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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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boosted in our community, the safer we are. plus, making it mandatory, a new deadline arrives for some east bay employees. the new requirement kicking in today for anyone who has yet to receive their covid booster shot. in the forecast this week, we'll have some cool mornings and some nice afternoons, but a very dry weather pattern setting up for the bay area. we'll talk about when we could see some rain coming up in the microclimate forecast. this is "today in the bay." ♪♪ all right, we are broadcasting to your tv as you are used to, but you know you can also watch us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online, and we're happy that you can. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm kris sanchez in for marcus. >> i'm laura garcia. we begin this morning with the omicron covid surge and efforts to contain it in the bay area and across the nation. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda looking at today's critical deadline that's aimed at boosting protections in the
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east bay. but first, "today in the bay's" alice barr is live in washington. there's a lot of criticism over how covid hospitalizations are being counted because it kind of skews what we might think of as the variant's severity. >> reporter: that's right, kris and laura. there are some new questions about just how these numbers are being tallied because we're getting more data showing that in fact many people who are being counted as covid hospitalized have been admitted for other conditions and then are testing positive while they're in, and that is prompting calls to clarify the numbers, though there's no question the severity of the omicron variant is undeniable. this morning, as the nation surpasses 60 million covid cases, the lightning fast spread of the omicron variant is wreaking havoc on the nation's businesses and schools with staff shortages forcing a return to remote learning. >> we don't know what next
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week's going to hold anymore. >> reporter: sickouts making cities like portland, atlanta, and washington, d.c., cut back on public transportation routes in a hit to the broader economy. >> all parts of the economy rely on that transportation network to get us to work, to get us to school. >> reporter: and just as covid is slamming hospitals, the virus is sidelining frontline workers. now in california, healthcare workers who test positive and are asymptomatic may return to work immediately without isolation and without testing. >> it's putting our patients and ourselves in grave danger. >> reporter: confusion over the cdc's isolation guidelines only adding to the stress. >> this is hard. we have ever evolving science with an ever evolving variant. >> reporter: and now the cdc under pressure over how to tally covid hospitalizations. right now, anyone at the hospital who ends up testing positive is counted. recent numbers in cities like
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new york show just over half of those counted as hospitalized with covid were there for something else, even a broken bone. potentially skewing the picture of omicron's severity. though doctors stress the unvaccinated remain at high risk. >> and the data appears to be the same for children. out in san francisco, one hospital system is showing that of 19 kids counted as covid hospitalized, just 6 were admitted for covid illness. now, many doctors are calling on the cdc to specify exactly how patients should be counted when they test positive. back to you, kris and laura. in contra costa county, meanwhile, today is the new a new covid booster shot mandate kicks in. sharon katsuda is live there this morning. talk to us about who has to show that proof that they got the booster and what happens if they don't. >> reporter: that's right, kris,
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it's a long list from county firefighters to law enforcement to those working in homeless shelters. now, the mandate is geared towards those who work in or may respond to emergency calls and high-risk facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and jails. >> our data is really clear that people who have been boosted have a much lower risk of getting coronavirus or transmitting coronavirus. it doesn't take the risk away completely, but it does reduce it, and even if you do get coronavirus, your case tends to be a lot milder, so you're much less likely to be hospitalized or even die. >> reporter: employees who are part of this mandate aren't yet boosted will have to go through weekly covid testing. the rise in omicron has led to staffing shortages among frontline workers across the country, prompting health officials to push booster shots. santa clara county also recently announced its own booster shot
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requirement. now, the contra costa county health says the eligible people, 16 or elder, have received 45% of the residents in contra costa county have received the booster shot. reporting live in contra costa county, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, sharon. well, just in, moderna's ceo says the omicron specific booster will enter clinical trials soon. ceo stephanie says moderna can supply 2 billion to 3 billion booster doses this year. moderna is discussing whether the shot needs to contain any other components to fight the virus. according to a study by uk health security agency, boosters are up to 75% effective at protecting against symptomatic infection from the omicron variant. if you're looking to find a covid test in san francisco today, you may be out of luck. city's health department is reducing hours of certain testing sites. health leaders say testing providers are encountering -- are encountering similar
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challenges as businesses, schools, and hospitals. sick calls are impacting staffing levels as well. supervisor matt haney says many needs to be done. >> we are meeting the demand right now. i'm glad that we have been expanding but we have to expand further. we are in the midst of an unprecedented surge right now and testing is one of the most important tools that we have to confront it. >> in the meantime, san francisco schools recently expanded its testing for students and staff through the rest of the month. those seeking a test are asked to make an appointment and register online. if you're having a hard time finding a testing site, we can try to help. go to we've put together a list of places where you can go to get tested in the bay area. the comprehensive list is divided county by county. one man is in custody after a family dispute turned deadly, according to police. this happened yesterday in brentwood. this is on sycamore avenue. police say a 43-year-old man was shot and killed, and officers later arrested one of the
