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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 19, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, up for grabs. while many say it's easy to order those free covid tests from the federal government, it's not been smooth sailing for everyone. coming up, we'll show you the way you can get around those hurdles. plus -- >> she lit up every room that she was in. >> from the bay area to the east coast, friends and family remember the life of michelle gowe who was pushed to her death at a subway station. and the los gatos mother
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accused of throwing alcohol-fueled parties and the reason she is a risk to the community if she walks out of jail. this is "today in the bay." we are broadcasting not only to your television but you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. good wednesday morning. >> vianey aranna is also here. >> so beautiful right here. great start. notice, it's been cloudy. we had those high clouds really dominating in our forecast. taking a look at satellite/radar, we've got high pressure that is building, getting stronger over the bay area and that's going to impact our temperatures. currently, temperatures are in the 40s and 50s to start. 50 degrees in san jose. got a couple of 30s up through
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novato. less than a quarter of a mile. santa rosa down to a quarter of a mile but also through parts of livermore and down through morgan hill and the south bay, down to five miles and even less than that for parts of gilroy. so you're waking up to morning fog. by the afternoon, our temperatures will start to warm up a little bit as high pressure strengthens heading into the weekend. so i'm going to guide you through the remainder of your workweek and a look ahead at your weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. i'll send it back to you. president biden is making good on a promise. americans can now order rapid at-home tests for free. the website went live yesterday, but not without a few hiccups. cheryl herd explains. >> you may have gotten flooded with texts and emails from
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friends telling you how to get your test kits. sandra bolton was excited and tried to order hers. >> i went online and registered. when i put in my information it said that the test kit was there are going to be delivered to that address. >> reporter: bolt on rents a room in a home in the east bay. >> i thought, oh, okay, this could be a problem. >> a big problem americans are facing. hours after the sites launched, social media was flooded with complaints about people struggling to place orders to homes or apartment buildings where other tenants may have already placed an order. >> every website launched comes with risks. >> reporter: as the white house and usps fix those bugs, what can you do if your order is not going through? you can email the postal service or call the help desk at 1-800-ask-usps. most people aren't reporting any problems, often getting their confirmation within seconds of
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checking out. so who can order tests? they're available for every residential address in the u.s., including u.s. territories and overseas military and diplomatic addresses. post office boxes are included. is there a limit to how many i can order? yes. the program will allow four per address. and when will i get my tests and how will they be delivered? all tests are delivered through the mail and will be shipped within 7 to 12 days of ordering. >> i think it's a great idea and i think it's a good idea, it just wasn't thought out because of my situation. >> reporter: one final piece of advice. make sure your address is correct, because once your order is placed, all that information cannot be changed. cheryl herd, today in the bay. >> so we tried to make it easy for you to order your covid tests, go to, click on the link in the trending bar and you will find
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information about the free tests and a link to order. a coast-to-coast connection of love and now anger following the senseless killing of michelle gowe. she was pushed to her death at a new york city subway station last weekend. >> yesterday memorials for her stretched from san francisco to new york city. >> reporter: friends, go workers and strangers gather here to honor michelle gowe. they say she must not be forgotten and the violence against the aapi community must stop. lighting candles and holding back tears, dozens gather in chinatown to remember 40-year-old michelle. >> she lit up every room that she was in. >> reporter: she grew up in fremont, an american high school cheerleader and honor student who went on to get an mba. a man pushed her in front of an oncoming subway train in new york saturday, killing her. new yorkers gathering -- >> the death of michelle ripped
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at my heart. >> reporter: calling for an end to the violence against asian americans. >> somebody who is super caring and somebody who made friends easily and somebody who was memorable and kind. it's just so unfortunate that this happened to her. >> reporter: back in san francisco, former co-workers say she was an instant friend. >> i knew her for six months and she had such an impact on my life. i can't imagine how her family is feeling right now. >> reporter: tommy lin came to the vigil from san jose to show support for the family and stand up against the violence that has his community on edge. >> it's a terrible feeling. >> reporter: mourners vowing to fight for community safety in her honor. >> i just want to say thank you all for being here. this is a horrible, senseless tragedy. we all deserve to be safe and achieve our dreams. >> now to a follow-up. a los gatos mom accused of hosting alcohol-fueled parties
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for teenagers. she faces 39 charges which include child endangerment and sexual battery. the 47-year-old mom has been in jail since her arrest in october. her attorney yesterday asked the judge to let her out on bail, but several of her alleged victims spoke out in court, pleading to keep her locked up. one of the girls said she robbed me of my innocence and left me with sickening memories that will haunt me the rest of my life. i feel she has not changed and i wolf scared and unsafe if you let her out of jail. >> here we have a pattern, a criminal pattern where she committed 39 acts of criminal conduct against children. had an opportunity to reflect on her actions and continued to commit those crimes against children. she is a danger to our society and the only way to be safe is to keep her in custody.
