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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  January 13, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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playing outside which is 90% than their parents and their grandparents. we need to connect kids with nature for their health and the health of the places where they live. >> they'll need to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to go inside. >> we do need more outdoor options. when there's no rain it's a perfect place to take the family. >> we can come back inside when the streetlights came on. and then we'd come back in the house. >> a busy day for president biden, not just at the white house, but also that short road trip over to the u.s. capitol. he's trying to get the pandemic under control while suffering a major defeat at the supreme court. >> as long as we have tens of millions of people who will not get vaccinated we'll have full hospitals and needless deaths. >> how to pass voting rights bills. >> it's not getting any better
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and we investigate new covid cases at san quentin prison. >> and they're calling for a day of action. nurses across the bay area are getting. ♪♪ ♪ so what happened today and what comes next? here's nbc's chris pollone. >> reporter: president biden detailing his administration's efforts to battle the pandemic offered a grim assessment. >> as long as we have tens of millions of people who will not get vaccinated, we're going to have full hospitals and needless deaths. >> reporter: but the white house isn't giving up. instead organized half a million more rapid tests, sending military teams to help overwhelmed health care workers
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in six states and previewing a plan to provide all americans with high quality face masks. >> i know we all wish that we could finally be done with wearing mask, i get it, but they are a real important tool to stop the spread. >> reporter: but the president's covid strategy dealt a blow by the supreme court which blocked biden's federal vaccine mandate on businesses with more than 100 employees, and as the president spoke at the white house on capitol hill, members of his own party appeared to torch his hopes of getting two voting rights bills passed through the senate by changing the claim per's rules. >> i will not separate separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our country. >> we need changes to make the senate work better, not get rid of the filibuster. >> reporter: the president trekked down pennsylvania avenue to real his team but by the team he arrived the bill's fate might already have been seal. without a rules change democrats need ten republicans to vote with them, but republicans have made clear that won't happen.
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>> nobody in this country is buying the fake hysteria that democracy will die unless democrats get total control. >> i hope we can get this done. the honest to god answer is i don't know whether we can get this done. >> reporter: democrats hope to pass the new voting rights measures by monday, the lieutenant lieutenant holiday. back to the supreme court. it wasn't a total loss for the white house today as a majority justices allowed a vaccine mandate on health care workers at federally funded hospitals to proceed. in washington, chris pollone, nbc news. >> chris, thank you. now the president did promise more rapid tests will be available for all of us throughout the country. this is a look inside a production site in florida. the company that owns this site also operates two others. between the three sites these workers are making a million at-home test kits a day. the fda has fully authorized 15 companies to produce these kits. janelle? >> the second covid outbreak at
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san quentin prison right now. that coronavirus when it first broke out ran through the prison in 2020, infecting more than 2,000 inmates and guards, becoming one of the worst hot spots in the country. 28 people died. senior investigative reporter steven sock joins us with the latest case numbers. doesn't look good. >> it does not. we've been checking daily for any indication that the omicron variant had reached san quentin and just today the first signs of a surge there. the numbers of infections among prisoners jumped to 65 active cases today. that's up from just half a dozen only yesterday. the prison is also reporting 87 staff members have tested positive for the virus while 91% of the inmates there are vaccinated. about one in every four staff members is not vaccinated. state prison officials tell us they have vaccination clinics available to all staff members five days a week, but roughly
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one-quarter of the staff are not taking advantage of those vaccination clinics. we spoke this afternoon to david jerrell who spent four years at quentin before being released from the prison on sunday, narrowly missing the outbreak. >> we're being locked down because they don't want to take the precautions to keep us safe. it looks good for them when we get vaccinated, but they refuse to get vaccinated. there's a lot of older people there, so who knows what covid will do to them if they get it a second time. >> reporter: now we saw during the first outbreak back in 2020 that covid spreads like wildfire inside san quentin and other prisons around the state. today in response to this latest outbreak california's corrections department says it was limiting movement between and throughout california prisons, all in an attempt to keep the virus isolated. we will stay on top of this story and continue to bring you any latest developments. >> okay, great. keep us posted.
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thanks, stephen. the cdc is considering updating its mask guidance due to the surge of omicron casesch the agency will likely advise people to upgrade to kn-95 or n-35 masks. they cost more and they are harder to find than cloth masks so for now the advice remains any mask is better than none. we spoke to dr. peter hong with ucf s. he considers surgical mask a good baseline mask but says the best mask is the one you can leave on. >> same axiom still applies which is that the best mask is a mask that you can wear consistently and for a long period of time. >> the u.s. is currently averaging 750,000 new covid cases a day. omicron makes up 98% of new infections. well, similar to what we saw in the early stages of this pandemic, hospital staffs are stretched thin. this has prompted many bay-area nurses to hold a day of action.
