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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  January 6, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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i'm raj mathai. next on nbc bay area news tonight, get ready for another sickout. bay area teachers taking a stand, and it's leaving families in san francisco and oakland scrambling. what can be done to prevent teacher sickouts? we're joined by libby schaaf. and an outbreak on a princess cruise ship which docked today in san francisco. and marking one year since the attack on the capitol. we will be speaking to local members of congress who were inside the capitol at the time and a look at the bay area residents who are facing charges. you're looking at the u.s. capitol building.
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earlier tonight a group of lawmakers standing together, powerful scene there to mark one year since hundreds of protesters broke through security barriers and stormed inside. a much different scene from what we saw last year. when we saw this on live tv, the hand-to-hand combat. american citizens fighting against the capitol police officers. so far more than 700 people have been charged, including four people from the bay area. good evening, this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. we'll be talking with congresswoman jackie speier and congressman mark desaulnier. we want to catch you up on some of our other headlines. omicron putting a strain on our schools. we've been talking about this all week. that means students of the that means teachers, and of course parents. our largest school district, san
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francisco, had 616 teachers out today there were calls for a sickout to protest what some say is a lack of safety precautions. for some context now, the district usually experiences between 250 to 300 absences by teachers on this day. supporters of the sickout, though, say they want more testing and more protective measures for students and staff members. >> there are some things that need to happen in order for schools to be safer, not just for our teachers, especially for our teachers who show up every day when we can to teach our kids and have them in safe buildings with positive environments, but also to protect our students and our families. >> the district says it follows public health guidance, including providing regular testing and believes schools are still the safest option for students. later in this newscast, another
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planned sickout for tomorrow in the east bay. another headline tonight, a nightmare vacation, the princess cruise ship with the covid outbreak on board. you're looking at the moments that ship arrived early this morning, and beginning tomorrow, tare will be major changes when it comes to handling cruise ships. the san francisco department of health says it will require all cruise lines to test all passengers who aren't up to date on their covid shots. yesterday we first told you about the cases aboard the "ruby princess", today we learned at least 12 passengers on board tested positive. the ship was required to test 25% of the passengers on board. >> they had a section up there that they had a quarantine section. as soon as someone would come down they would isolate the people. i really didn't experience any trouble at all. >> the cdc is investigating the outbreak. we also saw more passengers board the ship today. the board actually set sail for
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another ten-day cruise this evening. the "ruby princess" is allowed to continue to visit u.s. ports as long as it follows the cdc's rules. that includes requiring all passengers to wear masks in all public indoor areas. another big story in san francisco tonight, it's official. a plea deal in that widespread public corruption scandal that we've been following for the last couple years. the lead figure, mohammad nuru, pleaded guilty to a federal fraud charge. he is the former head of the san francisco public works department. he admitted to a staggering a corruption including getting thousands of dollars of cash, travel and other perks in exchange for providing inside information on city contracts and city bidding. a sentence hearing is scheduled for may. well, one year ago, what started out as a peaceful and passionate rally turned ugly.
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and deadly. then president donald trump urged the crowd to march to the capitol. he claimed the 2020 election results were fraudulent, despite no evidence. our fellow americans, thousands of them, surged onto the capitol grounds, breaking into that senate chamber and offices of various lawmakers. five people were killed and hundreds were injured, including well over 100 capitol police officers. today president biden addressed the nation. >> this wasn't a group of tourists. this was an armed insurrection. they weren't looking to uphold the will of the people. they were looking to deny the will of the people. >> what they were assaulting were the institutions, the values, the ideals that generations of americans have marched, picketed and shed blood to establish and defend.
