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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 20, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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family, my cousins and my uncles over there. how they're going to survive. after days of silence from the island of tonga. bay area families are connecting with their loved ones. a teenager as young as 12 got a covid vaccine without parent's permission. the new legislation the bay area lawmakers announced tonight. past the peak of omicron. how they can change your plans in the coming week. >> we found more unauthorized testing sites, are they legit? we begin with breaking news about that missing nurse from sandford he was last seen leaving stanford medical center. they have recovered the body of michael odell. odell's body found this afternoon during the search in
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fremont. he was heard from his over night shift on tuesday. his car was found on the bridge in the eastbound lanes. officials say there does not appear to be any foul play involved. our other top story tonight from tonga to the bay area. loved ones are feeling a sigh of relief. >> it has been a difficult and stressful week for families waiting to get updates. the impact of last week's volcano and tsunami could be felt at home. cheryl hurd has more. ♪♪ >> reporter: the family singing a song of hope for their loved ones and their people. hoping they survived the volcanic eruption in tonga. they got news that their family is alive. >> i am so scared because the
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little house they stayed on is not a good house. it is not a big house like what we have here. >> reporter: if you are just getting a firsthand look of what this volcanic eruption left behind. you can see homes levelled and piles of rubble covering the street. volcanic ash everywhere. >> i was looking at my family. they were standing and watching the waves and i write down on facebook, run! run! stop doing that. go find a hill. >> reporter: the people there are dealing with a lack of shelter and contaminated water. that's what tom moala is telling his family tonight. >> they need water supply and food. i know there is a food shortage. >> reporter: supplies from new zealand and austria are just
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arriving. more of what's needed are leaving the port of portland tomorrow. >> it is estimated of 42 pounds of water and food. pretty remarkable for us to get this all together. >> reporter: stories of survival are trickling out. this man was swimming for 27 hours before making back to shore. all of this bringing comfort to this bay area family who's relying on social media and e-mails for information, not knowing all the details is painful. >> we pray for survivors. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. we have new details involving that shooting at san mateo's hillsdale shopping center. four teenagers from san mateo all 16 year olds have been
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arrested. police arrived at the mall after 5:30 after getting multiple calls of a person being shot. a 20-year-old man with a gunshot wound in front of the macy's store. he's expected to survive. police used surveillance footage from the small and witnesses to track down the suspect. no word on a positive motive. travelers at sfo after a deadly police shooting inside the national terminal. al source involved in a case told our in our unit that the two guns carried turned out to be replicas and not actual guns. responding officers found him himself the building. the man pointed what looked like guns at them. after negotiations failed, officers ultimately had to force to shoot them. >> the officers attempted several non lethal measures including bean bag to subdue the
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individual and continue to advance with the two firearms he had in his possession. at the time the officers discharged their weapons several times. >> police do not believe this is related to terrorism. tomorrow we are learning more of the deadly involved shooting in san jose. city police chief will give us an update on the investigation. we showed you last night at 11:00. a carjacking suspect caused a fiery crash. when officers arrived, the man started shooting at them. they returned fire, killing him, no one else was hurt. also tonight we are following several important developments on the covid front. new legislation proposed by a bay area lawmaker would mean teenagers, kids as young as 12 years old could get vaccinated from covid without permission from parents. another headline, the surge is slowing down. covid cases are dipping. take a look. this is a four-day snapshot.
