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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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represents fully vaccinated patients. that solid line is unvaccinated. you can see cases in both populations on the rise. >> city leaders are sounding the alarm. one of the key requests to slow the spread is easier said than done. >> no walk ins. not just at this testing site, but other sites around san francisco. today the city sounded the alarm that testing will be key in mitigating the affects of this covid surge. will it be enough? >> we're learning what it means to live with covid. >> average of 829 cases in just seven days. a record spike in cases. with 78 covid hospitalizations. all signs we are deep in another covid surge. mayor breed says she and san francisco department of health are hopeful. >> we have reason to believe this surge of cases while intense will be relatively
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brief. >> we will see large out breaks. and many people we know and love are getting covid. however, it is within our control to limit the damage. >> limit the damage is exactly what the city is hoping to do. by expanding testing sites and extending hours. adding walk in sites and sharing locations on twitter. but what we found when we went to the testing sites was a different story. this site said another which were advertised as walk ups. told us they are appointment onliment -- only. hours of operation and other information may change throughout the day. depending on the site and staffing needs. >> shortages on staffing another consequence of the surge. and something the city admits its struggling with. as cases rise. the mayor said today history will not repeat itself. >> we're not shutting anything down. we're not closing businesses. this is not 2020. >> in the meantime rk the public
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is asked to limit large gatherings. double up on face masks. and get boosted or vaccinated if you haven't done so already. >> president biden spoke today about the ongoing covid surge. fuelled by omicron. he says new web site is coming online soon. where you will be able to order at home tests for free. the president continues to implore all of us to get vaccinated. >> be concerned about omicron. but don't be alarmed. if you are unvaccinated, you have some reason to be alarmed. many of you will you'll experience severe illness. in many case. if you get covid-19. if you are not vaccinated. some will die. needlessly. >> the president is touting pfizer new antiviral pill as well. coming up, the president plan to make them accessible to as many people as possible. >> the push in california to get
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at home test kits to as many students at possible continues. governor newsom tweeted this video of test kits arriving last night. they will immediately be sent to counties to be distributed to school district. >> we have talked about the cases that are spiking. we want to look at something that's really key. this is the hospitalization and the death rate. also ticking upwards. not as quickly as we have seen in previous surges. right now nearly 8,000 people in the state are hospitalized with covid-19. 600 patients were admitted. just within the last 24 hours. for context look at where we were last year. during the winter surge in 2021. 22,000 people hospitalized with covid. that's nearly three times as many as we have now. and the death rate was within the last 24 hours. 77 people sadly died from the disease. this time last year, 671 people died on this very day. >> people across the bay area are doing all they can to get
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tested or score an at home test. to do it themselves. a pop up testing site in pleasant hill. >> i'm suppose ds to be moving to spain saturday. i need the travel test. and i have been trying to look everywhere. i cannot find any place. yesterday we spent seven hours looking online. no luck. >> i'm experiencing symptoms. and don't want to put anybody at risk. somebody at my work tested positive. we're trying to get everybody who is experiencing symptoms tested. so we're not getting anybody sick. >> and this is what it looked like at the mall in fair field. long line of people. hoping to get tested there. >> students go back to school after the winter break the oakland unified school district announced 985 students and staff members tested positive before the fifrs day of school
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yesterday. no one infected got into the classroom. 920 of the patients were students or staff. about 2% of 21,000 students in the district. another 65 were family members or people in the community. the district says all 985 were able to test for covid. because the tests were sent home with students during the break. berkeley another district dealing with dozens of case. before the break the school gave out 24,000 tests. at least 227 people tested positive. the school says they stayed home. district says it's detected just six cases where the person was actually on site at school or at work. over all, the take home tests were successful in keeping the virus out of the school. >> south bay school district is in one of the hardest hit areas is also trying to make it easy for students to get tested.
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san jose school district offering free testing for students all week. and unlike all the other sites we have been showing, there is little to know wait at the schools. >> school doesn't start for another week here. they're using an extra week to make sure children return to school safely. they wish their numbers were higher. >> they are getting their testing done before returning to second and fifth grade. covid testing. >> we saw a lot of people the past few weeks. we want to make sure they're healthy. before they go back to school. >> sharon says the county didn't have appointments until friday. so she took advantage of the offer from her school district. free testing all week from any student or staffer at two different school sites and the district office. >> we go an inch into the nose. opposed to all the way up. it's easier for the kids. who are sometimes traumatized.
