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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  January 19, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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photo. >> hopefully they'll turn up. raj, what's going on next? >> trying to right the ship. president biden outlining a shift of his strategy, while attempting to salvage his agenda. yes. but we're doing more now. >> our political analyst larry gerston is going to break down if the president can turn around his sagging popularity numbers. >> plus, new entries to the travel warning list, the 22 new countries where the cdc says you should avoid going to right now. >> canceled over the 5g rollout now international carriers are deciding to cancel flights leaving some passengers stranded overnight at sfo. >> the news at 5:30 starts right now. we want to update you on our breaking news, after a suspicious device was found right in front of the federal
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courthouse in downtown oakland. we just received word seconds ago that the device was rendered safe. the fbi, the alameda county sheriff's office, the bomb squad have been out there since 1:00 after they saw a man leave the package near the flag pole inside a planting container outside the building. police evacuated the courthouse. they closed down several blocks. the investigation is still under way right now. they're trying to track down the man who left the package and they're going to investigate the package. they were hoping to keep it as contained as much as possible to give the fbi as much evidence as possible. but it is rendered safe. and they will probably open up streets and allow people to return to business in downtown oakland. we're on scene and we'll bring an update in the next half hour. you can also get an update on air and on our digital platforms. >> that's very good news. our other top story at 5:30, tomorrow marked his one year
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anniversary as president of the united states. his road has been bumpy. today, president biden held the longest news conference in presidential history. a back and forth with reporters for nearly two hours. among the primary topics, his covid response and how the country is recovering. nbc's chris pollone has more details. >> on the last day of his first year in office, a time to look back and ahead for president biden. >> the year of challenges but it's also been a year of enormous progress. >> his public approval rating lower at this point in his presidency than his most recent democratic predecessors. the ongoing pandemic looming over everything. >> almost two years of physical, emotional, and psychological weight of this pandemic, and the impact it's had on everyone. >> the white house has had success in getting people vaccinated and passed a covid relief bill, but long lines for scarce coast tests and confusing messages has left people frustrated and fatigued. >> should we have done more
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testing earlier? yes. but we're doing more now. >> in the president's first year, the economy added new jobs at a record pace. >> for the first time in a long time, this country's working people actually got a raise. >> but record inflation and high gas prices have many families on edge. and while the president won bipartisan support to upgrade the nation's infrastructure, the rest of his agenda appears doomed in an equally divided senate. >> i did not anticipate there would be such a stalwart effort to make sure that the most important thing was that president biden didn't get anything done. think about this. what are republicans for? >> the build back better spending bill and voting rights protections remain stalled. >> that's a problem that is my own making. by not communicating as much as i should have. >> the president kept his promise to end the war in afghanistan, but the withdraw chaotic. 13 americans died. now, the rise of china remains a looming challenge, as does russian aggression against
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ukraine. chris pollone, nbc news, washington. >> senior administration officials say in year two, the president will focus less on conversations with lawmakers and he'll speak more to the american people directly. >> let's bring in our political analyst lara girsen. a two-hour meeting. he spoke for 20, 30 minutes, and then it was a back and forth with the press for about 90 minutes. what was your take on this news conference? >> it was very interesting. i think you're going to see some people actually make some comparisons between president biden and former president trump, believe it or not. for example, he cherry picked some of the data, president biden did. he appeared irritated with the press at several junctures. he even said that 2022 could be an illegitimate election if congress doesn't pass the voting rights act. now, where did we hear that before? and i tell you, out of this very interesting and long exchange or series of exchanges, you kind of
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think that the staff, his staff, may have some issues with what the president said and how to deal with it come the next few days. >> he's been very assertive when he's talking about the republicans. he doubled down basically, calling them obstructionists to his proposed legislation. what does that mean for his build back better plan, his voting rights legislation, getting passed in congress? it doesn't seem like it's going to help. >> it doesn't seem like he made many friends tonight, particularly when he talked about the republican party. i mean, let's face it. this president said he was there to unify. that's why he was elected. he was going to bring the country together. i think he really tried to, but there are a couple things that come out of president biden's first year. one, he overestimated his ability to do anything about this polarization. he overestimated how he could reach out to republicans and bring them in. and two, he underestimated the extent to which the republicans in the senate would be so unified against what he was trying to do.
