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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 6, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a covid outbreak hitting home for east bay schools. the swift action one district is taking and the impact it will have on thousands of families. it really hurts to lose someone like him, because there is no one like him. >> a life taken far too soon. the bay area deputy recruit's family in mourning after his violent and tragic death. today marks one year since the capitol siege. we're live this morning in washington with a look at what lawmakers are doing to hold those responsible accountable. this is "today in the bay." broadcasting not only to
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your television, but watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. we want to head first to meteorologist kari hall with a foggy start this morning. >> yeah. we've seen in some spots visibility down to about a quarter of a mile or less. it's really a tough drive through concord right now. elsewhere we are seeing the fog really clearing up. watch out for those patches. it is clear going through the tri-valley, but temperatures are chilly in the upper 40s in dublin. we'll see temperatures head for the mid 50s later on today. rain holding off today but coming back tomorrow for the commute. a surprise decision in the east bay. it's now forcing a lot of families to scramble. west contra costa families will
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be affected in that district. >> reporter: the west contra costa school district, the temporary shutdown will take place tomorrow and monday. it's for deep cleaning. hundreds of kids at martin luther king, jr. elementary in richmond are being shifted back to virtual learning. the school district superintendent made the decision after ten of the school's students in several different grades tested positive for covid on monday. >> we have a lot of positive covid-19 tests. it's better to study at home. >> reporter: i've spoken to the superintendent in the past. he really wants to keep the schools open, but he says his
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decision will be based on science and local numbers. this is what the district believes will support in-person learning down the road and keeping covid numbers down. several san francisco teachers say the district has failed to plan for the omicron surge, so they might stage a sickout later today. leaders in san francisco say they don't support a sickout. they want schools to stay open, but only if the district does more to keep students and teachers safe. they say the administration needs a better plan for replacing sick teachers and distributing at home test kits. the district says it has provided testing since last spring to students and staff and they just received a new batch of at home test kits they plan to distribute. if you want to know the covid statistics at your own child's school, we have you covered with our school covered
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dashboard at state leaders are extending that indoor mask mandate until next month. that mandate was supposed to expire january 19th but it's now in effect until february 15th. >> we've been doing this for two years and the virus is what's called endemic. it's just going to be with us. >> not everybody agrees with dr. gandy. one health expert says mandatory masking should remain in place even if omicron hospitalizations are low. new details in southern california now where a teenager
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came down with the state's first confirmed case of influenza and covid. the teen was not vaccinated for either the flu nor covid. health experts say this diagnosis is unusual, but not a complete surprise. >> i think many people don't realize you can get both at the same time. in fact, it's not a new concept. >> experts say the case poses a new scenario for doctors hoping to study how the infections interact with each other. both have similar symptoms but different treatments. they're encouraging everyone to get their covid shots and their flu shots. today marks one year since
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that seasonal on the u.s. capitol and a short time from now president biden plans to address the nation as the country reflects on that insurrection. capitol police are bracing for new possible threats as the congressional probe widens and attorney general merrick garland vows to hold perpetrators at any level accountable. alice barr is live in washington. less than one hour from now the president is expected to address the nation. >> that's right. we've gotten a glimpse at what the president plans to say. he's going to warn that this nation's democracy remains at risk one year after the deadly capitol siege and he's going to urge americans to live not by the shadow of lies, but by the light of truth. several members of congress will be speaking throughout the day today. u.s. capitol police say they are prepared for any threats and at this point not too concerned
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about anything that has come up, but they've beefed up their security over the course of the past year as the nation pauses to look back and make sure this never happens again. the images are seared in our minds. shattered glass and screaming faces snapping us back to the deadly day when an angry mob of trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol bent on stopping the democratic process. the former vice president and terrified lawmakers forced to hide as rioters ransacked their desks and chanted threats of violence. >> i was convinced that someone was going to open a door with a machine gun and that would be it. >> one year later, more than 700 people have been arrested and charged, the u.s. attorney general vowing to follow the facts wherever they lead. >> the justice department
