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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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be the chance of them being born in different years is 1 in 2 million. >> they got one right. right now at 6:00, we are tracking showers. parts of the bay area may be getting soggy and maybe a little frizzy this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking how long that rain will last. containing the surge. a live report on the new guidance coming from the white house. it's worth it. it's good for your sanity. >> we are talking covid in the classroom. all new steps some bay area schools are taking to make sure they avoid a covid outbreak, and an update on the testing kit delivery delays, and not just here in the bay area but all across the state. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. we are off to a nice tuesday
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start. i am kris sanchez in for marcus. >> i am laura garcia. let's start out this hour with a look at the forecast. here's a live look at emeryville this morning. rain is coming down in parts of the bay area. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking it all for us. >> yeah, it's another soggy morning commute for parts of the east bay, north bay and san francisco. we also have seen the rain kind of slacking off in the tri-valley and the south bay where we have not seen much of the rain. right now it's down the peninsula, and this moisture will continue to roll on through with very light showers for the most part, and still bringing in beneficial rainfall. we're going to continue to see this going on as we go into today. for concord, temperatures are warmer than over the weekend so we are making progress there. we will stay in the 50s throughout today. we will see rain in the next few hours, and we should see peeks of sunshine later today. i will follow this. we will talk about what else is ahead as more rain comes in,
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coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. today president biden meets with his covid response team as the omicron variant is seeking havoc across the country. we do have live team coverage. we will start with today in the bay's alice barr in washington, and so many kids are waiting to hear when they can get a booster shot. >> good morning, kris and laura. we could hear details on that from president biden. he's set to address the nation after he meets with his covid advisers later today. he will get an update on the federal response, the workers and resources he authorized to be sent out to hospitals around the country to shore up staffing as they are being overwhelmed by
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cases of omicron. just yesterday that u.s. surpassed 56 million cases of covid, and that comes just one day after surpassing the 55 million mark. you can see just how rapidly the number of cases is shooting up across the country. that, of course, is pushing up the number of hospitalizations. we are getting more and more mounting evidence that omicron infections do appear to be less severe, and because of that medical experts are beginning to have hope that there could be a silver lining coming. >> there are future variants that will impact us less because we have so much immunity in our population. >> we're also seeing record numbers of children hospitalized with covid, but it's unclear if it's severe cases in kids or if that's a product of overall infections, and some cases have
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involved children being treated for another condition and while they are in they end up testing positive for the virus. there's more help coming on the way for protection, for vaccines in schools as the fda authorized pfizer booster shots for kids 12 to 15, five months after their second dose, and they are authorizing third doses for five to 11-year-olds for those immunocompromised. by the end of the week kids could start to get the booster shots. the cdc is also expected to possibly update its guidance. they have gotten a lot of criticism for shortening the isolation period once somebody tests positive from ten days down to five, and there could be more clarification about whether
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or not you should test again at the end of the five-day period. >> both of my kids are in the 12 to 15 age group, so i got a lot of calls from other parents saying when can we book the booster shots, and thank you for clarifying we have to wait for the cdc to sign off, and here in california we have to wait for the california department of public health, and our local counties say when it happens they will be ready right away. thank you, alice. and there are new guidelines emerging for schools on how to handle quarantine for students and staff who test positive for covid or are exposed to somebody with covid. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: that's right, laura. it's hard to keep up. marin schools announced it will shorten the guidelines for quarantining to match the cdc guidelines. it will drop the number of
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quarantine days from ten to five days for everybody that test positive for covid or is exposed to somebody who test positive. after five days, the person in quarantine will need to take another test and if that is positive that person will have to quarantine for five more days. and they are trying to make it easy for students to get tested but it's not mandatory. employees were handing out at-home tests and there was free pcr testing on site here. and in orinda, it was a similar scene there and as walnut creek. >> we just pulled up and said said, how many do you need? we have four kids so they gave us four and it was really easy. >> some districts sent students home with test kits before the holiday break. school administrators say it
