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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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we will be back at 7:25 with a live local news update for you. >> and we are also preparing for our midday news at 11:00, and we leave you with this beautiful shot from our photographer. have a great morning. we'll see you soon. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ good morning. i-95 nightmare. the fallout grows over that chaos on one of the nation's busiest highways. the interstate finally back open after some drivers were stranded in the snow and bitter cold for nearly two full days. >> i was begging. i was, like, can you please just take my kids. you don't need to take us. take my kids, please. >> this morning, what went so wrong and al's forecast on the new storms expected across the country today. breaking overnight, class dismissed. school canceled for hundreds of thousands of students in chicago
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as teachers refuse to enter the classroom amidst a record surge in covid cases. the president telling the nation the best answer, vaccines and boosters. >> you can protect yourself and you should protect yourself, quite frankly. >> and the cdc comes under new fire for changing its testing and isolation guidelines yet again. what the experts are saying now. one year later. high alert in the nation's capitol on the eve of the capitol siege anniversary. just ahead how the day will be marked while former president trump is suddenly changing his plans and the new text messages from sean hannity revealing what he actually thought about trump's election lies. we are live on capitol hill. the great resignation. the number of americans quitting their jobs reaching an all-time high, nearly 5 million in a single month. where are they going? an inside look on the impact of nearly every industry and why some say it could be a good sign
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for the economy. all that plus courting controversy. star athletes and vaccine skeptics diry irving and novak djokovic. should it be game on? feeling luck e the powerball jackpot jumps to $600 million as people race to the big drawing hoping to make it a very happy new year today, wednesday, january 5, 2022. ♪♪ ♪♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's wednesday morning. glad you're with us. craig's in early for hoda. good morning to you. we have some breaking news this morning from coast to coast to get to including in chicago where most schools are canceled this morning in the windy city after the teacher's union voted
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to stay home in an effort to force a switch to remote learning. >> in the meantime former president trump has called off a news conference at hass mar-a-lago estate which he had scheduled for tomorrow the one-year anniversary of the riots on the u.s. capitol this comes as the investigation into january 6th widens and they're seeking answers from top television allies sean hannity. >> we will start with the massive winter storm that stranded thousands of drivers along i-95 in virginia, some for more than 36 hours and al will tell us about possible storms that could make another rough go of it today and let's start with tom costello in arlington with the very latest. tom, good morning to you. >> yeah, just an utter disaster on i-95. the good news is the highway is open today. the video courtesy of vdot, virginia department of transportation. the cameras shows both north and
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southbound is open, but on the critical artery on the east coast, an utter disaster played out. they didn't get the highway open until about 9:00 last night. people have been stuck on the highway for 24 and more hours, no food, no water, no restrooms. when they finally got i-95 cleared and people out they then got stuck on the side roads on route 1. some people ran out of fuel and they had to abandon their cars and simply walk away. how could this happen? thousands of drivers in virginia trapped for 20+ hours in frigid temps amid a 50-mile stretch of the east coast's busiest highway, i-95? state officials blame a perfect storm upon conditions including rapidly decreasing temperatures and an enormous amount oowsn in a short period of time. >> the snowfall rates were two to three and even four inches per hour. >> all of it coupled with
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several inches of ice kept tow trucks from being able to move those multiple jack knifed big rigs blocking traffic. andrew stein spent 27 hours in his car, sleeping in it overnight. >> abandoned cars everywhere. people were either running out of gas or got stuck in the snow. >> he, like many others, forced to decide between saving gas and staying warm. for those able to leave their cars, many gas stations were out of fuel or without power as cars slowly started to clear the interstate late tuesday, local roads became overwhelmed with traffic. >> vanya messiah and her two young children in the car. she feared the worst as temperatures fell even asking first responders passing by. >> i was begging, just please take my kids. you don't need to take us. take my kids, please. i kept thinking they're going to
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die in this cold. >> the ems worker brought her and her children to his ambulance where they managed to get some rest. >> virginia senator tim kaine's typically two-hour journey from richmond to d.c. took more than a day. >> i had one orange and one dr pepper and that was it. the entire nutrition consumed in the entire 26 hours. >> one bright spot, a local bakery truck passed out bread to hungry folks in dozens of cars. one thankful woman called it one of t kindest moments she has ever witnessed. >> imagine if you are stuck on the highway with maybe you've got kids or a dog or a cat or you've got elderly people in the car and you have no food and the water -- it was absolutely awful. again, they got the highway open at 9:00 last night. the governor of virginia was asked why didn't he call out the national guard. his response said it would have taken 12 to 24 hours to mobilize
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the guard and this stretch of highway has no onramps or offroads. savannah? >> let's bring in mr. roker now because it looks like there's more nasty stuff. on the drive this morning there were cars that had skidded out. >> that's right. we have icy conditions. coast to coast, a winter blast for 70 million people for winter weather alerts from the pacific northwest to the mid-atlantic and northeast and parts of the appalachians, as well. you can see we've got another big storm coming into the pacific northwest. right now we've got light snow stretching from duluth, minneapolis, to green bay. just as craig was talking about, we have a light glaze of ice possible this morning. as we go in, you can see the temperatures right at freezing and especially those overpasses, they'll be icing up so you have to be very, very careful. next system, low pressure developing along the gulf coast. it will be bringing rain and
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snow making its way into the mid atlantic, nashville, knoxville, charleston, louisville, we're talking two to six inches of snow especially in some of the upper elevations tomorrow. then we move tuesday into friday. thursday night into friday. this coastal low moves off the coast. it makes its way off the carolinas and the storm center tracks well offshore, but depending on the track we are looking at anywhere down in the mountains of west virginia upwards of six inches of snow and lighter amounts, but this could change. the one thing we are pretty sure of around the great lakes, heavy snow, lake-effect snow warnings. we're talking six to 18 inches of snow to watertown up to market. we'll be watching a very changeable system over the next 48 hours. guys? >> busy times, al. thank you. now to breaking news with the covid record-shattering surge. officials in chicago had to cancel classes for hundreds of thousands of students today after the city's teachers voted
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to switch to remote learning. this just hours after president biden addressed the nation about the current spike in cases. nbc's stephanie gosk with the latest on all of it. stephanie, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. this is a real showdown in chicago. the teacher's union voted to go remote over concerns about testing in cases and lori lightfoot stepped in and raised the stakes calling it an illegal walkout and canceling schools altogether. this morning another clash between educators and cities over covid ending with kids in chicago staying home. the teacher's union in the nation's third largest school district voted tuesday to switch to remote learning, demanding more testing and adjustments to the new covid surge. city leaders responded by canceling school altogether, even remote learning for the district's 330,000 students. >> there is no basis in the data, the science and common
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sense for us to shut an entire system down. >> it's part of the pressure on schools and parents as covid cases skyrocket and some have found guidance from authorities confusing. the cdc now clarifying its quarantine again after cutting it from ten days to five for asymptomatic for tests. they still don't require a negative covid tests after six people are done isolating at home for five days. instead the new guidance says people who have access to a rapid test and want to take it should. the cdc says a positive result on a rapid test after you self-quarantine means you should keep isolating for another five days. those who don't haes t and are asymptomatic or feeling better on day five can head out with a well-fitting mask. >> that's where it's ambiguous.