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nbc bay area sierra -- cierra johnson are telling us what's going. >> reporter: they are hoping to bring a day of action on workplace safety as we continue in the front lines in this pandemic. that was over the week as the department of public health announced that hospital staff members who test positive and are simonton-free can continue working as well as workers exposed to the virus who are asymptomatic. they can return to work immediately without isolation or test willing. according to an explanation on the national united nurses website, the union explains they believe that sending nursed and other health care workers back to work while infected is dangerous. they continue by saying, quote, if we get sick works will be left to take care of our patients and community in the policy is set to remain in place through february 1st and is designed to keep many health care workers on the job at a time when hospitals are
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expecting more patients. for ucsf nurse we spoke with the recent decision is concerning. >> it's extremely disappointing, you know, that the health care industry is focusing again more on wanting the hospitals to make business rather than keeping patients and staff safe so it's extremely disappointing and frustrating. >> and the california department of health says the hospitals are reaching capacity and this decision was driven in large part by the staffing shortages that many hospitals are experiencing making it difficult to provide that essential care. now the day of action continues throughout the bay area. as i mentioned, this is one of the earlier locations for the protest. some of the other locations include oakland, santa rosa and san jose. in san francisco, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. for many people it's back to the home office, and we're getting a better idea how this will impact the san francisco economy. a new report predicts that 15% of current are off-site
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employees will stay off site. they will stay remote into 2023. that will likely hurt business tax revenues as more offices remain empty compared to before the pandemic. those revenues are expected to grow about 1% through next year which amounts to more than $1 billion annually. >> bay-area school districts are grappling with how to deal with the omicron surge. marin county has actually released guidelines. no more automatic ten-day quarantine for kids and staff who test positive for cove. now if a person tests positive, has no symptoms or if their symptoms resolve quickly, they did test again on day five, and if they are negative, they can go back to class on day six. another change involves quarantines, people who are fully vaccinated do not need to karen tone at all if they have no symptoms. a person who is unvaccinated but has been infected with covid also does not have to quarantine in asymptomatic. also exposure notices will be sent in more limited
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circumstances. it's something that we just have to accept, and we just can't live in fear. i mean, we've got to wake up every day and, you know, be hopeful of a good day instead of doom and gloom. >> also, marin county schools are changing the definition of what qualifies as a close contact. it's now defined as someone in a carpool, a sports teammate or a close friend. if you want to know what the covid numbers are in your child's school go to >> the leaders of the oath keerps, a far right militia group is behind bars tonight charged with seditious conspiracy for his group's involvement in the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. his name is stuart rhodes. he's charged in connection with events leading up to and on january 6th. he was arrested today at home near dallas. he's a former army paratrooper and a yale law school graduate. he's appeared in court documents
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in the conspiracy case for months as, quote, person one. ten others, including nine who already face charges, were also indicted for seditious conspiracy which carries a possible prison term of 20 years. seditious, by the way, in this term means incopyright or causing people to rebel against the authority of a state. well, we're following some breaking news and you might have felt it. a small earthquake in contra costa county, a 2.5 magnitude quake struck just after 520, 10 or 11 minutes ago. it was centered five miles northeast of danville. no reports of any damage or injuries. up next, he's one of america's top figure skaters, and he's headed for beijing. we'll introduce you to jason brown and his other talent off the ice. >> she says the company gave her the wrong size window, but they can't seem to agree on a clear solution. i'm consumer investigator chris
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chmura. nbc bay area responds next. >> i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. check out the cool sunset setting off a lot of cool colors. a look at tomorrow's forecast and what's coming up for the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. we're all ready for a real vacation. one where you can sip tropical drinks with fruity garnishes, without having to get up. a vacation where you don't have to sweat the small stuff, like rummaging for room keys. and a vacation where drinks and wi-fi that's fast and reliable, are all included. because when you're on a real vacation with princess where you don't have to think about anything
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nbc bay area responds to a south bay woman's home improvement fight. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has a story of window pane pain. >> reporter: a woman in san jose gave a home depot rep this drawing right here for a 40 inch by 46 inch garden window. cost more than two grand. home depot then delivered a window that was way too big. 51 by 55. now the store's return policy says custom items cannot be returned. upon closer inspection erica's work order had the wrong size but erica insisted that was the clerk's window. she even said review the security footage to see the moment that the clerk took her
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drawing to complete the order. she said the store declined to take back the $2,000 window and give her a full window so erica asked us for help. we e-mailed home depot headquarters. no one responded to us, but soon erica said she was pleased and can't say anymore. that's often a sign someone has been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement or agree to a confidentiality clause in order to get a refund. we've seen an increasing number of them over the years and that's fine provided you take steps to protect yourself. first, read the contract, ask some questions and don't sign it unless you completely understand what it means for you. if you're having a window problem or any other consumer issue, maybe we can open some doors and click the responds option from the main menu or call us 888-996-tips. >> thanks, chris. people around the world are defending an athlete from north texas after receiving hateful comments from a russian coach.
