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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  January 19, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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ask your doctor about ibrance. . raj matai. more signs of the covid surge in the bay area is turning around. what's coming next? when we can start easing some of our restrictions? millions of free n-95 masks will be available as soon as next week. we'll give you the early details about how to get them. plus -- did you hear that? a deadly fight between two mountain lions in the middle of the neighborhood on the peninsula. is this normal and did they capture this surviving mountain lion? good evening, i am raj
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mathai. we have been following this for the past few hours now. a lot of tensions on the street of oakland after a pipe bomb was discovered outside the federal courthouse. around 1:00 this afternoon, a man was seen leaving a package near the flag pole. you can see our nbc bay area sky ranger was over head. the bomb squad rendered that package as safe. meaning all clear and no threat. there are more to this story. it was a well thought-out hoax. the sheriff department tells us there was a specific message and note if you will inside the package left for law enforcement. they would not elaborate on what that message says. since the evidence, the evidence has been handed over to the fbi. again, the all-clear is in downtown oakland. we are off to a bumpy start this year. we know that. we have some encouraging news. if you are watching this
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program, one month ago, we had a uc berkeley doctor from the local covid task force predicted the peak of the omicron surge in mid january. take a look at this. the average number of confirmed cases in three of our bay area's biggest counties, in each county you can see the cases sharply increased through last week and then to a peak and then a start of a drop. what comes next and when? >> coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk to one of our covid experts, dr. gandhi and scott budman. also, after we started asking questions, three local covid sites closed their doodoo.
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we are learning how these free tests actually costs patients. the company's lab gotten $100 million of taxpayers money since the start of the pandemic. the lab was not properly equipped and not fully staffed and did not handle samples. thousands of people's tests were wasted. the company told us it does not pay taxpayers for spoil samples. there are three bay area locations, san jose, mountain view and san ramon. the full report we posted on new trouble for the sheriff of the santa clara. the state attorney general announced today he's opening a civil rights investigation into the sheriff's department. the investigation will look into mismanagement of the county's jail, faciliies there and
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allegations of misconduct. the long time sheriff, laurie smith is facing grand jury of misconduct and corruption and accused of granting weapon permits. investigation will correct any violations. >> this investigation comes amidst deeply concerning allegations relating to confinement in the offices and jail facility and resistance through lawful oversights and other misconduct. >> sheriff smith released a statement saying "i have always welcomed any external review of the sheriff's office, we'll immediately open all records. i have great confidence in the attorney general's office. i believe they'll provide for a fair and impartial
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investigation." we are turning the corner of the battle of omicron. what does that mean? let's bring in our expert, dr. gandhi, nice to see both of you this evening. doctor, we'll start with you, you mentioned our sewage was a good indicator that we peaked in the bay area. we passed that now. what comes next and when can we breathe easier so to speak? >> this is actually right on target in a way week after the sewage levels stopped the cases dropped and basically after that the cases continue to drop and it will take between three or four weeks. governor newsom said february 15th is when we'll be in the endemic stage. that could be right or around that time. >> are the numbers holding true? are more people getting the
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boosters, our hospitalizations rate are going down. is it accurate? >> it is not exactly related to the boosters. it is great, people should get the boosters. what's happening is we have high level of immunities so our hospitalizations did go up. about 50% of them according to marin county of what's called incidental. it is in your nose but you are there for something else. hospitalizations is just like last year is untrue. half of them are incidentals and a lot are mild. >> we track covid numbers just asking each county out are tech companies tracking these cases. >> in different way, raj, for one thing it is not sewage and certainly not as trust worthy as
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doctors, is through this thermometer. if you choose to hook this thermometer to your app, they'll know if whether you have symptoms or other fevers. those are dropping especially in major metropolitan areas, the ceo that i spoke today specifically brought up san francisco and los angeles saying that these areas are starting to see fewer symptoms week by week and that like dr. gandhi says it is a good sign. >> and tech companies are tracking how our habits are changing. what is the latest? >> we have talked about contract tracing and a lot of people are carrying our phones and many people logging into apps like four squares. this was back in 2010, people are logging onto four squares and it shows and there are changing habits in the last 12 months, we have tripled how much we are going to the movies and more than that when it comes to restaurants.
