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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 17, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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also, communication has been scarce but it's clear the people of tonga are in trouble. how people here in the bay area are mobilizing who help the island nation. >> and new surveillance video moments before a frightening face-off in the east bay. these two women held up at gunpoint, their dog, purse and car stolen. >> the dog situation with the gun pointed at their head was the final straw. >> what neighbors are now doing to fight back to keep their streets safe. good evening. a lot happening on this martin luther king holiday. a mixup at a bay area hospital. some may have received lower doses of the pfizer vaccine than they were supposed to get.
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and is the surge starting to peak? and more school sick-outs planned for tomorrow. some students and teachers demanding changes, better math masks. anybody who got their pfizer dose through december may have gotten the wrong dose. there wasn't enough of it in the syringe. so what now? >> reporter: tonight kaiser patients who got a pfizer covid-19 shot in walnut creek are being notified that they may not have gotten enough vaccine. kaiser officials releasing a statement tonight saying as a trusted health care provider, we are committed to informing patients of circumstances that could affect them, even if any potential impact is not considered significant, as in this matter." in this situation, there's a possibility that close to 4,000
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kaiser members who got shots in walnut creek between october 25th and december 10th did not receive up to four micrograms of the vaccine. 30 micrograms is the recommended dose. kaiser said the difference was not significant and will still protect against covid-19. some people got 26 micrograms but it still pretty high of a dose. it wasn't so low they got like 10 micrograms or something very low. they're right that ithe same immunity. >> reporter: patients who got the moderna or johnson & johnson vaccines are not affected. this kaiser member believes mistakes are being made because of staffing. >> kaiser and many other hospital systems are understaffed because they haven't returned back to normal. >> reporter: this isn't the first time bay area patients
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have been given improper doses of covid-19 vaccines. it happened in november at a pediatric clinic at antti-och. >> the hospital says anyone affected can get another shot if they want. officials say they are closely monitoring the situation to make sure this doesn't happen again. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. take a look. in new york city the average daily case rate has dropped by by 50% in two weeks. counts falling in new jersey, rhode island and connecticut. here in california our case count isn't dropping, least not yet. there are signs of hope in our positivity rate. over the past few days, it has
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starred to level off. are we about to peak here? >> there was a paper just published today that essentially showed us that once you get omicron in your region, it takes about 30 to 40 days, it's very starred and to peak and then come down. so we're at that point now. second is our waste water. i know people have never before in their life thought they'd be looking at waste water to this degree, waste water will tell us the amount of covid in the environment because we excrete it in our stool and our waste water has already peaked and come down with covid. that means our cases should peak the next couple days and take about three, four weeks to come down at the most. >> there are answers in the sewage. there are also some setbacks tonight. at san kwenten it's getting worse. right now 228 covid positive
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inmates and more than 80 staff members are affected. this is the second outbreak at san quentin since the pandemic started. and the san jose police department is short on patrol officers because of a surge in cases and exposures. they asked officers this weekend to voluntarily fill in for patrol shifts. beginning next monday, that will be mandatory, having to pick up an extra shift as part of their schedule. back to school tomorrow but maybe not in oakland. more than 1,200 students are demanding better covid safety protocols. the boycott is being organized by three high school students. the petition was signed by 1,200 students from various campuses. the district releasing a
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statement saying in part: now late tonight we learned that staff members at three oakland elementary schools will be participating in the sick-out. acorn woodland, bridges academy and united for success academy. stay with us for our latest out of oakland and where you live across the bay area. is a good resource. need to get tested? click on the link for testing locations in your community. also tomorrow, a coast-to-coast memorial for the bay area woman killed in a shocking attack in new york city. she pushed off a platform at a subway station. 40-year-old michelle goad died
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saturday after a man pushed her in front of a subway train. she moved to new york for a career in finance. nonprofits are coordinating vigils in new york and san francisco tomorrow. the bay area memorial at portsmouth square in chinatown. >> i this friends that went to high school with her. we were all compelled that we need do something to honor her memory. it feels random but it keeps happening over and over and over again. >> reporter: speakers will include local officials and people who grew up with michelle. her family giving us a statement saying go was a beautiful are brilliant, kind and intelligent woman who loved her family and friends, loved to travel the world and to help others. the bay area's sizable tongan community swinging into
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action after a devastating tsunami hit the island on sunday. communications remain cans after that undersea volcano erupted causing the tsunami. how can you help? >> here's terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: two days after one of the most violent volcanic eruptions. >> it would be a shame to collect all these donations and get them on a ship and it gets there and nobody claims them, which we have experienced in the past. >> reporter: she has a ship leaving friday and february 4th and well welcomes donations.
