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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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booster shot eligibility to kids 12 to 15. the reason this approval could be a game changer in making sure your kids stay safe. this is "today in the bay." you know you can watch us on your tv, but did you know you could also watch us live on amazon, fire, apple tv and online. we are wherever you are. good morning. i am kris sanchez. marcus washington is off. >> it's great to have kris here. i am laura garcia. let's start this hour with a look at the forecast and see what we are in store for today with meteorologist, kari hall. good morning. >> good morning. we're waking up to a lot of clouds in spots but also slightly warmer temperatures. so far it's dry but we will be watching the north bay for a chance of showers. as you are heading out in the east bay we are checking out pleasant hill. a lot of clouds throughout the day and we are going to the upper 40s to upper 50s this afternoon. it will be a cool day once again
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and some peeks of sunshine, and still nice to get outside especially in the south bay where our high temperature will reach 60 degrees and i don't think we will see rain there today. but in the north bay, we will have a rain chance and peeks of sunshine. we will talk about where we could get more measurable rain in the forecast. that's coming up. we are following breaking news happening right now in san josé. police are at the scene of a standoff situation at meridian park plaza across the street from a high school. you see that man right there? he has been waving an axe at police and throwing things at them. we have new video from the scene shot just moments ago, where we understand the man has broken windows of a nearby fitness center and is now barricaded inside, and he has moved a refrigerator in front of the
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door to keep police out. the police continue to make commands for that person to drop his weapons. sharon katsuda is heading to the scene and will have a live report as soon as she arrives. developing right now, law enforcement still trying to locate the person that shot and killed a young recruit for the alameda county sheriff's office. >> before he could even get started, bob redell joins us live. what is the sheriff saying? this is so sad. >> reporter: it is. the sheriff's office saying they are heartbroken and disturbed that a young recruit, who was supposed to graduate from the academy here in dublin in february, and he left his classes yesterday at the regional training center and was headed back home to san francisco around 4:30 in the afternoon, when somebody shot him in the macarthur maze
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interchange as he was approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. last night there was a procession that included the man's parents, sister and girlfriend to take his body to the coroner's office. they found him shot and killed in his car, and they don't know what led up to the shooting. the young recruit was not in uniform and his car was not marked. >> it's hard for me to believe that all of these acts of violence happen repeatedly over and over and over again, and today it hit home and it's just awful. awful. >> yesterday's shooting happened near another deadly freeway shooting that happened in november. that one killed ammany morris of antioch.
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this was near the bay bridge toll plaza. her children and fiancé in the car and witnessed the killing. and also, jasper wu, he was hit and killed by a stray bullet on 880 in oakland as people in other cars nearby were shooting at each other. reporting live in dublin, bob redell for today in the bay. >> our twitter page, always a great resource for updates on any story. we will post updates on this story there as well as on our app for nbc bay area. and then one group wants to layout its plan to keep schools open safely, and it said the district neglected its role in covid testing, and this comes as there was a major staffing
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crisis. san francisco unified scrambled to find replacements for many classrooms, and some teachers are trying to navigate after returning from holiday trips. >> many times when schools have this situation they could cover in house, but not with numbers like that. what we did is destroyed central office employees, including myself, out to classrooms. >> 900 students and teachers tested positive on monday. marin health leaders are also suggesting fans be banned from all indoor sporting events and school assemblies are prohibited. and then a major step for
