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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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real challenge. we'll show you ways you can get your hands on a test. and i know they are hard to come by. so i just purchased the four that i thought i needed. i know there are people there purchasing a lot more. >> what insurance companies now have to do for you. also, a violent act in new york city has a bay area family mourning. they're remembering their loved one who was pushed to her death over the weekend at a subway station. swinging into action on this mlk holiday. how some spent the day honoring dr. king. right now. thanks for being with us. a new federal rule requiring insurance companies to cover the cost of rapid tests.
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but finding a test is a real challenge. >> reporter: for those who don't mind waiting, ordering the at-home test online has been painless. >> i got them on amazon. they were very easy to get. >> reporter: if you're not picky about what testing brand you get, cvs have tests they can ship, as well. but finding the home covid-19 test is still a challenge. the manager here says she's been sold out since friday and doesn't know when they'll get another shapement. we checked out three different stores. this walgreens at castro at 26th street. that one was fully stocked. >> we have some on order, that we ordered online that are a week away. but hey, they're here now. we have a friend who recently tested positive.
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so just to be safe, a couple days from now, we'll test at home. >> reporter: he went bike riding with that friend saturday, so he would like to know if he was exposed. spotting the at-home test is a big deal for joel. >> i just purchased the four that i thought i needed. i know there were people there that purchased a lot more. >> he's going to be sending the receipts for the test he bought to his insurance company to be reimbursed. and for those that do not have insurance and would like the government to send you some at-home tests, the website goes online wednesday. order up to four tests for free to be delivered within a week or two. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> wow, that's great that they snagged some. the covid-19 outbreak spreading across san quinten is getting worst tonight. on thursday, we told you 65 inmates were positive.
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by saturday, it was 116. right now, 220 inmates are now positive. the prison says more than 80 staff members have the virus. while 90% of inmates are vaccinated, only 75% of the staff have received the shot. this is the second outbreak since the pandemic started. covid is causing the san jose police department to be stretched thin. sources say that covid cases and exposures are leaving the sjpd patrol unit short on staffing. starting next monday, they are requiring all officers to work patrol as one of their weekly shifts. you may have heard about people losing their sense of smell after contracting covid. researchers are getting a step closer to figure out why that is happening. a new study was published today that identified a genetic risk
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factor associated with the loss of smell. six months after contracting covid, as many as 1.6 million people in the u.s. are still unable to smell or have experienced a change in their ability to smell. the exact cause is not known, but scientists think it stems from damage to infected cells in a part of the nose. this covid surge is likely hitting your favorite restaurant. many local spots have been forced to close temporarily to give employees just simply time to get healthy. scott budman shows us how this is all playing out on one bay area street. >> due to the current situation with covid, we decided for the safety of our staff and each of you to remain closed. >> reporter: that's the message left by this cafe. it's been closed this past week due to covid. they plan to reopen soon.
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across the street, they also closed because of sick employees. they hope to reopen wednesday. >> right now, we feel like we're in the thick of it again. >> reporter: natalie owns lulu's mexican restaurant just down the street. >> we're doing everything we can to keep the doors open. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. the united states has now recorded 66 million covid cases nationwide. at the moment, we're averaging more than 800,000 cases per day. this time last year, it was
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close to a quarter of a million cases per day. tonight, the family of the woman killed in this weekend's shocking subway attack in new york city is speaking out. the tragedy happened saturday at a subway station in times square. a homeless man allegedly pushed 40-year-old michelle go into an oncoming train. the suspect is facing murder charges now. there is no indication he knew go or interacted with her. he was scheduled for a mental evaluation yesterday. we want to show you the picture her family shared with us yesterday. she got her undergrad at ucla and mba from nyu. the family released a statement saying, we hope michelle will be remembered for how she lived and not just how she died. she was a beautiful, brilliant, kind and intelligence woman who loved her family and friends loved to travel the world, a
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loved to help others. a special day around the country, as so many are honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king. today, vice president harris spoke from washington, d.c. his family and georgia specials gathered to commemorate his birthday. martin luther king, jr., would have been 93 years old this year. >> dr. king was a prophet. he was a prophet in that he saw the present exactly as it was, and the future as it could be. and he pushed our nation toward that future. >> vice president harris called attention to the importance of the voting rights reform, which is going through congress now. the mlk holiday has evolved into a day of service, a way to
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give back to your community. marian favro spent the day cleaning up the park. >> reporter: here at the san jose park, volunteers shoveled dirt and joined weeds, joining hundreds of others, who chose martin luther king, jr. day as a time to give back to the community. shoveling dirt, scrubbing graffiti off a table, nearly 100 volunteers cleaned up the park in san jose. many we talk with say it's a way they can make a difference and honor dr. king. >> i think he would be happy to see that on this holiday, we're here all together, working together to make our community a healthier, more beautiful place. >> bringing everybody together and just doing what's right. >> reporter: in oakland,
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fanned out to clean up the street. the mayor says it's a reminder of the work still needed. >> and also to remember that justice will not be receivabled until the time we don't need to have a food bank, where we don't need to organize volunteers to keep a neighborhood clean. that will be justice. >> reporter: in richmond, volunteers from bay hill's church spent hours packaging more than 10,000 meals for people around the world. >> dr. king was all about all of humanity. he said, everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. >> reporter: and serve they did, in parks, on streets, in churches. united and inspired by dr. king's legacy. marrian favro, nbc bay area news. up next, after an eruption and tsunami felt all over, people from the bay area are desperately waiting to hear from loved ones in tonga. we'll speak with the local tongaen community, next.
