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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 10, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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masks, they were faithful with it, that was it. >> reporter: march that jimenez admits she was not one of them and tonight she says she's paying the price. >> i tested positive. and many others that were at the function also tested positive. >> reporter: jimenez tells us at least 15 other people also tested positive after attending the new year's eve dinner dance at the lodge. nbc bay area has confirmed two band members also tested positive. for jimenez, it's her second bout with covid. >> i went in there, i had my mask, and once i sat down to p again. i left it off. so i'm upset about that. >> reporter: what also upsets jimenez is she has not heard a word from the moose lodge, leaving her and other people to do their own contact tracing. >> to this day they have sent no
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notices to us. >> reporter: the moose lodge administrator told me by phone that people were told ahead of time to wear masks that night. he said the lodge would be closed until the executive board discussed the matter tonight. but the administrator also told us that the lodge hosted a 49ers watch party yesterday which it says included a limited number of members who were required to wear masks and show their vax cards. the fear of a super spreader event is why chris martinez stayed away on new year's. >> i don't want to get the covid, man. old age, i'm 67 years old, and i get sick, i don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: the public health department says it has not gotten a report of any outbreak at the moose lodge but tells us they will reach out to the lodge to explain the guidelines and to ask specifics about the outbreak. members like jimenez say for now she's focused on beating covid again and won't be back to the lodge 'til it's been professionally disinfected. damian trujillo, nbc bay area.
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let's break down where we stand numbers-wise. the state positivity rate a little higher than 22%. in the last 24 hours, the state added more than 300,000 new cases. that's 5.5% increase from last week. a closer look at santa clara county, currently the positivity rate, almost 17%. hospitalizations are going up too, that's the important number. right now there are 405 people in the hospital for covid. 14 patients were hospitalized in the last 24 hours. marin county, one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. it is still seeing a surge too. and again, these are just cases reported, not hospitalizations. the positivity rate, almost 18%. the county added more than 1,300 new cases in just one day. from san francisco to san jose, san ramon, san mateo, one thing seems to be universal, incredibly long lines and delays for covid tests. now the state is sending help to try to speed things up. it's calling in the national guard. here is nbc bay area's scott budman.
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>> reporter: with the demand for testing rising by the day, we're seeing long lines, like the ones here at the antioch community center all over the bay area and california. but help is on the way in the name of the california national guard. all day, as antioch residents like alexander lined up waiting for hard to find covid tests, members of the california national guard suited up to help nearby in brentwood. >> the mission is to help move a little more efficiently and just help with the new i guess updated virus variants that we're getting. there's a lot more need for testing. >> reporter: bringing manpower and organization to the cause. and it's needed. check out this hours-long line of cars in hayward. they're waiting for covid tests too, one of many similar lines all over the bay. >> i've been to every single store from here to oakland.
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and i couldn't find one test at all. >> reporter: the governor says more at-home tests are also on the way. the guard says they'll help get them into your hands. >> i know that we can, because we've done it in the past. >> reporter: in antioch, scott budman, nbc bay area. >> the oakland school for the arts is closing down for the remainder of this week as it deals with a staffing shortage because of covid cases. the school's principal says he tried to get substitute teachers but there aren't enough available. the school hopes to open january 18th. students in hayward unified schools started off the week at home. they're in virtual learning now. hayward students will stay virtual through the end of this week. and the plan right now is to return to in-person learning january 18th, after the martin luther king jr. holiday.