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remains committed to holding all january 6th perpetrators at any level accountable under law. >> questions remain about former president trump's role. the mob marched directly from a rally where he falsely claimed the election had been stolen. the former president cancelling a press conference planned for today, but a congressional committee investigating the attack still wants to hear from him. >> we will not allow him to subvert a u.s. election. he is certainly continuing his efforts in that regard. >> it's our duty as patriots, as americans, as members of congress to get it right. >> the new capitol police chief insisting his department is better prepared today amid mounting threats against members of congress. changes include better training, more barricades around the capitol and a new focus on gathering intelligence and streamlining the chain of command to call in support like
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the national guard. president biden will address the nation from the capitol today, vowing to bring justice and unity to a country still deeply divided. the chief of u.s. capitol police says challenges remain. his department is about 400 officers short and he's hoping to open a new bureau that would be focused on gathering intelligence and following any threats. remember, in about one hour we will have a special report from nbc news. it's part of our week long series "state of extremism." coverage begins at 6:00. david wen was killed tuesday night. someone fired a single bullet
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he grew up in san francisco. he was a member of the california national guard based in concord. according to his facebook page, he was sent to sacramento to guard the state capitol last january following the january 6th attack in washington, d.c. his sister is in complete shock. >> it hurts to lose someone like him, because there's no one that can replace him. i just want people to be safe and be happy and my brother would want the same for everyone. >> wen was just one month shy of graduating from the sheriff's office academy. taking a live look at the san jose skyline right now, we expect fog in san francisco, but we're seeing some of it in the south bay as well. kari hall is tracking that. >> yeah. we are going to see for the most
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part cloudy skies and dense fog for a lot of spots this morning. once again, fog with some peeks of sunshine here and there. tomorrow is when our next real chance of rain comes back. for the weekend, sunny and school, but dry for an extended stretch. here's a storm system well to the north of us, a break from the rain for today. tomorrow we'll be watching this system roll through. a major blow for walmart employees. coming up next, the sick pay benefits the chain is now cutting. plus, move over mood rings. how about a color changing car? new technology companies are developing that could make you feel blue.
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happy thursday. it is 5:14. let's get you ready in the east bay to head out the door. in fremont we are seeing some clouds and fog drifting around with low visibility at times, temperatures in the mid 50s. we'll see a lot of 50s today. we will see the rain holding off, but we'll talk about it coming back tomorrow in the forecast in a few minutes. a smooth drive right now.
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yesterday we did see the backup at the toll plaza. there were a couple slow movers that caused that but then it stuck around for much of the early morning commute. right now, very calm again like monday and tuesday. wall street and your money looks set for a mixed open on your thursday morning following yesterday's big selloff sparked by minutes from last month's federal reserve meeting which showed shrinking of bonds and mortgage securities, as well as signaling a hike in rates could come as soon as march. the dow dropping nearly 400 points, the s&p down 2% and the nasdaq down nearly 3%, its worst day in nearly a year. in focus today will be reports on unemployment, the services
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sector and factory orders. walmart is cutting paid leave for workers who have tested positive for covid. they will now get one week instead of two under a new policy in line with the changes to the cdc's quarantine guidance. walmart says workers who continue to be sick could potentially receive additional pay for up to 26 weeks. warner media and viacom cbs are exploring a possible sale of the cw network which they jointly own. the cw's programming appeals mostly to teens and young adults. the start of january traditionally means a very busy
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time for gyms as more americans make goals to lose weight in the new year. right now more than 20% of health and fitness centers across the u.s. are permanently closed because of the pandemic. it's a problem for those who rely on them to keep themselves healthy. >> 1 in 8 americans have type two diabetes. 1 in 4 are considered obese. we know that exercise is medicine, so we feel we are critical to stay open and help people get healthy again. >> watch the full story on the "today" show right after "today in the bay" at 7:00. we are all at work today, so
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clearly none of us won the powerball jackpot. >> one winning ticket was sold at a 7-eleven in sacramento. the other ticket was sold in wisconsin. each should be worth about $315 million before taxes. 6, 14, 25, 43, 46 and the powerball 17. meteorologist kari hall here this morning along with mike. >> yeah. you know, we had the powerball tickets. now we'll just try our luck at the mega millions. now let's get a look at our dense fog. it's really affecting the highway 4 commute as well as over toward concord. watch out for that fog especially in the east bay.