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will be a few days before we know the testing impacts and how many positive tests we are seeing. governor newsom did promise 6 million tests as of late december, and only half of those at-home test kits have been delivered, about 1 million expected to be delivered today or tomorrow to those school districts. reporting live in marin county, i am sharon katsuda for "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. and then opening up three new testing sites for students returning today in contra costa, and staff members will be eligible, too. they are offering weekly testing for families that feel like they need it. the schools there handed out 15,000 testing kits from the county, and there's a surplus so the extra kits are being districted through those school sites. a man and woman were shot
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about 6:00 last night on 1st and rosemary. they are expected to be okay. it's unclear what led up to the shooting. so far no arrests have been made in this case. amid days of snowfall in northern california, tens of thousands of people are still in the dark in el dorado county. what you are looking at is georgetown east of auburn. the power went on sunday and they are working to restore it, but a lot of folks have been relying on propane tanks, and the problem is people are running out of that, too. >> if i ran it all day yesterday i would have no propane today. >> they will not have power restored until as late as next week. a pg&e spokesperson said downed lines and trees and roads are slowing down efforts to get those repaired. looking out live this
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morning, kari has a look at the forecast because some of the wet weather has been affecting other parts of the bay. >> yeah, and some spots we have seen the rain off and on throughout the past 24 hours, and we have seen pretty decent rainfall totals for the northbound has well as san francisco where you are seeing some of the wet roads as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. we are also seeing rain on the peninsula as well as the east bay, just kind of skipping around the south bay right now as we are in the rain shadow, but still looking at a chance of the rain moving through, and we will see temperatures feeling milder, staying in the 50s for today. mike, have you seen changes with the bart trains? what is going on now? >> they are running once again. the last part of the richmond line, el cerrito el norte has been restored, and there will be
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residual delay and that's okay. they will slow the trains down because of these conditions. the bad news is it's slick, and the good news is metering lights are on, and traffic is light, just starting to tap the brakes. slowing for highway 37, and that's more than we saw yesterday. a little blip out of the altamont pass. slowing already cleared from the first burst. overnight, 5g network put on hold. still ahead on "today in the bay," the late night decision from verizon and at&t and the impact it will have on you. millions of americans unemployed and millions of jobs open, and those two don't seem to meet. it's a record open today and it's all upstairs from there. and an r&b singer -- ♪
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♪ >> all right, that is an r&b singer, and the hilarious response from him saying he's not a variant.
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tuesday morning, it's back to
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work and school for a lot of people today, and you want to make sure you have the umbrella handy especially in the north bay. temperatures will reach in the upper 50s. we'll talk more about the rain in the forecast coming up in a couple minutes. we will bring that umbrella or make sure you are aware like this. it's a typical tuesday. i will show you where we are watching and give you an update on the bart lines as well. good morning. very happy tuesday. we are going to get new data on job openings in about two hours. this data shows us how many jobs have gone unfilled. it's probably around 12 million. 12 million jobs bosses are offering that nobody is taking them up on. about 7 million americans say they are unemployed, so that's a little less than two jobs for every person that doesn't have one, and the number is much
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bigger than that, because the way we count unemployed people, we only count people that want a job that don't have one. there are millions more that are unemployed that don't want a job. it seems to happen all the time, but wall street will open at new all-time highs. we talked yesterday about the records the stock market set in 2021, and this year off to a strong start. i added apple to the bottom of your chart. their market cap briefly touched $3 trillion, which is amazing. related news, most blackberries -- you remember those -- won't work as of today. the canadian phone company made one of the first phones that gave people mobile access to their e-mail with a keyboard where some people could go really fast on. the parent company stopped supporting the phones as of today. there are a few types of
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blackberries that will still work and i won't list the model numbers, and basically if your blackberry works this morning you have one of those models, but it's time for a new phone anyway. and then now we know the iphone keyboard is a miracle, often times figuring out what you meant to say even if you didn't hit all the right keys. i interviewed one of the engineers that came up with the iphone keyboard for our podcast "sand hill road." if you try and type a certain naughty word, the iphone will change that word to something else, and what it was like to work with steve jobs. >> yeah, the adrenaline starts flowing and you are nervous, and you know, i know because i had the experience before of how
