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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the new system now being considered to help immigration courts across the country. and it is a foggy start across the bay area. look at these four cameras. meteorologist kari hall breaks down when this is expected to clear up. this is "today in the bay." ♪♪ good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm kira clapper. you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and on let's get a look at that
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forecast, because you might have to leave the house a little early today. >> yes. we've seen this dense fog in san francisco, parts of the east bay as well as the north bay. but at least if you're at the top of the trans america pyramid you can see what's going on out there. below it is really hard to drive and make your way to work this morning. visibility down to zero in novato. once it clears up, we have some really nice weather headed our way as our temperatures head for the low to mid 60s. we'll talk about more changes our forecast and what we'll see going into the weekend in testing positive for covid during this omicron surge, but there could be help coming for parents of young children. >> "today in the bay's" brie jackson is live in washington. throughout this pandemic, children under 5 have as yet been unable to get vaccinated.
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>> reporter: yeah. that's been especially tough for parents as well as their kids. good morning. now, chief medical advisor to the president dr. anthony fauci says he hopes that the fda will approve pfizer's vaccine for children 2-4 years old within the next month or so. if approved, dr. fauci says children would likely need three shots. a pfizer vaccine clinical trial is underway for those young children at stanford. the need for three doses in that age group is normal and something that's been done in other vaccines as well. >> the vaccine trials that have been done so far in the under 5-year-old children have demonstrated strong safety, but just not the debris of antibody responses, especially in 2-4 year olds.
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it is hoped that a third dose in the under 5-year-olds will provide a strong antibody response. >> reporter: dr. maldonado confirmed stanford should give fda their findings by february march. a san jose pediatrician says she's seen more cases in the past three weeks than so far in the pandemic, including a good number of babies and newborns. but the vaccinated are faring better than those who are not vaccinated, underscoring the need for vaccines for children. for those free at-home tests, it's not too late to place your order. go to and chick on the link in the trending bar. we have a live look for you across the country at capitol hill, where the house judiciary
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committee today debates the creation of an independent immigration court system. right now, u.s. immigration courts have hit a historic backlog. according to the research group transactional records access clearinghouse, there are more than 1.6 million cases still pending. the wait time for an asylum claim hearing is just under 5 years. the pandemic is one big reason for that backlog. advocates say separating the courts from the justice department would speed up that legal process. part of oakland was shut down yesterday and now investigators say the package that was found near a flag pole was, in fact, a hoax device. it forced the evacuation of the federal courthouse. all of the evidence, including a note attached to what appeared to be a pipe bomb, is now in the hand of the fbi. a shakeup for schools in the north bay. the board has voted you than
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to buy-out the superintendent's contract. that decision triggered lawsuits, walkouts and a disagreement over what the new merged school should be called. a former berkeley school superintendent will take over until a permanent replacement can be found. relief is making its way to tonga finally after a devastating volcanic eruption and tsunami this weekend. new zealand sent planes carrying fresh water, first aid and communications equipment today. u.n. leaders say more than 80% of the population was impacted by the volcanic eruption last weekend. more aid from australia and the u.s. will be arriving in the coming days. the eruption also triggered a tsunami warning and advisory for the west coast on saturday for several hours. taking a live look at the san mateo bridge. there's so much fog there, the
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toll plaza there in the distance. we know that fog is going to linger for much of the morning. you do need to allow some extra time to work. this just looks like a dark camera with a few lights, but that's actually our live view in palo alto this morning. as we take a look at current visibility, it's zero in novato and we've seen about a quarter mile visibility from oakland to hayward and napa into santa rosa. your commute leaving from antioch is looking a little bit clearer with temperatures in the low 40s. it's going to be a really nice day, our temperatures warming up. our highs head for the low 60s
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there. we'll see a high of about 65 degrees in santa rosa. this dry weather continues as we get into the next few days. definitely haze and low clouds. look at the top of the screen there. it gets worse through union city and hayward. on the map green sensors. that yellow highlighting is where the fog is worse. the san mateo bridge shot, can't see that. we're looking toward the oakland toll plaza.