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we double air travel and almost double how many of us are going to malls. this is what it looks like in near headquarters as you watch people going from place to place. people are getting out more. they are saying hey maybe we trust the vaccinations a little more. bottom line is for whatever reason, tech companies know we are getting out more and spending money and shopping and traveling and going to the movies. >> of course they know what we are doing. dr. gandhi, london dropped its mask requirement today saying that their infections have levelled off. when will those mask mandates end in the bay area, is there any indication of what we see overseas? >> yes. they dropped masks everywhere including in schools, that's important to say. and, february 15th is the date that governor newsom has said the in door mask mandates will last. that's the perfect time to think
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about for masks everywhere to stop. the difference is it led so much immunity that's why everyone keeps on pushing into the endemic phase. what does it mean? it means that life is pretty normal except for us and the healthcare system every season thinking about covid and absolutely have to therapeutics for those who are vulnerable. just like flu, life becomes normal for the public. >> dr. gandhi, as we wrapped this up, we asked dr. fauchi and perhaps yourself, do you get a lot of social media push backs? >> i do for both sides. i said that we'll end it and people sometimes are not clear we'll go towards normal and it makes them nervous and people yell at me because they think i am pushing the vaccines too much. i don't care about that because i think the vaccines are amazing. >> we appreciate what you do.
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thank you dr. monica gandhi and scott budman. there are freebies for everyone. the masks from the government's stockpiles, they'll be send out nationwide including pharmacies. they should be available for pick up starting next week. again the white house will reveal more details to us tomorrow. what about the free covid tests if you have not requested yours yet. head to our and our app, we have a step by step guide that walks you through the process. click on how to get a free covid test at the top of our page. our question of the day, we ask on twitter, facebook and instagram, will change the type of mask you wear or have you
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already because of omicron. >> jerry leonards says no, he's worn n-95 masks all throughout the pandemic. all right, up next, we have seen plenty of mountain lions on the peninsula but never like this. two big cats fighting in the middle of the night. there is a video to back it up. it happens near as high school neighborhood. we have the details. two years of worrying and having to adjust, it was the hardest thing i have ever done. >> hardest thing he's ever done. a beloved diner in the east bay serves its last meal, it is not because they're not getting enough customers, the owner tells us why he's closing after 40 years. you are watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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stay with us.
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perfectly sized to share with a friend, coworker, or the ceo of your favorite restaurant. my new $6 tiny tacos big box. only at jack in the box. that's the sound of two mountain lions fighting in a neighborhood in belmont over night. this turns deadly as one big cat killed the other. the aggressive behavior causing police to issue a warning on the peninsula. that same surveillance video captures the after math of the attack right there on the front street near the porch.
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this happened around 2:30 a.m. on hastings drive around carlmont. the larger between the two what appears to be dragging the smaller cat. parents in the neighborhood woke up to a warning this morning, asking them to be careful as they took their kids to school. >> fascinating. i have never seen that big around here. >> i am out here several times a week and i know mountain lions live out here and foxes and coyotes. i don't find it too concerning. >> is this normal behavior and especially how concerned should we be? we are joined by a mountain lion biologist, brad nichols. nice to have you in the program. have you seen this happening in the middle of the neighborhood? >> no, not that specifically.
