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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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right now at 5:00, governor newsom sending in the national guard to help stop the omicron spread. troops are helping with more testing. and begging them what to do if they're infected. the critical resources tied up in the variant spread. we lost a giant, america. plain spoken, honorable, decent, brave, unyielding man. >> and saying good-bye.
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how some are remembering the late harry reid. the news at 5:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm audrey asistio. >> antioch received much needed support as the demand for testing continues to surge. christie smith begins our coverage. >> reporter: people here appreciate the extra support. it helps to be moving the line along at a time when demand for testing is so high. people stood in a long line outside antioch center. and today members of the national guard were here to offer assistance >> we're helping everybody here in line sign up through a company called lhi. what it does is makes the process a little bit faster when they're wait anything line. if they are in the front, the process takes 10 minutes for a person to actually sign up.
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a lot of people are having issues doing it. >> reporter: governor newsom is hoping to expand capacity. demand remains high in the bay area with long waits and testing kits that are hard to find. cases have surged driven by the omicron variant. before the holidays, this site, which does pcr tests, saw 200 people a day. >> it increased 200. we were seeing close to 400. >> after the new year the first of the year, we were seeing close to 600, 700. >> 200 members will be deployed at 50 sites in the state. the state could spend $2.7 billion on efforts to address the covid surge, including expanding testing and vaccination efforts, assistance in health care settings and new rules for covid sick pay. meantime, antioch's mayor said he learned yesterday about assistance in his city. >> we're excited to have the
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national guard show up and provide us support. you know, eastern contra costa county we have some of the highest covid infections. >> reporter: de guzman tested before and noticed the difference today. >> today is better. the last time i was here i moved out of line because the lines were not moving. it is much more organized. they know what to do when they approach the desk. >> reporter: in antioch, christie smith, nbc bay area. >> the continuing surge of covid-19 infections across the bay area and the country continues to put a strain on first responders. in san francisco, the mayor has 140 fire department employees not working because of isolation from potential exposure. at the same time, 9 11 operators are inundated. people are being asked not to dial 9 11 for minor concerns. >> please don't call 911 to ask
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for a covid test or because you have a cold more minor flu symptoms. we really want to keep our ambulances available to people having a heart attack or strokes. >> san francisco fire chief nicholson said they are able to fully staff all stations and can respond to any emergency. but because of so many calls recently, paramedics are stretched very thin. terry, the situation amid the omicron variant is still not improving in california. the most recent numbers from the department of public health indicate 43,000 cases here in california. and the state's positivity rate is now approaching 22%. on friday, the u.s. surpassed the 59 million covid mark and just keeps going up. the u.s. averaged 400,000 new infections per day since january 1st. >> you have certainly seen them if you're one of the many looking to get a test right now.
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long covid testing lines, in some cases stretching for blocks. some people are being forced to wait for hours, risking exposure to covid-19 while waiting. experts say it is hard to know the precise amount of risk being infected while in line, but they do have advice to cut down on potential exposure. >> to have people as safe as possible, wear the surgical masks if you have them. get the k-95 if you have access to them. n 95 is even better. if you're going to be there for a long time. . >> health experts continue to stress the importance of testing amid the omicron surge. >> we of course can help you find a site. go to testing. we put together a list of places. a comprehensive list is sorted by county. all right. remembering a giant of the senate. >> late senator harry reid was
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honored by presidents, friends and family at a funeral in las vegas today. president biden, former president president obama, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer spoke at the service. reid died after battling cancer. he served five terms, 12 years as the senate's top democrat. president biden extraordinaried his extraordinary legacy with being a man of his word. >> that is how he literally saved social security during the bush years. and pure devotion to the affordable care act. don't ask, don't tell. >> remains will be transported to the capitol rotunda. this coming week, the biden administration will enter talks with russia over the situation in ukraine.
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senior officials say the talks will be exploratory in nature and no firm commitments will be made. they hope to find common ground on missile systems in ukraine and europe and military exercises in the region. at the same time, the biden administration and allies have been working on tough new sanctions that would go into effect if russia once again invades ukraine. more than two years after a deadly boat fire killed 34 people, the coast guard is announcing new safety rules aimed at preventing another tragedy. the national transportation safety board never determined the cause of the fire on board the concepcion. and the boat's captain for failing to have a roving watchman on the boat. boat owners with overnight passengers on board will have to provide better escapes from below deck. the captain has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of
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manslaughter. he's free on bond awaiting trial. coming up, decision made. team usa's women's figure skating team now set in stone after a positive covid diagnosis. who will be headed for beijing? we'll tell you next. looking forward to that. we are in the middle of a pandemic. but a san jose restaurant is not going quietly. the big move the 100-year-old building made today. and the weather has been lovely today. i hope you all got a chance to go outside. i'll have a closer look what to expect for your sunday fun day. plus, a look at the sunday forecast coming up. stay with us. wet dishes? residue? spots? it's not your dishwasher's fault.