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teachers and students eager to get back in the classrooms. today in the bay's alice barr is in washington. this comes as the president is under pressure to do more to fix the nation's testing system. >> president biden came into office promising to fix this pandemic, and this is one area where he is certainly not getting high marks, so it's not bidding well for his political future right now. at the same time, many states are pleading for help with testing and many hospitals over well whelmed and under staffed. >> the fda already signed off on booster shots for 12 to
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15-year-olds. >> most districts have been playing like a game of jengo. >> right now we have more covid patients in the icu than we ever have since the beginning of the pandemic. >> with hospitalizations surging 41% in two weeks, president biden stressing the unvaccinated are bearing the brunt, urging vaccines, boosters and masks. >> you can still get covid but it's highly unlikely, very unlikely you will become seriously ill. >> the biden administration doubling the order of pfizer's anti-viral pills to treat millions of people while under intense pressure to test people across the country. >> you can't find an at-home rapid tests in this area. >> believe me, it's
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frustrateding to me but we're making improvements. >> the cdc stopping short of requiring retesting at the end of the shortened five-day isolation period, instead urging those without symptoms to keep wearing masks for another five days. president biden falling short of an earlier promise to deliver at-home rapid tests to americans' homes starting now. the white house acknowledging it's still working out the details while continuing to add more in-person testing sites across the country. the surge in cases obviously problem, and how much of a political problem is it becoming for president biden? >> the president really ran on getting the pandemic under control, and now we are facing worst surges we have seen at any point. there are some things he can't
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control, and he's trying to get more people vaccinated and that could turn things around, and that's not under his control, but this is a black mark, the testing crisis, and with mid-term elections coming up later this year, you can bet republicans will be jumping on that. >> thank you, alice. do you want to know the covid stats at your child's school. head to and click on covid-19 dash boards, and it's at the top of our home page. we are learning about another smash and grab robbery at the credit jewelers in san josé. investigators say about ten people forced their way into the store. you see them there. they were smashing jewelry displays with hammers and they stole jewelry and then just took off. >> it's different than what we have seen with retail mall
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thefts, and it's a takeover robbery, and they demanded everybody to get on the ground and forced people who were present, including staff members to do their will, and in doing so they were able to takeover, break the class and take away the stuff they wanted to take. >> so far there's no arrest in that case. our next story now, the flee market in san josé looks ahead towards the closure as the current land owner is helping the city with the up and coming plan. the first installment of a $5 million agreement. the city voted to rezone that area around the flee market back in june. the current agreement allows it to remain open until 2024. today the state is expected to outline a billion-dollar commitment for those struggling in the bay and across the state. the money comes from president
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biden's american rescue plan. it's aimed at helping homeowners that had fallen behind on their mortgages because of pandemic. you can learn how to apply for that funding during a news conference at 10:30 this morning. you know we will cover it for you. it's 5:10 in the morning right now. can you make that out? >> i think it's a bridge. foggy out there. >> yeah, it's a foggy start this morning and we're looking at the golden gate bridge. kari has a look at our forecast for today. >> yeah, we are seeing the fog at the golden gate bridge. we have had such an active weather pattern where the rain is waving up and down the coast. the north bay could see spotty showers for at least this morning. as we go into today as you are heading out for work in oakland this morning, it's cloudy and
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could be misting but overall we will see a dry day with temperatures headed to the mid and upper 50s. we will see rain returning soon. we will talk more about that in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. 5:11 right now. still ahead, a consumer team tells you which math helps protect you to omicron. and then resharing your favorite content. the record number of americans taking part in the so-called great resignation.
