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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  January 10, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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ibrance. right now on nbc bay area news tonight we thought it couldn't get any worse. but it has. long lines for covid tests across the bay area. even a handful of clinics being forced to shut down. >> told me the computer system is down. so they asked me to come back tomorrow morning. >> plus, could it be the latest superspreader event? . the south bay lodge now under the microscope. >> do you regret letting your guard down? >> i sure do. i sure do. i'm sorry to all my family. they are always telling me to stay away. stay home. >> and the clip is only five seconds long but sure to put a smile on your face. who gave klay thompson the game ball after his comeback?
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good evening everyone. this is nbc bay area news tonight. lots to get you caught up on with this pandemic. let's start with the headlines at this 7:00 hour. working on vaccines to specifically target omicron. pfizer says its version will be available to the public in march. moderna says that the company's omicron booster should be ready in the fall. students at hayward started off the week at home. hayward unified says staffing shortages caused by covid cases forced the move to have all students learn virtually through friday. students will return to in-person learning a week from tomorrow. and be on a minimum day schedule all next week. no lockdowns on the horizon based on california's hospitalization projection, governor newsom says there won't be more statewide restrictions or business shutdowns. he says 100% another lockdown and school closures are absolutely not on the table.
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as california struggles to manage the omicron surge. well, no lockdowns but more restrictions just into our newsroom because of the omicron variant. sonoma county is issuing new health orders forbidding large gatherings starting wednesday the health officer is canceling indoor gatherings with more than 50 people. outdoor events with more than a hundred people if the group cannot social distance. the new orders remain in effect until february 11. she is asking people to stay home as much as possible the next 30 days and limit interactions with people outside of the immediate household. >> while we may all be done with covid, covid is not done with us. due to the omicron variant our case rates have never been higher and our hospitalizations, we are seeing widespread transmission among unvaccinated groups as well as some transmission among vaccinated individuals all indications are that this surge will likely get worse in the coming weeks.
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>> in sonoma county covid hospitalizations increased from 28 on january 3rd to 76 on january 9th. also the county's positivity rate reached an all time high of 16.5% this week. the county office of education says when it comes to schools, the new health order does not apply to normal classroom or recess activities. well, omicron is now hitting those we rely on to administer covid tests. at least four centers in san francisco say they are cutting hours due to covid related staffing shortages. today that wasn't their only issue. the city sites are run by the color company who said all six of their san francisco sites had to be shut down today because of a nationwide computer outage. that meant hundreds of patients who had been waiting for hours in line had to be turned away. when the sites do start back up san francisco's department of public health says they will cut the number of daily tests by at least 250 because of covid related staffing shortages and a backlog in processing times.
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>> we have folks calling in sick. we need backup. we need support from the state. we need more tests, more people who can provide the tests. >> of the four sites affected the ella hill hutch and ail mainy sites will close earlier and other sites will open later. the county is calling on local health clinics to expand their testing capacity. let's bring in our infectious disease specialist from ucsf. thank you for joining us tonight. you said testing was the most important part of containing this surge. what is your reaction now? testing lines are so long. testing sites shut down in san francisco. your thoughts? >> well, it reminds me i'm sure you, too, janelle, of march of 2020. we have a lot more tests right now but so many people are infected that it feels that with the long lines, the wait of hours and hours, that it is not enough by a long shot. >> doctor, many people relying
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on the at home tests now. i bought some online. how effective are they? >> so they are pretty good when you are most transmissible, when your viral load is the highest but not sensitive particularly early on. eventually they'll turn positive but early on the pcr is going to be more sensitive. that is if you swab too early, you may get a negative but if you were in a high risk exposure setting, a lot of other people have it, you have symptoms, don't trust the negative test. follow up with a pcr or as some on social media and others have been doing combine the throat and nose swab. >> some say the tests are accurate in showing if you are contagious. maybe you do have it. it comes back negative. but if it is negative it also means you're not as contagious at that point? >> it is likely you are not as
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contagious because your viral load is probably lower. but omicron acts really fast so one other strategy people can use if they don't want to wait and it is too long for a pcr test is to simply repeat the swab. that is why it comes in twos because you can repeat it in a couple days. keep the mask on in public in the meantime. and if your symptoms continue or you have no symptoms but you have -- everybody else at the dinner turned positive just repeat it. and a couple days later could give you more information. >> dr. peter, i know you support kids staying in school and not doing virtual learning. how can we better protect them if staying in school? >> you can do that by upping the masking so kids wearing at least surgical masks. i think they can pleasing be about wearing a kn95. pretty uncomfortable for a long
