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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 4, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PST

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♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- sterling k. brown, justin hartley and chrissy metz, star of "american utopia," musician david byrne, an all-new "closer look," featuring t 8g band with gustavo di dalva. ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, and this is "late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. now we're gonna get to the news. happy new year, everybody. [ cheers and applause saturday was new year's day.
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as to what year, it's anyone's guess. [ light laughter ] eric adams was sworn in as the mayor of new york city shortly after midnight on new year's eve in times square. it was a nice gesture to let mayor de blasio drop the ball one last time. [ laughter ] that's right eric adams was sworn in on saturday as new york city's 110th mayor. wow, just think. one day, he, too, might never be president. [ laughter ] president biden spoke yesterday with ukrainian president zelensky and said that the u.s and its allies will "respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine," which is sort of like your parents threatening to ground you if they find any more crack in your sock drawer [ laughter ] president biden announced recently that the government would provide americans with 500 million free rapid coronavirus tests. and to save time, they come pre-positive [ laughter ]
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that way you don't have to wait the 15 minutes [ laughter ] according to the latest numbers, the u.s. is averaging more than 386,000 new cases of the coronavirus each day wow, that's crazy. 386,000 people managed to get tested [ laughter ] the cdc announced recently that it has shortened the recommended time that people quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus from 10 days to 5 days they added that today is basically over, so it's really four days. plus, sundays don't count, so three day -- you know what? just take the weekend. just take the weekend, you'll be fine tesla has issued a recall for nearly 500,000 cars due to two separate defects no word on whether "time" magazine is also planning to issue a recall [ laughter ] just 12 days after it was released, "spider-man: no way home" has made over $1 billion and three -- three new variants.
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[ laughter ] papa john's recently added a new york-style pizza to its menu that features eight large slices that customers can fold to eat but, hey, unless you can drunkenly pay for it with a ziplock bag full of nickels and then fall asleep eating it on the subway, it's not new york-style [ laughter ] and finally, authorities in florida recently arrested a man during a traffic stop when they allegedly found cocaine and crystal meth wrapped around his penis, or as it's known there, a jacksonville condom. [ laughter ] and that was the monologue it's nice. you know what's nice [ cheers and applause you want to, like, start off the year with some insane news out of florida, and that was just really nice of that gentleman to
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wrap his penis in crystal meth we have a great show for you tonight. the final season of "this is us" starts tomorrow here on nbc. [ cheers and applause and we have the big three together sterling k. brown, justin hartley, and chrissy metz will be joining us [ cheers and applause he is an oscar winner, a grammy winner, and a rock 'n' roll hall of fame inductee. his incredible show "david byrne's american utopia" is on broadway now david byrne will be here [ cheers and applause but before we get to all of that, well, it's 2022, and believe it or not, all of our problems are solved. the pandemic is over, and our democracy is saved and - wait, i'm sorry, hold on that doesn't sound right >> hey, see, told you. seth, i bet brian a hundred bucks that you'd read anything i put on the cards pay up, bri. >> seth: damn it, wally! if you ever pull anything like that again, i'll give you a raise and buy you a car! what >> whoo-hoo! yes! i did it again >> seth: can i just have the real cards now, wally? [ clears throat
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covid is more widespread than ever, and our democracy is on the brink. yes, that is more like it. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: one of the biggest mistakes we as human beings make is thinking next year will be better than last year, even though the best indicator of how things are going to go is how they've been going it's not like father time pulls baby new year aside and says, "go easy on them, kid, because that was a real ass ache." remember when 2020 ended and we all thought we were in the clear, only to make it six days until the capitol was stormed? and if you thought that was crazy, we only made it two days into 2022 before the worst thing at a jets game was somehow not jets related and i have to say, this year's new year's celebrations did not inspire a lot of confidence that 2022 was going to be a much more cheerful year. for example, at one point, they played john lennon's "imagine," per tradition, while a smaller-than-usual crowd danced in giant hats branded with the