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>> here in the bay area this evening, several gathering to denounce that january 6 attack and remind people not to forget it. that includes this gathering in castro valley. >> we just want to kind of remember this day as a day that lives in infamy, because honestly, that was just a heinous attack on our capitol. on our democracy. we just, we just, and we want actually prosecution. >> other events were held in walnut creek, san francisco, oakland, san mateo and napa. more than 700 people have been charged for taking part in that riot, and this is not just a story about the east coast or southern states. it's a story about the bay area. four of those 700 people are from the bay area. evan newman of mill valley is the only known suspect to flee the country. he is in belarus and is seeking asylum there. he is seen on video shoving a barricade into a line of police
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and shoving officers. at next month's sentencing, she faces six months. daniel shaw drove to the capitol with his son. the son doesn't face charges, but he does. and daniel goodwyn of san francisco. many of our lawmakers were inside the capitol buildings a the horror unfolded. among them, jackie speier and mark desaulnier. nice to see both of you here. you saw it on live tv, we all saw it on live tv, the tear gas, violence and hatred. why is this still a debate as to
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what happened exactly one year ago? >> it's a debate because the former president continues to spread the big lie. and members of congress, including kevin mccarthy, the republican leader, continue to spew out the big lie. and the result is that we have got to do what president biden did today. and that is seek forcefully about the fact that this was an election that was won free and clear. six states were being disputed by over 311,000 votes, he won the country by 7 million votes. and when you went back to look in those states where supposedly there were fraudulent ballots that were basically issued, the fact of the matter is, there were 475 total in those six states. so we've got to be much more
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clear about making the case that the big lie is in fact a big lie. >> can we -- >> that there was no systematic fraud. >> if i can jump if. if we can put politics aside for a minute, you were at the capitol. tell me what was unfolding. >> i was in the gallery, i was one of those clamoring to get to the other side of the gallery, climbing under the brass railing. we were told to lie flat onto the floor. i was fearful for my life. and then the shot rang out in the speaker's lobby, and i thought oh, my god, we're going to die. and i remember placing my cheek on that cold floor in a sense of resignation that it was going to end here in this tabernacle of democracy. and that was after 43 years earlier when i was shot in guiana and survived. so it was a very painful home.
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and i can't begin to tell you how threatened this democracy really is. >> we really appreciate your honesty and candid comments. representative desaulnier, you were in a room with the initial rally. what did you see and what was going through your mind at that point? >> well, first of all, let me say how grateful i am for the service of my colleague jackie speier and what she just said. i was off the corridor of the capitol of the house chambers where jackie was. and i was looking, this is my view, on a, it was segregated out because at the time i was still recovering from five weeks in an icu and almost dying from pneumonia. so i could see them coming towards the building, and then i could see what they were doing to the building. this is one of the pictures i took. so to me, it's quite vivid.
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i have had people tell me, friends, that it was nothing. it was nothing there, and i am astounded, because i saw what happened. i lived it, and like jackie, i feared for my life. >> congressman, when you talk to your republican counterparts or any counterparts in congress away from the tv cameras, away from the microphones, do they have a different conversation you about what happened january 6? >> when i talk to them, and i am proud of the friendships i have with people i disagree with, but on this, what really is hard to believe that after all of this, 120 members of the republican caucus voted not to certify the election, so they're doing exactly what the mob seemed to want to do. so it's hard. when i have discussions, i refer to it as when they look at their shoes, so it seems as if they are in denial as to what
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happened but worse than that, probably more than denial. they can't accept responsibility as an american and member of congress to uphold the constitution that we all swore an oath to that talked about in the preamble, preserving justice and domestic tranquility. that's more important than republicans or democrats. >> i think most people would agree with that. representative speier. you recently had a conversation with some of the police officers who were there, republican or democrat, it doesn't matter. >> it was a privilege to interview them in a town hall, one of them actually voted for donald trump in 2016, but what they both said was they feared for their lives, that this went on for over two hours, where they were fighting up against this mob. and that they feel that more than anything they are seeking justice by having those that
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trampled on this democracy to be held accountable, including those higher up. they actually were very forthright in saying members of congress that were engaged in this effort to overturn the election should be held accountable. so they were very brave and very courageous. so i think that i was talking to two american heroes last night. >> you sure were. representative desaulnier, democracy did survive, is that the positive outlook to take away here? >> just barely, so we have to stay at it every day. they're trying to, they're still at it, in president trump is still wants to thwart the will of the people. >> you remain optimistic, congresswoman speier? >> i'm not optimistic, raj, i hate to say that. but as those two police officers said last night, when i asked them, can another january 6 occur? they said yes. and that's why to mark's point, and i share his, my admiration
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for him, that in fact we have to stay vigilant. and the 19 states that have passed over 30 laws to undermine the election are going to be troublesome moving forward. and we're going to have to make sure that the electoral college vote is the cure and that you just can't have some member from another state come and challenge the election result in yet another state, which is exactly what happened in 2021. >> democracy does not come easy, congresswoman speier and desaulnier, appreciate your time on comments tonight. head to our website, or our nbc bay area app, click on january 6 within year later, right there at the top of the page. up next here at 7:00, another teacher sickout. it might be happening, in fact, it's scheduled to happen tomorrow in oakland. can anything be done to prevent
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this? we'll be joined by mayor libby schaaf. do you know when to isolate or when it's time to go in and see an interest? abbey fernandez is here with answers to a lot of your covid-related questions. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back. earlier in this newscast, we were talking about a planned teacher sickout happening in oakland. oakland sent out an e-mail to
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families warning of the sickout. if it happens, it's going to significantly disrupt instruction. i chatted tonight with oakland mayor libby schaaf. so many people are concerned about students and teachers. and in your city in oakland, a lot of cities across the country, but let's talk oakland specifically. there is a planned, illegal teacher walk out or sickout for tomorrow. is there something you can do about this? are you powerful in this situation? >> the mayor has no formal authority over the schools, but i can express my disappointment, that this is not a time to be sicking out. i have been impressed with how school districts have handled this moment. we all want our kids in school learning and safe. they have taken amazing steps to ensure a healthy environment.