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ashley are cain-gribble and timothy deluke won the pairs figure skating. leduc will make history as the first openly non-binary athlete at the winter games. a russian coach apparently isn't comfort basketball that and made hateful comments about him. u.s. figure skating denounce it had the remarks saying they are proud of leduc. figure skater jason brown is going to the olympic. always been known for his bubbly personality and his pony tail flowing through jumps and spins on the ice but when he makes his second olympic appearance in beijing this february one of them will be missing. ♪♪ >> hi, i'm jason brought. you'll from highland park, illinois, and i am a figure skater. >> this is where it comes alive. tribble axel. >> beautifully landed. >> there he goes. >> you know what it's so funny when i first got it, it was like the power in the hair, that whole myth, and i -- i cut it and i went straight to the rink. i tried all my jumps.
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i can land everything and i was at ease, but, no, i've not looked back and i really do enjoy it. >> fortunately in the sport of figure skating you get to travel the world and it was in japan i really felt like when i tried to speak a little japanese they were so apreeshity. i was so determined when i got home that i was going to learn japanese, i really, really want to make an impact and be able to communicate with the fans there, and i've been doing it ever since. >> konichiwa. >> do you have a favorite phrase in japanese? >> this is strange. like my favorite word is goali shushu-sham which is a garbage truck man. i love how it sounds and it is fun to say. >> i just love his energy. the winter olympics begin february 3rd. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. >> that was fun. jeff, we're going into friday, a three-day weekend.
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how are we looking? >> gold medal winning sunset. can you see it in the san francisco kamikura. let's get a full view and as the sun sets sets it is looking beautiful tonight. sf mighty fine, 55 degrees. low 50s are coming our way as we head through the next couple of hours and jacket weather, yes, in play here as we head to the next few hours headed out to the grocery store if we're going to pick anything up. tomorrow's forecast. i'm tracking two different things here. we have this area of high pressure that's going to keep it dry out here offshore so no rainfall from that, and then we've got this other smaller system to the north and no rainfall with this either, but it does look like it's going to kick up the wind. i do want to let you know the wind with this is going to be very isolated primarily to the mountains of the north bay. that's where we could get wind gusts 206 to 40. you can see lower elevations anywhere from six to 20 miles per hour. if you're heading up to the seer rarks you can see the magenta
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color. watch out for the wind. rolling through saturday, any kind of wind would definitely be calming down across the mountains. as we roll it into the friday morning forecast, yes, tgif. we're going to start it off with the 40s across the bay area. 40 down here in the tri-vale, peninsula 43 and south bay got you at 44. we'll see high clouds streaming across and we're going to try to get a little bit more in the way of sunshine for tomorrow morning. this will bring us to 45 in san francisco and 40 right there in the east bay. daytime highs tomorrow really won't adjust to a whole lot because we'll see some of the high cloud linger from the morning right into the afternoon, but, again, we should be able to get some sun breaks trying to push through the forecast tomorrow and overall it will make us a deather day. looks like this down in the south barracks 63 here in san jose. let's move it to the east bay and back to livermore, 62 degrees and for my friends out in martinez, 62.
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oakland at 61 and peninsula 60 in half moon bay and 16 in palo alto and san francisco 50s here from downtown to the outer sunset and for the north bay 62 in napa and 46 santa rosa. seven-day forecast we unfortunately stay dry the next seven days. like to get some rainfall in here but just not happening in here. 50s and 60s here for highs and for the inland valleys we're going down to 59 on mlk day there on monday and we hold with some 50s to mid-60s into next week. this weekend looking good. low 60s. some sun and some clouds, guys. >> that's a lot of sunshine there. >> we'll enjoy it for sure. >> thanks, jeff. >> up next, stripped of his military titles. the fallout for a member of the british royal family amid a sexual abuse lawsuit. stay with us.