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victim's relatives. taking a live look at downtown san jose on this monday morning, starting out our workweek, clear skies out there, making for a chilly start. grab a jacket before you head out the door. kari's got a look at the forecast and we'll check the monday morning commute with mike in just a moment. how are we looking weather-wise? >> not bad at all. we'll see a couple clouds this morning, couple of sprinkles here and there and then we'll head into the day with sunshine. it's a cool start as you're stepping out the door in walnut creek, right now at 45 degrees and then as we go into later this morning, into the afternoon, it's going to warm up and be a fairly nice day as our temperatures here reach the upper 50s. we'll see a high of 62 today in san jose and 59 in oakland, 62 today in santa rosa. dry weather with us for much of the week. we'll talk about that and what's ahead farther beyond this week's forecast in a few minutes. mike, you're seeing that a crash is jamming up the north bay? yeah, it's pretty far north
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but we call it out anyway because i-80, very important in getting into vacaville out of davis. let's look at the map. we see that around alamo, just past alamo, maybe closer to merchant and that will jam up traffic. there's a semitruck involved and i hear there's another semi they may have to do a switch with the trailers, not clear on what's going to happen there but again, that's north bay, and vacaville. anywhere down towards the bridges, those move very slowly. south of there, an easy drive, little slowing for the trivalley, as we get a look outside the bay bridge toll plaza, also shows you how light it is. things are not really backing up at all through the maze or no meter lights, in fact, so that's great. back to you. >> we like it when it's great news. thanks, mike. a dangerous twist to a popular technology. still ahead on "today in the bay," being tracked without your knowledge. are popular apple air tags being used for thieves to turn into tools? how one woman's frightening
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story is actually raising some new concerns. it looks as if the price of used cars is coming down, but that may actually be bad news for one group of people. i'll tell you who. take you out to the futures, got some red arrows as confusion reigns over which direction the economy is going. plus. ♪♪ >> grab your flip phones and your low-rise jeans, laura, we are going back to the '90s and 2000s thanks in part to adele. or maybe not thanks. superstar is being credited for a comeback of sorts, but not for her music, rather the way that we listen to it. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. good monday morning, right now it's 6:12. make some plans to get outside, get some fresh air and some sunshine in pleasanton, it's a cool start but we go from the upper 40s at 10:00 to nearly 60 degrees for today and we'll see more weather like this. i'll show you in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. and traffic looking really light around the bay, again, looking at 280 now coming toward us, northbound, picking up the volume just a tad bit but we're at speed there as well as 880. we'll show you what i've been tracking on 101 not far from
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there coming up. well, good morning, very happy monday to you as well. a new report out of kpmg says the price of cars, particularly used cars, will fall really hard by october. now, that's a long time off if you're in the market for a car, but it is some good, welcome news if you haven't already bought one. it's not so good news if you just bought a used car because you're buying at a pandemic high price. and if you expect to eventually sell it, if kpmg is right, it's going to be worth a lot less at the time of the sale coming up. well, taking a look at the markets, the first week of trading was rough. the nasdaq fell more than 4%. this was as wall street digested that not-so-great jobs number on friday. showing just 199,000 new jobs were created. we'll hear from the head of the fed, jay powell, this week.
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he faces questions in the senate. remember, president biden renominated him to run the federal reserve for another term, but powell still has to get the okay from the senate first. and they are sure to ask good questions in those senate confirmation hearings. it's a confusing time. those new job numbers we got on friday were low. that is the sign of a slowing economy, but the unemployment rate was also low, which would be the sign of a strong economy, and then in the middle of all this, there's inflation. we'll get key inflation data come on wednesday. that's been bad news lately with high numbers. also today, we told you last week this was going to happen, that kfc would offer chicken that wasn't chicken with a beyond meat nugget. well, they're in stores as of today. they are out there cooking them up right now to get ready for this morning's open. we were talking earlier about kfc, you know, the -- they changed their name from kentucky
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fried chick ton get rid of the word "fried." now the word "chicken." and it's one of my favorite bits of trivia because i worked in salt lake city for a number of years is the first kfc wasn't in kentucky, it was in utah, right down the main drag of salt lake city, which is a weird bit of trivia. >> we have to rethink the whole name then, i guess. the "k" is gone. >> it may be a thing. yep, and the "c." >> it's beyond what it was. beyond kfc. thanks, scott. we do have new warning for apple users aimed at protecting you and your valuables. you see that on your screen? that is the apple air tag, which you can use to track your personal things like your bags or your keys if you lose them all the time. but experts say criminals are also using that technology. "sports illustrated" model brooks nader recently revealed a stranger was using an air tag to stalk her. in other cases, car thieves are using it.
