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tv   Today  NBC  January 14, 2022 7:00am-9:01am PST

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years. >> a nice look back. >> have a great weekend, everybody. thanks for joining us. good morning, here it comes. a major winter storm on the move set to wreak havoc on the holiday weekend. 51 million people on alert. heavy snow expected from the midwest to new england, a dangerous blast of ice in the south. al has everything we need to know. blocked, the supreme court dismissing the white house's vaccine mandate for the work place. but this morning some major companies pushing back, announcing they still plan to making workers get that shot. so what does it mean for you? we'll bring you the very latest. fatal blow, overnight a new
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setback for president biden's push to get a voting rights bill through congress after a face-to-face with two democratic holdouts fails to move that needle. where does the fight go from here? down under, and out, australia cancel's novak djokovic visa again as attorneys head to court to fight his removal from the country. those stories plus, stunning rebuke, the queen stripping prince andrew of his royal and military titles as he now prepares to face a sex abuse lawsuit as a private citizen. we are live at buckingham palace with what it all means for the royal family. and happy anniversary! we are celebrating 70 years of "today." >> i really y believe itit begi new kind of television. from the iconic events that changed the world to memorable moments and lots of laughter. >> i love you. >> join us as we look back and
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toast an american institution. today, friday, january 14th, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," 70th anniversary, with savannah guthrie, and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." this is january 14th, the official moment, the official start, the 70th anniversary of "today." we were so hoping savannah would make it in, she's still recovering from covid, she will join us from home in just a little bit. but we are in the middle of honoring this incredible milestone we're going to do it all morning long. >> we'll look back at the many memorable moments over the past
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seven decades and share a few special surprises along the way. including this. check this out. you are looking live at the iconic empire state building it's decked out in "today" orange in honor of our anniversary. >> we flipped that switch yesterday it was so much fun. but we want to begin with a look back at today's timeline. it was 7:00 a.m. on this day right now, 1952 when "today" first went live from the rca exhibition hall on the street level of rockefeller center. dave garway was the host of the first broadcast. before dave, most stations just showed test patterns during this hour. >> 13 years later, "today" would be broadcast for the first time entirely in color. the famous nbc peacock logo kicking off the show every morning. >> let's fast forward to 1974, barbara walters became the first female anchor of the show.
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she started ten years earlier, working as a writer and reporter. despite her big interviews, breaking stories she covered, she was not allowed to be cohost until the mid 70s. >> eight years later bryant gumble joined becoming the first african-american host. >> and 1994, bryant and katie, opened up the plaza to the beloved crowd, it was a staple of the show's early days. in a memo leading up to the debut, pat weaver wrote that the goal was for america to be well informed, amused, to be lightened in spirit and in heart and to be reinforced in inner resolution through knowledge. so look at us, 70 years later, that is still our goal. >> every morning for 70 years. and on that note, let us start this morning with our top story. the massive winter storm that's going to impact tens of millions over the days ahead, all across the eastern half of this country. >> of course, al roker is our man in the know. so good to see you on our 70th.
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>> good morning. wish we had better news. first of all, let's talk about the cold. wind chill advisories, warnings in the northeast, new england, chills as cold as 40 below. tomorrow morning feels like minus 35 in burlington, 5 in pittsburgh, washington d.c. is going to feel like 6. now here comes this big storm 51 million people looking at. this we're looking at snow already coming out of the dakotas spreading as far south as central iowa. and this is going to push down to the south. look at this. we're talking anywhere from 6 to 9 inches of snow. some places could pick up to 12 inches before it's all over. then that system dives to the south and travels up the coast. to the east of i-95, heavy rain and wind. to the west, major ice storm and snowstorm developing. that ice storm could cause major
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problems, could be crippling effects, ice totals into the carolinas and all the way down to far northern georgia could have major, major issues. and then again, heavy snow stretching from the spine of the appalachians all the way to interior pennsylvania, new york, and on into new england with highest totals up to two feet. if this system drifts anywhere 25 to 30 miles to the east, that snow line will will drift to the east as well. and we could be looking at major problem as far as new york and the i-95 corridor. either way, strong winds and flooding along the coast with gust officials 50 miles per hour. >> all right, al, we'll come back to you in a few minutes. also this morning, amid the coast-to-coast scramble that surrounds surging covid cases and the relentless demand for testing, the biden administration is not finding support for work place vaccine mandate from the supreme court. gabe gutierrez has the latest on this one. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning.
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the decision came down 6-3 with the six conservativives on one side and the three liberals on the other. but a separate vaccine mandate for health care workers will stand. this morning opponents of covid vaccine mandates celebrating a major victory in the nation's highest court. >> if allowed to move forward, this mandate would have dire and far reaching consequences particularly in rural america. >> reporter: the supreme court blocking the biden administration vaccine mandate or test mandate, conservative justices writing the occupational safety and health administration, osha, can't regulate public health. president biden arguing if his administration hadn't put vaccine requirements in place we would be experiencing a higher death toll from covid-19. >> we were doing this to keep americans safe and get americans
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back to work. >> reporter: james crocker said he was worried a third of his workers in florida would resign rather than take the vaccine. >> i saw the mandate from the very beginning as perhaps the greatest example of government overreach. >> reporter: still in a separate decision thursday, the court did allow similar vaccine rules to stay in place for medical facilities that accept medicare or medicaid payments. >> cover 17 million health care workers at 76,000 medical facilities. the supreme court upheld it. >> reporter: but as the omicron surge rages health care staff around the country are rallying for better working conditions. >> i think nurses have more responsibilities. >> reporter: even as covid cases appear to be leveling off in some east coast cities, the biden administration now says it'll make higher quality masks available to americans for free and buy another 500 million rapid tests in addition to those previously announced. vice president harris talking about those already-ordered tests with craig. >> i you this by next week but
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soon, absolutely soon. it is a matter of urgency for us. >> should we have done it sooner? >> we are doing. >> reporter: the white house updating the tests go out later this month. >> despite the supreme court ruling against president biden's vaccine mandate, there are companies in the headlines saying we don't care about that, we are going to require it anyway. >> reporter: that's right. what the ruling means is that big companies can still impose the vaccine mandate if they want to, but the government can't force them to do it. nike and tyson foods announced they're still moving forward with the mandate and j.p. morgan chase said they will too. it was hearing about one staff member dying a week per covid, and since the number went into effect the number is zero. >> strong words on that topic from people in the industry. gabe, thank you. we turn to washington and what's been a rough 24 hours for president biden's push to get
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sweeping voting rights legislation through congress. this morning, it appears to have no real path forward after hitting another major stumbling block. nbc's senior white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. a bruising experience for president biden. who is going all in using his time and political influence and coming up empty-handed so far. rejected by two senators of his own party. the president tried another personal meeting here at the white house that officials could only describe as candid and respectful. meaning no break throughs. this morning the drive to expand voting rights stalled. >> i hope we can get this done. but i'm not sure. >> reporter: after president biden's trip to capitol hill looked like a dead end. >> as long as i have a breath in me, as long as i'm in the white house, as long as i'm engaged at all, i'm going to be fighting. >> reporter: that passion turned into an invitation to the white house thursday night for the two democratic senators, joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, who rejected the president's appeals to
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change senate rules. officials said they spent an hour and 15 minutes in the oval office. the meeting just hours after kyrsten sinema's resolute defiance, where she ruled out joining the president's plan to change the senate filibuster. so democrats alone, with their 50 votes, could pass voting rights legislation, that sinema herself favors. >> while i continue to support the bills i will not support action that worsen the underlying disease of division that affects our country. >> reporter: saying her opposition is also about defending democracy. >> when a party in control pushes party line changes exceeding their electoral mandate, the bitterness within
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the politics is exacerbated. >> reporter: in an interview with craig, the vice president remained hopeful despite long odds. >> i'm saying it's not over and we don't give up. we don't give up and we will not give up. >> reporter: but there is a new delay. senator chuck schumer announced late thursday night that action on voting rights will slip into next week, blaming a covid case and a looming snowstorm. >> members of this chamber were elected to debate and to vote, particularly on an issue as vital to the beating heart of our democracy as this one. and we will proceed. >> reporter: so democrats are divided and a man down. they do not even have 50 healthy senators right now. hawaii democrat brian shontz is isolating with covid so he cannot be there. which is part of the delay to next week.