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it's hard to ask people to judge their own symptoms. >> covid cases are exploding from coast to coast. the sheer volume of sick people is taking a toll on the entire country. >> right now we have more covid patients in the icu than we ever have. >> understaffed before this surge hit, hospitals are dealing with health workers getting sick, too. >> we're all pulling extra shifts and taking care of more patients than we ever have. we are tired and frustrated. president biden's comments on tuesday are saying kids need to stay in school. the cdc is meeting later today to sign off on the fda's authorization of the pfizer booster for kids ages 12 to 15. savannah, back to you. >> stephanie, thank you very much. also this morning security is being stepped up in washington, d.c. ahead of tomorrow's anniversary of the january 6th insurrection and we are learning that a popular fox news host is now being asked to cooperate with the house committee investigating that siege.
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nbc's senior capitol hill correspondent garrett haake has the details. good morning. >> good morning. here on the eve of the insurrection's anniversary the committee investigating the attack is moving their focus even deeper into donald trump's inner circle. formally requesting to talk to sean hannitiy and they hope to talk to his former vice president mike pence. meanwhile, here on capitol hill the last year has meant major changes to security. >> this morning the january 6th committee is widening its investigation, testimony from one of donald trump's top television allies, fox news anchor sean hannity. the committee revealing it's in possession of dozens of text messages between hannity and trump chief of staff mark meadows. the committee says that hannity had advance knowledge regarding president trump's and his legal team's planning. i'm very worried about the next 48 hours the night of january 5th and then a few days later
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texting meadows and gop congressman jim jordan about an apparent conversation with mr. trump, quote, he can't mention the election again ever. i did not have a good call with him today, but hannity didn't share those private concerns with his viewers on the night of january 6th, though hannity condemned the violence he questioned who was behind it >> i don't care if they're radical left, radical right. i don't know who they are and echoed mr. trump's false rhetueoricst qioning the election our eltiec, onfrankly, was a train wreck and overnight the committee chairman telling cnn they hope to talk to someone even closer to mr. trump, former vice president mike pence. >> his life was in danger. i would hope that he would do the right thing and come forth >> it all comes as congress prepares to mark the insurrection anniversary tomorrow and one surprising change of plans for the day from former president donald trump canceling his planned press conference on the anniversary after pressure from some fellow republicans.
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trump saying he'll share his thoughts at a later rally. at the capitol, there are no major security concerns this week and insists his department has fixed intelligence and operational failures in the run-up to the insurrection >> our equipment, our training, our planning all has improved since then >> as for hannity, he didn't mention the committee's request on his broadcast last night, but his attorney tells nbc news they are evaluating the request they are very concerned about the first amendment implications on it and they will respond as appropriate. craig? >> senior correspondent garrett haake this morning, thank you. >> you will be live from the nation's capitol this morning. yeah heading to washington and we'll take an in-depth look of the insurrection one year later and we'll talk to the capitol police officers who faced down those rioters and congresswoman liz cheney investigating the day's events will be our live guest. >> looking forward to that >> we turn to another big story this morning >> yes
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good morning to you. some are calling it the great resignation. newly released data shows americans are continuing to quit their jobs in record numbers as the pandemic reshapes the way a lot of people choose to live and work nbc's carey sanders has more on that good morning. >> good morning. i'm at the beach cafe which would like to be open this hour for the sunrise breakfast crowd and they're not open just yet. it's empty here and this is a problem not only at this restaurant, but at restaurants across the country that are struggling to hire employees and to keep those employees. it's even got a name, the great resignation. across the country, americans are quitting jobs at record rates. resignation. the great >> i'm going to quit my 9:00 to 5:00 job today >> labor data shows 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november, the biggest number on record that's 3% of the workforce >> we're seeing people quit a
7:16 am
restaurant job, hospitality, retail, transportation those jobs that have gotten the brunt of covid. >> in florida, be nice restaurant group director greg baird said these days hiring is a challenge. >> we have to put a lot more e for the in than we used to >> raising wages doesn't solve this problem >> paying different rates, it doesn't seem to make a difference. >> the nearby tarpin river brewing once had 53 employees. now they're down to 28 >> it has been a challenge especially to keep people. there have been so many employees that we've had that have been with us since the day we opened, three, four years long that have left to go into other industries >> it's not just restaurants the great resignation is impacting noorly every industry. after seven years as a police officer, rachel drewsbeck decided to make a change. >> with everything going on with covid and just everything in
7:17 am
this world, i decided that i needed a change and some growth and i was able to start a company with one of my great friends. >> kirsten walden left her social media marketing job of five years in august the pandemic, she says, helped clarify her priorities >> so it came to a point for me that exchanging my time and my talents at a job 48 hours a week was not worth the exchange in my mental health and wellness >> so many now re-evaluating how work fits into their lives >> some experts say that the great resignation is actually a positive indicator of the economy and shows that people are confident enough to be able to leave their jobs and find other jobs in other industries for what they now call a better work/life balance. >> interesting conversation. thank you, kerry >> all right still reporting for duty, al, because there's weather to talk
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about. >> it is winter. it's january all of a sudden and it's like we flipped a switch. another at mmospheric river puss through and some morning icing in the northeast and mid atlantic states, take your time driving. that glare ice can be a real problem. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds thanks to gravity, the real force to be reckoned with just might be you. ♪♪ good morning.
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i am meteorologist, kari hall. as we look live at the golden gate bridge, it's foggy and drizzling. there will be a chance of scattered showers in the north bay today but much of the bay area will see peeks of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s for the south bay. going into the rest of the forecast, expect those temperatures to stay in the upper 50s. more rain on friday but then clearing out for the weekend. and that's your and that's your latest weather. guys >> it is game on for two star athletes and vaccine skeptic, but should that be the case for nba's kyrie irving and novak djokovic we'll go inside the dcontrovers high stakes return >> a capitol rioter serving time in prison speaking out in an exclusive interview. exclusive interview. you might beurprised what she s
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i'm putting a bow on it! wow... ...even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. shhh! i've earned this, okay? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. good wednesday morning to you. it's 7:26 right now. i am laura garcia. here's a look at today's top stories, including a new booster shot push in the city of san josé. >> in san josé the city's committee will discuss whether all employees must get the covid booster shot. the proposal that the mayor put out just before christmas would require anybody that visits a large city-owned facility like the sap center, convention center or historic theaters to show prove of a booster or third dose vaccine. if the city council eventually
7:27 am
passes this proposal as expected, san josé will be the first city in the state or possibly the country to mandate the booster shot. law enforcement trying to find a person that shot and killed a young recruit for the alameda county sheriff's office. this man had been at his academy class behind me and was headed home yesterday afternoon in san francisco when somebody shot him. there was a procession to take his body to the coroner's office from the hospital. no suspects as of yet. let's get a look at the microclimate forecast with meteorologist, kari hall. good morning. we're waking up to some clouds as we take a live look outside in san josé. temperatures feel milder and we are going to need to leave the umbrella at home today. we will not see a lot of showers today and not a lot of sunshine either, so just some peeks of sun as we go from the low 50s to
7:28 am
the upper 50s today, and even rain returning back to the bay area on friday. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update coming up in half an hour. hope to see you then. my parents can always check my glucose levels just by looking at their cell phones. i share my numbers with my wife and my daughter, and if i'm out in the yard working or busy, she'll come out and tell me, “hey, you're going too low,” if i'm working hard. it makes me feel good that they're watching them.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to the nbc news coverage of the royal wedding. by now we should not have the to tell you the is the royal wedding of his royal highness, the prince of wales to diana spencer who will become the princess of wales. hello, i'm tom brokaw along with jane pauley. >> good morning. >> almost everything during this day a splendid morning. >> there they are, our own royal copy, tom and jane. we're celebrating 70 years of "today." much that was tom brokaw and jane pauley covering the 1981 royal wedding of prince charles and lady diana spencer. >> i love looking back at the history of the show.
