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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 20, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now, a deadly confrontation in the south bay. we'll tell you what police are saying about the suspect killed in a shooting that shook up a quiet san jose neighborhood. plus, gone without a trace in the middle of his shift. the desperate search for a bay area health care worker and the unusual place his car was later found. encouraging news in the fight against covid. one health expert breaks down the turn around in the bay
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area's most recent surge. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting not only to your tv, but you can find us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. thank you so much for joining us on this thursday. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm kira clapper. laura and marcus both have the day off. let's start with a look at the forecast. our meteorologist kari hall is back and more beautiful than ever. >> thank you so much. we're starting out with some fog. makes it hard to see the beauty in san francisco. visibility down to about a mile. oakland and hayward visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile.
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we see it quickly starting to warm up with some sunshine. we'll have more sunshine and the winds come into the mix as we head toward tomorrow. more in the forecast coming up a little bit later. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. the same dense fog here. a look at the maps. that yellow highlighting the normal portions of the north bay. coming down the golden gate bridge, into san francisco, we're showing a little bit of slowing around union city. a crew clearing from 880 there. in the south bay a carjacking suspect is dead after a gun battle with police officers in san jose near the corner of heading and park
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avenue, which is the rose garden neighborhood. the suspect had just been involved in a crash there. police say the suspect had just tried unsuccessfully to carjack someone. officers say the suspect was driving a car stolen in san jose when he tried to carjack a second vehicle in santa clara. when that failed, he drove back to san jose. he crashed into a car with two people inside. the car caught fire. the suspect ran as officers arrived, leading to the shootout. witnesses described the chaos. >> he crashed the car into another car where there were two occupants. they got injured and went to the hospital. he took off running at bureau court and heading, then he opened fire at the police officers. after that, he was shot and killed. >> clearly it sounds like there was a lot of gunfire and shots fired and maybe somebody
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deceased. i don't know. it happened. >> a lot of shots. >> it sounded like a lot of shots. >> police have not yet identified the gunman. the two people in the other car were not seriously injured and no officers were injured. the investigation is continuing. this morning the search continues for a missing bay area nurse who vanished on tuesday. michael o'dell left his job mitt shift at stanford and hasn't been seen since. >> reporter: search and rescue crews walk the open space near the dumbarton bridge in free month looking for 27-year-old michael o'dell. his roommate says the traveling nurse was last heard from during an overnight shift at stanford hospital tuesday morning. >> left work kind of abruptly, it sounds like. he said he was going to his car
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to get something and never came back. >> reporter: video shows o'dell's car leaving a stanford parking lot around 4:30 tuesday morning, but they won't say if o'dell was behind the wheel. after not hearing from o'dell for several hours, he checked his friend's phone location. it was on the dumbarton bridge approaching fremont. >> nothing makes sense. >> reporter: he says he called police and spent tuesday searching the don edwards san francisco bay national wildlife refuge with friends and nurses. in a statement stanford health care says we alerted authorities, we are deeply concerned and hope this nurse is found quickly and safely. the chp says the search for o'dell will resume in fremont.
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on the peninsula there was a terrifying moment. mountain lions fighting to the death and the neighborhood obviously on edge in belmont. >> home surveillance video captured what happened after the attack. oh, you can hear it. that mountain lion in the middle of the street there, it is dragging the body of a smaller mountain lion. it then looks around just on this home's front steps before it takes off. this happened around 2:30 in the morning. parents in the neighborhood were alerted to be careful taking their kids to school. >> i got a text from the high school saying there was an aggressive mountain lion out and about. >> biologists say this kind of thing happens fairly off in mountain lion habitat. they say it's typically a
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territorial male killing a cub who came into his home range. health leaders say the surge of omicron is beginning to dip down here locally. this graph shows case rates in san francisco, santa clara and contra costa county. you can see cases sharply increased through last week, peaked and now appear to be dropping. >> so this is actually right on target in a way a week after the sewage levels stopped, the cases dropped. basically after that the cases will continue to drop and it will take between three and four weeks. february 15th is when he thinks we'll be in the endemic stage. i think that could be right or around that time, maybe one week after that. >> the number of people testing positive for covid across the state has dropped by 2% in the last week. if you have not ordered your
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free at-home test, it's not too late to place that order. go to and click on the link in the trending bar. after changing the entire world of online shopping, amazon is going to open a new clothing store. next, where the online giant will open it and when you'll be able to shop in person. plus, measure problems for long time santa clara county sheriff lori smith. the new civil rights investigation just launched against her. what's ahead in our forecast coming up next. the fog is there for drivers as well. we're looking at chase center, warriors play tonight. 5:30 is when that opens. there will be traffic before that . that's along the 280 corridor.