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planet fitness logo. ♪ imagine no possessions ♪ >> seth: now, in fairness to those people, the beatles were wearing those same hats in the "get back" documentary [ laughter ] who could forget that incredible moment when john turned to paul and said, "hey, paul, wouldn't it be great if there was peace on earth and a gym with no enrollment fees? "well, that would be super, john." "and what if they gave you the first month free?" "well, now you're giving me the giggly-wigglies, john. [ siren wailing oh, you know what that siren means. new impression alert i spent the holiday break at a special two-week impression camp seminar, where we learned how to do what's called a two-hander, where you impersonate two people at once. it's like they say at impression camp, "do you want to be the life of the party, or would you rather go to impression camp?" point is, i didn't know him personally, but i'm fairly confident that is not what john lennon wanted us to imagine when he wrote the song otherwise, the lyrics would have been a little different. ♪ imagine there's a planet ♪
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♪ where you can exercise ♪ ♪ everybody's into fitness ♪ ♪ they're all beefy guys ♪ [ laughter ] i feel like by doing that, it's like a favorite of gal gadot and, by the way, if that bizarre scene didn't give you a sense of how we're entering 2022, then how about this drunken rant from cnn new year's eve co-host andy cohen, who absolutely went off on former mayor bill de blasio after the ball drop i don't know what andy's specific complaint is, but it doesn't matter, because this is pretty much how new yorkers talk about every mayor regardless of who they are or what they do >> let me tell you something >> oh, please, tell us something, andy. >> watching mayor de blasio -- >> don't go on a rant. >> do his victory lap dance after four years of the crappiest term as the mayor of new york, the only thing that democrats and republicans can agree on is what a horrible
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mayor he has been. >> wow >> so sayonara, sucka! 2022 it's a new year. 'cause guess what. i have a feeling i'm going to be standing right here next year. and you know what i'm not going to be looking at dancing as the city comes apart. you! >> seth: i mean, i think he's been spending too much time with those real housewives. even jennifer would be like, "you should have a club soda." i mean, look at him. anderson cooper's holding him back by the jacket the way you hold back your friend who was overserved at santacon "look, forget it, chase. let's just go harass some outdoor diners." and given the choice between those two, i just want you to know, you want andy to be the belligerent one, because when anderson cooper wants to fight you, you're already dead
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and as for the rant itself, agree or disagree, but if you've ever been on the f train or in a bar at 3:00 a.m., you've probably heard that exact thing word for word. it's nothing personal. it's just the bargain you make as mayor of this city. in return for getting to live in a mansion, you serve as a sponge for everyone's rage. it's the only way we can live together in this city. we have to have a common enemy in the form of the mayor, whoever they are otherwise, we'd turn on each other in the streets and you'd see spider-man and buzz lightyear just whaling on each other in times square while a cabby runs over the rockefeller center christmas tree the same was true for bloomberg and rudy it'll be true for eric adams, as well angry rants against the mayor are such a standard part of new york life, they've been incorporated into the subway announcements. >> stand clear of the closing doors, please. and remember, freakin' de blasio can kiss my ass! oh next stop, 42nd street >> seth: yeah. so that kind of gives you a good sense of the state of things as
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we enter 2022. that's not to say there aren't reasons for optimism, or at least reasons for us all to be motivated to work together toward a better future we can't give in to the fatalism, and we have to keep pushing forward together in solidarity for a more just and brighter world but along the way, we're gonna do some shots, and there are gonna be times where we need anderson cooper to hold us back. so just, you know, wear your puffiest coat, because it's easier for him to get a grip on it for example, that andy cohen new year's energy is pretty much how i felt when florida senator marco rubio flippantly dismissed the most recent covid surge, which is setting new records for daily case numbers and fueling rising hospital admissions on new year's eve, rubio tweeted, "record numbers testing positive for a sore throat isn't a crisis, and people in the hospital for car accidents testing positive isn't a surge the real crisis is the irrational hysteria, which has people with no symptoms waiting hours for a test or missing work for 10 days. irrational hysteria? anderson, hold me back first of all, you haunted
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ventriloquist's dummy, it's only a sore throat, that's likely because you're boosted or at the very least double vaccinated, which would be a far better message for you to be pushing, especially since you got your shot before most americans even had access to the vaccine. do you remember that, or did you block it out because you were, you know, being so hysterical? also, you think missing work for 10 days is the real crisis, instead of letting people stay home to take care of themselves and slow the spread? that's pretty rich coming from a senator who once had one of the worst attendance records in congress and it's a true fact, one of the few true facts i learned from, of all people, donald trump, who brought it up in a g.o.p primary debate amid a chorus of boos >> this guy has the number-one - [ booing ] the number-one absentee record in the united states >> i'd like to ask you a policy question >> doesn't show up to vote >> seth: just a reminder, the guy getting booed became president. and those were republicans booing him also, you know it's bad when
