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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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victims spoke out in court, pleading to keep her locked up. one of the girls known as jane doe number four tearfully told the judge, shannon bruga robbed me of my innocence. she has left me with sickening memories that will haunt me the rest of my life. i feel she has not changed. i would feel scared and unsafe if you let her out on bail. >> to show the court how scared they would be if they let her out goes to the bravry of these girls. >> reporter: three parents also spoke out, including the mother of two daughters who are alleged victims. she told the judge her obsession to stalk and harm will continue if she's out on bail. i fear her having access to any devices. she will further torment our children and continue to contact them.
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prosecutors argue o'connor should not be allowed out of jail because she already moved out of state once and has the money to flee again. she and her husband recently sold their $4.5 million los gatos home. her attorney declined to comment today but has argued in motions she is not a flight risk or threat. the judge pushed back any decision until early february. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. our investigative unit has been digging into the story for months. go to our website to get the latest information on this case. today the biden administration rolled out its new website that allows you to order free at-home covid tests. this comes just as the u.s. surpasses the 67 million case mark today. and our death toll is also climbing. nearly 900,000 since the beginning of the pandemic. to combat the rising cases, the
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biden administration is making good on its promise to send out 500 million tests nationwide. it launched where you can order your free test. each home is eligible to order four free at-home tests. the website says orders will usually ship in seven to 12 stays. >> the website went live quietly today, a day in advance of its formal launch. chris kamura is here to show us how you can get those four free tests and where to watch out for scammers. and chris, i did it today, and it was pretty easy, actually. >> well, ordering your free at-home test is pretty easy. took me about a minute. you start at that is the official, the only official website. look for the little american flag at the top. check your spellings. the bad guys oftentimes create bs websites, imposters where
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they're off by one letter. make sure you have the real you click on the aqua button and you get transferred to the postal service website. that's the order form. the name and address is really all they require. we saw issues with people who live in apartments and condos with a unit number. they were putting all the information into the street address box. but there is an apartment box over there. if it doesn't work, try again and make sure you got the apartment number or condo number there. using the one on the right there. you can punch in your e-mail address, too, if you want shipping updates, but you don't have to. on the right, look for your order summary there, pretty simple. there we are. four at-home tests, zero dollars and you can check out. everyone gets the same. zero dollars, zero dollars for
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four. when you press the green button, the order summary, right here, you're going to move on and land on a confirmation page. after you review your order and address and all that. check it out and make sure you got everything here that is all set. all right, now from there, they say the deliveries are going to start toward the end of the month. done, pretty easy, right? here's where it gets tricky for some families. the limit is one order peres dengs address. four tests per address, period. can you order more? the department of health and human services says no. they will only allow individuals to have four per individual address. what about people who live in a group home or granny flat and share an address. we asked the fed but did not get an answer. what about reordering?
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will there be a second phase? we didn't get an answer to that question either. i signed up for e-mail updates. the e-mail said once your package ships you will receive a tracking number and an expected date. i fully expect some bad guy to spoof the post office's of site and try to make you pay. don't fall for the scam. if anyone asks you for credit card info to get your test, they are lying to you. >> we made it easy for you to order your at-home test from the federal government. go to our website and click on the trending bar. now while the demand for at-home testing could be rising, drive-through testing appears to be slowing down. >> this is the hayward testing
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site. the line from last week, long line of cars. on the right, the line from today. there weren't as many cars waiting in line. all right, we are three weeks into the new year and some teachers and students are still taking part in those sickouts. in oakland, so many teachers called out sick that the district had to cancel in-person classes at three schools. here's why some student teachers actually want to go back to zoom school. >> reporter: this morning in hayward, school was back in session after the omicron surge forced the district to switch to virtual learning last week. this crossing guard greeted families on their way to the elementary. >> i know, i know, i miss you. >> reporter: parents tell us their children miss socializing in the classroom. >> they're happy to be back, and so are we, we want them to be able to learn. >> reporter: over in oakland, a group of teachers and students
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continued to take part in a sickout, forcing the district to shut down three schools. including bridges academy. >> i don't know what's going to happen with omicron or in the future, but currently, it's not safe to be in these schools. >> reporter: they say only 20% of students showed up to class today. >> it's like every little symptom you're getting, whether it's a headache or achiness, it's like, oh, god, did i bring it home. there's definitely stress around that. >> right now their safety is my priority and not really, you know, what is going on in my science lesson. >> reporter: the district says it is handing out kn95 masks to every single student and waiting to receive back orders for tents and tables so students have outdoor eating areas to eat lunch safely.