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today on the "today" show, we'll show you what to look out for and they will tell us what to do to deter that unwanted tracking that's right after "today in the bay" at 7:00. gas prices are inching lower and moving further away from the painful $5 a gallon mark. nationally the average is now at $3.39 a gallon, still more than a dollar higher than a year ago. in the bay area, forget about finding anything around $3. aaa putting the average for unleaded in santa clara county at $4.75 a gallon. in contra costa county, $4.72. analysts also predict possible increases ahead with crude costs again rising. well, trending this morning, not only music is back but apparently some of the old-school ways of enjoying it. >> 2021 marked a huge rebound when it comes to some of the formats we thought were dead. new industry reports indicates for the first time in 17 years,
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sales of compact discs went higher than the previous year. they were up marginally, only amounting to about 40 million units. vinyl album sales increased more than 50%. the surge is being attributed to some big releases from the likes of adele and taylor swift. cassettes and 8-track tapes, by the way, they were missing in action in that report. >> oh, i still have some old records. >> yeah? >> like my childhood ones. i play them for my kids and they're like, oh, why's it sound like that? >> that's awesome. my first record was crystal gayle. >> "don't it make my brown eyes blue." >> i just dated myself. never mind. it was britney. i believe you, kris. all right, we are looking at our start of the morning as we check out what's going on in santa rosa, starting your way to work, and it's right now only about 42 degrees so it's a cool start this morning, and we will see a
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nice sunny day today as our temperatures start to warm up. we're headed for the low 60s here. take some time to get outside, get some sunshine. our dry weather will be settling in throughout the week and for the south bay, if you plan to go out for a hike, we do have a cool start with upper 40s at 9:00 but then take a look at the trend, 1:00 to 3:00 will be the warmest hours of the day, and as we get that sunshine, it's going to be very pleasant for those outdoor activities. we're headed up for 60 degrees today in hayward and dublin. 60 also in sonoma and san raphael today reaching 59 degrees and upper 50s for half moon bay. when we compare that to the rest of the country, and what they're starting the morning with, wow, it's really cold. and that cold air is plunging really far to the south, so we're even seeing a freeze this morning for parts of the deep south and so they're going to continue to see some cold weather there as we get a break from all of the rain that we have had recently, and we go throughout the week with only the slight chance of some spotty showers.
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it has already cleared out, and it only left a couple of sprinkles for parts of the north bay. we do still see a lot clouds out there in the pacific, but we're going to see high pressure blocking that chance of any rain headed our way and the storm track will be well to the north of us going into the next several days. so, not a whole lot going on here as we are going to have a nice little warm-up too, thanks to that high pressure warming up our temperatures and the rain moving to our north. take a look at our inland temperatures throughout the week, upper 60s by wednesday and then by the weekend, still not bad at all. we continue with sunshine. there are indications that beyond this forecast, we could see that rain returning, so don't worry about the drought just yet. we are possibly going to go back to a weather pattern by the end of the month. and mike, you're still tracking that fire on 101. i am. i am. we're going to look over at the maps where we did see slowing and the arrow points northbound at the 280 interchange at story
6:20 am
road, the off-ramp, very close to the interchange where the fire activity continues. there was a garbage fire on a garbage truck so they had to dump that garbage and that may be an issue for the time being at story road. but it's not affecting the freeway speeds we see restoration to those speeds there. peninsula, all throughout the trivalley, just mild slowing for 84 coming through livermore and out of the altamont. quick look at the bay bridge because they just turned on the metering lights but no back-up, volume holding steady. very light. back to you. >> looks good, thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds, and it's a good one. >> if you need to access your vaccine record in a hurry, you can put it on your smartphone. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how next. and as we head to break, look at this photo mike inouye shared on instagram. features some cute pups. you see kaz and binks. did i pronounce that right? >> yeah, binks and kaz.