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donald trump, of all people, slams you for not working enough the guy spends most of his time wandering around his palm beach golf course like the ghost of haggard vance. [ laughter ] by the way, that clip is a reminder, if you ever want dirt on any major republican, you can just rewatch the 2016 debates. trump went through those guys like don rickles at the copacabana rubio's attendance record was so bad, trump didn't even have to lie about it trump lies about everything, even stuff that's good for him if he won the nobel prize, he'd tell everyone it was for best golfer, big penis category can you imagine the conversation with his staff when trump found out he didn't have to make something up "i'm gonna lie and say he doesn't show up to vote. "well, it's not a lie, sir it's true. "okay, well, then i'm gonna lie and say his real name is marcus rubikowsi." "what if, sir, and this is just a suggestion -- what if you didn't lie at all this time? "no can do i have to lie once every five minutes or my brain explodes like the bus from 'speed.' 'speed!' we love 'speed,' don't we, folks? a young -- a young sandy bullock in a breakthrough role
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but i can't watch it anymore i can't watch the film 'speed' anymore. it's very sad. i can't watch it anymore because it reminds me of the 'access hollywood' bus where i was treated -- i was treated very unfairly. very unfairly on this. do you guys remember that? you barely do, don't you like the whole thing was a dream. but it's true. it's one of the many true things that i did and everybody forgave me, and i became president." but i hope this is a reminder that republicans like rubio who pretend to be noble statesmen above the fray are arguably just as reckless and unhinged as the far-right weirdos like marjorie taylor greene, who has repeatedly lied about the vaccines, who recently called for a, quote, "national divorce," which is, i guess, the sequel to "national velvet"? how would a national divorce even work? who would get the white house? who would pay alimony? who would get custody of eric? it would probably just be the two sides pushing him back and forth. "he's a republican, so he should go with you.
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"but he's a new yorker, so he should go with you." and then when critics said it sounded like she was calling for civil war, greene defended the tweet by writing that, "divorces happen in court or perhaps for a country can happen in congress happy marriages are the result of two committed people working together, resolving differences, and changing behavior that hurts the other. and, by the way, this person who said happy marriages require two sides to compromise is also the same person who tweeted a truly depraved lie about democrats and covid last week when she said, "the vaccines are failing, and the democrats are tyrants. the entire effort should be focused on life-saving treatments and returning life to normal, wide open, no masks, no mandates, no discrimination, and life-saving treatments widely available. we all want to get back to normal you're the ones who want to live with this endless cycle of misery and death and just let a highly contagious respiratory virus ravage the country that's not normal. the rest of us just want to slow the spread of covid and get back to something that's actually normal you know how badly i'd love to go back to my old life of eating indoors at restaurants without a
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mask on so the waiters would recognize my face and comp my meal they always said the same thing, "oh, my god, i loved you in 'the office.'" [ laughter ] hey, whatever, whatever! free cheesecake is free cheesecake well, not surprisingly, after all that, greene's personal account finally got kicked off twitter. >> twitter is permanently suspending the personal account of representative marjorie taylor greene according to the social-media company, it's because greene repeatedly posted false information about covid-19 >> the georgia republican just releasing a statement bashing the social-media site, writing, "twitter is an enemy to america and can't handle the truth." >> seth: oh, looks like you finally got that divorce you wanted and regardless of how you feel about the ethics of kicking politicians off twitter, it's just a huge quality-of-life improvement, like when trump got kicked off twitter trying to live in a world where people like trump and greene are constantly screaming insane [bleep] on twitter is like trying to have a conversation with a friend on the street next to a jackhammer. [ jackhammer rattling wow, it's great to see you i said it's great to see you
12:53 am
man, this jackhammer friggin' de blasio, am i right?! what?! oh, yeah, i forgot friggin' adams am i right?! these people are so deeply invested in the unhinged idea that any attempt at all to curb the spread of covid is somehow tyranny. for example, congresswoman madison cawthorn tweeted over the weekend, "our founding fathers wouldn't recognize the america we live in today they would be horrified, and rightly so." i mean, no one from the 1700s would recognize anything thomas jefferson was a renowned inventor, but he'd still [bleep] his pants if you showed him a roomba [ laughter ] on the other hand, if you want to invoke the founding fathers, george washington famously ordered his troops to get inoculated against smallpox, and if you refused, general washington would famously say - >> sayonara, sucka >> seth: and yet despite their obsession with prioritizing these treatments over vaccines, they can't even seem to get the names right, as fox host brian kilmeade recently demonstrated
12:54 am