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>> three moms and another accuser also spoke in court telling the judge they fear for their safety if o'conner is let out of jail. her attorney said she is not a threat or flight risk. the judge pushed back any decision on bail until february. shifting gears, the major changes youtube is making to the platform, plus the way it plans to stand out against other popular apps. and free higher education. the new program announced by governor gavin newsom to help students pay for college. and it's 50 degrees right now. once again expect those high clouds to linger pretty much for the entire day, but we'll get peeks of sunshine. i'll talk about your daytime highs, what to expect heading into the weekend coming up in my full forecast.
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good morning, it is 4:41 and we've got dense fog up through the north bay and also parts of livermore. down to a quarter of a mile. but we're also seeing fog move into parts of the south bay as well. i'll have a closer look at how your daytime highs will shake out and a look ahead at the weekend coming up in my full forecast. first, let's check in with business and tech. >> good morning. wall street is set to open lower following yesterday's sell-off which was triggered by a surge in 10-year treasury bonds. the move signaling investors are preparing for more aggressive
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action by the federal reserve, including interest rate hikes. the dow losing more than 540 points, dragged down by goldman sachs after the bank reported disappointing earnings. the nasdaq, which is full of tech stocks that are sensitive to interest rates closing at its lowest level in three months. in focus today, a report on housing starts and earnings from bank of america, morgan stanley, procter & gamble and united airlines. airlines across the world are cancelling or changing flights heading to the u.s. amid the ongoing dispute over the rollout of 5g wireless service near airports. verizon and at&t agreed yesterday to delay the launch of the new service again, following an uproar by u.s. airlines on concerns it could interfere with aircraft instruments. the issue appears to primarily affect the boeing 777 jet which many international airlines use. dubai based emirates is halting flights to boston, chicago, dallas, new york and san
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francisco starting today. youtube is dropping efforts to create original programming and will focus on creators who fill the platform with content. they will invest in live shopping programs and youtube shorts, it's answer to tiktok. youtube originals started in 2019. its biggest show cobra kai aired for two seasons before moving to netflix. back to you. >> we go back and forth, right? it all comes back to regular stuff. thank you, silvana. coming up, a show of solidarity. the bold move employees at one bay area bagel shop took and it's now gone viral. plus -- they destroyed our business. >> thieves in the south bay target several atms in just one night. the surveillance video detectives are looking at in hopes of finding them. and slow it down on that morning commute, especially up through santa rosa, novato, napa
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and the livermore/south bay area. we've got dense fog, down to a quarter of a mile. how long are the clouds going to linger and what can we expect when it comes to maybe rain, sunshine? i'll have the full forecast coming up, stay with us. excuses happen. what? it's too windy.
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good morning to you. can you guess where we're looking? this is our camera over walnut creek, and we see a little bit of the haze there in the distance. the fog maybe that vianey is tracking is really thick in some
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spots and could make for some rough driving this morning, v. >> yeah, especially up through the north bay and in through livermore, even down to the south bay i'm starting to notice some of that fog rolling in. let's get right to your forecast because this is a great shot of san francisco. we've been seeing this hazy sunshine and i feel like yesterday it's also a little chilly in the afternoon, right? it started to dip down into the 50s. it was kind of a cloudy with a little bit of sunshine, so 50 degrees right now in san jose. yesterday we did have a couple of 30s on the map and we are going to see that again today, especially through some of those sheltered valleys. satellite/radar right now, this is a live look so things will remain calm. we have high pressure that's rebuilding, but i do want to get you to your fog because look at this. santa rosa, napa, down to a quarter of a mile. even less than that in novato. so the north bay has been waking up with that dense fog, but we're also seeing fog into parts of livermore, down through san jose you can see there, down to about five miles and even less than that, morgan hill, gilroy
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area, down to a quarter of a mile. so that fog and visibility factor is going to linger for the first half of your morning. as far as temperatures go, 30s in some spots. look at this, 39 in novato, 39 in fairfield. we're pretty mild in the south bay right now and around the coastline in the 40s compared to areas up to the north bay. but i love comparing how we're doing compared to the rest of the nation so let's take a look. san jose right now is 50 degrees. meanwhile in new york city, 34. but if you look at green bay where our 49ers will be playing, it's 17 degrees right now so i really hope our niners are getting prepped for the chilly temperatures that they're going to encounter heading into saturday. i'll have a closer look at that forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's look at your forecasted highs for today. 63 in san jose. so actually we're going to warm up a little by a few degrees because of this high pressure compared to yesterday. as it continues to strengthen over the bay area, danville 63, oakland 57. not much of a change around the peninsula, in the upper 50s or
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the city upper 50s as well. up through the north bay 63 for clear lake, sonoma 60 degrees. and your long-range outlook still looks dry through the end of january, so not much has changed. the only thing that's going to pick up is going to be the wind, especially heading into friday and saturday. but you'll start to notice it as early as today and even into tomorrow for some of those higher elevation areas, above 1,000 feet in the mountaintops. so san francisco seven-day forecast, i've taken this all the way through next tuesday and we don't have a single drop of rain in sight. looks a little more hopeful for the first couple of weeks of february. we'll keep a close eye on that but the wind will pick up, especially heading into saturday and sunday as well. we're talking 20, 30, 40 plus miles per hour for some of the higher elevation areas. notice the increase in temperatures. we bump up into those upper 60s into the weekend. it will be a lovely weekend. i'll send it back to you. >> i'll need you to remind me about my patio furniture later