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do watch out. fog is a huge factor this morning for the bridges on this map. back to you. big changes are coming to an iconic location in san francisco. berkeley based another planet entertainment is taking over programming for the 100-year-old castro theater. it will now hold concerts, comedy shows and other live events, including film screenings. the group plans to renovate the theater. it is alreadyplanning a slate of programs for the grand opening in 2023. >> i'm so excited about that. i love going to concerts. pack your bags. we are headed apparently to middle earth. >> you're late. >> ahead on "today in the bay," a wizard is never late, but an anchor can sometimes be early.
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the lord of the rings getting the "game of thrones" treatment. everything you need to know about the new highly anticipated series. >> plus, meat lovers worried about their intake may be asking why didn't they think of this sooner? the latest plant based product you may soon see next to the cash register at your local convenience store. also, your tax dollars going to this covid testing company, but many are questioning its accuracy. we investigate the private company government inspectors say isn't properly equipped to handle tests.
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zbloor good thursday morning. we're coming up on 5:12. it's a foggy start in oakland. as you're heading to work, you'll have to deal with that. that fog lingers through about 9:00 before it clears up. that fog creeps down much farther south than we often see. through palo alto, we've seen it touching the roadways. this is san jose north 101 picking up the volume just a tad bit. still a little early for that silicon valley commute. we will wake up happily with bertha. thanks, mike. good morning to you. i'm bertha coops from cnbc. wall street set to open higher this morning, stocks selling off
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into the close yesterday. investors remain cautious about the prospect of higher interest rates. dow falling nearly 1% down for the fourth straight day. the s&p and nasdaq also dropped about 1%. the tech heavy nasdaq is down about 10% from its record high back in november. this morning we are awaiting reports on unemployment, manufacturing and existing home sales. we've gotten earnings already from american airlines which looked pretty good, although they say volumes are expected to continue to be lower than they were back in 2019. pepsi getting into plant based products. the food giant is reportedly teaming up with beyond meat on a plant based jerky. a photo of a sample product says the jerky does not contain soy,
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gluten or gmos but it does have 10 grams of plant protein per serving. the partnership would give beyond meat a chance to leverage pepsi's production and marketing expertise. instagram is testing paid subscriptions with a small number of creators or influencers. users would be able to access extra content and features like exclusive stories. subscribers would also get a purple badge that signals their status to the creator. prices range from 99 cents to $99.99 a month. instagram won't take a cut of the subscription revenue until 2023. i don't know who's going to pay $99 a month for an instagram. >> to me, that means like either michael b. jordan or denzel washington with special content
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like coming to my house once a month for drinks. >> yeah. amazon plans to open its first clothing store in southern california later this year. shoppers will get personalized recommendations on their phones as they browse the amazon style store. this move comes as amazon surpassed walmart in clothing sales last year. the youngest woman to fly solo around the world is speaking this morning. the 19-year-old landed in belgium today. she took off in her ultralight plane back in august. her journey has taken her to 31 countries. it took 155 days to complete. she hopes to be an inspiration to other women hoping to become
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pilots. >> the youngest woman to fly solo around the world. why? [ laughter ] >> when i started planning for this, i didn't actually realize i would be beating a record. for me, it was a dream i've had for a really long time. >> wow. rutherford will be on the "today" show to talk about her journey coming up at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." >> three rings for the elvin kings under the sky. >> amazon prime unveiling the title of its upcoming new series
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"lord of the rings, the rings of power." it will debut in september. the new story line will take place thousands of years before the events in the lord of the rings books and center around the forging and uniting of the rings. our producer cat is obsessed. we learned she has a tattoo of lord of the rings. let's get a look at what's going on. it's hard to see out there. we have a lot of fog. that fog is drifting around and making it hard for people heading out on this thursday
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morning. not so bad in pleasant hill, but it is chilly, right now only at 40 degrees. temperatures will slowly climb as we go into late morning into the afternoon. this is where we're headed. 65 degrees in east san jose and morgan hill. we'll also see mid to upper 60s in parts of the east bay, reaching 62 in martinez, 61 in redwood city, daley city reaching 57 and temperatures back to what we've seen the past few days with highs of 67 in ukiah and sonoma today. it's dipping belw zero in parts of the upper midwest and the plains states. also that deep freeze is plunging far to the south, even dallas waking up below freezing this morning. we have these mild temperatures, but we're also going to toss winds into the mix. this is tomorrow.
