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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 8, 2022 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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help with covid testing in the bay area. next. right now at 11:00, do you recognize this car? the search is on after a dramatic hit and run crash in the south bay. strained hospitals and first responders, california's omicron surge takes toll on the bay area. the governor's plan to fight covid. if we're going to set up for
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search, set up protocols to have transmission viewed. shouldn't have covid positive people come to work. >> if they test positive, hospital can keep them on the front lines. why the state says it's needed. news at 11:00 starts now. >> last case scenario for overwhelmed hospitals but nurses are concerned. state says health care workers who test positive for covid can return to week immediately if they have no symptoms. >> how does the plan work? nbc bay area news's marianne favro. >> reporter: with the omicron variant sending people to hospitals across california, state issued new guidelines to make sure there's enough staff to handle increase. health care workers testing positive for covid no longer
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have to isolate or test negative, can return to work immediately if asymptomatic. new guidelines in effect until february 1st, last resort for hospitals. >> there's stress in the job as it is. >> reporter: head of the california nurses association said it puts patients at risk. >> if you have health care workers covid positive caring for vulnerable patients we can spread the covid virus inside the hospital as well. >> reporter: we reached out to state department of public health. issued statement saying the department is providing temporary flexibility to help hospitals respond to unprecedented surge in staffing services. hospitals have to exhaust all over options before resorting to this tool. facilities and providers should
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have asymptomatic workers only interact with covid-19 positive patients to the extent possible. and state says covid positive workers with no symptoms will need to wear n95 press separator. dr. george rutherford, professor of epidemiology said it's surprising. >> this is about cohorting, people already infected taking care of infected people. did it for ebola in west africa, have done it before, it's in the playbook, not early in the playbook, towards the end. i think the staffing issues are such it led the state to put the guidance out. >> loosening the precautions makes spread easier. >> reporter: instead of
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increasing the workers, lifting isolation will only increase the chances of nurses getting other nurses sick, she says. >> if we're going to set up for surge, set up protocols for the transmission to be reduced. shouldn't have covid positive people come to work. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. adding to the strain on resources, more people dialing 911 and going to emergency rooms for minor concerns that shouldn't flood the phone lines. sergio quintana from san francisco. >> reporter: in a tweet this weekend, san francisco mayor london breed revealed how many frontline city workers are out, 184 from the san francisco police department, and 122 muni workers as more people are calling 911 for help as the
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surge continues. >> having over 400 ems calls a day past several days. >> reporter: fire chief nicholson says that's 30% more than usual and 1 in 10 staff members out because of the infection or isolation protocols, that stretches resources thin. asking public only to call with emergencies. >> don't call to ask for covid test or because you have a cold or minor flu symptoms. we really want to keep our ambulances available to people having a heart attack or stroke. >> reporter: zuckerberg san francisco general hospital, 400 staffers are out because of covid-19. also asking the public not to go to emergency room for nonemergency situations. >> seeing more people looking for tests, walking up with mild symptoms. and this is particularly a
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challenge now because of the circumstances i described earlier. >> reporter: the high demand for testing is something members of the california national guard are helping with. soldiers in antioch at testing site sunday. under the governor's orders, will be deployed to 50 more sites to increase the testing capacity. the head of the general hospital says they'll take any help increasing testing capacity elsewhere to keep the public trying to seek nonemergency services from places like emergency rooms. nbc bay area news. speak of testing, governor newsom put out warning for anyone trying to make a quick buck off take-home covid tests, signed executive order to prevent price gouging. stores that increase by more than 10% can face legal consequences, range from fines adding up to nearly $4,000 or
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even up to six months in jail. governor newsom rolled out proposal for $2.7 billion to boost california's response to covid. $1.2 billion towards testing sites, staying open longer and giving millions of antigen tests to health departments, public schools and offices as well. half a billion to vaccination efforts and pr campaign to counter misinformation stopping people from getting shots in the first place. and to help get vaccinations at homes and set up appointments. more for frontline workers, hospital surge and capacity. if you're having hard time finding testing site, you're not alone, we can help.