7:31 am
>> there's a lot in 70 years. >> every day. >> let's get your headlines. breaking overnight, north korea fired a suspected ballistic missile into the sea today. as north korea's first launch since october. it underscores leader's new year vow to bolster the military amid stalled talks with south korea and the u.s. south korea's president is now calling on the north to make sincere efforts for more dialogue between the two nations. back here, prosecutors in new york say they're dropping a misdemeanor groping charge against former governor andrew cuomo. he was scheduled to appear in court friday. but the albany county district attorney said the case was too difficult to prove. a former aide to the ex-governor says cuomo touched her under her blouse during an encounter in december 2020. >> word has parentally gotten out about the powerball jackpot. now everybody is buying tickets. in just one day, the jackpot has grown another $35 million. and now it stands at a whopping $610 million.
7:32 am
if won, it would be the seventh largest powerball jackpot of all time. the last time someone took home the top prize was back on october 4th. >> wow. also this morning, the world's biggest sports stars back in the spotlight. >> that's right. in the nba, kyrie irving who has not been vaccinated is set to make his season debut for the brooklyn nets. meanwhile, in tennis, world number one novak djokovic has just been granted a medical exemption to play in this month's australian open. behave reaction to both of those. good morning. >> reporter: g yeaooh,d morning. tennis fans know there is a lot on the line here. if djokovic wins the australian
7:33 am
open, he will surpass roger federer and rafael nadal with a record 21 grand slam victories. it's a chance at sporting history that could be overshadowed. this morning two superstar athletes and noted vaccine skeptics are both preparing for controversial returns to their respective courts. after months of speculation, novak djokovic, the world's top ranked men's tennis player, will compete in this month's australian open. the 20 time grand slam champ writing on instagram, "i'm heading down under with an exemption permission. let's go 2022." >> for him to get this exemption is going to be a huge backlash. and he's going to be boo'd. >> reporter: the tournaments requiring participants to be vaccinated or receive a medical exemption to compete. he said in the past he's opposed to getting vaccinated while consistently keeping his own status private. >> someone wants to get a vaccine or not, that's completely up to them. >> reporter: and despite other players reportedly receiving the exemption, djokovic's participation is drawing mixed reviews. including from fellow players.
7:34 am
>> i think if it was me that wasn't vaccinated, i wouldn't be getting an exemption. >> reporter: but this morning the australian government saying all travelers must acceptable proof of exemption at the border adding that no one will receive special trtrtmeat.en djokovic no stranger to covid-19 controversies n june of 2020 hosting his own tour with limited social distancing and few masks, djokovic, his wife and others tested positive. at the time he said we were wrong and it was too soon. i can't express enough how sorry i am for this in every case of infection. just days earlier, the tennis star posted this video from a concert. and appeared to visit nightclubs without wearing a mask. meanwhile, a very different situation for brooklyn nets star kyrie irving who expected to play the first game since turning down the vaccine. new york city's indoor vaccine mandate kept the seven time all star from playing at home games
7:35 am
all season. and after initially barring irving from competing as a part time player, the nets have now decided to allow him to compete in road games. >> things happen for a reason. and now we're here. i'm just grateful for this. >> i'm sure a lot of people wonder what impact irving's part time role on the team will have. >> yeah. it's complicated. it is borderline unprecedented. he won't be allowed to play at home games in new york or in toronto. if the team does make the playoffs, he'll be without one of the star players for half of an entire series when it really counts. and this part time situation hasn't even happened in the nba since 1962. that's when chicago drafted a rookie out of purdue who made a deal with the team to miss some games so he could finish up his chemical engineering degree. a little different here. >> all right. thank you.
7:36 am
>> i'm no basketball expert. but half of kyrie irving opposed to the whole kyrie irving. >> he is receiving a full paycheck the entire season. >> we set you up for that one. next, an exclusive interview with the texas realtor now in prison for her role in the january 6th insurrection. >> what she says led her to be at the capitol and if 12 months later she has any regrets. that's right after this. if 12 if 12 later she has any r so i called back? same state farm agent. texted the next day? same guy. is that even legal? and get this - he remembered my name. of course. hey, blink twice if you're in danger. whoa, guys. at state farm, we actually get to know you. it's called service. come on! like a good neighbor, state farm is there. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe.
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is the very thing that helps you rise above. thanks to gravity, the real force to be reckoned with just might be you. ♪♪ we're back with our special nbc news series on the state of extremism on the eve of the first anniversary of the capitol insurrection >> among those serving prison time for roles in the riot, texas real estate broker jenna ryan >> she sat down with an interview with our senior national correspondent kate snow good morning >> reporter: good morning, savannah 700 people were arrested after the capitol riot from 45 different states as young as 18 to 80 years old. accused of a range of crimes jenna ryan pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and she got a 60-day
7:41 am
sentence that is the longest for defendants who were not accused of any violence that day but we spoke with her to get a better sense for what drove her to be there on that day and how does she feel now about her actions? >> we're going to go down and storm the capitol. usa! we're all going to be up here and break in the windows >> reporter: this is jenna ryan one year ago a real estate broker in dallas, she was invited to ride on a private jet to d.c. >> if it comes down to war, guess what i'm going to be there. >> reporter: recording and live streaming it all >> life or death it doesn't matter. >> reporter: those videos became evidence for prosecutors and in december she was preparing for prison in your letter to the judge, you said you deeply regret entering the capitol that day >> yes >> reporter: do you regret it now as you sit here? >> absolutely. yeah i regret that two minutes and eight seconds. >> reporter: you were in the u.s. capitol
7:42 am
the legislative branch of our government. >> right >> reporter: you say you're a proud american. >> right >> reporter: i think it's hard for people to reconcile why you thought it was okay to march up the steps and go inside at all >> to march up the steps, to me, i didn't notice any barricades came in after the fact >> reporter: but you could tell, there were broken windows. >> hang on i didn't -- you don't really notice you're just walking up and there is a bunch of people you're more focused on people. >> reporter: had you seen the violence, what would you have done if you saw people breaking the windows, busting through barricades, running over capitol police officers, pushing them out of the way >> who knows >> reporter: when cynthia mcfadden interviewed her last
7:43 am
january, she had just been arrested >> the fbi raided my house and took my phone, my computer, my hat. >> reporter: months later she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor for illegally entering the capitol. she continued to post on social media. you wrote, sorry, i have blonde hear, white skin, great job and great future and not going to jail, sorry haters >> sorry haters. i'm sorry. >> reporter: did you think that you weren't going to jail because of all those things? >> no. no i thought so because i had just talked to my attorney who talked to the prosecutor and it was so relieved and then after that tweet, it's like oh, you're screwed. >> reporter: do you think that tweet was directly linked to the reason you are going to prison >> i would say so. yeah >> reporter: deputy director of the program on extremism at george washington university has been tracking the january 6th cases.
