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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 17, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and the sheriff's department for protection. they said property crimes have been soaring lately. >> my neighbor next door had his van and trailer stolen about two weeks ago. there was a car break-in down here. another neighbor he had people -- he found people in his backyard. >> reporter: but what happened on saturday fell too close to home. we caught up with pam and her neighbor, christine louis, going door to door organizing a neighborhood watch group in response. >> due to the heightened things going on right now we need to get this neighborhood watch started. >> neighbors know the sheriff's department facing staffing issues so they plan to be the eyes, ears and cameras for each other. >> we are a strong community. you know, this can't continue. >> the family just wants tito back. in castro valley, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. now to our pandemic. the nation hits another grim
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milestone. the u.s. has now recorded 66 million covid cases nationwide. at the moment we're averaging more than 800,000 cases a day. this time last year was closer to a quarter of a million cases a day. omicron continues to rip through bay area businesses and toetd we learned about some that are making big moves. they are shutting down temporarily. tonight scott budman focuses on one street in menlo park. >> lulu's mexican restaurant in menlo park is doing brisk business, but its owner said each day is a struggle to find enough helping staff. >> the pandemic has been very, very difficult for our industry. >> the restaurant industry has been hit hard by covid. look no further than down the street from lulu's -- >> due to the current situation with covid we decided for the safety of our staff and each of you to remain closed a little
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longer. >> where flee st. cafe has been closed because of covid concerns. the good news here? >> stay safe. >> and across the street at a avanti pizza, he hope to open wednesday. >> there are businesses in the menlo park area that have closed. it's -- as a business owner it's very scary to be honest with you. >> trying to stay open for business one day at a time. in menlo park, nbc bay area news. a kaiser hospital in the east bay may have given out the wrong dose of the covid-19 vaccine. the kaiser in walnut creek today contacted nearly 4,000 people that received the pfizer vaccine
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from october 25th to december 10th of last year. people may have received slightly less than recommended dosage because of staff misunderstanding. the dose likely did not lower protection from the virus at all. the hospital is offering repeat doses for those that want a repeat shot. some high school students will not be in school tomorrow. the boycott is taking place in oakland. the sophomores got 1,200 students to sign a petition. it calls for districts to move classes to online instruction and is asking for pcr rapped testing every week and kn-95 masks for all students. we are already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in this petition. we will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. we thank our students for staying in front of these issues
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and bringing their concerns to district leadership. that planned student boycott comes cases as up and down the straight are steadily climbing still. today the state reported more than 300,000 new cases and appears 5% increase from last week. during this time last year we were past the peak. look at the graph, and can you see we are on the upward trend. currently more than 14,000 patients hospitalized with covid. how many of those patients are vaccinated and how many are unvaccinated? state data shows the majority of the people in the hospital are unvaccinated. that's the white line, the top line. the yellow line represents vaccinated patients. this is a snapshot of the two previous months. the yellow line at the bottom, you can see it remains largely unchanged and steady. the white line is seeing spikes and dips on november 1st, 37 people, and for every 1 million
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were hospitalized in the unvaccinated group and it drops lightly in november and then climbs again. >> i think one of the myths of omicron is that it's mild. sure, it's not as bad as previous experiences, but people are still coming into the hospital because so many people are infected and that's why you are seeing hospitalization rates increase and hospitals are beginning to break at the seams. >> nationwide there are 150,000 covid patients hospitalized right now. a follow-up on the covid-19 outbreak spreading across san quentin tonight. we first brought you the story late last week. it's getting worse. 65 inmates were positive on thursday, and then jumped to 116 two days later, and now 120 inmates are testing positive and more than 80 staff members have
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the virus. only about 75% of the staff have received the shot. this is the second outbreak at san quentin since the pandemic started back in 2020 and it was one of the worst hot spots. testing continues to be in high demand and people are paying big bucks to learn their covid status. some are paying up to $300 for a rapid pcr tests. state and federal regulations require tests to be free. experts recommend saving your receipts and extra charges are not covered like paying for fast results and the state is looking into price gouging complaints. and then people are taking to social media to help others where they are finding the at-home tests. we will find out where you can find them tonight at 6:00.