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a popular downtown restaurant moved to little itity on the other side of the s.a.p. center. locals following the restaurant on its short journey. it is going down the street. we'll take a restaurant to go. a live new orleans style band in the street. folks said it felt like a mini parade. . >> there is always new construction and multilevel housing. it is nice to see a building that has been around 100 years be saved. i like that. . >> this is not the first time it moved locations.
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it was a sorority house, then moved downtown west in the 1950s, and then a family home. it was repurposed in 2005 to become the restaurant that it is. your history of san jose right here. all right, warriors fans. the wait is finally over. after two and a half years, clay thompson will make his return to basketball tomorrow. he has been sidelined since 2010. >> twine. >> excuse me. how did i get that wrong? we have been following every twist and turn of his recovery. fans should be pretty fired up. . >> he will this be. >> of course our partners at nbc sports bay area have been tracking klay's return very closely. tune in to bay area sports at
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4:00. courtside exclusive coverage of klay's pregame warmup. let's turn to the olympics now. u.s. women's figure skating team is set. and the bay area will be well represented. u.s. figure skating tweeted out national champion mariah bell and karen chen are representing team usa. 16-year-old alysa liu from richmond has the third spot. she tested positive forcing her to withdrawal from nationals. the two-time national champion is set to compete in her very first olympic games. 2022 winter olympics start right here on nbc bay area. also tonight, we are turning back the clock a little bit. so what were you doing in 1980? >> i'll talk to my attorney about that. i'll take the fifth amendment for now. i can tell you this. jimmy carter was president. pittsburg steelers were
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victorious in the super bowl. and winter athletes were set to hit the snow and ice in lake placid. they are still nurturing athlete's dreams all these years later. s. >> as you drive-through lake placid, new york, keep your eyes peeled. signs of gold likely surround you. >> it's just remarkable this small village of 2,500 residents to 3,000 restaurants was able to host an olympic winter games and really welcome the entire world to our little village. >> reporter: you may remember it as the site of the biggest olympic trials. usa unexpectedly beat the soviet union. >> do you believe in miracles? yes. you still get chills. >> reporter: lake placid hosted two winter olympics. they are still seeing them go for the gold year after year.
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they are going through a lot of construction right now. getting ready to host the world university games. >> we're able to really nurture these dreams for our young children. they grow older and they're still competing at this international level and going on to the olympic games, sometimes even they reach that podium level. >> reporter: every winter olympic games since 1924, including some vying for a spot these upcoming winter games. >> lake placid is a smaller town. i think they have embraced the olympic spirit. that's why they have had two games in the same say. >> reporter: lake placid, a small town fostering big dreams. >> it's the subtle raising of your children here that this is an attainable dream that they could go to the games some day. >> that was miguel martinez vie
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yay. they begin right here on nbc february 3rd. download the latest podcast called "my favorite olympian." lake placid is such a special place. >> it's gorgeous. >> that's where i fell in love with skiing. what do you call that, cross country skiing? >> yes, yes. i can't do the normal skiing. >> we are taking some precautions here because of the outbreak. vianey is at home. how are you doing? >> reporter: hanging out with binx, my dog. he's right by my feet. it is better to be safe. i haven't had a chance to work with you in the studio just yet. i was this close, girl. let's get to our weather. i have never gone skiing. i went snowboarding, and i was not the best at it. let's get to your forecast. it has been such a stunning day
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in san francisco. look at this shot of san francisco. calm weather today. we did start out with a dense fog advisory to the north bay. a live look at downtown. i want to show you satellite radar. we do have high pressure dominating now in our forecast. that's what is going to bring us such pleasant weather the next several days which means we're not worried about rain. that is good news there. right now temperatures are in the 50s across the board. it is always nice to compare where we stand with the rest of the nation. it's just fun to look how everyone else is shaping out. in areas like d.c., they're at 31 degrees. meanwhile, down in houston, they're in the 70s right now. 72 degrees. 76 degrees in miami. definitely not feeling like winter over there. air quality today was fantastic from the north bay to the south bay. it's good. but this could change to the moderate category heading into
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tomorrow as the high pressure heads in. we will be updating you on that heading into tomorrow. i want to show you the hour-by-hour outlook. concord, novato. expect the return of cloud cover early monday morning commute. now, let's go ahead and take a quick check of your forecast for sunday. temperatures are going to be very similar to today. upper 50s. a lot of sunshine. a little breezy at times. heading out to south lake tahoe, you don't have to worry about it snowing. no winter advisories. high clouds. i want to give you a check of your statewide average now. 141%. so those big sierra snowstorms through southern california have definitely helped boost the snow cap. notice the calm weather pattern. temperatures bump up into the upper 50s because of high pressure. but lovely weekend weather
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ahead. i'll send it back to you guys. >> wow. i do like calm. >> i like that snowy graphic you have going on. thanks, vianey. still ahead, stopping a repeat. what if you could prevent the next covid outbreak before it spread around the world and disrupted our lives. the science researchers are now starting to prepare for whatever may be ahead.
