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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 11, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PST

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tonight, put that party on pause. new rules about to take effect in one bay area county as omicron surges. long lines in the east bay
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to get a covid test. we'll tell you why some people are turned away, and how the national guard will help. also a new year's eve she'll never forget. >> still sick. not feeling too good still. >> only on nbc bay area, the red flags being raised after local lodge may have hosted a super spreader. keeping close eye on things, animal near a school prompted a close eye by police tonight. as number of covid cases climb, we have several developments to tell you about. new health order for sonoma county. new restrictions and bay area hospitals canceling surgeries as beds fill up. staffing shortages and computer shortages forcing testing sites
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to shut down. sonoma county issuing new health orders against large gathering, more than 50 people indoors or more than 100 outdoors. also not allowed if they consist of more than 12 people at risk of severe illness from covid. remain in effect about a month, to february 11th. also asking people to stay home as much as possible the next 30 days. plea to the public. >> we may be all done with covid, covid is not done with us. due to the omicron variant, our case rates have never been higher and hospitalizations beginning to climb. widespread transmission with unvaccinated groups and some transmission among vaccinated individuals. >> county's positivity rate reached high of 16.5% this week, all-time high. when it comes to schools, the
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order does not apply to normal classroom or recess activities. bay area hospitals are make changes. ian cull has the new protocols and talked with the head of emergency department. >> reporter: valley medical center in san jose putting a pause on adult elective surgeries that require a patient to stay overnight. goal to keep the beds open for patients as covid infections rise. stanford is also delaying some elective surgeries. >> we're reviewing every patient case by case, to see who could be delayed, taking into effect their medical urgency and individualized condition. >> reporter: in the south bay, number of patients doubled from 36 to 66 but far fewer than the
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winter surge of 2020. spoke to the director at the emergency department, said during that surge, hospital was nearly full and seeing 200 people come in a day. now? >> 320, 350 patients last week. and yet, very small percentage in the big picture are getting admitted with severe covid. >> reporter: but says even though a smaller percentage are being admitted, it's still adding up. >> we are starting to build up an inpatient cohort of sick covid patients but it's not as bad. >> reporter: doctors also say the vast majority of the hospitalized are unvaccinated. showing it's still important to get one for those doubting the jabs. >> get vaccinated and boosted so you don't end up in hospital, on a ventilator or die from covid. >> reporter: multiple hospitals
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asking people not to come to the er just to get tested if you don't have symptoms. south bay, ian cull, nbc bay area news. despite record high cases and hospitalizations on the rise, governor newsom is adamant, no lockdowns on the horizon. asked in news conference today. >> businesses, other restrictions and closures are not in discussion? >> 100% correct. absolutely. >> the governor says there are not even talks about that. even as california struggles to manage the omicron surge. a long line after dark in antioch tonight, waiting and hoping for a covid test. it's tough to get test in person these days. in san francisco sites are closing because of staff members calling in sick and computer problems. working on moving you forward with what you can do if you're stuck, looking for a test. cheryl hurd explains. >> reporter: tonight there was a long line at antioch community
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center covid testing site. >> waited two hours. >> reporter: some even longer. by 5:30, people without appointment were turned away. >> how can i do the appointment? it's booked up two weeks in advance, no way to get in but can come back tomorrow earlier. >> reporter: tomorrow, the california national guard will be at this community center in contra costa county and various other testing sites in alameda, santa clara, napa and solano county to keep the lines moving. were in brentwood today. part of emergency order given by governor to deploy 200 guard members to get people access to testing. >> to help move more efficiently and help with the updated virus variants we're getting. there's a lot more need for testing. >> reporter: the national guard was here over the weekend and