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>> i would stick to water. the water has to be bad. >> she suggests a must faster way of helping tongans, the gofundme site. tongans have seen the images but the silence from the island is torturous. >> the last i heard they were not able to drink or bathe in their water. >> reporter: have you been able to communicate since? >> no. >> reporter: if you would like to find out about relief efforts, visit our web site. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> new video showing the moments before armed robbers stole a french bulldog. this happened over the weekend in castor valley but has
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happened in other spots across the bay area in recent months. specifically the french bulldog. robbers also stole one of the victim's purse, went to her home and stole her car. people are now starting a neighborhood watch. >> the dog situation with the gun pointed at their head of the final straw for me. due to heightened things that are going on right now, we definitely need to get this neighborhood watch started. the al media alameida sheri office is looking into the case and there is a reward for the dog's return home.
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tonight parents are suing over the death of their son and the family spoke exclusively. >> reporter: both parents are faculty members, their daughter is a graduate and two years ago their son, aton, was a goalie and he had just come back from winter break. >> i remember that time as one of the first moments of realization in a young person's life that they're becoming friends with their siblings. >> he was a member of the theta delta ki fraternity. he died of an overdose. >> it felt like the worst nightmare came true. >> they are now you suing the university, the fraternity and
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since other people. >> for two years we've been begging, pleading with the university hold the institutions and individuals who had any part in aton's death, to hold them accountable. for two years. for two years we got nothing. >> and the university is culpable because it filed failed to follow its own policies. >> reporter: two days before he died, he had shown signs of an overdose but recovered. >> what should have happened after that is within the residence dorm life system, there should have been reports made, there should have been an intervention, there should have been steps taken to make sure there were no controlled substance within the house. >> reporter: stanford replied saying "we were saddened to
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receive news of this lawsuit as you're community continues to mourn eitan's tragic death. we do not agree with many of the allegations in the complaint and will defend the university against the lawsuit." >> he was a brilliant life force and to do nothing to seek justice for him feels so wrong. we're back in 60 seconds. up next, the search for those covid rapid tests, coveted tests. are they getting any easier to find? what we found when we went shopping today. and the countdown is on to the winter olympics but so is omicron. the big changes announced today that you'll notice watching from home. >> and i'm tracking rain to the south of us. details on that in about seven minutes.
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we're back with breaking news. police are searching for thieves who robbed two pharmacies in walnut creek. they hit a cvs store in rossmore and the other on bancroft road. they apparently got away with prescription meds from the store on bancroft. >> members of dr. king's family making comparisons while pushing for legislation. the democrats are proposing two bills expected to be voted down by republicans this week. dr. king's son and namesake marching in washington, demanding lawmakers deliver on voting rights legislation. they're calling the legislation a partisan attempt to have the federal government take over elections. two democrats, senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema
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oppose passing bills allowing them to vote on their on. >> it's not enough to praise him. we must commit to hit unfinished worked, deliver jobs and justice, to protect the sacred right to vote. >> reporter: the president is under fire for failing to get his own part to pass a part of his agenda. some allies are fed up. bishop georgia wrote the white house slept on on the bill and now democracy is at risk. at mary jane hammond park in san jose, nearly 100 people teamed up to scrub graffiti off the benches, shovel dirt and
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pull weeds. some said dr. king united them. and from oakland, they fanned out across the city to clean up the streets. and in richmond, volunteers from bay hill's church spent hours packaging more than 10,000 meals for the needy. moving you forward, a new federal rule is now in effect, requiring insurance companies to cover the cost of those at-home rapid covid tests. but finding one of those tests is still a major challenge. >> reporter: for those who don't mind waiting, ordering the at-home tests online has been somewhat painless. >> i got them on amazon, maybe ten days to receive them. >> reporter: if you're not too picky about the brand, retailers can ship them to you as well. finding the home covid-19 test is still a challenge.