>> aaron rodgers is saying what we've been saying, you especially, carly, yesterday where are the therapeutics, the mono-- monocolonial -- the treatment there. >> the monoclonal antibody, yeah >> yeah, antibodies. >> seth: yeah, monocolonial, you know, the thing mr. peanut wears. it's almost like they're mono-maniacally monopolizing the monologue about monoclonal molecules. and that was today's joke for your s.a.t. prep course. ♪ study up, kids or don't it's your future i don't care anyway, brian, do you do any preparation at all before you go on tv, or do they just pull you out of bed, dump cold water on your face, and throw you in front of the camera like a hostage? "oh, god, where am i why are the lights so bright?" "just read the card, yankee. "monocolonial antibodies!" 2022 is arriving with a fresh set of challenges, along with thre already facing, and the time is now to band together in solidarity and do something about them, whether it's saving democracy or keeping people healthy and safe from a highly contagious respiratory virus. we should be working together to
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solve these problems we can do it to quote the song, 'imagine all the people living life in peace. >> you [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: we'll be right back with sterling k. brown, justin hartley and chrissy metz, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: give it up for the fantastic 8g band, everybody also sitting in on drums this week, he's a native of salvador, brazil, a global touring musician, and a renowned master percussionist. currently you can see him on broadway with david byrne in "american utopia," now playing at the st. james theatre here in new york city. gustavo di dalva is here with us welcome to the show, gustavo [ cheers and applause we're so happy to have you >> i'm so glad to be here. >> seth: our first guests tonight are the talented and award-winning actors who also star as the pearson big three in the hit series "this is us." the sixth and final season premiers tuesday, january 4th, right here on nbc. please welcome back to the show sterling k. brown, justin hartley, and chrissy metz, everybody.
1:00 am
[ cheers and applause >> hello >> seth: welcome >> hi! >> thank you >> seth: now, i want to start by saying happy new year to all three of you i mean, i think a lot of us had maybe grander plans for new year's this year before things maybe turned a little south in regards to covid. but what did you guys manage to do chrissy, i know -- did you end up doing the rose parade >> i did i hosted with mario lopez. and i had to be up at 2:00 a.m., y'all. so went to bed at 7:00 p.m i was like, "i don't even know which way is up. but, yeah, it was a great time wild, but great. >> seth: why do you have to wake up at 2:00 a.m. for a parade >> well, "a," it starts super early, right there were people, i'm not kidding, camped out in air mattresses, y'all. they were sleeping on the road on air mattresses. but hair and makeup, women take a little long, you know, yeah. >> seth: yeah, all right >> right >> seth: well, worth every second, i'm sure and, guys, as much as i want you
1:01 am
here in person, i'm happy that we're taking the safer path forward, because you're precious cargo right now. you're filming the last season of a beloved show. and i have to ask this question. did you know -- did the three of you have any sense when you filmed the pilot that this would be the hit that it has turned out to be? >> no, i think -- i mean, i'll speak for myself, but i think everybody would agree. i don't think you can anticipate something like this. i knew that -- and i've said before, i knew that, you know, when i read the script, when i read the pilot, i knew that it was great. and then when we shot it, it felt wonderful and then i saw it, and it was the best thing i'd ever seen but that doesn't -- that doesn't necessarily guarantee that you're going to captivate an audience, you know and, by the way, this thing, you know, became a smash hit, you know, ratings-wise and things like that, but the way that it impacts people in their everyday life is just something, i think, beyond anything anyone could
1:02 am
have possibly imagined >> yeah, i mean, i read it right after i finished with my jacksonville condom. i didn't know that was the name for it, but now that i know. so i finished with that and i read it, and i was like, "this is really good," right [ laughs ] it was awesome i was doing "o.j." at the time i read it. this is the best network television pilot i've ever read. i looked at paulson, i said, "i think i know what i want my next job to be. she was like, "go get that [bleep]" and it happened. it worked out in such a beautiful way. we all met each other. i remember the first table read. i was sitting at the table and i was like, "i think we got something. i remember seeing chrissy, justin, mandy, milo, like, everybody, and i was like, "this feels right. and the world said, "we're here with you." >> seth: how soon into the first season did you start hearing from friends and family about how much the show was resonating with them? >> no, just out of the gate, really
1:03 am
i mean, first and second episode, they were like, "what is this?" you know >> people were like -- people were like, "can i borrow money?" things like that that's when you know that you're on a successful show >> seth: yeah, that's a good sign when people start asking for money, you're like, "i think we got something here." [ laughs ] >> i had a cousin text me after episode 4, which i think is the pool, first episode with the kids at the pool and she said, "sterling," she goes, "i know you had a really good show with this last thing but this show right now is like church and therapy and entertaining and healing, like, all in one." and she said, "i think i see myself in your sister, in your brother, in you. like, when she hit me with this, it was like a four-minute message that i knew it was touching people in a way that we hoped that it would. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: do you feel like you've come to terms with the fact that it's ending? >> no. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> no.