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mayor says their presence made a huge difference. >> they literally worked with people in the line to fill out registration forms, and there were folks who didn't speak english, had guardsmen and women who spoke spanish. >> reporter: four testing sites in san francisco have had to reduce hours because of staff shortages due to covid and one shut down because of a computer problem. >> folks calling in sick. we need backup and support from the state. >> reporter: in addition to the california national guard support from the state, governor says more at-home test kits are on the way. mayor thorpe is telling his constituents not to give up, be patient. he's confident the testing shortage will get better now the state is stepping in. in antioch, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. students in hayward unified schools started at home, back to
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virtual learning now. school district says the problem is staff shortages caused by covid cases. will stay virtual through end of the week and return to in-person learning january 18th after martin luther king jr. holiday. in milpitas, the students are back after district reversed decision to start remote, county urged them to stay open. offered remote if families prefer it. parents noting a stark break. >> brought him in, looked like full campus and lot of traffic. this is night and day from last week. >> originally planned a quarantine to close for ten days. students in oakland continue to protest how the district is handling covid. nearly 700 students signed petition threatening to walk
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out. among the demands, kn95 masks for every student and covered outdoor spaces to eat in bad weather. gave a deadline of 17th. and spokesperson says we're meeting or in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in the petition and will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. new year's eve event has some people in the south bay worried they may have gone to a super spreader event. moose lodge 401 in san jose hosted a dinner and dance to ring in the new year, on a story only on nbc bay area, more than a dozen people believe they got covid. >> reporter: signs are clear, wear a mask, social distance. those who attended the party said few were following the rules as they danced and dined. >> if i saw a few people with
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masks, they were faithful with it. that was it. >> reporter: marta jimenez admits she was not one of them and says she is paying the price. >> i tested positive. and many others that were at the function also tested positive. >> reporter: jimenez tells us 15 other people tested positive after attending the new year's eve dinner dance at the lodge. nbc bay area has confirmed two band members also tested positive. for jimenez, it's her second bout with covid. >> went in with mask, once i sat down to eat, never put the mask on again, left it off. so i'm upset about that. >> reporter: also upsets jimenez she's not heard a word from the moose lodge, leaving her and other people to do their own contact tracing. >> to this day they've said no, no, this is to us. >> reporter: the administrator
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told us that people were told to wear masks ahead of time that night. and said the lodge would be closed until the executive board discussed the matter tonight. but they also hosted a 49ers watch party yesterday, included a limited number of members required to wear masks and show vax cards. fear of super spreader event is why chris martinez stayed away >> i don't want to get covid, i'm 67 years old and get sick, i don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: the health department has not gotten a report of outbreak at moose lodge but will reach out to explain the guidelines and ask specifics about the outbreak. members like jimenez say she's focused on beating covid and won't be back to the lodge until it's professionally disinfected. nbc bay area news. pfizer and moderna say they're working on vaccines to
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specifically target omicron. pfizer says the version will be available in march, and moderna says it's in trials and should be ready by fall of this year. >> we believe it will contain omicron but do we need to add other components, that has to be discussed. we need to be careful to try to stay ahead of the virus, not behind the virus. >> moderna says it can supply 2 to 3 billion booster doses this year. still ahead, on the prowl, a neighborhood on alert, warning by police after animal spotted around local school. the u.s. figure skating team is finalized and will make the bay area proud. hear from the men and women going for gold at winter olympics. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, we're tracking
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a mountain lion sighting has a neighborhood on alert tonight. area of westmore and baldwin avenues near westmore high, daly city police officers keeping eye on the area.
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reported a mountain lion 1:00 this afternoon. use caution outside and call police immediately if you spot the lion. el cerrito police department mourning a fallen police officer, killed yesterday driving home from work. van in front of him lost control, hit the center median, officer's car struck the van. was member of the force since 2020, 26 years of age. holocaust memorial vandalized a second time. reward is offered for information. this is the fountain at the holocaust memorial at santa rosa memorial park. it was knocked over, severely damaged. employee believes it happened in middle of the day. same fountain knocked over in 2020, that case is still open.