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on january 12th, there were 2,000 cases reported and cases dropping over the following three days. tonight still no deal, the bay area teachers are threatening to go on strike if their district does not agree to make some covid related changes. let's start with that frontal consent. state senators scott weiner introduced legislation that allowed 12 to 17 year olds to get the booster without their parents' permission. he's worried some teenagers are not getting their shots because of widespread misinformation about the vaccines have made their parents opposed it. there are currently 1 million california teenagers who have not gotten their covid-19 vaccines. kids in california needs parental consent to get most vaccinations. minors 12 and older can get the hpv or hep b vaccine without parental consent. the rapid spread of omicron
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in the bay area is slowing down. that's welcome news for restaurant owners who shut their doors during the surge. now they are eager to reopen and move forward again. jean ellie has their story. >> reporter: some restaurants closed during the omicron surge due to staffing concerns and safety issues. some are getting some remodeling done. with case rates dropping, they are looking at reopening plans. >> cassava closed temporarily beginning in december as omicron cases skyrocketed. >> it is difficult. i don't want to risk the rest of our lives and our staff lives. >> reporter: zazie closed and got some modeling done. >> january was slow for restaurants in general. >> reporter: city leaders say while case number is high the
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surge is leveling off. >> even though we are still seeing additional cases, even though our hospitalizations are very high, we have the capacity to handle what is coming our way. we are starting to see just the numbers plateauing. >> reporter: cassava is following the number and hoping for a february's reopening. >> for sure to stay close this month and reevaluate where we are like the beginning of next week. >> reporter: zazie is aiming for january 28th reopening. >> it is going to take a good week or two for us to get the word back out that we are open. >> reporter: health experts are reminding everyone to continue to be cautious. the variant is just as
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infectious now as it was ten days ago. >> we have another exact numbers of cases to anticipate. >> reporter: restaurant owners are looking forward to get back to work but they are prepared to react to changes if they need to. they went head to head trying to find a solution. oakland unify and oakland teacher union, no deal. that means the teachers could go on strike if the district does not agree to give them an updated covid-19 safety plan. >> more than 862 members tested positive last week. the remaining teachers showing up to work stretched thin. calling on the district to hire more support staff. the president is authorized to call a strike within the next 24 hours. >> whether they are stick out or strikes or anything like that, it is defective for parents, especially parents who still work from home and relying on
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schools as child care. how about this? hello to jimmy g. the 49ers arrived in green bay wisconsin. this is a video of him leaing sunny santa clara. they'll play the big playoff game, it is a special game for the two best friends in livermore. this game means business, literally and figuratively. >> reporter: the good times tavern in livermore is a business divided. evidence from the moment you step inside. >> i would have to say we always knew there was going to be two sides to this bar. >> reporter: co-owners justin parish and scott reids are best friends. they opened the store seven years ago. each are two wins away from the super bowl. >> my first memory was 1981, a
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catch. >> i grew up from scotland so we never had any sports. my dad is a die hard packer fan. >> we buy each other autographed packers and niners stuffer. christmas rolls around, you can expect to see a packers or niners jersey. >> reporter: no matter who wins, their friendship is undefeated. >> 31-17. >> they're not playing dak prescott this week. they're playing aaron rodgers. >> who's in the playoffs again. i don't want to mention too much. last time we didn't have to throw. >> that's okay, you can't win them all. >> reporter: come game time you know where they'll be watching. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> they got to take their acts down the road, they should start
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a podcast. >> totally, back in 60 seconds. here is the question, have you gotten a covid test at one of these sites? more bay area locations are under scrutiny. the san francisco location is catching the city's attention. >> also, the san francisco s symphony. what you must wear if you want to attend the concert. i am jeff ranieri, the latest of the rain, our forecast in about six minutes.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. covid test sites are under investigation. we have some answers. chris chmura who exposed three test sites last week for us have been digging into these latest sites in question. chris. >> good evening, first we know uncle sam has paid them a lot of
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pun for covid testing. more than $90 million since the start of the pandemic. most of the money goes into the lab. these were pop ups that would appear in the streets of san francisco. one day on the sidewalk doing tests or reappear elsewhere in the park and disappear. the company's headquarter is here in l.a. all documents of everyone tested in san francisco, all paper work connecting the company and all policies and procedures and training and more. based on reports that his office of the people under the tent. >> individuals who do not appear to be well trained and safe health procedures are asking folks for personal information they may not have the appropriate licensing or training to be doing what they are doing.
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>> community of america is not licensed to do business in san francisco. and he said they have not responded to his office. we called to talk to the ceo, a licensed acupuncturist. as far as what happens on the ground, whether it is licensed o r people is trained, the ceo says that's not up to him. it is up to contractors and sub contractors. >> we got some transparency and some clarifications and these are what we need to address with some of the people in san francisco there. i think that's something we can adjust those concerns and making sure we are if compliance and everything is satisfactory. >> we saw the lab from cwa. when we checked this morning,
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the site shows with the crest view lab logo. the form was presigned by dr. phillip milgram. his linked-in page says he's an obgyn. he answered my call today but declined to speak with us. if you have questions, i recommend, calling 311 and you can also call us, 888-996-tips. millions of doses are about to go away. some 240 million doses of the covid-19 vaccines h set to expire in march. the shots were purchased by the u.s. and u.k. and japan and canada. some countries have limited access to vaccines. all right, joining us now dr. monica gandhi, we are