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll update you on where we are for the rainfall season and the major deficit we're see thing month. that's coming up. right now as we prepare to join you in the west, the new alarm sounded over the 5g wireless rollout. and rising manatee deaths in florida. our access to where sick manatees are being treated on "nightly news."
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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the eruption of an underwater volcano and tsunami over the weekend cut off the island of tonga from the rest of the world. but today, some of the neighboring islands were able to assess the damage with surveillance flights. the tsunami disconnected phone and internet lines for the entire island. now initial reports suggest there were no mass casualties, but there was a lot of property damage with some resorts getting wiped out. tonga leaders are concerned, because the island is covid free. the telephones that work on the island have been restored, but the main concern is a fresh water short an. cut off from the rest of the world. that's the situation for people in tonga after this weekend's volcano and tsunami. the bay area has a sizable tongan community and a lot of people are awaiting word from their loved ones. here's robert handa.
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>> reporter: we're here at one of several tongan businesses on the peninsula, where we talked to quite a few people who say not knowing what's going on is torturous. workers here are trying their best to conduct business as usual, but they know what the community is going through is anything but normal. those who got some word early are not encouraged. >> they're not able to drink the water. the last time i heard they were not able to drink the water and they wouldn't bathe in their water. >> have you been able to communicate since? >> no. >> reporter: that was the main concern they have been hearing. he points out the tongan community, about 60,000 strong, is spread out by many come to a store to buy home food. the communication outage from the tsunami is what they're talking about. >> i've been talking to every
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customer that has been in here. they lost connection. that was the biggest worry. >> reporter: others were trying to organize relief efforts, saying despite the communications breakdown, they're not going to wait. >> the community is very concerned. but you don't have to be tongan to help. it's important that we get everything ready. >> reporter: a number of churches say they're planning to mount relief efforts and hope to hear from the victims soon to know what is needed. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. we continue to follow this story very closely. find the latest developments at it's a good resource there. just click on the link. heavy snow is pummeling parts of ohio. check out this video in cleveland with whiteout conditions. drivers were asked to stay off
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the roads. cars were stranded. cleveland transit authorities said 35 of its buses got stuck in the snow. more than 25 inches of snow has been recorded in ohio. in western new york, a similar scene. in rochester, snow crews worked around the clock to keep those roads clear and some counties 20 inches of snow fell. oh, my gosh! so much work. >> and another storm this saturday and sunday, but it will hit the 95 corridor. so if anyone is traveling, d.c., new york city, boston, 6 to 12 inches this weekend. >> here we've got something just pretty stable here, like 60s. >> we've got sunshine. it hasn't been too bad, and that sun today made all of the difference, you guys. check it out, though. we are so close to some rainfall
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here that's happening in central and southern california. this storm system is going to stay to the south tonight, so no big hopes of rainfall from this. but of course, it brings out the point of what is happening with january? we're seeing the storms either go way to the south or way off to the north. we did awesome. we did incredible in october. also in december. and then now we have seep this dry weather recently. look at the monthly arming, down 3.28 inches in santa rosa for the month. how does that calculate into our seasonal averages? because we had that above rainfall in october and december, we're looking okay for the season, but these numbers, again, are starting to slip. we are 6.18 inches above average in santa rosa. 7.52 inches above in san francisco. so it doesn't look like any major rain chances coming this
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month. it still looks good, at least by the beginning part of february to bet more rain chances in here. okay. the rainfall we just showed you is coming from a system that's off to the south. tomorrow, that moves to the east. and that's going to allow more sunshine to come back in, and fog here for the morning. tuesday morning forecast, we'll start it off in the low 40s. definitely have your jacket out. if you've been doing some work from home and you have to go to the office, make sure. 41 here through the south bay. 43 with some of those patchy areas of fog. 42 in the east bay. the north bay at 41. daytime highs tomorrow, not too many big adjustments, just a couple degrees cooler. 62 degrees in cupertino. we could get some patchy fog. peninsula, we stay cool all day
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long. 57 in redwood city. 54 in daley city. san francisco, 50s continue from the marina to the mission. and let's take it off to the north bay. 63 in ukiah. 60 here in sonoma. dry the next several days. in san francisco, 50s to low 60s and 40s for morning temperatures. no big changes. by friday night, saturday morning, we'll get wind in the mountains. 20 to 40 miles per hour. we did have that rain if december. so i don't think we'll see fire warnings at this point. but we'll keep an eye out friday and saturday. i know we have been starved for sunshine. it's coming in this week, it will be nice to get at least a little vitamin d. >> mid 60s, wow. that's california for you. the moments before a french bull dog was stolen in the east bay. what the neighborhood is now
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doing as the search continues for the beloved pet.