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so this goes beyond the action by the holiday honoring martin luther king. >> thank you. let's move to a major development surrounding the january 6th insurrection. the leader of a far right group is in federal custody this morning facing charges he played a central role in the storming of the u.s. capitol. pete williams has details here. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, these are the most serious charges yet stemming from the capitol riot and they accuse the leader of the oath keeper hoping to prevent joe biden from becoming president. federal agents swarmed this house in texas with agents moving in to arrest stewart rhodes. now charged with seditious conspiracy. planning with ten ear members of group to carry out acts of violence to stop congress dpr formally counting the electoral vote for president. >> this is a very rarely charged
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offense. it means that someone has been accused of using force to oppose the authority of the united states. so it's a pretty big crime. it's punishable by up to 20 years. >> reporter: prosecutors say as early as two days after the election rhodes sent his leadership team a message, we aren't getting through this without a civil war. he praised serbians in 2004. in late december rhodes messaged his team we need to make those senators very uncomfortable with all of us being a few hundred feet away. on january 6th as rioters broke through police lines. the government said stewart messaged his leadership saying the country's founders stormed massachusetts. they began breaching the capitol lined up in two groups. stewart stayed outside the building but later met with his
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team to plan further violence and in the following weeks spent $17,000 buying weapons and ammunition. on inauguration day they members of the jury -- he messaged after this, if nothing happens it's war. civil war 2.0. he told an interviewer he did nothing wrong. >> i don't do illegal activities. i stay on this side of the line. i know where the lines are. it drives them crazy. >> reporter: a lawyer from stewart rhodes said the evidence in the indictment doesn't support the charges. 21 people have been accused of conspireing with other oath keepers to stop the vote count. two of them have pleaded guilty. we have more to get to this morning, including breaking news overnight in the novak djokovic saga. australia has now cancelled the tennis star's visa again. as his attorneys fight his pending deportation in court. "today's" senior international correspondent kier simmons has the latest.
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>> reporter: good morning. dramatic news that novak djokovic will be detained by australian authorities tomorrow ahead of a hearing on sunday. a day before, he's due to play his first match. this week's events playing out like a tense tennis tie break. he arrived in australia, visa was cancelled, a judge allowed him to stay. now his visa cancelled a second time. he's been on court training for the tournament, starting in just three days. the first tennis grand slam event of the year, doubtful now if he'll be able to play. today's australia's immigration minister cancelled his visa again. the star admitted to breaking isolation rules and attending an interview after he tested positive for covid-19. he said, i cancelled all other events except the interview. i went home after the interview to isolate for the required
7:17 am
period, on reflection this was an error of judgment. and incorrect information on his paperwork saying it was submitted by his support team on his behalf, adding this was a human error and not deliberate. >> not great for the tennis, not great for the australian open. not great for novack. it's not been good. >> reporter: djokovic is unvaccinated and supports personal choice. >> so whether someone wants to get a vaccine or not, that's completely up to them. >> reporter: his decision dividing world opinion. his supporters elated this week when he was allowed to stay. the others not, the hashtag djokovic out trending this week on twitter. and australians pressuring their government not to grant special treatment. at stake a chance to win the grand slam record and take his place as the greatest player in men's tennis history.
7:18 am
a prize that may now be slipping away. this morning, the australian prime minister saying the decision to revoke his visa took careful consideration and protects sacrifices australians have made. but if djokovic loses his case, he could be banned from australia for three years. the player used to winning on court now facing the battle of his career in court. >> kier simmons for us. thank you. it is time to get a forecast from mr. roker. >> we got you covered. let's see what we got for today. we're looking at partly cloudy excuse in seattle, 51. san francisco, 59. a beautiful day in los angeles. sun and clouds and temperatures at 70. 66 in vegas and sunshine. billings, montana, chilly with partly cloudy sky and 38 kbreez. and we're looking at a little bit of cloudiness. a few showers in the pacific northwest. you're drying out. that's good news. you deserve it.
7:19 am
otherwise, a few snow showers as you get into the central plains. rest of the country looking good. fire risk through texas. that snowy condition through the upper midwest, that's going to be making its way to the midwest be making its way to the midwest and, of course, a mess alo theng ever wononder what e every's doing on their phones? they're bankining, with bank of america. his s girlfriend just caught the bouquet, so he's chchecking inn onon that ringng fund. his s girlfriend just caught the bouquet, that photographer? he's l looking foror somethig a a little morore zen, that photographer? so he's thinking, “i'll open a yoga studio.” and as for the father of the bride? he's c checking toto see if hs on track t to do thiss all over again... and again. banknk of americica's digil tools s are so impmpress, all over again... and again. yoyou just canan't stop baban. all over again... and again. good morning, bay area. a beautiful shot of san francisco, you can see the fog in the distance. and you can see how thick the clouds are.