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joining me now is dr. peter chin hong. doctor, thank you so much for being on the program today. >> thanks for having me on, terry. >> let's talk about children and schools. the hottest topic right now. how prevalent is the virus in our schools? >> well, it depends on what districts you're looking at. but it mirrors what we see in the community. again, the big theme is most of the cases in school are not from school, they're from the community. but it does lead to a lot of disruption. both in not having enough teachers and staff as well as students being ill and staying home. so that's kind of what we're seeing, not that kids are getting it in school or getting really sick to go to the hospital, but rather a lot of disruption, a lot of people ill. >> where do you come down on this debate? so much evidence that staying at home, virtual learning, is not
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good for children. and yet you want them to be safe. you don't want them to get into a situation where they're going to get covid. do they go to school, be in-person, do they stay at home? what would you say? >> well, i think overall, terry, it depends on each family's risk and benefits calculus. i would say in general, the advantages far weigh towards going to school in person. the u.n. estimated that $17 trillion would be lost in future development of these kids overall because of the pandemic. so i think that's what's going on. also, as i mentioned, the evidence is very consistent in saying that you don't get covid in school. but i understand that depending on the family, if you have risks, immunocompromised relatives at home, et cetera, that may change. but again, it's a fine balance. but whatever it is, we think
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this surge is going to last in terms of weeks rather than months. >> if you were in charge, what changes would you make to the physical classrooms, what would be a real good setting, safe setting for children? >> well, it's tough right now, but outdoors is better than indoors. if you're indoors, of course, cracking the window open, having hepa filters, as many schools or classrooms have it, upping the mask game. we talked about that, at least a surgical mask. for immunocompromised kids, you may want to feel better with a kn95. n95 is tough for kids to wear for long periods of time. again, testing has been the bane of many people's existence, frustration. but that's just one of many, many strategies that we have. the more strategies you have, the safer it is right now. >> all right, dr. peter
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chin-hong, as always thank you for taking the time to be with us this afternoon. >> thanks, terry. >> thanks, doctor. omicron is also hitting the ones we rely on to administer those covid tests. four centers say they're cutting their hours. the color company announced they were going to shut down all six san francisco sites today because of a nationwide computer outage. that meant hundreds of patients who had lined up for hours were turned away. today san francisco's department of public health says they're reducing the number of tests they provide daily by at least 250 because they don't have enough health staff members and also due to a backlog in processing those tests at labs. >> we've got folks who are calling in sick. and so we need backup. we need support from the state. we need more tests, more people who can provide the tests. >> of the four sights affected, the hutch and alemany sites will
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close earlier while two others will open later. the county is calling on local health clinics to expand their testing capacity. we know it can be very hard to find a testing site right now. we're here to help. go to our website. we'll put together a list of places you can get tested. we break it down by county so you can find a testing site close to you. click the link on the "trending" bar. an unsettling situation in daly city today. there was a mountain lion seen near a high school. tonight, a warning for residents. daly city police, fish and wildlife officers were searching the area of westmore and baldwin avenues. the search has been called off. police are asking people to be alert and use caution when going outside in that area. if you see that mountain lion, call the pd. governor newsom presented his fourth state budget today. thanks to nine straight years of surplus tax revenue, there is no
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deficit spending. the budget addresses what the governor calls california's five big challenges. covid-19, climate change, homelessness, inequality, and keeping our streets safe. $2 billion goes to getting the unhoused out of encampments with access to mental health services. on may 1st, medical is available to any resident at any age regardless of immigration status. >> the budget we submit today is not only balanced as it relates to our next fiscal year projections, but balanced over the remaining three years as well. and this is incredibly important. the old days of doing business, we weren't balancing into the future. we are balancing with the future in mind. >> governor newsom's budget also lost more than a billion dollars to cut wildfire risk through better forest management and it invests in more firefighting efforts and equipment including air support. the push to allow non-u.s.
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citizens the right to vote in local elections will go before the san jose city council tomorrow. councilmember magdalena carrasco is leading the charge. she says more than 200,000 noncitizens hold some type of legal protection in santa clara county. city council will take up that matter tomorrow. coming up, it's a show like you've never seen before. how the recent wet weather is helping salmon return to our streams and rivers. plus she is the first black woman to ever appear on the quarter. when you'll see maya angelou on the coin, next. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a chilly night in san jose, 54 degrees, down to 51 at 9:00 p.m. i'll have the forecast in seven minutes. minutes away from joining you in the west. with its military neighbor menacing ukraine, russian officials in high stakes talks with u.s. diplomats.