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intimidating steve could be when i showed him something and he didn't like it. >> you can find that where you get your podcasts. this is an older episode, ladies, so i put it up on twitter and facebook so it's easier to find. if you want to go through the old library, too, i am okay with that as well. >> love doing that on a rainy day. >> yeah. verizon and at&t agreed to delay this week's start of 5g service over concerns of service on airlines. this is after concerns that 5g signals could interfere with the instruments. chipotle is introducing a
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plant-based chorizo. it's featured in three new lifestyle bowls, which are available on the chain's app and the website. chipotle will waive the delivery fee through january 9th. if my grandma was still here, she would say, no. no. >> not even a try, huh? >> no. since the omicron variant of covid-19 surfaced a lot of social media people have referred to it as the omarion variant. >> hello, this is omarion, i am an artist not a variant. if you run into me on the street you don't have to isolate for five days. >> he followed that with another tiktok saying you don't need a negative test to dance to my
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music. those went viral amassing more views. >> cute. >> nobody wants to be named that. >> no, not today. or ever. kari, we see green on your radar there, still? >> yeah, we're still dancing in the rain as we look at stormranger for parts of the bay area waking up to soggy conditions. as we take a look at what stormranger is picking up on right now, that's the red scan you are seeing there, the rain across the peninsula into the east bay. it has been hanging out there for a while, and we have seen rainfall for the past 24 hours, and most of us have had half an inch of rain or less, and it's up to four inches there at mount tam. we are still seeing some of the soggy conditions around oakland and concord as well as heading
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down towards the hayward area. we are also seeing some of the showers over san francisco, up and down the peninsula, whether you take 101 or 280 as you get closer to san francisco it's going to be a soggy commute this morning. all of this coming with a weak storm system. it will continue to bring us rain over the next couple of hours, but i think we will fake a break and then another storm system on friday. it has been good to get the rain but not any problems out of it. we are still looking at a break in the activity for this afternoon. go into tomorrow morning, spotty light showers and then we will see more rain on friday. in all we are looking at about half an inch of rain or a quarter inch of rain or less from san francisco to the east bay southward now through saturday morning when we get the next round of rain. we have been saying how cold it is in the bay area, but take a
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look at the country. we heard the story about the snowstorm in d.c. as well as some of the active weather they have seen elsewhere. we have some of the warmer temperatures, and it's great the see the big sierra snowpack. we are at 147% of normal across the whole sierra. we do have additional white snow coming our way, maybe up to a foot around kingvale, and some light snow over the next couple of days. we will get spotty light rain over the next couple of days, a quarter inch of rain or less and then a clear weekend coming our way as well. mike, you have been watching the roads and train lines. is everything on track now? >> yeah, bart is back on track and recovering from delays on the richmond line. as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the track side fire has been recovering through richmond, and now the track
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seeing ten-minute delays and slowing the speeds for safety. no major backup, but the metering lights are on. speeds are shown below the speed limits, and everything is moving smoothly. there's a crash around skyline and here's 92 across the bay. it's slick and slippery in many spots. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we are counting down the days until the winter olympics. we are going to introduce you to an ice skater hoping to make it big and the legend giving her support.
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hard to belief it, but the winter olympics almost here, they start in less than a month. >> they are running through sunday and the top finishers will compete. >> chen said she knew if fremont was good for medalists, kristi yamaguchi, it would be good enough for her. >> karen chen, figure skating, fremont, california.
6:26 am
>> in the ice skating world, anybody with a particular impact on you? >> if i had to narrow it down, i would say kristi yamaguchi. she would sometimes show up at the rink. she's my mentor and an incredible human being. >> i have something here i would like you to tell us about. >> this is my book i published three or four years ago. i didn't know if i was going to make the olympic team. i told myself, karen, it's going to look so stupid if you write a book and don't make the olympic team, that's embarrassing. i remember thinking that and telling myself that, and i then decided this is an incredible opportunity no matter what happens. i should really just go for it. >> chen, a magical skater in so many ways. her presence and attention to detail. >> who wrote the forward for this book? >> kristi yamaguchi.
