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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 7, 2022 2:06am-2:41am PST

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>> it breaks your heart. it's as if somebody in the white house dropped a bomb on the congress of the united states. >> pelosi on the investigation the stunning moment she was escorted out of the house chamber and what she now says about this infamous image, a rioter sitting at her desk. also tonight the omicron wave a record number of children hospitalized, and the top health experts who say covid is the new normal what they're urging president biden to do. and the major winter storm blasting the south with snow, headed for the east coast. al roker is timing it out. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from washington, d.c good evening, everyone we begin tonight in the virtual shadow of the u.s. capital, a symbol of democracy. for the past year, a symbol of how fragile that democracy is. tonight, a year on from the attack that stunned the world the day january 6th evokes anger as well as denial and
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rationalization. this evening a candle light vigil. members of congress observing a moment of silence in honor of those we lost. a day of remembrance meant to preserve that moment in history in all its ugliness and in all its hate president biden speaking this morning from the capital rotunda in a powerful defense of democracy before directing his wrath toward former president trump. who he accused of stoking the big lies that ignited the assault. tonight we'll hear from some of those still feeling the trauma from that day as well as share some of my interview with house speaker nancy pelosi we begin our coverage with kristin welker. >> reporter: outside the capital today, a somber scene, and sharp contrast to those indelible images from a year ago rioters breaching the building and the nation's democracy, attacking officers, parading a noose in the crowd, scuffling with police inside statuary hall
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all unfolding right where president biden and vice president harris were today to mark a painful anniversary. >> i will defend this nation i will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of democracy. >> reporter: in his most forceful attack against his predecessor, the president placing blame squarely at the feet of former president trump without ever mentioning him by name. >> for the first time in our history, a president had not just lost an election, he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob breached the capital. >> reporter: mr. biden arguing his predecessor's false claims about election fraud and failure to accept defeat led to the attack that day. >> he can't accept he lost he refused to accept the results of the election and will of the american people. his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. >> reporter: slamming mr.
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trump's inaction as the riot was happening. >> we didn't see a former president who had just rallied the mob to attack sitting in the private dining room off the oval office in the white house watching it all on television. and doing nothing for hours. >> reporter: and blasting those who have continued to push the so-called big lie that the election was stolen. >> he's not just the former president. he's a defeated former president. >> reporter: the vice president comparing january 6th to infamous attacks on the u.s. that killed thousands, including pearl harbor and 9/11. >> certain dates echo throughout history. december 7th, 1941, september 11th, 2001 and january 6th, 2021 >> after the speeches, former president trump dismissing the event as political theater, saying it was just a distraction for the fact biden has
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completely and totally failed and that democrats want to own january 6th so they can stoke fears and divide america trump ally lindsay graham called for the rioters to be prosecuted but also slammed mr. biden's speech as an effort to resurrect a failed presidency. sharp partisan divides were on display today. few republicans participating. only congresswoman liz cheney and former vice president dick cheney there for a moment of violence then a prayer vigil at dusk. solemn ceremonies remembering a day that changed america. >> and, kristin, we have just learned new information about where vice president harris was on january 6th. >> reporter: lester, that's right. a white house official tells us the vice president was at the dnc headquarters when that pipe bomb which we reported on at the time was discovered. she was there until she was evacuated. lester >> all right kristin, thank you. perhaps no one had a clearer view of the stakes that day than house speaker nancy pelosi, who
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i spoke to today this morning president biden was here in the capital and delivered a blistering takedown of his predecessor and also offered a vigorous defense of democracy. given the environment we're in right now where there are people still trying to delegitimize the investigation, diminish the extent of what happened here, do you wish that speech had come sooner than today? >> well, it came today, and it's what our country needed right now. and i'm very proud of the president's speech it was forceful, truthful and a wakeup call to some in our country of how close we came to catastrophe for our democracy that day in a way that was unprecedented. >> the way he went after donald trump, however, do you think that fuels a conversation among many republicans that there is something political about the
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observances? mitch mcconnell today suggested that it's being used for political gain. >> well, that's for him to say the fact is it was an assault on our democracy investigated by the president of the -- the then president of the united states an incitement of an insurrection on the capital, and that's just something that mitch mcconnell or anybody else cannot whitewash. >> i want you to take me into that day, if you will. we all remember you being quickly escorted off the podium. i have heard you talk about it before you didn't want to go. >> no. >> do you think now, though, knowing what you know, do you think about what would have happened had you stayed? >> well, the security was very definite and when they pulled me down from the podium, i said, don't worry about it they said, no, you must go you must go. and, so, you don't even have a conversation you want to do your job. they have to do their job. the visuals of what was