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>> mayor schaaf, is there something you can do, maybe unofficially, step in and talk to both sides here? >> you know, i am always available to do that. i love our teachers. oh, my god, they are heroes. they've gone through so much. but we've all gone through so much. and we cannot have our schools shut down. now we're always going to listen to their suggestions. i understand that they demanded those masks be available for students and that demand was met. so let us continue the dialog, but i for one do not think a sickout is a good way to engage in dialog. i am absolutely here to assist in any way. >> we also asked the teachers union for its response. it release add statement which raids this is not an official union action, but we urging district and state leaders to listen to the urgent demand for better masks and more testing. all right, have you done just a quick informal poll? how many people in your circle
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of friends and family are covid positive? with that said, rules and gls are changing by the day. we have created an online guide to help you safe and healthy. you see abby fernandez is with us. how to we properly isolate, for how long, and how do we protect everyone else in our household here? who doesn't have covid? >> you and so many other people have so many questions, raj. first, let's talk about how long you have to isolate after you become infected with covid. by the way, these rules that i'm about to show you do apply to everyone. unvaccinated, vaccinated, and even those who are boosted. so the cdc now says the isolation period is a five days. it used to be ten. that was the recommendation before. and a quick note here. a lot of people seem to be confused about this. the isolation period begins on the day you test positive. and if you do not have symptoms
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after the five days of isolation, you can go back to work. that's what the cdc says. go back to your normal life. you do still have to wear a mask for an additional five days at least. now if you do have symptoms after that five-day isolation period, the cdc says you should stay home until you feel better and start wearing a mask at all times, everywhere you go. >> say, i'm at home, it's not getting better and maybe it's getting worse. at what point do you say i can't just stay isolated at home i need to go to the er. >> that's a good question, when do you call your doctor or go to the er? if you have any of these symptoms, the cdc says you should contact your provider right away, they include trouble breathing, unable to stay awake and we have a lot more of this information online, this is a small portion of what we have online, and you will be
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able to find out everything you need to know about this covid surge right now. >> good information. thank you, abby. up next at 7:00, we're going to take you outside and check in on our rainy friday forecast. this is a live look at walnut creek. rob mayeda joins us next. stay with us. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att.
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welcome back. take a look. the road to beijing goes through nashville. three bay area figure skaters have a shot to make team usa. alysa liu, karen chen and vincent zhou. the women's competition wraps up tomorrow night. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area the the men compete
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this weekend. also here on nbc bay area. rob mayeda is here. we've got three figure skaters that could be on team usa. that's pretty cool to see. how are we looking back here? >> can't see much. >> soupy, right? >> we have a few drizzle spots around the bay area. and some of that is in walnut creek. this is, if you want to call it the drizzle storm before maybe something a little larger than drizzle drops coming down for your morning commute. visibility has dropped off to one mile in hayward. before the rain arrives we have low fog and drizzle. here's the best chance of rain, 7:00 a.m. for the north bay. lunchtime central and south bay. there's the back edge of that frontal system as it passes by. a little hint of sunshine coming our way after the rain moves out on the afternoon.
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and then back on fog watch. temperatures trending warmer. should see 60s by early next week. maybe a taste of spring coming our way. >> that will be nice, a rainy friday and nice weekend. that's going to do it for us at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us, enjoy the evening, see you back here at 11:00. there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enrollment ends january 31st.
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