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it does happen common though. they're territorials. i am assuing that's a resident male which is extremely territorial. it is kind of wild to see it happen in the middle of a neighborhood but it is a pretty common occurrence in the lion world. >> you are the mountain lion whisper here. you mentioned territory, is it as simple as that, one lion crossing into another territory? >> it is possible. i spoke to the headline guy with cat fish and wildlife. turns out smaller one is a female and it is kind of a head scratcher, you would not think a male killed a female. it does not make sense. it does happen. sometimes it can get out of hand if they are breeding, too. they have been known to beat up
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females pretty bad during breeding. they'll kill another lion if it comes into their territory and sometimes what you would consider strange behavior killing a female like that can seem odd but the lion's world is pretty crazy. >> is this a one-off, could we see more of this in future? is there any way to gauge that? >> catching that on camera is wild. the people should be stoked that they caught that actually. it is going to happen in places where you don't see it or you don't hear it. if you have kittens and they hit 18 months and they disperse, you never know where they're going to end up or what they'll run into. so, it is possibly you can see this again. i think this is pretty rare to catch this even for like a
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wildlife photographer. >> brad nichols. thank you for your time tonight. hopefully we don't have to talk about this again. have a good evening. >> you too. let's move on now. here is the sign of the times of the little diner with a big following enough to keep the east bay restaurants running for nearly 40 years. until this week, foodies in the east bay are saying farewell to betty's. here is melissa colorado. >> reporter: before this area became the busy shopping center, it is today betty's ocean view diner, it was opened 40 years ago. mostly pancakes and milk shakes. neighbors we spoke to say it was
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the ambiant. >> the pancakes. my wife and i love it. >> reporter: bruce may lives in san francisco, every time he visits the bay area, he makes sure to swing by bette's ocean view diner. >> it was quite the fan base. it was nice to see the same customers day in and day out. >> reporter: back in 2004. thomas decker worked here as a waiter and alongside the owner. >> it was really fast-pace. you are constantly juggling ten things. >> reporter: decker says there were plenty of rewards, good pay and benefits and a welcoming environment. >> we share tips from the front of the house to the back of the house. >> reporter: after bette passed away in 2017, all the responsibilities fell on the shoulders of her husband,
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manfredi kroenining, and then came the pandemic. >> i just think of covid and masks and outdoors and in doors. just worrying what happens and adjusting. it was the hardest thing i have ever done. >> reporter: croning is 68 and had hopes of retiring. it was a staffing problem made worse by the omicron surge that forced him to close the restaurant for good on sunday. >> it was impossible. i could not fill the schedule. he's grateful for the diner's devoted customers but he's thankful for the much needed break. >> i am going to miss that place a lot. the coolest place. >> reporter: in berkeley, melissa colorado. >> we'll miss you too. those potato pancakes sound
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delicious. a live look at our san rafael camera. our meteorologist jeff ranieri is joining us with our forecast. will we see fog again? stay with us. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next?
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what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. some developing news in oakland. another crucial hurdles have been cleared for the a's. within the past 30 minutes, the
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oakland's planning commission gave it the okay. the commission was deciding if it will recommend to the city council that'll certify the e.i.r. the next step is the city council could vote and green light this ballpark project as early as next month. while this is a fun story, do you know this couple? a professional photographer happens to capture this magical moment after the proposal. her camera captured the couple frame. their spontaneous kiss. the photographer named is gemma keith and would love to share it with this mystery couple, jeff, who are they? do we idea. >> they got engaged last friday. >> beautiful. >> beautiful sunset. we had a good one from our sky ranger. that's popping up on the screen.
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>> look at that. >> i know a lot of people are sending in stuff about this. we should normally be getting rainfall in january so that's kind of making it the big deal. >> feels like spring and everybody is working from home. look, look at that sunset out the window. >> let's go outside. we are seeing a lot of these awesome sunsets here across the bay area. we'll take a look at what's happening as we head through tomorrow. we are looking at some fog rolling in across the bay area tomorrow morning. it is going to be patchy in nature, temperatures in the 40s. by the afternoon, temperatures are going to be going up in the 60s. 63 in concord and 65 in morgan hill and 62 in oakland and similar weather here in san francisco to half-moon bay, upper 50s and lower 50s. we are getting beautiful weather from the sierra. high pressure that's just offshore. that's going the keep the rainfall off to the north. the change we are going to see on friday is the smaller system is going to move down on the
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backside of the ridge of the high pressure. that's going to increase the winds. we are looking at some wind. we don't think we'll see red flag warning. we'll get some wind warnings here. you can see this red to magenta color. low elevations about 10 to 25. wind friday afternoon and also into saturday morning. likely over the north bay, the worst on saturday morning and as we head through saturday afternoon. we see that wind clear on out. that's going to set us out for a nice weekend. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. saturday and sunday. we'll stay with a similar trend right into next week. so besides a wind, we got nice weather coming on here, raj. maybe the barbecue on sunday, we'll fire it up. >> looks like 60 degrees warmer than green bay. >> windchills about 7 for that big game on saturday for green bay. coming up in primetime, a lot of chicagos.
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"chicago med" and "chicago fire," that's going to do it for us here. 7:00 for everyone here in nbc bay area in our newsroom and all of our employees working remotely, thank you for joining us. we'll see you 11:00.
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