7:44 am
>> it's interesting because she's not interesting n many ways she is an example of the rest of the 700 cases. an individual who was drawn into the process, kind of went down the rabbit hole and live streamed her crimes. these are folks that didn't think they were doing anything wrong. >> reporter: ryan admits she used notoriety to build a following. she also says her real estate business has suffered. do you have clients call you and say i can't work with you any longer? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: still, she has expressed few regrets. >> i would love it with people would change their mind and love me and respect the fact that i have a right to believe as i believe. that i have accepted responsibility i'm going to do my time. and then i'm going to move on with my life >> reporter: this morning jenna ryan is sitting in federal prison she tells me she has a literary agent. she is planning on writing a book she also supports former president trump and hopes he'll run in 2024. savannah >> all right thank you very much. all right. let's take a turn now to the weather. mr. roker? >> a lot of cold stuff to talk about. we're talking wind chills anywhere stretching from the plains all the way down into texas. wind chill alerts for 11 million people these are the wind chills right now. it feels like 26 below in bismarck cheyenne, six above. jackson, 14. minneapolis, minus one omaha, minus 11. and for this afternoon, highs today, chicago you're only going to be 17 degrees that's 16 degrees below average. 24 in kansas city. sioux falls, 5 those are actual air temperatures then for tomorrow, look at these temperatures plunging. kansas city, 12 degrees. little rock, 36.
7:45 am
nashville, 34. milwaukee, 17 degrees with indianapolis at 19 and we're going to get in on the act too as this cold air spreads east friday, chicago you're at 12 degrees. 27 in chicago -- buffalo i should say saturday, boston 29. down to raleigh, 41 on saturday. that cold air hangs in and moderates the beginning of next we're. good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. as we take a live look outside in san josé, we are starting out with cloudy skies and it will stay mostly cloudy. only peeks of sunshine but the rain will be mainly for the north bay we will see, fairly light showers and heading into friday more widespread rain across the bay are expect that rain to be quarter of an inch or less. temperatures will gradually warm up into the start of next week. in san francisco, staying cloudy and foggy. that's your latest weather. guys >> all right
7:46 am
thank you. still ahead here, a fascinating story about a montana cowboy who made what is perhaps the best dinosaur fossil discovery ever >> harry smith catches up with him and shares a rare look at that extraordinary find. but first, these messages. my daughter has type 2 diabetes and lately i've seen this change in her. once-weekly trulicity is proven to help lower a1c. it lowers blood sugar from the first dose. and you could lose up to ten pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. (vo) america's most reliable network is going ultra!
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lots to come on this wednesday morning including a first look at a revealing new interview with valerie bertinelli what she is saying about a big change in her life and her future carson will have that and a whole heck of a lot more in "pop
7:51 am
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7:56 am
a very good morning to you. it's 7:56 right now. i am laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. >> reporter: i am bob redell here in dublin. law enforcement trying to find a person that shot and killed a young recruit for the alameda sheriff's office. he was headed home yesterday afternoon to san francisco when somebody shot him on the macarthur maze interchange. this is a video from last night. there was a procession to take his body from the hospital to the coroner's office. no suspect as of yet. in san josé the city's rules committee will discuss whether or not all employees must get
7:57 am
the booster shot. it would also require anybody who visits a large city-owned facility like the convention center or historic theaters to show proof of a booster or third dose of a vaccine. if the city council passes the proposal as expected, san josé will be the first city in the state and possibly the country to mandate the booster shot. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist, kari hall. a foggy start in some parts. >> yes, and so we have also seen some clouds in a lot of parts of the bay area with light showers in the north bay. we are looking at mainly dry conditions for today and tomorrow, and then friday scattered showers moving back in the area, and then a clear weekend. san francisco, we're seeing fog there and it's going to be misting and drizzling and then clearing out for saturday.
7:58 am
laura? >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us as well. i will be back with another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. until then, enjoy your morning. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion
7:59 am
so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. road rage. the blame game under way after thousands were trapped for hours and hours on one of the nation's busiest roads. >> i'm begging, can you please just take my kids? you don't need to take us. just take my kids, please. >> officials blaming the perfect storm of massive snow, frigid temperatures and untreated roads. much this morning how more wicked weather could impact the commute. then the show must go on inside the tech that year's consumer electronics show from a portal that virtually teleports you to the latest vr innovations.
8:01 am
gadgets you'll be seeing in the future plus, the way of the dinosaur >> hang on this guy right here, that's a piece of dinosaur. >> yep >> we'll introduce you to the dinosaur cowboy, finding priceless fossils while wrangling cattle we get a look at the incredible discovery he made home on the range. and she can turn back time cher speaking about how she will never go gray. what the icon is saying about women in the music industry and her philosophy on beauty today wednesday, january 5th, 2022 ♪ >> hi, "today" show. from snowy coeur d'alene, idaho. >> live from west palm beach, florida. sweet 16 >> on "today"! ♪ >> from richmond, virginia >> wishing whitney a happy 10th birthday happy birthday >> hey "today" show. i want to wish you a happy first
8:02 am
anniversary. love you nana and papa >> awe good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." glad to have you with us smack dab in the middle of the week. hoda is off this morning >> yeah. happy anniversary nana and papa. >> there you go. >> kate snow is going to have a pretty incredible story. it's all about a kidney donor chain. 12 people who gave or received the gift of life and you will be blown away by the way it all came together. >> okay, i have chills >> i already got the chills for. that let's get to your news at 8:00 lots to talk about traffic moving again on i-95 where a storm left people stranded the fallout over who is to blame, that's just getting started. tom costello joins us from virginia with the latest on all of it. hi, too many good morning >> reporter: good morning. listen, to use an overused cliche, a lot of people are
8:03 am
saying this really was a perfect storm that came together first of all, the rain was coming down so hard they couldn't pretreat the roads. then the snow came in so hard and so fast, two to three inches an hour. it caught everybody off guard here's the department of transportation live camera i-95, the critical artery on the east coast is open in both directions now after being shut down for most of 36 hours. people stuck on the highway going nowhere for 24, 28 hours and in some cases people were stuck because they finally got to a side road for 36 hours. no food, no water, no restroom and utter and absolute disaster. the governor of virginia saying, listen, he was asked why didn't you call out the national guard? he said it would have taken 12 to 24 hours to mobilize them and then you got a very long stretch of the highway with no off ramps to speak of, very few, getting them in a position would have been also challenging with even more equipment and more trucks, more people.