6:27 am
i saw her as a role model and would get nervous and sweaty when i would see her, and i knew she would be willing to write it, and if i asked she would do anything to help me. >> the winter olympics begin here on february 3rd. there are so many great stories there. you can start listening right now wherever you get your podcast. coming up next, the top stories we are following for you, including the light showers in parts of the bay area. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking to see if you will see the wet weather, plus -- long lines as demand for covid tests surges, and the delays in getting lab results in time. from testing to vaccine deadlines, they are rooming. the reason catching your next flight could become more of a headache. it's 6:27. you're watching "today in the
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right now, they are the least available -- >> right now at 6:30, the crushing demand for covid tests. a live report on the new guidance about when you and your family should be taking one. plus, what's next for elizabeth holmes now that a jury has found her guilty on 4 of 11 charges. our legal analyst weighs in.
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this is "today in the bay." we're broadcasting on your television as is traditional, and we are also streaming on our app so you can take us on the go. >> yeah, did that on the weekend, right from bed. >> i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez. marcus washington is off this week, enjoying a little r & r. stormranger not taking the day off, and it's activated and scanning at san bruno mountain. only parts of the bay area is seeing showers, and kari, you said some are seeing rain and the rest of us are going, what rain? >> yeah, that has been the case with this storm system moving through, especially with the rain shadow in san josé, and that leaves santa cruz mountains getting in a lot of rain, and san josé has not seen anything
6:32 am
and that's the case also for the tri-valley. we are seeing the rain clearing the north bay after early morning showers. we have a steady rain around concord, and vallejo as well as oakland. we also have a light rain over san francisco and the south city as well as san mateo. we are seeing some of the showers continuing near the coastline as well, as we get in on this rain that has been bringing beneficial rainfall totals. we will continue to see this for the next couple of hours, and then a break later today. there's more rain behind that, and we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> you can download our nbc bay area app. it's free. you can customize it to your exact neighborhood. just into our news room, sanford university reporting a new covid outbreak among students. as of yesterday 146 students are in quarantine. this comes after 136 students
6:33 am
tested positive last week. most of the students tested positive through rapid tests after they returned to campus. the school expect the numbers to grow as more students return from break. >> or as covid cases surge, so does the demand for covid tests around the bay area. bob redell is live at a testing site in san ramon. >> reporter: uc berkeley infectious disease expert tells us labs are struggling to keep up with the increased demand we are seeing, which means some tests are taking too long to come back in time to be worthwhile. this complicates the return to work and the return to school and after the holidays and the ability to safely get together with family and friends. can you see what i am talking about. this is video from foster city of a line of people waiting in the rain to be tested. in pleasant hill, another long
6:34 am
line of cars in a drive-through test site. rapid tests may be your best bet, and they are more expensive and less reliable than the pcr test, and that infectious disease expert says even though rapid tests might miss a positive result, it could mean you don't have enough virus to be infectious. nationwide the number of children hospitalized with covid-19 is soaring. according to an nbc news analysis, nine states on the east coast and midwest have reported a record number of pediatric hospitalizations. some of those kids were positive after they were hospitalized with other issues, and many are hospitalized specifically with covid complications from covid-19. >> children are not supposed to die of medical conditions. covid, in a very short period of
6:35 am
time has become one of the leading medical causes of death for children in this country. so i think it's about time that we stopped downplaying the significance of covid for children and accepted the fact that this is a virus that is not benign for all children. >> reporter: yesterday the fda cleared the pfizer covid-19 booster dose for children age 12 to 15, and they changed the timing from six months to five months after that initial series of shots. live from san ramon, bob redell for "today in the bay." today is the deadline for all federal workers, including tsa agents, to provide proof of vaccination. it comes as there's a holiday hangover of travelers still trying to make it home. 2,000 flights have already been canceled, and that's including
6:36 am