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right now, here's your view in the east bay as you're driving to work. our live camera in fremont picking up on that dense fog. allow some extra time to get through. we'll talk more about that in our forecast coming up. that's really foggy for that
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fremont shot. even foggier is the golden gate bridge. light traffic. watch the visibility. we're going to get a good view. good morning to you. i'm bertha kooms from cnbc. stocks sold off going into the close of the day yesterday as investors remain cautious about the prospect of higher interest rates. the dow falling nearly 340 points, down for the fourth straight day. the s&p and nasdaq also dropping about 1%. the nasdaq is down about 10% from its record high in november. on wall street, we call that correction territory. in focus today we'll get reports on unemployment, manufacturing
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and existing homes. we have earnings this morning from american airlines, better than expected, although the ceo saying near term bookings remain light amid omicron. this afternoon we'll hear from netflix. we heard from united airlines yesterday. they reported a smaller fourth quarter loss helped by holiday travel demand. united says the omicron variant has affected bookings, but they believe the setbacks will be temporary. united is scaling back its schedule in the first few months of the year, expecting to fly less in 2022 than they did before the pandemic. united says bookings for spring and beyond remain strong for now. amazon plans to open a clothing store in southern california later this year. the store in glendale will sell women's and men's clothing, shoes and accessories. shoppers will get personalized recommendations on their phone
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as they brous. then they'll be able to scan a qr code to see sizes and customer ratings. they can add those items to a fitting room or send them directly to a pickup counter. amazon surpassed walmart in clothing stores here in the u.s. last year. i will tell you something. looking at that video, i just wonder how those clothes get into that dressing room. is it like the lion, the witch and the wardrobe? is there a whole world behind there where people are putting them in there? >> there are 17 robots behind the scenes going, come on, lady, pick something. >> that's what i really want to see. >> i already spend so much money on amazon. do i now need to buy all my clothes there too? maybe you should leave the house once in a while. >> i do, i come here. thank you bertha.
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[ laughter ] the legal battle isn't over yet. still ahead, all new action, lawyers for elizabeth holmes are now taking weeks after her fraud trial ended with a guilty verdict. >> great day to head out for a hike today along the coastline. look at the sunshine and comfortable temperatures for this afternoon.
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we are looking live at the golden gate bridge this morning. looks really dreamy out there. you could see it because the fog is down low. it is widespread. >> it is. in some spots you can barely see, but that fog is really settling down over the golden gate bridge this morning. take a look at our current visibility. it's down to zero right now in novato. we've also seen quarter mile visibility in napa and santa
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rosa. you're stepping out the door in san rafael. it's foggy and 41 degrees. we go from the low 40s to gradual clearing and sunshine. los gatos reaching 63 degrees, 65 in morgan hill and mid 60s in walnut creek, oakland reaching 62 degrees and 60 in san mateo. san francisco up to about 55 in the marina district. in napa, that fog may also keep temperatures from warming up so quickly, only reaching about 61 degrees today. if you think that's chilly, compare it to what else is going on across the country. bismarck at 16 below this morning. you can see the cold air that's also pushing into the deep south. so they're dealing with some rain, transitioning over to
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snow. now, here is a look at our wind gusts for tomorrow. it's going to start to get windy by tomorrow afternoon. we're looking at these diablo winds picking up about possibly 40 miles an hour especially in the north bay in our upper elevations. when we've had a stretch of dry weather and we add in the winds, we have those concerns it's going to dry out the vegetation even more, although at this point we don't look like we'll see a fire danger. high pressure keeps it dry across the region, keeping the storm track well to the north of us. no changes here even as we go toward the end of the month. looks like the rain will be staying away. we have some warm weather with gusty winds, highs in the upper 60s tomorrow. in san francisco we have some low 60s in the forecast.