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when they're sick, they get comfortable anywhere and spread germs everywhere. wherever they rest protection nothing kills more viruses, including the covid-19 virus, on more surfaces than lysol disinfectant spray.
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lysol. what it takes to protect. a tarnished reputation and stripped of his military titles. britain's prince andrew returned
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his royal pate najs and military afillations to queen queen today. that's his mother, by the way. it comes a day after his lawyers failed to persuade a u.s. judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit accusing him of sexual abuse. the duke of york was first accused in 2019 and has repeatedly denied the allegation. prince andrew will not undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen. will he stay or will he go? tennis legend novak djokovic hit the practice courts today as the australian government nears a decision on whether to deport him because he's not vaccinated against covid. djokovic has acknowledged his australian travel form contained incorrect information. his visa was cancelled upon arrival in melbourne last week due to his vaccination status but he won a legal battle on procedural grounds that allowed him to stay in australia. now whether or not the tennis star stays or is deported is solely up to australia's immigration minister.
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djokovic was included in the australian open draw as the top seed today. it's been nearly 20 years since the 49ers and raiders were in the playoffs at the same time. we're going to check in with bolt teams. anthony forest joins us next. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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okay. what were you doing in 2002? >> 2002. >> that's way back. >> i know. i was in portland, oregon at the
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time. >> you were here. >> that was also the last time the niners and raiders both made the playoffs in the same season. it's been a while, but this weekend it all changes. >> i still have some ties from 2002. >> antique, vintage. >> today the 49ers had a full practice in santa clara as they get ready for sunday's playoff game in dallas, and how about the raiders. they haven't won a playoff game in almost 20 years. here's nbc's bay area's tony flores. >> the raiders, chargers out. >> for the first time in his nfl career, derek carr will play in the postseason. >> this is the second time. i get to play this time. >> carr guided the raiders to the playoffs during the 2016 season but the raiders quarterback broke his week in week 16 and missed the postseason so this weekend is going to be a new and exciting experience. >> it's something that i've dreamed of since i was drafted. i've wanted to get to the playoffs to try to win a championship.
5:58 pm
>> even if they don't win a championship this team has already made history, following the controversial resignation of jon gruden the raiders won their last four games to become the first time in 60 years to make the playoffs after a mid-season coaching change. >> i believe that this has been something that's just been a work in progress over the years, and it's awesome to see it happen and, know, to build that new culture around here and, you know, i feel like al davis would be proud. >> the raiders made the playoffs for the first time in five years by beating the chargers in overtime on "sunday night football." now they have had a short week to prepare and travel to cincinnati for saturday's wild card game. >> i like the challenge. i feel like the last few games has been preparing us for this moment. >> this is a rematch from week 11 of the regular season when the bengals won in las vegas 32-13. the big cats of the afc north feature a rising young star at quarterback in joe burrow and an explosive group of receivers led by rookie jamar chase.
5:59 pm
>> we know that they are going to come in here and bring it just like they did in the last game. be red for the physicality. >> they beat us already so, you know, there's no pressure on us. >> it will be a exciting challenge for us. >> a challenge to win on the road and earn their first playoff victory in lam two decades. anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> that would be great. >> going to be fun. >> yeah, watch the raiders take on the bengals. it will air right here on nbc bay area. kickoff saturday at 1:30. >> a lot going on this weekend. let's bring in audrey asistio with what's coming at 6:00. >> at 6:00 we investigated and now change. questions surrounding a private company doing covid tests in the bay area. the new developments for frustrated patients. >> reporter: the santa clara county covid testing system is overwhelmed. are the county's biggest health care providers doing their part? we'll show you the surprising numbers. also you think you think you
6:00 pm
might have covid so do you get a rapid antigen test or a pcr. we talk to the experts to help you move forward. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for being with us on this thursday. >> i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm audrey asistio. many have spoken about how difficult it is to book an appointment for a test in the south bay. it could take days and sometimes weeks. a look at why the county test waitz so overwhelmed and when can be done to fix it. and in a story that is seen only here on nbc bay area is that private medical providers don't seem to be doing their part. >> reporter: it's always non-stop here at the main testing site in santa clara county at the fairgrounds. they just keep coming and come. the fear now is that maybe not all health providers are carrying their own weight. the long line snakes around the


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