8:04 am
so it was just in many ways just not something he said was possible this is now going to go down as one of the worst traffic jams clearly in virginia state history. one bright spot -- a sign of people coming together a gentleman driving a bread truck opened the truck and handed out bread to people in that stretch of the interstate so that they had something to eat. but again, the vas majority of people in that stretch simply had no food or very little food, very little water. no rest rooms and they had kids with them. the elderly. they had pets. the question now is how can this be avoided in the future and this morning really more questions than answers back to you. >> all right tom, thank you very much this morning the nation's third largest school system has canceled classes after the chicago teachers union demanded more covid-19 testing and a temporary switch to remote learning the move affects about 330,000
8:05 am
students chicago's mayor called the union's action illegal but she said she is committed to the negotiations meanwhile, the cdc is under fire this morning from critics who say the new testing guidelines are confusing. the agency still says a negative covid-19 test is not required after sick person is isolated for five days. but it says people who have access to a test and want to take it should do so >> the world's largest consumer electronics and tech show kicks off today in las vegas but some big changes were required in the age of omicron our business and tech correspondent joins us with more jill, good morning. >> good morning. usually there are more than 170,000 people crammed into the las vegas convention center. us included. all to catch a glimpse of the future of cars and smart phones and tvs and beyond but this year thanks to the omicron variant, it looks so very different so naturally we went to vegas a little differently too
8:06 am
>> reporter: ces is trying to make a con back despite surging covid-19 cases the tech show is reopening in las vegas after going all virtual last year. now after calls for the cancellation, this year's tech fest has been scaled back. the four day i vent closing one day early. vaccinations and masks are mandatory and social distancing and free rapid testing for everyone attending but heavy weights like amazon, google, and microsoft yanking the splashy in person displays and organizers insist the show must go on >> the ces bubble will be relatively safe. we have to learn how to live with this virus. and we're doing it >> reporter: after years of
8:07 am
bringing you the coolest tech up close and personal -- >> oh, yeah. whoa it really helps. >> reporter: we're trying something new this year. it feels like i'm in las vegas at ces in person but surprise, i'm actually in los angeles nearly 300 miles away thanks to 3-d technology from portal it allows me to be somewhere where i can't be in the middle of this pandemic portal unveiling a smaller version of their life size hologram that is used by hospitals and universities >> this is not just a communication device this is a travel replacement >> reporter: and beaming celebrities nationwide and family members into your home. >> holograms of all kinds are going to be part of our future people walk up to a device and they see a hologram and it's a shared experience. you don't need to download something. >> reporter: as the omicron variant spreads, health tech is taking center stage like this thermometer that recharges with a few shakes and for all that hand washing, can you control faucet water temperature with just the wave of a hand.
8:08 am
and the metaverse is the biggest buzz word this year. this contact lens transports from you the real world to augmented reality in a blink and they control your smart home >> i can sense where you are in your home and be ready to help out in a moment's notice >> reporter: now one more big trend at ces this year, the environment and clean energy today the general motors ceo is expected to unveil its first ever all electric chevy silverado truck. that is part of the automaker's goal to achieve zero emissions down the road. but like so many, that event happening virtually and we'll be streaming on social media. >> sign of the time. all right. thank you. >> ces is always so cool >> it is cool thing to go to for the first time in the 224 year history, the uss constitution will have a woman as its commanding officer. an commander billy jay farrell is an 18 year navy veteran. she'll take over during a ceremony later this month. the battle tested constitution also known as old iron sides was launched in 1797
8:09 am
she's also the oldest commissioned warship still afloat the ship and crew of 75 take part in special events at the boston national historical park. >> fascinating >> how about a boost. >> the boost lives for sure. 4-year-old is a british soccer super fan. her mom took her to see her favorite team, the tottenham hot spur play in london. so watch her reaction when she waves to her favorite player and he waved back. >> he waved back >> he waved! >> superstar on two continents he also serves as captain of south korea's national team. she says she likes him best because he's always smiling and now always waving. the. >> how sweet her smile melts my heart. >> up next, harry smith's
8:10 am
adventure with a montana cowboy who spends his time hunting for dinosaur fossils and he found something absolutely extraordinary. harry is going to reveal right after this with his citi custom cash℠ card, dan earns cash back that automatically adjusts to where his spending is trending. just ask stepping outside his comfort zone dan... okay, i don't- i don't know where the hole for this is. ...or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... you just made me miss her best line, so now i'm going to have to start it again ...even insisted he didn't need directions dan. okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. that said, do you know where i am? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom cash℠ card. cranky-pated: a bad mood related to a sluggish gut. miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow.
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or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. ♪♪ gravity. it's a force to be reckoned with. no one knows better than we do. but without gravity, you can't have lift. the very thing that holds you down is the very thing that helps you rise above. thanks to gravity, the real force to be reckoned with just might be you. ♪♪ stay. >> welcome back. this morning on mr. welcome back this morning on mr. smith goes to, an inside look at a ground breaking discovery >> harry is traveling in time this morning a t-rex fossil found with
8:13 am
another dinosaur they appear to be caught in a fatal fight and harry, you visited the cowboy in montana who helped unearth these incredible fossils >> well, for folks that have been in the west in the dakotas and montana and wyoming, little pieces like this of dinosaur, they're on the ground, i mean, kind of like all over the place. so we went out to montana to meet a real live cowboy dinosaur hunter and what he found is going to be on display in a museum in north dakota and then on to the future in a way that you have never seen before >> reporter: on a ranch down a long gravel road, it doesn't seem to rain anymore. >> this is the worst drought i've ever seen the old-timers are saying it's the worst they've ever seen. >> reporter: the price of hay is so high, he had to sell some cattle can't afford to feed them.
8:14 am
some years back though, while working as a hand at another ranch, he met a man searching for fossils. >> i thought, wait a minute. you went out and found a rock and you're going to sell it for $500 i bet i can do that. literally. and so i started looking >> reporter: and that is what phips does, he hunts dinosaur fossils. you may have seen him on discovery. >> good job! >> yeah! >> so then what i do is follow the bone trail up. i call the bone trail. i try to find the source and if i walk up the hill, i can see some more bits rolling down the hill >> reporter: i see the bits lead to something larger but hang on a second, this guy right here >> yep, that's one >> reporter: that's a piece of a dinosaur >> yep >> reporter: this guy. >> you start imagining what the animal may have looked like or what kind of environment it lived in. >> reporter: yeah. >> how it reacted with other critters
8:15 am
fun to think about >> reporter: phips' imagination was sent sideways 15 years ago when he came across not one but two full dinosaur skeletons, a t rex looking for all the world like it was about to take a bite out of a trysaratops >> we made the discovery of the century. and we were blessed. i got nothing else for you and we got lucky >> reporter: after a decade or more of legal quick sand, the so-called duelling dinosaurs have escaped to the north carolina museum of natural sciences >> so if you look closely right here, you'll see a broken tooth. this is a tyrannosaur tooth. this is like our silver bullet the little pieces of evidence we can use to piece together to what happened to these two animals that day 67 million years ago. >> reporter: it's a stop action. >> right >> reporter: literally 67 million years ago. >> exactly
8:16 am
>> reporter: dr. lindsey zano is the expert here. she gave us a rare inside look >> every bone in the skeleton from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, the most complete tyrannosaur in all of north america. >> do we think he's a teenager or a juvenile? >> that's a great question and in another five years, i'll answer you no, we know this is not an this i >> reporter: to be to this close to a t-rex is much, much better than any movie >> you have to run your finger along the teeth. >> i can >> yeah. yeah and they're serrated like a steak knife. so the animals literally had a mouth full of knives >> reporter: look at that. which explains why dr. zan went to the trouble of raising millions of dollars to bring the bones to north carolina where the museum is expanding to make
8:17 am
room for one of a kind display >> they will fill that space in a lab fit for them and make it so that the public can actually walk inside the lab. now imagine if everyone can share in this experience that you and i are having and it's so important these day that we break down tha barrier. we make science transparent and accessible to the public so they can understand what scientists are actually doing and then have trust and faith in science >> reporter: back in montana, clayton phips says every day they're left to the elements is a day closer to the disintegration time is wasting for the 67 million year old bones look at it one more winter and most of that piece is gone. we're saving another dinosaur right now. >> reporter: that's something. >> from certain extinction >> and, of course, the museum is in raleigh, north carolina this
8:18 am
exhibit is going to be amazing imagine being able to take your kids through there and say look at this. fantastic. >> wow >> amazing >> she loves dinosaurs harry, makes you wonder what else is out west under the soil. >> i know. some of the stuff as erosion continues, with the wind and the occasional rain, these bones just basically come right up to the surface. >> wow >> if you are the cowboy, you're like i'm going to go ahead and take advantage of this there are people in the scientific community that say we don't like the way you do this an sometimes these fossils go to the highest bidder which cuts the museums out of the process its not without some controversy. just like everything else. >> once you get the humans involved >> yeah. >> all right >> that's it. >> harry -- >> i'll bring you back some dinosaur pieces. >> cool. >> that's great. >> thank you, harry. >> a mouth full of knives.