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santa rosa will have winds at about 23 miles per hour. where you see the dark purples and brighter colors, that indicates those winds may be roaring tomorrow with those diablo winds. that's going to kick up for the afternoon into saturday morning. still no rain coming our way, so that's going to dry out the vegetation even more after this stretch of dry weather, which is typical for the middle of our winter to have at least 20 to 30 days of dry weather. this is something we're not yet concerned about, but we are going to see this dry weather continue for at least the next several days. our temperatures warming up, but a little bit of a cooldown by next week. for san francisco expect temperatures into the low 60s. fog this morning, but we should get some sunshine in the afternoon.
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mike, you've been watching the roads, and fog is the main issue. >> i've been trying to watch the roads. yeah, the fog is the main issue as we look at your maps. the speeds are all right, but lower those speeds if you can't see well. look at the altamont. contra costa county looks great. look at hayward on the left side, that dense yellow there, that means dense fog in the area. i do want to call out one thing over in san francisco. light traffic right now, but 5:30 chase center opens for the warriors game. there will be crowds there. fog head into the city on the
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golden gate bridge. this is the san mateo bridge. look how foggy it is there. see how the screen lights up with that flashing light? that's why you don't use the high beams in fog. low beams are better than bright light which will refract and reflect. >> so foggy out there. thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> free covid-19 tests that we now know are not free and aren't always accurate either. i'm consumer investigator chris ka chris chmura. >> don't forget you can keep up with us on twitter, instagram and facebook.
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we are learning more about the trio of sites here in the bay area that offered free covid testing. >> here's what chris chmura knows about the popups in san jose, san ramon and mountain view. >> specifically, we know this. those tests were not free. our team has been looking into patient complaints about the company called center for covid control. turns out the federal government has paid the company's lab more
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than $100 million since the start of the pandemic. that's your tax dollars. the problem is this. investigators say the lab was not properly equipped, staffed and didn't properly handle samples. thousands of people's tests were wasted. a lot of people never got results. >> i guess i got what i paid for, but it is costing me something from tax dollars apparently. that's not good. >> a company spokesperson says it does not bill taxpayers for tests on spoiled samples. if you have concerns about a testing site, you can call us, 888-996-tips. this morning bob saget's widow is opening up about the death of her husband. he died a week and a half ago at age 65.
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on the "today" show hoda sits down with kelly rizzo, his wife. >> he had gone through so much in his life and he knew how hard life could be, so he was always so kind and loving to everybody. he was just the best man i've ever known in my life. >> she says her new mission in life will be to spread his legacy of love and laughter. our top stories we're following for you today include a big step forward in the a's effort to build that new ballpark near jack london square. we'll show you why next month could make or break whether the team continues to play here or elsewhere.
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and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. gone without a trace in the middle of his shift. the desperate search for a bay area health care worker and the unusual place his car was found.