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by doing the other test. >> the school district wishes it could offer free testing to all family members. especially with recent delays in booking appointments. and primarily because they are in one of the zip codes hit hard in the county. this was scheduled before christmas. using the same agency that does school site testing regularly. it's limiting. >> students and staff can test all week. as many times as they want. >> monday there's sort of a more reassurance from staff. and families. that students are not infected and everybody is going to be safe. as much as we can. >> the district will give out free home tests provided by the state end ocht week. the line is not out the door today, the hope is families are spreading out their testing dates. to get everyone peace of mind. >> just in, the sheriff office being hit hard by the covid out break. specifically jail guards at the
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jail in san jose. on christmas eve ten guards tested positive for the virus. four days later it was up to 28. today, the number of jail guards with covid has spiked to 80. it is hard to find the testing site. we have been telling you that all day. we're trying to help. go to nbc bay testing. we put together a list of places to get tested. the list is divided by county. you can find the site close to you. >> another long debate under way in san francisco. over mayor's emergency declaration for the tenderloin. last month debated for hours before okaying her plan. which addresses over dose deaths. and covid care. the supervisor who district includes most of the tenderloin, was out of the country during this discussion. raising new questions now. also today the city revealed it leased a building on market
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street. to access city health and human service programs. >> she is guilty but will it make a difference? the verdict was read in the holmes fraud trial yesterday. some were already predicting big changes in silicon valley culture in the wake of the four guilty verdicts will anything change when it comes to tech and investing? >> back outside the federal courthouse. this is a decision that reverk rated across silicon valley. >> it is reverberating today. they were watching closely and saw the guilty verdicts and expect things to slow down a bit. others expect the money to keep on flowing. >> it's the verdict that shook silicon valley. but even years ago, when theranos and holmes were first reeling from bad press, other
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blood testing start ups like babson were getting started. >> we're a company that started back in 2015. largely in response to theranos. >> as big investors start to realize the theranos shares were dwindling. companies like babson were caught in the cross fire. tech watchers say they expect a chilling effect even know in the wake of the holmes verdict. >> i think the companies in the sense that people are going to be much more careful about hyping products. without sufficient evidence to back it up the claim. >> other investors say the tech industry is not likely to change. as long as big money is on the table. even when it comes to stretching the truth. >> investors are making nvment decisions faster than ever. more capitol is bubbling in to venture capitol market now than has before. and more money is raised.
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i'm not seeing any indication of caution. >> as for babson, they made it. not because of high dollar headlines. they have been cautious with their blood testing machines. >> my daughters will be tested with it and have their life depend on it. if you have that as the bar, you can only do it the right way. >> as for holmes herself, she left here last night. and allowed to go home. she has a sentencing hearing in a couple of months. meanwhile on top of all that, he former theranos coexecutive is set to be back here in the courtroom for his trial. starting in early february. >> theranos saga. moves on. thank you. here's our question of the day. how do you think silicon valley will change after elizabeth holmes conviction? we're asking you this on facebook i twitter and instagram. we're share answers coming up
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tonight. >> still ahead. another example o. dangerous streets of oak lan. what happened to the current jeopardy champion getting national attention. >> you probably driving over them just about every day. it's not your imagination. you are hitting more potholes. it's true. we'll show you how the recent rain is causing some pricey problems. >> speaking of that rain, storm ranger showing you showers still across the north bay. the rain slowly moous to the north for now. we'll talk about when it becomes widespread and temperatures that might surprise you.
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a jeopardy champion from the bay area that recently made
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history on the popular show says she was robbed in oakland. over the weekend. she tweeted that she is fine. but someone stole her phone and credit card and id on sunday. last month she became the first transgender contestant to qualify for the jeopardy tournament of champions. she broke the record for most wins by a woman in jeopardy history. as of today she has 24 wins under her belt. and earned nearly $900,000 in winnings. and still going. >> the tsa says more than 2,600 of its workers have an active covid infection. oakland international 46 cases. sfo 67. the deadline for employees to get fully vaccinated was back in november. agency says as of today 96% of the staff is vaccinated. the process has begun to address those who haven't gotten the shot. tsa has roughly 60,000 employees. >> the after math of last week storms drivers are still feeling
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it today. talking about potholes. the rain created a lot of them. we have a look at the problem and what you can do about it. >> potholes are more than just a butch in the road. take a look at this damage caused by a pothole on highway 17. getting it repaired can cost big bucks. you may not see one until you hit it. a bunch of new or widening potholes are making commutes more jarring. drivers are hitting these holes. at highway speeds. >> this is a severe one here. >> the owner of ross tire and automotive repair says she's seen a big spike in customers coming in with tire and alignment damage. >> 50% increase in tire damage and body damage. from potholes in san jose. >> the damage from potholes doesn't end at tires. >> that's $4,000. >> take a look at the lexus that
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hit a pothole. now the owner is looking at $4,000 in repairs. he says certain cars are at higher risk. of damage. >> a lot of the teslas and cars that we have in silicon valley have the low profile tires. it doesn't give much room it goes right to the rim. and cracks the rim. and the tire. >> for others, potholes are just a nuisance. >> the potholes we have to put air constantly in the tire. >> last year the city of san jose repaired 3,300 potholes. if you spot one you can report it. by calling 311. or using the 311 app. the city says it repairs most potholes within 48 hours after a complaint. what can you do if your car is damaged after hitting a pothole? >> if they feel the city is it liable for the damage. they can file a claim. with the city attorney office. >> on california highway, you can file a claim with cal trans.