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so he can talk about what are the republicans for, and that's a nice talking point, but the fact of the matter is that the country is every bit as polarized today as it was a year ago, and you know, it's hard to believe that the president didn't have a role in all of this along with congress. so he's got himself a problem here, i think, in terms of the way he presented himself and the way he appears today. >> well, we're going to turn to another major event that happened today. the u.s. supreme court voted 8-1 to allow the release of several hundred trump papers in the national archives that have been sought by the january 6th select committee investigating the riot on the u.s. capitol. how significant is that? >> it could be potentially very significant. look, if if these are several hundred pages of confidential papers, exchanges, remarks, notes that the president and those close to him had, the president claimed executive privilege. the supreme court in an 8-1
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decision said he has no right to claim executive privilege as a former president, and given this type of case, they said even president nixon during watergate when he was in office wouldn't have had the power or the ability to claim executive privilege. remember, in a sense, congress is investigating the president here. one branch against the other, and the truth has to come out. there may be materials here. we don't know what they are, but the 1/6 committee believes they're important materials. talking about what the president did right ahead of 1/6, what he did during 1/6 insurrection and what took him so long to stop it. all the exchanges go back and forth. the president's thinking, the president's involvement. this could be a treasure chest of goodies for the 1/6 committee, and that's why the president was fighting so hard to keep this information from coming out. now, nothing, nothing will stop it from coming out. the committee should get its hands on it momentarily. >> we'll have to find out what it reveals.
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dr. larry gerston, thanks for your time today. >> yesterday was the debut of the free at-home testing kits for americans. tomorrow, the biden administration will announce plans to distribute free n-95 masks. 400 million n-95s will be made available for free beginning next week. they'll be given out at retail pharmacies like cvs and walgreens. the masks will come from the government strategic national stockpile which has more than 750 million masks on hand. health officials emphasized the n-95 masks protect you better than cloth face coverings. >> if you're thinking about traveling overseas, you might want to think again. the cdc is advising not to travel during this omicron surge. 22 countries have been added to the cdc's advisory list, including israel, australia, panama, and the bahamas. more than 100 countries are now on the list as nations struggle
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with this omicron spread. the cdc says you should only travel to countries on this list of more than 100 if you absolutely have to. and you're triple vaxed. >> international airlines are the latest to voice concerns over the u.s. rollout of 5g cell phone technology near airports. it's caused the cancellation of flights, including emirates and air india which left passengers stranded at san francisco airport today. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is at sfo with details for us. >> here at the international terminal at sfo, at the emirates check-in desks, there are agents here, but if you notice, the signs they have displaying only have the reservation number. that's because passengers are going to have to try to rebook their flights. it's the same situation for a group of people who were expecting to fly to delhi on air india. they arrived from fresno early this morning and found no flight and very little information. >> i don't have an idea what
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happened. just only cancel. >> on air india's twitter feed, a message to passengers reads in part, due to deployment of the 5g communications in usa, we will not be able to operate the following flights of 19 january 2022. the sfo to delhi flight is one of four u.s. routes air india canceled. it left this group scrambling to figure out how to get to a wedding in delhi. >> so what's the plan tomorrow? you're going to try to come back in the morning to catch another flight. >> stay here and then i booked 8:25 a.m. is united and go to chicago and make another to delhi. >> she wants to stay in the terminal to be ready if there are any other changes. inbig issue for international carriers is the altimeters on the boeing 777 model yet. they're concerned it would be affected by the 5g rollout because the instruments on the 777 operate on a close portion of the radio spectrum. >> a very popular plane. it's a workhorse of international travel.
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more or less replaced the 747 that everyone knew so well for decades. >> the faa cleared several other models on sunday but left the big boeing 777 off that list. other international carriers decided to substitute other jets for their international routes and continued their usual service. today, federal authorities did clear the boeing 777 and carriers are now evaluating when they will put the big jet back in rotation, so passengers need to check in with their airlines to see how their flights will be affected. at sfo, nbc bay area news. >> up next, she has three medals but no golds. maybe a new event will be the charm for olympic bobsledder alana meyers taylor. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a beautiful sunset yet again here across the bay area. i'll get you ready to go for tomorrow and the weekend coming up in about eight minutes.