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elsewhere we've seen some lighter patches of fog. we're looking at a lot of clouds moving in. we're going to take a break from the rain today. the rain is going to be dipping back to the south and into the bay area by tomorrow. today our temperatures reach into the upper 50s, 58 in oakland, as well as 58 in san mateo and 57 today in antioch and in livermore. there is a big blast of some arctic air moving across much of the country right now. some spots are dealing with sub zero temperatures. so thankfully we're not seeing anything like that. let's go through the forecast today as temperatures have actually been a little bit warmer. we're going to see spotty showers tomorrow morning. going into tomorrow evening it
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quickly rolls out of here. we're going to see this storm system moving in and out of here, only bringing a quarter inch of rain or less. nice to see some rain and some light sierra snow. this may make roads slick for tomorrow. it looks to clear out by saturday if you're going to the sierra this weekend. our temperatures warm up to the upper 50s and about 60 degrees on tuesday. >> we're looking over here toward the richmond bridge. you can see the clouds in the background. that's a really beautiful silhouette as the volume builds west out of san rafael toward richmond. the bay bridge and highway 37 with a smooth flow of traffic. highway 4 there is a lot of dense fog there, low visibility.
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no problems for the rest of this map. back to you. coming up next, nbc bay area responds. >> should the kids be taking a mask to school with them? parents, we have some answers for you, next.
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the state's newly extended indoor mask mandate applies to
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schools as well. so what should your kids wear to class? >> what doctors are recommending for your kids. students like 10-year-old neil in the east bay are returning to class after the holiday break. >> i'm looking forward to seeing my friends. >> besides books, should a mask be in his backpack? dr. blumberg specializes in pediatric infectious diseases. he's urging mask use. dr. hardy at stanford children's health says send the kids to school wearing at least a surgical mask. >> you'll do better with omicron if you have a surgical mask. >> dr. hardy says you can find kids' sizes. or you can knot and tuck the straps of an adult mask to fit a child. pair a surgical mask with a
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cloth mask on top. for the most protection, look for an n-95 or kn-95. send your kids to school with a few backup masks. neil is ready. >> i bring at least three backup masks. everything is certainly on the line this sunday when the niners face the rams. if they win they're in the playoffs. jimmy g gave a blunt update. >> it [ bleep ] hurts. >> language, jimmy. >> if jimmy can't do it, trey lance will start again. the raiders play the chargers on
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sunday night. who are wins makes the playoff. kickoff is at 5:20. next, the siege on the u.s. capitol that started as rioters tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election through violence. how congress is now trying to change laws to make sure voting rights are never compromise again. >> reporter: a cruse ship is expected to dock here in san francisco.
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a new year's celebration cruise turns into a potential covid outbreak. a live report in on the ship set to dock in san francisco in just a few hours and the couple on the ship speaking out about how the crew is handling those covid cases. plus -- >> we knew there were some security issues, but nothing as grave as this. >> inside the capitol during the insurrection. how congress are moving the nation forward from the deadly incident.
