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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 11, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, slowing the surge. one bay area county now pleading for help as we see a rise in covid cases. the new restrictions just announced that will no doubt force major readjustments. and some bay area hospitals are being forced to pivot to keep up with the growing surge in patients. the changes that may leave some people scrambling to readjust their schedules. this is "today in the bay." of course we broadcast to your television, but also roku, apple
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tv and online as well. thanks for joining us. >> let's get a look at your commute and forecast. want to get to mike in a moment, but first let's start with kari hall with a look at those temperatures there. and i just came back from new york not too long ago. they were in the low teens. so this is kind of a warm-up for me. >> welcome back to california. >> and we'll keep the weather nice for you, marcus. welcome back. and we're starting out with some slightly cool temperatures this morning. but in our standards here. looking at our current temperatures, we're at 42 in san jose. it is 40 right now in napa and 41 in santa rose. after this cool start, we have sunshine and take a look at our trend and where we're headed for lunchtime, i think that you could take it outside. it will be in the low 60s and continuing to head up a few more degrees for the afternoon reaching up to about 63 degrees in san jose. and that is in the middle of the day. but weare also going to see
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some spots that will see a cooldown the next several mornings. so we'll talk more about that and what is ahead and any rain coming our way. and mike, you are tracking a possible hazard in pittsburg this morning? >> yeah, the traffic is very light even for highway 4 out of antioch. but as we look at the map, west bound highway 4, 2w4r are reports that there is a disabled vehicle and a few folks were serving around it as they arrive on scene. so be careful out there. speeds are still close to the limit even past this scene. i've circled where there was until ago a crash, but it has cleared. west 80 down through the toll plaza, you are basically at speed there. and around the rest of the bay, a smooth drive, looks like something may have popped up behind the 880 in castro valley. and happening tomorrow, sonoma county launches a new
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health order barring large gatherings. that includes any gathering of more than 50 people indoors or more than 100 people outdoors. gatherings also not allowed if it consists of more than 12 people who are at higher risk of severe illness from covid. the new orders remain in effect until february 11th. health officials are also asking people to stay at home as much as possible for the next 30 days. >> while we may be all be done with covid, covid is not done with us. due too to omicron, our case ra have they have been higher. and we're selling high transmission among even vaccinated individuals. >> the county's positivity rates reaching an all-time high approaching 17% this week. when it comes to schools, the new health order does not apply to normal classrooms or recess
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activi activities. some hospitals are dealing with is some changes. ian cole takes a closer look at new protocols and what health care workers are now seeing in the emergency. >> reporter: valley medical center announced that it is putting a pause on adults elective surgeries that require the patient to stay overnight. the goal, to keep beds free for patients as covid cases rise and hospitalizations tick upward. stanford is also delaying some elective surgeries. >> they are reviewing every patient case by case to see who could possibly be delayed. taking into febt their medical urgency. every patient's own individualized condition. >> reporter: in the south bay the number of icu covid patients has nearly doubled since christmas from 36 to 66. but it is still far fewer than the winter surge of 2020. i spoke with dr. paul silca, medical director at the regional medical center's emergency department. he says during that surge, the
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hospital was nearly full and they were seeing about 200 people come in a day. but now -- >> today we're seeing 320, 350 patients for the last week. and yet a very small percentage in the big picture are getting admitted with severe covid. >> reporter: but he says even though a smaller percentage are being admitted, it is still adding up. >> so we are starting to build up an inpatient cohort of sick covid patients, but it is not as bad. >> reporter: doctors also say the vast majority of the hospitalized are unvaccinated, showing it is still important to get one for those doubting the jabs. >> you get vaccinated, you get boosted so you don't end up in the hospital, you don't end up on a ventilator and you don't die from covid. >> reporter: multiple hospitals are also asking people don't come to the e.r. just to get tested if you don't have any symptoms. ian cole, "today in the bay."