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43 degrees right now. visibility still limited down through south san josé, about a quarter of a mile visibility, and up through napa you see limited visibility. forecasted highs for today, comfortable and in the mountain winds at 10 to 25 miles per hour. weather. hoda >> al, thank you coming up, inside the sudden decision by the queen stripping prince andrew of his royal and military titles leaving him to face his lawsuit as a private citizen. a change along some u.s. beaches. kerry sanders is going to tell us why tiger sharks are now gathering off the coast of new england. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good friday morning. it's 7:26. i am chris chmura with a brief look at your top stories this morning. starting today san francisco schools will have more masks available for staff and students after a late night deal to keep classrooms open. they will have kn-95 and n-95 masks for staff and students. the new agreement requires student masks to be upgraded from surgical masks. i am cierra johnson in san francisco. one of the bay area's longest
7:27 am
tenured sheriffs is heading to court. santa clara sheriff smith is facing allegations of a pay to play scheme in which she accepted bribes for highly sought after weapon permits. she could face removal from office. it is going to be a foggy start. really for the first time, we will see the clouds. this is a live look in downtown san josé. about 43 degrees. when it comes to visibility, down to quarter of a mile. in the south bay also seeing a lot of fog up through parts of the north bay and san francisco as well. forecasted highs for today will be similar to yesterday, in the 60s. 63 degrees in san josé. 61 in oakland. 59 in san francisco. yes, the clouds will linger.
7:28 am
we are going to go stay dry through the weekend. chris, i will send it back to you. >> vianey, thank you very much. we will have another local news update for you in half an hour.
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7:30 am
s is happy birthday, "today" show. where i spent five glorious years with gene shallot and jane pauly. >> and all the best to mr. brokaw, a fixture at nbc news. my office is right next to his here on "today" for 55 years. we'll be hearing from a lot of awesome folks like mr. brokaw over the next hour. >> so many amazing people have sat in these chairs. unbelievable. let's get to our 7:30 headlines. north korea fired at least two ballistic missiles this morning. it comes hours after beraiding
7:31 am
the biden administration for sanctions over the previous missile tests. north korea warned of stronger action if washington maintains its, quote, confrontational stance. california governor gavin newsom has denied patrol to sirhan sirhan. the governor outlining his decision saying in part that sirhan's accountability to require his support his safe release into the community. kennedy's widow and six of her children said they were deeply relieved by newsom's decision. six days after a seattle house collapsed in a landslide, firefighters rescued a dog that had been missing and presumed dead. >> did you get her?
7:32 am
>> yeah. >> oh my god! oh my god! >> that's a miracle right there. the owner broke out into tears as firefighters saved the lab named sammy. the dog in stable condition. the two story house slid off its foundation in heavy rains last friday. thankfully the homeowners out safely and now extra happy with sammy out too. >> dogs have nine lives too. now to royal drama inside the royal family. the queen stripping prince andrew of all ties to the military and charities. >> it means he faces a civil lawsuit accusing him of sexual abuse as a private citizen. molly hunter joins us now from buckingham palace. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the queen and buckingham palace clearly had to act. this was not going away. yesterday more than 100 members of the armed service wrote to the queen asking her to strip her son's titles and last night
7:33 am
the queen acted decisively and quickly. as the pressure build, the queen taking steps to protect her royal reputation. stripping prince andrew's military titles as he faces suits of sexual assault allegations. adding the 61-year-old prince is defending the case as a private citizen. prince andrew will also no longer use the title his royal highness. the move coming after the times of london reporting a face-to-face meeting on thursday. prince andrew reported leaving the queen's royal lodge on the estate. >> i think for the whole institution she had to act before it got worse. >> reporter: virginia giuffre is suing prince andrew for alleged sexual assault. >> it was a really scary time in my life. i had just been abused by a member of the royal family.
7:34 am
>> reporter: this week a new york judge rejecting the prince's bid to have the case thrown out making clear the lawsuit will move forward. a source close to the duke of york telling nbc news we are unsurprised by the ruling adding this is a marathon not a sprint. prince andrew has repeatedly denied virginia giuffre's allegations. >> i have no recollection of meeting this lady. >> reporter: overnight, virginia giuffre tweeting i'm glad i will have the chance to continue this. adding that the rich and powerful are not above the law and must be held accountable. there's a long way to go before it goes to trial. prince andrew could appeal the ruling, he could settle out of court. but if this goes to court we could see prince andrew testify under oath. hoda. >> molly hunter, thank you.
7:35 am
let's get to what's next. we turn to daisy mcandrew for that. what's next. the step of stripping his titles, how big of a deal is it and what message is the queen trying to convey? >> reporter: no matter which way you look at this, it is a very, very big deal. some people will say what difference will it make, because prince andrew hadn't done any royal duties for two years. but the point is he thought he would in the future. he kept saying he's going to clear his name, be back in the fold. that's not going to happen. he's been banished now permanently. all these patronages and titles he's had to give up are being divvied out among other members of the royal family for good he's out in the cold for good. >> what does that mean for the case against him if you're a juror and you see his own mother stripped his titles, what impact is it going to have on the case?
7:36 am
>> reporter: they didn't want to have an impact on the case, they wanted to protect their own, the royal family this is something that the british public wanted the royal family to do, but it was obviously a difficult thing to do the queen had to have the 45-minute meeting with what we're told is her favorite son and basically say i'm sorry, you're out that would have been a very bitter pill for prince andrew to swallow. we know he's proud of his own military background, he saw active service he was told, as molly was just saying, not only does the royal family not want him, the military doesn't want him. so it was a big humiliation for him. >> can we talk about the queen for a second i kept thinking she's been through so much, the dust up with harry and meghan, lost her husband of 74 years, and now the scandal with her own son do your sources have any information on how she is
7:37 am
dealing with all of this >> reporter: i think on a personal level she is absolutely devastated but i think what's interesting is yet again, as she has done throughout her 70-year reign, she has put country and crown ahead of personal family life. and yet again, that's what she's done she's taken her responsibilities seriously and put her own feelings to one side as i said, this had year is her platinum jubilee that was something that the royal family did not want to be overshadowed by this case. it will be because the interest is still going to be intense but now prince andrew will be fighting the case as a private citizen. as far as popularity is concerned, i was looking at the latest poll results from a couple of weeks ago. you compare the queen in this country has a positivity rate of plus 60, that's how popular she is prince andrew has a negative popularity of minus 50 i suspect we'll see the difference between them increase now. he will become even less
7:38 am
popular. i think the very, very courageous steps she's taken will make her more popular and people will feel more sorry for her as well. >> daisy mcandrew for us thank you. >> the queen has been through and seen so much in the last few years. a major change in the atlantic bringing tiger sharks to east coast beaches. and experts fear it's dangerous for them and us. kerry sanders has that story for us right after this. m and us. ♪♪♪ gravity. ♪♪♪ it's a fororce to be reckckoned with.h. nono one knowsws better thanan we do. it's a fororce to be reckckoned with.h. but wiwithout gravavity, you can'n't have lifift. the veryry thing that h holds you d down isis the very y thing that h helps you r rise abov. thanksks to gravitity, the rel force to b be reckoneded h isis the very y thing that h helps you r rise abov.