36 sfo flights today and over a handful in san josé and oakland. some of the problems have to do with winter weather. airports are still trying to catch up. elizabeth holmes is expected to be sentenced sometime in the next two months. >> jurors convicted her, and this was what was decided. holmes was found guilty on four charges including conspiracy against theranos investors. two for wire fraud. >> there were four charges that included fraud against patients were not guilty, and the jury was deadlocked on three other charges. we want to start with what do the guilty and not guilty deadlock charges say about this case? >> i think it shows that the jury weighed the evidence pretty
6:37 am
significantly and they decided to find her guilty on certain counts and not guilty on other counts. some people call it a mixed verdict or compromised verdict. >> were you surprised by the counts that actually deadlocked them? >> not necessarily, because i think there was more evidence towards the once they did find her guilty on. for instance, you had the investor that checked out the technology and went to the lab and reviewed materials that were provided by elizabeth holmes, and on another count they didn't necessarily go through those steps. i think that, you know, i am guessing what the jury did, and we don't know until we talk to them, so we will see. >> each of those four guilty verdicts, michelle, carries a 20-year sentence, and that's the maximum. are those sentences going to run concurrently or run separate? >> great questions. well, i can tell you this, on one count, just one count of
6:38 am
wire fraud in 2020, the average sentence was 21 months. in this case in particular, because of the amount of money that was defrauded from investors, which was around $144 million, that increases the exposure for ms. holmes significantly. it's up to the judge to decide how much time she will get, and there will be a presentence report and a presentence hearing, and i am sure both sides will be arguing for -- i should say the prosecution for more time and the defense for less time. >> what does this verdict mean, do you think, for sunny balwani, her exboy friend. he will be facing his own trial? >> yeah, he will face the same judge and the same evidence and
6:39 am
same prosecutor. i am sure they are talking about a possible settlement right now, and the difference between his case and her case, he has a lot more ties to the lab, over seeing the lab and the technology. we don't have the audio tapes of his words, where we had with elizabeth holmes and the representation she made to the investors. >> no doubt the defense looking at that case very closely. thank you. a lot to digest there, especially for those parties involved. our coverage continues at and our nbc bay area app. that includes a look back at the entire trial and the complete detailed breakdown of the jury's verdict on each of those 11 charges. developing right now in virginia, a long and dangerous night for drivers along interstate 95, and that's near fredericksburg, virginia. take a look at this on your screen. that back up winding around for miles and people trapped in
6:40 am
their cars after several trucks crashed in a blinding snowstorm. teams have been trying to rescue drivers because some have been stuck in there for 15 hours and running out of gas and so they have no heat. more than a foot of snow has fallen since yesterday. >> nothing like that in our neck of the woods right now. we are getting rain in parts of the bay area. that's exciting. is it substantial, kari? >> it has been pretty decent for parts of the north bay and also parts of the east bay, but the rest of the bay area not seeing a lot. as we look at stormranger right now, and as you are heading out, it's a wet morning drive. we have seen half an inch of rain in some of the spots, and then a break this afternoon and into the evening, and then tomorrow morning around round of rain coming in. mike, you are seeing a little more traffic than yesterday,
6:41 am
right? >> yeah, just enough for them to turn the metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. as we take a live look out there, we see not a big backup. sometimes we are not seeing any backup, and there's break tapping as you approach the toll plaza. north of here to the east of here, and actually to the west, look at your maps. we have slowing in the usual spots, so the pattern is coming back. yesterday we had no backup. today we have backup where you smoothing out to the rest of the so there was rain as the crash happened and they reported it was because of the conditions. watch that as you are heading to or from half moon bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, good news for struggling california college students. the decision that could wipe out their pass and present loans. basketball's best team poised to get even better. new details on klay thompson's
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long awaited return to the warriors. in washington, democrats asked republicans, just let us get a vote to the floor. we are moving on to new records on wall street. you're watching "today in the bay." everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now, to see your new lower price. enrollment ends january 31st. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call
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the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body. that's why it's so important for us to have health insurance. and now we can afford it. we've got a plan that covers the kids' checkups and my regular screenings. enrollment ends january 31st at good tuesday morning. right now at 6:44, it's back to