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period of time for most people an n95. ventilation is key. hepa filters if the classroom has it. vaccinating all of the teachers, the staff, the kids, the people in the kids' families making that wall of immunity and of course the kids, themselves. and, you know, testing remains a key point as those get ramped up but even though they are in sport supply at least test the most symptomatic and for people who have exposure for sure if you have limited tests after the first screening that you do to get into school. >> quickly before i let you go, doctors keep saying the surge is going to peak at the end of january and then start subsiding based on what we're seeing in south africa and in europe. if that is the case what should we do? what your advice over the next month? >> i think we just have to cross our fingers and hunker down but not hunker down too much. i mean, you can still move around responsibly. i think most people are not at
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risk of getting sick like march of 2020. but whatever we have right now is going to get a little bit worse maybe next week and then start going down. in south africa that peak took four weeks to come up and about three to four weeks to descend. so not three months like delta. >> okay. thank you so much for your time tonight. have a good monday night. >> thank you, janelle. for advice on where to get tested, what masks work best for you, the number of cases in local school districts and several other updates on how the virus could impact you, just go to well, to help out, they are sending in the national guard. troops are being deployed to napa, contra costa, alameda, santa clara counties to try to speed up the epic wait times at covid testing sites. today we found lines like this one winding through the antioch
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community center and similar hours-long wait for drive through covid testing in hayward. the national guard's mission will be to figure out how to make things move more quickly. >> the mission is to help move a little bit more efficiently and just help with the new i guess updated virus and variants we're getting. there's a lot more need for testing. >> we caught up with some of the troops deployed today at a brentwood testing center and also noticed the sites had much smaller lines. the guard will help tomorrow at the antioch community center. what started as a fun new year's eve party has turned into a nightmare for more than a dozen people in the south bay. the party was put on by moose lodge 401 in san jose complete with food and a live band. but many are now worried that gathering was a superspreader event and some attendees say nobody is tracking it. we'll go to san jose for more. >> reporter: the pictures show a lot of smiling faces at the
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moose lodge's new year's eve dinner dance. but today there are no smiles on the face of martha jimenez. >> still sick. not feeling too good still. >> reporter: she says she contracted covid for the second time and believes it happened at the new year's eve party. she named 15 other people who she says also tested positive after attending the party. nbc bay area has confirmed two band members also tested positive. jimenez says she knows she is partly to blame for her infection by choosing not to wear a mask even though there were signs at the entrance. >> do you regret letting your guard down? >> i sure do. i sure do. i'm sorry to all my family. they are always telling me to stay away, stay home. >> reporter: what also bothers jimenez is those who got infected are doing their own contact tracing. she said no one has heard a word from the lodge. >> to this day they are still saying, no, no. this is to us.
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>> reporter: the moose lodge administrator told me by phone people were told ahead of time to wear masks that night. he said for now the lodge will be closed until the executive board discusses the matter tonight and also told us the lodge hosted a 49ers watch party yesterday but says it involved a limited number of members who were required to wear masks and show their vax cards. >> i am not going to wear a mask dancing. that's just me. >> reporter: you decided not to go >> i decided not to go. >> reporter: today we told chris martinez about the outbreak. he canceled his plans to attend the new year's eve event. >> that is too bad. i feel bad for them. that's why i didn't go. i didn't know what the circumstances were. you have to wear a mask, you don't. and then you -- i know they served food. you're going to eat the food. i don't know if they're wearing gloves cooking food. >> reporter: members like jimenez say they now want a professional disinfecting of the venue before reopening their doors. >> i am scared for many other people to get infected.
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>> now joining us live, in santa clara county if three people get dmoevd a business that is considered -- covid in a business that is considered an outbreak and the business has to report it to public health. did they? if not, why is it different? >> reporter: there is kind of a gray area because this is not really a business. this is a private club in the east part of san jose. public health was looking at the rules to see what applied to the moose lodge and at this point it appears it is a private venue. it is a private event. you have to be a member to go into the social quarters there. so public health wants to have a talk with the moose lodge about what the guidelines should be but at this point no one is actually doing a contact tracing at the moose lodge. >> what about disinfecting the lodge? have they done that yet? >> reporter: to my knowledge they have not. what some of the members want is for them to clear out all the vents and change the filters and make sure there is a thorough
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disinfecting of the lodge. to my knowledge it has not been done but the leadership i'm sure will get it done. it is a good leadership and they'll likely do what is right for their membership. >> okay. thanks so much for your coverage. we appreciate it. >> sure. still to come the bay area will be well represented in beijing. the three figure skaters going for gold and the odds they'll come home with a medal. plus governor newsom releases his budget. there is a lot of money going around. we'll lay out his plan to help you move forward.