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the manager at this cvs store said she's been sold out since friday and she doesn't know when they're going to get another shipment. we checked out three different san francisco drugstores, including this walgreens, which was also sold out and the one on 26th street was fully stocked, which was a relief for david winner. >> we have some ordered. they're a week away but, hey, they're here now. we have a friend who recently tested positive. just to be safe, a couple days from now, we'll test at home. >> reporter: he went bike riding with that friend saturday so he'd like to know if he was exposed. joe was about to text his friend that the store is stocked up. >> i know they're hard to come by. i just purchased the four that i needed. i know there are people there purchasing a lot more like two cases. >> reporter: he's also going to be sending the receipts to the
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test he bought to his insurance company to get reimbursed up to $12 per test. for those who would like the government to send you testing supplies, the web site goes online wednesday. new precautions ahead of the upcoming winter olympics in beijing. tickets will only be available to select groups in china. essentially no fan, no foreigners but just some select people. the opening ceremony, by the way, is february 4th. the road to beijing goes through carmel. carmel native britt sigourney won a medal in 2018. >> when i started skating, i
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-- when i went skating i didn't know i'd have to spin both ways and now i know how to spin both ways. it's awesome to be a part of. >> she won a bronze in the women's free ski half pipe. she said this year she's just focused on having fun. our coverage begins february 3rd. our own janelle wang is heading over there. >> it's almost that time. >> yet. >> it's the winter game. i gave janelle a heads up. >> we've both don't these assignments, we know. >> we start off with a little morning patchy fog but it's
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also, yes, going to make way for some sunshine to come back in as we roll through your tuesday forecast. let's go ahead and get up ready. it is going to be chilly to start. you are going to feel it, especially in the tri-valley, down to 40 degrees, get those jackets out. south bay down to 41, coldest in the north bay at 39. daytime highs tomorrow are not going to change a whole lot. we start with patchy areas over the north bay and east bay. can you see it right there at 2:00. we get in on that sunshine and i really think that's going to make it nice and perfect for you tomorrow. let's get you into those temperatures. you can see down here across the south bay, lots of low 60s from coopertino. vallejo 58 and oakland 58. redwood city, san francisco 54,
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56 and north bay, 51 in clear lake, napa valley, 58 as well. our seven-day forecast does not have any rainfall in it unfortunately. we are really starting to see a deficit at least for the month. we're down from one to about three inches. overall rainfall is still remaining above average, at least for the season along with that snow pack. still hanging on. temperatures in the 50s to 60s here in san francisco. inland valley, very similar temperatures. by friday night and saturday morning, we'll see winds in the mountains of 20 to 40 miles per hour. we had rainfall in december so we're not expecting a red flag fire warning a the this point. friday night and saturday, it could be pretty blustery for us. >> still a lot of sunshine in the bay area. thanks, jeff. an hour's long standoff has
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come to an end. it was near valley christian high school. police say a man was waving around knives and throwing stuff off the balcony. officers spent hours trying to get him to come down. he was safely taken into custody around 7:00 this evening. we're back in a moment. up for a vote. the school board recall election set to get going in san this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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. as the omicron variant continues to rip through bay area businesses, small businesses are getting hit the hardest. we found several local restaurants adjusting to this reality.
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the fleet street cafe has been closed. avanti pizza has been shut down. >> it's very rough. yes, there are some businesses in the menlo park area that have closed, and as a business owner, it's very scary to be honest with you. >> it's not just menlo park, it's happening across the bay area. lulu's said it's fortunate to have other staff that can fill in if someone gets stick. coming up, the history for the sharks. stay with us.
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okay. it's getting real. a few weeks from now, the super bowl will be played in l.a. tonight take a look, it's pretty cool here. the roof there is also an electronic message board. inside the rams and cardinals and this about sums it up, washington arizona quarterback kyler murray, about to be sacked
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the end zone. that be would a safety. a bad decision, flips it up in the air and the rams pick it off for the touchdown. it was 21-zip. l.a. eliminates arizona in this wild card game 34-11. the rams now travel to tampa bay to taste tom brady and the buccaneers on sunday. the 49ers are loving life. here's the scene inside the locker room after yesterday's heart-stopping win against the cowboys. you see john lynch, the g.m., shanahan, coach, jimmy g. next up, a road trip to green bay, saturday evening, bring your parka and your long johns if you're going. temperatures expected to be about 10 degrees gametime. at the shark tank this afternoon, a history-making performance. we've never said this. timo meier scored five goals in
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finally tonight if you want
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to snag a camp site at yosemite, you might have to buy a lottery ticket first, not the lotto. the park is getting so popular with campers, it's starting its own lottery system. what's the prize? a reservation at the most popular camp ground called north pines. they're trying out the new system to create a fair and balanced way for people to make reservations. the lottery begins tomorrow and tickets or $10. more than 600 winners will be announced next month. good luck if you're trying to go camping at yosemite. that's going to do it for us tonight at 11:00. we hope you enjoyed your martin luther king holiday. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -


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