11:08 pm, we have a list sorted by county. local family is asking for help to find a woman who hasn't been seen in more than a week. look at her picture, 28-year-old morgan manuel. family members say she was in the tenderloin on new year's eve but only discovered friday no one knows where she is. could be in san francisco or oakland they believe. offering $5,000 to help find her. san francisco pd confirmed they're investigating. urged to call the department if you see her or have tips on what happened. san jose, police investigating a dramatic hit and run crash. here's the video. thursday afternoon on pasco avenue, el rio drive, loud one. ran a stop sign, hit suv, that rolled over several times. thankfully the person inside
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wasn't seriously hurt. driver sped away, wanted on felony charges. democratic leaders remembered one of their own, memorial for late senate majority leader harry reid who passed away after battle with pancreatic cancer. president joe biden and former president barack obama shared fond memories. >> for harry wasn't about power but sake of power, to be able to use power to do right by people. that's why you wanted harry in your corner. >> reid was 82 years old. body will lie in state at u.s. capitol next week. "meet the press," chuck todd looks at cdc guidance that has some americans confused. plus follow up on the january 6th insurrection, speaking to
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republican investigating the violence. time now, that was rallying cry at san jose demonstration in fair of cal care, proposed single payer health care system in california. supporters rallied at mexican heritage plaza today. assembleman behind the bill, first in the nation universal health care plan, every resident would be able to access health services more affordable costs than the private system. organizers say after decades of pushing toward this, it's time to put public health ahead of private profit. >> powerful interests oppose this because would hinder their money-making schemes and for-profit considerations over public health. we say health care over profit. that's our mantra. >> the money for calcare would come from taxes. you might be banking online
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next week and might not have much choice. covid coverage continues with string of bay area bank branches shutting down because of covid cases. disaster in brazil after day on the lake, video going viral. what we've learned. and you may be trying to plan out our sunday, well, i've got you covered in weather department of course. and look ahead at seven-day forecast, everything you need to know coming up. stay with us.
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upsetting. towering slab of rock broke from cliff here a waterfall, fell on to boaters below. before the accident, a fissure appearing and huge slab toppling on two small boats. at man-made furnace lake in brazil, popular tourist attraction. in addition to six killed, as many as 20 may be still missing. sad ending to story we've been following since christmas time, search for missing skier is over. search and rescue discovered body near north star ski resort. missing since christmas day, area he was found half a mile from residential neighborhood. say it's possible, we'll never know but in blinding whiteout conditions, got lost in back side of the resort, trying to
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find houses. he was half a mile from them. family is deeply touched by outpouring of support. omicron spike causing disruptions to banking in bay area, several banks and credit unions have temporarily closed because of staffing shortages. some are closed, wait times high. chase and wells fargo also reporting temporary closures. u.s. women's figure skating team is set and bay area will be well represented. u.s. figure skating tweeting that national champion mariah bell and chen are on the team. despite testing positive for covid, alysa liu will be
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competing in first olympic games. >> vincent zhou has very good chance of making the team, just a hair behind nathan chen. career best score in all-around skating program. men's spots and skating pairs and dance teams will be announced tomorrow. 2022 winter olympics start in 26 days here on nbc bay area. to find all the coverage leading up to beijing, head to we have entire page dedicated to the winter games. vianey arana joining us from remote locale. is that binks? >> he's knocked out. favorite spot on the couch in office. yeah, he knew, mom working from
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home again let me get my spot. if he sits there and quiet, can sit there. once your pet gets comfortable, you don't move him. >> you let him be. >> exactly. weather is going to be really nice for tomorrow. not going to say the word w-a-l-k because that will wake him up. but nice long one tomorrow, weather similar to today. 44 degrees in san jose right now. overnight lows are going to be for the most part in chilly 40s, couple of 30s as well throughout interior valleys. dublin is 41. fairfield, 39 right now. overnight lows again in the 30s and 40s but notice in the icons, not monitoring any rain. rain we saw on friday has completely made its exit. now high pressure building. satellite radar, activity in the
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pacific but that's going to stay in the pacific. not expecting any rain out of that system. air quality heading into tomorrow, we are going to see good air quality across most of the bay area from coast to the south bay. but if you live in north bay, moderate air quality. according to the index, that's 51 to 100, for sensitive groups could be something to consider. hour by hour outlook, no rain but show you cloud cover. 7:00 a.m., spots in fairfield, concord, livermore, could get morning fog yet again. it lingers first half of the day, clears out by afternoon. sunday with lot of sunshine. monday morning expect the morning commute to be foggy across the bay area. forecasted highs for tomorrow, sunshine, upper 50s. fremont 56, san francisco 55, san jose 58. great day for a south bay hike.