8:19 am
>> i know. that is memorable. of course the craig melvin t-rex. >> i knew that was coming. >> why does he say that. >> because he never picked up a check. he can't reach his wallet. >> where did that come from? >> yesterday al bought lottery tickets. >> he did. >> do you do a forecast anymore? >> sometimes. >> or do you just poke fun at me >> actually, two things can be true look out west. we have another atmospheric river bringing more wet weather unfortunately and snowy weather to our friends in the pacific northwest. flood watches and warnings up now. stretching from seattle all the way into oregon. a heavy snow into the rockies of the system pushes to the east and another system comes in, rising snow levels, cascades, olympics flooding is a big issue. we're talking rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches of rain there is good news for the skiers and snow pack some places picking up 18 inches of snow from veil to mount
8:20 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. much of that activity staying to the north of us, and so as we take a look live at the golden gate bridge, it's just foggy this morning, misting and drizzling, and we're also watching out for spotty light showers in parts of the north bay. the rest of the bay area is going to stay dry and our temperatures headed for the upper 50s. we will also see some dry conditions tomorrow, but rain returns on friday, about a quarter inch of rain or less, and then we will see some dry weather for the weekend. our temperatures will reach into the upper 50s into early next week. st time of the morning >> see, sometimes the hands come out. >> time for carson and "pop start. >> good morning. great to see you guys. shoutout to the graphics department today london rose daily drew the short straw. she's getting $20 for roadblocks money or whatever. here we go
8:21 am
valerie bertinelli, first up she's on the cover of the latest issue of "people" magazine opening up about the loss of her first husband and how it changed her life the article features excerpts from her upcoming memoir, "enough already. she reveals eddie's final words to her and their son those words were i love you. she goes on to share how this heartbreaking loss inspired her to take a step back and stop judging herself too harshly. valerie feels like family to us here at the "today" show she is stopping by to chat with us on tuesday, january 18th, when we encourage people to tune in the first live interview specifically about that upcoming memoir as always, we can't wait to talk to her and simply see her and give her a big hug by the way, the new issue of "people" magazine is on news stands this friday next up, betty white a new trend inspired by the late actress is going viral in honor of what would have been white centennial birthday. fans are asking folks to donate
8:22 am
to animal rescue organizations on january 17th as part of the #bettywhite challenge. the trending movement, of course, inspired by her long history of animal activism and outreach one more example of betty white's positive influence next up, chris evans, the captain america actor is taking on a new role in hollywood depicting gene kelly the project is set to tell the story of a 12-year-old boy's imagined friendship with the "singing in the rain" actor in the 50s. there was a plot conceived by chris evans who is also set to produce the untitled project can chris evans the famous action movie -- can he dance the answer is yes. here's the clip we found from from him everywhere people are tested to see if they can dance on an episode of ellen the answer is yes. here's the clip we found from from him degeneres' show in 2016.
8:23 am
♪ >> that's good >> yeah. >> he can dance. he's gene kelly. >> yeah. give him an umbrella i think he passed the audition test one of our favorite shows around here, very good ted lasso. a photo posted by a member of the cast has fans getting pumped about the quick turn around for season three you have to go produce shows but on tuesday, brendan hunt, coach beard, shared this snap from a runway jet in the background that is the star the actor writing in the caption, here we go. well where you going what exactly does that mean? are they all flying off to start shooting the next season the point is everybody online certainly hopes so we do know one thing, ted sure to get a warmer reception on any flight now than when we first met him. >> you coaching football you are a legend
8:24 am
i mean it's mental >> you know, i heard that before but here i am still dancing. >> well, long live coach lasso we still have uncle al i have uncle al to thank for getting me on ted lasso. i feel like the shows when streaming and really good, you owe a thank you to the person that turned you on to it let me try to get -- quickly, cher turning back the time the oscar and grammy winning singer revealing thoughts on aging and beauty telling "people" magazine that going gray is fine for other girls. i'm just not going do it the music icon known for long jet black locks and show stopping bob mackie looks confirming her hair color as is here to stay and for how her philosophy on makeup changed over the years, the 75-year-old singer says that these days she's more likely to be spotted with a freshly washed face more than walking around with a full face of makeup on. so there's a little news
8:25 am
guys, back to you. that is "pop start." >> well done good job, london daily we see a little -- >> coco. >> london! >> yeah! >> all right good job >> she's ready >> she has a head set. i love that. >> all right thank you. still ahead, an exciting new way for colleagues to collaborate whether they're in the office or working from home. we're going to show you the technology making the best of both worlds possible >> and we have a special steals and deals coming up right after your local news. t after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, it's 8:26. a man is in custody following an early morning standoff in san jose. it all started around 1:00 this morning at meridian park plaza on meridian. officers say a man there was waving a knife and an axe at officers and throwing things at them. we are told the man broke the windows of several nearby businesses and parked cars before he was taken into custody around 5:00 this morning. he is now undergoing a mental health evaluation at the hospital. he will eventually face vandalism charges. and we want to get a look at
8:27 am
our forecast, which has a dry weekend on tap. >> yes, and we're looking forward to that as well as a little bit more rain. nice to have a nice balance, and we're going to see a couple of showers in the north bay, but much of the rest of the bay area will be dry as our temperatures head for the upper 50s and up to 60 degrees for san jose and south san jose. going through the seven-day forecast, we are going to see a cooldown by the end of the week, as that cold front moves through, but quick moving showers by friday, and once again, that dry weekend headed our way with highs in the upper 50s. kris. >> all right, thank you, kari, we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. have a great morning, and we'll see you soon.