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encouraging news in the fight against omicron variant. one health expert breaks down the turn-around in the bay area's most recent covid surge. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting not only to your tv but also you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and on hine. thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm kira clapper. laura and marcus both have the day off. let's start with the forecast with kari hall. we are so happy you're back and loving that jumpsuit. >> thank you. that's a nice way to come back. we're going to talk about all of this fog that's maybe not so pleasant this morning as you're driving to work. a live view of san francisco and the low visibility except for when you're up a little bit higher. we've seen the visibility drop down to a quarter mile or less in santa rosa to novato and
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oakland and hayward and down to zero in napa. it is clear in san jose. temperatures in the low 40s. we are going to see temperatures go from 43 now to mid 50s by late morning, eventually reaching 64 teegs. it will be a nice day, but we have to get through the cold temperatures and the fog for now. we'll talk more about all the changes ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. developing right now, this is a live look in san jose where neighbors experienced a chaotic night that included a deadly police shootout with a suspected car thief. as you can see, officers right now are still on the scene and nearby streets are closed. it all happened after a car crash last night. this is near the corner of heading street and park avenue in the rose garden district. police say the suspect was driving a stolen car in san jose, then attempted to carjack someone else in santa clara. that failed and he drove back to
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san jose. on heading is where he crashed into a car with two people inside. police say that stolen car caught on fire and the thief ran. one man who witnessed the crash say this is what authorities told him. >> he crashed the car into another car where there were two occupants. they got injured and sent to the hospital. he took off returning toward the corner of bureau court and heading, then he opened fire at the police officers. after that, he was shot and killed. >> it sounds like there was a lot of gunfire and shots fired and maybe somebody was deceased. i don't know. it happened. it's random. >> a lot of shots. >> it sounded like a lot of shots. >> the suspected car thief later died at the hospital. the two victims in the other car were treated for minor injuries. no officers were injured in the gunfire. police in san mateo are investigating a shooting in the
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parking lot of hillsdale mall around 5:30 last night. one person was shot. so far there's no update on their condition, but the injuries, we're told, are not life threatening. police say there was no threat to the public. some health leaders believe we are approaching the peak of the omicron variant surge. there is another new concern. that is what other variants could bring. cierra johnson joins us leave. a lot of doctors are looking ahead to how we're going to navigate this new normal. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. as we continue to navigate the fallout from omicron, those researchers already getting a leg up, looking at that next variant and how they will respond in the long-term to the coronavirus pandemic. nbc had a chance to speak with dr. smith, the head of infectious disease and global public health at ucsd.
5:34 am
he tells us they're already exploring the next variant, which is pi. smith said there's a chance pi might be be as infectious or more infectious than omicron, yet deadly like delta. dr. smith says it's very likely we're going to need shots and boosters over our lifetime and the virus is not going away. how will that change the treatment? he says we'll treat covid more like the flu, which would mean creating new versions of the vaccine each year. >> we're going to figure out exactly how many boosters somebody needs or what antibody level that's actually needed to protect ourselves. >> reporter: that doctor says it is also crucial that folks continue to get the boosters for those variants as a way to not only prevent the spread but also to protect vulnerable members of our society. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." sonoma county leaders are
5:35 am
trying to be transparent with what is now the most restricted covid related measure in the bay area. supervisors held a virtual public meeting to address the new limits on gatherings and the overwhelming conditions medical workers are facing there. hospitalization rates in sonoma county are higher than anywhere else in the bay area. the order bans gatherings of more than 50 people indoors, more than 100 people outdoors. gatherings are also not allowed if they include more than 12 people at higher risk of severe illness for covid. the meeting went for hours reportedly without any resolutions. developing this morning, the search for a missing nurse who was last seen leaving during the middle of his shift at stanford medical center. search teams yesterday looked in the area near the dumbarton bridge in fremont for this man, 27-year-old michael o'dell. his roommate says he was last heard from during his overnight
5:36 am
shift at stanford early tuesday. then his car was found on the bridge in the east bay lanes. >> left work kind of abruptly, it sounds like, said he was going to his car to get something and never really came back. >> his respect says investigators have video of o'dell leaving the parking lot around 4:30 in the morning but they won't say if he was the driver. wine country has a new destination for marijuana. the napa valley register reports napa county council approved retail cannabis sales there. anyone over 21 can purchase products without a medical use card. the measure still has to get a second reading before it can get the green light. a big step for the oakland a's and the plans for a new baseball stadium near jack london square. last night oakland planners unanimously approved the environmental impact report for the proposed stadium at howard
5:37 am
terminal. the city council will vote in the next month. the mayor released a statement saying the recommendation is a huge win for our entire region and puts oakland one step closer to building a landmark waterfront ballpark district with the highest environmental standards. this is a live look in san francisco. it really could be anywhere. the fog is so thick this morning. let's check in with meteorologist cara hall to see and/or when it will burn off. >> we are going to have dense fog out there for the next several hours, but i'm also looking ahead to what's going on as you hit the roads this weekend. for weekend weather, if you're going to the sierra, look at our tahoe record for palisades, tahoe and alpine meadows. temperatures in the mid 40s. tomorrow we have cooler weather coming in. we have 88 groomed runs ready and 213 open trails for today.