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good wednesday morning. the time is now 5:14. as you are stepping out the door, we're watching the north bay for a chance of spotty light showers, but we are dry right now in sonoma. it's 51 degrees. much milder than what we have had recently. we are only headed for the upper 50s here today. we will look at when we will get more measurable rain in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. a few seconds longer than last time we saw the golden gate bridge. oh, man, no cars again. there was a traffic break southbound heading towards the bridge for construction crews clearing. there we go, confirmation, it's an active live shot and
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confirmation other folks are awake as well. let's check in with bertha. >> thanks so much, mike. i am bertha coombs from cnbc. we are watching wall street this morning and set for a slightly lower open. we had a mixed session on stocks yesterday, and dow with a new record high. the s&p and nasdaq were lower, the nasdaq down 1.3%, as we watch bond yields go up, and it's going to move everything up and that makes a lot of investors move out of stocks. this morning we are getting a report from adp on private payrolls. they were up 808,000 for december. walmart aim to hire delivery drivers as it expands in home
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grocery delivery service. walmart expect to reach 30 million homes by the end of the year. workers deliver groceries into customer's homes, placing them in the kitchen or in the garage when people are not in the house. the service amounts of $19.95 a month or $148 if you pay on an annual basis. tiktok testing a repost button similar to a feature on twitter. it's not available for everybody just yet. videos shared with the button won't appear in the shares profile, but just on the friends for you feeds and will push the feeds of users that follow one another. and i was talking to a friend and she said she's not on tiktok
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but might join just to embarrass her daughter. i am not on tiktok either. >> yeah, i am, but i am just like your auntie saying, don't forget to get your vaccine. that's it. >> thank you. this is called the great resignation. new statistics reveal more and more americans continue to quit their jobs. 4.5 million americans left their positions in december alone. >> enforcing mask mandates, and dealing with angry customers that don't like this higher prices, and people in those jobs didn't go into them to be involved in conflict resolution and that's what those jobs had become. >> find out what the great resignation says about the u.s. economy, and that's coming up on "today" after "today in the bay"
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at 7:00 a.m. now, kfc launching a plant-based fried chicken nationwide for a limited time next monday. it tested the product back in 2019 in atlanta. in less than five hours the entire supply sold out. customers will be able to buy the beyond fried chicken in six piece and 12 piece orders with dipping sauce for about $11. the weekend is in view, kari. >> it is. it looks amazing. it has been nice to get a little bit of rain and the sunshine. this weekend it's about the sunshine. now as we take a live look outside in san josé, it's a cloudy start for you this morning. it's also been great to not have such cold temperatures like we had over the weekend. right now we are at 52 degrees, and we will see the temperatures stay in the 50s until 9:00 and make it into the upper 50s.
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expect peeks of sunshine for today. the 7-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen as we take a look at our highs across the bay area and where we are headed for today. orinda, a high of 57. 60 in south san josé. we will see a high of 59 in los gatos this afternoon. looking at our hour-by-hour forecast, we have been watching the north bay for a chance of rain but it doesn't show too much here. you could have a couple sprinkles but for the most part we are looking at dry conditions, and a partly cloudy skies across the bay today, and tomorrow we are looking at dry conditions. on friday we will have a quick-moving around of rain passing by, especially passing through the morning and into early afternoon, and it should be out of here by friday evening. that's going to set the stage for a nice and dry weekend as our temperatures come up a few more degrees. in terms of what that next storm system will bring, a very weak one. we're looking at low rainfall
5:21 am
totals at a quarter inch of rain for some of the north bay spots, and much less for areas to the south. for the sierra, over the next couple of days another coating of light snow and for the weekend it will be clear. by friday with the cold front passing, spotty showers and a little cooler but looking nice for the weekend into early next week. mike, you are still looking at a light morning drive, too. >> it continues, yes. the holiday light through this week, and we are seeing more traffic and signs of slowing like yesterday where some patterns did kick in. we are watching for early slowing in san josé, which typically happens 101 around oakland road, and that's around in another ten minutes. not a problem in the altamont. golden gate bridge cleared just north of the antioch bridge
5:22 am
there's a cow walking around. traffic is very light, kris. back over to you. >> thank you, mike. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> is your mask good enough to protect you from omicron? how do you avoid buying a counterfeit? i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. we'll show you how, next.
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san francisco international airport. flights are still being canceled and more agents are out with covid. so far tsa says more than 2,600 of its agents have active covid infections even though 96% of the staff is vaccinated. according to flight aware across the nation, more than 1,000 flights have been canceled today because of increased covid cases and bad weather, and that includes 59 at sfo and 18 at san josé and 11 in oakland. omicron is running rampant so doctors recommend you upgrade your masking. >> and that can be hard, and consumer investigator, chris chmura, is looking at our choices and how you can avoid a counterfeit mask. >> the california department of public health gives us three main options.