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work and school. as you are heading out this morning, grab the umbrella. we are looking at scattered showers in oakland. temperatures at 50 degrees. we will head toward the upper 50s today, a little warmer, but still a chance of light rain. i will watch that for you and talk about what is ahead going into the rest of the week in a couple minutes. slick roads for many parts of the bay. here in palo alto, the taillights look like they are clustering around marsh. watch the san mateo hills getting into some rain, and also the east bay around the maze, we will track that and the build, coming up. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. it's 6:45 right now. action in the senate as democrats push to change the rules. >> yeah, good morning. to remind you, democrats can win any vote, any vote in the senate if everyone in their party is
6:46 am
onboard. 50 votes plus the tie breaker from the vice president. democrats can pass new voter rights bills. what they can't do is get the vote to the floor because of the filibuster. you need 60 yes votes to get a bill to the floor for another vote. senate majority leader, chuck schumer, sent a letter to senators that said, listen, let us get the vote to the floor and give us the 60 yes votes so we can vote on a bill. if you don't we will change the rules and take the vote to the floor any way. he doesn't use the word filibuster specifically, but everybody got the hint. we must adapt. democrats want to pass the freedom to vote act and the john lewis act, and a growing tphuplg of democrats are thinking taking this huge step of changing the filibuster rules is the only way they will pass either one. the republican party was quick
6:47 am
to find this clip of schumer saying how dangerous it would be to change filibuster rules back in 2005. >> they want to make this country into a banana republic, where if you don't get your way you change the rules. are we going to let them? no! >> president biden met with ranchers and farmers virtually to talk about high food prices yesterday, particularly meat. the white house is working on a number of solutions and also pointing to the concentration of meat packers at the time. just a few companies control a great deal of the meat packing business. it's noteworthy, attorney general, merrick garland was at that meeting. the justice department has the power to break up monopolies and sue for antitrust, and his presence was a statement and an intentional one at that. he will make a speech tomorrow one day before the first anniversary of the attack on the
6:48 am
capitol. not an announcement, necessarily, but a speech of some sort. we are trying to figure out what that will be. meanwhile president biden will be talking about the coronavirus today. we will be watching about that. talking about it on twitter, you can find me there @scottmcgrew. new this morning, good news for students who attend the san joaquin delta college in stockton. that school is going to eliminate more than $3.6 million in student debt by using funds from federal covid relief money they got back in december. there is no date for when the debts will be cleared from students' accounts, but students don't have to take any action at all. warriors fans, get ready. klay thompson may be playing again. he has been shooting around with the team, running from a torn
6:49 am
achilles. on the court the warriors came up big again last night against miami. jordan poole had the dunk to put the warriors up by two. he scored a high of 32. legendary actress betty white is still giving back. >> now pink's announced it will donate all sales from betty white's naked dog. in case you were wondering, is justify the beef in the bun. the fundraiser will be on sunday at the original pink's hot dogs. they put up a giant banner reading, betty white, we will love you forever. isn't that the truth. i was surprised betty white did
6:50 am
not like toppings, though. kept it simple and classy. >> always classy. she's checking the forecast, of course, for rain in northern parts of the bay area. >> yeah, it has been nice to see the rain and it makes that commute and your way back to school or work this morning very sloppy. take a look at the live view at the golden gate bridge. we have low visibility and the roads are wet and the cars in front of you will be kicking up water. this is just for the past 24 hours, we have gotten over four inches of rain at mount tam, scott creek and the santa cruz mountains getting over two inches of rain. napa, three quarters of an inch. it has been less than half an inch for san francisco. parts of the east bay, we barely measured anything in san josé and the south counties. as we are waking up and heading out, wet weather lingering. we are tracking stormranger, that's our mobile doppler radar,
6:51 am
and we see scattered showers in the same spots, and the north bay seeing some of the showers tapering off. you could see it coming back by late morning into the early afternoon, and the evening commute is also looking dry but there will be showers coming back early tomorrow morning, and then as we go into the next couple of days, just in and out of the rain. in all, we're not looking at anything significant here, just beneficial rainfall soaking in and not causing any major problems. we are looking at an additional three quarters of an inch of rain further to the north. we have seen all of the rain we recently have seen put a dent in the red. exceptional drought there, and here in the bay area we have exceptional drought and we could see this improving especially if we keep the same weather pattern. as we look at the outlook for the rest of the month, the climate prediction center is