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if you're packing your bag and you're a big 49ers fan, you're going to wisconsin this weekend. i don't know if i have enough clothes in my closet to prepare for this. take a look at these me.peratures throughout the 16 degrees pregame and then the windchills are going to be below zero. oh my goodness, god bless you if you're heading there. it is going to be bitterly cold. they don't even have the decency to have a closed stadium. >> why is there no roof? >> that's what i'm saying. >> trying to ice out the competition. >> that's a home field advantage. >> 49ers fans, i'm really going to be thinking about you this weekend. let's head over to mike. >> i've got to get a jacket just listening to that report. fog is the local factor. over here we are seeing fog
5:39 am
creep down in fremont, definitely kicking in on the nimitz freeway. way down here toward the south bay we just saw the readout change. the yellow highlighting is where the fog is denser. going up in through alameda county, hayward, union city, oakland along the east shore freeway, the north bay and all the way down the san francisco side down in toward san mateo. traffic flow is very smooth. fog advisories for the richmond bridge, golden gate bridge and bay bridge. we can basically catch a glimpse of these cars. low clouds and fog will really affect you. down in the lower corner, apparently this is what rudolph does after he's done with christmas. back to you guys. it is 5:39 right now.
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that fog is really incredible. so we're going to go back to the weather in a way. as we all get ready to root on the niners this weekend and the frozen tundra they will be playing in, there is one fan in mexico living his dream. >> he runs the 49ers official spanish social media account, which started as a passion project because he loved the team, but then he turned it into a job when the niners hired him. our jonathan bloom spoke with him about how it all started with mario's love of the red and gold. >> in 2012, i decided to open social media account for the 49ers in spanish. >> you can watch this story with our nbc bay area streaming app on roku, apple tv, amazon fire and find out how mario ended up helping the team during the pandemic. my family are huge bronco fans all over chihuahua, mexico.
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>> that is so cool he created this space for spanish speaking people to go. a legal trial sure to have national attention gets underway today. also coming up, the biden administration one year later. we go one on one with vice president kamala harris on her first year in office. a look at what's behind president biden's sagging popularity. and staying virtual. ahead, the local bay area films being featured in this year's sundance film festival.
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good thursday morning. it is 5:44. not that you can really tell, but this is fremont. fog has really been a big issue in the east bay, san francisco and parts of the north bay. we'll take a look at the visibility where you live and what's ahead in the forecast coming up. fog definitely a factor. look at the maps. the yellow is where it's really tough to see. what you showed in fremont is not even the worst of it. fog affects the drive right now, but tonight 280 will slow down toward the chase center. the warriors are going down there, tonight the 7:00 game, the center opening at 5:30.