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this week. how about serving your community in exchange for free college? this is happening because of a new state college. the californians for all college corps. 6500 students who complete a year of service get ten grand toward their education while serving their community. the list of schools include many uc and csu campuses along with private schools. this morning several business owners are on alert after a string of burglaries. take a look at this video. this is one burglary out of six in one night. thieves crashed through store fronts to steal atms. it happened overnight on monday all across san jose. damian trujillo tells us what's being done. >> reporter: police say the burglaries were coordinated by one group in the span of an hour and a half, but they credit proactive business owners for keeping the thefts to a minimum. surveillance videos show the brazen burglaries. this one is at branham liquors
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where the thieves smashed the windows with their car and made off with the money machine. then a santa clara smoke shop where the same technique is used. and on mclaughlin avenue, it appears to be the same one as the one at the smoke shop. at the santa clara smoke shop crews spent the day making repairs. >> they did a lot of damage for -- we work every day, like all day long just to make a couple dollars, and they do this. that's wrong. >> reporter: especially says joe since the store doesn't even have an atm. don's liquors does, but it appears the thieves couldn't get past the medal window bars protecting the store so the cash inside the atm was saved. no such luck at branham liquors where the thieves struggle but get the machine onto the truck. >> they destroy the business and you can see what's going on over here. they take the atm machine, which has maybe $500 in there. >> reporter: police say it appears to be a ring that struck
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overnight. they credit the many security measures some of the stores have in place. >> one of the businesses when the burglary started to occur, these guys were scared off because some lights got turned on. it sounds like these business owners are taking all the necessary precautions. >> reporter: police say they will be extra vigilant overnight in case the thieves decide to strike again. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." a bagel shop is going viral on tiktok. this is the reason why. the entire staff quit. this video shows 16 employees meeting at noah's bagels and putting in their notice at the same time. they say the manager there was unjustly fired and now that tiktok video has more than 3.6 million views. >> we're not replaceable, we're not disposable and you can't just fire somebody and not let them know. >> that shows you how tight our bond is and how close we are not just as a team but as a family. >> reporter: noah's bagels says they'll look into the matter as it takes the treatment of their
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team members very seriously. the dubs shake off their losing streak. highlights from last night's game. and happening now, walnut creek leaders have unanimously approved those buffer zones for the area around the planned parenthood clinic on oakland boulevard. police last year responded to dozens of calls there. they even made four arrests. there were also numerous harassment complaints from staffers and patients trying to head into the clinic. the new ordinance will take effect once it receives final approval. we'll be right back.
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the warriors might have needed this one after losing five of their last seven. >> last night at chase center i wish i were there, they hosted
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the pistons. again, no draymond green who's out the next couple of weeks. this time it didn't matter. did you see klay thompson make a three-pointer before halftime? boom. the warriors were rolling. klay had 21 as the warriors beat the pistons 102-86. with the 49ers bracing for the frozen tundra as they head to the next step of their playoff run, yesterday they practiced indoors at levi's stadium ahead of the big trip to green bay to take on the packers in that divisional playoff on saturday. jimmy g had limited practice. he is nursing a shoulder along with that bandaged up thumb. coach shanahan says the team is prepared for the bitter cold. >> prepare to dress warm and get your mind right. if you do, it's usually not a factor. i think we'll be all right. you know, i don't -- i don't do well in cold, but i'll be all right in a football game. i think everyone else will be the same. >> that's hard to get your
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minding right when it is that cold. look at the forecast. by halftime it will be in the high teens. they better find their long johns. the winner of that game takes on the winner of the rams/buccaneers playoff game. nbc bay area will have that game for you sunday at noon. >> and we are also counting down the days until the super bowl. you can watch super bowl lvi right here on nbc bay area. the game is set to be played in los angeles at sofi stadium sunday, february 13th. coming up, some 5g service on hold following major pushback. it was set to launch today. >> a lot of airlines fear that new service could interfere with flights. coming up, we'll try to separate myth from reality as we talk with nbc bay area's aviation expert. and we're starting out in the 30s and 40s this morning across the bay area, plus that fog. how are we looking for the afternoon? well, i've got you covered there. don't go anywhere, your full
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forecast is coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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there's a lot of talk about disappointments and things we haven't gotten done. >> right now at 5:00, one year in office. we have a report from washington on the highs and the lows of the biden presidency. plus put on pause. the arrival of the new 5g service delayed once again, but only near airports. coming up ahead, the catastrophic disruptions airlines say this could create
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for tens of thousands of passengers. we ask our aviation expert about the impacts and whether we should rebook our flights. this is "today in the bay." thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm kira klapper. laura and marcus both have the day off. we're broadcasting not only on your tv but you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. >> let's get a look at that forecast. vianey is in for kari this morning. it is foggy. >> the north bay has been waking up to morning fog for the past several days and that's exactly what we're expecting in the upcoming days as well. let's take a look right now. how bad in the visibility? down through livermore, a quarter of a mile. i'm noticing some of this fog start to creep into the hayward area, about three miles. novato, santa rosa, in through napa, about a half a mile visibility. th


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