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when they're sick, they get comfortable anywhere and spread germs everywhere. wherever they rest protection nothing kills more viruses, including the covid-19 virus, on more surfaces than lysol disinfectant spray. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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monoclonal antibodies drastically reduce hospitalization and death from the virus. >> in rockville, maryland, outside the nation's capital, doctors are using the same technology to develop a stoic pile of monoclonal antibodies to try to prevent future outbreaks from becoming pandemics. door ryan against her gives us a closer look. >> reporter: the pandemic has scientists preparing for the future. dr. james crow, the ahead 100 initiative. his team is developing and stockpiling antibodies for 100 pathogens most likely to cause future outbreaks. >> we see the preparedness for future epidemics. if we were able to deploy them on day zero we might be able to
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interrupt the size of the epidemic at the site where it occurred. >> reporter: a nonproduct connected just opened the global center based here in rockville. the organization says they're teaming up with the u.s. government, philanthropists and leaders of other countries to cover the costs to be ready for what's ahead. >> antibodies are part of the body's natural defenses against things like infections. and the lab can really turn the antibodies into a drug that we can phf, reproducibly basically in a factory. when you can turn them into drugs, they can prevent and treat infections. >> this type of technology is being used to treat cancer and autoimmune conditions. now it will help fight infectious diseases like covid-19. >> we learned a lot of lessons in covid about the best way to use antibodies. and in future epidemics, antibodies will play a much
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larger role. >> reporter: treating people faster, cheaper and earlier in hopes of preventing the next pandemic. a lot in the works there. that was doreen gets her reporting. the goal is to come up with treatments that will save lives not only here in the united states but around the world. it's a question every 49er fan is asking. what head coach kyle shanahan is saying about both of their performances and keeping the playoff hopes alive.
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we didn't talk about one topic during the commercial break. the niners. you are ready. >> i am so ready. >> tomorrow is going to be a fateful day for the niners faithful. the 49ers will take on the rams at sofi stadium to guarantee a spot in the playoffs. >> garoppolo is trying to play with a torn right thumb. he said it hurts to throw the ball. trey lance is a healthy option. saw him last week. looked good. not happy with a quarterback from the practice squad. meaning jimmy g. will suit up. >> i know where jimmy's at today. i know where trey is at. i know where our team is at. i feel pretty good where we're
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at. >> they can clinch a playoff spot. they win, they're in. if they lose, they will have to beat the saints tomorrow for the niners' season to continue. it could end tomorrow. >> i hope not. . >> i hope not too. >> the raiders looking for a win to clinch the playoff spot. they play the chargers near on nbc bay area. the winner is in the playoffs. kickoff is at 5:20. you need to watch by yourself. you need to focus. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app.
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wet dishes? residue? spots? it's not your dishwasher's fault. simply add finish jetdry 3in1 to rinse, dry and shine your dishes. solve 3 problems at once with finish jetdry 3in1. new video don't of an unusual rescue in southern california. take a look at this sea lion. somehow ended up passing four lanes of traffic and ended up in the median.
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headed for interstate 805. they were able to use nets to stop the 2 pound sea lion. >> how did he get across four lanes? glad he did. >> thanks so much for watching. "nightly news" is next. >> see you at 6:00. tonight, hospitals under siege and understaffed battling a flood of covid patients and staff sick calls some hospitals in new york now delaying all non-essential elective surgeries. health care workers pushed to the limit. >> we're tired we're exhausted, and we're literally on the edge covid closings stores nationwide forced to shut down and cut back as more workers call in sick some starbucks and apple stores temporarily closed walgreen's and fedex warning of slower service. more than 5 million workers could call out in the days ahead. will it happen here we'll take you to the


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