1:04 am
>> we're all a little different. we're all a little different i always say -- you know, i'm trying to, and how i kind of wrap my brain around it and prepare myself for it is just to remind myself of the privilege of having something come into your life that you will miss beyond belief. a lot of people don't get that and we're all very lucky >> well, yeah, this was my first job, like, my first real job i'm like, "wait, this is great." >> they're not all like this, chrissy. >> they're not all like this so what the hell am i going to do now [ laughter ] >> yeah, it was an endless tour of guest spots for your boy before not too long ago. i think that i'm happy to be going out in a time where people will still be missing us rather than like, "oh, is that crap still on the air?" like, i think that's the thing that i think i feel good about i will miss it i will miss the people i will miss the story. but on a bigger level, all good things must come to an end and i feel like it's still a good thing, and that makes me happy. >> yes >> seth: now, of course, your goodbye will happen, you know, a
1:05 am
few months before we see the final episode. do you have a sense -- who do you think amongst the three of you will cry the hardest when you film your last scene together >> it's chrissy. >> seth: sterling, it looks like you're pointing at me. >> i know. >> it's you, seth. it's you >> i'm pointing at seth. i think chrissy metz like, everybody always acts like it will be me. and maybe there's debate to be had, because we have -- my sister and i both have loose ducts. >> we do >> but it's probably going to be my sister. that's what i would say. >> i mean, here's the thing. my emotions are always right here they're ready. they're ready. >> seth: yeah. >> that's good you're a great actor you know, it might actually be you, seth, because a lot of people may not remember -- well, maybe they do. >> seth: yeah. >> you know, it's the big four right here >> seth: yeah. >> that's right. >> all four of us are "this is us" cast members. >> season 1 right there. >> seth: season 1. i had a cameo season 1 and i think it speaks to the fact that no one knew how big a hit the show was going to be, because if they had known, you would have gotten a far bigger star [ laughter ]
1:06 am
you couldn't even get the 11:30 nbc host >> dude, you were perfect. look, all of the work that you've been doing at impression camp is really paying off. >> seth: thank you >> i'm so impressed. >> seth: thank you i will say, you know, again, that's like five years ago now that i did that cameo in that show and it's led to no other work. [ laughter ] >> i think you're doing all right. i think you're doing all right >> seth: i'm very busy, chrissy. i have so much more to ask you guys we'll be right back with more from sterling k. brown, justin hartley, and chrissy metz [ cheers and applause ]e ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year. their great phone deals t-mobih for everyone every day including customers on sprint. tell us more dianne. new and existing customers on the magenta max plan can trade up to the new iphone 13 pro and t-mobile will pay for it. customers can also get a free year of apple tv plus.