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cole and pip are all jealous at home. >> pip's probably sleeping in right now. but you know what? mike wants to know your pet's name. let him know. find him on instagram, twitter, and facebook. we'll be right back.
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new this morning, "today" show coanchor savannah guthrie has tested positive for covid-19. she says she's feeling fine and
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will continue to host "today" from home. savannah is vaccinated and has received a booster but the news comes less than a week after the news that her coanchor hoda kotb tested positive. hoda is back in studio 1-a this morning after two negative tests. you can watch them both at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." good news for anyone who misplaced their covid-19 vaccine card. there's easy ways to store your record on your phone. >> we recently showed you how to do that in the apple wallet but now consumer investigator chris chmura has help for android users too. >> pulling up your vaccine record on your android phone can be just as easy as pulling up your credit cards in your digital wallet. you need access to your record. go to the state's digital vaccine portal, that's enter your name, birth date and
6:25 am
phone number or email address. create a four-digit p.i.n. within a few seconds, the state should send you a text message or an email with a link. click it. now you'll plug in the p.i.n. you made and you should see your vaccine record and qr code. now scroll down and tap the icon that says, save to phone. here you have options. saving it to google pay, the wallet app and creating a shortcut. whatever you choose, google recommends creating a shortcut on your home screen for quick access. keep in mind if you get a booster, you're going to have to do this process all over again to get a new qr code. iphone users, we did not forget about you. we made a separate video all about apple. you can watch it on our streaming partners, our youtube page and just look for the how to playlist. all right, bay area football fans celebrating after what might have been one of the most exciting final sundays in the nfl in years. it included a dramatic overtime win for the niners that sent them to the playoffs.
6:26 am
jimmy g. was back in the starting line-up, despite a torn ligament in his right thumb. he led the niners back from a 17-3 deficit at the half, then it passed to jennings ties it up at 17. the rams then grabbed the lead back, that set up an 88-yard drive for a tying touchdown in the final minute and a half. overtime after robbie gold field goal, the niners interception seals the win. the niners now take on the dallas cowboys next sunday in the wild card round, and that game will be played in texas. >> did you catch this one? final game of the regular season with the raiders hosting the chargers on sunday night. may have been even more dramatic. a chargers touchdown on the final play of regulation sent that game into overtime after both teams exchanged field goals, it looked like the game would end in a tie. both teams advancing to the playoffs. but in the last minute, the raiders reached field goal range, kicking the game winner at the very end and knocking the chargers from postseason.
6:27 am
the raiders now head to cincinnati for a wild card game on saturday, and it airs right here on nbc bay area with kickoff at 1:30 in the afternoon. nbc bay area will also air the sunday night wild card game when pittsburgh takes on kansas city. the kickoff for that game will be a little after 5:00 p.m. lot of football to enjoy. all right, coming up next, the top stories we're following for you include a dry week ahead. meteorologist kari hall is tracking possible chance of rain coming up. plus. that's cierra johnson, she's going to be talking about covid struggles in our schools. a change on the menu for popular al fresco dining spot, the street reopening, leaving business owners satisfied but others, not so much.
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right now at 5:30, reversing course, schools for some south bay students will look a little different this week as some return to distance learning. ahead in a live report, the schools now being affected and the other districts taking a different approach. and sharing his story, this morning a bay area doctor is talking about what it was like when the virus hit his home and his family. why he fears his son's diagnosis could be a red flag for hospitals everywhere. plus. >> i see kids crying for help, and at that point, we couldn't do anything.
6:31 am
>> a tragic story playing out in new york when an apartment fire killed 19 people. more than half of them, children. this morning, first responders are revealing the likely cause. this is "today in the bay." ♪♪ and we're broadcasting not only to your television but you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. good monday morning and thank you so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm kris sanchez, marcus washington has the morning off. we want to start this half hour with a beautiful look at san francisco, nice and clear this morning, but we know clear means chilly. meteorologist kari hall is here with a look at our workweek forecast. good morning. >> yes, and we are starting out this morning with a few changes here and there. take a look at walnut creek right now and right now, we're at 45 degrees there as you're stepping out the door but then going into today, we will get some sunshine and warming temperatures. overall, not a bad afternoon. reaching into the low 60s for
6:32 am
some spots, and we do continue with sunshine and dry weather in the forecast throughout the week as you check out your microclimate. we'll talk about when we could see some rain in the distant future. that's coming up in a few minutes. thank you very much. a live look in milpitas at an elementary school there where schools are now there, one of many distributes facing covid-related challenges. in this case, they're leaving it up to parents to decide if their kids should be in the classroom. districts across the bay area are really walking this fine line to keep classes going as these covid cases continue to climb. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson joins us live in san francisco this morning and it looks like they're taking different strategies there and trying to limit the risk. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. both schools and parents have a lot of tough decisions to make in regards to what exactly to do as covid and its variants continue to spread, so this morning, we're going to start here in san francisco with an issue that's playing out here. now, take a look at your screen.