5:26 am
a cloth mask is good as long as its at least three layers, and then a surgical mask is better especially with a cloth mask on top. do not buy a n-95 with a vent because that defeats the purpose. niosh is the national institute of safety and health. up to 60% of kn-95 masks are counterfeit and would not do what you expect them to. how do you steer clear of phoneys? if you are online, figure out who the seller is and make sure it's a business that has been in
5:27 am
business for a while and will not just vanish once they take your money. >> good advice. chris also has a how-to video on cleaning and caring for that n-95 mask. you can find that on coming up, we're crunching some of the covid numbers statewide. plus -- >> i am sharon katsuda live in san josé where police say a man was wielding an axe. he's now in custody. i'll have the latest.
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a police standoff in the south bay just coming to an end. it all unfolded after a man is seen yielding a knife and axe at a shopping center. a live report with more on what police are saying about the investigation. the covid-19 testing scramble continues. sites all-around the bay area are slammed and running out of tests. we will show you the steps you can take to make sure you snag an appointment. >> plus, paving the way. san josé could be the first in the nation to require booster shots. the reason the mayor says this is essential to ensure the well-being of all residents. this is "today in the bay." welcome to wednesday
5:31 am
morning. we broadcast not only to your television traditionally, but you can also watch us on roku, apple tv and online, everywhere. >> we have a busy morning today but we want to get a look at your commute and forecast. we'll start with meteorologist, kari hall. good morning. >> good morning. yes, we are starting out with clouds but so far no rain as we track what's happening now on storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, and you can see the red scan there. we are still in a very busy weather pattern across the region, so there will be a chance we could see showers in the north bay. much of the heavier rain moved well to the north of us and that will kind of dive back to the south as we head toward friday. we will see a lot of changes. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes.
5:32 am
>> sounds good. thank you very much, kari. 5:31 right now. let's get to the breaking news we are following right here in san josé. >> police are on the scene of a standoff situation that happened at meridian park plaza, and it's right across from branam high school. we learned the suspect just was taken into custody. >> sharon katsuda is live at the scene there. what do you know so far? >> reporter: well, kris and laura, you can see what is going on behind me. this man has been put into the ambulance. this is something that held police at bay since 1:00 this morning, so for many hours and there's concern because the high school is nearby, and students will start arriving pretty soon to school, and cvs is in the same shopping center so this place is about to get busy. we have the suspect in the ambulance, and to the left of the ambulance, can you see
5:33 am
there's beast fitness, and that's where he tried to break into and they took him out of there. he was arrested just minutes ago and he was trying to get out of the fitness center, and apparently he blockaded it with a refrigerator, and he tried to escape. we are trying to confirm all this information. this started when -- there's a truck over there. it's now intact. it was a truck over here literally torn apart when we arrived and somebody put it all back together. he apparently was destroying his own truck. somebody called police, and apparently police say he was threatening people with an axe and knife, and he's in police custody so things are calm now. i am sharon katsuda for "today
5:34 am
in the bay." >> that's a much better situation than some of the video we were seeing there. we are getting a look at new covid cases across the state. california's positivity rate is at a all-time high at 20%. just a month ago we were at 3%. look at that, guys. during the delta surge, our peak was at 7%, so even lower then. if you are fully vaccinated doctors say the possibility of you needing to be hospitalized is unlikely. right now nearly 8,000 people in the state are hospitalized with covid. this is where we were last year, last january. more than 22,000 people were hospitalized which is nearly three times as many. what about the death rate? within the last 24 hours, 77 people died from covid. this time last year 671 people died on the same day. in the south bay you might soon need that third shot of covid
5:35 am