8:28 am
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we are back. we're playing our electronic music right now. sounds like the jeopardy theme song anyway january 5th, 2022. an eye opening look at the future of work >> that's right. it combines the best of working from if the office and from home so get this, imagine being anywhere yet you can still roam the halls and visit the cubicles of your colleagues unannounced new technology making all of it
8:31 am
possible we're about to show you how it all works. >> yes >> it's happening. >> a virtual arm >> that's right. >> also ahead, did you set a few fitness goals for 2022 we would like to recommend our new start today plan here's the deal. you can do it from the comfort of your own home and it only takes ten minutes a day. so we'll walk you through everything you need to know. >> all right then jill martin will help us get in better shape as well with the new steals and deals and it's steals and deals featuring tools to keep us on the right track. >> all right >> and then ahead on the third hour, we are going to be sharing some laughs with jim gaffigan. he is talking about his new standup special, recent family vacations. he is the comedy monster as his special is called. will we'll be chatting with him. >> hilarious we want to mention that tomorrow on "today," we're going to get a visit and a few tips for lightening up your meals in the new year
8:32 am
first, let's get a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we got starting off with today. we're looking at the wet weather. making its way into the pacific northwest. snow aren't great lakes. wet weather in the northeast in fact, we have warnings and watches in the northeast right now. look at the temperatures these are air temperatures below zero to teens and 20s in the great lakes and plains 70s and 80s through the gulf for today, flood watch out from seattle to portland and arctic chill in the plains. a little icy condition from the good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall taking a look at our temperatures, we'll reach into the upper 50s today, and we're watching out for some showers just to our north that may affect the north bay. elsewhere it's going to be mostly cloudy, some peeks of sunshine, and we'll see more of the same tomorrow. then going into friday, some quick moving showers coming through that could bring us about a quarter inch of rain. for the weekend, we are starting to dry out as our temperatures reach into the upper 50s, and
8:33 am
san francisco, misty and drizzling now, expect more widespread rain friday. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, sir. up next, a first-hand look at new high-tech help for a world where some of us are working from office. others are working from it home. >> hey there good morning don't mind me. just getting used to my robot body i'm going to show you the new technology that is helping us work together even when we're apart. that's next on "today. >> yeah. not creepy at all looking forward to it.
8:34 am
8:35 am
back now 8:35. it is looking different by the day as covid-19 and the omicron variant put a pause on returning to office plans from coast to coast. >> back to the zoom, right new technology is making it possible for workers to collaborate and build camaraderie from any location. >> our seen consumer
8:36 am
investigative correspondent joins us with a first look looking forward to seeing this, vicki. >> yeah. good morning to you all. this is a cool one you know about virtual reality now imagine taking that technology into the workplace to really connect you with your colleagues even when you're continents apart and how about technology that allows you to roam the halls at your workplace from wherever you are? this morning i'm showing you not only is it possible, but it's happening. >> reporter: after nearly two years of working from home and countless remote meetings, including a few blunders >> i'm here live i'm not a cat. >> reporter: which is one reason why multiple fortune 500 companies are turning to virtual reality. >> equipped with this head set and these controllers, employees
8:37 am
from around the world can meet and work together and the idea is they all feel like they're in the same place at one time okay i have my head set on. boom wow, look at this view we're in a really sleek design studio with me now is the director of design intelligence for ia interior architects. okay where are we right now and how does this help the workforce to be in an environment like this >> well, this is a custom version of our new atlanta office it helps by taking what we like best about real world meetings and transforming that into virtual space. so trying to go in a more human way and in a more connected way no matter where you are in the world.
8:38 am
>> i actually feel like i'm here in this space with you in a weird way that i wouldn't on a two-d video call. >> you find yourself forgetting that we're different places. it seems natural very quickly. >> okay, let's take this conversation back into the real world for a sec, okay? well, well, well there you are we're back to reality now. >> this is quite a bit different, isn't it? >> do you think this is the future of how we're going to work >> i think it is the now and the near future of how we're going to work. >> the virtual space allows for more than just meetings. it provides a sense of connection >> i got my drink. cheers >> cheers. >> and check this out. natural features like blades of grass blowing in the breeze and rippling water in the pool you can make presentations on white boards, stick up a post it note, even write messages in mid air. staff interact in ways they can't in real life changing the scale of furniture with a wave of the hand. >> so we can break it up to life size >> wow >> or back down again like that. so a car might be used by automotive company to have a conversation about a new model with the dealers or stake holders. >> guy, what is over there in that giant monitor >> this is a representation of virtual reality in a new project in development that we're working on for a client. >> from virtual reality to
8:39 am
robots check this out from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection, i can log on to this robot and feel like i'm in the office and look, i can even move my little robot body. hey michelle how you doing? >> hey, vicki. >> does it seem like i'm in the office with you? >> kind of we're having a conversation at least. >> this is cool. let me see how close i can get before it gets weird too close? >> just a little >> the personal space rules still apply with the robot >> yeah. you kind of in michelle's personal space right now >> the robot is being used in health care for doctors to talk to patients in education connecting teachers with students and even retail allowing employees to check inventory. from collaborating with colleagues to our in the office to navigating in a virtual one, technology is allowing us to work from home and be in the office at the same time. >> that's so interesting >> this technology is not cheap.
8:40 am
yes. we're looking at $7,000 to $10,000 for that virtual reality technology developers say that when you factor in the office rent, overhead that comes with running a physical location, it can be more affordable. >> so i'm sure the numbers will grow but for now, how many companies are doing this >> yeah. talked to a few fortune 500 companies. they say they're using it. they're using it with attorneys who are stationed worldwide to connect them and help them collaborate. >> so if a company does decide to go vr, how long would it take to set up? any ideas there? >> yeah. this had is interesting, craig they say on average two to three months but it really depends on how complex the office space is. the one you saw we were in two
8:41 am
stories. the outside had views from south africa and ireland a fire pit so space like that with more bells and whistles will take extra time. >> what about legs what if you want legs on your avatar >> if you want legs? >> yeah, legs. you had no legs. no one had legs. >> a full body >> they're still working on. that i forgot. it is a little weird who needs legs when you're floating >> especially when you're doing conference calls >> look what it's worth. i like real life vicki better. >> we miss you, vick >> thank you, vick >> miss you too. >> put a blanket over you. cover it up. >> unplug it from a new work plan to one for working out. we'll guide you through an exercise routine to start the ne there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full-body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy
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we're back with our special series "start today. this morning we're launching our resistance band workout plan every day ten minutes, ten minutes a day, easy way to help you stay on track. >> the plan is now up.