6:33 am
this was a tweet sent by the union that represents teachers in the san francisco unified school district. in it, the united educators of san francisco allege the district ran out of test kits and is asking the district to prioritize an agreement around masks, testing, and sick leave. now, to comment on the claims, we did reach out to the district. so far, have not heard back. but the district has previously already offered an additional five sick days for all employees to be taken for covid-19-related reasons. and this week, students in two bay area districts could move back to remote learning. hayward unified school district has announced their students would be learning remote starting today. according to a letter sent to families, the district is transitioning all schools to virtual learning because of a surge in covid cases as well as a severe staffing shortage. saturday, milpitas unified school district also sent a letter to families saying school will remain open this week, but students will have the option to learn remotely. so this morning, as you can
6:34 am
imagine, many parents having some tough decisions to make. >> thinking of going remote for this week, because of the overall surge in the covid cases. so, we'll go remote. >> reporter: and heading to oakland, hundreds of students concerned about covid protocols said they're preparing to walk out if more preventive measures aren't added. so far, 300 students have signed petitions asking for kn95 masks for every student. they're also asking for twice weekly testing for everyone on campus as well as more covered outdoor spaces to eat lunch in case of inclement weather. the students have set a deadline of next monday, which is january 17th, to meet those demands. the district has responded in a statement saying, in part, quote, we already are meeting or in the process of meeting most of those demands noted in the petition. we will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. the district also explained that some of those supply chain issues that so many of us are
6:35 am
impacted by are also impacting their ability to get those kn95 masks as well as some of the materials needed to construct more of those outdoor eating spaces. so, a lot of stories we will definitely continue to follow this week as it impacts not only teachers but students right here in the bay area. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, cierra. 6:35 right now and more details now, west contra costa schools will remain closed today as part of the deep cleaning that is going on after positive cases were announced there last week. you may recall the district shut down all campuses friday. they're encouraging students and teachers to take a covid test before in-person learning resumes tomorrow. all teachers and staff will also be wearing kn95 masks once they return. well, as omicron cases climb across the country, some hospitals are overwhelmed and stressed. this is a map from the cdc which illustrates, and you can find it on our website, but you can see here, the bay area, we seem to
6:36 am
be doing a lot better, those darker blues are the parts of the state, of the country, that are doing less well. all right, ohio, indiana, they're really struggling. health experts say the number of infected patients is tough to manage, that they are being admitted to the hospital, but some of them are being discharged quickly. ucsf department of medicine chair dr. robert wachter outlined on cnn over the weekend what hospitals are dealing with now. >> you have a milder illness on average but you still have many more cases that you still are having a lot of people coming to hospitals, hospitals getting overwhelmed, nurses and doctors are out. i think we're going to have a really tough time for the next month. >> he gave some of his personal experience as well. dr. wachter says his adult son recently tested positive, despite being very careful about masking. doctors are becoming concerned that the way the cdc classifies covid cases could be overstating the actual impact and severity
6:37 am
of the omicron variant. and a popular south bay street closed to traffic nearly two years during the pandemic officially is reopening this week. post street in san jose was blocked as part of the city's al fresco dining program. you might have enjoyed a meal out. critics of the change, including assemblyman culver, says that one-way street should forever be car-free. several over streets in the al fresco program do remain closed and the city council is looking into making closures permanent. as always, you can find anything you need on we have advice on where you can get tested. i just tweeted that out. what masks work best for you. and other updates on how the virus could impact you. go to developing this morning in new york city, investigators now talking about what sparked a tragedy over the weekend in the bronx. that's when 19 people, including 9 children, died following a massive fire at an apartment complex.