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when they're sick, they get comfortable anywhere and spread germs everywhere. wherever they rest protection nothing kills more viruses, including the covid-19 virus, on more surfaces than lysol disinfectant spray. lysol. what it takes to protect. the darkest periods of this pandemic led to an explosion of
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local artwork. artists actually transformed parts of san francisco into a canvas. now, those artists are being honored with a special exhibit. in march of 2020, the beginning of this pandemic, the nonprofit called paint the void helped coordinate with out of work artists and businesses to paint those plywood coverings that they boarded up their businesses with. now, some of those plywood paintings are going on display. they're beautiful. the exhibit opens at pier 70 this friday and will run through the end of the month. admission is free, but tickets are required and can be reserved online. >> olympic bobsledder alana meyers taylor is looking for gold. the four time olympian has two silvers and a bronze. she's competing in a new event this year, a one-person bobsled. also new this year, she's a mother. her husband nick who is from hayward is a team alternate. their son niko is almost two years old and he's very active
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and very vocal. i talked with the family last month when they were training overseas. >> he's doing better than any of us here. he loves to travel. he likes being in an airplane more than a car. so we've been having a blast. >> how are you dealing with like post, you know, giving birth and getting back into shape? is your body different or do you have to train differently? >> oh, my body is completely different after giving birth. fortunately, my husband nick is my coach, so he writes all my programs. what's really cool about that is he's there day in and day out, so if niko is up all night or, you know, typical baby thinks and we have to adjust our training, he's right there. my hips are a little wider, a little softer in some areas. still out there trying to get after it, so as any mother knows, it's not easy getting your body back, and it's never, ever the same after child birth. but i just want to go out there and show that you can still perform at a high level even after giving birth. >> what a run this is from alana
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meyers taylor. >> you guys are doing it all. i mean work life balance. what's that like now? >> although we strive for balance, we know it's going to be really, really tricky, so we try to have as many overlapping things in our life as possible. we help coach each other while we're competing. that's one thing we can check off the board. i recently became a chiropractor so now we don't need to travel with sports medical professionals because i am one. >> i think the biggest thing is not to expect it's going to be a perfect balance. it's not going to be 50/50 all the time, but the biggest thing we go out to do is try to be the best version of ourselves. everything we do, and every single day, so if i have an hour to spend with niko, i'm going to be the best mom during that hour. if i have an hour with nick, i'm going to be the best wife i can during that hour. that's all we strive to do. so far, it's been working. >> this is going to be your fourth olympics. does it feel different? is it still just as exciting or
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just old hat? >> oh, every olympics feels completely different. and every journey has been crazy different. this one has been unlike anything i ever thought. yes, because i'm a mother, bull also because of covid. and niko obviously. and i'm looking forward to getting over there and doing the best i can to represent usa. >> the bay area is so proud of you. nick, we love and admire you so much. do you still have family here, or any connections? do folks come to the bay area at all? >> yes. absolutely. my entire family is still in the bay area. hayward, pittsburg, antioch, san francisco. and it's just home. no matter how far away i am, even when i'm in latvia, my heart is still in san francisco. >> we love that. >> that's like the cutest family ever. >> i know. i'm so excited for this family. our coverage of the winter games begin on february 3rd. and i'll be in beijing all next
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month bringing you stories of our local olympians like alana and nick. you can watch it all right here on nbc bay area. and they're able to bring niko so it's going to be a family affair. >> alana said i'm softer in some places. so am i, but i'm not in the olympics. >> her fourth olympics. amazing. >> we wish them the best. >> for sure. jeff, what's coming up with weather? it's going to get nice later this week. >> a lot of sunshine moving on in. we're going to start off with our forecast as we roll through tomorrow. i did want to let you know we do have some patchy areas of fog. we'll be watching out for again through the north bay, near the bay, certainly the thickest here on interstate 5 and 99. and some of that low cloud cover going down toward san jose. as we move through the afternoon, there comes the sunshine making it really excellent, as we head into your thursday forecast. when we start off, temperatures again are going to be chilly. so definitely, you have had the jacket out lately. it's another morning for that. we're going down to 39 in the tri-valley, peninsula at 41. my forecast in the south bay,
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44. low 40s through the east bay. san francisco, 44, and the north bay down to 39 degrees. daytime highs tomorrow are going to warm up a couple more degrees. i think with the increased sunshine it's probably going to be the best day of the week tomorrow. look at this, down in the south bay, mid 60s here from cupertino to gilroy. through the east bay, 62 in oakland. the east bay hills, warmer in danville at 65. we have sunshine even for the peninsula, 59 in half moon bay and 63 in palo alto. san francisco, mid 50s in the marina and 60 for downtown. let's move off to the north bay, 63 in sonoma and 65 here in clear lake. we're getting this sunshine from aeroarea of high pressure. this thing has moved in so strong. i mean, not only impacting us but even parts of the pacific northwest. it's really steering all of our rain chances way off to the north. so again, that's what we have for tomorrow. we would like to get rainfall. not going to happen, so look, at least it's enjoyable outside.
