say.
5:45 am
you may have seen this story, a young tv reporter in virginia became a story herself. she is going viral for what happened just as she went live this week. take a look. >> i just got hit by a car. >> as you saw there, she was hit by a car, and not only was she okay. once she got herself together, she finished out her live shot. she is talking about what happened on the "today" show. >> i want to say, there was a car coming your way, so that was a little, you know, but, again, this is one of those things, i felt safe in that area, and my bosses are the first to tell me safety is everything, and if i felt unsafe i would not have been there. >> you might be asking yourself
5:46 am
why her photographer did not warn her. trust us when we say, in a smaller market, a reporter literally does everything. can you hear more on the "today" show. >> it's shocking, but it's a real problem, our safety. >> hopefully the 49ers packed their game faces -- though you can't pack a game face, guys. yesterday they did leave for green bay, and they will take on the packers tomorrow and for two best friends in the east bay, that game is very personal. >> together they owned the good time tavern in livermore for 17 years. one of them is a diehard 49ers fan and the, you guessed it, a packers fan. like siblings almost they are splitting down the little the
5:47 am
entire bar. there's a rivalry. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i don't want to mention too much. >> last time we didn't have to throw to meet you. >> i know. can't win them all. >> don't worry. their friendship will survive sunday's game no matter who wins. >> it's always fun when you have a counterpart when you are watching the big game. >> my husband is a 49ers fan and my sister -- we were born and raised in l.a. but we have friends who are packers fans, so she has been a born and raised packers fan. the family texts right now are vicious. i stay silent. i do not get involved. even though it's my husband and my sister, i am not the middleman, no, i am washing my hair, not involved. our morning team, wgva,
5:48 am
check it out. >> hey, today in the bay, we wanted to send over a big midwest hello before the game. >> welcome to the frozen tundra. we wanted to do a friendly waiver. >> if the packers win, you will have to send us some of the good sourdough, riot? >> if the 49ers do win, we will send you famous cheese kurds. go, packers. >> i bet they wish they could watch it under our beautiful weather. >> don't forget, whoever wins
5:49 am
that game plays the winner of the bucs and rams playoff on this sunday, and kickoff is at noon. >> kari, they are not kidding about the long underwear. i saw your forecast for lambeau field. >> i am just, like, why can't they have a closed stadium? i don't know. they have one in new orleans. come on, now. i don't know. yes, we will have -- yes, set up out there on the patio. we could enjoy nice and warm weather here across the bay area. we are starting out with fog this morning and visibility is very low up around novato. once again, dense fog. if you are going to be gone throughout the day, you want to make sure your house is secure and you have the lawn furniture strapped down and the garbage cans are ready because it will be a windy day.
5:50 am
for the areas in red, that's where we could see gusts topping 70 miles per hour for today. that's as you go up above about 1,000 feet. take a look at our wind speed forecast. we will see the winds picking up at 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon, and that includes the santa cruz mountains as well. i think the focus will be over parts of the north bay as well as the east bay over around mount diablo today. we are already seeing the winds pick up, and the peaks will be later tonight and then it gradually calms down for tomorrow with mild temperatures. taking a look at our highs for today, it's going to be nice out there. keep in mind it's going to be breezy and becoming more windy for parts of the north bay. our temperature in napa reaching 48 degrees. there's a cold front diving around the region. you can see all the snow that is for the interior parts of the
5:51 am
rockies and further off towards the east. if you are wondering how our snow is doing in the sierra. 113% of normal is our snowpack. we are still doing pretty good with the snow. we hope to get some rain in here for the early part of february. we're rapping up the rest of the monday with dry conditions and seasonable temperatures. our highs reach in the upper 60s today with gusty winds. low 60s by the beginning of middle to next week. san francisco also looking at temperatures near 60 degrees over the next several days. mike, we don't have as much fog this morning but we are still watching the north bay. >> yeah, we sure are, kari. our speed sensors are slowing which got me excited because traffic has been light relatively this week, and we had no more slowing. san martin into morgan hill,
5:52 am
that was just a blip. in san josé we expect to see the first burst, and it's mild right now. 55 is the very slowest for the sensors through that stretch. the incident is eastbound, and there could be a crash with debris in the area and one lane at the most is blocked right now. we don't see slowing counter commute. we see the fog kari was talking about. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights or slowing. back to you. a windfall grant. the national science foundation is giving sonoma state more than $1 million to study the impact from wildfires. students will get to see the infrastructure and the risks,
5:53 am
and that will be done at pepper wood preserve and three other california forests. welcome news for people with nut allergies. cracking some of the reasons. at 6:00a new push to get minors get a vaccine without their parents' consent. we're live with the new legislation one bay area lawmaker is laying out later today. you're watching "today in the bay."
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you're watching "today in the bay." young children may soon overcome their peanut allergy. after 2 1/2 years close to three quarters could tolerate the equivalent of 16 peanuts without an allergic reaction. the tolerance works best in the youngest children and with milder allergies.
5:57 am
during the height of the pandemic maggi and dom learned they were having conjoined twins and despite the grim odds the baby girls faced they continued with the pregnancy always keeping the faith. for the first time they are talking about that experience. >> most of these babies don't make it full term, and they are born stillborn, and i was telling dom, they're kicking in there and they will make it. >> addison and lillyana did make it, and the little sisters were joined at the chest and abdomen. this is a story you will see only on the "today" show at 7:00 after "today in the bay." >> that is miraculous. we're turning to the oakland
5:58 am
zoo. it's encouraging people to get their free vaccine or booster shot for those five years and older on february 5th and 26th between 10:30 and 3:30 p.m. anybody that gets a shot will be given a free family pass. that's a one day admission for two adults and two children and free parking for one car. that costs about $100 usually. you don't have to make an appointment but you can if you would like. here's the burning question. do you watch the super bowl for the game, the half-time show or the commercials. >> i think all three. >> and the snacks. here's a preview for those counting down to the big game. ♪♪ >> the half-time show will be called california love. the nfl released a promotional
5:59 am
to start the hype now. some of the biggest names in hip-hop are taking center change, snoop dogg, eminem, mary j. blige and more. that's on february 13th. it's going to be a huge day for us because we are essentially broadcasting the olympics and super bowl, both at the same time for the first time ever. promise, we will manage it well. coming up, game-changing legislation. the question, should minors be able to get vaccinated without their parents' content. in a live report, the proposal one state lawmaker is laying out in just a few hours. plus, new data on the potential risk for those who are still
6:00 am
unvaccinated. more damage control at the white house in the wake of president biden's comments about russia's possible invasion of ukraine. a live report from washington as the president tries to walk back what he said and a new response from critics. we have gusty winds on the way for parts of the bay area for today. where we may have downed trees and power impacts in the microclimate forecast. this is "today in the bay." it's good to have you with us on this friday morning. i am kris sanchez. >> i am kira klapper. both laura and marcus have the day off. if you are on the go, we are broadcasting on your television, your roku, amazon fire and apple tv and we begin with a bold move this morning to get more people vaccinated, and one bay area lawmaker is proposing minors be


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