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happening outside the capital now inside the capital, it breaks your heart. it breaks your heart it is as if somebody in the white house dropped a bomb on the united states. >> there were people in this capital that day viewing you as an enemy to be captured, to be humiliated one of them said -- was looking for you to shoot her in her frigging' brain >> yeah. >> they desecrated your office they left your staffers, you know, fearing for their lives. have you found a way to put that in perspective, to reconcile it a year later >> well, i have been one of their targets for a long time, and i have security to protect me my concern was really for the other members and for the staff. they can destroy things in the speaker's office that's wrong, but that can be prepared but the trauma that they forced
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on the idealistic people who come to the capital to work, the institutional staffers that have nothing to do with democrats and republicans, only the congress, these who had to clean up, clean up behind these people with their defecation of words and poo on the floor of the capital while they would be called names that are totally unacceptable. >> speaker pelosi taking me through the capital showing me where her staff was hiding. >> the rioters, they banged down one of the doors the staff was in there under the table in the dark. they couldn't speak for like three -- almost three hours >> and they're obviously hearing everything because it's taking place right here. >> maybe they thought i was in there. i don't know. >> then we go inside her office. >> where you saw them sitting at
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the desk and taking the mail and all that was here. here that's where that thug was sitting. >> what did you think when you saw that picture >> well, it was a manifestation of donald trump, complete disrespect. >> i asked her about the lasting impact what has been lost that you fear can't be regained? >> i think everything can be regained america is an optimistic country. the resilience of our democracy can withstand even the former president of the united states. >> and i asked about the house committee investigating january 6th. it's composed of virtually all democrats. republicans pulling out after pelosi rejected two of their selections, so she picked two republicans, both fierce critics of former president trump. >> many republicans will say that the process was not fair, that there were republicans rejected as potential members of the committee.
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>> no, no. they were not. well, there were -- the speaker has the right to make the appointment. >> but there were individuals they wanted on that committee who were rejected. >> two we could not because they were suspect in terms of their involvement in january 6th they can whine all they want, but they walked away from the opportunity to having their full compliment of members on the committee. now i ask all members to rise for a moment of silence. >> you have been very vocal in the past about praying for your adversaries. >> i always do, including as recently as this morning, i always pray for them that god -- that they will open their hearts to god's blessings to do what is right. but i say to the republicans, take back your party this is not what you are you are the grand old party that's done so much for america. had great leadership for our country.
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this is a sad thing for the country that the republican party would have melted down to a cult >> part of my conversation with speaker pelosi today at the capital. and on the front lines of the attack were the capital police and washington d.c. metropolitan police officers no one will forget the images of their struggles of that day. andrea mitchell has their story. >> reporter: it is one of the most iconic and terrifying scenes from the insurrection >> my arms were pins and effectively useless, trapped against the left a man in front of me grabbed my baton, bashed me in the head and face with it. >> reporter: daniel hodges is a d.c. cop, a seven-year veteran. tell me how you feel when you think back to what happened here on january 6th >> the same as i did immediately afterwards, you know, angry, sad. >> reporter: when he saw the video at first he was embarrassed. later glad people could see how dire it was.
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>> it never goes away completely, but i have always been fairly resilient mentally when i see footage of that day, it makes my blood pressure shoot up. >> reporter: an added burden for capital police officer harry dunn the racial epithets hurled at him by the mob. when the capital finally cleared -- >> how the blank could something like this happen is this america? i began sobbing. officers came over to console me. >> reporter: emotions that are still raw to this day. >> i felt like helplessness and depression after the 6th, immediately after. since then it's turned into anger. >> reporter: 80 officers who defended the capital that day have met in small groups with trauma expert james gordon >> the long-term mental health effects are very, very significant and they're manifesting the stress of the divisiveness, but also the threat to the democracy. >> reporter: four officers who survived the attack later died by suicide. have you found officers with
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suicidal thoughts? >> yes and i'm sure there are many who are not speaking about their suicidal thoughts. >> reporter: are you afraid if something were to happen that you would be afraid to go back in into the fray >> not at all. it's my job. >> reporter: but he and many others on the thin blue line still want accountability for the tragedy of last january 6th. andrea mitchell, nbc news washington. in 60 seconds, the president's pandemic response and the changes some top advisers say he needs to make as doctors and nurses struggle and pediatric hospitalizations rise.