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7:43 am
for wrinklkles resultsts in onene week. neneutrogena®. for r people witith skin. we're back coming up on 7:43 with "today" climate while much of the east braces for the big winter storm and frigid temperatures, a new report shows worldwide the last seven years were the hottest on record. >> last year was the fifth warmest year ever recorded kerry sanders joins us from florida with a look at how those increasing temperatures are impacting the travel habits of sharks is that right, kerry >> reporter: yes tiger sharks like to live in the warm waters in florida and the caribbean.
7:44 am
making its way to new england was unheard of it would be like an alligator living in maine. a new study this morning shows as global temperatures are rising and the oceans are rising, those tiger sharks are on the move north. the tiger shark one of the ocean's apex predators they can grow up to 14 feet long, almost as long as a cadillac escalade and can weigh in at 1400 pounds. usually tigers swim off florida and the caribbean because they like sea water 80 degrees or warmer. >> they are a cold-blooded species and like warm water. >> reporter: a team of biologists at the university of miami examining 40 years of climate data have now concluded as temperatures climb off new york and new england so too are the number of tiger sharks gathering there. summer temperatures off long
7:45 am
island sound that in 1960 averaged 69 degrees have soared to 74 on average today and routinely spike at 80 plus degrees. research shows often those sharks tend close to shore where the shallow water is warmer. >> in the summer they expand their rage, they move further north -- >> reporter: four decades ago studies relied on anecdotal evidence, pictures, but rarely if ever were they tigers today scientists track shark movements using tags pinging off satellites the study shows for each degree celsius that water increases, tiger sharks venture 250 miles further north and every year arriving two weeks earlier tigers are among the most aggressive sharks in the ocean >> although shark bite is rare, this could pose potential new danger to bathers. >> reporter: the dangers say scientists not only to swimmers and surfers but to the tiger
7:46 am
sharks themselves from north carolina south tiger sharks are protected, even when they're not the intended catch but those protections do not extend off new york and new england. you're worried about tiger sharks going into areas they're not protected? >> tiger sharks don't know the boundaries of protected areas. they follow the environment, the habitat, the warm water. >> reporter: the biologists at the university of miami tell us sharks are like centennials and this morning the tiger sharks are telling us something about our planet guys. >> kerry sanders for us there on the beach. it is fitting on our 70th birthday that kerry sanders would be on the beach. >> in shorts. >> with his legs bonus. a long weekend, a lot of people trying to make plans. >> that's right. let's get to it. start with tomorrow, here's what
7:47 am
we're looking at expect to see sunshine out west, no problems there. heavy snow developing tomorrow in the lower mississippi river valley, strong storms in the gulf, bitter cold so that sets up the snow situation inland sunday we are looking for snow and ice through the mid atlantic, the southeast into the mid atlantic states. snow around the great lake states and monday, snow and wind in the northeast and new england, the great lakes turning milder through the plains, sunny but chilly out west. good morning, bay area. a live look at san francisco. looks pretty good. we have sunshine coming through but still seeing fog especially down through the south bay, san josé and morgan hill. we will keep the cloud cover
7:48 am
lean tkpwuring for the next couple of hours. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda >> al, thank you coming up, something unexpected and uplifting as friends and fans celebrate the life of bob saget, inside the flood of donations and support for the beloved actor's favorite charity in honor of his sister but first these messages take it t easy, buddddy. don'n't lookok at me likike th. whwhat's goingng on? these e in-game pupurchases rey add up, , jake from m state f. - now gogo on, git!! - waitit! now, donon't gigive up what y you love. - now gogo on, git!! - waitit! state farmrm has optioione drivive safe andnd save, - now gogo on, git!! - waitit! so you g get a ratee ththat fits yoyour budget.. - realally?! - yeah!! you'u're comomin' h home wit! fofor surprisisingly greatat s that f fit any bududget... you'u're comomin' h home wit! like a a good neigighbor, state e farm is ththere. call or r click to get t a quote totoday. we're eating and drinking foods and beverages that are very acidic.hbor, state e farm is ththere. itit can softeten the enamam. pronamelel repair, w what it's g
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
good friday morning. it's now 7:56. i am chris chmura. a wellness day today for oakland school teachers. teachers in multiple schools around the area have called out sick in a sickout, and today was a prescheduled day off for students. the district received an order of 200,000 kn-95 masks yesterday and is already sending them out to school. oakland unified said each staff member received 8 masks and every week they will get an allocation of n95 masks. one of the bay area's longest tenured sheriffs is heading to court. sheriff smith is facing
7:57 am
allegations of a pay to play scheme in which she accepted bribes for highly sought after concealed weapons permits. and if smith denies the allegations, the case will go to trial, and if she admits to the allegations or loses that trial she faces removal from office. it's going to be dry but cloudy. right now we are seeing the foggy conditions especially down through the south bay. in san josé, it's 43 degrees. limited visibility down to quarter of a mile in san josé, and up through napa as well. we will wake up to the dense fog again tomorrow but by the afternoon, 10:00 or 11:00, temperatures in the 50s, and expect to top out in the low 60s, even through areas in concord, and then plenty of sunshine. we'll have another local news update for you in half an
7:58 am
hour. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
the following program is broughght to you i in living c r on nbc >> it's 8:00 on today, coming up, happy birthday to us we're celebrating 70 years of "today." >> good morning to you the very first good morning of what i hope and expect to be a great many good mornings between you and i. >> now more than 25,000 mornings later we're looking back at the iconic events. >> these are really important moments in our history
8:01 am
and people remember who shared that news with them. >> the memorable interviews. when they showed me that, i was like, wow. like that's a life changer right there. that's a life-changing moment. >> and the unforgettable moments. >> here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> bravo. >> "today" show for 70 years has been at the epicenter of pop culture. >> through it all, you'v've been right there with us. >> they watch every morning. like we are a part of their families that's awesome >> so join us for all the tears, the laughs, and the love as we mark a very special milestone. >> the people who brought them that news will have changed. but the mission hasn't to find out that the world is still there and get them ready for their day. >> "today," friday, january
8:02 am
