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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 10, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, a return to distance learning. the omicron surge is keeping some south bay students at home. reaction from parents about some districts deciding to reverse course as the 2022 school year gets under way. good monday morning. i'm laura garcia p. i'm kris sanchez in for marcus washington. with the start of a new week, many school districts continue to face covid-related challenges. >> one district is facing claims of struggling to provide covid tests for educators. others have decided to transition to remote learning. cierra johnson joins us live from san francisco this morning.
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we're now hearing from sf unified regarding those tests. >> reporter: yes, good morning. this all sounds like deja vu. we've come so far but yet so far to go, especially as the covid and covid variant continues to spread. let's start here in san francisco as you mentioned. we're now hearing back from the district regarding a situation in which those social media posts by the union. in it they claim the district ran out of test kits. the union is asking the district to prioritize an agreement around masks, testing, as well as sick leave. we reached out to district reps regarding that claim and they responded explaining in part, quote, since winter break and amid the omicron surge, we have been rapidly expanding and communicating out additional testing options for students, staff and families. last week we distributed nearly 58,000 tests at sfusd sites and
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we are continuing to make reliable testing available to the community. and this week students in two bay area districts will offer remote learning. hayward unified has announced their students would be learning remote starting today. according to a letter sent to families, the district is transitioning all of their schools to virtual learning because of a surge in covid-19 cases and a severe staffing shortage. and on saturday, the milpitas unified school district also sent a letter to families saying schools will remain open this week but students will have the option to learn remotely. this week many parents had a tough decision to make. >> last week when we brought him in, it looked like a full campus. definitely a lot of traffic coming in and people dropping off. this is a night and day difference than last week for sure. >> reporter: in oakland, hundreds of students concerned about covid protocol are prepared to walk out if more preventative measures weren't added. more than 300 students signed
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petitions asking for kn95 masks for every student. they're also asking for twice weekly testing for everyone on campus and more covered outdoor spaces to eat lunch in case of inclement weather. the students have set a deadline of next monday which is january 17th for those demands to be met. the district has responded in a statement saying in part, quote, we are already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in this petition. we'll continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. the district continued by saying supply chain issues, as we've heard so much, are impacting how quickly they're able to supply the kn95 masks and the building supplies necessary for building out some of the outdoor eating spaces. so today we're following a lot of stories and a lot of districts. we also have updates on our website, live in san francisco, cierra johnson for nbc news. >> thanks so much. in the meantime, west contra
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costa schools remain closed today as part of the deep cleaning going on after positive cases were announced last week. you may recall the district shut down all campuses friday. they are encouraging students and teachers to take a covid test before in-person learning resumes tomorrow. all staff and teachers will be wearing kn95 masks once they return. new at 11:00, the rush to get a test amid the omicron surge shows no signs of relenting. this is new video from sky ranger over hayward and some of the lines for testing there. this is sky west golf course and there's a testing site on mission boulevard. the cars wrapped around for blocks. if you're looking to find a covid test in san francisco today, you might be out of luck. the city's health department is reduing hours at certain testing sites and health leaders say that's because testing providers are encountering similar challenges as businesses, schools and
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hospitals are saying that sick calls are now impacting their staffing levels. supervisor matt haney says something has to give. >> we aren't meeting the demand right now. i'm glad we've been expanding, but we have to expand further. we are in the midst of an unprecedented surge right now and testing is one of the most important tools we have to confront it. >> meanwhile, san francisco schools recently expanded testing for students and staff through the rest of the month and those seeking a test are asked to make an appointment and register online. in contra costa county, today is a new day to boost those covid shots where the mandate will kick in. sharon katsuda live to explain who must show proof of a booster and what happens if they don't have one yet. sharon? >> reporter: well, laura, i just spoke with the contra costa fire public information officer and he tells me the front line workers are complying in two ways. the mandate is geared towards those who work in or may respond
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to emergency calls in high-risk facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and jails. employees who are part of this mandate have submitted confirmation of the boosters and those who aren't yet boosted will have to go through weekly covid testing. they say many employees who are part of this mandate are paramedics and see how devastating the omicron surge is today. >> i don't think there's any lack of understanding as to how significant this is. right now we're experiencing quite a surge. we are getting more than 100 more calls for emergency medical services a day across contra costa county. that's put a bit of a strain on our ems capabilities. >> the rise in omicron has led to staffing shortages among frontline workers across the country prompting health officials to push booster shots. in santa clara county, they also recently announced their own booster shot requirement.