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no deficit spending under governor newsom's new budget proposal everything is paid for thanks to a ninth straight year of surplus tax revenue. the proposal unveiled today addresses what the governor calls california's five big challenges. covid-19, climate change, homelessness, inequality, and keeping our streets safe. $2 billion goes to getting the unhoused out of encampments with access to mental health services. if the legislature approves it medical would be available to any resident any age. >> it is not only balanced as it relates to our next fiscal year projections but balanced over the remaining three years as well. this is incredibly important. the old days of doing business we weren't balancing into the future. we are balancing with the future
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in mind. >> part of the reason for the surplus is because much of the state's tax revenue is tied to the stock market which has seen record growth. america continues to mourn the loss of actor and comedian bob saget. tonight there are still questions about how he died. an autopsy today ruled out foul play or drug use confirming what officials said this weekend when saget's body was found on a bed inside a ritz hotel room in florida where he was performing stand up. investigators say full autopsy results will take weeks. the 65-year-old comic was best known for his role as a dad on the hit tv show "full house." that brings us to our question of the day. how will you remember bob staget? on twitter, saying, i will watch "full house" and "fuller house" and then, full house with him wearing an sf giants jacket. yes the show was based in the
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city. the group of men and women that will make up team u.s.a. in beijing is set and the bay area is very well represented. punching his second ticket to the olympics yesterday after finishing third in the men's u.s. figure skating championship. joining him on team u.s.a. will be fremont's karen chen and richmond's alyssa lu. earlier tonight paulina edmunds of san jose talked with us about the strengths of all three starting with alyssa lu. >> she is only 16 years old. she is very young but has been in the spotlight a few years and as two-time u.s. champion. this is going to be an outstanding experience for her. karen is one of the most artistic skaters in the entire world. her biggest strengths are definitely how gorgeous she moves across the ice. she is very emotional. you really feel something when watch her skate. vincent is another outstanding skater. he is so technically strong he
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has amazing quads that he showed very well at the u.s. championships. the short program in particular was world champion, olympic champion quality >> i can't wait. like most experts paulina says the russian skaters are the medal favorites heading into the games. team u.s.a. will give them a run for their money for sure. we are closer and closer to the olympics. the opening ceremony is february 4th. our coverage begins february 3rd. watch it exclusively and my reports from beijing right here on nbc bay area. >> stafford holds good and raiders in, charges out. >> yes. did you see it? last night's thrilling o.t. winner sent the raiders to the playoffs for the first time in five years. after blowing a 15-point fourth quarter lead the raiders kicked a game-winning field goal to send them to the postseason. joining me now is the main sports anchor at our nbc affiliate in las vegas.
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brian, wow. vegas must have been rocking last night. it is always a fun town. what was it like last night after the raiders won? >> well, it was electric. thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. it is good to be back in the bay. the stadium was absolutely fantastic last night. it was electric. it was the biggest game in las vegas. raiders history. a chance to go to the playoffs for the first time in forever it seemed. biggest game for derek carr. it was bananas. little john performed at halftime. that shows you how it was. >> this was the raiders' second season in las vegas. first season with fans. who are these fans? has las vegas embraced them or a lot of out of towners from the bay area? >> well, i'll put it like this. one, las vegas was the perfect place for the raiders to come because obviously it is close to l.a. and the raiders are the most popular team in los
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angeles. they're popular in the bay area. it is very easy to get to las vegas. a lot of bay area transplants here. a lot of people from los angeles come here. las vegas has somewhat embraced them. a lot of locals have tried to fight them saying they're not vegas born like the vegas golden knights. they started here. so locals try to fight the feeling if you will to embrace the raiders but i really think they have a big fan base here. >> it is going to grow. raiders' first playoff game here on nbc bay area heading to cincinnati to take on the bengals. kick-off let's go outside long will it l? you probably saw all the highlights but did you see this?
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this will make you smile after klay thompson returned to action for the first time in two and a half years he was given the game ball by steph curry's youngest son canon. a packed house at chase center last night watched klay return. he didn't even look rusty. thompson scored 17 points in 20 minutes as the warriors beat the cavaliers. the last time klay played in a
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game before last night was june 13, 2019. >> that is a long time. after two injuries he is back and looks sweet. >> yes. >> our weather is sweet. we have the high pressure system giving us some sunshine. >> a nice break. october, november, december. we had so much rainfall. the good news we'll also get some sunshine. i know a lot of us kind of have been dealing with the cloud cover. it's been tough over the past seven days or so. this will offer sun for the morning and by the afternoon some clouds from the storm track to the north beginning to spill on down. our rain chances going right up here toward seattle. let's get a look at our forecast as we roll through tomorrow morning. 50s are back. mostly sunny skies. a light wind. a great start as you head out the door. by the afternoon the clouds start to roll back in for the afternoon. daytime highs tomorrow pretty
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good warm up after upper 30s and low 40s to start back up into the 60s through the south bay. puts us at 65 in san jose right to the east by 62 in antioch. through the peninsula low 60s. palo alto to san mateo. san francisco 58 in the marina. moving off to the north bay 65 in ukiah. we'd like at least some rain the next seven days. not going to happen. we are dry. we'll see cooler 50s thursday and friday with a chance of some morning fog returning. overall this upcoming weekend low 60s, mix of sun and also clouds. janelle, by the end of the month into early february it does look promising for some more stronger storms to get in here. for right now i just say enjoy the break. >> thanks so much, jeff. coming up tonight on primetime 8:00 p.m. keenan followed by that's my jam at 9:00. ordinary joe at 10:00 and nbc bay area news at 11:00.
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that's it right now for us at 7:00. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you this evening at 11:00. bye.
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danny tanner will always live on. >> you guys are awesome. have a great night. >> how did bob saget go from a great night on stage to gone just hours later? we've got two of the last people to see bob alive. >> nearing the end of his set. >> sir, do you know where the actual "full house" house is? >> "access" dives deep into the latent love story that had bob happy beyond belief. >> john is literally like my brother. >> from john stamos to john mayer, the bonds that will live on forever. >> i think he is obsessed with me, i'm not sure. >> that's right. >>


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