6:52 am
saying it's possible for northern california up around eureka, they could take it out of the drought status. that's great news. let's keep the rain going, especially since we have not seen any major problems this week. we are still looking at scattered showers. we are going to see that continue through friday with the new storm system coming in. that will also move out for the weekend so we could enjoy the weekend and get sunshine in as well. mike, you are tracking a crash on 92. has that cleared? >> it did clear but we are looking at the traffic flow as folks are driving around the hills in san mateo. the crash was likely caused by the weather conditions. that's what the driver said. and more traffic than yesterday. the backup at the bay bridge is building. oakland has soupy conditions throughout that portion of the
6:53 am
bay as well as the maze. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:52. happening now, san mateo county getting ready to reopen the booster clinic, and this time it's for everybody over 12, this after the fda granted pfizer the emergency use booster authorization in children 12 to 15. the clinical will open tuesday through saturdays in redwood city. it opens today at noon. and next, new testing options for east bay students heading back to school, plus -- >> i am sharon katsuda live in marin county where school guidelines are changing for quarantining for covid. i will have that story, coming up. first, take a look at the wild chase i came across yesterday on my way home from work. bus stop smashed into by that yellow car. we have the full story on our
6:54 am
podcast "synced in." you can find that on our app.
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6:56 on your tuesday morning. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at the top stories we are covering. >> president biden meeting with advisers today on the federal response to the omicron variant, as the u.s. surpassed 56 million covid cases one day after
6:57 am
hitting the 55 million mark. the shear number of cases is increasing and hospitalizations are, too. medical experts are hoping for a silver lining. >> guidelines are changing for a lot of schools on how to handle quarantines for students and staff who test positive for covid or who are exposed to somebody with covid. today in the bay's sharon katsuda joins us with new guidelines. >> marin schools will shorten the quarantining for covid when it comes to that and trying to match cdc guidelines right now. it will drop the number of quarantine days from ten to five days for anybody that test positive for covid or who is exposed to somebody that test positive. after five days the person in quarantine will need to take another test, and if that's positive that person will have to quarantine for five more days. meanwhile, bay area school districts are having to get in
6:58 am
line to get tested but it's not mandatory. employees were handing out at-home tests and there were free pcr testing on site. in the east bay, the orinda school district invited families to pick up a test at school sites, and there was a similar scene in walnut creek, and some schools sent students home with kits before the holiday break. it will be a few days before we know how many positive tests they are seeing. last month governor newsom said he would send out 6 million at-home tests statewide, and only half have been delivered so far, and about 1 million tests should be arriving and be delivered today or tomorrow sometime. breaking news, the cdc is now recommending the pfizer booster at five months instead of six. that means that people can now get that pfizer booster shot
6:59 am
five months after completing their first two covid shots. the booster recommendation for people who received the johnson & johnson vaccine or the moderna vaccine has not changed. the cdc is also, this morning, recommending that immunocompromised children 5 to 11 will receive an additional primary dose of the vaccine 28 days after their second shot, not their lower dose that was their first and second. let's get a look outside this morning with rain in parts of the bay area. i want to check in with meteorologist, kari hall, who is tracking it for us. >> yeah, that's a nice clear shot we have in san josé. we have seen the rain further to the north, especially for san francisco and parts of the north bay. off and on light rain but a break this afternoon. a chance of showers tomorrow and then for friday we will see more rain moving in. mike? looking at the bay bridge toll plaza showing backup forming earlier than usual, but
7:00 am
heavier than yesterday. >> thank you very much, and thank you for joining us as well. our next local news update in half an hour. ♪ good morning, winter wallop, parts of the east coast paralyzed by up to a foot of snow overnight, a 50-mile stretch of i-95 near the nation's capitol in d.c. brought to a standstill, stranding drivers for 12 hours and counting. water.on't have any food or i have gas but how long does that last. >> hundreds of thousands without power. temperatures now plunging across much of the nation, and al says more storms could be on the way. the very latest in his full forecast straight ahead. record shattering surge,


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