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health experts who initially advised president biden's on america's covid response say it is time to change direction as many hospitals are again at capacity with that, here's tom costello. >> reporter: the message from leading pandemic experts writing in the journal of the american medical association, covid-19 is
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here to stay and the country needs to adapt to a new normal since vaccines and infections don't seem to offer lifelong immunity. that means treating covid like other respiratory viruses. >> we have to re-orient our goal so that we get it to a manageable state and we can continue with our normal life while covid is around just like we do with flu. >> reporter: the call comes as confirmed cases are at an all-time high driven by omicron. hospitals nationwide swamped with patients, most unvaccinated, say their front line doctors and nurses are under tremendous stress. >> we are beyond exhausted, depleted and we're asking for your grace and understanding while in the hospital. >> oxygen is not enough. a ventilator is not enough and they require ecmo and they're laying in bed for months, for weeks to months. >> this has been a lot of uncertainty, and i'm tired.
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>> reporter: meanwhile pediatric covid hospitalizations are at an all-time high. most involving unvaccinated children for children under five, a croup like cough is often the sign of an omicron infection and the icu at colorado's children's hospital a third of the cases are covid admissions. >> kids, like adults, are catching it just as quickly and bringing huge numbers of children to our emergency department. >> reporter: children's national hospital here in washington also reporting record covid admissions, most kids under the age of 5, not yet vaccine eligible and doctors are urging parents, vaccinate your children. lester. >> tom costello, thanks. up next, al roker tracking the newest winter storm threats.
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here in washington, we're set for even more snow as a new storm spans across the mid atlantic, already dumping snow in the southeast al roker is watching it. al, how bad will it be >> lester, right now we have 78 million people under some sort of winter weather advisory or warning, and we are looking at snow developing now, making its way from nashville all the way into pennsylvania as this system intensifies, it's going to be bringing heavy snow from virginia to maine tonight on into tomorrow morning. the morning commute will be a real mess. we're talking about i95, i90, i76. one to two inches of snow per hour and snowfall anywhere from 3 to 8 inches before it's all over. lester.
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>> all right, al thank you. hollywood is mourning an icon tonight peter bogdanovich the director of classics which earned him two oscar classics as well at "paper moon" and "what's up, doc" died today. he was also an actor, including a recurring role on the "sopranos. he was 82. up next how one jester of humility offered hope on one of america's darkest days
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for all the darkness, what happened here also brought out the best in people, including a democratic congressman who sent a powerful message these images are seared in our collective memory. rioters scaling the walls, breaking through the doors of our democracy, desecrating the people's house but this image of new jersey representative andy kim signified at the end of that terrible day, recovery was already beginning. >> i had to step over the broken glass to be able to walk into the chamber. it was the most powerful moment of my career. >> the son of immigrants came to washington as an eight-year-old. >> what are your memories of the first time you ever walked in the capital? >> i remember coming into the rotunda for the very first time as a child i thought it was the biggest room in the entire world. >> but on january 6th, a shelter in place order went out. >> they said to stay away from the capital, and that was really
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what hit it home to me that for several hours on january 6th the united states government did not have control over the united states capital. >> post january 6th, what's it like for you to walk-through these corridors? >> there is not a day that goes by that i don't think about what happened on january 6th. all the scars that this building has endured over the years and then the new ones that happened a year ago. >> scars that may have begun healing. there is congressman kim in that poignant photo wearing a blue suit on hands and knees. heart broken, unable to leave a beacon of democracy in ruin. >> it really hurt to see this place that i love so much treated with such disrespect so i just started cleaning it was just an instinct that i had that i physically did not want to exit this room and leave it in the condition that it was in. >> with dust covering his suit,
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he picked up the remnants, historic rooms littered with shards of glass, bottles of water, even body armor left behind by intruders. >> was it an act of cleaning or an act of healing? >> we have to recognize that that resilience and that recovery comes in many forms, and i did not want to see the sunrise on a broken capital building. >> in the damage of that day, representative kim retrieved an eagle, its right wing broken a reminder, he says, our country, too, is still broken. >> we as a country are even more divided than we were on january 6th, and i find that to be so disappointing. >> he does find solace in letters and drawings you stepped up, and i want you to know it mattered to me. and thank you for being responsible. amongst a sea of terrible images, that simple act, a congressman sweeping up, a powerful reminder that while the country may bend, it will not break.