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talking about 240 million doses go to waste. is it a situation where these three countries including the u.s. just under estimated or over estimated i should say. how many people were going to want to get a booster shot? >> there is that and frankly they sort of recorded and it was the u.k., the u.s. and the eu and japan all together bought more doses than needed. actually doctors without borders warned us two months ago that this was happening and it could be as much as 240 million doses wasted in march and it is coming true when only 9.7% of those are low income countries have received even one dose. we are still at that level of global and equity. >> the world health organization have been vocal about the fact that here we are giving out boosters and there are many
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countries where they are struggling to give people the first vaccine. is there a mechanism in place to be able to take these access doses and hand them out to other countries but such a short timetable to those other countries even have the infrastructure to be able to go out and give these before they get lost or unused. >> exactly. this is the problem with how short of a time frame we have because they have to be kept really cold. that's another aspect of the mrna vaccine. it is probably not going to be possible to get these out to enough people. it is truly frustrating when the w.h.o. and doctors have been warning against this. it is likely these will be wasted. >> thank you, dr. gandhi, if you have a lot of questions on the surge, we invite you to go to
11:19 pm and we have areas where you can get covid tests. new at 11:00, check it out. look how cue it is. is it your pig? >> they found a little piglet wandering the streets. they picked it up in dublin, they're hoping to reunite the piggy, looks so cute, with his family. if you have any information, you can call the shelter. and if no one wants the piggy, i will take it. >> it is so cute. >> we'll get that pig. >> how big will this piggy get is what i need to know. are we talking about piggy or pot belly? we are dealing with more of those patchy areas of fog that you want to watch out for in the peninsula with 43 degrees. tri-valley is 41. patchy fog as well over the north bay and san francisco with
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upper 40s. as you roll through tomorrow, we have this area of high pressure that's going to keep us dry. we'll see the smallest system dropping down, that's what's going to create some wind. i want to give you the hourly timeline so you with good to go tomorrow. overall the morning, most of the low elevations are not that gusty, tend to about 20 miles per hour, mountain starts to get gusty for the morning. 20s to 40s. you will see this color spans to red and magenta. low elevations of 15 to 25. windy tomorrow afternoon as we roll through saturday morning. most of us see that wind calm down except for the north bay. you are getting that strong wind. that 7:00 in the morning. as we head into saturday afternoon. that wind definitely moves on out. once we got over the wind, we
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got nice weather headed over the weekend. lower humidity down to 34%, it will put us at 68 in san jose. right here for the east bay, 69 in concord, 69 in antioch and 65 in redwood city. san francisco going up to 68 in the mission. where the wind is the strongest we are finding the warmest temperatures, upper 60s, napa to novato and san francisco with 67. across the in land valleys, temperatures going up as warm as 68 tomorrow. 65 on saturday, 63 on sunday and holding with low 60s in to next week. if you are throwing a party for the 49ers. notice it will be a lot warmer here than the game. 22 pregame by halftime. a windchill of minus 1.
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>> that's below zero? >> yes. >> are there going to be people at the game? >> yes. >> yeesh! >> we'll be able to spot the 49ers fans. >> no doubt. speaking of cold, fashionable and first of its kind. warming technology inside these jackets, keeping team usa warm in beijing. >> happening now, get a shot and enjoy the zoo. the oakland zoo is encouraging people to get the covid-19 vaccine by offering a free day at the zoo. it is setting up two pop up clinics on february 6th and 26th. anyone who gets a shot will get a family pass which is good for two kids and adults and free parking. appointments are not required. we'll be back in a moment.
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a crack down on criminal who's been radiating cargo containers on trains in down ton l.a. for months. law enforcement across the state to crack down on it. so far at least 280 arrested and made in connection with those train thefts. starting tonight you need a mask upgrade if you attend the san francisco symphony. they require everyone to wear n-95 and kn-95. the recommendation is based from the health department. you always have to show proof that you have been boosted and fully vaxed. we'll get a first look at what team usa will be wearing
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during the opening winter olympics. can you believe that? ralph lauren, they contained something called ventilation, that means the fabric makes you warmer. the outfit is made in tust with recycled fibers. >> the 49ers need that in green bay. >> exactly, can we get that now? up next, why this is one of the worst night of the season. stay with us. rn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support.
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call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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ling calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. consider this as a midseason crisis, the warriors are kind of in a funk. >> how do you feel? >> the warriors have lost a lot of game. the pacers were without their top four scorers. hello klay thompson, he's try to stay loose. the warriors just off tonight.
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justin halladay hits the game's tieing three-pointer. it was 110-110. so, we go to overtime and the pacers going with -- this one hurts. the warriors are lost 6 of their last 9 games. not a good night to the sharks. they lose to the crackens. 3-2. the 49ers are in green bay in their hotel. it is minus 4 degrees right now in green bay. >> the hotel should be warmer. before boarding those buses, they had light practice. jimmy j. and nick bosa and fred warner all had a light work out which suggests they'll be good to go on saturday night. we'll be back in a moment.
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you got the game and the commercials and the halftime show. ♪♪
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>> they're jamming. that's fun. >> they released the promotional video hyping the pepsi super bowl lvi halftime show. snoop, kendrick lamar and mary j.blige and they'll jam for us. it is going to happen at the sofi stadium. you are watching the actual super bowl right here on sunday, february 13th. you will be at the super bowl. >> if i was sitting next to snoop. that'll be better. >> you need a coat. >> we got the olympics and the super bowl coming up in february. it is going to be big. >> all right, we'll see you tomorrow. bye, bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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