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the daytime robbery where armed thieves took a french bull dog over the weekend was the last straw for a neighborhood in the east bay. as the victims plea for the return of tito. >> reporter: a home security camera got video of tito seconds before several thieves took tito at gunpoint, and drove off in a stolen suv. >> i board dogs here, so i have a lot of them coming in and out of my house. so it's definitely scary. >> reporter: celia knows she will be looking over her shoulder and avoiding dog walks where property crimes have been on the rise. >> sad reality, that's the world we live in. >> reporter: two of her neighbors are taking it a step
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further by organizing a watch group so neighbors can look out for each other. >> due to things that are going on, we need to get this neighborhood watch started. >> the dog situation with the guns pointed at their heads was the final straw for me. >> reporter: pam woodson's security video captured that of tito and the owners. >> my video capras are tracking people walking through this neighborhood in the middle of the night. >> like they're casing it. >> yes, like they're casing the neighborhood. >> reporter: and fittito's fami is asking the thieves to return the dog. the sheriff's department wants to talk to anyone about the suspects or the whereabouts of the dog. tom jenson, nbc bay area news. celebrating the late betty white's 100th birthday, the los angeles zoo is honoring her
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today. a ceremony was held in the plaza named for her late husband. she died on new years eve. this morning, guests were invited to share a favorite betty white memory. >> her kind nature and sweet disposition was very infectious. her love for animals shined through in everything she did. i think what we're seeing is the public responding to her and her amazing support of the los angeles zoo for over four decades. >> the zoo is accepting donations in her name. okay. up next, a tough ticket to get. how you can score a reservation at yosemite. coveted spots are available beginning tomorrow. we'll explain.
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when did it become so hard to go to the assembly. it used to be easy. yosemite is now testing a new lottery system. >> if you win the lottery, the prize, a reservation at the park's most popular camp ground, north pines. the winners will be announced in february. they'll give out 600 tickets. so 600 winners so enter the lottery. $10 is not refundable. the national park is trying out a new system to create a fair way for people to make
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reservations. tonight at 7:00, has enough change of civil rights in this country taken place? we'll talk to a historian from stanford who spent decades dedicated to martin luther king. and it wasn't a drill. did the tsunami warning system work over the weekend the way it was supposed to? up next on "nightly news," more on the worries from the airline industry, as they say flights could be disrupted in a couple of days because of new technology aimed at speeding up your internet and phone service. that and more right now on nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. breaking news tonight, the deadly winter storm pounding the east coast the powerful blast of snow, ice, rain and wind 11 states seeing snowfall in double digits thousands of flights canceled, dangerous conditions in the south causing hundreds of crashes and at
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least two deaths tornados in florida destroying dozens of homes. also tonight escaping the texas synagogue standoff the rabbi describing throwing a chair at a gunman so he and two other hostages could run away and the terror investigation. new reporting on how the gunman was finally taken down. new hope in the covid crisis is omicron peaking in the early hot spots? what they're seeing. but hospitals still in crisis mode, and the biden administration preparing to roll out free tests. the urgent warning just days before major carriers throw the switch on 5g wireless. why airlines' ceos are warning 5g will cause catastrophic flight disruptions. on this martin luther king jr. day, his family leading a march on washington. their call to action on voting rights the race to save the manatees our broadcast exclusive as four young manatees from seaworld get a new home. and e


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