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i speak exclusively with the president's national security adviser. also the heroes behind a rescue you have to see to believe on "nightly news."
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julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium. and the novarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. trading places on the "today" show, savannah guthrie and hoda kotb revealed that guthrie has tested positive. >> i'm working from home. you're back in the studio. you have a negative test for covid. i just tested positive for covid. so here we go. >> i feel like we're like a ton of the country.
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this is so weird, i'm having a flashback to 2020. >> guthrie says she feels fine with sniffles as her only real symptom. guthrie is vaccinated against the virus and has also received a booster shot. for many of us, heavy rains make it a challenge to get around on roads and freeways. for some endangered fish, this year's rainfall is clearing the way for travel on their natural highways. >> nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. is seeing how coho salmon are putting on quite the show. >> reporter: it's telling what a little rain can do. this creek in west marin county, streams are gushing with water. reservoirs cresting over spillways. further upstream, san geronimo creek looks nothing like it did in september as it remained in the clutches of drought. >> a lot of these creation were bone dry. fish were stuck in puddles.
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a break sight in the fall. >> reporter: but today the creek is slowing and just in time to host nature's annual rite, the return of the coho salmon. >> after the vast amount of rain we've recently gotten, we're seeing a large flood of coho salmon moving up here. >> reporter: the watershed is among the state's last spawning grounds for endangered coho salmon. it's a three-year cycle from when the fish head to the ocean to when they come back. >> you're watching something that's been occurring for 10,000 years in the watershed, the reemergence of life from the oceans. >> reporter: todd steiner of the environmental group turtle island restoration group points out a salmon that's called a red, where a female salmon is getting ready to lay her eggs under the careful watch of several male suitors. >> the female with the white tail digs the nest and her tail
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is actually white from the digging. >> reporter: in the last couple of years, steiner's group completed a major restoration of the creek in the former san geronimo golf course. the group knocked down an old dam and enlarged the creek's banks. >> as the water levels occur during the big storms, the baby fish can move to the sides where the water is slower. >> reporter: it's a project with an eye toward changing climate. >> now with climate change, it's really important that we did this work and widened the creek, because we're getting these more and more severe storms. >> reporter: the return of the fish has brought the return of their admirers. >> along the creek, san geronimo creek, there's families out, there's kids. everyone is here to look for the fish. >> reporter: after taking a pandemic-inspired break, turtle island is bringing back its popular winter creek walks. >> and we walk the river bank from a trail and look for fish. >> reporter: the sight of so
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many returning fish is encouraging, but it will take several months to truly gauge the health of the population. but in the meantime -- >> it's just amazing this life history event is occurring. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> incredible. >> that's quite the show. >> we have to thank the rainfall -- not thank the rainfall, but be grateful for the rainfall that brought the creation back. >> i know it's so good to see that, to see the hillsides being green. as we get a look at our weather pattern through the next couple of days, no big storms are going to be coming our way. certainly a break here from that very active pattern we had in october, november, and december. we'll talk more about what's ahead here in just a minute. i want to get to right now outside in san francisco, currently 57 degrees. down to chillier 40s by 11:00 p.m. inland valley numbers are dropping past. 54 in walnut creek, 49 by 8:00
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p.m. take that jacket with you tonight and you'll be all good to go. through tomorrow morning, i do have that sunshine coming on back, a chilly 39 for the tri valley, peninsula 43, starting off good in the south bay at 42. low 40s through the east bay and san francisco. north bay beginning at 39. so we get sunshine as we head through the day. but i do think through the afternoon tomorrow, we'll begin to see some high clouds filtering across. so what's happening is this area of high pressure. it's pushing the storm track off to the north. so no rainfall for us. we'll see a little bit of cloud cover from that storm track kind of spill down towards the bay area, again, tomorrow afternoon. sunny to start, then some clouds there to finish, as we roll through tomorrow afternoon. you can see it right here through our futurecast by about 1:30 into 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow. daytime highs as we roll through tomorrow, pretty impressive rebound after those upper 30s and low 40s to start. going way up to 67 in morgan hill, 65 in los gatos. low 60s in most of the east bay.