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more rain on the way your best bet is avoid them. if you can do so safely. slow down as you drive through potholes. >> they really are everywhere. we have had a lot of rain. but unfortunately california is still in the drought. since california water customers are not meeting the voluntary goals to cut water use, the state water board is imposing new emergency rules. the board members voted unanimously yesterday to ban three water wasting practices. that means washing your car without a shut off nozzle. hosing down sidewalks or driveways to clean them. and running sprinklers so long that you get unchecked run off. in to the street. if you violate this, you could face a fine of up to $500. it will be up to your local water agency to actually enforce the rules. we have had several storms this winter. it's still not enough to make up for our two years of drought. >> the ocean looked a little bit
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angry today. check this out. this video from pacific. big waves crashing against the peer and the shoreline. the waves are a combination of storm tide and king tide. people we spoke to were surprised by that. >> i have seen it this big not too often. it comes once a year. it seems like. or maybe a few times more that i have been down here. >> let's bring in our meteorologist. are things calming down? >> that looks like january. it should look like. typical. we had rain around the bay area. earlier san jose the temperatures surprise you it's 60s. by bay area standards when it rains it may feel muggy. 57 right now san jose. liver more at 54. and a lot of moisture in the air. the winds lighten up we'll watch out for patchy fog. right now 58 degrees in walnut creek.
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speaking of the fog. san francisco across golden gate bridge. 55 degrees. wind 8 miles per hour. tomorrow morning the gate way to the showers up here to the north bay. morning temperatures starting off in the mid-40s. bay area wide. cooler out towards the trivalley and north bay. highs tomorrow san hose south ward. low 60s mid-60s by the way could be possible south of downtown san jose tomorrow. north bay running cooler. 58. 57 in san francisco. 58 for dublin and 57 around -- 50s to low 60s and still a chance of showers here north bay. storm ranger picking up on that. northwest towards lake county. we're not seeing much mt. way of snow anymore. obviously temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside. snow levels close to 6,000 feet. this will be the trend tomorrow. notice the areas here. north of san francisco. for the morning. a few showers there. patchy fog around san ho.
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and wednesday and thursday, best shower chances should stay to the north bay. through wednesday night and thursday morning. next chance of rain comes in friday. it's a fast moving storm. rain totals have come down a bit from previous estimates. north bay should do the best. areas picking up a half inch to inch of rain. over the higher hill tops around. the timing right now. friday morning for the north bay. friday afternoon for the south bay. clearing quickly. so the good news for the weekend other than the patchy fog that we're likely to see. saturday looks dry. sunday mostly dry. sunday night you see what's happening. high pressure inland. storms trying to breakthrough the ridge. and splatter apart hitting california. this is moving towards southern california. for now, that weekend forecast is trending dry. stay tuned. sunday night down around santa cruz. might see showers offshore. temperatures as we head through the rest of the week.
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friday will be the best bet for bay area wide rain. and skies clear out. patchy fog through the weekend. a dry start for the forecast next week. some rain at times wrapping up this week. and the. >> weekend looks good. >> coming up. pulling out all the stops in search for a soul mate. what one mom did in new york times square to help her daughter finds love.
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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. fire raced through an abandoned taco bell today. firefighters from richmond were called out around 4:20 this morning. starting near the barn station forcing bart service to stop for an hour.
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this isn't the first fire at this building. the restaurant has been closed for about five years. the fire department is investigating but says it's had problems with squatters in the past. >> the surge isn't stopping the san francisco symphony from performing live. but safety protocol for audiences. starting february 1 it will require you have proof of covid-19 booster received at least a week prior to going to a performance. if you go, you are required to wear a face mask. and for now, no drinks allowed inside the performance hall. >> looking for love in the center of times square. a new billboard is turning heads. >> this is crazy. look at this. the caption over molly's photograph says date hi daughter. a message from beth. her mom. it says i'm molly and her mom. it's fine with her. she's looking for a marriage like the one her parents. she's battling breast cancer and
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wants to see the dream come true while she's here to see her daughter find love. >> with my health situation, it's just sort of like the last piece. she's such a lovely girl. i would love to know there's a wornful man for her. >> she's beautiful. she's wonderful. the dating app paid for the billboard. that's so cute. >> hopefully it works. >> still ahead. a progress report on the largest space telescope ever. to reach space.
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ten days after the christmas day launch of nasa new web telescope. successfully completed one of the trickiest maneuvers. >> shields up is the text. in today's tweet. video of the sun shield. the size of a -- tennis court. it will protect the telescope from the punishing rays of the sun. the web is a successor to the hub el. it will be in a orbit around the sun. studying the oldest part of the universe. engineering done at nasa in mountain view. a lot of people are feeling very proud today. >> it's huge. >> out of this world. >> what's coming up next? >> we have a lot going on.
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frustrated by the pace of vaccination in the united states. president biden making a new plea. to all of america during the covid surge. >> you can still get covid. it's highly unlikely that you become seriously ill. president biden continuing his push to get people to wear masks and get fully vaccinated. the president says unvaccinated people are needlessly filling


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