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so we have advice on where you can get tested, what masks work best for you and the number of cases in local school districts and updates on how the virus could impact you. head to and taking a live look at the san francisco skyline as we get started with this day. it looks nice out there, but of course a little colder this morning. kari hall is monitoring what we can expect from the forecast today. and what what are we expecting? >> and a cool start but a warmer afternoon. so you need to bundle up for the start of the day. we have clear conditions. we're looking at antioch and that morning drive through highway 4, we'll see some of the temperatures at about 41 degree s degrees, a nice warming trend for late morning into the afternoon. and then as we head into later today, we will see some of those
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temperatures reach beingsing in. in san francisco today, it will reach 61. and now a morning commute. and we'll check in on that crash that i saw, the incident that popped up just behind the shield. it was in the east bay. the shield mark right here is 880. and you notice green all over including with the 205 all the way to the right. we'll zoom in behind 880, we're talking about 580 eastbound getting away from the caster valley. a crash reported at redwood road. not redwood parkway. that should be clear. it is just past that, and speeds are fine counter commute there. westbound is moving smoothly out of the altamont, just that disabled vehicle in pittsburg for west here 4, no other delays. no other incidents throughout
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good tuesday morning. at 4:40 as you are heading out in san jose, we're feeling low 40s. it is a clear start and we'll have a lot of sunshine as our dry weather continues, we'll check out more of the microclimates coming up. and we'll take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there had been a quick burst of traffic but things calmed down. i thought maybe we had more commuters going on. but i think that things have calmed down as far as the commute goes during this omicron surge. we'll keep checking on this, but first let's check in with frank. good morning, happy new year everybody in the bay. on wall street markets set to go up higher today after a volatile session yesterday. they fell sharply as treasury bonds spiked and created a lot of concern about what the fed will do to combat inflation and
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how it will impact the markets including the potential for multiple rate hikes next year. the dow dropping as much as 600 points, nasdaq down more than 2.5% at one point before both recovered. the dow and s&p 500 still ended in the red extending their losing streak to five straight days. but the nasdaq snapped a four day losing streak. focus today, the senate holds confirmation hearings for jay powell's second term as fed chairman. apple says app store developers have earned more than $260 billion since the store launched. while the app store continues to be a big money maker, many developers are a bit unhappy with what they see as restrictive store policies including a 30% cut that apple takes for many transactions. and a new trademark could significant nar electric bikes getting into that market. they say that it has nothing to say on the matter.
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companies often file trademarksd up using. but others such as porsche and bmw have seen value in the ebike industry which saw ju sales jump 200% last year. >> i love the ebike. >> so much fun. >> frank, you can get us one next time you're in town. >> yeah. next christmas. just be good all year. >> he has all year to save up. >> have a good day, guys. coming up here, a step in the wrong direction. >> as our climate in crisis worries, greenhouse gas emissions increases. the new data leaving scientists more concerned.
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looking toward castro valley, i wanted to follow up with this crash. you can see the little slowing that shows up around the arrow that is eastbound 580 around red wood road. the crash that we had gotten a report about has an injury and a couple lanes blocked. right two lanes are blocked. so it may take a while to clear. counter commute is your slow spots in the east bay of course. as we look through the rest of the wider shot, you see green
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dominates. way over on the right, s result more slowing that just popped up for 580. still following a disabled vehicle out of pittsburg, but n through the bay bridge toll plaz and a quick look in dublin, our live camera from 580, we -- sorry, from emeryville, toward the west bound 80, it is the bay bridge, a smooth drive, clear view but there is always traffic flow to show even if it is very light right now. we always have cars traveling across the bay bridge. >> yeah, and nice to be able to see those cars this morning as we are not dealing with a lot of dense fog. we are taking a live look outside in san francisco where it is a nice clear morning. also chilly. but it will be a nice afternoon. so if you do plan to head outside today, it will be a nice one for the hike along the coast today reaching from the upper 40s to start to the low 60s for
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today. and a mostly sunny sky for the middle of the afternoon. so the fog rolling away. let's check out the temperatures. they are headed for 67 in gill row, and we'll see a high of 62 in concord antioch.grees. so not bad at all. and for our north bay temperatures, we're reaching in to the mid-60s in ukiah, 64 in napa, and novato up to about 63 degrees. we do have some rain, but it is just well to the north of us. and so we're going to see this kind of skipping around, the storm track staying to the north of california as well as much of the bay area. but we are starting to get some of the clouds reaching in this morning as high pressure keeps the rain to the north of us, we are going to continue to have a dry week and also slightly warmer temperatures. but with that drier air, we get