6:38 am
this is the city's deadliest fire in more than three decades. tracy strahan from our new york sister station is at the scene with new details. city's mayor in three decades. ten adults and nine children killed here in the bronx, and it's caused by a portable electric space heater. now, there are 200 firefighters that responded to this fire on the fordham heights section of the bronx just before 11:00 sunday morning. according to the fdny, they found victims on every single floor of this 19-story high-rise overcome by smoke and in cardiac and respiratory arrest. authorities say it started in a duplex apartment between the second and third floors. the fire commissioner says it was caused by a malfunctioning electric space heater in a bedroom. it spread, however, to all of the floors in this building, because the door to the apartment was left open. now, the fire department says they found victims on every
6:39 am
floor, at least 63 people were injured. new york's governor said she'll be establishing a victim compensation fund for everyone impacted by this fire. in the bronx, i'm tracie strahan. back to you. >> such a reminder to be careful with those space heaters, especially as it's getting colder. a live look right now at walnut creek and we want to get a look at our forecast. milder conditions for us this week, kari. >> yes, it is. and we're starting out this morning a little chilly and it's going to get colder as we go through the next few mornings, taking a look at our current temperatures, right now and what you'll feel as you're steht now concord, 43 degrees. it's 42 in dublin, 47 in napa and san jose at 45 degrees. as we go into this afternoon, make some plans to get outside. it's going to be a beautiful day with our south bay temperatures reaching into the low 60s. mostly sunny going into the evening and then we'll see it
6:40 am
clearing out as we see those temperatures dropping tonight. we'll talk more about the dry weather in the forecast and mike, you're looking at that crash in vacaville. yeah, kari, and unfortunately, it looks like we have some very bad news up there. at least there's some major injuries, perhaps more. we're hearing that, i think, they've sent a message to the solano sheriff's coroner out there for westbound 80 so this is related to the earlier crash. whenever the coroner's called out to the scene, it's not good news. we're looking at a back-up from 505. just a heads-up for that portion of the north bay, everything else out there, very light, we're going to look at the bay bridge where the metering lights are on but the span itself moves very smoothly with hardly any change in volume. back to you. thank you very much, mike. 6:40 right now. america losing a comedic legend. >> wake up, san francisco! hi, i'm the perky danny tanner. >> ahead on "today in the bay," the unexpected death of a
6:41 am
beloved actor and comedian, bob saget, and how local bay area fans are honoring him. the u.s. and russia with some very serious face-to-face talks. we'll tell you what they're talking about. let's take you out to the big board this morning. a lot of investors worried about rate hikes. we're seeing our fifth straight day of losses. >> all right, now we know who's beijing bound. skating stars from the bay area are now headed to the olympics. we're going to hear from them next. but first, the "today" show is also celebrating a big milestone. >> and i think that's one of the things about our show. we're not afraid to poke fun at ourselves. we -- in fact, i would have to -- i would wager that we poke fun at ourselves far more than anybody possibly could. >> this week, the "today" show is turning 70 in the lead-up to friday's big celebration, all this week, "today" will be sharing some of its golden moments from seven decades on
6:42 am
air, from hilarious surprises to groundbreaking interviews. all the fun is kicking off today at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." 6:41 right now. we'll be right back.
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. good morning, as you're heading out the door, take a look at what's going on in dublin, really starting to get busy out there as at least we do have clear visibility. we are starting out with chilly
6:45 am
temperatures so heater on in the car, but sunglasses this afternoon. we'll take a look at all of our microclimates and what's ahead for the week coming up in a few minutes. yeah, we're picking up that volume over there, 580 and dublin, 580 here at richmond, same freeway, different city, we're looking at the back-up near the crossing the bay, the toll plaza, heading towards san rafael. i'll show you what's going on at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up. thank you so much, kari and mike. quarter to 7:00 right now. fans everywhere remembering the beloved comedian and actor bob saget who died yesterday at 65. saget played one of america's best-known tv dads on "full house," a show set in san francisco. he also hosted "america's funniest home videos," which at one time was one of tv's most successful series. last night, fans placed flowers on the steps of the victorian in san francisco where "full house" was set. saget was found dead yesterday
6:46 am
in a florida hotel room on the road for his latest comedy tour. the cause of his death was not released but police say there was no evidence to suspect foul play or drugs. saget's family says he was everything to them and loved his fans and performing live to bring people together from all walks of life. they wrote, though we ask for privacy at this time, we invite you to join us in remembering the love and laughter that bob brought to the world. the "today" show will have more coverage of bob saget's passing coming up at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." also happening today, governor newsom plans to present his proposed state budget in sacramento. the governor's office says his funding focuses on california's greatest threats, bolstering economic growth and investments in the state's future as well. today's news conference begins at 10:30 this morning. we will carry that for you, and state lawmakers have until june 15th to go back and forth and eventually pass that budget for the next fiscal year. it is 6:46 right now.