14th, 2022 >> in if front of studio 1a, happy anniversary "today." >> congrats on seven decades "today" show >> to savannah. >> hoda. >> and the whole "today" crew. >> we love you >> i've been watching the "today" show my entire life. >> and we want to say happy 70th birthday "today" show. >> today we celebrate -- >> "today" at 70 >> happy birthday "today" show ♪ >> what a special day. >> it is. >> what a special day. it's a friday, we are so happy that you are starting your day with us. savannah recovering from covid but don't worry she's putting on a rally cap, she'll join us from home of course, she's a huge part of this celebration isn't it fun watching those tapes? >> 70 years. >> that's amazing. >> 70 years. >> and the families who helped us celebrate thank you
8:03 am
we'll come out in a minute temperatures are falling as major winter storm starts falling across the eastern half of the country al has the latest on how much snow and ice to expect, who's going to see the worst of it what is it looking like? >> we have over 20 million people under wind chill add vieries, warning, tomorrow morning minus 13, buffalo. minus 14 in boston and during the day temperatures don't get warmer winter weather alerts, 51 million people from montana down south into the northeast, we are looking at anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow from the dakotas down into northern missouri looking at a major ice situation, a crippling ice storm on sunday, heavy ice totals for the carolinas, ice as far south as atlanta, parts of north carolina significant snowfall interior new england, new york state, pennsylvania, down the spine of the appalachians
8:04 am
and we're looking at heavy rain along the i-95 corridor. craig? >> al, thank you. in the wake of bob saget's death last weekend we're learning more about his charitable work. and fans have been making donations in his memory. nbc news now anchor joe fryer shows how bob saget quietly helped one family impacted by the rare disease. >> it was bob saget's mission to find a cure for a rare autoimmune disorder that affects the skin and sometimes other parts of the body. it's the disease that took his sister's life nearly three decades ago. the same disease 9-year-old sophie ann is battling today. >> i want to see a cure be found. >> reporter: saget connected with sophie's family after she was diagnosed. sending her video messages of support. >> his positive energy just gave
8:05 am
our family a lot of hope a lot of hope. because he would always say we're going to find a cure for this thing. >> reporter: what did those videos mean to you from bob? >> those videos were really nice and i was glad when i got them. >> reporter: in october, her parents were invited to his comedy show, never imagining he would pass away at a hotel room a few months later. >> we were sad to lose bob saget. >> reporter: they figure he helped raise about $26 million since 1991 the foundation just received a $1.5 million matching gift, match every donation now made in his honor. >> what's bob saget's legacy in your mind? >> one of kindness and outreach and using his platform to raise awareness around this disease that took his sister. >> reporter: today, sophie ann
8:06 am
is doing well, her family credits early diagnoses and research for "today" joe fryer nbc news. that could have been our boost but you have another >> yes a michigan soccer player was with his friends when he was waiting for his name to be called for the draft >> with the 21st pick in the 2022 mls super draft, we'd like to bring in a couple of special guests to help us make the pick. [ cheering ] >> well, apparently his parents said something but you couldn't hear them. he hasn't seen his mom and dad [ cheering ] in person since he moved back home in 2014 what an amazing night of surprises and celebrations
8:07 am
>> congratulations are you ready? >> let's go. >> time to kick the anniversary celebrations into high gear. 70 years of "today." >> we're g going to lolook backt seven n decades ofof history, , highlights and unforgettable moments as this american institution turns the big 7-0 cocoming up riright after r this i'm ththose friess yoyou've been n craving. i'm m hot. i'm s steamy. i'm ththose friess yoyou've been n craving. and oh m man, do i smemell delicioious. i'm calllling your n name. dougug... doug.. and if y you don't h havee righght auto insnsurance covov, paying foror these repepairs mamay be toughgh to swallol. get allslstate and b be betr protected d from mayhehem for r a whole lolot less. get allslstate and b be betr protected d from mayhehem
8:08 am
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8:11 am
welcome back our big celebration of 70 years of "today" is about to begin but first, mr. roker he's got a special like 1950s, era forecast >> this is the deal. >> old school. >> here's the deal dave garroway they would connect him with the u.s. weather bureau in washington d.c. and the chief meteorologist would tell dave where to draw the weather. so, of course, we'll have the snow coming through the plains, sunshine along the coast fire danger in texas sunshine both in the southwest and along the south coast. the nbc page who connected nbc's new york control room with washington willard scott by the way, longest running staff position held here at "today," our morning weather guy, don sunikas he's been here 37 years.
8:12 am
so congratulations to you, don and it's going to be an interesting day when it comes to the cloud cover. it's foggy right now in san jose, it's been foggy all morning, it's about 43 degrees. notice in the icons, though, we will get some breaks in sunshine, but the clouds are going to be lingering and sticking around through the afternoon. temperatures will bump up into the mid 60s for today. here is a closer look at your fog and visibility right now. less than a half a mile down through the south. forecasted highs for today 61 in oakland, 59 in san francisco. >> and that's your latest weather. guy? >> it is time to welcome in our girl savannah guthrie. >> hello. >> hi, sg. it's time to kick off our 70th anniversary celebration. >> that's right. dave used this exact zoom 70 years ago today. it's wonderful we were able to
8:13 am
recreate it. i'm home but with you in spirit just thinking about that day, 70 years ago, 1952, dave garroway said good morning and i hope it's the first of many mornings here on "today." 2,500 mornings later here we are. >> this morning we're taking the time to celebrate the seven decades of informing, inspiring and hopefully making you smile. >> welcome to "today."informingi >> in your neck of the woods. >> in the history books.istory . ♪♪ ♪ >> it is a big anniversary real big >> you know, you realize 70 is r such a big number.
8:14 am
we're each a tiny little piece of that 70 years. >> really mind boggling. >> that's huge >> seven decades, it's a remarkable achievement >> the "today" show is always on in the daly household when i was a kid. >> there was tom brokaw and jane pauly. i think that's terrific but i'm never going to do that willard was my inspiration >> all right i'm done >> when i was growing up, there were not a lot of people that looked like me on network television and then there was bryant gumble. >> barriers are down in east germany this morning. >> maybe i could do that. >> when i saw katie, a little dream was born. >> i was the one on the outside, with my face plastered to the window wanting to look in and be part of it. and suddenly to be invited inside. >> good morning. the very first good morning of what i hope and suspect will be a great many between you and i. >> the "today" show is a national treasure.