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the district is not planning to extend the school year to make up for losses and there are no plans to return to virtual learning. >> i believe we need to have virtual learning as an option. our students are already out of school. well, a lot students getting tested at oakland unified. the district will continue to give out test kits to students. want to break down where alameda county stands. within the last 24 hours, they added more than 2500 cases, close to a 1.5% increase from yesterday. the county's positive iterate is close to 18%. 3%, california's overall positivity rate. right now there are 428 patients
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in the hospital with covid-19. 13 people were admitted just within the last 24 hours. so a lot of questions about the covid test and vaccinations and which mask you should be wearing. so right now, we're holding a phone bank. 833-422-4255. you can call now. you'll get answers to the questions about the pandemic, what you should be doing, all that. go ahead, call the number on the website. we'll be there for you. from new york to san francisco, people are remembering a bay area native pushed in front of a subway train. this evening people mourned the death of michelle goh. police have arrested a homeless man who they say pushed him in front of a moving train in
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apparent random act of violence. >> michelle was giving. she was the best friend that anybody could have. her friends called her the ultimate friend who would drop everything with a smile to care for them as she cared for our city. >> her family released a statement saying goh loved to travel, loved to help others. another memorial scheduled tonight in san francisco. we're going to take you there tonight during our 6:00 newscast. they preyed on seniors on the streets of contra costa county. that's what san ramon police are saying about two people accused of running a jewelry theft ring. we have reaction from some of the neighborhoods where some of those crimes happened. >> reporter: our camera was there monday when police handcuffed and questioned a man and woman in an ongoing investigation into thieves targeting senior whose were
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wearing jewelry. >> i decided i didn't need to wear anything of value. >> reporter: expensive jewelry was stolen right off the wrists, necks and hands of unsuspecting victims. >> i have thought about it, but i usually go during the day walking and things like that, so i felt pretty comfortable, but it did raise a little bit of concern, what was happening. >> reporter: it happened at this intersection in san ramon. and this is typical of where all the thefts occurred, near a park or walking trail and they always took place on elderly victims. there was one in san ramon in late november. a man and woman approached her on a berkley walking trail on thanksgiving day. >> kissing me on each cheek saying you're so sweet. >> reporter: the pair who had
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children with them left with her deceased mother's heirloom necklace. >> i'm really happy to hear that. i think it's distressing to hear about these things happening in our neighborhood. >> reporter: san ramon pd refused to make an official comment on the arrest. but a police spokesman told us late last year that suspect descriptions vary greatly and there could be a network of thieves operating together. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. ahead, it's a bold move and show of solidarity. the reason the staff at a bagel shop quit, and the video that's going viral. and it's a small gesture that has the power to brighten someone's day. how they are able to help seniors in nursing homes all from the garage. and i'm chief meteorologist
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jeff ranieri. we had sunshine today. and wind is expected to kick up in the mountains. details in about six minutes s.
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. we know it can be good for the environment, but can recycling be good for your soul? >> hmm, that depends on what are you recycling. for one woman and her group of volunteers their work is bringing a bit of joy to people who face difficult times. >> garvin thomas brings us the story. >> in 2019, a national non-profit that recycles flowers into arrangements shut down its
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bay area chapter. it was just too expensive here, so they closed their doors. that's when vickie rasmussen opened her home as well as her heart. a garage in silicon valley. it's where many a successful venture has had its roots. >> so we process the flowers when they come. >> reporter: the one she started in her garage four years ago is no different. except instead of being measured in profit and stock prices, vickie and her team of volunteers measure their success in bundles. >> we have delivered 12,999 to make people happy. >> reporter: a flower non-profit pulled out in the bay area. >> this is a mixed bunch. >> reporter: she knew the need was still there and stepped up to fill the void. the flowers, primarily left over from wholesalers, collected,
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then transformed into arrangements destined to brighten homes and hospital rooms of patients, many often nearing the end of their lives. >> they are in hospice, they are dying, their families are grieving. to bring a little cheer into the house, it means a lot to them. >> reporter: and each year, vickie has seen more and more places in need of their services. volunteer diane recently spent time recuperating from injuries at valley medical center and experienced first hand what the flowers can do not just for patients but their caregivers. >> they give people something positive to focus on. >> reporter: the 25 arrangements here today are headed there. it is a lot f work for the mostly retired women, but she can't imagine stopping anytime