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1:11 am
justin hartley and chrissy metz. so, i don't want to know anything about the ending, but i'm curious, chrissy, how much have you been told about the ending the show's creator, dan fogelman -- does he lay it out for you? >> oh, does he i mean, we know everything and i think he is really excited to share it because it really is brilliant. so i always get so excited when he calls or he texts, and we're like, "what? but, yeah, we know everything. [ laughter ] >> seth: now, do you know -- i guess, so, sterling, does everyone know everything about all the characters or do you know secrets that your other cast mates don't know about how your character ends things >> i may know some things that other folks don't know i used to go into the writers' room all the time. that was one of my favorite things, just to listen to them make the sausage and i would be fully invested. like, i think i knew about the divorce before -- i'm not giving -- before chrissy did and then i remember talking to her when she found out, and she was just crushed >> seth: nobody ever wants to hear about their divorce from a third party. >> exactly [ laughter ]
1:12 am
exactly. >> see, i ask dan as much as i possibly can, and sit in the writers room, and listen to them come up with everyone's storylines, and the detail they have for everybody has been second to none from the beginning. it's, they're so conscientious about crafting these arcs and finishing them off right >> seth: well, and they are. they're, like, so finely tuned, and so much of the show has been this incredible ability to maintain these twists and turns. as actors, did you always want to know everything or did you like to have some surprise as it came? >> i wish i was cool enough to have that in me, that i wanted some surprise. i always admired those actors. i thought it was so cool, the actors that are like, "i don't want to know." and i'm -- i'm an idiot. i'm a dork i'm, like, i need to know everything give me all the information. help me out. so i always like to know >> well, we span so many years so it's hard, you know, like if there's something the teenagers are going through that maybe as adults we're like, "oh, wait, we went through that. oh, that informs is something else completely, when we're
1:13 am
doing, you know, our stuff so i like to know. i like to know >> i also think that, like, if you're doing a play or movie, you get to know the beginning, middle, and end from the beginning. so why not, if you have the opportunity in a tv show to have a similar sort of, like, information from the beginning >> yeah. >> seth: and now, justin, are you ever -- do you ever have family, friends, try to get it out of you before it's going to air? >> i used to i used to quite a bit. and how i put the kibosh on that was, it was a couple years ago, when families could still get together and all of that, and my whole family was together. and they were pressuring me, pressuring me, and it got so annoying and i kept telling everyone, i said, "you think you want to know, but you don't. and they're like, "no, no, tell me, tell me. so i told them i just, i crushed them i ruined the whole entire thing. i told them the entire thing, and i said, "and now, you know, you can choose to watch it or not, but now you know what's going to happen. don't ever ask me again. and so they've stopped they've stopped asking me. they're afraid that i might actually say something >> seth: now i, you know, again,
1:14 am
we talked about -- and, sterling, yomentioned you want to get out while the getting is good, while people love the show, but you also appreciate how important it is, especially with a show like this, that has marvelled with its plot over the years to nail the landing. have you talked to dan about the importance of getting the landing right? >> oh, bro, you know i have. listen, one of my favorite shows of all time, until it ended, seth, was a show called "game of thrones " >> seth: oh, no. [ audience laughs >> and listen to me now because i've seen you. i've seen you talk about "game of thrones" a lot. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you would go back and -- i'd watch it from the beginning in preparation for the next season, right? >> seth: yeah. >> during the pandemic, i had no desire to watch it, and that made me sad because i loved that flippin' show, but they didn't stick the landing. and so, when i watched - >> seth: you know there are, like, ten different prequels of that show right now that you could be cast in and i don't want you to blow this [ laughter ] >> listen, i know dan and dave i appreciate that. and they know.
1:15 am
i've said it enough. i think they know, it just wasn't quite right and so i watched the finale, and i said, "dan, we got to do better than this." and he texted back, "we will." i was like, "okay, good. >> seth: does that mean you're promising me the finale of "this is us" doesn't end with bran being king? >> i'm promising you that. i'm promising you that the twins don't die together with a building falling down on top of them >> seth: it would be nice. if there was a "game of thrones" cross-over, i think that would be really nice and i know you've written the scripts and everything is done, but i think you guys should try to do that >> listen, right >> seth: hey, you guys, congratulations. it's so hard to do a network show at the level that you've done it for so many years, and i really do hope i see you next time in-person thank you for being here >> thank you >> thank you >> seth: sterling k. brown, justin hartley, and chrissy metz, everybody. the sixth and final season of "this is us" premiers this
1:16 am
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1:22 am
performance. how did that come about? >> wow, yes, yes like a lot of shows we had, like, a couple of people who tested positive and had to go out, and they were covered by understudies, and then more, and then more, and then more until half the cast, half the band was out, and some of the crew as well, and we couldn't do the show anymore and some of us talked amongst ourselves and said, "well, maybe we can do kind of an unplugged kind of thing. we'll do some other songs, some, you know, catalog songs, other, you know, talking heads songs, whatever, and just kind of see if the audience wants to hear that we won't be doing any of the choreography, we won't be doing this show, but we'll give them something. so if they come from out of town, as people did over the holidays, we'll have something for them and they can, as i said in this little message, i said, "you can either get your money back or you can take what's behind the curtain. [ laughs ] >> seth: i would imagine people found that exciting, to be able to go to a show and get