8:15 am
it started in 1952 and was really ground breaking in its time. >> here it turns to rain >> when the "today" show went on the air, tvs weren't being turned on. if you turned on your tv you got -- and they thought, well, let's give it a shot >> special events program geared to keep people in touch with the world. >> take a look at the women on this show. when they started, it was "today" girls. they were show pieces. >> barbara walters this morning. >> then someone named barbara walters calm along and said no i wanted a seat at the table. >> the barbara walters, the jane paulys, the katie's they blew the door open and savannah and i blew in, thanks. >> today it's two female anchors i'm so proud of that. >> a woman stopped me with her child and said thank you,
8:16 am
because now my daughter thinks this is totally normal >> people have made the "today" show part of their mornings and part of their families for decades. what do people need to know to start their "today"s >> this morning's top news >> these are really important moments in our history and people remember who shared that news with them. >> the president of the united states is dead >> these are the honor guards. >> dr. martin luther king died violently last night in memphis, tennessee. >> why when he had it all did it happen >> pope john paul ii was part of an assassination attempt. >> before i was part of the "today" show i watched the "today" show
8:17 am
every time i cover a breaking news story for the "today" show i feel that way. >> breaking news out of boston what we know right now. >> flew over in the middle of the night and got there literally with minutes to spare to get on the air. how long is it going to take to rebuild notre dame >> up on the balcony roof right now. right about now -- >> i want to go live and show you a picture. >> i can't think of a more potent moment than the morning of 9/11. >> a plane has just crashed into the world trade center. >> i could not have been prouder to be part of the show. >> good morning, dave. >> the "today" show has always been a place that politicians want to come to. and where they can always expect the tough questions. >> do you think this was a perfect call >> vast right wing conspiracy.
8:18 am
>> do you feel you owe her an apology? >> i never talked to her. >> we pride ourselves on the ability to turn on a dime. that time was katie couric was interviewing laura bush and the president walked in. >> blame it on katy couric >> i interviewed some women who survived the church shooting in charleston, south carolina ♪ but now i see ♪ >> i have chills right now >> what's really cool is the power of the "today" show. >> if just one person went out there and got screened >> sudan >> hi. >> thanks for coming. >> thank you for having us >> i was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder >> for the "today" show to give me the platform to do that with its reach, that's really
8:19 am
powerful >> in 1952, people were waving -- >> with signs. >> i watch it every -- well, every time i get a chance to. >> dad is baby sitting, he couldn't come. >> the grandchildren of people who came 70 years ago now show up. >> how great is that >> welcome to studio 1a here on 49th and the plaza. >> the audience is the beating heart of this show >> when they show up on the plaza, it's not just as fans of our show it's people who feel like family >> they watch every morning. >> like we are a part of their families that's awesome >> and guess what, we feel like your family, too >> we're the first ones to bring concerts ♪ hit me baby one more time ♪ ♪ so crazy right now ♪ ♪ bye bye ♪ ♪ i'm so sick of ♪ ♪ i'm so sick of that same old ♪
8:20 am
♪♪ that same old ♪ ♪ >> the concerts that we put on in the plaza are iconic. ♪ makes you beautiful ♪ >> "today" show for 70 years has been right there at the epicenter of pop culture >> when are you getting married? >> the name of the movie is "star wars." ♪ >> here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i walk in and all of a sudden you're like, who's here? beyonce is here? what what >> you rock it >> everyone whose poster you may have had plastered all over your junior high bedroom wall you're going to meet them ♪ >> okay. i'm flustered.
8:21 am
>> and it's amazing. >> to be a lady tonight. >> i knew if i lived long enough my dreams would come true and they have. >> do you remember that? ♪ >> fun is a huge ingredient to the recipe of success here >> who among us is serious all the time no one >> okay. go >> one, two. >> see it again? ♪ >> aahh. ♪ >> aahh.
8:22 am
♪♪ ♪ >> even news men like hugh downs and dave garroway. >> here he comes now. >> clips of the "today" hosts riding around in little go carts. >> the show did start with a monkey that's proof. >> that to me encapsulates the spirit of the "today" show. >> it's a blast because you don't know what's going to happen on the show it's like throw your head back and play. >> i'm all in. >> good morning my neighbors ♪ >> there's no place this show hasn't gone. >> welcome to china. >> romania. >> we're looking at the great
8:23 am
pyramids of egypt. >> we were the first to do the live remotes from all around the world. >> good morning from the busy opera house in sydney, australia. >> today is the day. >> we've taken our viewers to entry continent. >> this side southern hemisphere, this side northern. >> we touched down at the south pole. >> from south africa, peace. >> with the "a" and ring around it. >> can you explain what internet is >> 70 years later we're still coming into people's homes now on their phones, their computers. >> your phone dinged, it's us. >> the "today" show has always innovated and i think it continues to be ground breaking. >> no matter where you go, we will find you! >> i think what the "today" show does is it makes the world
8:24 am
smaller. and it also makes us all feel closer >> there's a deep affection for all of us when the cameras aren't rolling i think the chemistry that happens on air is undeniable. >> i feel we have a special group of people. it's a feeling when you sit there on the set you're sitting with old friends. >> one of the things that makes its easy to succeed here in a sense is that it really is a team >> love is real. >> during the pandemic, we were physically apart but i don't think we felt emotionally apart. in fact, i think we felt close when we got to hug each other, we'll never take that for granted again. >> to be part of something that has meant so much to so many for so long. it's not lost on any of my friends and colleagues. >> i think the secret sauce, why the show has lasted 70 years is, it's good company. >> but for 70 years people have tuned in and the people who
8:25 am
brought them that news will have changed, but the mission hasn't. to find out that the world is still there. and get them ready for their day. >> i think dave and everyone that started this little project in black and white would be astonished and amazed. and i hope be proud. >> thank you and good-bye until tomorrow morning see you. >> wow >> i feel like i need a box of kleenex or something savannah you said it right when you think back to this time on this day in 1952 and what would dave garroway be thinking? >> it was just so revolutionary like al sad it was color bars or a sound pattern and bing it comes on, and it's been carried through, i love seeing the face s and the people who have carried this treasure over the decades. and i think behind the scenes, our crew and staff and producers, that's who's the real heart of the show.
8:26 am
>> you said it some of our crew with us in this very space have been here for 30 plus years we want to thank everybody the birthday bash getting started. we have more memories, moments, more fun good morning, it's friday, it's 8:26. i'm chris chmura. today more masks avoiding for class and students in san francisco. the agreement includes weekly voluntary testing and n95 and kn # 5 masks for students and teachers plus ten covid sick days for schools. for now schools will have kn95 masks for staffs and surgical masks for students. a foggy start in the south bay, how is it looking now? >> we are seeing the cloud cover and it is going to linger for the majority of the day.