vaccine if you want to go to the zap center or any other city-owned property. later today san josé's rules committee will consider a booster shot mandate for all city employ wreuz. employees. the proposal would also require people to show proof of a booster to get in. if that proposal is passed, as expected, san josé will be the first city in the state and maybe even in the country to mandate booster shots. >> we recognize the pronouncement from the cdc and studies that a booster is going to be essential for all of us to be able to get through this pandemic and keep our businesses open and obviously keep people out of the hospital, which is the most important priority. >> the latest data shows almost all 95% of city employees are vaccinated, and 92% of police are also vaccinated, and almost
5:36 am
95% of firefighters as well. 400 employees are currently exempt. the mayor tells us there are fewer than 10 employees who are not exempt and still refuse to be vaccinated, and 10 in the whole city, and they will be terminated if they don't comply. the omicron surge continues to trigger big concerns. the cdc says the numbers are climbing when it comes to children hospitalized due to the virus. an average of 672 infected children were admitted to the hospitals every day last week, and boosters for ages 12 to 15 could lead to a little more relief. i sat down with the doctor with some advice for parents. >> it is true we are seeing an
5:37 am
uptick in pediatric hospitalizations. we are not sure why. certainly some of them are admitted for other reasons. it's respiratory virus season, after all, and kids have a disproportionate number of hospitalizations in this season, and nonetheless this is an increase. some of them are diagnosed with covid, omicron, and others have covid as the reason for come into the hospital. what is true is that most of the people in the hospitals, just like adults are unvaccinated, and of course under five years old they are not eligible for vaccinations, and kids do get sick and it's not in the same proportion as adults, but every child death deserves attention. >> oh, very much so. as parents you become concerned when you hear any kind of sniffle. and the fda is recommending
5:38 am
boosters for kids 12 to 15, and then five to 11, is that the right move? >> yeah, at the end of the day i think we will all be thinking about a three-dose series, at least. look at the other vaccines, measles, mumps, rubella, and vaccines usually come in three and it's not because three is a convenient or magic number, it's because the immune system responds best in the long term with three shots. you give one and two in the beginning and that's the priming. you wait a few months, and when you remind the immune system, it seems to last for years in many vaccines. i am hoping that at least with the hospitalizations and death, getting a three-dose series including a booster will help us in the long run. >> what would you say to the best protocol parents could
5:39 am
have? we are seeing kids return back to school after the holidays and what should parents be doing right now? >> the biggest thing for parents is we don't put all our eggs in one basket for omicron, you have to hit it in several places. the most important thing is the vaccine, the vaccine, the vaccine. we know prevention really helps protect not against infection but serious disease. again, you don't want your kids to go to the hospital. the second mitigation parents can use is masking, and not just a fun cloth mask which i love myself and kids love, but you have to upgrade it for omicron, so something that has multiplys. tighten it.
5:40 am
if it's fogging up glasses, it's probably not good. >> we are hosting a phone bank tomorrow with the santa clara county health department from 5:00 to 7:00 tomorrow night. here's the number to call. we'll be posting this number on our website, as well. in fact, i will tweet it out right now so you have it on hand. >> yeah, such a great resource. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. i have cars, mike. every one of his shots has been empty, and we will check with mike for the traffic situation in just a moment, but we will start out with kari. >> yeah, even though we are still in the upper 40s, just the start of the week we were in the upper 30s in a lot of these spots. 51 in san josé and 51 in
5:41 am
oakland. take a look at where we are headed, upper 50s. even a few spots reach into the low 60s today. some upper 50s for concord, and 60 in antioch and 57 today in napa. we are still watching out for a chance of spotty light showers in the north bay, but elsewhere we are going to see a lot of clouds and more rain by the end of the week. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes, kris. >> we'll check in with you. thanks. if you are feeling lucky, coming up, the amount of cash up for grabs in the powerball drawing. we will have a look at where the investigation in washington, d.c. stands. and then the latest episode of "synced in," our digital correspondent, abby fernandez shows how to file an airline
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good wednesday morning. the time is 5:44. as you are stepping out the door in san josé, we're starting the day with clouds and temperatures in the low 50s. we will see still a cool day but some peeks of sunshine. i think for the south bay the rain will hold off today. we'll talk about where we could see rain and where we will
5:45 am