1:23 am
something more unique than what the normal show was. >> yeah, i think audiences really liked it. it was not slick and perfect there were times when i had to stop and ask the band, "who starts this song?" and the audience loved that. they would, like, applaud for stuff like that. >> seth: your show, which i saw before the pandemic and loved a great deal, it's very optimistic it also has a lot of audience engagement you ask them to get up and dance. are people still engaged with the show are people still happy to get up and dance when you demand it of them >> they are getting up and dancing even to this kind of unplugged version that we're doing. so, yeah, says something about audiences that they really want to be together they really kind of want to express themselves and dance and have a good time and a shout out to gustavo over there on the band stand. >> seth: yes, we're very happy thank you so much. we're very happy to have him here tonight >> hey
1:24 am
>> seth: thank you for lending us your drummer. one of the, you know, the show looks beautiful, and one of the things about it is the, you know the wardrobe is gray suits also you're barefoot how did you come up with that decision of those two elements of how the show would look >> little by little. i was very practical i thought suits would kind of make everyone look sort of attractive, and kind of, well, almost like one size fits all. you can kind of everybody can look good, decent in a suit, women and men. and then i and i just asked the lighting director, i said what color do you want them and they said medium gray. [ laughter ] immediately, medium gray i thought, "well, okay." that was so that when we if they put light on us, we can be seen, and if they take the light away we can disappear if we go kind of upstage into the darkness, we'll disappear. if we were wearing a white suit, which i love to wear sometimes,
1:25 am
it would be really hard to have me kind of disappear it's purely practical. and the bare feet. the bare feet -- i mean, once you're in a business suit, i thought, "we're not going to wear business shoes. that's going a little too far. >> seth: yeah. you know, you're still a rock'n'roller. you can't be wearing a suit and shoes. >> yes by the way, i was thinking about the florida man. >> seth: yeah. >> and i remembered that when they apprehended him, they asked him, "what is this?" and he said, "it's not mine. [ laughter ] that's -- i don't know where the story went after that, but - >> seth: i like that yeah, it's true. i mean, i feel like that's every drug user's first response to the cops, is, "it's not mine." you -- there is a wonderful film
1:26 am
of the concert, of the show, i should say, on hbo max that spike lee directed obviously, both of you have had a long history in new york city. when did you first meet? >> i think, i'm not sure i think it might have been when he did "do the right thing." i remember going to the premier of that. it was at the zigfield it was like, "wow, this up and coming film maker now has a film at the zigfield. and it's an amazing film if people haven't seen it i might have met him then or some other time. we started crossing paths. we were both kind of coming up at the same time >> seth: you -- i think a lot of people sort of romanticize 1970s new york, which is when you first came here. but can you tell those of us who are so upset that we didn't get to live in new york city then one -- at least one thing about it that was worse? >> i can tell you a lot of things that are worse.
1:27 am
there was -- there was this law that got passed in new york some time after that. it was called the pooper scooper law. and for those people who don't remember or weren't around, they used to let dogs, well, poop right on the sidewalk, and the owner would just walk on like, uh, okay that's, you've done your business we're just moving on so if you're walking around in new york, you had to be looking down all the time. [ laughs ] and inevitably, even though you're trying to be really careful, you'd get some on you and you'd be there on the curb or on the grass or somewhere, trying to scrape it off your shoes. and that's not romantic. there is nothing -- there is nothing good about that. >> seth: no. and then if somebody walked by while you were doing it, you would say, "it's not mine," right? >> yes i don't know who put that there. [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, you also you have a book of your artwork coming out soon
1:28 am
this is a beautiful drawing. is this all art you did during the pandemic, or is this sort of pre-dating >> it's all during the pandemic. as i think happened to a lot of people during the pandemic, we were sometimes prohibited from doing the things that we normally do -- either going to work or doing concerts or whatever it might be and some of us took up cooking or making bread, and i started drawing. and, to some extent, i think the drawings kind of reflected the turmoil that was going through -- going through not just my head, but i assume other people's heads, too. >> seth: well, it's really beautiful, and i look forward to seeing the book. and i also look forward to coming back and seeing the show again. thank you so much for being here, david. >> thank you good to see you again. >> seth: david byrne, everybody. "american utopia" is running through april at the st. james theater and streaming on hbo max we'll be right back with more 'late night", everybody. [ cheers and applause 'late night", everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪
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tonight, timing is everything. the rush to get tested. so what is the deal with the rapid tests? when should you take


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