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soon. their work is as important as it is beautiful. >> it makes me feel good helping someone facing something horrible in their lives. it would be very difficult to stop. >> oh. >> they gather once a week on mondays to do it. but vickie says there is enough need out there that they could do this five day as week and still have people willing to take the flowers. >> it's so beautiful. i mean, flowers are such a thing that really do such your soul. you look at them, and they make you feel good. that's a beautiful thing that they're doing. >> thanks, garvin. we want to tell you about an asteroid. it is not going to harm us, even though it's classified as potentially hazardous. it is zooming past us at more
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than 47,000 miles per hour and will give scientists something to study. they want to learn about mining meteorites. >> our civilization, if it really wants to live in space, have stations there, explore planets in the solar system, we need to study. >> point your telescope to the pisces constellation. >> thankfully, it's staying away. >> are we going to have any clear skies? >> we are going to see a little bit of clear skies at times, also some fog rolling in as well. let's get you in to the microclimate forecast. midweek is almost here. we get some areas of patchy fog. temperatures in the low 40s to
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start. so another chilly morning moving in. especially in the tri valley down to 40 degrees, and we are going cold to the north bay as well at 40. san francisco 46 and the east bay at 41. let me show you that fog a little bit better. it's going to linger for tomorrow morning, right on down the central valley as well. here we go, another window of sunshine through the afternoon. that's going to make it really nice. after about two to three weeks of overcast, everyone's enjoying every single bit of it. as we head through tomorrow's forecast, temperatures warming up 3-6 degrees. put us at 64 in east san jose, 65 in gilroy and 64 in cupertino, 57 in oakland. 62 in walnut creek and low 60s back to livermore. the peninsula, 60 in palo alto. san francisco, you are also in
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the 50s. no big changes here. and that's because of that ocean breeze. that really dominates san francisco. we'll leave it at 56 in downtown and 54 for the outer sunset, let's move it off to the north bay, 64 in ukiah, back to napa, 61. beautiful weather in tomorrow's forecast, but of course it's all coming at the expense of no rain. i want to show you what's dominating our forecast, and it's this area of high pressure. it's just going to get stronger and stronger as we head through the next three or four days, keeping all of our rain chances way off to the north. seattle and portland's going to get in on some rainfall, but none for us. it's going to create very still and stagnant conditions. the air quality's going to be moderate for most of us. but down in the south bay i am anticipating unhealthy air for those with asthma or respiratory problems. you may want to limit your outdoor exposure tomorrow.
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as we roll into next week, 50s and 60s in san francisco and for the inland valley, we are watching out for mountain wind friday night in saturday morning. wind gusts of 20-40 in the mountains. but all in all the sunshine's going to make it really nice. >> i think we can deal with it. thank you, jeff. coming up, investing in students. the new plan governor newsom is rolling out to make college more affordable. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes,
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there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight.
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and protect against vision loss. we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. okay, this doesn't happen every day, an entire staff at a vacaville bagel shop quit. they quit after they say their
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manager was unjustly fired. turns out initially the manager says she was suspended, likely because of a customer plant, but no one complained. the manager and the employees are demanding to know why she was fired. and in a show of solidarity, the staff quit, posting it on tiktok. the video has gotten them 3.6 million views. >> we're not disposable, and you can't just fire somebody and not let them know. >> that tells you how close our bond is, not just as a team but as a family. >> those are some nice employees. noah's bagel says it will look into it as they take treatment of the team members seriously. in 1961, kennedy founded the peace corps. colleges launched the californians for all college corps. 6500 students who complete a year of service will receive
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$10,000. the governor calls it debt-free college investment. >> if this thing works, we can go back to the legislature. combining tech with community outreach. something new developed to help a neighborhood.
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well, challenging young coders to do their best work while supporting their community. >> eric swalwell named the winners of the congressional al challenge. the winner is chatguard, an app created by a group from american high. in second place, vision from students at american high. taking third, health buddy, an app created by a ninth grader in san ramon. they created apps. >> i knee, they're coding and creating successful apps. >> congratulations to all the winners. >> raj, what's coming up next at
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5:30. >> we have a lot going on. are we starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel here? cases are starting to drop in some places, but health officials warn it's too early to let up in terms of the covid the surveillance videos are stunning and detectives have hopes of finding them. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathai. as we've discovered the last two years, the pandemic is mostly


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