measure rain at the end of the week, coming up in a few minutes. kris sanchez showed you, we finally got cars in the live shot. jump on 101 in palo alto where there's more volume of traffic building. between the two points on 101, san josé 101 express project is progressing. you are not getting charged yet, but you will see the signs light up. we will have traffic in the rest bay, coming up. the panel for the january 6th riot at the u.s. capitol requested a interview with sean hannity. the text show him offering advice and expressing concern about what would happen if former president trump persisted in challenging the election results. so far hannity has not commented
5:46 am
on that letter. and then the state of extremism, the focus of today's report is extremism here in the united states. >> one realtor is serving time for that insurrection, and kate snow asked her if she had any regrets. >> one of the most infamous cases, general ryan. she's infamous because what she posted on social media all along, not only before and during the events of january 6th but in the months following, even after he was arrested, she was boasting about being there. she told me she does regret walking inside the capitol building but she doesn't regret going to the capitol grounds and being part of what she considered a protest. i asked her about one of the most infamous tweets she posted last march when she said i am
5:47 am
white, i am blond and i am not going to jail. >> you wrote, i have blond hair, white skin, a great job and future, i'm not going to jail. sorry haters. >> sorry haters. >> did you think you were not going to jail because of all those things? >> no, i talked to my attorney who talked to the prosecutor, and i was relieved, and then after that tweet, oh, you are screwed. >> do you think that tweet is linked to why you are going to prison? >> i would say so yeah. >> the judge said she did not show remorse, and now she's sitting in a federal prison in texas. >> again, the exclusive interview continues in part of the week long series "state of extremism," and that continues right after "today in the bay." this morning the search is on for a service dog stolen in
5:48 am
san francisco. it happened on monday just before 5:00 p.m. investigators say summer was at market street and somebody grabbed the dog and took off. she has a microchip. if the niners beat the rams this sunday, they are in, and they can also get in if st. louis loses to the falcons, so we're watching that, too. you can watch the raiders take on the chargers right here on nbc bay area on sunday. kickoff is 5:20. trending this morning, let's be a lady tonight. $610 million up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing, and it's one for the record books. tonight's drawing is the ninth
5:49 am
highest jackpot in powerball history, but you have to be really lucky. 1 in 292 million. the same chances that the kids get all their socks in the hamper. >> yeah, i have a drawer full of the missing ones. if you don't play you can't win. we'll see. it's 5:49 right now. let's check a different type of numbers this morning, checking the temperatures with meteorologist, kari hall. >> good morning. yes, if i am not here in the morning you know why -- you know, we will have to switch up the weather or something and head to hawaii after i hit that jackpot. in sonoma, we're waking up to 50 degrees. we will continue to see a lot of clouds throughout the day. i am watching the north bay because this is where we could see some of the spotty light showers. much of the rest of the bay area will be dry today. take a look at our temperatures and where we are headed for today.
5:50 am
up to 60 degrees in the south bay and in fremont, 59 degrees. 59 in hayward also, and we will see a high of 58 degrees in oakland. much of the bay area getting peeks of sunshine today and fairly dry weather. i think that will continue into tomorrow as well. we're not looking at a lot of rain in the near term, but we will see a system moving to the north of us, and that starts back to the south and that will bring around round of rain heading into friday morning. we could see the next round of scattered showers moving in. this will be passing by fairly quickly, and probably too fast to bring us a significant amount of rain before the weekend. for the most part we are looking at a quarter inch of rain or less as that moves through, and then it clears out for the weekend. as far as what this model is showing, there could be a lot less for spots like palo alto only measuring a few hundredths
5:51 am
of an inch. with all of the rain we have seen some improvements with our largest reservoir seeing a capacity of about 32% of full. we have seen those numbers coming up, some of the smaller ones in the bay area has come up significantly, and it's nice to see all the changes with the slight chance at the end of the week. mike, are you seeing any major problems out there on the road? >> no major problems. tune in tomorrow to see if kari won the lottery or not. the bay bridge, you win the lottery here. great stuff. no metering lights. yesterday we saw heavier volume, and that's traditional for tuesday versus wednesday.