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congressman kim has donated that blue suit to the smithsonian as part of the artifacts its keeping from that day. that's "nightly news." thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other ♪ ♪ ♪♪ rows and floes of angel hair ♪
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♪ and ice cream castles in the air ♪ ♪ and feather canyons everywhere ♪ ♪ i've looked at clouds that way ♪ ♪ but now they only block the sun ♪ ♪ they rain and snow on everyone ♪ ♪ so many things i would have done ♪ ♪ but clouds got in my way ♪ ♪ i've looked at clouds from both sides now ♪ ♪ from up and down and still somehow ♪ ♪ it's cloud illusions i recall ♪ ♪ i really don't know clouds at all ♪
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♪ i've looked at life from both sides now ♪ ♪ from up and down and still somehow ♪ ♪ it's life's illusions i recall ♪ ♪ i really don't know life ♪ ♪ at all ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: welcome to "the kelly clarkson show," give it up for my band y'all! [cheers and applause] yeah! that was the beautiful song "both sides of now" by the one and only joni mitchell. our audience and i requested it, by the way, i love your pink.
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>> hi, kelly. i have been a joni mitchell fan ever since i was a child, the song means a lot to me, because it was one of my mother's favorite songs. joni is an amazing artist, her lyrics have been inspiring and for my own personal growth. ten years ago i went through a divorce, and this was repeated on my ipod and they reminded me no matter what life throws at us, we continue to grow and learn every day from all of our experiences, so thank you so much -- >> kelly: i'm so sorry, divorce is so hard. but thank you for sharing your story. and it's a beautiful song. if you want to go cry, just listen to some joni mitchell. we have so much goodness to get to today, you know her as a mainstay on "dancing with the stars," the lovely and talented cheryl burke is here! [cheers and applause] but before all of that, we have a man who has helped hundreds of professional chefs and probably thousands of amateur cooks around the world, his new show
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is called "next level chef" and i'm totally going to be on it. and you can see it wednesdays on fox, say hello to gordon ramsay, y'all! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> gordon: so nice to see you! oh, my goodness me. >> kelly: we have met in person before at an event randomly, but it's the first time on this show in person. you have been linked via zoom. this is what we look like and person. >> gordon: you look amazing, congratulations on success! i will tell you why. i was trying to talk to my mom on the phone last week, she said i'm not picking up. i said why? she said "kelly" is on. you are on mainstream u.k. tv. >> kelly: oh, my gosh, that's amazing! i love date i have impressed your mom, she does not take your calls. is your mom a big reason why you became a chef? >> gordon: really good
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question, she was a cook, and she was a nurse, at night she was an amazing cook. it is >> kelly: that sounds like an exhausting schedule. >> gordon: it was crazy, it was called the cobweb teahouse which does not sound appetizing. >> kelly: it sounds amazing and magical. >> gordon: it was good, she was an amazing cook, and what she did not sell, she brought home and we ate, and it was almost rude to leave anything on the plate, otherwise mom will be upset, so very gracious and humble. >> kelly: i remember we had to sit at the table, they would be like you are going to sit there. you will at least try it. >> gordon: that's right, and it cleared up automatically, you did not load the dishwasher. >> kelly: you are like whatever it is, i need food. it's just like fine. we too we were hungry before dinner, not fussing, so that made it so much more important. >> kelly: cobweb teahouse, write that book. i would read it. it sounds good. >> gordon: secret [bleep].
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>> kelly: those are my favorite places to go. you find the best things in the diet of places. >> gordon: the tables are rocking over. just in the kitchen, it was a mess. >> kelly: stuart little [laughs] do you still cooking green and clean whenever you are cooking or do you make something else? >> gordon: i clean. >> kelly: are you in all that way? >> gordon: i am a mess, but i have to focus it. >> kelly: well, welcome. i am a mess! >> gordon: i love that kind of madness before dinner. and i like that kind of sort of you know, chaos, because it's all about the and product. and my three daughters are on it. >> kelly: you dude -- you plated and everything for your family? >> gordon: at home is like running a restaurant at home, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. a >> kelly: that must be hard, kids are hard to please even if you are you. i just feel like summer like texture issues, no, i only eat beige.
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>> gordon: that's right, and tonight i am a vegan, tomorrow i'm a vegetarian paired what are you going to be tomorrow? [bleep] knows. they have no idea what they are going to be. and they wake up in the morning, like really? i was never that picky. >> kelly: welcome to my house, i am like it's this or you starve. we had a chef make it, if you are unhappy with your chicken noodle soup, you can make some oatmeal. let's talk about family. i think you have a traitor in the house, because i love this, watch this, everybody, it's pretty good. >> who is the best chef in the world? is that mama or data? >> mama. [applause] >> kelly: i love it, that's amazing. what does she make or did she bribe him? >> gordon: she is bribing him. >> kelly: gave him a sucker. >> gordon: exactly that, they have to be smart, so she did this, but no squash paris and out soup, and sort of hooked on her cooking, which


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