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63 in pleasanton, low 60s in oakland. peninsula, redwood city 61. san francisco, 58 in the marina, 60 for the outer sunset. north bay, 63 in clear lake and 64 in napa. my seven-day forecast, again, we would like to get some sort of rainfall in here. but it's just not going to happen the way the current pattern is holding for us. again, all of those big rain chances going to go up to the north. in san francisco we'll go back down to widespread 50s for highs by thursday right through the upcoming weekend. and 40s for those morning temperatures. right here for the inland valleys we'll need to watch out for some fog on thursday that could reduce visibility. we'll see some cooler 50s thursday and friday. saturday, we get more sunshine for the weekend. temps in the low 60s. now, looking out beyond this, it does look like by the end of the month, early february, we definitely could be setting ourselves up for an active pattern to get more rainfall. that would be good. we get a break now and ramp
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things back up. >> we'll be ready for it, thanks, jeff. up next, tax season. just around the corner. yes, i'm mr. good news. how the irs is asking people to file because of covid. joy is next.
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file your taxes early and online. that is the message tonight from the irs. the agency says because of covid, it is dealing with a backlog of returns and staffing shortages. so it's recommending you file your taxes as soon as possible. the irs will begin accepting returns on january 24th. it apartments most taxpayers who file electronically and choose direct deposit will receive their refunds within 21 days. robocalls. you probably get them, complain about them all the time. tonight california's attorney general is asking the fcc to take action to stop those unwanted and illegal calls. most robocalls originate from outside the country. they spoof the number, make it
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look like the call is coming from a city in the u.s., often your own area code. they do that by going through gateway providers which are based here in the u.s. in a letter to the fcc, attorney general rob monte is asking the commission to require gateway providers to quickly implement what is called stir shaken. that's a caller i.d. framework that helps detect and block robocall. dozens of other states have also signed that letter. 2022 is the new year, obviously, we'll be seeing new money from the u.s. mint. >> when you count your change this year, keep an eye out for this new quarter. this is famed poet and novelist maya angelou. hers is the first of five new quarters getting released this year. other women pioneers will be depicted including astro nat dr. sally ride, nina warren, and an ma mae wong. >> what a great collection. up next, the so-called sea
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dragon from the past. the surprise discovery scientists found in a reservoir in england. and a live look inside rockefeller center. lester holt getting ready for nightly news. team usa figure skaters are heading to beijing. how the champions are handling covid and competition as they get ready for olympic ice. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online.
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pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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a prehistoric discovery in england. scientists found the fossilized
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remains of a so-called sea dragon. >> it's the largest and most complete of its kind discovered in the uk. they're similar in shape to dolphins but they grow to as long as 32 feet. this one is thought to be 180 million years old. it was found on a lagoon island while doing landscaping. the sea dragon went extinct 90 million years ago. covid testing sites are having issues in san francisco. we'll bring in our infectious disease expert to answer questions. coming up on "nbc nightly news," when could the new vaccine be ready? coming up on "nightly news." tonight, covid hospitalizations nearing record numbers. and news on an omicron targeting vaccine. one in four hospitals reporting critical staffing shortages as average cases near 700,000 a day. child cases exploding.
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more than half a million in just the first week of january. and news on pfizer's omicron-specific vaccine. and when insurance will start covering at home tests. also tonight the u.s. and russia holding high stakes talks as russian troops amass on ukraine's border our richard engel inside ukraine with soldiers bracing for war. and my interview with president biden's national security adviser. what will the u.s. do if russia invades ukraine? the investigation into new york's deadliest fire in decades. the death toll now 17, including 8 children what started it and how an open door added to the tragedy the autopsy of comedian bob saget after his sudden death and the tributes from his "full house" family. convicted murderer robert durst dying in a prison hospital. the arctic blast of cold and up to two feet of snow al roker is here. the amazing medical breakthroughs. the first successful


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