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contra costa county health says that only 45% of eligible residents 16 years or older have received their booster shots so far. reporting live in san ramon, sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. moderna's ceo says the omicron specific booster will enter critical -- clinical trials very soon. ceo says moderna can supply 2 billion to 3 billion booster doses this year. moderna is discussing whether the shot needs to contain any other components in order to fight the virus and that particular variant. pfizer is also working on a similar booster shot. according to a study by uk health security agency, boosters are up to 75% effective at protecting against symptomatic infection from the omicron variant. as always, find all of our coverage on the pandemic on our website. we've got advice on where you can get tested, what masks work best for you and any other updates on how the virus could
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impact you. head to let's talk about something that makes us feel like normal life. how about the weather? we are looking live over san jose at lovely blue conditions out there this morning. we know that we are expecting to get a little chillier as the days progress, though, kari. >> yeah, especially for the morning hours, but it will be warmer during the afternoon. so we're going to have more of a spring-like pattern here and hopefully have a chance to get out there and get some fresh air and sunshine. nice weather for heading out to the park and keep that in mind if you're back to working from home and home schooling. make should time to get out to the park in pleasanton. we'll see temperatures headed close to 60 degrees. so sunshine and maybe some light long sleeves to make it comfortable for today. and then going into tonight. yes, those temperatures will start to drop off quickly around sunset. that's after hitting about 62 degrees in san jose. we'll see a high of 62 in santa rosa. san francisco up to 60 degrees and also some low 60s for the
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south county. we'll talk about warmer air for those afternoons and cooler mornings coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. breaking news. convicted killer robert durst is dead. his lawyer said he died of cardiac arrest while in custody this morning. durst was serving a life sentence at a prison in stockton. the former heir to a vast manhattan real estate empire was convicted in october of 2021 for the murder of his friend. he was suspected in two others over four decades. governor gavin newsom is presenting next year's state budget. scott mcgrew has been listening to the governor speak so far. california is one of the few states that can brag about a surplus. >> that's right. no deficit. no spending more than we bring in. a budget surplus. so let's take you live to sacramento. that's where the governor is speaking currently. as you said, we've been monitoring that speech. now this is video provided by the governor's office itself.
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as you might imagine, there's money in the budget to fight coronavirus and there's more money for law enforcement to fight among other things, retail theft, those gangs of criminals that are attacking malls and shopping centers. whatever we spend our money on, newsom points out, we'll have the funds to pay for it. >> the budget we submit today is not only balanced as it relates to our next fiscal year projections but balanced over the remaining three years as well. and this is incredibly important. the old days of doing business, we weren't balancing into the future. we are balancing with the future in mind. >> now, of course, the devil is in the details. we'll need to see a printed version of the budget to truly understand what the governor is proposing. and that's going to be about 300 pages of it. and, of course, the governor gets to propose a budget, but it's the statehouse that will actually approve it and possibly
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make changes to it as well. back to you. >> scott, some of those changes may be to -- how much we spend on water. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, it's going to be incredibly important. there's a lot of pressure to take some of that money -- some think of it as rainy day funds and put it toward reservoirs and other infrastructure because water continues to be and definitely will be one of the biggest issues ahead of us. >> all right. thank you, scott. new at 11:00, bottle rock napa valley is announcing its new lineup for this year's festivities. metallica, pink, 21 pilots and luke combs some of the names at the top of the headline. 2022 brings that three-day music festival back. last year's concerts were pushed back to labor day weekend and it was a much more scaled down affair because of the pandemic. this year there are plans to hold the event on memorial weekend just as in years past. ticket goes on sale tomorrow at
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10:00. so set your alarm. >> crossing our fingers it happens. think positive. we are also learning more about one of the deadliest fires in new york city history. next on nbc bay area news, what investigators believe sparked the flames and a warning really for all of us. plus, new safety concerns raised over apple air tags meant to help you keep track of items that are easily lost. how criminals are now using them and what the company says you can do to avoid becoming a victim. we'll be right back.