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not only can you watch us here on your television, but also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. good morning. >> marcus washington has the day off. we start with a look at your forecast with meteorologist kari hall. if you're hitting the road, watch for that fog. >> that's been the big issue for us this morning for people especially in the east bay driving around highway 4 and also parts of the delta right now. we're going to continue to see fog for the next couple of hours, but the rain holding off today until tomorrow. that's when we'll see widespread showers coming back. we're looking at sunny and cool conditions. once again, dense fog advisory in effect for concord. elsewhere, lighter patches of fog, temperatures headed for the upper 50s and low since for today. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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lots of uncertainty this morning surrounding a cruse ship now approaching the port of san francisco. one bay area couple believes there is a covid outbreak on board and they believe they are among the people infected. cierra johnson live with more details. what a nightmare for that couple. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, i can't imagine what that couple is going through. we've been tracking it and we believe it is approaching the golden gate bridge right now. in just a couple of hours it will be here at the cruise port terminal. that couple when they boarded the cruise about ten days ago in southern california, they were looking to celebrate new year's eve. obviously things took a turn. that couple began to self-quarantine. this is the princess cruise ruby. the couple from mountain view contacted us while they were aboard the ship, saying they were afraid to venture out after
5:32 am
learning of staff members in quarantine. a number of shows were cancelled after a series of incidents in which he felt princess workers were lax in covid precautions. he says he has contacted the cdc and the state to notify them that the passengers were headed to san francisco. >> it was kind of disturbing that there wasn't more widespread announcement about that. if any passengers have it, the only reason they announced that is because the shows were cancelled. >> reporter: the pair says they don't feel princess cruise is taking enough action as they get ready to dock. they say they do plan to head straight home to quarantine. back out here, it is unclear what will happen in terms of
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precautions when those individuals deboard that ship. we have reached out to princess cruises as well as the public health department. we have not heard back. this is a story we will continue to follow. in just a matter of hours that ship is expected to pull into san francisco. live at the embarcadero, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." there are a lot of questions surrounding covid. we are here to help. nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are holding a phone bank tonight with the santa clara county public health department from 5:00 to 7:00 tonight. the number is on your screen. we'll post that number on our website and twitter, facebook and instagram. today marks one year since the siege on the u.s. capitol. we have a live look in
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washington, d.c., where security is tight ahead of a day of remembrance. bay area congresswoman barbara lee was among the lawmakers stuck inside the capitol when the insurrection played out. i got a chance to talk to her one on one. you were inside the capitol during the insurrection. where were you? what can you recall from that incident? and is it painful to recall? >> yes, it's very painful to recall. i was sitting right there in the main chamber downstairs right in front of the podium. and, in fact, it was a very traumatic event. it was an attempted coup. and i had worn my tennis shoes that day, because being black in america, of course, your antennae are always up. i had been reading and hearing the right wing noise and
5:35 am
anticipated something. we knew there were some security issues, but nothing as grave as this. then we were told immediately to evacuate. it was at that point that it almost became a mass casualty event, because that is when these insurrectionists broke through into the speaker's chamber. we had just evacuated through that door just a few seconds before they actually came in. so this was not only an attack on the capitol building. our staff, the workers, members of congress, the speaker, the vice president. this was an attack on our democracy. >> how can we move forward? is there a possibility of doing that? >> absolutely. we have to move forward. our democracy is fragile right now. we know what happened historically when dictators rise. all the signs of that are here. we have no option. we have to pass right away the
5:36 am
john lewis voting advancement act, the freedom to vote act. we have to make sure all of the gerrymandering and what we're seeing throughout the country in terms of voter suppression, we have to have the ability to push this back. we can't do that unless we pass these laws where our federal government, which is the protector of our civil and human rights, is able to weigh in and stop a lot of what is taking place in terms of attempting to turn the clock back. layout exactly, who was responsible, when and hopefully to be able to hold these people accountable, because they did clearly attempt a coup in america, which we never thought could happen. they almost thwarted the peaceful transfer of power. i was sitting right there, i saw it. all of these lies they're promoting, it's disgusting that people would try to misrepresent
5:37 am
what took place. we have to move forward and learn the lessons of what happened on january 6th and never let it happen again. >> this much for joining us. like september 11th, some are calling january 6th a pivot point for america. in the days and months ahead, lawmakers have to decide how serious they are about protecting democracy. >> they're also looking how to protect voters and how we choose our leaders. scott mcgrew continues our coverage. on january 7th, 2021, anti-democratic forces tried to stop the congress from certifying the report. they shouted heave ho as they crushed a police officer in a door and called for the vice president to be hanged to stop
5:38 am
the results of the election. donald trump very plain spoken about his opposition to make it easier for qualified americans to vote. >> they had things, levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it, you'd never have a republican elected in this country again. >> to that end, red states like texas have moved to restrict voting. for those who oppose those new restrictions on legal voting, there's a very narrow window. democrats may have less than a year before they quite possibly lose the midterm elections and the senate. and the opportunity to pass two bills, the freedom to vote act and the john lewis act. the freedom to vote academy would expand vote by mail and early voting. the john lewis act would reauthorize the 1965 voting rights act, frustrating states like texas from restricting legal voting. to do that, democrats need 60
5:39 am
votes to get the vote to a senate floor where it would face a straight up/straight down majority rules vote. democrats have the votes to pass it, but not the 60 votes they need to get it to the floor. the only way they can do it is by ending the filibuster. if they don't succeed, many democrats fear they'll never have another chance as republicans benefit from the changes in the way america votes. back to you. >> we'll have continuing coverage in all of our newscasts today and in-depth analysis. you can get more information right now on our website, we want to switch gears just a moment. take a look at this. this is the sierras. they got another round of snow up there this week.