6:47 am
the united states and russia will enter important talks today over russia's possible invasion of ukraine and nato's expansion. scott mcgrew monitoring those talks and scott, they started with an informal dinner but can it be informal? >> exactly, when such serious stakes. the russians went out of their way, kris, to say that the talks were not very productive. now, our secretary of state, antony blinken, will lead those talks today. at issue for the u.s., the russian military build-up on the border of ukraine. for the russians, it's the expansion of nato. they're worried too many countries are close to its border that are choosing to ally with the west instead of russia. now, this is very different, of course, than the days of the iron curtain when russia surrounded itself with buffer states like poland and czechoslovakia, countries that now consider the u.s. to be their allies or simply don't
6:48 am
exist as countries at all. looking at congress this morning, republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin says he will run for a third term, despite promises to his constituents he would not. and then you have congresswoman ocasio-cortez over the weekend, the democratic new york congresswoman, her office said she contracted coronavirus. she took a recent trip to florida where she was photographed several times without a mask and in close proximity to others. and on sunday, republican illinois congressman adam kinzinger had harsh words on "meet the press" for the former president of the united states. kinzinger, part of the select committee investigating the attack on the capitol and donald trump's role in it. did he, donald trump, know the attack was coming? >> and i think that what's important is, it's the difference between, was the president absolutely incompetent
6:49 am
or a coward on the 6th when he didn't do anything? or did he know what was coming? and i think that's the difference between incompetence with your oath and possibly criminal. that's where i want to get more information. we do have, obviously, some things leading up to that, but the more information we can get, obviously, the better. >> we'll be watching that and of course we'll be watching the talks between the united states and russia, talking about it on social media. on twitter, you'll find me, @scottmcgrew. >> thank you, scott. all right, now, we're really starting to get close to the winter olympic games and we know this because the u.s. figure skating team is now set with the bay area representing in full force. palo alto's vincent zhou struggled in his short program. he did do well enough to finish third and qualify for the team. meanwhile, nathan chen is fresh off his sixth u.s. men's championship over the weekend, cementing his return to the games. and on the "today" show this morning, he says it's actually
6:50 am
harder for people watching him compete than it is for him while he's out on the ice. >> when it comes to competition, it's like the go for it, you know? i think at that point, you just have to trust our body, trust our instincts to make the jump happen. it's more stressful to watch figure skating thanes the to do it ourselves. >> is that true? harder watching you? >> of course. we're stressed out, we're nervous, but at the end of the day, when i'm watching mariah compete, it's so stressful. my heart's pounding. when i'm on the ice, i'm pretty calm and relaxed. i have confidence knowing what i'm doing. >> is it like that for you guys at home? is it harder for you to watch than for us to do our jobs? richmond's alyssa and karen chen also made usa's figure skating team. we'll learn more about it on the "today" show, getting that first look at the full u.s. figure skating team at 7:00 this morning. opening ceremony is happening on february 4th, so you know our coverage starts a little early on february 3rd. you can watch it all on nbc bay area, on our streaming devices,
6:51 am
apple tv, amazon fire. >> be here before you know it. so, monday morning, right? everybody wants a little extended weekend. but time to get looking at the workweek and that comes with a forecast as well. how's it looking today, kari? >> get the cameras ready. it's going to be a beautiful sunrise as we get a live look outside in san jose. see a little bit of pink there in the distance. i think it's going to really light up here within the next few minutes as the sun continues to come up. and then as you're stepping out, we have temperatures in the upper 40s. we will have a beautiful day as our temperatures reach into the low 60s by 1:00 and the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen as we are going to see our temperatures going from the low 40s now in parts of the north bay to the low 60s in some spots, even up to about 60 degrees in the middle of the day in hayward, 62 in san jose and around mountain view and then for the north bay, santa rosa also reaching into the low 60s. what you'll notice tomorrow morning is it will be slightly cooler compared to what we're
6:52 am
feel right now and that will be the trend through the week. really cold mornings and then some mild afternoons. but then when we say cold, we compare that to what everyone else is feeling, and this is not bad at all. take a look at, oh, minneapolis right now, 8 degrees below zero and you can see that deep plunge of the freezing temperatures into parts of the south today. so, as we wake up and head out, the weather is clearing out, and we saw the clouds earlier this morning. now we're looking at still a pretty busy weather pattern out there in the pacific but high pressure is going to block all of that and steer the storm track farther to the north so we are going to enjoy some dry weather throughout the week, and we are not going to see this changing possibly until next week, but don't worry about the drought just yet because it likes like once that high pressure moves out of the way, by the end of the month, we could be going back to a very wet weather pattern. so, enjoy the sunshine, milder temperatures, we're headed for the upper 60s for the inland areas and for the weekend, also make some time to get outside,