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those colder mornings. and so that sticks with us through the middle of next week before we see the high pressure moving away and maybe a change of the pattern by the end of the month. but near term, we're enjoying almost spring-like weather in some spots reaching into the low 60s the next few days. just a little cooler by the end of the week as we see an increase in cloud cover and for the weekend expect more sunshine with highs near 60 degrees in the valleys. and for san francisco, mostly upper 50s over the next few days. and once again, still staying dry. now as we turn to our climate in crisis, we are getting some figures on our country's greenhouse gas emissions for 2021. and we're not doing well here. there was a 17% rise in coal fired electricity with an overall increase of 6.2% in greenhouse gas emissions. all of this shows the economy is recovering but it is at the cost of our environment. president biden's climate change targets for cutting the
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country's greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 is looking more like a long shot cutting greenhouse gas emissions can act asarth and actually help the earth warm. and so it is making our climate disasters occur more often. and that is why it is so important to cut those carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. you can find out easy ways that you can cut your waste and carbon emissions at home, check out our climate in crisis page at >> so interesting. and 4:50. holocaust memorial vandalized for a second time, now a reward is being offered for information that leads to whoever did it. this is the fountain of the holocaust memorial at santa rose memorial park. it was knocked over and now severely damaged. an employee believe it is happened last friday in the middle of the day. the same fountain was knocked
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over back in 2020. and that case is still open. sonoma county is now offering a $2500 reward to help solve the case. governor newsom unveiling his budget plan and he says everything is paid for thanks to a surplus. the budget addresses what the governor calls california's five big challenges. covid-19, climate change, homelessness, inequality, safe streets. $2 billion will go to getting the unhoused out of encampments with access services. and on may 1, medi-cal is available to everyone. >> the budget is not only balanced as it relates to our next fiscal year projections but balanced over the remaining three years as well. and this is incredibly important. the old days of doing business, we weren't balancing into the future. we are balancing with the future in mind. >> the plan also allots for more
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than $1 billion to cut wildfire risks through better forest management and more firefighting efforts. and set in stone, still ahead on "today in the bay," u.s. figure skating team now finalized and it is a team that will make the bay area proud. ahead, hear from the men and women going for gold at the winter olympics. and police patrolling a new section of coyote creek trail. under the $800,000 partnership with valley water, officers will monitor the newly constructed 3 mile stretch from williams street and tully road. that runs by a now cleared out homeless encampment. the trail saw a large increase of users last year, however the paper says that some residents remain wary about the nearby encampment and unkept areas.
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hard to believe, but it is almost here. in less than a month, team usa is heading to compete in the winter olympics. and this morning, we know who will be wearing the red white and blue on the u.s. figure skating team. pal low al though's vincent 16789 hou and joining him will be free month's karen chen and alysa liu. and stephanie gosk has more. >> ladies and gentlemen, your 2022 u.s. olympic figure skating team. >> a really cool opportunity to show the world, you know, what you love to do. >> reporter: they will jump, they will twist, and they will most certainly dazzle. >> when it comes to competition, it is like hey, just go for it,
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you know. ♪♪ >> reporter: nathan chen took flight to elton john's rocket man winning the national championship. a nearly flawless stretch of skating since pyeongchang. alysa liu had to pull out because of a positive covid test but still named to the team. >> it is a dream come true and i'm so happy. >> reporter: and winning nationals, mariah bell making her the oldest u.s. champion in 95 years. >> something that i've been working for for a really long time. and it is really amazing. >> reporter: covid has been tough on these athletes. at one point vincent zho uflt had to skate on a make shift ring i go on. >> it was like a bark with a barn with a sheets of ice. >> reporter: but now they are just happy to have their tickets punched. >> just time to shine and have fun. >> reporter: watching them to do
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it will be stephanie gosk, nbc news. >> and the opening ceremony is february 4 but coverage starts february 3. you can watch all the action right here on nbc bay area. going to be fun. >> a lot of fun. and it will be right here. and you know what, the pandemic really taking a toll on kids across the country country. next here, we go one. low 40s ts morning in the east bay, walnut creek 42. but it will be a warmer afternoon with a lot of sunshine. a look at the microclimate forecast, coming up next. and as we look at 580, a smooth drive through dublin. taillights are eastbound. good news, the crash in castro valley does not involve injuries. sounds like everything is okay and that driver is in their semi
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truck. we'll talk about more coming up.
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at 5:00, we're turning to the classroom. students in one district are coming back after a deep cleaning. i have patients who come in with so much anxiety, some had to begin with and the pandemic has exacerbated it. >> and tackling mental health, one local health expert explains what parents and students can do
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to help cope with covid fatigue. cold mornings and some warmer afternoons as rain stays out of the forecast for the next several days. but we'll talk about when rain may return in the microclimate forecast. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning. thanks so much for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> look who came home. welcome back. and we also broadcast live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. >> a lot of places. let's get right to our top story, thousands of students, they are returning to their classroom, this is after a brief district-wide shutdown. and some students, staff and parents may be a bit nervous. sharon is live where there was a deep cleaning in schools. how are things shaping


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