5:40 am
this is video from heavenly. 175 inches of snow this season so far. >> look how clear it is as well. you can get out and enjoy that skiing. and more snow on the way. >> meteorologist kari hall tracking that. >> it might make it a little slick getting to the sierra tomorrow, but the rest of the weekend is looking pretty nice. let's get to that forecast. for south lake tahoe, light snow tomorrow, but saturday and sunday are looking amazing. if you are going to head outside, enjoy the beach this weekend, we will have rain tomorrow, but the rest of the weekend is going to be cool and sunny. make sure you have something warm to wear.
5:41 am
napa valley will also be a great destination as our rain clears out tomorrow evening and saturday and sunday temperatures reaching into the mid 50s. >> for bart riders we're hearing about a ten-minute delay because of an equipment problem. this is not unusual. the freeways are unusually light for this time of year. there's still fog on highway 4. keep that in mind. everything else still green. back to you. a life changing choice to save lives. next, we'll show you the special connection one group of people share after they were matches for kidney recipients. counting down to the winter
5:42 am
games. the uphill track for one california skier as he tries to claim a spot on team usa. first, we are learning that omicron is creating more breakthrough cases but the question is why. we talk to local health experts about the rise in cases. watch it on instagram and tiktok. new year, new start.
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as you're heading out in walnut creek, we are seeing clouds and the fog there in the distance. walnut creek is clear, but concord really dealing with some dense fog right now. temperatures in the mid 40s. it's a cool start and will be a cool and mostly cloudy day. we'll talk about when rain comes back in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. we still have some minor delays in hayward on bart. moving to the peninsula, a smooth drive. they're now testing those lanes for express saving decision 12 people made could restore your >> they became kidney donors,
5:46 am
helping those in need across six states. when a potential donor is not an initial match for family members or friends, a chain can start where someone agrees to instead donate to a different patient at another hospital. that's what happened to this pair who are oh now speaking out about their special connection. >> you get to a point in your life where you realize that you see the bigger picture. >> you said this gives you faith, this chain. >> it does. it gives me faith. >> why this act of paying it forward is due to a highway billboard. you can see the full story coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." not taking any chances, stanford is implementing new temporary rules amid the covid surge on campus. from now until at least january 28th no indoor classes and
5:47 am
meetings are allowed. as for indoor sporting events, no fans are being allowed to attend, only family members. last night the men's volleyball team played. stanford beat lyndon wood university. expect to pay plenty. court side tickets are going as high as $15,000 in the resale market. last night in class klay could have made the difference. gary payton jr. had a nice dunk in the third quarter. the mavs finished strong.
5:48 am
tim hardaway jr. led dallas to a win. bryce bennett will be on the mountain looking to make his second olympics in downhill skiing. >> last spring i came up with a plan and i thought i executed it pretty well this summer. i'm excited to see what happens. >> the experience from then and the focus has shifted, right? you've got a different mindset, it sounds like, going into this season. >> for sure. as a kid, you want to make the olympics. for me, i think as i'm getting older, my priorities have shifted a bit. i really want to win world cup ski racing downhills. >> the team is expected to be announced in just a couple of weeks. >> the winter olympics start february 3rd right here on nbc. download the latest podcast called "my favorite olympian" wherever you get your podcasts.