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could include hate crime charges. balanced budget, governor newsom says everything is paid for thanks to ninth straight year of surplus tax revenue. addresses what he calls five big challenges -- covid-19, climate change, homelessness, inequality, and keeping our streets safe. $2 billion to getting the unhoused out of encampments with access to services. medical will be available to anyone regardless of immigration status. >> it's balanced for next fiscal projections but balanced over remaining three years as well. it's incredibly important. old days weren't balancing into the future. we are balancing with the future in mind. >> also allots money for better
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forest management and firefighting efforts. tonight we know who will be wearing the red, white and blue on skating team. vincent zhou finished third, joining him. fremont's karen chen and richmond's alysa liu. >> reporter: your 2022 u.s. olympic figure skating team. >> it's a really cool opportunity to show the world what you love to do. >> reporter: they will jump, twist and most certainly dazzle. >> when it comes to competition, just go for it, you know? >> reporter: nathan chen took flight to elton john's "rocket man," winning the national championship and capping a
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nearly flawless round of skating since pyeongchang. alysa liu had to pull out because of positive covid test but still made the publics. mariah bell, oldest u.s. champion in 90 years. >> i've been working a really long time. it's amazing. >> reporter: covid has been tough on the athletes. at one point vincent zhou had to skate in closed rink. >> on backyard one time. >> reporter: tickets punched. >> have fun. >> reporter: nbc sports. earlier tonight, 2014 figure skating olympian of san jose talked with us about the strengths of all three bay area skaters, starting with alysa
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liu. >> only 16 years old, young but two-time u.s. champion. this is going to be outstanding experience for her. karen is one of the most artistic skaters in the entire world. her biggest strengths are definitely how gorgeous she moves across the ice. she's very emotional, you really feel something when you watch her skate. vincent is another outstanding skater. he is so technically strong, he has amazing quads that he showed very well here at u.s. championships. short program in particular was world champion, olympic champion quality. >> like most experts, polina says the russians are the favorites and japanese will do well, too, in the games. opening ceremony is february 4th, our coverage begins february 3rd. watch the action and janelle wang's reports from beijing,
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she's going. see her here on nbc bay area. >> getting excited. >> building up. summer games just ended, going into the winter olympics, but not going to feel like winter here next couple of days. got that right. talking earlier, hint of spring outside today, and it was beautiful. we have had days on end of overcast skies, so if we can't get a big storm, let's get sunshine in here. helps out everything else. sunshine in the forecast tomorrow morning, start off cold again, we've had the heavy jackets out. going to need them again. 39 for the tri-valley, peninsula 43 and south bay at 42. one spot we have to watch out for fog is the north bay. visibilities could go down to less than a mile. in marin, napa and sonoma county
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watch out for patchy fog. looking good in the east bay at 40. talked earlier about rainfall. storm systems hitting the west. we're not going to see any of that next seven days. high pressure moving in. when this parks itself over california it acts like big road block, keeps all the rain and steers the storm track to the north. seattle will get best rain chances, at times clouds spill over down into the bay area. start off with sunshine, patchy fog in the north bay. roll through the afternoon, high cloud cover moving in. for january, still pretty good tomorrow. get a look. across the south bay, 64 cupertino, 67 in morgan hill. cooler in east bay, 62 in antioch, 63 in walnut creek. peninsula, 60 in daly city to 62
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in palo alto and 63 in half moon bay. san francisco, 58 in the marina, a chilly day, high clouds through the afternoon. north bay, 64 in napa, 63 in novato and light winds continue next couple of days, and lot of you are concerned about the snow pack, a third of the water supply. we had active weather in october, november, december. still doing pretty good. holding on to numbers. 131% of normal in the northern sierra, central, 132%, southern 138%. next seven days dry. san francisco, 50s, widespread 50s by thursday. morning lows in 40s and inland valleys, increased cloud cover thursday. cooler 50s thursday and friday. this weekend, low 60s and sunshine returning. terry, check this out.