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liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. welcome back. fire investigators say a faulty space heater sparked one of the deadliest fires in new york city in decades. at least 19 people were killed when flames and smoke tore through the large high-rise apartment building in the bronx on sunday. nine of the victims just children. investigators say a door of the apartment where it started was
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open and that allowed the fire to escape into the hallway and eventually that thick, black smoke engulfed the entire building. >> i notice someday smoke coming inside the door, black smoke and i heard people screaming help, help, help. >> the door to that apartment, unfortunately, when the residents left, was left open. the smoke spread throughout the building. >> the new york fire department said many of the firefighters actually ran out of oxygen while trying to save people trapped inside the burning building. >> be careful with those space heaters. now to a new warning about popular tracking devices from apple. they are those little air tags and they track the location of things you might lose like your wallet or keys. but now police are warning people to be careful after they received several reports of air tags being used to commit crime. among the victims, a "sports illustrated" model. senior consumer investigative correspond has more on the concerns and how apple is
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responding. >> i was at the bar alone. >> reporter: model brook was at a crowded bar in manhattan when someone dropped an apple air tag into her coat pocket. the device, roughly the size of a quarter links to a cell phone through the find my app, designed to help you track your things. but now it's being linked to concerns about safety and privacy. >> when i was almost home, i got this notification on my home screen pop up saying that i was being tracked and i had been for a while now. which is basically when i knew something wasn't right. >> reporter: she estimates the air tag was in her pocket for five hours. the device's owner able to track her every move before she got that alert. >> i also didn't know what an air tag was or anything like that. so i was definitely worried and concerned. >> reporter: and she isn't alone. >> so i think i'm being tracked. >> reporter: on social media, others report finding random air tags. >> i was being informed there's been an air tag that's been following me.
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>> tucked in right here. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies across the country are also warning these air tags can be used to track cars, allowing criminals to steal the vehicles once they're parked overnight. >> tracking her car. >> reporter: to show you how they work, i'm teaming up with an investigative producer, joe. what do you got? >> i've got my air tag. i'm going to put it in your purse. >> all right. we'll see what happens. >> bye. >> i hit the streets of new york city with joe watching me from his desk. >> first stop, got to warm up and get something to drink. >> must be time for a coffee break. >> able to see the exact stores i go in. >> vicki is definitely doing some shopping at sephora. will it work in the subway? >> here we go. underground. >> anywhere there is a cell signal, joe can see the air tag in my bag moving with me. >> vicki is really moving now. my guess she's on the subway. >> taxi ride. >> one last stop. >> time to head to lunch. >> joe is not far behind using his phone to track my location.
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>> it looks like it's just right up here on the right. >> the device leading him right to me. >> whoa. >> hey. you -- oh, my gosh. >> right there. >> wow. you pinpointed me right to my table. >> exactly. >> all with this little guy here. t. was easy. f. you had slipped this in without telling me, i would have had no clue you were following me. >> scary. >> i didn't receive a warning notification until i got home. >> it is now four hours after joe put the tag in my purse and i just got the alert that there was an air tag somewhere near me. >> apple says those alerts make it harder for air tags to go undetected. the company also updated the air tags to sound this alarm if they are away from their owners for 8 to 24 hours. in a statement, apple says we take customer safety very seriously and are committed to air tag's privacy and security. airtag is designed with a set prove active features to discourage unwanted tracking.
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a first in the industry. that both inform users if an unknown airtag may be with them and deter bad actors for using airtags for nefarious purposes. >> quite frightening. >> yeah. >> very bizarre. kari hall has our forecast for the whole week. >> yes, and it looks like this. what we're seeing right now, all of this sunshine and we had a cool start, but it's going to warm up and be a nice day. take a live look outside in walnut creek. you're about to head out on your lunch break, expect the temperatures to start to feel a little better than this. we've been in the mid-50s throughout the morning and now as we go into the afternoon it comes up a few more degrees. i think that sunshine makes it feel warmer, too. going into tonight, those temperatures will drop off quickly. if you're out around sunset, you'll need a jacket on. let's go through the hour-by-hour forecast going into the next several hours. i'm going to stop it right at the evening commute. if you're on your way home, the
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windows down, you might want to roll them back up and turn on the heater. we'll continue to see these temperatures drop for tonight. for parts of the north bay, we'll start out tomorrow morning with some upper 30s and then some low 40s elsewhere. so we'll notice that the trend will be cooler for our mornings but because of the drier air we'll also have warmer afternoons. and when we compare to what the rest of the country is dealing with right now, it's been fairly quiet as far as rain and snow, but these temperatures have been very chilly and we saw that plunge of cold air making it all the way far to the south. it's starting to feel milder now. here's the look at the weather story and what's happening closer to home and what's off the coast. we had a weak front that passed early this morning. it brought a couple of sprinkles but so much dry air under that that a lot of that rain evaporated before hitting the ground. still a lot of storms out in the pacific. what's happening is they're being blocked by high pressure. that will keep any rain from moving our way.