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you can go to and click on the covid link and you can find a place near you. a woman killed in a random attack in times square grew up here in the bay area. her family is speaking out for the first time. 40-year-old michelle go was killed after being pushed in front of a subway train. her family says she went to new york to get her nba and worked her way up in several financial firms. today they gave us a statement saying, quote, we hope michelle will be remembered for how she lives and not just how she died. she was a beautiful, brilliant, kind and intelligent woman and loved her family and friends and loved to travel the world and help others. honoring the legacy of martin luther king jr. today vice president kamala
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harris spoke from washington, d.c. her speech was shown virtually at ebenezer baptist church. that's her family in georgia and dr. king would have been 93 years old this year. >> dr. king was a prophet. he was a prophet, and he saw present exactly as it was and the future as it could be. he pushed our nation toward that future. >> the vice president also used her mlk day speech to call attention to the importance of voting rights reform. and today has become a day of service in a way to give back to their communities. marianne favro spent the day cleaning up the park.
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>> dr. martin luther king jr. once said, everybody can be great because everybody can serve and that's what hundreds of volunteers did throughout the bay area today. >> today may be a holiday from jobs or school, but these volunteers are not taking a break from work. they are shoveling dirt at the park in san josé, and many we spoke to said it's a way to make a difference and honor dr. king. we are working to make our community a better place. >> and definitely nonviolent approach to finding justice for everybody. >> in oakland, a team from higher ground neighborhood development fanned out across the city to clean up the street. mayor libby schaaf said the annual tradition is a fitting
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triple to the civil rights leader. >> dr. martin luther king jr. stood for community and justice. today is a day to reignite our commitment to being a community. >> in richmond, volunteers from bays hill church spent hours packaging more than 10,000 meals for people around the world. >> when you can find common ground like that it's such an honor to his legacy he focused on what unites us. >> inspired by dr. king's legacy. nbc bay area news. a tsunami over the weekend cut off the island of tonga from the rest of the world. the tsunami disconnected phone and internet lines for the entire island. initial reports today suggest there was no mass casualties but a lot of property damage with some resorts getting completely wiped out. tonga leaders are concerned over foreign aid delivery spreading covid because the island right
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now is covid free. telephone networks on the island have been restored but the main concern is the fresh water shortage. families in one of the bay area's tongan communities say it's hard to help when they cannot get in touch with their families. >> i just am praying for them, you know. they made an announcement in church yesterday to pray for the people on the island. >> and local markets are putting together supplies to put on the island when they are able to communicate with them again. and we will speak with our infectious disease expert about the covid infections, coming up next. i am chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. we are tracking showers over
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central california and i will let you know what that means for us when we come back. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting
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throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. continuing our coverage of the covid surge, right now the state's positivity rate is at 21.5%, and as cases and hospitalizations continue to rise, many health leaders are predicting this latest surge will end soon. joining me now is infectious disease expert, dr. monica dondi. you were telling us some of the indicators that the surge might be ending soon. can you tell us about those? >> yes. a couple things. one is that there was a paper
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just published today that essentially showed us that once you get omicron in your region it takes about 30 to 40 days, and it's very standard to peak and then come down. we are at that point now. second is our waste water. i know people never before in their life would look at waste water to this degree, and waste water will tell us the amount of covid in our environment, and the waste water already peaked and came down with covid and that means the cases should peak the next couple of days and then come down and that should take three to four weeks to come down at the most. >> hospitalizations rates are still going up. why is that? >> so a couple things. waste water goes first and then the cases start coming down after that. actually, hospitalizations are not going up. for example, the ucsf pediatric
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hospitalizations have plateaued and working in the hospital last week our hospitalizations are spotting to plateau, but it will take a couple more days for our cases to peak. hospitalizations peak and then after that it will come down. again, the waste water goes first. >> okay. >> give it another week. >> that's good. that's very promising. the people in the hospital now, we know most are unvaccinated. are they in the hospital with delta, omicron, both? >> well, this is an excellent question. so the cdc director three days ago said likely our deaths are -- our residual deaths in this country are from delta, and delta had to come down and omicron took over. the study showed out of 52,000 people in the hospital, nobody needed a ventilator and they had
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shorter stays. however what is going on in the hospital right now, those unvaccinated are the most sick and there are a lot of people testing positive because we test everybody in the hospital, and l.a. county estimated about 67% of people who are hospitalized are there that incidentally test positive. that's true across highly populated regions and the rest are there for covid. >> during the pandemic, we see surges every time there's a new variant. will this be the new normal every time a new variant develops? >> the difference now is that a lot of people are getting omicron. what would make you be able to fight the next variant seeing the entire virus, because then you developed immunity across the entire virus. a lot of people were exposed to omicron, and dr. fauci said last week everybody will probably be exposed to omicron, and all the people who have have essentially