5:45 am
it is just about a quarter to 6:00 now. breaking news just into our newsroom, the latest weekly jobless numbers are out. 286,000 people filed first-time claims. that's about 50,000 more than the week before. the most new claims since october. total claims surpassed 1.6 million. happens today, jury selection starts in the federal trial for three former minneapolis police officers tied to the george floyd murder. the three officers were all with derek chauvin when he pinned floyd to the ground. they are charged with violating floyd's constitutional rights while acting under government authority by failing to intervene in the seizing of floyd and depriving him of his due process. all three will face a state trial later this year. today marks 365 days since
5:46 am
president biden took office. in a rare and extended news conference, he reflected back on his first year in the white house while making big headlines over the u.s.'s stance between russia and ukraine. here's nbc's peter alexander breaking down the promises the president is making moving forward. >> reporter: good morning. the president holding court for nearly two hours facing record inflation and sky high covid cases, still insisting his first year report card will be pretty good despite a series of recent set backs, the latest coming overnight, his effort for new voting rights protections hitting a brick wall. the president would not say this year's midterms would be legitimate. he made news acknowledging he will need to downsize his signature domestic agenda bill saying he thinks he can still get big chunks of it passed through congress. finally, the president's comments predicting that russia will invade ukraine and suggesting the level of punishment will depend on
5:47 am
whether it's only a minor incursion.have the latest on al it. >> we are a piece of the interview with the vice president and savannah guthrie. following those comments on ukraine, aides for the white house clarified the stance. the topic front and center for vice president kamala harris on the "today" show this morning. >> if putin takes aggressive action, we are prepared to levy serious and severe costs, period. i will tell you that part of the posture that we have taken is grounded in the respect and the value we place in sovereignty and territorial integrity. >> madam vice president, i'm
5:48 am
sorry to interrupt. . >> 30 minutes after the news conference the white house press secretary had to clarify the president's remarks. >> i'm being clear with you right now. if you're interested, i'll continue to be clear. we have had direct conversations through various levels of diplomacy with putin, with russia and most importantly with our allies and partners. >> you can watch that full interview with the vice president, who also touches on the biden administration's quest for voting rights in a divided senate. that's on the "today" show coming up at 7:00 after "today in the bay." 5:48 right now. you may notice that kari was out for a few days. that's because she and her family are adapting to a new normal at home. her daughter bella, who has autism, is suffering from severe food aversion and now has a feeding tube.
5:49 am
she's back at home after a few days in the hospital. how is bella doing? she's smiling. that's good. >> she is smiling. she is doing so much better. it was such a rough patch there for a while, because she just completely stopped eating. that's something that a lot of families with children with autism have to deal with, not only just picky eating, but sometimes they just have no desire to eat at all or there is something going on that makes them not want to eat. so that was what was going on with my daughter bella. now that she does have a feeding tube, she's getting nutrition and she's doing much better. >> got to keep the spirits up.> posted on gram about bella's issues. you soon learned that a lot of other families are dealing with feeding challenges like bella's, right? >> yeah. so when i did post that, i just had such an overwhelming response from viewers.
5:50 am
they were really giving me some useful information and sharing stories and things they were going through with their children and also giving insight on how common this is. a lot of times when you go through something, you think you're alone. it was really reassuring and really gave me comfort to have people say we've been through this, things will get better. we adjusted very well with the feeding tube. also there are some other resources out there. that really helped me out a lot with all of the response from uh viewers on need. >> it's a powerful reminder that you don't always have to do everything by yourself all the time. you're such a strong woman. i think in those moments you kind of rally and you think you can't take a step back. i'm so glad you finally did and you were able to -- >> you know what? i was going through this. it was really a month that she wasn't eating.
5:51 am
i was back and forth from emergency rooms to doctor's offices. >> we didn't know. >> i didn't say anything because we're all going through some mess right now and i didn't want to burden the rest of my team. it really got to a point where i felt like i was getting ready to break. kris, you reached out, you sent me care packages. once you share what's going on, it really is reassuring to know that people are praying for you, that they're wishing you well . people really do want to help. i was glad that i did share that just to know that i had the community praying for me and praying for bella, it really makes me feel a lot more hopeful that this will work out for god's glory. it's something i didn't want to share but i did and i'm so glad i did. i really do want people when they're going through something, to let other people around you know because people want to help. >> you showed us some of the resources that were helpful for
5:52 am
you. we've put them up here. parents helping parents, then you're reading a book that is helpful. that's >> your kid doesn't have to be on the spectrum to have extreme picky eating. parents helping parents was a resource given to me from one of the viewers on social media. i appreciate that. i signed up for a parent support group. it's been great to have even the cathedral of faith call me and pray over the phone. it's been amazing how you all have helped me so much. even the dinners you guys sent me has really helped me focus on bella getting better. it feels good to be here.