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and that high pressure will not be moving so we're going to be stuck in this trend at least for the next several days. now we at this point usually start to say, okay, when is the rain coming back? and it does look like by the end of the month we could see this changing once again and start to see the rain coming back to the bay area. as of now, no worries about the drough relax and enjoy it. as our temperatures come up to the mid to upper 60s for the next few days for the inland areas. if we see some patches of fog for the inland areas, that will keep those temperatures down for some of those spots going into the weekend, make some plans to get outside. it will be in the mid-60s. and for san francisco, we'll continue to see temperatures there as well near 60 degrees. kris and laura? >> that looks really nice, kari. thanks so much. boy, what a night at the chase center. dub nation celebrated a rousing return two years in the making. >> number 11, klay thompson!
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>> klay thompson took the court for the first time in 941 days following those major leg injuries that he had. in the second quarter he was rocking the rim, bringing everyone to their feet. after the game, klay talked about the long road back. >> i was nervous to start, and i'm just so grateful to be out here and the love i received pregame and the video tributes. it was special, man. it's a night i'll never forget, and it lived up to all the hype. i'm very grateful for our fan base. it's incredible. >> that's really cool. back in the saddle. klay scored 17 points in 20 minutes of action as they beat the cavaliers, 96-82. all right. now it's set in stone. the figure skaters that are going to compete for team usa in
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beijing next month. >> and one of them speaking out about that major achievement. still ahead, why nathan chen says when it comes to competition, it's us watching at home who have it tougher. happening now, difficult negotiations between russia and the u.s. are under way in geneva. the u.s. hopes the talks can avoid the danger of a new russian invasion of ukraine without conceding to the kremlin's expansive security demands. nearly 100,000 russian troops are now gathered within reach of the border with ukraine eight years after russia seized the crimean peninsula. we'll be back with you after the break.
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kris and i were just talking about we're getting really close to the winter olympics. and we know this because the u.s. figure skating team announced that with bay area representing in full force. >> it always makes it more exciting when you know the people competing. this is vincent zhou. he struggled in his long program but still did well enough to qualify. nathan chen is fresh off his sixth championship overy in weekend cementing his return to the games. on the "today" show he said it's harder for people watching him compete than it is for him to compete. >> it's kind of like, go for it. i think at that point you just have to trust your instincts and make the jump happen.
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it's more stressful to watch than it is to do it ourselves. >> wait, really? is that true? harder for us watching you than you guys? >> of course, we're stressed out. when i'm watching mariah compete, i'm like, my heart is pounding. when i'm on the ice, i'm pretty calm, pretty relaxed. >> well, your focus is all devoted to your performance, right? it makes sense. >> alysa liu also made the team. the opening ceremony is february 4th. our coverage starts the day before that. you can watch it all right here on nbc bay area. also stream it on apple tv and amazon fire. >> really looking forward to that. and the forecast this week really cooperating, kari. >> yes, it is. it looks really nice. and for a lot of people who are heading back outdoors for lunch and also for recess, it's going to be a great one with our temperatures in the low to mid-60s. enjoy it as our temperatures stay nice even into the weekend.
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>> that's perfect. i think we all need some fresh air. >> definitely do. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> you can also get the latest information all day long at thanks kris sanchez for being here. >> marcus will be back with you tomorrow. >> have a great afternoon.
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♪♪ right now on "california live," we have uncovered a special spot that practices medicine from all over the world right here in california. >> and the garden space outside is absolutely to die for. >> then ross is celebrating mocktail monday. >> 3, 2, 1! >> plus, i'm taking you to a hollywood hotspot that's been reborn. cheers. >> and we're remembering the man who gave many of us a "full house" of laughter. >> the reaction in hollywood is one of absolute amazement and shock. >> all that and a lot more right now on "california live."


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