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numbers, this year versus last year. so far this year, 22.06 inches of rain in santa rosa. all of last year, entire rain season, 12.86 inches. we're doing so much better. so we can use more but that's good stuff there. >> mentioned to me earlier, if we can't get rain, might as well have sun. >> right? >> overcast last week not making it. >> it was tough. tough. >> it was. thanks a lot. just ahead, bottlerock's back. big names on the lineup, why you might want to set alarm tomorrow morning. california's attorney general is asking fcc to take action to stop robocalls. most originate from outside the country but s look like it's from city ins., . go through gateway providers based in the united states.
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in letter to the fcc, attorney general is asking the commission to require gateway providers to implement a caller i.d. framework that just finding out legendary entertainer betty white who died at 99 had a stroke six days
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earlier. according to medical officials, listed as official cause of death. white starred in multiple shows past eight decades. well known for "the golden girls," as rose nylund. still waiting to hear on bob saget, ruled out foul play and drug use but body found in ritz carlton hotel in florida. best known as dad on "full house," costar john stamos posted a statement for the cast, bob made us laugh until we cried, now the tears flow in sadness but also in gratitude for all the memories of our cherished bob. saget leaves behind a wife and three daughters. facebook employees have to wait until march to return to
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the office. originally set to return end of this month, now march 28th. employees who wish to continue working from home after that date have to request a deferral and all will be required to get a booster shot. national nfl playoffs kicking off this weekend, the college football season wrapped up tonight with national championship game, georgia and alabama going head-to-head for the title. been top two teams pretty much entire season. defensive struggle most of the game. bama led by five, then stetson bennett, a beautiful touchdown
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pass and great catch. georgia up by one. win 33-18 after late pick six. their first national championship since 1980. 49er fans you have six days to get ready for the playoff game against the dallas cowboys. but last look at overtime win to get there. from seven-point deficit to defeat the rams. jimmy g. to tie there. less than a minute remaining. field goal the difference. niners play dallas at 1:30. head coach kyle shanahan says the team is about as healthy as they've been all year. practice wednesday through friday, then on to dallas. story to make you smile. after klay thompson returned to action first time in more than two years, given the game ball in the locker room by steph curry's son. that is cool. packed house watched klay return. didn't look rusty. 17 points in 20 minutes.
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warriors beat the cleveland cavaliers. last time klay played, june 13, 2019. welcome back klay. we're b so much omicron news tonight. can't wait for the surge to pass to get back to feeling of normal. like going to napa valley's bottlerock festival. topping the headliners, metallica. "rolling stone" said they have covid sniffing dogs with them. it's true, band is using covid sniffing dogs for live shows. sniff the artists, crew members and backstage passes. other big names, pink, 21 plots,
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luke combs, the black crows and pit bull will be there as well. was scaled down for the pandemic last year, marks return to normal, tonight, covid hospitalizations nearing record numbers. and news on an omicron targeting vaccine. one in four hospitals reporting critical staffing shortages as average cases near 700,000 a day. child cases exploding. more than half a million in just the first week of january. and news on pfizer's omicron-specific vaccine. and when insurance will start covering at home tests. also tonight the u.s. and russia holding high stakes talks as russian troops amass on ukraine's border our richard engel inside ukraine with soldiers bracing for war. and my interview with president biden's national security adviser. what will the u.s.
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do if russia invades ukraine? the investigation into new york's deadliest fire in decades. the death toll now 17, including 8 children what started it and how an open door added to the tragedy the autopsy of comedian bob saget after his sudden death and the tributes from his "full house" family. convicted murderer robert durst dying in a prison hospital. the arctic blast of cold and up to two feet of snow al roker is here. the amazing medical breakthroughs. the first successful pig to human heart transplant. and dramatic body cam. officers pulling a pilot out of a crashed plane seconds before it's hit by a train. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening the numbers remain staggering tonight, stretching our patience and our capacity to fix all that covid has broken. from the millions forced to isolate at ho


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