5:49 am
last week tonight's host john oliver's exhibit in san francisco. >> the this video provided by san francisco's cartoon art museum show some pieces on display. the gallery opened tuesday and runs through the 25th. oliver donated $10,000 to the museum to hold the exhibit, as well as another 10,000 for the san francisco marin food bank. he's quite the talentedtist. let's take it to meteorologist kari hall. >> we're getting ready for the rain tomorrow so we already have storm ranger powered up and ready to go. also seeing some drizzle right now especially with the dense
5:50 am
fog in spots. overall it's a fairly dry start for us this morning as the rain has moved farther north, but will be dipping back to the south and push through a front for tomorrow. we are going to see a lot of changes and also big changes in the drought monitor. this just came out moments ago. every week we've seen some progress here. you see all of the red across the central valley. that is the severe drought. as we get a look at the changes and what we are seeing now, we have seen a lot of the less red for the central valley. that means we've gone from a severe drought to a step below, about 20% improvement across the state in many drought categories. we've seen some big improvements
5:51 am
especially for parts of the north bay. it's nice to see some positive changes in our drought monitor, all thanks to the rain we've had recently. today temperatures head to the upper 50s and low 60s. we're going to have milder temperatures compared to the deep freeze we're seeing for much of the midwest and east. rain by late tomorrow morning into the north bay, spreading across the rest of the bay area, but clearing for the evening commute. back to dry weather for the weekend. we may see some spots only measuring a few hundredths of an inch. it's going to be nice to get a break from the rain, but we're
5:52 am
also looking beyond to see if we're going to see an overall change in our weather pattern that's kept it pretty wet here. mike, you're starting with a look in the south bay? >> yeah. we look at the big map. i circled 101 northbound between 680 and oakland road. that's typically where we see some slowing. that's one of the only spots where we see speeds below the speed limit. 101 north through san martine. today we're talking about concord and santa rosa. again, very mild drive right now. we just have conditions that might need to slow you down there. we'll talk about the bay bridge in a second. we did have that bart delay through hayward. there's an equipment problem on the tracks. we are talking about minor delay
5:53 am
at the hayward station in both directions. the bay bridge toll plaza is open, no metering lights just yet. very easy drive across this span. happening now, the hydroelectric power plant at lake oroville is finally generating power again. during the height of the drought last august, state water leaders ordered it shut down. last month, lake water level was nearly 90 feet, allowing the plant to resume operations. the nfl is questioning if the super bowl should be held in los angeles. next on "today in the bay," the backup plan the league is creating now that we're a month away from the big games. also at 6:00, returning to distance learning, the east bay school making the switch back and the reason another district is shutting down just ahead of
5:54 am
the weekend.
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5:56 am
5:57 am
information gathered from 13 overdoses and nine fatalities led investigators to arizona, oregon and california. >> we can't give anyone's live back, but we do hope this will at least bring some closure. >> police say they seized 100,000 counterfeit pills just this week. they believe the counterfeit drugs are coming from mexico. new this morning, a judge
5:58 am
ruled vanessa bryant's lawsuit against the county of los angeles over the sharing of photos from the crash scene where her husband and daughter died can go to trial. kobe bryant, their daughter and seven others died in that crash in february 2020. the suit alleges l.a. county first responders snapped and shared gruesome photos from the scene. the county tried to get that case dismissed, saying these pictures were never publicly distributed. the lawsuit could go to trial as early as next month. the grammys have been postponed for the second year in a row due to covid. a statement from the academy specifically cited uncertainty surrounding the omicron variant among the reasons for that move. another big event up in the air because of covid is the super bowl. it is planned for next month in
5:59 am
los angeles, but the nfl already has a backup plan. california's top health official says that he is confident that the game can remain in l.a. if they incorporate strict covid guidelines for all fans including mask wearing. however, the nfl is reportedly discussing a backup location just in case california shuts major gatherings down. the league would possibly move the super bowl to texas, home of the dallas cowboys at&t stadium. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area on february 13th. coming up next at 6:00 this morning, we're tracking covid in classrooms. an outbreak at one east bay school is prompting swift action by the district. the new safety efforts being taken starting today and the impact it will have on thousands
6:00 am
of families. and in southern california, one person infected with both covid and the seasonal flu. i was convinced someone was going to open a door with a machine gun. >> one year later and the healing continues. we'll look back at the january 6th siege and the heightened security in washington. good morning. we broadcast not only to your television, but you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, online. thanks for joining us. we start with meteorologist kari hall as we stand by for that special report about the capitol insurrection. we still want to get a look at your forecast. >> we're dealing with some dense fog this morning,


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