8:27 am
san jose finally starting to get a break from the fog. morgan hill the fog is less than a quarter of a mile in visibility. there will be mountain wind, daytime highs in the low 60s for the south bay, 63 degrees in san jose. 62 in martinez, upper 50s for san francisco, 59 degrees and that dry weather is expected to remain not just today but also through the weekend. if you are going to be out and about we will get some peeks of sunshine but the clouds are here to stay for most of the day. thank you very much. we will have another local news update for you in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hey, happy anniversary "today." wow, 70 years. you're even older than i am. you know, in this ever-changing world of ours, the "today" show has been a constant and enduring presence i am honored to have been part of this american institution for 15 years so happy anniversary, and many, many more. >> 70 years, my gosh what an accomplishment i am so proud to be part of the "today" legacy, and to all of my buddies who are there now, what an honor so here's to 70 more years suddenly my turning 68 doesn't
8:31 am
seem so old. >> we are back with more special anniversary messages from some very familiar faces. katy couric a fixture of "today," meredith viera a fixture for years. >> one of my favorite parts is al, what is this internet thing? >> what does that tell you. >> it is hard to imagine a morning, this morning, that 70 years of "today" started like at this moment and that was just kind of a foreign concept to hahave this kikind of a shshow. >> absbsolutely. > just aheaead we'll tatake a special anand literal l walk ar studio 1a to celebrate today's history and a lot of firsts you've seen on the show throughout the years. >> we want to test your knowledge and your knowledge with a fun trivia game to see who really knows "today." >> i'm glad you're emceeing and not playing. you'd kill everybody. >> you'd crush us. >> only because i've been here.
8:32 am
>> let's go back to the dave garroway chalkboard. we have fire danger in texas snow breaking its way through the upper mississippi river valley fire danger in texas and sunshine through the southwest and in and it is friday, but the dry weather will continue into the weekend, however, those clouds will linger today, so just peeks of sunshine. also some areas of wind, especially for the higher elevation areas, daytime highs today will be very similar to yesterday, 61 degrees in oakland, san francisco 50. now we have had this high pressure that's been sitting over the bay area keeping us nice and dry over the next seven days here is a closer look at what to expect. concord highs will be in the upper sfifts, throw 60s in through the afternoon. >> that's your latest weather. we've got not just football! we've got it's a super wild card weekend, ladies and gentlemen! that's right, not one but two games. first off, we have cincinnati
8:33 am
and ohio, cloudy and cold on saturday, raiders tanging on the bangles, who's going to win, carson >> raiders. >> that's right. sunday, boom, super wild card weekend. steelers, chiefs, arrowhead stadium. kansas city, partly cloudy, you can't get more football than this 29 degrees it's a super wild weekend. raiders saturday at 3:00, steelers/chiefs sunday 7:00, nbc peacock! be there. >> dave garroway would be so proud. coming up next from presidential inaugurations to parties on the plaza, "today" takes viewers along for the ride we have a front row seat to history here
8:34 am
we are going to take you on a special tour through that 70 a special tour through that 70 yearof historys rn about covid-9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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8:36 am
here we are. here we are. good morning to you. the very first good morning of what i hope and suspect will be a great many good mornings between you and i. >> and here we are now 70 years and more than 25,000 mornings later when dave garroway opened the first ever "today" show on this day january 14th, 1952, he probably had no idea his words would echo for generations. he started a program that would become a morning ritual for millions, introducing a new era of broadcasting. >> here it is. january 14th, 1952, and nbc begins a new program called "today," and if it doesn't sound too revolutionary, i really believe begins a new kind of television
8:37 am
>> a new kind of television indeed you know it was unheard of at the time, a news program to start your day, covering everything from politics to pop culture. you know, we had a lot of morning show firsts, the very first woman to co-host first african american anchor. and the first female anchor team also, the first outdoor studio, our beloved plaza. and it turns out, it really was revolutionary. and paved the way for so many shows to come. >> we're going to try very much to put you more closely in touch with the world we live in. >> we like to call it a front line to history. rather than just telling you the news, we like to take you to the scene. introduce you to the people involved and help put news into context over seven decades, 20 presidential inaugurations, america's tragedies and triumphs we have been there for it all.
8:38 am
>> every day, for two hours in the morning, just about the time you get up, 7:00 to 9:00 a.m >> well, 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., those are the old days, mr. garroway we have evolved quite a bit later, five decades later expanded to three hours, then four hours you can watch it on the weekends and you can find us at "today".com and on a plethora of your favorite social media channels, facebook, instagram, tiktok you can hear us on sirius xm radio, we have all the podcasts we do right now. if that's not enough you can tune in at any hour of the day we have our own streaming channel, "today" all day we're no longer just a television program we're just one click away on your phone, uncle al. >> that's right. >> part of our cast is you, you the public at least. we're in a glassed in fishbowl, you can see the people looking in this at us any time we see lots of fascinating
8:39 am
folks. >> and 70 years later, that could never be truer what we are most proud of is our connection to you. our viewers who are home and, of course, all of our viewers who come down to join us each and every morning, right here on the "today" show on "today" show on our plaza! yes. you are what makes our show truly special. we thank you for the last 70 years. >> let's go. >> doing it all for you and for you. guys -- >> happy 70th "today"! >> yes go rock. >> thank you thank you. >> yes >> we're just getting started. still ahead, our "today" at 70s celebration rolls on with a special trivia challenge mr. roker is going to put us to the test, but first this is "today" on nbc >> yeah! we're back with "today" fi
8:40 am
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8:42 am
we're back with "today" trivia, special game show celebrating "today's" 70th anniversary, i'm your host, al roker. let's meet our contestants craig melvin, hoda kotb and carson daly. which stars father created the "today" show was it johnny carson, jimmy fallon, andy mcdowell -- >> is this real? i'm going with sigourney weaver. >> you're right. this is an audience cue. cue the music for this play it. ♪ which iconic hollywood star sang the song that became the original instrumental version of "today" -- >> judy garland. >> no. >> i'm going with doris day.♪ >> correct
8:43 am
that's right >> hoda kotb. >> hoda is so lucky. >> i am. >> dave garroway came up with that this one is for you, craig how many u.s. presidents have been interviewed here on "today"? craig? >> 13. >> you're correct. every president since president eisenhower here on "today." >> wow >> let's go. carson this one is for you our very first plaza performance was, billy joel -- >> i'll take the bait has to be earth, wind and fire >> let's watch let's relive ♪ >> 1995. >> was that one of your favorites, roker
8:44 am
>> absolutely. >> a lot of people have been spotted stopping by our window including a president of the united states. was it harry truman, gerald ford, lyndon johnson -- >> it was harry truman. >> correct in 1957 stopped by >> can you look at that photo for a moment that's amazing with his hat on. >> hoda and i are tied >> here we go, halloween time. which celebrity has not been portrayed by an anchor. >> katy perry. >> absolutely correct. >> none of us yet. >> you both buzzed in at the same time. >> coming up on the olympics, right. >> we're flying. >> here we go. in 17 days we'll be -- >> how many olympics has "today" travelled to -- i think he should complete the question go ahead, craig. >> how many olympics games have we travelled to? >> 15. >> absolutely correct. that's right >> way to go >> we've been to every olympics since 1992 -- >> al, can we pause for a
8:45 am
second >> yeah. >> what's the score? >> it's three, two, one. >> craig two, carson two >> not sure. >> the "today" plaza had a big role on a popular sitcom, name the show seinfeld, will and grace -- >> got to be 30 rock. >> no. >> she should lose a point. >> will and grace. >> will and grace is correct >> look, we have a clip. >> i want to see >> jack was looking forward to finally seeing a gay kiss on tv. >> another first on the "today" show >> that's right. he brought it here it's based on a true story. >> how many times has al roker been in a prime time network show. >> 100 times.