6:53 am
not looking bad at all. comfortable with temperatures in the mid 60s. and mike, you're looking at those metering lights coming on. yeah, the metering lights have been activated so they're working at the bay bridge toll plaza, but our live look at the toll plaza shows you we don't have much back-up because i think a lot of folks are working, perhaps, from home. we have the omicron surge, so that may play a major factor here. we're looking at the maps and they're slowing. there is slowing on the bay bridge, also across to richmond out of vallejo and into concord, also, the major crash up in vacaville that's affecting west 80. that's up near alamo drive. but really, the spots are typical, nothing major, some slowing has developed for san jose, little more from north 101 around 680 to oakland road. 6:53 right now. and happening now, public safety building is temporarily closing due to concerns over the spread of covid-19. closure starts this morning. in a tweet, they indicated officers will continue to patrol
6:54 am
the city and phone lines will be open. there's no word yet on a reopening for you. other bay area cities closing some public buildings include san jose, vallejo, and hayward. and coming up next, a quick look at our top stories that include the demand for covid testing, which is at an all-time high. i know our families tried to get one. sites having a hard time keeping up. the changes happening in places including san francisco, and what you need to know if you are still trying to book an appointment. i'm sharon katsuda live in contra costa county where many employees are facing a booster mandate deadline today. i'll show you which employees coming up. and we are taking you behind the scenes just a little bit. there we are, on facebook live with you this morning. and we're just talking about our weekend and how relaxing and unbusy it was. that's not true. it was very busy. >> no, that's troot now. not true.
6:55 am
>> join me and laura now, just look for kris sanchez nbc bay area on facebook. we'll be right back. on this mo
6:56 am
6:57 am
morning. we're moving you forward with a look in contra costa county, today is a day a new covid booster shot mandate is kicking in. >> sharon katsuda's covering that story for us this morning.
6:58 am
sharon, remind us who has to show that proof of booster and what happens if they don't. >> reporter: that's right, kris and laura. this list includes firefighters, county firefighters, law enforcement, and people who work in homeless shelters. now, this mandate is geared towards those who work in or may respond to emergency calls and high-risk facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and jails. employees who are part of this mandate and aren't yet boosted will have to go through weekly covid testing. the rise in omicron has led to staffing shortages among frontline workers across the country, prompting health officials to push booster shots. santa clara county also recently announced its own booster shot requirement. and meantime, contra costa county says it's gone up, the people who have received the booster shot, who are eligible, 16 or elder, that number is now up to 45%, who have received those booster shots. reporting live in contra costa county, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." all right, thank you, sharon. so, if you are looking to find a
6:59 am
covid test in san francisco, you may be out of luck. the city's health department is reducing hours at certain testing sites. health leaders say testing providers are encountersing similar challenges as businesses, schools, and hospitals. they're getting a lot of sick calls and that's impacting their staffing levels. bay area schools districts are taking on a different strategy to try to limit the spread of covid. we have a live look at an elementary school in milpitas where schools are still open but leaving it up to parents to decide if their kids should be in the classroom or learn from home. hayward schools have also announced their students will be learning remotely starting today. we're keeping our distance here in the studio as well as having some crews at home as well, that includes meteorologist kari hall. >> yeah, we are going to have a lot of sunshine in the forecast, great for all of those outdoor activities and moving things outside. we are going to see our temperatures heading into the upper 60s for the inland areas for the next several days.
7:00 am
mike? sadly, i have to confirm that chp did say it's a deadly crash in vacaville, west 80 at all alamo drive. the rest of the bay, showing a light traffic. we're always here for you. update in half an hour. good morning shock an good morning. shock and sadness. the sudden death of actor and comedian bob saget at the age of 65. the star beloved for his role as the loving dad on "full house." >> you girls are the greatest. i must be the luckiest dad in the whole world. >> this morning, the questions that surround his passing and the touching tributes pouring in from his family, co-stars and fans. heartbreak. new york city's deadliest fire in 30 years. at least 19 people killed, dozens more injured when a high rise apartment building quickly filled with flames and smoke.


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