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look at that, 7:00 a.m., will be chilly in 40s. may want to hurry up. 1:30, starts to go 60s. i'm fan of mid-60s, low 70s. weekend is looking good, temperatures in 60s overall, foggy nights and mornings next couple of days. some showers possible looking way ahead into the middle of the week. for now the pattern is calm and quiet next seven days and dry. going to creep up into the upper 50s in san francisco tomorrow because of the high pressure and then by tuesday and wednesday, stick to the same pattern. inland areas, upper 50s and low 60s at times. notice the overnight lows heading into monday and tuesday night, it is going to get cold. talking 30s in the forecast. we have these really cool nights, mild days, a lot of sunshine for sunday, hope you get to enjoy it. so fun working with you tonight,
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i'll be back in tomorrow. back to you. >> perfect, it's been a pleasure working with you. excited we work with you again tomorrow. tomorrow is such a big day when it comes to bay area sports. >> as big as it gets. counting down to klay, the niners, everything. anthony flores. >> i picked wrong day to wear red. 49ers in los angeles, can clinch playoff berth with a victory. dub natio moment waiting for two years, klay thompson returning to the court. starting lineup? we'll hear from head coach steve kerr. sports is next.
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we're getting destroyed out there. we need a plan! i have a plan... right now at t-mobile customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 and t-mobile will pay for it! upgrade to the iphone 13 on us. welcome back, i'm anthony flores. splash brothers reunited tomorrow at chase center. klay thompson returning to action first time in nearly
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2 1/2 years. >> dub nation, i'm back. >> look at that smile, thompson making announcement he will hit the court when the warriors take on the cleveland cavaliers, 941 days since he last played in game six of the 2019 nba finals. quite a journey, ups and downs, rehabbed two major leg injuries. he's healthy, in the starting lineup? >> he's klay thompson. when you can score 60 points in 29 minutes, you generally -- coach should start you. so klay's going to start. i've talked to him about it, makes most sense to do that. >> tip-off tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. friends at nbc sports bay area have been tracking it klay's return, they'll have complete coverage starting 4:00 p.m. and take you courtside for exclusive
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coverage of pregame warm-up. to the ice, sharks waived evander kane, terminating contract for breach and violating protocols. hats off to tomas hertl, wins 24 seconds into ot with third goal of the game, 20th of the season, fifth career hat trick, sharks beat the flyers 3-2. all signs point to jimmy garoppolo being in the huddle when the 49ers take on the rams in los angeles. jimmy g. and rest of the niners making way to l.a. this afternoon. looking good there. niners got big boost, most of the starting secondary returned from either covid or injury. jimmy is trying to play through a torn ligament in right thumb. practiced all week limited basis. niners can clinch a playoff spot with sixth win in a row over the
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rams. >> whatever i can do to be out there i'll be out there, also have to be smart and think what is best for the team. >> each is its own game, never tied those together, no bearing what's happened in the past. it's four quarters. >> terry, feeling good? >> i'm feeling good. >> least confident. >> knot, can't feel anything. >> so stressed right now. >> raiders also looking to clinch a playoff spot, play the chargers on "sunday night football," they win, they're in. game on nbc bay area, kickoff at 5:20. more news after the break. he'll find his confidence. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice...
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after being deserted several years, san jose is restoring a garden that honors vast vietnamese community. has sat vacant but this week the city installed dozens of new plots. >> see you tomorrow.
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