5:52 am
we're not seeing the recovery from before christmas break started. there's slowing for highway 37 and on the incline. the altamont pass with the dip in speeds is consistent. i circled 101 at broadway, we will track that. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, thousands of people are still in the dark without power in the sierra. look at the pg&e outage map here on your screen. those seas of green, yellow and orange extend from lake orville to amador. the hospitals and critical supply lines are back on, but they will have most other power restored by today and some folks will have to wait, though, until early next week. coming up next on "today in the bay," tense moments for one pilot caught on camera in
5:53 am
southern california. what we are learning about an emergency beach landing. at 6:00, also following breaking news in the south bay, a standoff finally coming to an end in san josé. we'll talk about the bizarre moments leading to an arrest. see this man with the axe? we'll talk about it, coming up next.
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." nbc's seth meyers, tested positive for covid. the host of "late night with seth meyers" tweeted about his positive test result but says he feels fine. jimmy fallon also revealed he tested positive before christmas as well. does the elizabeth holmes guilty verdict change the game for female entrepreneurs? the percentage of venture capital funding has been low for female entrepreneurs and many tell us they are worried that the failure of theranos willtie startups with female shows femas are passed over more counterpar. >> venture capital is much
5:57 am
harder to get for startups with female founders or mixed gender teams, and many are concerned it will be seen as a reflection on that entire group. >> elizabeth holmes' sentence something expected to happen within the next two months, and until then she remains free on bail. you can watch a full timeline from the moment she dropped out of stanford to that final verdict. just click on elizabeth holmes trial. it's up in our trending bar. in san francisco it's the mayor versus the district attorney and the issue is how to make the city safer. the mayor's plan to tackle crime and drugs in the tenderloin was cleared last month, aiming to tackle overdose deaths and emergency police patrol in an emergency declaration. the board debated for hours and then in the end pushed it out to
5:58 am
february. >> i spent 25 years working in the tenderloin. i urge you tonight to move forward with the emergency declaration. it should focus on housing the homeless and offering treatment and needed medical services to those addicted. >> and voicing concern, district attorney, chesa boudin has been a critic of the plan as well as the district attorney's office. video shows a plane circling the shore area before landing on seal beach in orange county. two people were onboard that single engine cessna 952. it's unclear what caused the pilot to make that emergency landing. the faa is investigating.
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, shock and grief. an alameda county sheriff deputy's recruit was shot and killed near the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a live report about what they are revealing about the shooting and the search under way for the suspect. a crisis on campus. omicron is spreading and hundreds of teachers calling in sick in san francisco. what is being done to keep your kids safe and those classrooms open. the wait may be coming to an end. in hours the cdc is set to decide if it will expand booster eligibility for children 12 to 15. we'll show you the reason this approval could be a game changer in making sure kids stay safe as they head back to school this week. this is "today in the bay." >> so you know you can watch this on your tv, and you can
6:00 am
watch us live on roku, amazon, fire, apple tv, and you can find us on line, wherever you go. i am kris sanchez. marcus washington has the day off. >> yeah, let's get a look at the forecast right now with meteorologist, kari hall. what are we tuning in for here? >> we are looking good today. for the most part, storm ranger showing a dry start this morning. we will see a very active weather pattern across the region but all of the rain for the most part is to the north of us. we have seen the rain just waving up and down the west coast. the clouds will reach back in and we will have a chance for showers in the north bay, but much of the bay area staying dry. martinez, temperatures in the low 50s right now. we will continue to see the cloudy skies. we are headed for the upper 50s


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