5:53 am
thank you guys . i appreciate all the love. take a look at our live view as we wake up we are getting a look at our current visibility in parts of the north bay. we're down to a quarter mile or less. this is where we're headed. sunshine today. make some plans to get outside and enjoy that sunshine. our temperatures in palo alto headed for the low 60s. here's what's going on across the region. we've had this large area of high pressure. it's blocked any chance of rain in the forecast. that will continue over the next few days, keeping the storm track to the north. it's typical to have a stretch of 30 days during the winter of dry weather. the drought monitor that was just updated a few minutes ago, still no change.
5:54 am
we are still in this severe drought for the bay area. so we do still need to dheep in mind that even though we had such a wet start to our water year, we are going to continue to see the dry conditions and we need to continue to conserve. our highs reach into the mid 60s for few days. after that, more sunshine and slightly cooler temperatures in the forecast. mike, the fog is the big issue for the drive. >> it is. thank you for sharing your story. we appreciate that. what a wonderful team we have. out into the bay bridge we have a wonderful drive that just got slower because the metering lights were turned on. this fog is a factor. on the map you see slowing at the bay bridge. you see the fog, the highlighted yellow that really hits all over the bay. along the east bay in possibly towards fremont as well, we see
5:55 am
fog for some of your drive. maps are frozen now, so i'm going to show you one more shot from palo alto where you can't see the roadway. there you see some glow from the lights. >> we hope everyone stays safe in that fog. thanks, mike. it is one of the biggest events of the film industry. sundance will look a little different this year. the park city, utah, event is virtual because of the pandemic of course. several bay area documentary filmmakers are set to make their debut and getting big buzz this year. happening now, the marin water board is lifting some recently approved restrictions including penalties for exceeding water use limits. for the time being, some restrictions will remain in place and they relate to your swimming pools and irrigation. it is 5:55. a canadian restaurant is making headlines nationwide. still ahead, the shocking item
5:56 am
it was asking visitors to show and it wasn't proof of vaccination.
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if you're hungry and you want a great deal, the super slam is your perfect meal! it's pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon and hash browns. it's enough breakfast for dinner, and it's as good as it sounds. see you at denny's. how powerful is an invisalign smile? so powerful you can face anything... and it's as good as it sounds. ...even these faces. invis is a powerful thing. invis is the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors and more predictable. invisalign. we turn to our climate in crisis. we just got some new numbers in. looking back at 2021 and some of the extremes that we had across
5:59 am
the bay area, we did see a lot of extremes across the country in our temperatures. so we had a lot of spots where we had temperatures dropping to 5 degrees in texas. it was 50 degrees below zero in north dakota. it reached 116 degrees in oregon in 2021. with all of these extremes made worse by climate change, we are in a more unstable climate. all of those dots show where those temperatures were set in 2021. we had all of this extreme heat across the west. then for parts of the midwest and parts of the south, they had extreme cold weather because of the extremes we've seen here lately and once again our unstable climate. we have more stories like this and some of the more extremes we've seen across the country and here in the bay area. go to and click on the climate in crisis tab.
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new this morning, many restaurants in the bay area ask for proof of vaccination before you sit down. one restaurant in canada is now being ordered to temporarily close indoor dining because of something else. it was accepting photos of people's dogs instead of proof of vaccination or negative test results. what? investigators posed as customers to confirm the rumors were true. in a response of facebook, the restaurant in alberta calls the situation an unfortunate incident involving an underage hostess. right now, a sigh of relief for many parents. >> it is possible that we could have enough data. >> enough data for a vaccine for our youngest children. the reason health experts believe pfizer's vaccine for children under 3 could be available soon. and the latest covid surge is creating a historic backlog in asylum cases. the new system now being considered to help immigration


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