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friday's forecast, a quick turn. we see a small system drop down on the back side of the ridge. that's going to help to increase the wind. on friday afternoon, look at this bright color here, the reds and magentas, that's wind gusts in the mountains of 40 to 50 miles per hour. for lower elevations, 10 to 25 miles per hour. friday afternoon, and that would continue into saturday morning, right there. really the gustiest saturday morning over the north bay, and then i do see this clearing out and calming down with that wind as we roll through saturday afternoon. setting us up with a nice weekend. so my seven-day forecast, low 60s in san francisco saturday and sunday. and we have 50s to start off next week. and across the inland valleys we're going warmer with drier wind friday, 67. saturday, 65. and low 60s into next week. so we have some nice weather in between that wind to just kind of enjoy it. it's rare for january to see this, but february is still looking up for our rain chances. >> it's like spring almost. it's so sunny outside. >> we'll enjoy this before the
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february rain comes. thanks. >> thanks, jeff. up next, does the wine industry need mirms to survive. the new report raising the red flag about the future sales, especially here in wine country. stay with us.
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a new warning tonight from the better business bureau. be on the lookout for people using apple air tags to commit crimes. we're talking about the small disks you can link to your apple device so you can locate them at any time. criminals are using them to mark cars they want to steal or putting them in people's purses or pockets in order to stalk them. the head of the better business bureau is telling everyone to stay alert and if you see a notification that an unknown device has been detected, turn off your location services, contact apple, and contact your local police. >> new research is raising anxiety in wine country tonight. each year, silicon valley bank releases a state of the wine industry report. the 2022 version has an alarming finding that wine consumption
5:54 pm
last year was flat. no growth. baby boomers drink the most wine, but they're not going to last forever. so urgent conclusion here. attract younger wine drinkers. this has been an issue in wine country for generations. especially millennials who are entering their mid 30s. the authors have a strategy. forgetting those millennials to start drinking more wine. launch a pr promotion such as the got milk ad campaign many years ago. >> got wine? >> drink up. >> we're getting closer to game time. the 49ers leave for green bay tomorrow. tonight, we're going to check in with aaron rodgers and jimmy g., who say forget about the team's previous matchup. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app.
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and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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well, are you ready? tomorrow afternoon, the 49ers are wheels up for green bay, wisconsin. tonight, as we speak, they're practicing at levi's stadium. >> this is a rematch of the nfc championship game two years ago when the 49ers beat the packers to advance to the super bowl. this saturday, it's at lambeau field and it's a whole different enchilada. here's anthony flores. >> this game winning 51-yard field goal handed the 49ers their first loss of the season. a lot has changed since that week three meeting against the packers. >> i think both teams are a lot better. >> the packers cruised their way to the top seed in the nfc. the road was much tougher for the niners. after overcoming a four-game early season losing streak, they needed a seven-point rally in
5:58 pm
week 18 just to make the playoffs. >> we got through a lot of stuff this year, and i feel that struggle has made us who we are. >> last week, it was the cowboys. this saturday in the divisional playoffs, the niners face another historical post season rival, the green bay packers. >> we have a good mindset going into this thing. we know what it's going to be like on saturday. it will be a hell of an atmosphere. >> packers quarterback and northern california native aaron rodgers remembers watching the 49ers/packers playoff rivalry growing up. he says a moment that stands out -- steve young to terrell owens in the 1998 nfc wild card game. also known as the catch two. the former cal bear is 0-3 against the 49ers in the post season, including losing the nfc championship two years ago to the day at levi's stadium. >> i understand the history of this rivalry, the history of us against them. these are two different teams. >> the temperature at lambeau
5:59 pm
field is expected to be in the single digits at game time. a bigger concern than the cold for the 49ers is the health of a few key players. defensive lineman nick bosa is in the concussion protocol. linebacker fred warner is dealing with an ankle injury, and along with a torn ligament in his right thumb, quarterback jimmy garoppolo also has a sprained throwing shoulder. >> playoff football. we know what time it is. there ain't no time to rest right now. >> kickoff is saturday night at 5:15. anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> going to be cold. >> yeah. yikes. we have some injuries, so hopefully we can overcome those. >> jess, what's coming up next at 6:00? >> right now at 6:00, using technology to tell us exactly where we are in this omicron surge. silicon valley companies showing us an optimistic outlook. >> the large urban centers like san francisco and l.a. look like they're past the peak with the most noticeable illness decline being amongst adults.
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>> also, your tax dollars are going to this covid testing company, but is it legit? we investigate new details on a private company that government inspectors say is not properly equipped to handle tests. >> also, the new developments in the ongoing investigation into a embattled santa clara county sheriff lori smith. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. we have key updates from our breaking news that we have been covering in downtown oakland. the federal courthouse remains evacuated after a possible pipe bomb was discovered outside. we have been covering the story for the past hour. the fbi says around 1:00, a man was seen leaving a package near the flag pole. the bomb squad is on the scene, and within the last 30 minutes, the bomb squad has rendered that package safe. so does that mean we are in the clear? le


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