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once again, keep in mind for friday into saturday morning we are going to have some really high winds. make sure everything around the house is ready for that. mike, what are you watching right now for the morning commute? >> batten down the hatches. i want to show you the hayward side of the san mateo bridge. you can make out those lights and the fog. look at the map here. the arrow shows you where that fog and the camera are right there, but it's not showing that on the weather index. where it's highlighted yellow to the north of the san mateo bridge on either side of the bay, it is even tougher to see. east shore freeway, no slowing. clearer skies for concord and the north bay.
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slowing for 17, no construction crews and no crashes. i'll let you know if anything pops up on the report. >> thank you, mike. next monday, 28-year-old david nguyen -- he was about to become an alameda county deputy. the funeral is set for monday morning in livermore. the shooting is as yet unsolved. potential new trouble for santa clara county sheriff lori smith. a civil rights investigation will look into allegations of mismanagement and misconduct at county jail facilities. smith is facing grand jury allegations of corruption in connection with granting concealed weapons permits for campaign donations. county supervisors last year held a no confidence vote
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against her. >> this investigation comes amidst deeply concerning allegations relating to conditions of confinement in the jail facilities, resistance to lawful oversight and other misconduct. >> sheriff smith released a statement saying, quote, i have always welcomed any external review of the sheriff's office and we will immediately open all records. i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and i believe they will provide the expertise for a fair and impartial investigation. a new motion filed by elizabeth holmes' legal team could signal a bid to try to have that guilty verdict overturned. yesterday they filed a motion to keep the original versions of juror questionnaires sealed. some legal experts believe they will now try to scour those documents to find information about any juror dishonesty or any other juror issues. holmes is now awaiting sentencing on defrauding
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theranos investors. that is scheduled for september. a bay area native going for the gold. next, we catch up with karen chen ahead of her journey to the winter olympics and hear more about her determination to win. happening now, the marin county water board is listing some recently approved restrictions. that includes penalties for exceeding water use limits. board members cited heavy rainfall in october and december, which helped to fill local reservoirs. for the time being, some restrictions will remain in place, including swimming pool and irrigation limits.
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welcome back. we are just two weeks away from
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the winter olympics. the excitement is heating up, especially for one bay area athlete. fremont's karen chen competed in the 2018 olympics, but left disappointed, finishing 11th. now she has her sights set on a medal in beijing. >> i think this journey leading up to today, just like to nationals and making the team has been a roller coaster. after 2018, i had a really bad ankle/foot injury and i was out for a season and i even thought about stepping away from the sport. after my injury i decided to go to cornell. i was still juggling school and skating. amongst that chaos, i for some reason gained this clarity act how much i truly loved this sport. >> the 22-year-old is one of three figure skaters representing the bay area at the winter olympics. our coverage of the winter games begins in two weeks. you can see exclusive stories from beijing right here on nbc
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bay area and also get an exclusive first look at the costumes and the outfits team usa will be wearing. that's this morning at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." the pandemic creating big problems for imgran seeking asylum.
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the new system now being considered to help immigration courts across the country. and it is a foggy start across the bay area. look at these four cameras. meteorologist kari hall breaks down when this is expected to clear up. this is "today in the bay." ♪♪ good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm kira clapper. you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and on let's get a look at that


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