8:44 am
look at it right there the scan the qr code if you want to go there to show us how we can get started, we have a fitness expert with us good morning happy new year >> happy new year. >> ten minutes sounds like the right amount of time for me for a workout. but i know you're going to do three different exercises, three different groups and the first one is arms. >> yes so we're going to get started with the arms and the upper back here i got to tell you guys, my sister just had baby she's 33 and we've got members of the start today community that are in their 70s and they all love this resistance band workout so i love this band with the handles. you have more control. you can do bicep curls here and step back into a reverse lunge and do presses this is $15 from dick's sporting
8:45 am
goods. all you have to do is download the 31-day plan. i'm going to tell you which days and which exercises to get to it >> i like the handles. makes a difference >> steph, what if you want to take this workout up a notch what do you do >> yeah. if you want to step this up a little bit, craig, i love these wrist bands. they're $49. now this is great if you are someone that likes to walk around the house you know, clocking your steps in and you're walking around the house. this is going to help you so that you are getting in an upper body workout, burning more calories, and also strengthening and toning the arms. but not having to hold on to anything similarly if you want to take a walk outside, just strap these puppies on and you're good to go for an even more hard core workout. >> and they're cute, too i like the pink. let's keep it going. let's focus on the core, legs, and the glutes >> yes so this is one of those small looped booty bands this is included in our 31-day workout plan
8:46 am
and what you want to do with this is you want to strap it around on to the upper thighs. i'm going to come down here on to the ground. and show you this one exercise that i recommend for everyone out there with back pain so lying down, coming up into a bridge position. pulling your abs in and then opening the thighs slightly to activate the muscles of the outer hips so glutes and the deepest ab muscles. i want you to do ten of those every day. and i swear your low back pain is going to fell so much better. >> suzanne somers had it right >> yeah! >> so, steph, let's see you take that one up a notch. what do do you >> yes then i want you to do the side steps. in the modified squat, step to the side one of my weight loss clients says she has the best booty in all of chicago just by using this one small looped band again, it's only about $15 this is affordable it's a great way to step it up in the new year. >> you know, a lot of folks,
8:47 am
they don't mind working ow they skip the stretch. but it's important >> yeah. >> what do you have for that >> yes it is important. we've got these bands here so these are bands without handles. what can you do if you're rehabbing or like steph, the other exercises are too intense. sit down on a chair or stand up and simply pull the band to pull the foot back and stretch the muscles in the calves and backs of the legs. it is imperative you do this for 30 seconds a day you can also, you know, use a yoga strap if this seems a little too, you know, you can't control it as well i call this flossing the armpits, guys. we're stretching out the muscles of the chest yoga straps are available on amazon you can get that other band from walmart. and finally, i got to share with you this pilates this is a great buy. or if it you want to do more of
8:48 am
an arm workout oops you should really lie down and do this. here we go >> you make it look so easy, steph. >> before we let you go, we're saying ten minutes a day 31 days. when can you see results from something like that? >> yeah. we have people, savannah, that have been doing our monthly workout plans with us. i had people in the past four months have lost 30 pounds blood work is coming back better than ever just before doing ten minutes a day of these workouts. so it really works our community online with our today show viewers is outstanding. so really get started today. get one or all of these pieces of equipment and have the best 2022 in the world. >> that's inspiring. >> seriously >> stephanie, thank you so much! appreciate it. if you want to print out the 31-day plan, you can scan the qr code or go to
8:49 am
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we're back with steals and deals and even more motivation to help kick start a new you in 2022 jill is us with. she has great bargains if you resolve to work on your fitness routine. >> folks, you know what to do. scan that qr code at the bottom of your screen for instant access to the deals. jill, good morning take it away >> hi, guys. good morning i'm back in the basement this world is so crazy and chaotic. i just want to give you some small investments that can help you make a big difference in your every day routine let's start with the nutrition blender set. retail, $159.99. it features ultra sharp stainless steel blades to take
8:52 am
nutrients from food and transform them i make smoothies into healthy creations. crushes ice easily can use fresh or frozen ingredients for shakes, soups, salsa, dips, salad dressings the two blades, one flip for on the go the deal is $65 that is 59% off. and it stores real easily. this is super cool all right? i put many i tea in this last night. it is still at 86 degrees. the cap has a uv light that tells you the temperature of your bench it is triple wall insulated stainless steel. the brand keeps your drink cold up to 24 hours and hot up to eight hours. it actually tells you the temperature on the top
8:53 am
the uv light in the cap says purify the water and a built in drink reminder if you need a little push to drink more water, we can all use that. it beeps when you're due for a hydration. it works on a charger. ecofriendly you're reducing plastic use. the retail, $99.95 the deal, $39. of that is super cool. and for your ten minute workout that we have on that we just saw with steph, we actually have some bands these have a twist to them they're the wrist weights and tony walkers you get a set of two start with the tony bands. first choice the sleek one pound wrist weights with adjustable clasp. they're removable steel weights allow you to add weight as needed look at these. we're also offering the tony walkers. they're wrist weights with bright led weights for walking when dark out. can you use the blinking mode
8:54 am
for safety and flashlight mode you can just put them on if you're visible in the early morning and walk then. easily rechargeable with included usb cables. $49.95 to $64.99 up to 52% off. that's super cool. all right. next up, something everybody normally to start the year will get some version of. this is like the souped up version. the smart fit gear, smart watch. an activity tracker. 139.95 it is made with heart, blood pressure, music control. and it's easily on your wrist. customize the face of your wrist. personalize your style it comes with three smart comfortable and stylish. available in eight great colors.
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retail, $139.95. the deal is $39. that is 72% off. next up, i think we can relate the park essentials. if you feel good when you put on an outfit, it sets you up for success and motivates you to want to do better. so these are the high-rise legging and royal ripped sports bra. park essentials. designed for comfort with four way stretch. with a high waisted design i love a high waist, smooth, contour and lift 20% spandex. so there's a lot of stretch in there. a wide variety of beautiful colors i wear a size small. retail $74.98. the deal, $18 to $28 up to 76% off. there is really a lot of stretch in that and beautiful colors last up, for those that like to weigh yourself this is the innovative bathroom scale. $79.95 to $89.95 all three scales measure body
8:56 am
weight, body fat and muscle mass its not just for weighing yourself check out for all the features $79.95 to $89.95 the deal is $28, up to 69% off so let's run through the products one more time if you missed anything, the eight piece blender set, the four in one smart water bottle, tony walker, smart fit gear and smart watch and activity tracker, workout wear and the bathroom scale just reminder, today works with affiliate partners and earns a commission on purchases made good morning, it's 8:56. i'm kris sanchez, san francisco educators plan to gather today to talk about how the district is handling the latest covid surge. the group wants to lay out its plan to keep schools open safely and also says the district has
8:57 am
neglected its role in covid testing. this comes as more than 600 san francisco educators were out of school yesterday alone creating a major staffing crisis. many teachers tested positive for the omicron variant, but others are still trying to navigate nationwide flight cancellations trying to return from holiday trips. the open unified district reported 900 students and teachers tested positive, monday alone eagerly awaiting more covid tests from the state. happening at the top of our home page, do you know the status of your child's school? you can head to and click on covid-19 dashboard to find out. plus, law enforcement still trying to find the the person who shot and killed a young recruit for the alameda county sheriff's office. straight ahead in our midday news at 11:00, what investigators are saying about the search for his killer. a booster proposal is on the table in san jose coming up at 11:00. we'll show you where you have to show proof of a booster.
8:58 am
destruction and devastation, january 6th is now a day we will never forget. we look back on the chaotic events at the u.s. capitol. and our local lawmakers who were inside the capitol tell us how they're moving our nation forward to prevent another
8:59 am
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