8:46 am
>> it's a tie breaker. >> is it three three three >> let's make it that way. >> craig has two carson has three >> you can't win but you can tie -- >> last question how many people have held the weather job that i am in today >> i would say only five. >> wrong hoda -- carson buzzed in. >> i'm going to say six. >> carson is incorrect >> i have a choice how many people -- three >> bang! >> she always wins. >> bob ryan from wrc, willard scott, and yours truly >> you know what -- >> only three? >> how cool for you, too one of three >> so honored. >> the other two are just spectacular. >> i got to work with bob for a number of years. >> final score, four -- >> what's the prize? >> you get to be here for the
8:47 am
100th anniversary! you'll be on a smuckers jar! >> by the way, i know that savannah hosted jeopardy, but how about al roker. >> that's the next gig. >> they're going to be calling you this afternoon. >> we did a game show on msnbc when it first started called remember this, it was a news game show -- >> you're pitching right now. >> bring it back, baby if you'd like to play along, we'll have these trivia questions and more -- >> it's already starting. >> this was a pilot, not a segment. >> we want to mention as part of our 70th anniversary segment you can listen to two special bonus episodes of the "today" podcast. special prize four episodes as we reflect on the history making moments. to find them, scan the qr code or search today wherever you get your podcasts. coming up next, our
8:48 am
adventure taking the show to new heights. we went to the iconic empire state building and turned it our signature orange can't wait to share it with you, but first this is "today" on nbc. it our it our signate orange.ur can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology
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8:50 am
"today's" celebration is kind of personal for me. "today's" celebration is kind of personal for me. i spent 13 years of my life with the "today" show family. congratulations, everyone. and happy 70th >> wow >> so special. >> jane pauly, started in 1976, spent 13 years from one icon to another >> overnight the empire state, that icon, lit the sky night orange in honor of our an verse. al, carson and i got to be part of the lighting event we got to flip the switch to allow "today" to shine even brighter take a look.
8:51 am
to shine even brighter take a look. >> standing nearly 1,500 feet tall, new york city's empire state building is one of the most, if not the most, iconic sky scrapers in the country. attracting more than 4 million visitors every year with its art deco tower shining brightly over manhattan. its changing colors symbolic of occasions and events like presidential elections and super bowls and causes like honoring health care heroes. >> "today," january 14th, 1952. >> as "today" marks itself 70th anniversary, the empire state building celebrates with us, turning the tower orange. >> another moment in "today" show history here. >> light it up orange. >> al, carson and i were honored to be part of the lighting ceremony. >> every time i think of the
8:52 am
"today" show turning 70, i think of those that came before us i feel like we're all here for a minute just to keep the seats warm. >> i grew up with the "today" show on in our household it's never lost on me every day that i get to be part of the iconic group of my colleagues at the show >> for a moment like this, to be part of the illumination of this building and our signature colors is one of the honors we do not take for granted. >> together we flipped the ceremonial switch. >> one, two, three. >> look at it. >> yes >> yes >> before heading up to the observation deck >> this is a moment. >> my people >> know what's cool? >> what? >> this entire area. everybody here will look up at this building and be like why is it orange tonight? >> we know we know.
8:53 am
>> oh, god >> where's 30 rock at? >> right straight ahead. >> 12:00. >> 12:00, noon >> happy 70th anniversary, "today." >> marking 70 years continuing to reach new heights "today" shines brightly for the world to see >> man -- >> what a bucket list moment. >> and such a historic day we've been talking on camera but we have people who have been on the show forever dave has been here for 34 years. >> take your mask off for a second >> oh, no! put it back on. >> your dad was a stage too. >> yeah, in the late '50s, early '60s i used to have to go to the back yard while my dad took a nap. >> your children have to work here now, is that it >> we want to give a toast to all out there. we have a great crew who has contributed to the show the past 70 years. >> and the staff not here.
8:54 am
all the talent not here. >> and how about -- >> there they are. >> there's control room. >> they make the show. >> we see you pete, erika, we see you savannah guthrie nothing is bumming us out more >> there you go. >> sorry, wrong bottle >> north star. >> let's raise a glass, guys to a wonderful program that we all get to be a part of. like we said, keep the seats warm savannah guthrie, here is to you. we can't wait for you to come back. >> i love you. >> cheers to everyone. >> thanks for all of you watching us from your homes. >> should we keep celebrating? >> absolutely. >> we're going to keep this thing going on the third and fourth hours we also encourage you to check out our 70th special on "today" all day. >> we'll talk about what's made "today" an institution you can watch the first edition from this day that's streaming at 10:00 a.m. just head to "today".com. >> what a fun birthday
8:55 am
cheers again. >> thanks, everybody >> first a look at your local news and weather everybody. >> first a look a
8:56 am
good morning, it's 8:56. i'm chris chmura. here are some of our top stories. one of the bay area's longest tenured sheriffs goes to court today. laurie smith is accused of corruption. she's accused of willful and corrupt misconduct in office. six of the seven counts are
8:57 am
connected to allegations of trading coveted concealed weapons permits for campaign contributions. if she denies the accusations experts see the case going to trial. she has been sheriff for 23 years. the case is being heard by a san mateo county judge. our sierra johnson is following the developments and will have a live report in our midday newscast. link to more back story at the top of our homepage. students and teachers in san francisco public schools have new mask options available today. this after the district and unions reached a deal last night to boost covid protections on campuses. the deal also covers weekly voluntary testing. when it comes to covid testing some bay area health providers are coming up short. the backups there and also leading to longer lines at some of the bay area's county clinics. at our homepage the struggle is making it frustrating to book an appointment.
8:58 am
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or live chat at today. this morching on the third hour of "today," 70 never looking so good. it's a milestone morning as we continue to celebrate "today's" seven decade of morning television. and later, figure skating great tara lipinski live. looking ahead to the winter olympics. and we're wrapping up our series clean sweep with a pop quiz. when to toss your toothbrush, hair brush and other items we use every day, "today," friday january 14th, 2022.
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