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developed immunity across the whole virus. say a variant comes in six months, and that variant may have mutations that you just developed immunity across the entire virus, and i am not saying to go and get omicron, but a lot of people did get omicron. >> that could start to snuff it out. >> yeah, thank you. >> thank you. some mental health clinicians at kaiser were told they have to report to work today despite the mlk day holiday. so they went on strike, and they called it a day of action. mental health workers from the oakland and richmond sites say they want to also draw attention to what they claim is staffing inequities of people of color in there departments. amonths our mental health staff, 37% are comprised of culturally
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diverse professionals. and kaiser also said mlk day will be a paid holiday starting next year. the winter olympic games are still on course, and before today tickets were going to be available to locals mainly in china, and because of the covid surge going on there as well only select groups will be allowed to buy tickets. the international olympics committee made the announcement today. our coverage begins on february 3rd. you can catch that here exclusively here on nbc bay area. jeff, happy monday. with the holiday, people headed off and we saw some sunshine. >> yeah, kind of a mixed bag. we have some sun and clouds and comfortable temperatures. i wanted to show you what's happening, what has been bringing in the cloud cover even through last week. it's a system that lingered
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offshore. it's now finally starting to move across california. yes, we have showers with it across central and southern california, but we too expect the system to stay off towards the south tonight. no big rain chances for us, again with this system keeping the best chance of showers towards central and southern california. tomorrow i am seeing a change. this will finally after about seven days start to push here off towards the east. that will cause increased sunshine and fog to deal with in the morning. let's get you ready to go on the tuesday morning forecast. it's going to be cold. you will feel the chill. if you forget your jacket, you will head out and then say wait a minute and go back in and get the jacket. the southbound down to 41. the east bay, 42. san francisco, 46. the north bay 41 with areas of patchy fog. right across the north bay to
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the east bay and peninsula, some of that fog and then here through the afternoon, you can see it here, 2:00, we will get increased sunshine and it will be a beautiful day as you head through your tuesday. not too many changes with the temperatures, a couple degrees cooler with the system pulling away. south bay, lots of low 60s. 62 in morgan hill, and right across the east bay, 59 in antioch, and down to hayward, 60 degrees. the peninsula coming with 54. lots of that chill here through the peninsula. that will continue into san francisco. 54 downtown, and over to the mission, 56. light winds out of the west here at 8. for the north bay, 58 in santa rosa. napa, 59. mill valley, 58 degrees. on my 7-day forecast, what you will see is continued dry weather over the next several days and subtle day-to-day
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differences. not too many large temperature changes, and we could get more sunshine in here just to switch it up for us. across the inland valleys, the thing i want you to see here is once we hit friday's forecast, i am looking at wind coming in, friday night, 20 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts and that will continue into saturday morning as well. that would give us full on sunshine friday and saturday and dry through the next seven days. thankfully we had the rainfall in december or we would be looking at red flag fire conditions. again, we will watch for that friday night and saturday morning. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead, ralph lauren jumping into the metaverse.
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ralph lauren has found a way to target younger shoppers, the metaverse. you may remember when mark zuckerberg introduced the metaverse a couple weeks ago. now the clothing company is offering virtual visits at its flagship store on mad sin avenue. the idea is to attract the next generation of customers who are already accustomed to spending significant amount of time online. and then yosemite to test lottery system for camp grounds. it will begin tomorrow and winners will be announced in february. more than 600 winners, and the park is trying out the new system to create a fair and balanced way for campers to make reservations. coming up, a special tribute to the late betty white. she would have turned 100 years old today.
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google is celebrating the late betty white on what would have been her 100th birthday today. type betty white into the search
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bar and a bunch of rose pedals fall on to the screen along with the message thank you for being a friend. the betty white challenge is asking people to donate $5 to rescue shelters in the name of betty white. white known for the character named rose on "golden girls." >> i smile and just laugh every time i see footage. >> the challenge is only 5 bucks, and a lot of people will participate. here's what is coming up at 5:30, on this national holiday the family of martin luther king jr. sends a strong message to congress. they want lawmakers to act now to protect voting rights. >> will we stand against voter suppression, yes or no? will we stand against the election sub version, yes or no? i know where i stand.
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>> how republicans, though, are reacting tonight. we will be joined by our political analyst, larry gerston. moderna is working out a game changer to fight covid and the flu. how soon could a combined single shot vaccine be ready. once we get through the surge fueled biome cron, could it be the end of the pandemic. dr. fauci talks about the future of covid. unless something changes, democrats


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